Thursday, August 08, 2019

The Disintegrating Social Landscape Part II

I came across this article, in The Federalist, a pretty good one, but there are dozens of these kinds of things popping up everywhere now. This one gets deep into the numbers, the larger numbers of those dying at the hands of destructive people all around.

The author gets into all the main reasons, and yes, the systematic demolition of strong social institutions is a decent one.

What he doesn't get into is the main main reason:

The World System uses people's sinfulness to enlarge its authority and they do so at the people's request so they can remain sinful.

Does that last statement mean anything to you? Can you see the riveting and quite sobering truth in it? Or do you just do like millions of entrenched Catholicists and shrug it off as fairy tale blithering, conspiracy inanity, or just mumbo-jumbo too difficult to comprehend?

I agree, I understand, if you are not prayerfully versed in Scripture to employ the spiritual intelligence necessary to grasp what is really going on, then please, I censure no one. World inhabitants benefit tremendously from the magnificent work Cain's legacy carries out. God set forth the Roman Catholic Church, the United States government, the Federal Reserve banking system, and all their licensed, contracted, incorporated subdivision entities, all perfectly legitimate and authoritative for better managing the evildoing of people who want to keep evildoing.

If you are one of those people, then what are you complaining about? Why are you screaming at someone else who is wantonly murdering people when the only answer the World offers is more murdering in response?

I do peek around a bit at Facebook every once in a while, and while I love every one of my friends there, some of them post the most idiotic things. One such post featured something along the lines of "If you want to stop the mass killings then be willing to fight to do it!" There was another one like "F***ing do something and it isn't praying and sending thoughts and insisting politicians refrain from politicizing after these things!"

Ahem. Then what is that thing? What precisely are you going fight to do when, um, I kind of got the idea that you want to end the fighting?

They don't say. Yes they'll screech about all kinds of gun control and other fine-sounding humanist things, but they only amount to splendid virtue-signaling that keeps the Legacy churning out more and more imaginative ways to murder in the name of not murdering.

The only only only answer is Jesus Christ, and it isn't the fake Jesus most churches shove in your face to bleat their virtue-signaling. Please, you really don't have to trust what I say about Him, you can find out for yourself. But the simplest truth of all is this.

"Whoever has the Son has life, whoever does not have the Son does not have life."

Thuh end. There ya go. It can't get simpler than that. That's from John's first letter, by the way, fifth chapter.

In fact do you remember what Jesus said when people did something very similar to what everyone seems to be doing right now? Screeching and hollering and wailing about those deaths at the hands of crazed gunmen? People right there with Jesus, way back then even, said, essentially, "Hey Jesus, what about those people who had that building fall on them, killing them? What's with that? And what about those sacrificially murdered for the governor's pleasure. WHAT ABOUT THAT?"

Yeah, ouch. That is a tough one. What'd Jesus say about it? Now I took some liberties with the text, but again, please, you don't have to take my word for it. Look at the passage yourself, it is  at the beginning of the 13th chapter of Luke. Go ahead and see what Jesus said, right there.

Here's the essence of that, though. He told them, "Hey, everyone is guilty of sin that leads to death. No one is any more guilty than anyone else. That means you too. So make sure you turn from your own sinfulness, or it will be just as bad for you." In another context He said, "Don't fear those who may destroy the body, but fear the One who can destroy both your body and your soul."

That's the riveting and sobering reality that so, so many just can't see in all their plaintive moanings about lack of family and community and mentoring and parenting and all the rest of it. Please, family and community and mentoring and parenting are all good, but -- whupp, Jesus again -- He said if you so tightly grip all those things no matter how good and wholesome they are and your heart doesn't belong to Him, then you're no better. What is amazing is that He also said if you give them up and put 100% of your trust in Him, in return you'd get a hundred times those things. And not just in heaven some time, but right now.

Wow. That's in the tenth chapter of Mark, by the way.


Seek and find.

These web pieces are fine and quite informative, but I'm still looking for the ones that share those fundamental biblical truths, not about some ethereal theological confusion...

...but about life itself.

Or even better, about The One Who Is Life And Pours Life Out To Those Who Want It.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The Disintegrating Social Landscape

Came across this brief article, just getting at what's what, but not at the real what's what. At least it is sincere and authentic. At least we can see what's really happening, especially in light of the ridiculous media coverage of responses to the most recent devastating mass shootings and the horrifically fractured political landscape that ravages the country.

But as usual this author has no answer.

"The U.S. should reexamine the foundations of its social policy."

Annnd... then what?

I've thought about blogging about so many things, but much of why I don't is because I am so busy. That I'm pounding out a few words now is quite a task. I don't put much here because I am so busy with things that God has given me to do to minister His Kingdom into the lives of others. I'm a husband, a father, a grandfather, a son with a father who has advanced dementia, a teacher, a coach, a minister, a congregant, and even a high school football game announcer. Not trying to boast about any magnanimity, I'm just talking about the breadth of what it takes to invest what God gives to someone to love others with His love, that's all. Anyone can do it -- He's always asking people to do it, and while it takes time it really isn't that hard.

I'd blog and add to my webzine all the time if I wasn't so engaged in those things, and please, don't get me wrong, I believe my writing web ministry is important.

But whether or not I do this or not doesn't seem to matter to people who by the hundreds of millions are naked, angry, and alone, and no matter how much they cry about it simply choose to remain that way.

What is the answer? The author of that piece I referenced says what so many others futilely say. "Let's have a different social policy, come on."


The answer is spiritual, and it always has been. And just as much it has always been the case when you say, "Hmm, maybe the devil has a mighty grip on your soul and you should do something about it," you get, "Hmm, maybe you better take your puritanically Neanderthal ideas and get outta here."

Okay, you can say that, you're free to do so.

But you're still naked, angry, and alone because you've allowed the devil to grip your soul.

All that stuff about mental illness and addictive proclivities and communitarian disorder? All of it is from Hell. So many have been seduced into believing the problem is purely physiological -- well there may be elements that are but it still starts with the devil. They believe the problem is something science can answer -- well David Hume may be the lord and savior of a lot of humanists, but still, all that destructive stuff is there because people are letting the devil make it that way. Until we get serious about treating it as such and asking the God of the universe come in human form in the Person of Jesus Christ to take out the devil -- please know He is the only one who can -- we will continue to see this crap happen, indeed risk being victims of it.

You can go to Cain and his Grand Agency of Making Things Look Good with all the social policy recommendations you want, and he'll just humor you and perhaps even devise a spiffy looking treatment program or community bonding activity of some kind, but you'll only be asking him to tenderize you as yet another slap of meat to throw on the altar of human sacrifice. You'll still be in freefall heading for a hard splat in the bowels of Hell. Really, as I think about it, I really really can't see how anyone who actually looks can't actually see that truth by reading about what happened in Seattle.

Yet the millions who are naked, angry, and alone still remain naked, angry, and alone -- and blind.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

God Still Judges Nations

At one time many millennia ago, Babylon ruled the world, by divine decree. Eventually God brought His judgment against it, and Persia-Media took over for a while. God took them out and the rulers of evil became Greece-Macedonia. Rome soon followed. Eventually Cain's legacy became the blend of Anglicanist power known now as the United Kingdom-United States. This indeed is its present manifestation. Check out the second chapter of the book of Daniel for more -- it is all right there.

Think globalism is a newish phenomenon? Nah. It's been around since Babylon started. All the other great nation-states bonking against one another are merely pawns in the game. If they crack heads with Cain's seven-fold strength, the global hegemony is well-tuned. Once they weaken they are discarded like the flimsiest chafe. They may also rebel, and in that case they are pulverized into oblivion. So, so many once proudly regal potentates are long, long forgotten.

Sadly, such will be the case with the United States.

Yesterday the more patriotically minded roared with approval the display of Americanist machismo at Washington's mall, what with Donald Trump's stirring speech and military adornment everywhere including a fine array of stalwart weaponry including a few boffo army tanks. Many are convinced he'll get re-elected in 2020, but his reign will do nothing to stop the surging wrath of God against a nation who simply has no idea who He really is.

Many believe it is the folly of the Democrat party candidates, being revealed at break-neck speed in speeches, debates, interviews, and rallies. And please, don't get me wrong, it is the greatest folly -- a perfectly understandable reason for praying folk to be on their knees asking God to tarry.

A while back one candidate, midsize city mayor Pete Buttigieg, had a town hall campaign event in which many in the crowd openly reviled him for not doing more to stop a white police officer from shooting a black man in his city. If Mr. Buttigieg had a modicum of a sense of what justice really is about, he'd have confidently said something like this:

"Excuse me but the issue was whether or not an individual was breaking the law, threatening the safety and security of citizens in South Bend. If a given individual did something deserving of such an action by the police in the name of protecting the people, then I am 100% behind it. The police are there to serve you, and keep criminals from threatening you. There is this assumption the action was because of racism. If it was, then I will be the first to ensure perpetrators are brought to justice. But I also want to make sure our community is safe from anyone, black, white, brown -- it doesn't matter -- who would compromise that."

Now, did he say that? I don't know. All I know is that he seemed to be flummoxed and responded pitifully, even declaring in the nationally televised debate a couple weeks later, that he messed it up. He admitted something along the lines of not handling it well.

What? What kind of leader is this guy? I know. First he's allowed sodomism to take over his entire life, being "married" to another man. Those who do this lose a conception of what is right and wrong because if it is accepted that marriage may be between anyone but one committed adult male and one committed adult female, then marriage means nothing at all. And if marriage means nothing at all, then nothing means anything. We are all merely dust swirling about blown by the winds of the autocratic Zeitgeist media. Mr. Buttigieg is one such individual.

How about Kamala Harris, who is now surging at the Democrat polling leaders because she looks like a no-holds bad-ass -- hey, a Democrat version of Donald Trump! -- and she's a woman of color! She really is being given the most attention for those reasons, even though every time she opens her mouth she reveals she knows very little.

Thing is, the only criticism of her I have ever seen is that as California's Attorney General she was very strict about enforcing the state's truancy laws, really putting the screws on parents and their children about attending school.

Excuse me? That's the thing about which you are most critical? That?

Forgive me, but that is the one thing she should be doing, the things for which she should be commended. Enforcing the law. Otherwise she's getting gobs of plaudits for endorsing every ungodly public policy initiative on the planet. As it is she'll have to find ways to apologize for making sure kids are in school but then spout about how much more loving and caring government needs to be, especially when it comes to handing American's hard-earned dollars to millions who do nothing but have their hands out.

Then there's Joe Biden, justifiably shredded a new aye-hole just about every time he opens his mouth. One of the most loudly repeated criticisms -- much of it from Kamala Harris -- was his refusal to support busing in the 1970s. Remember busing? The idea that people should be forced to put their kids in less quality schools just to even things out, you know, all white people being racist and all.

Again, this is the one thing he should not be called on. The idea of busing is abominable, and yet if you were or are against it, well, you're just the worst racist troglodyte. And yet, hmm, we must have a loving caring government. We must make sure government makes everything equal for everybody no matter how much expropriation of people's incomes or moral propriety there is.

All of what is being proposed by the Democrats is just more and more of the most vicious human sacrifice. It is precisely what Romanist World Operatives are dutifully charged with facilitating for the purpose of having splendidly noble knights of democracy pretend to valiantly rectify.

Donald Trump is no different. He is all bluster. He does very little to restore any kind of meaningful moral integrity to the country, even though he spouts about some of those things sometimes. Doesn't matter, they are all given over to Cain's human sacrifice machine. It is indeed why God's wrath will be manifest, sometime. Yet He does tarry.


It is merely because He still loves. He still sees so many sheep without a Shepherd.

Thing is, where are the shepherds doing the work of The Shepherd?

Sadly, so many are just obligated to the state-church system tied to Cain.

So yeah, it is just a matter of time. I'm always praying for apocalyptic revival, that people would be thoroughly blown away by God as the One Who Loves With His Life.


"I have a message from God in my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked. There is no fear of God before their eyes. In their own eyes they flatter themselves too much to detect or hate their sin. The words of their mouths are wicked and deceitful, they fail to act wisely or do good..." These words are from the 36th Psalm.

"The end of all things is near. Therefore, be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins... If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen." These words are from Peter's first letter.

Monday, June 03, 2019

The Inclusivity Gauntlet Is Already Wiping Off the Planet Many of Its Victims

In my latest homepage piece, I get a bit more into what The Babylon Bee satirized, "The Inclusivity Gauntlet." The loud and ravenous leftist voice in this country has gone so far in establishing an entrenched victim class that people who are not members have been relegated to second-class status, at least as far as the humanist hegemony proclaims.

The effect of the Inclusivity Totalitarianism is indeed reaching critical mass on that demographic:

Older, white, hetero, Christian males.

Don't take my word for it. Please check out this piece on the suicide rates of these men. It isn't just that many of them are committing suicide, as a portion of the total population it is a small number. It is just that it is larger than it has ever been, and the reasons are wide and varied. The piece is from a pretty liberal publication and it talks disdainfully about guns and liquor, but the most significant reasons are not that hard to grasp.

The marauding idea of institutionally mandated inclusivity is one of them.

It is a core truth about men that they desire challenges they may address in order to make the world around them better for their families and communities, even their nations. They long for the commensurate respect from others for the industry they contribute and energy the expend, indeed very much masculine in nature.

It is not at all hard to see what the more and more powerful and pervasive leftist voice is telling them.

"Take a hike. You're too toxic. We're taking over now."

In what ways?

Sodomism. This is simply the idea that one may engage in a sexual relationship that does not involve one adult man married to one adult woman. What is the message heard by men who live and work by their natural God-imbued manhood? It is that the transcendent value of what you do in the way God made men and the way God made women to respond to that is meaningless. It isn't enough that a sodomist-minded individual says "You do your thing and we do ours," the fact is society expects men to adopt, even celebrate their ideas about this, and it kills them. Any given man doesn't embrace the sodomist mentality? They're now openly reviled.

Abortion. One of the most profoundly wounded victims in the rampant abortion environment we've had for some time is the father. It isn't just because he too may be grieving for the child murdered for convenience sake, but it is that the feminist voice that gives impetus to the abortion mentality has told men, "You don't matter. No man should be making decisions because it is the woman's body." This message eviscerates the man's dignity and consideration of responsibility in either being chaste ("Hey, if things go sideways this gal can just get an abortion") or taking care of the child ("Whew, good thing there's abortion because I sure don't want to mess with it -- good thing everyone is letting me off the hook").

Racialism. The claims that there are such things as "white privilege" and "systemic racism" come straight from Hell. Yet they are streaming from the Jesuit-animated university network like a locomotive at warp speed. Nobody denies that race-based slavery is an awful thing. Yet people are accused of the worst racist crimes just because they are white, as a rule. Most white men are fully committed to sustaining a world where everyone gets along, looks for the best in anyone, and yet the message here is, "Never mind, you can't do as much as us young darker-skinned sexually unconventional females can."

You may not think these things afflict males in this country, but they do.

What to do? A number of things.

First realize where it is coming from. This isn't just the product of some crazy leftist peacenik-minded rabble-rousers. It is deftly designed and arranged program of destabilization coming from the extraordinarily powerful legacy of Cain to build cities for the purpose of cracking heads. While it is the federal government and banking system, it is also the Roman Catholic Church and its subsidiaries, 501c3 churches contractually obligated to Rome and liable to adopt leftist humanist agenda items that replace the gospel. Understand what the System is doing and you're halfway to freedom.

But it can't stop there, because the most laborious humanism activists are just Cain's unwitting agents trying to get more System to amend the System. Yowza. Furthermore this is the way it is supposed to be. System operatives do System things because that is what is required to keep a reprobate populace in check. Every one of us is deserving of God's wrath because of our sinfulness, the System is just carrying out its duty to exploit that.

It is brutal, it is.

The answer is to contrast the System with The Kingdom, where the One who died on the emblem of Caesarian justice did so with you in mind. Because God loved you with His life, He wants to give you not only Him and The Kingdom, but peace, joy, hope, mercy, freedom, righteousness, forgiveness, eternity, beauty, glory, companionship, and a plethora of wonderful matters.

Christ doesn't just offer this to older white males, but to sexually confused racially exploited females, or any other person of any kind who desires healing and assurance of God's care and love.

Anyway, I wrote a bit more elaborately about it at my webzine, I'd love for you to check it out, and ultimately no matter what I'd love for you to

Find Him and The Kingdom.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Ratchets Up to Even Higher Levels

Sure enough, after Georgia passed a bill allowing abortions up six weeks of pregnancy, Alabama got around to passing a bill effectively prohibiting all abortions. Good for them! Except for one thing.

It still doesn't mean anything unless everyone everywhere in every state -- indeed every nation on the planet -- summarily outlaws abortion, period.

The reason is simple. Some in Alabama admitted the law is designed to put pressure on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Many pro-lifers like this idea because it will allow states to decide what to do with abortion. Good thing.


Remember when they tried the principle of popular sovereignty to address slavery back in the 1840s, 1850s? Let the states decide if they want slavery or not. Except that, just like abortion, slavery is something so repulsively immoral that it simply should not be up to a vote.

And abortion, just like slavery, must be categorically, unequivocally made unconstitutional, illegal, and subject to the strictest prosecution.

What about the mother? Yes, indeed, what about the mother? What about this permissive attitude of abortion which eviscerates the entire beauty and value of motherhood? How contemptibly disrespectful to women to convince them of this, to make them think that by getting an abortion they are more of a woman, more of a person. How diabolically contemptible.

What about the man? I saw a meme that had over and over again, "A man should not make laws about a woman's body." How about this: "A man and a woman should not engage in sexual immorality to the extent that their actions would produce a child they would murder before it is born." How come that is never shared? How come pro-lifers barely call out both mother and father for their behavior that causes there to be a situation in which they'd murder their child to begin with?

With all this right now the kind of society that allows children to be murdered so wantonly is indeed being exposed for what it is.

So yeah, some are thinking the Supreme Court will be taking this on, hearing arguments sometime maybe as soon as next year. I know they don't want to touch it with a five-thousand foot pole. The liberals on the court, all four of them, will certainly uphold Roe with the most intense ferocity. Everyone assumes the other five are pretty solid conservatives, but already John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh have not been faithfully conservative, yet as Catholics you'd think they support overruling Roe.

Nah. They're just as subject to the dictates of the profoundly Jesuit-infused mainstream as anyone, and they're likely to bend to the idea that, well, no one should tell a woman what to do in the name of freedom and all that.

Never mind that even the best pro-lifers lose sight of the fact that if that baby is a human being there is absolutely no justification for its murder, none.

Indeed that is one of the frightening things about the explosion of the abortion discourse today, is the abjectly insane things pro-abortionists say to defend systematic murder of the pre-born. Just purely idiotic, across the board. A lot of those things are shared by the dozen most showcased candidates for the Democrat party presidential nomination.

Thing is, they just want votes so those things are merely the things spewed by many in the general populace, those things in turn bilged into the mainstream by the Society of Jesus through its academia and media.

As it is, what must happen is this. There must be apocalyptic revival that moves people to see the System for what it is, and legions of men and women start respecting one another again -- they start respecting their sexualities and the transcendent value of children and family. People intractably devoted to the System will continue to equivocate and dissemble and blither the worst things to keep the abortion mill churning.

Otherwise, it would be nice if the Supreme Court didn't just overturn Roe but went all out and said the one thing that would do the most to save the lives of pre-born children, one simple five word phrase:

"He/she is a human being."

The Supreme Court could say that, any given legislature can say that, but all that's still the System. It requires belief on and devotion to Christ, His ways and His Kingdom, to actually make a dent in this abortion thing.

Sadly, we'll still see idiocy being rocket-barfed all around, and children will still die in the womb.