Monday, October 09, 2017

The Delightful Nobel Prize Folly

Everyone has known how silly the Nobel Peace Prize is. It is frequently awarded to people who've been horrifically violent yet have recently announced how much less violent they will be, or to people who contribute to the enablement of others' violence by offering up mealy-mouthed "peace" language to disguise their ineptitude, or to people who've done absolutely nothing but appear as quite nobly valiant racialist crusaders, such as Barack Obama in 2009.

Such is the World System's grand institutionalized virtue signaling program.

I also pay attention to a bit of the Nobel Prize in Economics, which was awarded this morning. It too has a reputation for foolishness, probably the most notable example is the one given to Myron Scholes in 1997, the guy who helped set up the genius Black-Scholes investment formula that was the linchpin in the notorious torpedoing of Long-Term Capital Management sinking to the bottom of the financial world investments amounting to a few billion dollars.

That's nice. Everyone still thinks you could devise the algorithm, the investment formula, the derivatives-value-sensitive program for optimum returns.


Today the award was given to behavioral economist guru Richard Thaler, someone who has spent his professional career merely blithering the most elementary things about the ways that people generally behave in certain circumstances. He's always added that there are all kinds of things they do that are irrational when making decisions.

I've always wondered, ahem --

Who decides what is "irrational"?

Richard Thaler?

He seems to do so with such authority. He does so because he assumes the mantle from the attention he and uber-bureaucrat Cass Sunstein got after publishing their seminal work Nudge, all about how government should "encourage" people to make the right decision whenever they think people are being a bit too irrational. They even had a word for it, libertarian paternalism.

Get people to feel they are free to make the decision Caesar "nudges" them to make.

Insidious as all get out.

I've written some more about this in this home page piece, I invite you to look over it to discover how ugly are the scholarly precepts of the reigning behavioral economists. Here's another one. I've also written this piece about Cass Sunstein's conception of "trimming," a recommendation for public discourse straight from hell if there ever was one.

Considering everything as either "rational" or "irrational" dismisses the fact that any objective consideration of what is teleologically true or even more significantly what is fully righteous must come from a transcendent standard. It is pretty simple actually. From the 14th Psalm...

"The fool says in his heart there is no God."

You can see some of the most brilliantly ingenious folly from today's behavioral economists. And the Nobel Prize committee is all too eager to dutifully make it official.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The Insidious Seduction of the System's Autocrat

I came across this piece in The Federalist I found to be one of the boldest expressions of reality and charity there is. So many people out there sneer that I should not care what they do with their unconventional sexual behavior, and yet I do care.

I care because I care about people's sexual health, their physical health, especially their spiritual health. I care about those sucked into the insidiously lethal sodomist maelstrom. So yeah, that's precisely why I say what I say in my webzine and here in my blog.

I'd been reading Matt Walsh's The Unholy Trinity and he is spot-on with how the sodomist agenda is so destructive, with how those who enthusiastically tell us all we must celebrate the unconventional behaviors of openly active homosexuals, same-sex marriage participants, and transgender claimants are also so contemptibly destructive of everyone in the community in which they dwell.

The problem is the debate cannot just stop at "freedom of religion", which is where Walsh tends to stray. No, it must be about the clear and cogent argumentation that sodomist things objectively and teleologically destroy lives and souls, and that indeed when the sodomist does the work of the autocrat by trying to shove endorsement of their lethal dysfunction down our throats they are, in a real sense, forcing us to care.

I'm only blogging right now briefly because I want to introduce my latest home page piece, which gets much more into the dynamics of all this, and I also want to rigorously declare once again the answer to the lethality at every level of these conditions.

Yes, once again, it is Jesus Christ.

No, no, no, it is not the straw-man Jesus the Roman Catholic Church has propped up that make everyone repulse at the name, no, not that Jesus.

No, take a look at the real Jesus, the one whose work on the cross rescues you from all that. You, you your very soul. Take a look-see at His words in the gospel of John, read them, you'll see how it works.

Sodomist: Anything related to encouraged sexual dysfunction outside of the bounds of marriage between a committed mature adult man and committed mature adult woman.


I'd love to blog more on all this but I'm tapped out. I'm so busy with work and family fugheddabouddit. But I love being in the conversation. Visit me through the email on the webzine, would love to know what you think.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Who Is It You Listen To? Unless It Is God, It Will Be The Autocrat

This article appeared about the inanity happening at Google regarding a bunch of clueless Gen-X'er and Millennial genius computer people trying to get the concept of righteousness. Unless they look at it by God's Word, they'll be lost. Take a peek at what they are blithering in the posts and tweets and rants they've been bilging about.

It isn't that they don't know there is truth, it is that they think truth is what the Jesuit-managed System tells them it is. In fact there are grains of truth in those things in that Breitbart piece, but they can only respond with "Well that's just how I feel don't hurt me." Really, look -- you see it all over the page.

These are fearful, even paranoid people scared to death that they'll be found out so they can't help but proclaim "I'm the right kind of social justice warrior! Listen to MY genius thoughts about it all!" You could even see that they're so into the System's version of righteousness that they might as well be bleating "I'm not a racist I'm not a sexist I'm not a bigot please don't hurt me!" for the 4,829th time in their lives.

Even Breitbart drinks from the same contaminated water. They have some conception of what they think the right words and right beliefs and right practices are, they are just as much a part of their own groupthink as the SJW's they excoriate.

The truth: Everyone intuitively knows a conception of the truth but struggles to express it. What happens when someone is plainly not in touch with the truth, when that conception will harm someone somehow, and when it's your turn to speak? What do you say?

Do you know what to say?

And what should be done with someone who continues to say mistruths that will eventuate harm to someone? Oh they can be blacklisted. Oh it's your right to have your own little blacklist.

Oh it's even better if you can get a whole bunch of people on board with holding the blacklist firmly right there in the forefront of our craniums.

This is essentially, war.

The seasoned SJW can't fathom that, they can't fathom the truth of truth-holders and not-truth-holders having necessary conflict that should be addressed so they whine and moan and pretty much get neurotic. It's all over the Google thing.

To them it's not truth-holders and non-truth-holders, it's their view and my view and their culture and my culture and their narrative community and my narrative community and DAMN IT DIVERSITY WORKS IT DOES I STILL BELIEVE IN IT DAMN IT.

So what is truth?

Look at God's Word. It's there. You'll see it if you read it. You have to get passed the vapidity of "Well that's just a religious book."

No, it does have truth. Objective, certain, assured, real truth. Indeed it is so truthful that Jesus is literally The Truth. The awesome thing is He's also Grace, which means He's pretty cool with you not exactly knowing right now, but take His hand and He'll be happy to walk you through it.

And then, when you speak about things, you'll do it with authority and wisdom and understanding.

Or you can just continue to listen to the Autocrat, ultimately the System's General who dictates everything these people are believing and plapping about, just like everyone at Google.

Really, you can have Jesus, or you can have Google.

Here's my take on hate crimes, it is a bit more of an elaboration on these ideas.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Don't Fear God? You'll Really Fear Everything Else. Just Look at Venezuela...

I clicked on the link to this story in the New York Times. The image here was there with the online story.

I'd love to say a lot about this, but, ya know. I kinda already have. Much of what I'd say here in this blog post has already been said here in the blog and in my webzine. Not many people read. Not many listen -- or understand. It is pathetic. It's not even about me at all. Pretty much just simple wisdom and common sense.

It's just too many people listen to those running Cain's legacy. Yeah, again -- find out more on my webzine. I invite you to browse there, look at some things, think about it, even email me. Be a part of the conversation -- that's cool.

Or really. Please, I'm not all that, really, I'm not. Scripture is what you really want to look at.

Anyway, here's a story about what's happening in Venezuela, and it's all about how fearful the New York Times and its millions of cohorts' are feeling regarding the precarious status of their idol DEMOCRACY. Their reporting is meticulous, it really does get into the details about the horrors of socialism, but it isn't democracy that is in danger. Democracy is ultimately a meaningless fantasm spewed into the minds of people who think it will promise them fulfillment.

Nah, the autocrat always rules, and must do so when sinful people refuse to not sin. In Venezuela sinful people exploited people, powerful people like Hugo Chavez exploited the exploited, his guys consolidated power and forced people at the barrel of a gun to take care of the irresponsible.

They're still doing it. You see it in the article.

Anytime the producers of a nation are forced into financially supporting the irresponsible, much like the way it is now careening toward critical mass in the United States after the wild adoration of people like Bernie Sanders and his philosophy, you get...


The solution is not more democracy. The quasi-democracy in the U.S. has most everyone voting to support irresponsibility -- pretty much what socialism is. It also features millions of people voting to support sexual violence and the resulting destruction -- this is all the stuff related to homosexuality and transgenderism and all the rest of it.

Anyway, the solution is Jesus Christ. It is thousands, even millions of people rising up believing on Him and just praying like crazy and singing hymns like crazy and sharing the gospel like crazy and praising Jesus like crazy and praying with one another more like crazy and studying and sharing with one another Scripture like crazy and,


Understanding the reality of what government actually does and the Roman Catholic Church's role in manipulating it all to keep people in a state of oppressive bondage like crazy...

I've been taken with reading the Psalms and looking deeply into why those words were written the way they were. Here are some amazing ones:

"I have a message from God in my heart, concerning the sinfulness of the wicked: There is no fear of God before their eyes." (From the 36th Psalm)

I am blown away by that, that God speaks straight into the human heart with conviction about sin and wickedness and that those who are all over that simply have no fear or respect or understanding of God -- this truth cuts to the marrow.

And then look again in the eyes of those people in that Times photograph above.

There is fear like crazy. The irony is the people there in the photograph are voting. Yeah, that'll fix things. Voting is just so marvelous, cool. Yeah. That'll make it so we won't fear. Yeah, um. Never mind we Venezuelans have already allowed our country's version of Bernie Sanders to run things, and now, we're toast.

That'd make me fear.

Except that, I kinda fear God already.

And because of that man can do nothing to me. My soul is already in His hands.

Monday, July 03, 2017

The Opioid Overdose Epidemic Remedy

I wanted to put up a post merely to announce my latest home page piece. I always try to connect the announcement with something significant going on in the world, and while there are a lot of things happening, my brain is so full of things I can't pin down something now...

Except for a brief reference to something I'd caught about the opioid overdose epidemic, and it does tie in to my latest piece on the impotency of a Caesar-directed church network in the U.S. I try to keep up on what's going on with this crisis, something the news doesn't address much at all, what with all the time they must spend shredding Donald Trump new asshole after new asshole.

The epidemic relates to all the deaths that occur from people simply wanting their pain deadened, and with some kind of pain-killing opioid based medication they pretty much just deaden themselves -- but, as Benjamin Franklin once said, "Nine in ten men are suicides," that may be precisely what they want.

With the breakup of family and community so rampant now, and the bankruptcy of atheism and humanism showcased as the real answer to life's problems, so many people just live death on a regular basis. Not hard to see.

And while the epidemic has roots in the war on terror in Central Asia and the cartel-managed economies in Latin America, the answer is not in a resigned confession that it is all so complicated -- what with all the deep geopolitical interactions of racketeers whether good-guy American political and commercial interests or bad-guy everyone else involved in the narco-trade.

The answer is Jesus Christ.

And the way He and His grace, mercy, forgiveness, healing, and salvation is manifest is through the lives of those who have Him reigning in their hearts, gripping their souls, and gushing as a fountain of living water to those around them. They are The Kingdom, and, well, looking at the vast numbers of opioid overdose deaths, I can't help but ask...

Where are they?

When too many churches are sold out to Caesar through their 501c3 tax exempt non-profit incorporations there are simply too few to minister to the wounded and dying, those who then end up empowering the opioid dealers by demanding they provide them with their "salvation".

Until there is apocalyptic revival in this country, or in any country that will have it, really -- until there is that kind of revival where churches truly abandon themselves to Christ and it is a contagion that spreads, particularly throughout the industrialized west, then people will still kill themselves softly and gently and there will be a gargantuan network of sellers to make them happy.