Thursday, July 26, 2007

What You Hear

On the way to work this morning, heard a news report that announced a lot of victims of the Catholic Church priest sex abuse scandal were upset about things so much that they were going to meet with Cardinal Roger Mahoney to really get down to business. To take some dramatic steps to get to the bottom of things. Very very serious steps.

They were going to ask him some questions.

"We want answers, mister! We want to know what's going on! We want the truth!"

Ever hear this before? I have. A zillion times.


If they actually asked someone who would tell them the truth, they'd go, "Nah. That's not it."

And then go on talking with their puppet Jesus.

Every single person starts out with a puppet Jesus. This is something each individual converses with about the things that matter. The puppeteer asks, "So what is the truth about things?" and then the puppet Jesus answers.

Oh it doesn't have to be anything like Jesus. A common one is, "So can I booze and smoke and generally treat everyone around me like crap?" Puppet Jesus replies, "Why yes, of course, just as long as you're still very good at belching the alphabet."

Roger Mahoney is one such puppet Jesus. It is widely considered that he'll hang around for a while no matter how many supposed penetrating questions are shot at him, simply because he has done so much to make Los Angeles Catholic. One way he does this is by supporting the voluminous infusion of Mexican migrants, many of whom are Catholic. Gotta admit, that's a fine way to do it.

Thing is, he'll join all the other exploiters to keep the exploitees thinking they're happy bouncing along in their miserable lives. The reason they use exploitees so much is that they are perfect fodder for their need of great human sacrifice. It isn't just Mahoney who does this.

Look at the recent major story about housing foreclosures being at a record high. The fact that the stock market has taken a couple hits as a result demonstrates on a macro level how much value is carved out of the exploitee so exploiters may engage in human sacrifice. If they can't get it through usury disguised as home ownership, they can do it through the rental property now-former homeowners must find. Bankers do it with impunity and huge smiles on their faces.

To complete the trifecta, there's the federal government.

On the way home from work happened to catch a tune from Pink called "Dear Mr. President." Have you heard this one? It's a ballad sung to the president of the U.S-- that mean old rotten George Bush-- lamenting his insensitivity to the plight of desperately needy but quite virtuous victims all around.

Oh yes, often they do figure how much they are exploited.

What they don't get for squat is what to do about it.

"Have a nice walk with the president so you can scold him about how much he should be doing for you"? This is the essence of the song's lyrics.

Ah yes, the nice little chat, where the exploitee wags his finger at the exploiter with a snarl and and good satisfying glower. All so he can be lied to about the great breadth of his exploitation of him. Then everyone goes home, um happy... (Don't you think this is precisely what happened at the Mahoney-sex abuse victims meeting today? How could it be any different?...)

At this point many would cry "Ergh, you're right, those mean lying sack 'a sh-- exploiters, they're really really bad and need to shape up."

Well, not exactly. The exploiters should not do anything different, none of them-- Mahoney, Bush, the naked bankers in the WaMu commercial, they need to stay right where they are administering the sin management program the people ask for. If they weren't there, the people would be utterly destroying themselves and everyone around them.

So yeah, it's good there's that dysfunctional interaction between Mahoney and his parishioners.

It's good that bankers are shoving irresponsible people out of their houses and into rentals.

It's good that pop artists are wailing about how much they think George Bush will never listen to what they say he needs to do to fix their lives.

Maybe sometime, just sometime, they'll see the abject refuse pile for what it is at least a bit before they die from it all,

And turn instead to the One Who Would Love Them.

For a few more thoughts on human sacrifice, go here.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Body of Death, Second Alert

Yesterday I made note of the turmoil some Catholicists are enduring over the priest sexual abuse scandal. Thought about the question, "What to do?" Here are some variations of that question, and some ideas for answers.

1. "Why doesn't the Catholic Church get rid of Roger Mahoney?" Some radio talk show guys here in Southern California have referred to him as "Don Corleone" Mahoney. They certainly get that part. What they don't get is that whoever they replace him with will just continue to do the same things. Oh yes the Catholic Church may fire him to make itself look good, and his successor will certainly paste smiles all over his face while sprinkling in a few firm "This won't happen on my watch" pronouncements.

But he'll still be the duly ordained agent of Cain, using extreme deceptive arts to manage the sin of those under his charge.

2. "Why don't Carl Marziali and his wife go somewhere else themselves for religious gratification?" They could certainly do that, and perhaps they will. Lots of Catholics have done that over the years. Thing is, the operatives holding the duty of managing the sin of those who ask them to do so have already figured all of that out. In other words, no matter what God club the Marzialis plan to visit, even if it's not exactly the Catholic Church, it's quite likely it's also in the grip of the Agency of Cain Ecclesia.

Some fancy Roman Catholic Church official-type guy made this announcement in the midst of the whole scandal: "Yes we are very sorry and it won't happen again [something along those lines] but you must know that this kind of thing [the sexual abuse stuff] is going on in other places too." (Emphasis mine) Yeah, quite the weasel thing to say. But ya know?

He's right.

If an institution is an incorporated 501c3 non-profit, or any other entity legally and willfully tied to Cain, then the Marzialis will get nothing other than what they've already seen before their eyes in the Catholic Church. How depressing is that.

3. "What about you, David, here you are saying that addressing the Catholic Church means you still have a relationship with it in whatever way-- why don't you get out?"

Oh, do I ever want to be out. In many ways I am. My devotion is completely with Jesus Christ even with Babylon thriving all around me. Regrettably, yes, I confess, I still have a few old contracts with the World made for me (like a Social Security identification) or I made myself when I too thought the World was all there was (mortgage contract).

But I do confess something else.

I love people like Carl Marziali. I write because I have something to say that nobody is saying, at least not many people I see are saying. I would like Carl Marziali to see people who simply gather together and ask themselves the simple question

"How about if we do what Jesus says?"

And then do those things.

Know what else?

I want to see those people to. And do those things with them. There is indeed no other way.

That'd be quite the wonderful matter.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Body of Death Alert

Yesterday I made reference to an opinion piece that appeared in the Los Angeles Times that is quite typical of the confusion a good Catholicist has when he is brutally exposed to the truth about the Church. That truth has been quite splattered across the news, but both the befuddlement and the truth have been around for millennia. Yes, there is indeed nothing new under the sun.

The only thing that would be new in any of this is the liberating realization of what it all means. It blows me away that people who so brashly proclaim how much they know and how much they are above it all will never go beyond the "I'm simply mystified stage" regarding why Cardinal Roger Mahoney is still running the LA Archdiocese.

"I'm just mystified. I can't see how this guy who covered up all the sexual abuse is still in office. I'm mystified. Aren't you? You are too? Yeah, so am I. Mystified."

Really, have you ever heard anyone say why he is still there? It's hard to find them, because as much as one is signed up with the World he is blinded to the truth about the World as contrasted to the Kingdom.

The reason Mahoney is still there and will survive in some way is that the Roman Catholic Church is the government. I did a post a while ago, and that is here if you want to know more about how this is the case.

Truer words were never said (and they aren't mine, trust me, I'm not so smart): There is a Kingdom for those who actually want God to be their Father. There is also a World for those who want someone else to be their master. That World must have dozens of different manifestations of judgment for those who demand that their sin be managed by one of its officials. Roger Mahoney is one such individual. George Bush, Ben Bernanke, all of these guys work for the same office.

Carl Marziali and his wife, the ones who wrote the LA Times opinion piece, are simply resigned to keep going to church and lament. Yes, it is very sad. Incessant befuddlement, lamentation, and then the desperate resignation. What a horrific body of death.

If they would only find a reconciler in their midst they'd get it. They'd find that the Jesus Christ of the Catholic Church is a brilliant concoction of the World and if they actually acknowledged this, then they may perhaps visit the real One and ask Him to take them into the Kingdom.

What a miracle that would be.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Confessions of a Devout Catholicist

This opinion piece appeared in today's Los Angeles Times, hot off the presses as the Catholic priest sexual abuse settlement is still steamin.' It is a story that has been told before a gazillion times by equally disconsolate people, but rarely with the commensurate resolution.

Thing is, I don't have a lick of time tonight to address that here, but you can get a hint from my last blog post. You can also get the full treatment from the Bible, it's all there, the complete and thorough resolution, but so few people read it with the intent to actually find it there, that it may not matter what I say anytime here.

Anyway, until tomorrow.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Official Roman Catholic Position is the True One

Recently the pope made more official some official declarations that the Roman Catholic Church has been officially making for centuries. When they do this it gets some media attention, mostly because so many chafe at the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is claiming to be the one true church. A mainstream news take on it all is here at the Los Angeles Times.

What irritates people is that the church gets all puffy about how you can't earn God's favor or go to heaven or be a good person without the Roman Catholic Church. To keep from being too intolerant the church will say things like other institutions are means to grace or they are respected communities of belief and all the rest of it. But it still holds:

The Roman Catholic Church is the true church.

Want to know something?

They're right. Yes. It's true. They are correct: The Roman Catholic Church is the one single true ecclesiastical body.

They can make such a firmly veritable proclamation about this simply because they are outside the saving power and grace of Jesus Christ. In other words, the Roman Catholic Church is the authorized secular body of rule for ecclesiastical issues, sent out of the presence of God when He charged the church's first pope, Cain, with the job of managing the sin of evildoers with seven-fold vengeance power.

When the pope says, "Believe on us for we rule over your lives," he is indeed telling the truth. When most of the world's population get antsy about that, they are whimpering "Ouch, that hurts because that means you will still work just as hard as you always have to condemn me for my willful sinful behavior."

How does this reveal itself in real terms? Protestants will find the church's declaration "troubling" because they are under the misconception that Catholics are actually followers of Christ, and that "ecumenical dialogue" to bring all folks back together again may be hampered. The fact is, if you are with the Catholic Church as a 501c3 incorporated non-profit, then what is your complaint? You are doing precisely what the Catholic Church is ordering you to do. If you are against the "one true church" statement and rail against it, then what do expect? You're the one who signed up, and are now just ranting about how oppressive your dad is being regarding terms you agreed to.

"I don't like that the pope is doing that--ergh," so many fume. If they aren't in sin, having been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, then what do they have to do with the World's lord, the pope?

The World and its church is completely out of the realm of God and His mercy, truth, and provision. As long as there are devoted Catholicists around requiring their sin to be managed so they don't destroy themselves, there will indeed be the one true church for them, the Roman Catholic one.

I should qualify this. As a ministry of condemnation, the Roman Catholic Church does serve a purpose to draw people tired of that condemnation and longing for complete freedom from their sin into the embrace of Christ. That does indeed involve coming out of the System, leaving it to continue to be the "one true church," and worshipping Him and Him alone.

The Roman Catholic Church, knowing nothing about God (but doing a spectacular job of pretending that it does) can never know this, hence the call to be under their thumb always. That's actually a good thing, even as sad as that is. Those who are Christ's heirs living joyously in His Kingdom, on the other hand, know that any ferocious censure of it is not only futile but demonstrates that a codependent relationship with it still exists.

It's simple, and it's been this way for millennia: You can live by turgid fear, and have the boffo Catholic Church and its adjunct branches (federal government, central bank) and all of its subdivisions (God clubs, ministries, non-profits) whack you around all the time.

Or you can live by authentic love, and revel in fellowship and discovery with the One Who Actually Loves You.

For some more on this "Catholicist Nation," visit this page. To see the picture that accompanied the Times article, that is here.

(6:00 pm note: Just as I'd wrapped up this post, a breaking news story came across from the Associated Press that the Los Angeles Archdiocese is paying out $600 million for sexual abuse victims. This should say everything about the nature of the "one true church.")

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Happened to the Immigration Debate?

Isn't it interesting that now that the subject of immigration is dead in Congress, it is nowhere in the news. Once the gods of the Catholicist have stopped making it an issue, it doesn't much matter any more.

Over the two weeks since I posted my take on immigration, I thought I'd amplify a couple of things. I'm really adding nothing new; in fact, nothing I write is new, at least this is my goal. That may seem counterintuitive-- you'd think I'd want to be putting up stuff that's new and fascinating, after all, that is kind of the idea behind a blog, isn't it?-- "What's new that Dave has found out?!..." The fact is, my goal is to be about as redundant as possible--redundant about the word of God that is. If it isn't already in there, then what I'm saying may go against that. So please, challenge me about what I say and tell me if it isn't already in His word. I want to know.

Anyway, back to the immigration thing-- I thought I'd bring those things up just to highlight them a bit more.

1. Don't think that I give a toot what the U.S. does about illegal immigration-- status quo, let 'em all in, annex Mexico, dig a trench across the border 20 feet deep filled with piranhas--whatever it is, it is part of the strategy of the General to keep people without Christ in subjection to him. The only thing I care about is people coming to Christ. Thuh end.

Oh, but what about caring about them to actually want to do something for them?

Of course I care about them-- my entire home page piece is about that. But it means a gazillion times more if they'd let Christ care for them. Only Christ can care for them so they aren't in the nightmare of an existence they are in whether in the corrupt pit that is Mexico or dying in the desert crawling into this country or sitting in a fetid waiting room in a county hospital because they can't afford even the teensiest decent medical care for their kid.

It is the General that sets it all up to make these things happen, and unless they have Christ they are toast no matter what piddle the U.S. serves up to solve immigration.

2. What exactly is the World's way of doing stuff-- as opposed to the Kingdom's way? Once again for review, the Kingdom's way is to love with Christ's love, and that only happens if you know He loves you. You can only know that He loves you if you're immersed in knowing His truth and living His grace. If you're in the Catholic Church or some such subdivision, you simply can't know this, and the people you interact with can't know it either.

What does the World System do to "love" someone? It's very simple, actually. They tell you how much of a fool you are and insist that the only way to keep you from doing too many foolish things is to take some of your money so they can monitor your foolishness. They take that money in many imaginitive ways, all of which come down three different flumes:

First, the one the political racketeer uses, taxation. Please note that I'm not protesting taxes in any way. If you are indeed a fool, you should pay lots and lots of taxes because it is good government can keep you on a chain.

Second, the one from the economic racketeer, lending. This is really usury, essentially the modern-day slavery, the practice of waving fiat paper money around in your face and then stating, "You can only have it if you sign over to us this that and this." Ah, yes, again with the chain.

Third, the one of the religious racketeer, indulgences. Oh yes, all tithing payments to any state-church is just another form of indulgence. Pay up so God'll like you more. Hey, need those religious leaders to smack us around a bit. Think they use a chain?

I mentioned in my home page piece that 501c3's are actually impotent to help the immigrant. How could this be? What if they're just a boffo church with really boffo church things going on? The reason they're impotent is simple. Again, this is not new. It's right there in Scripture.

It is because they've made a commitment to follow the law.

Oh, I'm not against the law. The law is great. I like it. But I like it because it showed me how much I need Christ. Him, worshipping Him, living out the bounty of His love, sowing His great things-- that's what the poor immigrant needs. Not another God club.

As it is 501c3 incorporated state-churches will all hold up their straw-man Jesuses, and they may even say a bunch of spiffy things about them, but if they are still signed on to the law, a law that is now obsolete because is should have already shown them Christ, then they are not doing anyone any favors...

Unless of course that law gets someone to Christ!

But the law must be about doing that. It can't be about keeping people burdened with a body of death. Look at that.

A 501c3 is signed on with Caesar. Caesar is all about confiscating your wealth and productive value and keeping you in bondage to covetousness and poverty. That doesn't go away simply by saying "Hey, look at my Jesus!"

This is just so not new. God said it all already thousands of years ago. Sometimes I'm just aghast at how many still just don't get it-- they go out of their way to not get it.

It is amazing.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Show Me the Money-- Hey, It's a Non-Profit!

The reality of non-profit activity becomes more and more pronounced as I look around with an inquisitive mind. I will tell you that I am graciously open to learning as much as I can about these operations. Some of those things seemed to jump out this week, and I thought I'd share them with you.

1. On July 4th I was visiting with some of my wife's family, and her aunt asked us if we'd like to come to the Lotus Festival in Los Angeles this weekend. This festival is a big do-up for intercultural stuff, and she is a top director of some kind.

Interestingly she brought up that they had recently formed a non-profit in order to raise money for the affair. After she told me what the festival was about, I asked her if a detailed explanation of all that was included in the application for non-profit status, you know, so the government knows that it's all for a good cause.

She said, "Oh no, what we do is put together bylaws. We have to let them know how we operate, so everyone knows what we're supposed to do and it's all up front and on the level."

That struck me. There it is: laws and bylaws. The key ingredient-- We all must put ourselves strictly under the law because we wouldn't do it otherwise.

2. I discovered a pastor friend of mine was once the executive director of a Christian ministry to homeless people. He mentioned as a non-profit it was a challenge to get people to donate to the work. I asked him if he'd give me an idea of what it was like to run a non-profit, and what the value of a 501c3 was.

He said it was no big deal to anyone on the board. He even said that it was beneficial because the 501c3 gave "real teeth" to all the behavior requirements for all members.

Then the board members needed the constraints of the law to keep them from doing quite questionable things with the donations. Is this true?

I can only think of Paul's words, "All things are permissable, but not all things are beneficial."

3. In the Los Angeles Times just yesterday (July 5th), right there on the front page, was a story about California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's non-profit. Yeah, he has a non-profit. In fact, apparently he has a couple of them. Let me see if I've got them correct...

"The California State Protocol Foundation." And the other one was "The Governor's Residence Foundation." They even mentioned previous "charities" that paid for items for other governors called "Golden State Host Committees."

What they all do is pay for many of the governor's expenses, mostly having to do with travel, expenses which cannot be charged to other accounts or they'd be considered campaign contributions and liable for more scrutiny or tax consideration or something.

The thing is, what exactly is it about this that is "charity"? The article even brought up the idea that the governor zipping around the world on $10,000 private jet jaunts isn't exactly on par with feeding the hungry in Darfur.

But when examined with the lens of Scripture, and with the consideration that there is a World and there is a Kingdom, it makes perfect sense.

People hand over that money-- and get a nice tax deduction-- for the goodness of helping out the guy who is their savior. Aren't most non-profits designed to line the pockets of the powerful insider leaders? How is Arnold any different?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the moral guide for those who comfortably inhabit the Catholicist Nation. Without his leash around their necks, like wild dogs they'd ravenously destroy themselves and others. They know this so well that they pay the big bucks to keep him happy.

Hey, I don't blame them. Everyone has a leader. Everyone has a moral guide. I don't censure them at all for their contributions to his war chest.

Ironic that my wife's aunt mentioned that she had hoped Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigoso does not make an appearance at the Lotus Festival-- he is in a bit of hot water for an affair he had with another woman-- you know, it's a bit dicey politically.

I guess I just wonder why that should matter--why it should matter whether or not he shows up. I just get this idea that wishing he wouldn't show is not much different from desiring distance from one you've trusted and given your devotion to simply because it hurts to be around them. --Because you know you still want them to lead you and guide you and the inner emotional conflict is just too much.

This is how it works for those who love the World.

Some thoughts about the relationship between 501c3 non-profits and Christians are here.