Saturday, December 03, 2016

Everyone Has a God - Which One It Is Is the Question

Just thought I'd blog for a brief moment here to direct your attention to a piece in The Federalist which I found to be a solid treatise on how the neo-progressive movement is animated today. I don't know anything about Peter Burfeind except that he is a Lutheran pastor with some kind of expansive ministry.

This piece he wrote captured my attention because it definitively elucidates the nature of the god neo-progressives worship and serve quite zealously, even in their insistence they don't have a god. Fiercely push against the claim you have a god? That is part of your devotion to the God of Rejecting the Straw Man Civil Religion's God.

What Burfeind isn't seeing is this virulently protracted movement is itself generated and sustained by the forces of Cain's agency charged with this task, none other than the exceptionally intelligent and deftly strategic men who populate the Society of Jesus, Cain's militant agency for the purpose of moving people to rabidly deny God and feverishly mobilize the crusade of fighting for good things without Christ.

But as it is so exquisitely demonstrated in works such as Nancy Pearcy's Finding Truth and Frank Turek's Stealing from God, atheists and materialists can never truly be who they claim to be because they do worship a god of some sort, it is indeed tremendously spiritual, and they cannot avoid stealing from the principles of fundamental Christian doctrine to make their case for anything they consider "good".

All that hokum that there is no truth? Just so a neo-progressive can feel emboldened to pound you with his/her, ahem, truth?

I wrote a bit about this myself in my latest home page piece.