Sunday, February 09, 2020

"Unplanned" Had The Most Justified "R" Rating of Any Movie I've Ever Seen

We finally took a look at the film Unplanned, about a Planned Parenthood clinic director whose heart was changed when she participated in an actual abortion performed in her clinic.

I'd recalled all the hubbub about the film's "R" rating at the time of its general release, noting that many were upset it would push people from going to see it and being exposed to the very powerful pro-life message. Their rationale was that it didn't even deserve the "R" rating because there was no language, no sex, and the only blood was that shown through a tube after the abortion was complete.

I wouldn't know -- I simply could not stand to watch or even listen to the scene of the procedure.

It was at the very beginning of the film, with much of the rest about this woman's earlier years and bit afterwards when she committed herself to helping the pro-life cause.

But that scene. The sights. The sounds. The conversation about what was happening. It lasted about five minutes and I looked down and covered my ears. For just a moment I did peek to see a tube full of blood from a human being that had just been murdered by his or her mother -- and father for that matter -- who'd allowed themselves to be seduced by the System's machinations. Several of the critical products of those machinations were shared throughout the film by the institution-girding pro-abortionists.

Who in their right mind would for two seconds think a scene like that should merit anything less than an "R" rating?

I'll tell you who. Religious people who simply have no grounding in Scripture or any robust intellectually spiritual understanding of God's Kingdom.

Don't get me wrong. I too feel so very strongly that everyone should see this film, "R" rating and all. But please. The entire film's substance was about the brazenly established and virulently distributed murder program. It was the modern-day Holocaust happening right around the corner of your home.

And yes it is a Holocaust, with a capital "H." To call it this takes nothing away from the horrors of the one in eastern Europe in the mid 20th century. But this one is one. Every year worldwide there are 40 million abortions.

40 million.


I must say Unplanned was one of the most powerful horror movies ever. Yes, horror movie -- it was one. Look at that number. This film got wide and deep into that reality -- a true real-life "R"-rated horror movie. Just one scene in particular I could note right now. A dead baby fetus is lying on the medical table, a very small one but a precious human being nonetheless, and the clinic director is asked to come look at him or her. We all get to see too.

I wept.

I wept any number of times watching this. I wept for those babies, but I wept just as much for the parents, and for the hundreds of millions of post-born individuals out there in this world who just think this is no big deal, or worse, actively promote it with the most wickedly asinine remarks like "it's about protecting reproductive rights."

I still weep.

Yet still a film like Unplanned simply won't be enough.

The System is all about making sure human sacrifice on such vast scales is sustained. The only thing that can change this is apocalyptic revival -- massive numbers of people coming to Christ, living self-sacrificially, but also having that spiritual intelligence to see what and who and how the System does its thing and most importantly Who The Savior Is.

I wrote a home page piece about this very thing, here, and please go to the link about this idea of "cobelligerency."

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Rooftop Shouters on Steroids

I happened to come across this article, appearing the New York Times. It is about this app, Clearview AI, whereby you can just stick it at someone's face and find out quite a bit about them. While a lot can be said about this, one thing I thought is, if the Times is putting out the expose about it, what else is out there we don't even know about that is compromising our personal security?

It does seem as though we've got to be in the very last days of the existence of this version of God's creation, it really does. When you see things like "the image of the Beast" in Revelation what else could it mean but the most sophisticated holographic augmented reality of a Caesarian character all are expected to worship? This will become fully realized when the CGI finally arrives at the holy grail: graphic images of humans completely indistinguishable from real ones. We're almost there.

Thing is, when I saw this article I could only think about the home page piece I wrote six years ago about augmented reality, and the real-live reality that really, the only thing anyone would ultimately want the device for is to wave it over someone's psyche to instantly find out whether or not you'd want to have anything to do with that individual. Really, that's it.

Of course, all of this is completely, fully, wholly biblical. Jesus said quite plainly, "Whatever you say in the inner rooms will be shouted from the rooftops." He's not necessarily making a statement about how hard you must work to protect your personal security and privacy, he's telling us that in the end nothing you ever think or feel or do will be a secret. You might as well come clean on your own because God knows. And really, if God knows, what difference does it make if everyone knows?

Now certainly there are some things we'd like left undivulged, but that's only because we are sinners and there are many others with murder in their hearts. But that is a lot of the point. Jesus is telling us to be as authentic and transparent as we can, because we will all come under the judgment of God anyway, and if we come on our knees before Him with nothing to lose except our wicked selves, then He forgives and restores and embraces.

And here's the brutal truth. If you don't do that, then guess what. The darkest "Clearview AI" world will find you out. No matter what extraordinary measures you take either to scurry off and hide with the most sophisticated protections or to throw yourself into the most expansively ingratiating connections with those who'd otherwise prosecute you for your crimes, you'll have whoever you are and whatever you've done shouted from the rooftops.

So yeah. There is Jesus. He's still there. The One Who Is God In The Flesh, by the way, not any of those fake ones Romanist operatives put out there in hundreds of different forms.

You can still 'fess up, you can. But that is a very good thing indeed.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Another Thing to Add to the Response John Lennox Should Have Given

A couple months ago I blogged on the appearance of John Lennox before a packed hall at one of the Claremont colleges. In my own recent apologetics reading -- this one from Nancy Pearcey's Saving Leonardo -- I'd come across a point made by a follower of Christ about seasoned apologists appearing to speak at colleges...

They almost always pack the house.

People do want to know the truth. People are seekers of truth. But the truth to them is based on all the shit poured into their souls by brilliant Roman agents working through the universities, sworn and powerful humanism-smothered operatives who have no idea who God is.

Anyway, one of the questions asked of Mr. Lennox, was this one, and again I was somewhat surprised that he seemed to be a bit flummoxed about what to say when the question came up, one that I've seen asked a number of times by the radical skeptic. That question again:

"What would be a proof to you that God does not exist?"

As I pointed out this is a leading question from someone who foolishly has no interest in acknowledging the truth about God. I'd put in the post a response, which I think was a fine one, but I just thought of something else in peeking at a marvelous new book I saw called Mama Bear Apologetics. Awesome. It is a number of pieces written by mothers who are extraordinarily intelligent spiritually and know how much lives are destroyed by the ideas Rome foists upon those not well-versed in Truth and Grace.

One of those pieces has to do with skepticism, and the title of the chapter is all you need to know about part of the response Mr. Lennox should have offered.

"I'd Believe in God If There Were Any Shred of Evidence."

See, the entrenched skeptic really should have asked the question this way, to reveal his true intentions: "Why believe in any God when there could be that one thing that disproves Him? I'm convinced there are many things that disprove Him, so any believer's convictions are fantasies. What do you say about that?"

This is really what the seduced skeptic is thinking. Thus exposed, Mr. Lennox could have simply answered, "So tell me yourself, what are the precise things you think disprove God? Please, enlighten me, so I may find fulfillment in a dogmatic skepticism too."

And getting back to the response I shared in that post from November 2019, his answer will almost always be some form of empiricism, which may quite readily and robustly be addressed.

It is likely the skeptic may add that the mere possibility of a disproof means God doesn't exist, and that we cannot know for sure about that possibility makes God's existence very shaky. Now of course this is preposterous, but how many agnostics or atheists believe this, in their hearts? I'd say there are quite a few!

As I think further about this, it seems to me the whole multiverse theory may play a role. Many skeptics buy into the idea that there are multiple universes, even an infinite number of them. Their imaginations get carried away with the thought that could there be a universe where a disproof of God exists? If there are an infinite number of them, then there must be!

But again, this is too easily answered. On what basis is the multiverse idea founded? How can the skeptic know for sure about multiverses, much more about the disproof he cannot share with us? I thought he wanted to know for sure about something he could not know. Again, much of radical skepticism can be profoundly refuted.

Meanwhile, I have to add that my devotional from Daily Bread was one I just want to mention here. My ministry work is about sharing the contrast between the Kingdom and the World, and that the World is authoritatively administered, by God's own permission, to crack heads in many elaborately ruthless ways. The text of the devotional was in the first letter to Timothy, second chapter, verses one to eight. They are beautiful words, about how praying with everything we've got for anyone in authority is a very good thing, because it not only brings peace for us living godly lives, but it allows us to get out and share Christ with anyone and everyone, that they would, here's the thing...

Come to know the truth.

Wow. What a great encouragement as we move into the new year.

That we may intercede with the deepest love and richest grace for the worst skeptic on the planet.

How great is it that they pack out the halls to see outstanding apologists like John Lennox.

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Tax Exemption Racket, Part II

I have to add this note to my last post about the wretchedly codependent reality of the non-profit racketeering world.

You might want to check out this piece by Michelle Malkin, muckraker extraordinaire -- here earning her keep by pulling no punches about the involvement of the most Catholicist organizations out there. She wrote the book Open Borders Inc. simply laying out the wildly lucrative expanse of non-profits making gobs of dough from having a planetload of needy people to help.

This one by Miss Malkin is just as harrowing.

What is more frightening is the dearth of those who truly recognize the meaning behind Malkin's expose. To Malkin and gazillions of her readers, it is about the migrant takeover of the United States. To those well-versed in Scripture, it is about the expansion of Cain's rule over a reprobate populace.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, for God's wrath poured out upon those who continue to destroy the lives and souls of anyone is imminent, that's for sure. Those who want to avoid the inevitability of desperately pleading for large stones to drop on them to keep them from the consequences of God's judgment would do well to receive the gift of deliverance provided by His Son, Jesus Christ, who died to pay the price each of us would pay for our evil deeds.

As it is, every one of the organizations Malkin cites depend on having millions and millions of new customers, namely horrifically needy and destitute people desperate to leave their benighted hellhole countries, made that way in large part because of the disruptive and destabilizing activities of Rome's military units for the expressed purpose to keep business thriving. Socialism is a great tool in Caesar's arsenal, as is racialism and sodomism for that matter.

This is the way the World works.

My question is, how many people have Christ's name on their lips to offer an alternative to the World, where unlike in the Kingdom codependent agony is enthusiastically encouraged? Where are the people who love with Christ's love, 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the World's "love"? Who is there who can insightfully identify how much Rome has its hands in making people's dissipation that much greater for the sole purpose of subsequently getting its top officers to step up and show how splendid they are "rescuing" them?

Who can share that the Kingdom is a thousand times greater than the crumbs that these organizations and their meager taxpayer-provided subsidies provide?

Friday, December 20, 2019

The Tax Exemption Racket

I can't help but just put in a blog post with a link to this article I just found. (Here if they've taken it down.) It is quite sobering. What is even more amazing is it isn't the only one. I've seen dozens like it before.

It is so succinctly telling that I put a note about it, along with the link, on my website's 501c3 page. Even though I knew so much about what the article revealed, some things blew my mind.

Like the fact that there are 1.6 million non-profits out there. And many of them can be so readily registered to do its racketeering for the most heinous things on the planet. It was interesting that the author even confessed that his own newspaper is a non-profit! Suck at being a private enterprise company, just turn yourself into a non-profit!

It was also striking that he's not even sharing the things he doesn't know. He can't -- part of the whole point of the article.

The evil is all so opaque, all subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

It is one thing for your average World devotees to be oblivious to it all -- they don't give a shit as long as their own rent-seeking "influencers" are doing well enough. Hey, if the feds can give a glop of cash to those people, how about me?

That's one thing, it is wholly another thing for the one who authentically claims the name of Jesus to perpetuate a tax exempt non-profit incorporation.

Almost every church does.

I can only pray and pray and pray, I pray for the ungrafted church like crazy, all the time. I'm not perfect either, I have certain incorporated obligations of one sort or another. Hardly anyone doesn't.

But can we pray about it?...

Can we be truly free?

It still makes me weep. I just feel sorrow -- I can't help it. Not just for me -- I'm just as convicted -- but for my neighbors, my fellow congregants in worship... my children and grandchildren...