Monday, December 23, 2019

The Tax Exemption Racket, Part II

I have to add this note to my last post about the wretchedly codependent reality of the non-profit racketeering world.

You might want to check out this piece by Michelle Malkin, muckraker extraordinaire -- here earning her keep by pulling no punches about the involvement of the most Catholicist organizations out there. She wrote the book Open Borders Inc. simply laying out the wildly lucrative expanse of non-profits making gobs of dough from having a planetload of needy people to help.

This one by Miss Malkin is just as harrowing.

What is more frightening is the dearth of those who truly recognize the meaning behind Malkin's expose. To Malkin and gazillions of her readers, it is about the migrant takeover of the United States. To those well-versed in Scripture, it is about the expansion of Cain's rule over a reprobate populace.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, for God's wrath poured out upon those who continue to destroy the lives and souls of anyone is imminent, that's for sure. Those who want to avoid the inevitability of desperately pleading for large stones to drop on them to keep them from the consequences of God's judgment would do well to receive the gift of deliverance provided by His Son, Jesus Christ, who died to pay the price each of us would pay for our evil deeds.

As it is, every one of the organizations Malkin cites depend on having millions and millions of new customers, namely horrifically needy and destitute people desperate to leave their benighted hellhole countries, made that way in large part because of the disruptive and destabilizing activities of Rome's military units for the expressed purpose to keep business thriving. Socialism is a great tool in Caesar's arsenal, as is racialism and sodomism for that matter.

This is the way the World works.

My question is, how many people have Christ's name on their lips to offer an alternative to the World, where unlike in the Kingdom codependent agony is enthusiastically encouraged? Where are the people who love with Christ's love, 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the World's "love"? Who is there who can insightfully identify how much Rome has its hands in making people's dissipation that much greater for the sole purpose of subsequently getting its top officers to step up and show how splendid they are "rescuing" them?

Who can share that the Kingdom is a thousand times greater than the crumbs that these organizations and their meager taxpayer-provided subsidies provide?

Friday, December 20, 2019

The Tax Exemption Racket

I can't help but just put in a blog post with a link to this article I just found. (Here if they've taken it down.) It is quite sobering. What is even more amazing is it isn't the only one. I've seen dozens like it before.

It is so succinctly telling that I put a note about it, along with the link, on my website's 501c3 page. Even though I knew so much about what the article revealed, some things blew my mind.

Like the fact that there are 1.6 million non-profits out there. And many of them can be so readily registered to do its racketeering for the most heinous things on the planet. It was interesting that the author even confessed that his own newspaper is a non-profit! Suck at being a private enterprise company, just turn yourself into a non-profit!

It was also striking that he's not even sharing the things he doesn't know. He can't -- part of the whole point of the article.

The evil is all so opaque, all subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

It is one thing for your average World devotees to be oblivious to it all -- they don't give a shit as long as their own rent-seeking "influencers" are doing well enough. Hey, if the feds can give a glop of cash to those people, how about me?

That's one thing, it is wholly another thing for the one who authentically claims the name of Jesus to perpetuate a tax exempt non-profit incorporation.

Almost every church does.

I can only pray and pray and pray, I pray for the ungrafted church like crazy, all the time. I'm not perfect either, I have certain incorporated obligations of one sort or another. Hardly anyone doesn't.

But can we pray about it?...

Can we be truly free?

It still makes me weep. I just feel sorrow -- I can't help it. Not just for me -- I'm just as convicted -- but for my neighbors, my fellow congregants in worship... my children and grandchildren...

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

It's ALL Abuse of Power

Today at the impeachment hearings television personality attorney Jonathan Turley said something I thought was quite profound.

The reality show House Democrats have been moving full-speed ahead with kicking arch nemesis Donald Trump out of office, and it has indeed been a circus. Today the "witnesses" at the Judiciary Committee hearing were not actual witnesses who could testify to an actual crime, but rather legal scholars from top universities appearing merely to lecture everyone about how very very very much they believe Trump is so very very very bad that he just has to be impeached because they are so very very very smart about all the law stuff involved.

Anyway, Turley was the one professor who actually shared the most meaningful things. Still, those things don't detract from the fact that all of it was just World System machination machinery. Anyone's appearance -- hey, even my mention of it here -- is really just a way to give the whole benighted enterprise legitimacy. It isn't that it shouldn't have legitimacy -- as absurd as it all is, it is just the veritable reality of the World.

Anyway anyway, Turley pretty much ripped a great gaping festering new asshole all over the Democrats efforts. The highlight came when he had the balls to emphatically say this:

"If you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts; it is an abuse of power. It's your abuse of power." (Emphasis mine)

There is no question the Democrats are simply not respecting the principles of the Constitution. They are indeed, abusing power. They are very much sowing the political dissipation of country as they feverishly continue with this New York Times-propelled farce. The real penalty for them, however, is that they don't get re-elected next November. Some say that is a real possibility.

I say poopakukka.

I think as long as the economy stays strong, Donald Trump will wallop whoever runs against him next year, provided the Democrats don't drag this on long enough for there to be some actual crime that emerges. How many times does law enforcement have to unconstitutionally rummage through your things before they can find something incriminating that the Times will take and interminably splash all over mass media?

Yet while Trump is winning again, the Democrats will still keep the House getting elected again and again and again in districts that are solidly Democrat in those urban areas hypnotically seduced into ensuring government is their sugar daddy.

But then, that's the way it is supposed to be for those who ask Cain's legacy to care for them.

And in that sense, everything is an abuse of power. Donald Trump does abuse of power as a standard matter of practice, every president has, though. In fact Trump is a piker compared to some presidents. It is the way it is supposed to be, the whole governing entity set in motion by the principles of the fourth chapter of Genesis, there in the Bible.

Go ahead and check it out, then check out my latest webzine piece. It is about the kinds of "Books" that bring the most joy, and peace, and contentment. The best ones are those who ask The Book to be their Lord.