Friday, May 29, 2020

God Loves Us So Much He Lets Us See the Consequences of Our Sin In All Its Horror

In a post a little while back I made a remark about praying for my enemies, and also praying for the mitigation of the effects of what legitimately powerful potentates do. I've thought a bit about that statement, the one about praying that people wouldn't suffer so much for the things they ask their lords to do. I've actually thought, huh, that may not be the best thing to pray for.

Huh? Now I know as you may know that praying for the very best for anyone is not a bad thing at all, I got that. The prayer is one of magnanimity, really, and who wouldn't want that spoken prayer on their behalf, I got it. I do want the ultimate best for anyone, and will always pray for that.

But I look at what God does in Scripture. His ways are light years and light years beyond ours. It is so amazing what He does, even though the seasoned humanist would viciously revile such a move. But God has His reasons, perfectly just and righteous when you look carefully and get a real understanding of what exactly He is doing.

What is that move?

When people do some really shitty things, He forces you to look at it. To see it in all its horrific glory, to grasp what it is exactly that you are doing. Then perhaps you will do what they did when the evil really got going way back as described at the very end of the fourth chapter of Genesis. After the evil was unbearably unconscionable: They called on the name of the Lord. 

Does God do this all the time? No, I don't think so, but when He does it is perfectly reasonable, indeed perfectly merciful. It is a hard truth, but the fact is far too often people just aren't paying attention.

What is funny is that we're still faced with this shit. You'd think after, what, at least six millennia we'd have gotten it. Not. I mean still a little while after Cain, there was Noah being asked to rescue a small bit of mankind from so much more of the shit. God eventually gave His own life in the person of Jesus still to rescue us from the shit so many refuse to look at.

Oh I get it. Who wants that? The humanist would just rather we all suck it up and tough it out and get along.

Jesus said it best. "You say you can see, but by doing so you confess you are actually blind." Go ahead, see what He said, there in the ninth chapter of John. Jesus also repeated that critical part of the sixth chapter of Isaiah, it's in a number of places in the New Testament. God was basically telling the prophet Isaiah, "Listen, these people could see straight and hear clearly and understand things and even be healed of their shit, they could! But first they have to look at it, they have to do that first or else it just won't mean anything. So your job is to keep them blind and deaf and dumb until they see it." (And if you're put off that I just used the S-H-I-T word there then you too aren't paying attention to the consequences, check it out there at the end of that sixth chapter.)

We are at the end of the standard school year, and right now thousands, indeed it's got to be millions of young people are being let off the hook for their grades because of the foolishly hysterical coronavirus response. Across the country too many administrators coddle these kids, "Oh my that they may have to endure difficulties and have to overcome them!" They're saying the same thing to the parents, who by now have also been told those things ad nauseam by powerful leaders and they too expect other people to make things nice for them in spite of their irresponsibility.

Many of these students, if not most of them, will go into the world as milquetoast people unable to shape and sustain a society anyone would want to enjoy because they won't have the character ("What I get is what I've earned even if it means hard work and making sure I get it done without some lame excuse to get out of it") or the knowledge ("I'm glad I studied really hard in school and learned this so I know what to do at my job to actually make someone else's life better").

Look at Minneapolis right now. At this time there is yet another round of violent rioting after yet another media-plastered Rodney King incident got splashed all over the airwaves. This racialist stuff is worse than the coronavirus, it is contagious and spreads and is evil as all get-out. It has already spread to other cities and even when this particular episode dies down in a couple weeks, there will another one and we'll all jump on the raging railing roiling carousel again.

It all originates from Rome's deep politics operatives saturating society with ideas that go through things like the Frankfurt School. The main one for these purposes:

"White people are evil because they've always run the oppressive hegemony over people of color, and something must be done about it!"

Look at that lie straight from Hell, racist as anything. Look at it -- of course, that's kind of the point, huh? Look at what shit that is. A white person is already condemned in the court of common misconception and has absolutely no recourse.

Here are his choices. If he denies it, he is a liar -- of course that's what white oppressors do. If he says he actually likes black people, he is just virtue-signaling and microaggressing because he can't really mean it. The latest is if he says nothing merely because he doesn't even know what he's been accused of, his "silence" necessarily means he is an accomplice to the obvious injustice -- no one can be excused dammit!

Finally if concedes he's a racist, he's just confessing complicity in the crime, and if he's a devout progressive humanist he must join the cause of the new hegemony of racialist browbeating or he will be overwhelmed with guilt. This is the thing that is so twisted -- these Frankfurt School graduates seek the power to oppress the ones they think are oppressing them. What's the difference though? When you then fully become the oppressors, may the newly oppressed class justifiably rise up and take you down?

All the rioting done with the lack of knowledge and understanding from so many people, and the police scared to death to do anything because if they do they'll end up on the front page of the New York Times as the worst of the worst oppressor class.

In fact, it is even worse for evangelicals. One of the latest New York Times tropes is that evangelical Christians are the ones who are making the coronavirus response the worst, because they're on the front lines of wanting everything to reopen again, especially their churches for shame! A notable tweet from renowned professor Steven Pinker, of whom I wrote a while back in my home page, said "Belief in an afterlife is a malignant delusion."

Their idea: Because evangelicals are so insistent on this fairy-tale afterlife thing, they don't care enough about this life and are the most reprehensible for not wanting to save people from the coronavirus scourge by joining everyone in endorsing and respecting even the most draconian lockdown protocols. They don't really value life! What a bunch of liars, fakes, and murderers.

Frankfurt School-educated New York Times-reading Society of Jesus-deputized humanists will never say this, but, well, they kind of did right there. Because they can hide behind social media posts and their cushy media-academia positions they don't have to apologize. Their thinking always comes out, however, when they feel threatened by the evil white evangelical heteropatriarchy and are inspired to spew yet again and lift the ferocious revulsion to an even higher level.

The problem is they've already accepted as fact their Titus Lucretius Carus David Hume-ian materialist assumptions that there are no afterlives or heavens or gods or supernatural anythings and use them to make all kinds of ridiculous claims -- perfectly rational to them! What they don't realize is the end game of this is nihilism -- nothing has any meaning at all -- and no existential rationalizing can get them out of their intractable predicament. They can spew idiocy until they're blue in the face but it is still idiocy.

Thing is, it is purely authorized by potentates far from God's presence.

What's so frightening is more and more are simply incapable of seeing it for what it is. They don't see Truth and Grace and Understanding and Wisdom in both Scripture and in the natural world -- yes, dual revelation means they have two sources for knowing things! Without excuse! Much of this is because more and more are getting sucked into the humanist materialist maelstrom because education is so tragically deficient. I'm a teacher by profession -- I know this all too well.

Watching the news of the riots for a moment last night, my wife even made another very bold observation, one that's been made many times.

Where are the dads?

Yeah-ahh. Where are those great fathers, being strong and courageous and principled and showing the toughest love they could? Certainly the state has replaced many of them, but look at the state's response to the rioting and looting in cities with this thing.


The farther and farther we get from Christ, the more and more destruction will be wrought.

And yeah, really...

What am I complaining about?

Isn't that what Scripture implies? Isn't that what I'm saying, that we keep our gaze on the shit we're perpetuating and the desolation it brings? So we get it?

Thing is, it means nothing unless you then call on His name, and not only be healed and delivered but know it and revel in it and glory in it.

What is great about genuine evangelicals is that they love you enough to let you recognize the consequences you refused to see before so you can now get out of it and behold the rapturous beauty of Him and His Kingdom.

All they want is to enjoy it with you not just in the afterlife but right now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


I'd read a devotional the other day that was pretty basic, but sobering. It made the point that the only sure thing in life is judgment and Hell. Once we accept that fact, then life becomes tolerable in that God by His grace and lovingkindness extend to us deliverance from that harrowing destiny.

But what about those who don't care about that God business? What about those who simply have different beliefs than you do? Are you being mean and telling them they're going to Hell -- how mean!

Well, ahem.

The truth does hurt sometimes.

I happened to catch the terrific 1972 film Deliverance on the classic movie channel the other day. The last time I watched it was probably some 30 or 40 years ago. I'd remembered most of the substance plot and character-wise, but wow. What an eye-opener as to the magnitude of its meaning. Really, I'd finally gathered why it was titled such.

Four stunningly naive and presumptuous men coming to terms with as horrifying a nightmare of Hell as you can imagine.

They all so needed deliverance. Lewis is the most brave and brash among them, but he suffers a gruesome injury on the river. Bobby endures a brutal sexual assault. Drew goes crazy and the river takes his life. And Ed, really the essential protagonist, not only murders an innocent man but after the river takes its toll must tearfully confront the simple graces and charitable kindness of the people who may have known or even been related to the man he killed.

There is so much about this film, but the one thing I wanted to bring up here is the pronounced symbol of the deliverance, an item that you wouldn't have thought a thing about because its three brief appearances seemed so incidental.

At the very conclusion of their river ordeal and the three men arrive closer to the town, a very quick shot of the tree-lined shore reveals a white building -- looks like it has a steeple. They finally reach the boat loading area of the town that will soon be underwater when a dam is completed, and right at the edge of that ramp is a modestly sized church building -- what an odd place for a church. But it is on some kind of transport, apparently to be moved to higher ground. The name of the church? Very simply: "Church of Christ." No overbearing signage, no marquee or elaborate font -- just large sans-serif neatly hand-written over the door.

The plainest edifice you could see, the people of the town are taking the symbol of their Devotion with them.

What's more, the same building shows up a third time. This time Ed and Bobby are going to visit Lewis in the hospital, and on the road in their way is that church being hauled off. The cab driver says, "May have to stop for just a minute for the church to get outta the way." Bobby then simply adds, "Christ," not in any pejorative way, he just says the name gazing at this unusual site, a church with a steeple right in the middle of the road.

That was it. They then turn into the hospital driveway to visit Lewis to make sure all their stories are straight about the murderous things that happened on the river, but still.

They must confront Jesus sometime, in some way.

He is, indeed, their only deliverance.

He is anyone's only deliverance.

How ironic that with today's coronavirus hysteria so many think the hospital is the place of salvation. Errgk. That's the way of the World. Whenever you hear the media or the academia or the politigentsia all talk about the only way to defeat death is by the brilliant policy-making of medical expert apparatchiks, they demonstrate they know nothing about the reality of the Kingdom, just as God made it as described in the fourth chapter of Genesis. The city-builders have no idea about The Deliverance because they've been sent from God's presence to commit the human sacrifice they've decided they want to make a living doing.


Jesus is there in their way.

Eh. Whatever. He's just an obstruction. He's just some annoying fairy tale to which we're all expected to give lip-service lest we be seen as intolerant -- the worst crime anyone could commit. Ahh, such good wholesome graduates of the Frankfurt School, so good and wholesome.

And dead.

One more thing about Deliverance, the film. I'd always considered it a horror film, really. It's just the monsters are not ugly beasts baring big fangs and sharp claws. Some may say for this film one of them is the river itself. No, the monsters are quite obvious: pride, fear, naivete, deceit, dread, guilt -- dissolution of community, made striking when the cab driver pointed out the abandoned buildings of a once thriving town. There was a scene very close to the end that showed the townspeople digging up the coffins in the cemetery for transfer, talk about the dead unburying the dead.

Even law enforcement was a particularly ferocious creature -- the entire final one-fifth of the film was about Ed and Bobby desperately seeking to keep the sheriff off their trail. That sheriff? It was played superbly by James Dickey, who happened to be the author of the story. When he looked down at Ed sitting in his car ready to drive off, and his snarling words, "Don't you ever do something like this again. Don't you ever come this way again." Oh my.

What's worse is the monsters in the film didn't die at the end like they do in the traditional horror film. No, they will follow Ed wherever he goes. There is Ed lying there in bed with his wife, ready to have a nightmare -- one of the most amazing things about this film is that you sense it doesn't really end.

How phenomenally biblical when you look at passages like the 58th and 59th Psalms, those are just two, but read them. Go ahead. Look at the way the conveyors of evil are described. Graphically -- no different than what's in a good horror film. What's more fascinating is the intimation that while the one who genuinely hungers and thirsts for righteousness fervently wants the evil ones to be seriously impeded, he doesn't seek their death. Look, see if you can see it.

Why? Why not just pray for their being wiped off the planet for good? It is simple. It is so people may be reminded about the evil, see it for what it is, and profoundly note how that could be us. It is extraordinarily biblical: often we need reminders.

Often we need our own experiences on the raging river to remind us evil ones will always be around, always, until Jesus as Alpha and Omega, that is, The Beginning And The End make it happen.

Until then, we'll always have the coronavirus hysteria and the necessary evils that law enforcement brings with it. Everything Caesar does to control you will always be more out in the open. Rebellion? Perfect for blowback because so many people will be fine with it. Some of the newest monsters to arrive on the scene are heat scans, retina scans, cell tracking, RFID tracking, coordinated reporting networks, digital passports, flying drone monitoring, data mining, video surveillance, even this virus testing craze that is rampant now (let's see what kinds of health issues you're allowing us to comprehensively identify for which we may keep you "quarantined" in some way) The latest is contact tracing -- keeping track of anyone who is sick. Wow.

Go ahead, try to fight these off with your pathetic river canoeing skills. Ha! You flailing your paddles fiercely but so futilely at them. Comical. You sneer and snarl at them, they just laugh. Your so-very sophisticated bow-and-arrow contraption, if you fire some at them that'll probably make them madder, but will do you no good.

Here's the thing, just to conclude. I opened my first blog post of this month with the exceptionally simple proverb, "All who hate wisdom love death." Well guess what I found. An even simpler one to contrast it, showing up very shortly after -- it is beautiful, it really is. You want freedom from the body of death so exquisitely displayed in Deliverance? Would you truly want that?

Jesus is there, right there, in your way. You can come to Him and find that freedom, that joy, that security, and He'll talk with you and walk with you, right past the monsters, who yes, are still there, for now. That's one of the most profound wonders of the idea that the evil ones hang around for a while, even as they crawl and prowl around as it says in those Psalms, because maybe there'll be time for them to see, to come out of the darkness and be in The Light, dwell rapturously in the Kingdom.

Oh, and that proverb? Second one, tenth chapter:

"Righteousness delivers from death."

Monday, May 11, 2020

Don't Worry, the Prince Has Everything Under Control

Recently the political talk of coronavirus and lockdowns has faded a bit, and has shifted to the Michael Flynn case. Flynn was President Trump's National Security Advisor subjected to a serious technocratic attack for the purpose of damaging Trump's political standing. As it is some media are pointing this out, while The New York Times and all its subdivisions are still holding out that this was a legitimate justice department operation and that no one should lose sight of the fact Orange Man Still Very Bad.

Again today I listened to a few small parts of Rush Limbaugh's radio show, and a couple parts were particularly edifying. The first was his mention of a tweet by muckraker-extraordinaire Mollie Hemingway over at The Federalist, where she asked the simple question of the Michael Flynn case -- which clearly demonstrated that there was a coup of sorts among so many federal agents --"How can the mainstream media continue to thrive when they've been so plainly exposed as the most deceitful enablers of these crimes?" Essentially that's the question, I don't have the exact transcript but that was the idea.

Rush gave it a real pronounced and quite valiant attempt to explain, but it was really the same feeble old things he and other conservative-minded blappers blap about these media: they're just a mouthpiece for the leftists and they're not really journalists anymore and all that. Then after all this huffing and puffing he did confess, he actually said that he still really couldn't answer the question.

He concluded by saying, "There oughta be a price for this, but what would that price be?"

If only Rush looked a bit deeper at the best source of knowledge about these things, the Bible, he'd find the answer. It really isn't that hard to find. As I mentioned in my last post, I'd like to think Rush is a follower of Christ, I don't doubt that he is, but still. Is he willing to look closer and find the reasons the World System is the way it is? That, I don't know.

I happened to come across a couple other items of note that help us understand this whole conundrum that is not so much of a conundrum.

Victor Davis Hanson is a popular conservative writer, and sometimes when he not so turgidly bombastic (a little turgid bombasticity from me there, sorry) he has insightful things to say. He had a piece yesterday about how Obama was fully responsible for the aforementioned miscarriage of justice and that he should really be the focus of all this (something more than a few have spouted). He then concluded with this:

"How could the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the bureaucratic state, academia, and entertainment ever process that reality: that a deity was likely the most corrupt president in a generation?"

And your answer, Mr. Hanson, is?...

Ahh. More puzzlement. I see.

See, all of these things are the state. Together they are the corrupt president, executing that necessary evil required to summarily prosecute the evildoing of a reprobate populace. Obama is nothing but a figurehead, he's a talking-head empty-suit, a piece of the profoundly compelling simulacra that make up the Americanist mythology merely doing what he was proficiently trained to do by the curriculum shoved into the university system by the Frankfurt School.

You know, the last words of Rush's show today were these, the very last words as he signed off:

"The Democrats look at him [Obama] like a god."

Sans the One True God, any of anyone else will be a god. Everyone has a god. It may indeed be the Real One, but if they refuse to turn to Him on His terms, it will by default and necessity be one of a hundred other showcased gods for maximum quality lifestyle management. Furthermore the guy Cain's legacy puts out as the most prominent to administer the media-Silicon-Valley-Wall-Street-the-bureaucratic-state-academic-and-entertainment agenda will be their selected bully to squash anyone who makes them feel more insecure.

And that individual will not only be worshiped appropriately and enthusiastically, but is allowed to be propped up for that purpose by God who also does indeed boldly but gently offer the Kingdom as an alternative to that body of death so one may enter and fully experience true joy and freedom and beauty for eternity.

The sad insecurity of the World devotee cannot be more highlighted than in this coronavirus hysteria. I heard a wise commentator somewhere say that mask-wearing is really just a sign of surrender. No disrespect to those who think they must wear them, but it is true. Scientifically mask-wearing is mostly meaningless for warding off evil diseases. Other things are indeed meaningful -- diet, exercise, hygiene, sanitation, proper ventilation in close quarters, a number of other things certainly -- and sorry, social distancing is way down the list.

Sure enough there are those who've railed against the lockdowns as draconian displays of atypically tyrannical behavior, and I must confess I've been on that railing bandwagon, as you may have seen in my previous posts. I do still consider most of those policies contemptibly foolish, but then, I'm a student of Scripture. I do share a measure of respect to those who are anxiously consumed by the fear, and when I sense that I do wear a mask around them.

But I also know what's going on. I was reminded of that in that other piece of punditry I happened to come across today, this by one Jonathan Kay in Quillette, who after writing a bit about the overload of data related to Covid-19 issues, pointed out this quite significant truth:

"I've spent a lot of time looking at this kind of data in recent weeks, and trying to tease out the policy ramifications. One of the trends that's jumped out is that the lockdown orders have tended to ratify public behaviour as much as prescribe or circumscribe it." (Emphasis his)


In and among all the rabid raging again the authoritarian nature of the lockdowns is the plain, simple, stultifyingly obvious fact that no government does anything its people don't want.

Your lockdown dictate destroying your livelihood was your order.


Mine too. All of ours. We're responsible for the economic destitution, as well as the coronavirus spread through our foolish irresponsibilities. Each one of us is equally at fault. Depending as we do on the constricting proclivities of the World, no wonder it does what it does.

Think of this anecdotal example. My wife went to the beach when I was out of town a couple weekends ago, and it was one of those Orange County beaches the California governor has been schizophrenic about opening. There were quite a few people there, but they were setting up their blankets and umbrellas pretty far apart, you know, doing their dutiful social distancing thing.

Here's the thing. My wife said there were police helicopters going back and forth, up and down the beach blaring through their megaphones, "The beaches are closed. Please go home. Be safe. Please pack up and leave the beach," that kind of thing, over and over and over again. Now, obviously, everyone just stayed. Everyone looked at how silly the whole thing was, which only really served to make law enforcement look foolishly impotent.

Here's the point, however.

Why was the state doing this to begin with?

What justification was there to have any of this lockdown business to begin with when Kay very adeptly pointed out that so many were already practicing their own lockdown protocols without any input from some governing agent who'd cite or arrest you? Why were people behaving this way when most of these protocols are worthless in addressing this medical issue?

The reason is because the numbers of people reacting to this coronavirus situation in such overblown fashion reached critical mass and they not only voluntarily did self-lockdown types of things but wanted their bully to bully those who threatened their sense of insecurity about the whole thing. It wasn't enough for them to behave responsibly themselves, they needed to enlist the services of their bully.

Someway somehow that idea got into that many heads. Someway somehow it got there. And it wasn't just some nebulous something that did it. It was indeed someone.

Do you know who it is?

Do you know who is the one person who really doesn't have do much, but does have the critically important job of monitoring and facilitating the proceedings carried through by the media-Silicon-Valley-Wall Street-the-bureaucratic-state-academic-and-entertainment players who do all the dirty work of cracking heads when asked to do so? Oh it is practically the easiest job on the planet there are simply so many who've been so rigidly indoctrinated by the Frankfurt School instruction, yet, I hate to say it...

This is the way it must be for those who simply don't want to live richly in the Kingdom.

I have nothing against anyone in any of this. People do what they're authoritatively sworn to do and if they do it well they should be commended, I can't say anything about that. All I want to do is share some things to anyone who may want to know, who may want to have a bit of understanding, who may ultimately find The Understanding, The Living Word Who Reveals All Good Things.

Here, here's something that may get you to the answer to Rush and Mollie and Victor's question. Go here. Happy to help.

The best place to go, however, is here.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

The Reigning Dead

"All who hate [wisdom], love death."

I couldn't find a more striking, more succinct, more revelatory bit of literature than that little piece right there to describe the World right now. Or ever.

It is the 36th verse in the eighth chapter of Proverbs, by the way, and the only reason I bring it up is because I want to blog very briefly right now about something I heard today that was pretty astounding. Even though the principles are timeless and wise people live by them, I just thought it was quite profound.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh every once in a while, very infrequently in fact, but I do like him and his courage to say things straight up. I don't agree with everything he says, but I'm not getting into that. I do actually see that most of what he shares is indeed insightful, compelling, and yes, extraordinarily reflective of truthful things. Since I've been home doing my teaching with an online platform, I listened to a very small segment of his in what I believe was the very last hour of his three-hour morning radio show.

He brought this up: That the people who are stridently against opening up the economy in light of the insane amounts of unwarranted coronavirus hysteria are people who actually believe they can defeat death. I've made this point before in my previous blog posts, and I'm not the only one who's caught on to this. These people are humanist atheist materialist Frankfurt School devotees who are scared to death of dying -- that's why they're so terribly obsessed with it.

But here's the thing that Rush said that was so amazing to me. He said:

"There's only one Person who's defeated death and that is Jesus Christ."


Now in deference to his huge audience he didn't pursue that further, but that he said it was amazing to me. I'd like to believe he is indeed a firm believer, some of which may be because he likely doesn't have much longer to live with the serious lung cancer diagnosis he recently had. I hope he's on the air for many more years to come! I pray for long life for anyone, even my enemies. But I confess that I also pray for the extreme mitigation of the effects of the folly that regularly spews from so many of Cain's agents.

The truth is Rush is wise. What is the core feature of that wisdom?

As far as I can tell he is aware of his mortality and addresses it with grace, dignity, and a realistic assessment of the way things actually are.

Really, the only way you can do that is with a rich, meaningful relationship with God.

Rush added that when he saw Michael Moore's latest film about the environmental movement --one that surprisingly exposes the whole thing as a fraud -- Rush added that the film revealed the expansive environmentalist movement is one that has as its number one goal not conservation, not making the planet nicer, but it is simply

Slavering to hold back death.

What utter and contemptible folly.

That they think they can do something to make death not happen anymore, that we just spend trazillions of taxpayer-confiscated dollars to appease Gaia so there'll be no more death at all.

 And so many people out there ravage others and are themselves ravaged by it.

They are consumed by this death thing, whereas the follower of Christ knows his or her days are numbered and drops the pretense and accepts, and then with Christ loves and hopes and has faith in a God who has a transcendently spectacular country waiting for those who trust Him.

I've been reading this amazing piece by Sohrab Ahmari and in it you can read about the origins of the environmentalist materialist humanist movement and how stunningly benighted it is. In the modernist idols they worship you can see the wretched folly that lays waste to beautiful, wonderful lives.

What caught my attention was just a very simple truth, that the modernist makes an idol of precisely what the Bible specifically says is an idol in Old Testament times: Something made from the hands of a man. In the modernist's case it is the invention, the machine, the medication (vaccination against Covid-19 anyone?), something that the great god science has helped create. Inventions and machines and medications are fine things, but as idols of the materialist they destroy souls.

It is so prominent right now with this now institutionally entrenched coronavirus hysteria.

Then there is this piece, from a young scholar in The Federalist.

Talk about death worship.

Talk about virtue-signaling on massive steroid overdose, when hifalutin people legislate themselves the powerful vacuuming up of taxpayer dollars for their own huge retirement payouts. This coronavirus thing couldn't come at a better time for them, because Oregon takes in so much from inheritance taxes -- hey, the more old people dying the better, that'll help pay for those pension obligations.


Sometimes I hear the ignorant young socialist-minded Ivy Leaguer bleat that Christianity is a death cult.


True Christianity, composed of simple but wise people, is life because they follow The Life.

It is the materialist who is obsessed with death.

Thing is this destructively prevalent mindset isn't just the greatest folly, but so many who worship it make the most wide-reaching political decisions that are facilitating so much death. Well, really, as The Federalist writer pointed out, can you blame them?

It is so profitable.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 6

I was able to fit in my annual physical this past Wednesday, and a young intern did the preliminary portion of the exam. He was maybe in his early-30s, bright, intelligent, sharing some very good things with me, but then I asked him the question. You know what it was.

"What do you think of this coronavirus situation?"

He said he was all in favor of all the lockdowns and precautions, and the reason he gave made me think. It is not a reason that isn't prominent among the rationalizations for having all this. His reason:

"Keeping the spread of the virus down keeps the hospitals and medical facilities from being overrun. It means there won't be an overload of patients that forces any one of us to have to make a life-or-death decision about who we should treat. You know, we're doctors, Hippocratic oath and all that. We don't want to feel we can't save someone." (Emphasis mine.)

I am someone who has to think about these things for a while, and I do wish I could have had my thoughts more readily available, because after leaving the office and thinking it through, I thought, wow, it was a really well-intentioned response, but still...

This intern is just like most everyone else. They've drunk the Kool-Aid.

This is because the being-overrun thing could only happen in special circumstances, and while it has in some measure in New York, it simply hasn't in any part of the rest of the country. There are reasons it can happen like did in New York.

One of which is that there was a critical mass of people who got ill who were simply liable to get it because of the number of risk factors involved. One those critical ones is they've discovered most victims (besides the very elderly) are those suffering from morbid obesity and exceptionally poor diet and hygiene.

This is why I wish I could have responded to this doctor right at that moment, "Wait a minute. Your sentiment isn't a statement about them, it is a statement about you. Just because someone suffers from something and you've done the best you can with the resources you have doesn't mean you are to blame."

Thing is, doctors everywhere are hypnotized to believe that they are. It doesn't mean they don't try to do their best. But damn, look what we've done with doctors. We've made our healths such idols that we've turned medical personnel into idols as well. What a horribly high expectation to have to maintain.

See, the obesity thing and the lifestyle thing is important! If the patient didn't do what he was supposed to do with his life, and they made it harder for doctors to treat them, then whose fault is that? And diet, exercise, and just plain being responsible isn't that hard to take ownership of. Problem is, in today's humanist materialist socialist racialist Epicureanist World, people are told they can always blame someone else for their problems, and today it is so much easier to get away with it -- what with all those white-privileged old males running the oppressive hegemony, the Frankfurt School is reeeally angry with them so we should too -- errrrrrgh...

This is the essence of codependency. Respectable people are expected to cure or rescue or protect or salvage or enliven or dignify people who don't give a shit about caring for themselves. And as I thought about it, codependency is a bitch of a job for Caesar. How difficult this job is, especially in light of how many people he's gotten to want him to care for them. He's only following his heart in addictively wanting "to be his brother's keeper." Millions of people are out there asking him to keep them safe from some baaad thing that may very well be their doing to begin with.

This is why I think some of why Caesar ordered this lockdown business is because, very simply, it is a much easier way to control this reprobate population.

How many of us are criminals? Well, hate to say it, but the Bible very clearly says each and every one of us is. Each one of us does the most horrific things to one another, and the only deliverance from that is not Caesar but Christ. Please know Caesar does what Christ has him as a footstool to do -- manage the sin of those who don't acknowledge God. If he can do that as proficiently as he can, then the more power to him. This is why while the lockdown is tremendously destructive -- about as good a human sacrifice program as you'll see -- it is a quite necessary evil and those who screech and holler about its tyrannical nature may certainly be pointing out a truth, but they can't argue against it.

I think about C.S. Lewis' first book of his Chronicles of Narnia series when talking beavers speak to the newly-arrived children about the Lord of Narnia, a lion named Aslan. One of the children asks, "Is he safe?"

One of the beavers replies, "Oh no, he is not safe. But he is good."

This is a commonly cited passage from Narnia, and for good reason. I'm a school teacher and before they closed our school the principal bleated something you'd hear from all of these kinds of people all the time. You know what it is. Please read it in that rote staccato as if you'd heard it for the 857th time:

"The safety of your children is our number one priority."

It sounds so good, so wholesome. But when you think about it, it is just more of the same kind of virtue-signaling you'd hear from anyone who wants your vote. For one, no one doesn't want safety, and it is a noble thing to make better and stronger seat belts. But again, the question arises, if someone dies in an auto accident while wearing the seat belt that worked perfectly fine as far as it goes, is that the seat belt maker's fault?

The second thing hits even harder: Is there nothing that is more important than safety? Already we've mentioned one thing that is far more important than safety: Goodness. Even better: Righteousness -- that even if one is to die, that he or she is a righteous person. How about this one: Charity. And I'm talking biblical charity, meaning you'd die for a beloved friend, that's how much you love him or her. How about others? Like wisdom, character, virtue, humility, sacrifice, courage, community, responsibility, beauty, wonder, justice, mercy, faithfulness -- and yes I'm going to add a really good one in my view: spiritual intelligence. 

In a sense this is just the opposite of the whole idea of the first verse in the 14th Psalm: "The fool says in his or her heart, 'There is no God.'" These are the spiritually foolish, and when their ideas get streamed so profoundly into the mainstream psyche as they are with this coronavirus thing, my heart breaks.

Yes, the idea of codependent administration is now so prominent that its destructive ends may indeed be reaching critical mass. This lockdown thing really is just a test-run to see how far Caesar can go to shut us down so we can't go out and commit crime after crime after crime. It is ingenious really, until it gets to a point where it could ultimately be, really...

I've shared this with my students, what this lockdown thing would be if we as a society just went all the way. It is my idea for the latest Black Mirror episode -- this is a television show that showcases the worst things that advanced technology could do to a society. My new idea for an episode would only be a few minutes long however, unless there were some plot twists in there, perhaps of someone trying to escape -- and yes things like this have been done in Hollywood productions before, I know.

But mine is just a bit more frightening because of how likely it could be.

It is when all of us are sealed into our 7'x7' room cubicle and we just sit there with monitors all around to have human interaction with one another. Why even get physically close to anyone else? Hasn't this coronavirus lockdown proven we could just interact online? Our room would have a slot through which our choice of food would arrive, and we could certainly have dinner with others as we interact through the video screens -- I mean hey, we could have dinner with however many family or friends we want! We could even dine with our favorite movie stars! A hole would open in the seat for our bathroom duties, the seat would recline into a bed for sleep, and bicycle pedals would appear at our feet for exercise. We could lift barbells for strength training.

"Oh come on don't be so melodramatic, please." But really, let's be honest, why is this present lockdown any less harrowing than that situation?

After all, keeping us in real lockdown boxes ensures we're all perfectly, perfectly safe, right?

Then I just think, why even stop there. Why not just put us in artificial cocoons plugged into feeding tubes and wires filling our brains with happy thoughts? Remember The Matrix?

Then we'd be very very perfectly perfectly safe.

This is why I chafe at giving any attention to any mention of the present lockdown situation, because it reminds me of the abject stupidity that went into starting it to begin with and is still going into sustaining it indefinitely. My wife showed me a video she found on Facebook of a 6th grade teacher trying to Zoom-teach her class. I can see how it was considered funny, but I did not laugh. It was monumentally stupid, and not funny-stupid. It was stupid-stupid because it reflects a wretchedly lethal situation that doesn't have to be. That teacher should never have to be there doing that to begin with.

When I was a dumb punky 15-year-old I invited three or four friends over to watch films I'd checked out from the library of Hitler at the time of World War II. I showed them on a projector in my living room (this was back in, the early 70s) for the purpose of matching up what we saw with goofy things we could put on audio tape or something of that nature to make fun of Hitler. No longer than five minutes into the film were images of Holocaust victims, both barely alive or dead in ditches, and one of my friends very rightly and very somberly said, "This isn't something we can make fun of." I was wholly, completely, utterly embarrassed, as I should have been.

Yeah, I didn't know.

But then, so many out there wearing masks and freaking out about distancing and staying cowering in their closets all day... Do they know?

It is why I am aghast at the pervasiveness of this kind of insidious talk: "We should be able to do all our work and live our lives from home now that we have such advanced web technology." That kind of stuff is just plain demonic, no matter how much the purveyors snidely remark "Wull ya better get used to it."

As a school teacher I am absolutely mortified that many are indeed talking about dialing back classroom anything, never mind that the best way to learn is active, vibrant conversation in physical proximity with a teacher, and yes, this is my main form of instruction summarily taken away from me and simply cannot rival the online version, it just can't. I am now working like crazy to do a good job with my online platforms, but it simply cannot replace the classroom.

Maybe many teachers think they'll do just fine with it, but I know many, many students will not learn the same, and that in turn means a worse future for all of us. Already students are checking out from formal learning all together, especially when the education poobahs do stultifyingly idiotic things like they did in San Francisco, awarding every student an "A" grade effectively yanking an entire half a semester of productive knowledge and skill acquisition from thousands of students.

Or, hmm, did it matter anyway? How many of these teachers were actually teaching students anything worthwhile to begin with, knowing they could just be proudly socialist and racialist and sodomist and tell young people they could pretty much do whatever they wanted and if things went sideways they could just blame the white-privileged oppressive hegemony?

Wait until the results of this experiment reaches its critical mass.

Sealed room living cubicles for everyone, anyone?

I have to add that the evening of putting up this post we visited a wonderful beach town that is always hopping. It wasn't as hopping this night, yet still there were dozens of people out and about walking through town and near the beach (that the city had closed off even though the county did declare it could be open), most of them without masks. It is another evidence that more and more people are realizing what's actually happening with the coronavirus hysteria decision-making.

The picture above was taken there. I can't neglect to add that it was a very clear, warm day, except when we got to the beach town where there was such a thick marine layer it was hard to see 100 feet ahead through the fog. Just a symbol of the real meaning of what this marquee is saying.