Friday, September 02, 2011

The Tangled Factor

The other night my daughter insisted I watch one of her favorite movies with her, Tangled. It is the Disney telling of Rapunzel, and it was a fun film.

I was kind of taken by the lanterns thing, and thought of it as similar to what followers of Christ do in their hearts waiting for Him to return. Hey, I rarely find any truly Biblical connections from Disney stuff, and sure, this is a stretch. I'm not saying anything except how it made me feel, that's all.

Another thing that got me was how much Rapunzel was convinced by her fake mom that she needed to stay in her large room at the top of the remote tower because the world out there was too dangerous, what, with all the evil people out there. All of us viewers are certainly expected to think of how rotten that woman is for convincing her of such a falsehood, but then...

That's exactly the way we all behave.

Wherever I go, drive, walk, bike, I always take a look at the sides of houses for the satellite dishes. The times I see drivers with their cell phones on their ears (no matter how illegal it may be in their state). I mean, out walking one night I watched a driver pull into his or her driveway, open the garage remotely, pull in, then close it.

We all live in our London Towers, radars protuding looking for people who won't hurt us.

Oh yes the wicked fake Rapunzel mom was somewhat right -- there are indeed a lot of repugnant people out there. But because of information technology it is getting easier and easier for us all to seek out and coalesce into our own little cliques of comfortable people.

I wrote my latest home page piece about the power of the group, and the power of the World to keep people in their groups for the expressed purpose of shielding them from their sinfulness and relieving them of their need for a Savior.

In fact just today I learned the U.S. government is suing banks for lying about their novel investment vehicles (which is mostly their worthless "toxic asset" mortgage-backed securities stuff). I think it is striking how brazen the feds are, considering how much they enabled the banks to do that. I can tell they are tenderly pursuing this lest they unwittingly expose the insidiously incestuous relationship they have with the most powerful financial institutions.

The banks, the feds. The 501c3 churches, the Company. They're all into arranging groups.

But whatever group you're in, you're still in one of two positions. You're either being fattened for consumption by World value extractors, or you've already given it up and died with Christ. With the former you'll be eaten, with the latter you'll love and experience love.

Wait, that idea was really more from my previous home page piece, but hey, can't emphasize it enough...