Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 6

I was able to fit in my annual physical this past Wednesday, and a young intern did the preliminary portion of the exam. He was maybe in his early-30s, bright, intelligent, sharing some very good things with me, but then I asked him the question. You know what it was.

"What do you think of this coronavirus situation?"

He said he was all in favor of all the lockdowns and precautions, and the reason he gave made me think. It is not a reason that isn't prominent among the rationalizations for having all this. His reason:

"Keeping the spread of the virus down keeps the hospitals and medical facilities from being overrun. It means there won't be an overload of patients that forces any one of us to have to make a life-or-death decision about who we should treat. You know, we're doctors, Hippocratic oath and all that. We don't want to feel we can't save someone." (Emphasis mine.)

I am someone who has to think about these things for a while, and I do wish I could have had my thoughts more readily available, because after leaving the office and thinking it through, I thought, wow, it was a really well-intentioned response, but still...

This intern is just like most everyone else. They've drunk the Kool-Aid.

This is because the being-overrun thing could only happen in special circumstances, and while it has in some measure in New York, it simply hasn't in any part of the rest of the country. There are reasons it can happen like did in New York.

One of which is that there was a critical mass of people who got ill who were simply liable to get it because of the number of risk factors involved. One those critical ones is they've discovered most victims (besides the very elderly) are those suffering from morbid obesity and exceptionally poor diet and hygiene.

This is why I wish I could have responded to this doctor right at that moment, "Wait a minute. Your sentiment isn't a statement about them, it is a statement about you. Just because someone suffers from something and you've done the best you can with the resources you have doesn't mean you are to blame."

Thing is, doctors everywhere are hypnotized to believe that they are. It doesn't mean they don't try to do their best. But damn, look what we've done with doctors. We've made our healths such idols that we've turned medical personnel into idols as well. What a horribly high expectation to have to maintain.

See, the obesity thing and the lifestyle thing is important! If the patient didn't do what he was supposed to do with his life, and they made it harder for doctors to treat them, then whose fault is that? And diet, exercise, and just plain being responsible isn't that hard to take ownership of. Problem is, in today's humanist materialist socialist racialist Epicureanist World, people are told they can always blame someone else for their problems, and today it is so much easier to get away with it -- what with all those white-privileged old males running the oppressive hegemony, the Frankfurt School is reeeally angry with them so we should too -- errrrrrgh...

This is the essence of codependency. Respectable people are expected to cure or rescue or protect or salvage or enliven or dignify people who don't give a shit about caring for themselves. And as I thought about it, codependency is a bitch of a job for Caesar. How difficult this job is, especially in light of how many people he's gotten to want him to care for them. He's only following his heart in addictively wanting "to be his brother's keeper." Millions of people are out there asking him to keep them safe from some baaad thing that may very well be their doing to begin with.

This is why I think some of why Caesar ordered this lockdown business is because, very simply, it is a much easier way to control this reprobate population.

How many of us are criminals? Well, hate to say it, but the Bible very clearly says each and every one of us is. Each one of us does the most horrific things to one another, and the only deliverance from that is not Caesar but Christ. Please know Caesar does what Christ has him as a footstool to do -- manage the sin of those who don't acknowledge God. If he can do that as proficiently as he can, then the more power to him. This is why while the lockdown is tremendously destructive -- about as good a human sacrifice program as you'll see -- it is a quite necessary evil and those who screech and holler about its tyrannical nature may certainly be pointing out a truth, but they can't argue against it.

I think about C.S. Lewis' first book of his Chronicles of Narnia series when talking beavers speak to the newly-arrived children about the Lord of Narnia, a lion named Aslan. One of the children asks, "Is he safe?"

One of the beavers replies, "Oh no, he is not safe. But he is good."

This is a commonly cited passage from Narnia, and for good reason. I'm a school teacher and before they closed our school the principal bleated something you'd hear from all of these kinds of people all the time. You know what it is. Please read it in that rote staccato as if you'd heard it for the 857th time:

"The safety of your children is our number one priority."

It sounds so good, so wholesome. But when you think about it, it is just more of the same kind of virtue-signaling you'd hear from anyone who wants your vote. For one, no one doesn't want safety, and it is a noble thing to make better and stronger seat belts. But again, the question arises, if someone dies in an auto accident while wearing the seat belt that worked perfectly fine as far as it goes, is that the seat belt maker's fault?

The second thing hits even harder: Is there nothing that is more important than safety? Already we've mentioned one thing that is far more important than safety: Goodness. Even better: Righteousness -- that even if one is to die, that he or she is a righteous person. How about this one: Charity. And I'm talking biblical charity, meaning you'd die for a beloved friend, that's how much you love him or her. How about others? Like wisdom, character, virtue, humility, sacrifice, courage, community, responsibility, beauty, wonder, justice, mercy, faithfulness -- and yes I'm going to add a really good one in my view: spiritual intelligence. 

In a sense this is just the opposite of the whole idea of the first verse in the 14th Psalm: "The fool says in his or her heart, 'There is no God.'" These are the spiritually foolish, and when their ideas get streamed so profoundly into the mainstream psyche as they are with this coronavirus thing, my heart breaks.

Yes, the idea of codependent administration is now so prominent that its destructive ends may indeed be reaching critical mass. This lockdown thing really is just a test-run to see how far Caesar can go to shut us down so we can't go out and commit crime after crime after crime. It is ingenious really, until it gets to a point where it could ultimately be, really...

I've shared this with my students, what this lockdown thing would be if we as a society just went all the way. It is my idea for the latest Black Mirror episode -- this is a television show that showcases the worst things that advanced technology could do to a society. My new idea for an episode would only be a few minutes long however, unless there were some plot twists in there, perhaps of someone trying to escape -- and yes things like this have been done in Hollywood productions before, I know.

But mine is just a bit more frightening because of how likely it could be.

It is when all of us are sealed into our 7'x7' room cubicle and we just sit there with monitors all around to have human interaction with one another. Why even get physically close to anyone else? Hasn't this coronavirus lockdown proven we could just interact online? Our room would have a slot through which our choice of food would arrive, and we could certainly have dinner with others as we interact through the video screens -- I mean hey, we could have dinner with however many family or friends we want! We could even dine with our favorite movie stars! A hole would open in the seat for our bathroom duties, the seat would recline into a bed for sleep, and bicycle pedals would appear at our feet for exercise. We could lift barbells for strength training.

"Oh come on don't be so melodramatic, please." But really, let's be honest, why is this present lockdown any less harrowing than that situation?

After all, keeping us in real lockdown boxes ensures we're all perfectly, perfectly safe, right?

Then I just think, why even stop there. Why not just put us in artificial cocoons plugged into feeding tubes and wires filling our brains with happy thoughts? Remember The Matrix?

Then we'd be very very perfectly perfectly safe.

This is why I chafe at giving any attention to any mention of the present lockdown situation, because it reminds me of the abject stupidity that went into starting it to begin with and is still going into sustaining it indefinitely. My wife showed me a video she found on Facebook of a 6th grade teacher trying to Zoom-teach her class. I can see how it was considered funny, but I did not laugh. It was monumentally stupid, and not funny-stupid. It was stupid-stupid because it reflects a wretchedly lethal situation that doesn't have to be. That teacher should never have to be there doing that to begin with.

When I was a dumb punky 15-year-old I invited three or four friends over to watch films I'd checked out from the library of Hitler at the time of World War II. I showed them on a projector in my living room (this was back in, the early 70s) for the purpose of matching up what we saw with goofy things we could put on audio tape or something of that nature to make fun of Hitler. No longer than five minutes into the film were images of Holocaust victims, both barely alive or dead in ditches, and one of my friends very rightly and very somberly said, "This isn't something we can make fun of." I was wholly, completely, utterly embarrassed, as I should have been.

Yeah, I didn't know.

But then, so many out there wearing masks and freaking out about distancing and staying cowering in their closets all day... Do they know?

It is why I am aghast at the pervasiveness of this kind of insidious talk: "We should be able to do all our work and live our lives from home now that we have such advanced web technology." That kind of stuff is just plain demonic, no matter how much the purveyors snidely remark "Wull ya better get used to it."

As a school teacher I am absolutely mortified that many are indeed talking about dialing back classroom anything, never mind that the best way to learn is active, vibrant conversation in physical proximity with a teacher, and yes, this is my main form of instruction summarily taken away from me and simply cannot rival the online version, it just can't. I am now working like crazy to do a good job with my online platforms, but it simply cannot replace the classroom.

Maybe many teachers think they'll do just fine with it, but I know many, many students will not learn the same, and that in turn means a worse future for all of us. Already students are checking out from formal learning all together, especially when the education poobahs do stultifyingly idiotic things like they did in San Francisco, awarding every student an "A" grade effectively yanking an entire half a semester of productive knowledge and skill acquisition from thousands of students.

Or, hmm, did it matter anyway? How many of these teachers were actually teaching students anything worthwhile to begin with, knowing they could just be proudly socialist and racialist and sodomist and tell young people they could pretty much do whatever they wanted and if things went sideways they could just blame the white-privileged oppressive hegemony?

Wait until the results of this experiment reaches its critical mass.

Sealed room living cubicles for everyone, anyone?

I have to add that the evening of putting up this post we visited a wonderful beach town that is always hopping. It wasn't as hopping this night, yet still there were dozens of people out and about walking through town and near the beach (that the city had closed off even though the county did declare it could be open), most of them without masks. It is another evidence that more and more people are realizing what's actually happening with the coronavirus hysteria decision-making.

The picture above was taken there. I can't neglect to add that it was a very clear, warm day, except when we got to the beach town where there was such a thick marine layer it was hard to see 100 feet ahead through the fog. Just a symbol of the real meaning of what this marquee is saying.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 5

I can't deny that I absolutely love The Babylon Bee. It is The Onion only way better. It so often cuts to the heart of what's really going on, and it makes me laugh. I so need that because my heart is so often shredded by the insanely dangerous stupidity that is smothering us all right now.

Here's a taste related to that very thing. This very fun "infographic," I'd like to share it here -- again, courtesy of The Babylon Bee.

The items in it speak for themselves, but that last one is worth noting, simply because it is true: All the ugliest virtue-signaling smothered in the sweetest creamiist lushishist Frankfurt School plap is really about striving valiantly but ever-so futilely to defeat death on one's own terms. It is the very first lie ever put forth. You know what it is, and so extremely sorrowfully so many have it bronzed and hoisted right there at the front of the very souls:

"God said you would die? Well, not really..."

This is really the main main main crux of what is going on with the stultifyingly destructive lockdown policies being ramrodded through everything now. Everyone believing their humanist socialist materialist Epicurean (or maybe Herculean) efforts will fully bring about the thing that will keep death away, and if you don't get on board you're the worst kind of bigoted Neanderthal murderer.

And millions are on board, even people I know and love and appreciate as very good friends. Even the very best, kind, righteous Christians are seduced -- I see them remarking and commenting with these inanities all over Facebook and elsewhere. It is extraordinarily sad.

But again I know why they do that.

They have a Jesus, whichever one it is.

Even the most rabid atheist has a Jesus, the one he worships and to whom he has given his soul. He may hiss and holler that he doesn't have one, but he does. He may screech at the top of his lungs that he doesn't have a Jesus, but his Jesus is the one that tells him to say he doesn't have one for fear others will think he's some religious nut.

That's just as much a Jesus as any.

I bring this up because there is indeed a way to defeat death. Death is always, in every instance, a rotten terrible thing. No one wants it. Yes, I know it is a relief for the gravely terminally ill in great pain to finally pass away, I got that. But why have it to begin with?

Jesus took care of it, putting Himself on "the tree," giving His life so we could again have access to The Tree of Life. But Jesus had to take out the sin in each one of us before we could live together in joy and beauty and wonder in God's presence forever, because, well, it is simple.

It is one thing to die, it is wholly another thing to live forever in one's sin, and around a bunch of people who want to sin against you. That is truly the worst thing that could even happen to anyone. The absolute worst, just think about it.

God took care of that problem.

And hey, if you don't want it, the World has laid out a hundred different Jesuses for you to worship, that's cool. They'll make you feel good, even feel good about your attempts to defeat death and pound your chest about how hard you're working to do it.

Please. Read to your children. Drive as safely as you can, even expecting the vehicle itself to have reasonable safety features. Heed the instructions for climbing a ladder. Great stuff. In fact you know the one infection prevention activity never talked about? Works wonders: Brush your nails in the shower with a non-antibacterial soap, every night. I do this, and since I started several years ago I've rarely gotten sick.

Please please. All of these are very good, wholesome, fully God-approved things to do.

But they won't make you alive, and they won't tell you about all the ways people can die without their bodies immediately ceasing to function. That's another facet of this life-death thing that I just don't thing the intractable humanist gets. It is that the human sacrifice that must be carried out on behalf of the authoritative work of Cain's legacy -- in this case with interminable lockdown expectations and ferocious Covid-19 shaming -- can often be very slow and painful.

Sin makes people dead just as much as a lethal case of Covid-19 infection. It is in fact worse because without Jesus being the atonement for that sin, one's death just lasts forever, whether it continues right after the virus, a Peterbilt crushing your Prius on the freeway, or a lockdown policy that destroys your very livelihood.

That latter one, just as much death as anything.

So yeah, I've got it now! I know what to say! Anytime someone says, "Stay in your home all the time," or "Wear a mask and stay six-feet away!" or "Don't go out shopping for anything" I should just blap back at him or her "YOU JUST WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!"

I think I'd get the strangest looks. Really.

Which is again, why we're back to the original idea of this blog series. It is why people stay silent. Why mess with that shit. Countless times in Scripture, especially in Proverbs it talks about the foolishness of trying to reason with fools. You just can't do it.

So yeah, at least we can be lambs.

We can be lambs following The Shepherd who knows that ultimately the evil will be used as footstool for the good God will do before it is done away with altogether, and eventually there will be a New Jerusalem with no more pain and no more crying.

That's the only reason I write anything, share anything anywhere anytime anyway -- that some listener or reader will turn to The Shepherd and be His.

After all, He is The Life.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 4

The silence continues to be deafening, the volume quite intense. It'd be nice to have Jesus and His wisdom being widely broadcast, but those who say they're His seem to tarry. I do see some out there boldly sharing solidly truthful things, even at some cost to their reputation, their livelihoods... that's good -- it's what Jesus' call to agape sacrifice was all about.

But when watching the World System have its way with so many of its devotees, as it is with this coronavirus hysteria, wow, it is extraordinarily sad. They're exceedingly vocal.

I happened to see even Dr. Phil, a rousing product of the World himself, was eviscerated by The New York Times network of social media cronies when he actually shared some of those very uncomfortable truths about the reality of the coronavirus situation. (Please visit my other blog posts from earlier and the links therein to see more of what those things are.)

No wonder there are so many who are silent.

I came across an amazing Psalm that speaks to this exact thing. May I share it with you? It is the 39th.

"I said, 'I will guard my ways so that I may not sin with my tongue; I will guard my mouth with a muzzle, as long as the wicked are in my presence. I was speechless and quiet, I was silent, even from speaking good, and my pain intensified. My fire grew hot within me, as I mused, a fire burned, I spoke with my tongue: 
"'"Lord, make me aware of my end and the number of my days, so that I will know how short-lived I am. In fact you have made my days just inches long, my life span is nothing to you. Yes, every human being stands as only a vapor. Yes, every person goes about as a mere shadow. Indeed they rush around in vain, gathering possessions, without knowing who will get them. 
'"Now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in you. Rescue me from all my transgressions."'"
How visceral is this. How deeply compelling, that one who understands and knows God simply cannot keep from sharing the reality of things -- it burns from within to say nothing! When you see people foolishly leaping into that greased chute straight to Hell, you just can't be silent.

Please read the entire Psalm. For that matter read much more of Scripture, read some every day. Prayerfully. Communally. Discover each of us is indeed just a glob of dust, and with a breath God can disperse our atoms to the winds.

But He also has the power to deliver you from folly, clothe you in righteousness, and embrace you firmly. And He would do that so you may live with Him in His Kingdom for eternity, not only at some point later but right now.

Do you know the very last thing Jesus said to anticipate before His return? You know, He said there'd be earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars, all that stuff, but those things still happen all over the place now. I'm sure there'll be more of it on the eve, I got that. But what about that very last thing to watch for? Just before -- BAM. Might be something to consider what Jesus said it was, being it was a time He was, thankfully, not silent about. Here, again, from Scripture:
"There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars; and there will be anguish on the earth among the nations bewildered by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will faint from fear and expectation of the things that are coming on the world, because the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory."
These particular things have not come close to happening yet, no matter how much astronomers (and a few Christians who fancy themselves quite the prophets) point out some relatively novel celestial event. No, this stuff is major, and while it hasn't yet happened the striking thing to note when it does happen is the abjectly overwhelming fear emanating from all the World System players: the visible political leaders, the administrators and professors in academia, the ecclesiastical poobahs, the journalist mandarins, even a few Hollywood A-listers (or B-listers for that matter as long as they serve the cause) -- anyone who the System shoves into the limelight to regularly tell us all what we're supposed to believe and how we're supposed to behave based in the precepts of Cain's legacy.

They will all be utterly shellshocked at the things that will happen to the heavens and the earth.

The follower of Christ will not be.

With this manufactured test-run of Caesar's power over a reprobate populace, this coronavirus crisis, it is interesting how fearful they are, and how fearful they expect us all to be. They're doing terrific codependent enabling, screeching about how much it is their responsibility to rescue us. I mean, take a look at the rampant virtue-signaling, damn they're good! They are so on top of all the things they must do to keep us convinced we're not liable to be vaporized in the next minute!

There is a contrasting perspective. The follower of Christ knows his redemption is near as it says there in that 21st chapter of Luke. That is, it is arriving in the next minute, and he or she revels in it with the greatest joy. During the minute before this they may speak from their hearts about how much they love another with Christ's love. Then they will be called to their true home.

Know what else? Jesus proves He will do it. Many slough off this Jesus stuff as fairy-tale silliness, and often it comes with grand displays of conciliation so as to not look too intolerant. This is the Epicureanist-smothered world in which we live. Yet while many say Jesus never openly said He was God -- ahem, I don't know how you can't be God and come out of a cloud in power and glory -- they simply haven't done their research.

This is from the 22nd chapter of Luke, when Jesus was on trial before the temporal authorities, and He was quite silent most times when asked about His standing -- again, simply because saying anything is far too frequently pointless when speaking to those who've already willfully refused to grasp Truth. Here, He says two words, out of the silence resounds the most important two words in history. Two words.

I am.

Here's how it went down:
The elders of the people, both the chiefs priests and scribes, came together and led Him into their council, saying, "If You are the Christ, tell us." 
But He said, "If I tell you you will by no means believe, and if I ask you, you will by no means answer. Hereafter the Son of Man will sit on the right hand of the power of God." 
Then they said, "Are You then the Son of God?" 
So He said to them, "You rightly say that I am."
He is The I Am. There was no question that here before everyone in the world they were asking Him, "Are you God?" When He answered this way, He was also acknowledging that they knew it too. He is correct, they were correct, and all listening were correct. His listeners, however, could not bear to come to terms with what this meant, so they crucified Him. Get rid of Him.

It is much what the World does to Him today. Dismiss Him and replace Him with one of their own Jesuses so they could feel better about themselves, never mind the raging truth that they are vapors and only by the mercy and lovingkindness of this God may they live past the next minute.

Maybe this is something God is doing with this coronavirus situation: Get people to see how fearful and frantic the agents of Cain are, how much they are willing to foment such human sacrifice with all the forced economic deprivations -- and maybe, just maybe there will be a critical mass of people who'd turn from this and dwell in the Kingdom with Jesus as their Lord -- in life, in death, in sadness and in joy, in eternity and in the beauty and glory that is Him and the worship of Him in Spirit and in Truth with fellow travelers: family, friends, even enemies who've desired to join with one another in love and fellowship no matter what.

How awesome would that be when this coronavirus thing dissipates. Oh it'll still hang around in some form for Caesar's minions to exploit. And there'll be something else totally different down the pipeline that'll be just as heinously threatening, certainly.

But it will pale to what the Kingdom brings.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 3

A dead (if you will) giveaway as to the verity of the contrast between the World System managed by The New York Times on behalf of its much-better-known superior than they think, and the Kingdom where The Savior reigns among those whose silence is deafening at times, came up in an MSNBC interview with System-beloved religious expert Resa Aslan, best known for writing a splendid book about one of the finest fictional Jesuses one could worship.

Aslan and the interviewer were going off yet again about those dastardly evangelical Trump supporters, exhibiting great dismay at their folly for voting for such a lout, and Aslan started getting into the typical racialist thread by claiming that white evangelicals comprise a doomsday cult. If he means that followers of Christ generally think the world is a pretty rotten place and wait eagerly for its redemption in the second coming of Christ, then yeah, I guess we are -- hmm, thanks for the compliment!

But it just means followers of Christ have a very realistic view of things -- that death is all around, that this is a very bad thing, that it is an individual's sin is what makes one die and maybe it'd be good to let him or her know about that as well as who The Savior is -- all of this is pretty standard evangelical practice and quite reasonable, really. I'd venture to say that most black evangelicals feel the same way no matter who they may have voted for in the last election.

Yes, that's the Kingdom at work, people loving others enough to tell them the truth about things. With compassion, charity, and even great self-sacrifice: minister Christ to them.

The World System has a thousand different counterfeit ways to do that, and many of them appear extraordinarily wholesome and good. And I'm not even dismissing the genuine wholesomeness and goodness of those things!

May I share with you another graphic a Facebook friend posted. I've enlarged it so you can gather the whole idea. It isn't hard, and really, it is quite inspirational, very much so -- we should all have such gratitude all the time.

Yet, sorry, there are serious issues with this seemingly sublime piece of wisdom. Please know that the woman who posted this is a great friend, wise, thoughtful, giving, gracious, and an exemplary follower of Christ. She is amazing.

First there is the American flag motif, and while I'm sure my friend wasn't thinking about it -- most Americanists don't, I understand that -- the flag is an idol, by the stated declaration of U.S. statute itself. I agree this isn't a critique to take to the mat, because again I'm sure the artist was merely using the flag imagery to indicate that these people are doing wonderful work in this country. No disrespect whatsoever to those who must give their allegiance to such an item.

However, you'll note that there are 24 distinct major occupations in this graphic, 24 of them, and there are countless others that must be at work for some substantial amount of time in the work week, out and about in the work force to ensure these people can produce abundantly enough for all of us. This is a clearly obvious admission that, yes, yet again...

The coronavirus itself is nothing. It is mostly hysteria spewed about for the most robust virtue-signaling to elevate the political capital of a prominent ruling class.

If the coronavirus situation were as dire as they say, very few of these people would be at their jobs. We'd all be energetically employing the best survivalist skills and applicable community interactions we possibly could to do the work needed to survive. Our predicament would be far more intense than shopping for the trendiest face mask style.

Another issue with the graphic is the most important one of all: the absence there of the most important person on the planet, the one for whom we should be most thankful. Yes, sorry, but that person is the evangelist. None of this stuff means squat unless the purchaser of said product has some lasting meaning in life. That only comes through Christ.

Every single world view that does not incorporate a truthful conception of rich, abiding life into eternity is just nihilism. Certainly nihilism may be a meaningful world view to its adherent, and yes there are quite a few of them, but ultimately any benefit one derives from the product of these economic contributors is in the end "chasing after wind" as the writer of Ecclesiastes said.

This is why I am tremendously saddened when I see news stories like this one today: "Churches sue for 'essential' status." What? Why don't true worship assemblies just gather? It doesn't mean they will carelessly refuse to be protective and hygienic, but so far law enforcement has been trying to keep them from meeting to worship even when in their cars in the parking lot.

Why do churchgoers feel the need to appeal to Caesar for his approval? They wouldn't have to be doing that if they weren't obligated to Rome through their 501(c)(3) incorporations.

When Paul appealed to Caesar for proper legal consideration at his trial, he knew what Caesar himself was obligated to do -- fully allow Paul his already God-give freedom to share Christ with others. Caesar had no jurisdiction over Paul's activities except to make it safe for him to do his work.

The key here is if your church is a Roman Catholic subdivision by having a contractual agreement with Caesar to gain his benefits -- tax exemptions, grants, pastor allowances, and so forth, then yes, you are subject to Caesar's official decree that you are "non-essential." No wonder The Evangelical is silent to the World. So many people who say they believe in this Jesus fellow are still emotionally and even financially connected to the System. All they know is Cain's legacy, and that comes with the most sobering reality of all in this.

Please check out Robert E. Wright's piece at the American Institute of Economic Research, "Why Aren't Americans Suing Their Way Out of Lockdown?" It is a decent piece that adds further veracity that Catholicists feel the need to have Caesar decide what they must do with their affairs -- again, a quite legitimate exercise for those who desire it.

What you'll want to do is go about halfway through and note that a professor at Georgetown laid down a brilliant historical pretext for assembling a rigorous program for pandemic emergency situations titled "Biodefense and Constitutional Constraints." The author and the title say so much.

It is no coincidence the author works at the top Jesuit school in the country, veritably the pre-eminent public policy forming institution on the planet. The title refers to nothing other than "Rex 2020," the proficiently authoritative program of mass constraints to try to corral some evil thing that is brewing all around. If you remember, "Rex 84" stood for the "readiness exercises" in 1984 that arranged for the use of substantial confinement facilities in case certain threats of some magnitude must be neutralized. Many constitutionalists scream bloody murder over such things, but the fact is Caesar must employ such to do his job effectively. Interesting that rex is indeed Latin for "king."

The whole point is this: This relatively minuscule coronavirus thing now? All the silly curbs in place with everyone following right along because they just don't want to deal with being cited by police or ostracized by sneering mobs?

This is just a trial run.

As Wright so well points out, very simply, "All business is essential." Yes some people sell things that harm or kill, and some people do so much rent-glomming that they care much less about what they're selling than how many favors they can buy from Caesar. But this means what Caesar does to manage people's sinfulness is also essential.

Thing is, how far will he go to manage people's sinfulness? He's gone quite far with this coronavirus thing -- pretty decent sized test run if you ask me. One of the things we've discovered with this one is Caesar really doesn't have to do a whole lot! The nation is so Catholicized that merely making very strong suggestions gets people to dutifully comply!

Real quick, here's another terrific piece, this one by Jon Rappoport, detailing the effects of such a program. He does so with the typical remonstrations, but he does do a fine job of describing the way the people want things to be. Once again Caesar only does what his people need him to do to properly manage their evildoing. In these cases it requires autocratic machinations, divinely permitted -- democracy is wonderful! The human sacrifice that results from these legitimately authoritarian actions will dwarf the deaths from any coronavirus-related instances.

It might be good to note who's doing all the administrating, and then think about dwelling a bit more frequently and expansively in the Kingdom. Again, I can't emphasize this enough, God will do amazing things out of all of this. Often what is required to shake people from their spiritual slumber is some real shit happening and the realization that their System-concocted world view is worthless in the face of all this.

Wow, think about what Rex 2030 will look like.

Then maybe The Evangelist will get a chance to not be so silent for just a bit.

If you wonder how a church could be sold out to Rome and Caesar's decisions over its affairs, here are some things to think about. Here are further thoughts about the Acts 2 church.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 2

Came across something Cicero said in ancient Rome a gazillion years ago that is relevant for today, which means people were thinking and doing the same stupid things a gazillion years ago as we are today. Wow. A gazillion years and we still don't get it. ::Sigh::

He said Salus populi suprema lex esto, "The health of the people shall be the highest law."

Right now with the coronavirus hysteria swirling about so many look at that and go, "You go Caesar, you go with your lockdown procedures. I'm all in. Curses to all those who won't wear a mask or brush within six feet of someone else!" So many. So, so many. So many very smart people but very dangerous people because they simply won't take a minute to think that health means so much more than ensuring a certain ruling class' political status is exceptionally healthy right now.

Something that is just never shared in polite company these days (if there is any company) is that so many of the people getting hammered the most are those who've simply not been responsible enough to take care of their own healths, and this is the most significant thing that results in a severely compromised immune system. So, we're supposed to believe that all of these people just happened to have compromised immune systems, through no fault of their own unwise diet and lifestyle behaviors? That their disease susceptibility peril wasn't because of their own irresponsibility in taking care of themselves in some of the simplest ways? That their contribution to their obesity didn't have a major role in what happened or may happen to them?

Part of the coronavirus narrative is that Caesar didn't do enough to administer whatever it is he was supposed to administer to help these poor souls. Much of that is the racialist trope that irresponsible people's misfortune is the fault of that evil white-privileged's hegemonic oppression. ::Sigh::

Thing is, I have to keep in mind what my Lord tells me. He says all the things Caesar does to adjudicate his people's sinfulness is perfectly within the will and purposes of God. Caesar is an authoritatively legitimate potentate, so when he, his academicians, and his media personalities tell us all that we must do something that is completely counterproductive in effectively addressing any epidemiological issue, it is because God allowed it to be that way.

This is the World at work.

There is the Kingdom, too, but then this is what the entirety of this web effort is all about.

A couple weeks ago I was watching some of CBS Sunday Morning, which I actually enjoy because of the Jim Gaffigan pieces, some of the funner lighter items, and mostly the closing moment of nature which years ago was much longer -- it was longer when CBS didn't feel the need to fill its show with so much socialist, sodomist, and racialist browbeating. Um, browbeating with that nice smile, you know, that is the best kind.

Anyway, this particular show ended with host Lee Cowan smiling and breezily sharing one of those concluding inspirational notes in light of the horrific terrible dastardly ugly rotten bad bad really bad PANDEMIC we are all agonizing over -- and he concluded with two things of note. Essentially:

"It isn't so bad after all" and "Maybe we'll have a chance at a new start."

The first quote is typical pithiness to try being positive about things. And while it is true that this thing really isn't the juggernaut apocalyptic event it is made out to be, and while it is also true that we live in an age of such advanced technological innovation that we can handle these kinds of things much better than, say, when the Black Death hit in the mid-1300s, the fact still remains.

People die.

Why do we keep trying to smother that fact, and furthermore try to think we can avoid it by seeing how much Caesar can decree ventilators and small business loans for everyone? I do wear my seatbelt when in a moving vehicle, but I also know someday a Peterbilt with a blown tire will cross the middle divide and pulverize me. And if that never happens, old age will happen when I'm 108, or -- in eternal time -- in the next minute.

So then what?

Death is an awful thing. Awful awful awful. But so many have the misguided perspective that relates to Cowen's second quote there.

What exactly is that "new start"? If you believe in the mentality CBS wants you to have, it is wholly humanist, Epicurean, and fully informed by the precepts of the Frankfurt School. There is so much to unpack with that, and more, but for these purposes the new start involves doing much more to incorporate Caesar's seven-fold strength chiefly to take income from producing people and handing it to the institutionally entrenched irresponsible, to compel enthusiastic acceptance of widely publicized sexual immorality, and to codify emotional and financial reparations to the officially designated victimized classes.

That's now the grand glorious humanist crusade.

Thing is, Lee Cowan didn't invent this. If he didn't, who did?

Well, Mr. Cowan is just doing the work his boss tells him to do, really. His boss, by the way, is Susan Zirinsky, president of CBS News. You may certainly look at her background, for she too listens to the things others tell her to believe. And she too does the things her bosses tell her to do. Who are they?

A number of people could be considered filling this role, considering the whole Viacom-CBS merger was quite the soap opera. The present CEO of ViacomCBS is Bob Bakish, educated at Columbia which produces many of these media power players. The real power is Shari Redstone, a true media mogul who was educated at Tufts, a universalist college -- the idea of universalism is definitively a triumphant touchstone for a richly catholicist nation.

Still, whose words does Ms. Redstone heed? Much of what happens in the news industry is churned out by The New York Times and its people's handlers. The editor of the Times is Dean Baquet, critically instrumental at pounding the word into the mainstream psyche. Whatever it is we're supposed to believe, it goes through Mr. Baquet's hands. But then, who is his boss?

That would be the president and CEO of the New York Times Company, Mark Thompson, first educated at Stonyhurst College which prides itself on its adherence to Jesuit principles. The chairman is Arthur Sulzberger Jr, who is merely keeping the enterprise firmly in the hands of those who've been forming hearts and minds in the U.S. for almost two centuries.

Wow, seems like we've gotten to the very top, but hey, who informs their thoughts and ideas expansively strewn about? That Jesuit influence cannot be dismissed, because all of these people have been firmly indoctrinated with the Society's ruling principles somewhere somehow -- the university system is basically one, huge Jesuit conglomeration. So then who are those people?

The president of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is Michael Sheeran S.J, but really, each of those 27 member university presidents are strictly beholden to their superior, who is the aptly titled Superior General of the Society of Jesus, one Arturo Sosa. His workload is not widely published, it doesn't really have to be. He modestly lives and humbly serves in his role ultimately managing the political, economic, and commercial affairs of all who ask him to do so. He does do his work faithfully, dutifully, and industriously.

Thing is, who is the one informing him of what he should regularly be conveying to his followers?

You can find the answer in Scripture, if you care to look.

And if you contrast what you see there with what you see the main thrusting narrative today, you'll see that everything related to the coronavirus hysteria is based on fear, codependency, and the most vigorously propelled virtue-signaling.

My wife has a friend who is scared to death of this coronavirus thing. She lives cowering in her small home afraid to go to the store. We're giving her some of our toilet paper, and no, we don't have any large stockpile or anything for surplus.

If you choose to be a Kingdom dweller, you will be able to step outside of it and gain tremendous insight into how the World System operates. No resentments, no rages, no remonstrations -- these people are doing their jobs as best as they know how based on the commitments they made many years before.

Lee Cowan is just saying what he promised to say when he took that job, the same thing that his superior told him, which is what his superior told him, which...

Do you know who your superior is?

It could be Jesus if you ask Him. Make sure you're asking Him, not one of the many other straw-man Jesuses that fill the minds of so many. Those Jesuses are just idols.

If you don't already consider this Jesus your Lord, He so wants to tell you about Him and His provision of love, righteousness, and salvation -- something to seriously consider especially in this day of extravagantly manufactured crisis spectacle.

Otherwise Jesus, as that Lamb who'd love to love you with His life, may just be silent, much like He is to those sent away from Him to do the work of Cain's legacy. Oh they're still His footstool for His purposes, true that, but I really don't think they know that.

Do you?

Here is a home page piece I wrote at my webzine a couple years ago, with the list of players in the media-academia power nexus at that time, to give you an idea about the true complexion of our battle, not against these people but against the powers and principalities that inform them. Even better check out what happened when God sent these people out to form the narrative to begin with, here. And here's just a bit for those wondering who exactly it is when referring to "Caesar."

Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 1

In the twentieth chapter of the book of Luke, the powerful political authorities ask Jesus a very important question. These authorities were the hifalutin religious elders, priests, teachers, but they were political, just like they are today. If you don't know that, you aren't paying attention.

Well, sadly it is likely the same scant attention most people pay to this passage. Jesus is asked, "By whose authority are you doing all of this Kingdom stuff?" [His powerful words, His miraculous deeds, you know...] Jesus then asks them, "What do you think, John's baptism, was it from heaven or from some human origin?" These dudes knew what Jesus was doing: exposing their sanctimonious hypocrisy. They knew that if they answered from heaven Jesus would ask them why they don't give up their institutionalized pretense and follow Him. They also knew that if they answered from men, then the people would remonstrate because many whom those dudes needed for support wholly respected John the Baptist, and that answer would be considered thoroughly disrespecting him.

So their only answer: "We don't know."

And Jesus, the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world, was silent.

Well, he actually said, "Then I won't answer your question."

This was the first of many real-life silence of the lambs.

For you see, followers of Christ know that World devotees will live by the World. They don't have a conception of this Jesus fellow -- well, excuse me -- everyone has a Jesus, it just may not be the one described in Scripture. But that's just the point. When introduced to the Jesus who is God come in the flesh to give His life for one's sin, they just have no idea of what all this means.

So at some point, the follower of Christ who self-sacrificially gives and sows and dies so that another may have life will be a silent lamb.

The World does what the World does.

The people in it will behave exactly as the System tells them to, through a thousand different channels of information or indoctrination or seduction or anything to keep them feeling good about themselves and their pride and the smothering of their insecurities which never seem to want to be smothered for very long.

If you're paying attention, this is precisely what is happening with this coronavirus state of affairs.

There are multiple meanings in the title of very well-deserving Academy Award-winning Silence of the Lambs. The most prominent one has to do with the Jodie Foster character's rendition of a childhood episode when she was traumatized by lambs being slaughtered, just as much as she was when her law enforcement father was murdered.

In order to save a lamb she took one and ran away.

Maybe there is something I can do to protect them from the death.

The other critical facet of note in the film has to do with the main thrust of Cain's administrative duties. The other main character is a brilliant physician, the Anthony Hopkins character Hannibal Lecter, who enjoys dining on human flesh -- a terrific metaphor for human sacrifice. It is alive and well on planet earth in myriad ways -- any time a potentate of any stripe fulfills his divinely ordained duties by request of a reprobate populace demanding the service, he utilizes the tools of human sacrifice.

This is the way of the World -- it must be. The follower of Christ is not deterred from sharing The Life with the death swarming all around -- he is as Paul wrote, "as a sheep led to slaughter."

Jesus is The Shepherd. He told His followers, essentially, to be shepherds as well.

As this coronavirus hysteria continues unabated, I see so many talk about how noble and industrious medical personnel are in all of this. They are, definitely. But I wonder...

How many talk about the work missionaries are doing to share Christ with those who will die?

What about their work?

The amazing thing is, everyone is a die-er. Depends on whether or not the die-er will be resurrected into life or into judgment.

Seems like today was a day, this Resurrection Day, when a pretty good number of people recognized that truth in a major way.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

The Tyranny of the Oppressed Immunocompromised

The devil is having his way with millions right now. I guess he can't wait until they arrive in Hell. And I'm not talking about his ushering in those whose Covid-19 infection is sloughing off their mortal coils a bit sooner than they thought.

Looking at the way people are behaving based on the pronouncements of the medical-journalist-political uber-mandarins, it is not surprising the devil has such a vise-grip on so many souls. This whole coronavirus thing isn't at all about the disease.

It is about the standard operating procedure of Caesar's authoritarian System.

I have to admit I borrowed the title from a pundit whose web published piece was "The Dictatorship of the Immunocompromised." Great title, decent piece, credit to him, but there are a number of others that are really good. How about this one from Kelleigh Nelson. This one from Matt Walsh is good. This one from Michael Fumento is excellent.

What the devil is doing is massively employing the now entrenched Frankfurt School's Critical Theory "Look at these special groups being oppressed lions and tigers and bears oh my" rampage to so explosively metastasize those mandarins' virtue-signaling that it truly ends up destroying the country.

Look. Take a look at this poster. I've made it large so it is not hard to see. I caught it from one of dozens of my regularly posting Facebook friends seduced by the propaganda. Anyway, look at it really good.

Please know that each one of these types of people are deserving of the most mercy and charity we can afford them, please know that. I am not against that, categorically so. I must further confess that when I saw this I felt my heart twist in some significant measure. Yes, let us authentically love them, and if that involves great respect for the reasonable physical distancing they'd like then I'll fully comply, willingly so, and still lobby for their great care.

But there are profound problems with this whole thing. A bunch of them. Can you see them?

The first one is simple economics. When one of these people get some extended measure of care that necessarily means someone else is not getting that same measure of care. One of the ironclad laws of economics is resources are scarce. If you use one for something, someone else is not benefiting. Just pasting a bunch of sad people on a poster doesn't change that law. Who are the people not on the poster whose lives are being wrecked because it is easy for politicians to say, "We'll make sure we save every single life no matter what the cost!" Economically illiterate people cheer.

Secondly, these people have indeed become a privileged class. Just like women, people of color, the sexually unconventional, they too are victims too of an oppressive hegemony and require special attention even if government force must be employed to command compliance from everyone else. Once again, I'm not saying these people in particular shouldn't be afforded certain focused attention (see above paragraph). I am saying it is easier for a politician to favor them because it makes them look good. 

This leads to the third factor, the cost. Elaborating on that idea, the cost of going to insane degrees to protect these people with resources beyond the available means or even the necessity -- many of these people will be just fine without them! -- means seriously debilitating others. Look at the opportunity cost right now in terms of production. What is so ironic is that ventilators need to be produced by many who are not staying at home 24-7. Our economy is paying far too high a price, and if you haven't looked at those linked pieces above I'll just briefly add that the numbers simply do not merit fomenting the conditions for an economic catastrophe. Once again, relatively speaking, the incidents of cases and deaths are far too minuscule. 

How about this, the fourth factor -- just plain death. I went ahead and looked up how many just die anyway, from anything, every year in the United States. It is about three million. No matter what happens, three million die. Every year. That's just in our country. Ever look at the obituary pages? They are filled every single day, whether the coronavirus is around or not. Sorry, not being fatalistic, just realistic. The mass news media has gone apoplectic about the experts saying there may be as many as 240,000 deaths from this thing when it is all said and done. Really? That's not even 10% of all people dying anyway -- and most of them are elderly and at the end of their lives. Why the hysteria again? How much of the sky is really falling?

Please don't think me insensitive -- again, I know, The New York Times is urging you to have to requisite measure of rage so you can feel better about yourself, I understand. The truth is, fifth point here, there is a disease worse than any of those things in the poster. 

That is sin.

Think about it. What if instead of "Blood Disorder," "Liver Disease," or "Cancer Treatment," it said things like "Gossiped to neighbors about something really personal promised to be kept totally confidential," or "Embezzled just enough to keep from being detected," or "Had sexual liaisons whenever felt disrespected by spouse"?

Ah I can sense the humanist-driven rage stirring right now. How dare I presume such things. How dare I presume there is this thing God who has any relevance to any of this. How dare I criticize the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patient by being, ahem, so judgmental at a time like this? (Considered by someone not judging me, I get it...) But it seems to me most still have a sense of justice, of what is truly right, of what righteous behavior really is about, of the real actual truth about how this really actually impacts all of us.

This also clouds another factor people just don't consider related to that thing justice. Here's a sixth thing, right here. Justice does require some measure of responsibility. Yes maybe a lot of good kind people do have disabling conditions through no fault of their own. But does this mean everyone does? One of the key factors that clobbered Italy was, quite frankly, many Italians just plain didn't take very good care of themselves. Too many smoked, ate poorly, became obese, were not hygienic -- and I've just discovered the country as a whole had kind-of a shitty health care system. Do these things not play a part in our consideration of what happens with the use of our resources? Is it not true that responsibility does have a huge impact on one's well-being?

God spoke about it all the time, so much so that He considered it far more important than any physical thing. Please, I'm not a Gnostic dismissing the value of the physical (remember what I said in the paragraph just above the posted poster? Still applies...) 

One's eternal destiny is still far more important.

Each one of us will die in the next minute. Yes, there is a minute coming up, that next one, there it is, when the temporal will be over, for each one of us. Even if it is temporally not for a while, it will still be that next minute in the eternal.

Sorry, I know this is news to many, but this is the one statistic that is the most important one of all:

One out of every one person dies.

This is the seventh most important item here: They die because of their sin. They don't die because of Covid-19 or being old or having some compromising medical condition. They die because God originally wanted to people to live forever until they jerked around and jerked themselves around and jerked around each other and jerked with God, and if you are without guilt then forgive me I'm not talking to you.

If you can perceptively see reality, however, then you might want to heed what Jesus said about death: "Don't be afraid of the one who can kill the body but not the soul. No, be afraid of the One who can send both body and soul to Hell."

The fact that millions are being browbeat by the System's designs is testament that they haven't a clue about their eternal destiny. They seem to be overwhelmed with the idea that a politician will just wave his or her magic wand ($2 trillion is a lot but we need more dammit) and we'll be sufficiently rescued from the baaad thing. Oh I know many may say they're Christians and I'm not disrespecting them, but too many live out a version of Christianity that simply doesn't translate into their daily lives. They are more into what the Frankfurt School told The New York Times to tell them through these powerful mandarins for optimum virtue-signaling for all. By the way, God Himself did set up all of that when He sent Cain out to rule the World and build cities so he could manage their evildoing -- perfectly biblical, I'm not remonstrating against that at all.

Thankfully I am seeing a number of people who are rising up and being truth and grace in the face of the fear-ratcheting mob. I do hope more and more churches gather no matter how much the mandarins screech and holler. I definitely do hope to see more people enter into Spirit-led revival and that they'd see the System for what it is -- not to rebel or rage against it (though many unfortunately will!) but to minister to those so destructively impacted by it.

Maybe there will be apocalyptic revival, I pray for that every day. I pray that people would see the System for what it is but then turn to the Kingdom -- letting the System mandarins do their thing as they do it, but then putting robust faith in a risen Christ who died to "cure" the sin-disease and open up paradise again for those who like actual mercy and grace and provision of everlasting healing and wholeness and joy and fellowship with Him and one another.

We should all be going back to work right now, right now, and doing the things God gave us gifts to use to make others' lives better. What happens if someone gets the coronavirus? Likely nothing but a brief fever and a few coughs, if even that. Please, if you want to put on masks, gloves, and smother yourself with disinfectant ooze in your own personal hermetically sealed protection unit -- go for it, knock yourself out. But the truth is it won't fend off death. 

It comes for us all sometime. That so many refuse to see that means more of a delightfully engaging playground for the devil.

As for me, I'm going to go out and live life and I'm going to interact with people who want to as well. Will I be careless about my own public health responsibilities? Will I dismiss my neighbor's desire to refuse to do business with me? Will I scoff at his or her fears? Of course not! Jesus tells me otherwise. It doesn't matter who the tyrant is or what he does, I will still love my neighbor, as well as the tyrant. But if I die, that's cool, I'm in Jesus' hands. Are you?

I do believe the coronavirus hysteria is just something God will use to draw more into the Kingdom, and yes, to enjoy long, wonderful lives -- right here, right now.

To worship Him with others in Spirit and in Truth, now and for eternity, that's the best thing of all.