Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Understanding About The Restrainer

I do have a Twitter account, and I probably should learn all about how splendid it truly can be. But to be honest, I really can't see what the big deal is. To live life by 140-character sound bites is pretty worthless. I don't know, just what I think. But really, nothing I've read or heard or learned about Twitter makes me think it is any less worthless than it is. And trust me, I've read and heard and learned a lot about it because I really want to understand what the big deal is. Still -- worthless.

I say this because I thought about "tweeting" on what I read in my devotional yesterday, something that floored me. But I realized that there is so much there that it is absolutely criminal to have to try to squeeze it into 140 characters. Oh sure I could tweet a whole bunch of tweets strung together, but come on. I could just as easily write all I need to here, and those who are respectful enough to express some interest in my take can just read it here, however long it is. It's not like I'm going to ramble and ramble -- I will be brief. But then, as I think about it, what if I have a lot to write? If it is meaningful, engaging, thought-provoking, then what of it? 140 characters. What crap.

Anyway, what struck me was my reading of the fifteenth chapter of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. I'd read it a number of times before, and at the beginning is stuff about the resurrection of Christ (great stuff!) and at the end is stuff about being rescued from our sin (also wonderful matters indeed!), and in the middle is some stuff about getting imperishable bodies and that small part the Mormons use to rationalize their ridiculous surrogate baptisms for their dead grandparents.

What blew me away was the stuff around verse 24. That stuff is about Christ destroying all the powers and principalities that are all around, and he's ultimately going to put them "under His feet." The under His feet part is unmistakable to the readers of that time, because Roman authorities would make colonies of other places and take their leaders and put their heads under those officers' feet.

Here Paul is saying that God is going to take the Barack Obamas of the World whoever they have been, whoever they are, whoever they will be, and every single one of them will be under the feet of Christ. Furthermore this is for the purpose of destroying all power, dominion, and authority. Essentially --

It is nothing other than the removal of the restrainer.

Then there was this, just a bit later. It is that when we are changed from perishable into imperishable, that it will happen in the twinkling of an eye. Yes, I'd read that a million times and every Christian is very familier with that phrase. It is key part of the Christian's hope, that at some point we will be completely transformed, indeed, as it says there in verse 49, we shall bear the image of the Heavenly Man.

So when is Christ coming? In the very next femtosecond. In fact, in a time even shorter than that. (And if you know how long a femtosecond is, that's pretty soon...)

So again, those of you who think that the next thirty or forty years you have to live is plenty of time to work your asses off to be the faux god you want to be, go ahead and keep doing that -- at your stultifyingly foolish peril. And those of you who are addicted to the high of snuggling up with the powerful people all around -- and it doesn't have to be any Obama type, it can be the dude whose job it is to rail valiantly against Obama in whatever group he leads -- you just keep doing that, go right ahead. Because when it is all said and done, your head will still be crushed under the weight of God's foot.

Oh how mean. Oh how intolerant. Oh I don't believe in that kind of God. Well, keep thinking those things too. They're not my words I'm sharing. They're the words of someone who is Truth and Justice and Reality About Those Things, but also Mercy and Grace and Overwhelming Sacrificial Love.

Read 1 Corinthians 15. Read it carefully and you will see. There's a place for those who flip off God in whatever way they do, but there's a place for those who humbly come before Him and seek forgiveness and mercy and salvation.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Reports of the Restrainer's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

A couple days ago I put up a post here about what is going on with the restrainer. I'm reluctant to capitalize the term "the restrainer" because there really is one The Restrainer and He is God Himself.

But the small-cap restrainer is the World System, that generally comprises the Roman Catholic Church, the temporal government network led in large part by the United States federal government, and the banking and finance organism led by the central banks most notably the U.S. Federal Reserve. The overarching hegemonic rule of all of these is molded chiefly by the most powerful education and media institutions, who themselves are governed by the words and directives of a generally unknown superior (interestingly one who is regularly called "Father General" by his agents) working through the organization authorized to arrange the work of restraining man's sinful behavior.

In that post I'd pointed out that there may be cracks in those restraining institutions, but as I thought about it, I wanted to make sure there was no question about what I was saying. My desire to include this quasi-"for the record" simply comes from the fact that these institutions are ingenious at making themselves look vulnerable as a critical function of maintaining their legitimacy.

If we treat the Bible seriously and observe current events carefully, it cannot be denied that Rome and Washington and Wall Street are the iron triangle of judgment against sinners, implemented as far back as shortly after Cain murdered Abel. The World System is nothing other than the small-r restrainer doing the work of cracking heads as an instrument of the large-R Restrainer. Oh, and it should be added that because the restrainer is wholly evil -- made up of liars and murderers who must utilize deceit and death to do its job -- it has been sent completely out of the presence of God to do its ruthlessly brutal work.

This System, if you look closely at the fourth chapter of Genesis, has seven times the strength of any who would challenge it. So no matter how much it appears to be weakening, no matter how much it appears that it is undergoing reform, no matter how much it smiles and gushes for those it chooses to exploit for its ends, it will always be the most crushing force on the planet.

And for good reason.

It is because people who sin need restraint. If that restraint isn't there, then <<poof>> man is dead in an instant.

This is why it is a crack-up to me that so many work so hard to try to reform these elements. "Come clean you Catholic priests and leaders who enabled them!" How little these people know that this is what they do. If not sexual abuse, then the most terrifying psychological abuse -- but people fully Catholicized just can't see it. Yeah, maybe you can see why I am so sad as I'd mentioned in the previous post.

Or to the feds, "You need to shape up Congress we really hate you for being so spineless about things!" Then they go off and form more interest groups or thinktanks or political action groups -- while I admire their principles, the Tea Partiers are some of the most misled of all. Except that, well, they may just be doing their duty in Cain's service. What of it. They screech that Obama is a fool, but in a very profound sense, he's supposed to be. Any other political officer is proclaimed a fool as well, but in the service of Cain's legacy he is supposed to be. Indeed most will fawn over them in ways that are just as pukifying as their censure.

All the official priests and bureacrats have seven-fold power to do foolish things but only because it requires folly like flying drone technology swooping down on fools to keep them from being more foolish. So if I gave the idea that flying drone "prosecution" was something the feds should not be doing, well, forgive me. Flying drones are a great tool for cracking heads of those who insist on staying in their sin and not turning 180 degrees to Christ.

And yeah, there's all the ranting and raving about the bankers and speculators and financiers and arbitrageurs and all the other value extractors out there. Fools need their value overassessments scaled back, and these institutions are only doing their jobs in the most cunningly merciless way -- they're supposed to.

So really, the only thing I was saying in my post from a couple days ago was not that the restrainer (small-r) was in trouble. I only mentioned some things about it to get readers who may want to see it to see that they're there, doing their jobs faithfully, dutifully, proficiently, only because there're still a gargantuous number of people who need it.

Yes, it is still true that God will remove it. He will remove it soon because He will be returning soon, and soon means soon even if that's in fifty thousand years. So for those who make fun of a Christian's belief that Jesus is coming in the next femtosecond, who is really the fool? Fifty thousand years is a femtosecond on the scale of eternity.

So which one are you?

Someone who is so smart about getting World institutions or operatives to change and be better and just be ever-so wholesome things -- after all the next thirty or forty years of life is really a long time, whew, I don't want to be dead too soon now.

Or the worst kind of fool of all to actually think that God loves someone so much that He'd give His own life to rescue him from himself, something that carries into eternity. For you see -- if indeed you want to see -- that God has Cain and all that his legacy entails out there cracking heads --

But He has Christ right there for you to go to if you want out of it.

That's all I'm trying to say with this.

I wrote a home page piece about six years ago with my take on a phenomenally telling film, V for Vendetta. In it I get into Cain's modus operandi for all who need his services. That piece is here.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is The Restrainer Getting Ready to Leave?

I felt like jotting down some thoughts here in my blog, just some of the things I see happening that sadden me actually. A lot of things sadden me, but one of the most visceral is beholding the rank evil that people do. Yeah yeah that's not saying much, because people are always doing evil to one another. What really presses hard against my soul is how much they do it behind bright smiles and splendid good deeds. And yeah yeah yeah, people have been doing it for millennia, so what of it.

Yeah, guess I shouldn't hurt so much about it. But I still do. And I think I hurt so much about it when people just shrug it off as standard practice. As something to resign oneself to endure because it's been going on for so long. Or just as reprehensible: as something to smother in the sweet vanilla frosting of wholesome religion or nice good-deed-doing or that putridly fake righteousness that is often blurted as "I'm not perfect you're not perfect so let's just deal with it."

Thing is if the restrainer was not in place to keep people from being the major league aye-holes that they are -- and please, I'm not exempt either -- then the world would end in a day. Yesterday a lot of people in Russia were stunned by a meteor that sped through the sky and blew up over their heads. This, of course got lots of people to proclaim the world is ending and all that.

Now I am one of those who do believe the world is going to end, Christ will return, and all the rest of it. But that's a lot of it, isn't it? So many blithely dismiss people like me as "Doomsday Scarers," never to be taken seriously because the world was supposed to have ended a lot of times already and hasn't.

This is because the restrainer is still in place, keeping people from giving full vent to their sin. God said in the Bible that the restrainer would be fully removed before things really start happening.

I'm just wondering if I'm starting to see cracks in the restrainer's constitution.

Look at the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican has been hammered recently with the pope's surprising resignation stemming somewhat from his utter embarrassment over his aide's revelations about the wretched practices of Roman Catholic governance. Know what the butler said? Yeah, not many do, but if you knew you'd be going "This is the Catholic Church? Wow." The Vatican is also having to face its now plainly identified complicity in the sexual abuse situation. If you haven't really been paying attention to that, it is extraordinarily nasty stuff.

The trick is that Rome is a critical restraining force keeping a reprobate populace from again giving full vent to the evil they would otherwise use to murder everyone around them in an instant. As evil as Rome is in and of itself, it is that divinely authorized force of restraint at this moment in time. When it is removed, God will also remove His elect, and to use a phrase, "All hell will break loose." The elect are none other than sinners who have made a decision to repent and turn to Christ and make Him Lord of their lives.

But Rome is just the main part of the restrainer "network" so to speak. The United States federal government is also a restrainer, and it would seem nothing can touch the temporal god Obama. Thing is, even he is being subjected to disdain from the reprobate faithful who are criticizing him for allowing flying drones to follow and perhaps even take some kind of "prosecutorial" action against individuals. This is besides the fact that Obama is an empty suit with nothing but pithy politicisms to spew and a ridiculously impotent Congress to slog along with him. The U.S's financial standing is abysmal and on track to destroy the country, and those politicians, their enabling media, or the people who still fawn over them haven't the faintest idea of what this all really means.

Then there is the third part of the restrainer network, the banking and financial system. Experts at the most wicked prevarication in committing the worst value extraction against people, their lies have got to be getting close to the olfactory cells of a just God. There are still shrieks for slicing up the too-big-to-fail institutions, there are still cries to get the rich to pay more somehow, there are still dire warnings about the bubbles still there waiting to explode -- hey, the Dow is right back up to 14,000, ziiip just like that.

Look at that. Just look at the restrainer as it is. Just look. Rome, Washington, Wall Street.

Sure most would go, "Yep, what a pathetic bunch," and they'll holler and hoot in whatever way about how lamentable it is and how it should all be fixed and all the rest of it.

But as a follower of Christ who reads His word every day, I see something different. I see cracks in those things and they don't bode well for those without Christ, or with a Christ who is a concoction of World operatives trying to keep people in the World System fold. That restrainer has got to be there until you do decide you want to be Christ's.

Because when Rome and Washington and Wall Street go, it's going to get really really ugly.

And for those who think Jesus isn't coming soon, think about this. He may not come for another fifty thousand years. He just might not return for as long, or longer. I got that.

But you'll be dead in less than seventy.

So really, how long He takes really just doesn't matter a whole lot, because at sometime that'll really be in a relative femtosecond of eternity, you'll be facing Jesus Christ who will either be your Judge or your Advocate.

This is why when I read or see or hear about people who, when you say "The end is nigh!" they say "Talk to the hand!" I can't help but feel very sad. They give every excuse in the book for why they shouldn't consider any of this seriously.

Or they leap right back into their vitriolic revulsion of Rome-Washington-Wall Street. Oh I understand why, I do know they are just as fantastically evil as they think they are. But they're just not getting the purpose of that, and way worse --

What that has to do with them.