Friday, May 30, 2014

The $1.2 Billion Value Extraction

Yesterday when I heard the news that Steve Ballmer was going to pay $2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers NBA franchise I just about fell out of my chair. Thing is, I do know exactly why an $800 million team, tops, went for $2,000 million.

It has everything to do with the reigning zeitgeist constructors.

What the heck does that mean?

It means that people are going to pay through the nose for a team that is going way out of its way to ensure everyone that it doesn't have a racist at the helm. Come on, think about it. What is the Clippers? It is a basketball team, reasonably popular, it's made the playoffs a few times recently, it plays in the second largest media market in the country, yadda yadda. But what else?

The highest valued professional sports team franchise in the world is Manchester United, the European soccer club, at something a bit over $2 billion. The NFL's Dallas Cowboys is at around $2 billion I'm pretty sure, but I think part of all that involves its state-of-the-art stadium. Major league baseball's New York Yankees is around that, as are the Los Angeles Dodgers which were actually recently bought for an even $2 billion (and change). A handful of other NFL and European soccer teams are up close to that.

But the NBA's Clippers?

No. The fact is, that extra $1.2 billion is the price to ensure that unsavory ::cough cough - racist - cough cough:: elements are excised from the good and wholesome righteousnessosity of whatever that is for the just and true righteousnessimbility that NBA proudly stands for, and damn it that racist Donald Sterling just needs to get out. The price is that stratospheric because the World wants to convince us that they are pulling out all the stops to make sure evvverything is ohhh-kay, and if that's what it takes, well then...

The LA Times sportswriter Bill Plaschke was equally nonplussed in his take on it today, wondering what the huge price tag was all about. Interestingly he ended his piece with the thought that making sure people reeeally know you're not racist is priceless. Problem is people say that all the time -- that there are some things that are so spagnaminously boffo that they are "priceless", but an important economic truth is that everything does have a price. Every single thing. It may be very very high, but everything has some price.

People are thinking this rich guy Ballmer is ponying up that cash, yeah, that's it, he'll take care of it, he's super rich, that's cool, thanks for saving us from bad racist racism stuff Steve! But again, another economic truth. Sorry, but he's actually, really looking to get some return on his investment. Who's actually really paying for the most righteouslishiously just and true and pure organization there could ever be by golly God goodnessness?

You are.

You are, anyone who spends money on anything Clippers-esque whether it is products it advertises or the NBA stuff the NBA promotes or any of that. You are being flung on the altar of the powers-that-be human sacrifice and told to do so by media who are given the job to tell you to. How many stories have I heard about that racist Donald Sterling and how much of an idiot he is if he doesn't sell his team? Nothing new, just that he's a bad person of some kind and we're all supposed to hate him.

Over and over and over again I hear it and see it on the news. This isn't objective news reporting, it is indoctrination propaganda. It is designed to get people to believe the humanist dreck they want people to believe, and it works. It isn't enough we're all supposed to be sufficiently enraged at this guy, they're now reporting all over the place that he's certifiably crazy in some way.

Yesterday I saw a TV plug for Lisa Ling -- never heard of her before -- but she was hocking her show on Oprah Winfrey's network about demon possessed people. I don't mean to pick on her necessarily, because I'm sure these kinds of things show up all the time on cable. But this is a classic example of the partial hangout, media personnel hanging out in places where there's really nothing, showcasing stuff that directs your attention away from the more critically important truthful things.

The Lisa Lings of the world want you to believe that there are these kinds of weird people over there and, hey! Look! They're demon possessed and let's all watch. Is it real? Is it true? They always seem to end them with, "We'll never really know..."

Good thing us good wholesome righteouslishous people aren't like that -- whew.

The truth is the Devil is speaking to everyone, all the time. He speaks through the most religious places, through the most righteous sounding people. If you don't have the words of Christ woven through your psyche, you're toast. It seems like you're just okay and fine and dandy, but you're toast.

While another shooting and killing rampage was going on near Santa Barbara recently, other news stories came out about a young man shooting each member of his family then himself in a very upscale community, and another story came out about a woman stabbing her three daughters to death -- and all we get is endlessly droning "These people need psychiatric attention!" Megaphone holders screech numbingly about how we're all supposed to think and feel about it all, yet again.

They will never share the one thing that works. These people need Christ, and they need people who genuinely represent Him. Sure there is a ton to all of that, but the main point is that it isn't just the perpetrators who're being proficiently instructed by the Devil, it is also those getting the microphones shoved in their faces to give their what's-what for everyone to hear are as well. Everyone is exposed to the Devil's seductions in some way or another, and again, those who listen intently or even not-so intently are doing the Devil's bidding in ways they'll never get until they start prayerfully looking at it all with Christ's eyes and seeing it for what it is.

Oh, but yeah, sorry, forgot. That Jesus Christ stuff. That fairy tale stuff that's just for Sunday morning where no one will hurt anyone anyway. Oh that superstitious pap, yeah, right. Oh yeah. "The Devil." Ha! Yeah, riiight.

See what you've been taught? See what you're told to do when you speak, when you behave, when you even think deeply about what's really going on?


By the way, just to add, I wrote about all this in my latest home page piece. It is here if you're interested.

Oh, and yeah, one more thing -- that whole Clippers sale thing? I thought a lot about this old Bloom County strip -- it is exactly like it. I love this particular episode, classic institutionalized codependent-driven value extraction in its most splendidly elementary form. It is indeed, the World doing what it does so well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Real Vendetta Will Be Far More Ruthless Than in the Movie

Had an interesting thing happen tonight. Was relaxing, channel surfing, and came across the film V for Vendetta. Thought I'd tune in to it, there in the middle of the film somewhere, see a bit of it.

About 14 seconds after I tuned into it, that one scene came up -- the scene I found the most fascinating, the one that gave meaning to the whole thing. I'd even referenced it in a webzine home page piece a number of years ago. Here it is, by the way, there on YouTube.

I'd made a point about unavoidable government identification, but as I watched it, I thought about all the applications to my current webzine home page piece. We're all in tribes, all segmented by authoritative segmenters, and we're segmented in ways we can't even see. From those tribes we seethe and rage and simmer and rail and hate and fear and hate-and-fear some more, all the while hoping that our tribal rent-seeking is successful enough to keep our raging crusades justified and our cushy lives girded.

Unless, of course, you trust in Christ.

No, really, you trust in Christ. At least the Real One.

There are lots of counterfeits made for your own personal preferences.

This is so you and your Your-Own-Jesus crusaders can keep up the good fight, just like the Guy Fawkes inspired throngs. How heroic he is! Fighting the man with an almost supernatural prowess. Yay!

I spend a lot of time looking at the financial markets, because I think it is there you find some of the most gruesome displays of this puke. I just thought of all the major companies out there who have billions of dollars of cash they're just not using right now. Why? It is simple.

They know how likely the raging raging raging against the man will explode, annnd... how much they should just keep gobs and gobs of cash to protect them and their interests in such a certain eventuality.

And it is a certain eventuality. All man does is hold his fist -- hold it... hold it... hold it... God is only allowing the legacy of Cain to do his thing until he removes that constraint -- you know, the one that keeps fists in check. Cain serves his purposes for a while longer. Then...

Are you like Inspector Finch in the film? Can you intuitively sense what he senses? You could if you looked at the place where it talks most about it: Scripture. There you'll find that indeed, we're all in it, and we're all trapped by it. The brutal fear, the crushing hate, the eviscerating violence -- violence from Radical Selfists and Devout Romanists alike.

In fact you don't need Scripture to sense it -- Scripture just helps you understand, to know why, and how. You just need to talk to people. Sure most times they're smiley and polite. But scratch their psyche a bit and you'll see the seeds of the Culture War. Still there, still festering, still looking to their own tribe's Guy Fawkes to be their savior.


You could put your trust in Christ, though, just so you know. You could. You could right now. But that means giving up all the idols leading you on that crusade gives you ever-so-much meaning to life. You could give it up to actually have The Life.

You could.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Wonderful Matters Factor

I've named this blog "Wonderful Matters" because the Bible makes reference to such things all the time. Even calls them by name. Wonderful Matters.

I was pretty amazed when I heard a pastor on the radio extrapolate the meaning of that word, wonderful. He said the Hebrew can only mean one thing, that the thing addressed as wonderful is indeed only explainable by God.

I don't really know how many people are paying attention to my work to get what I think is a modestly substantive take on the Kingdom. I'd like to think there are a few. That's cool. Wherever God puts me on the avenue to share Him with others, I'm good with that. Sure I'd like to speak into the loudest megaphone to a desperate and dying throng of people, people who'd just turn the ear, see if they could get it, and turn.

To Him.

He's blessed me tremendously with a good friend who's been able to work out my website, at least for now. I'd been concerned -- as I posted in my last entry here -- about staying true to my bimonthly monographs on my webzine, but my friend came around and made it happen. Slogging along the concrete of the stultifyingly deaf and numbingly lost, Jesus still shines His light through people who do have a heart for seeing His righteousness move across the pavement. Awesome.

Awesome awesome awesome.

That I am His on that avenue is the most rapturous wonderful matter.

So, yeah, there you will see on the home page of my webzine, the notification I'd wanted to get in there, that I'll get to that new page soon. I'm eager to get into the new program, mess with it a bit, see if I can make it bolder and brighter and -- well, just whatever it can be so He will be known and His ways understood.

That's cool.

I haven't even looked at everything else yet. May be there, may not. May be messed up, may not.

He'll make it so if He wants.

It's all good...

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Resolute Fortitude in an Ocean of Folly

I am mostly adding this post to my blog because I presently cannot work with my website, and I simply want to add the most meaningful notification that I possibly can about this present situation. I confess I feel quite resigned in this world overrun with the most fetid folly. Yes, I know, this is really not much of a new thing. The most murderous folly has virulently infected things for eons upon eons. I guess when it is particularly gruesome around you, the sorrow is quite acute.

Anyway, the main thrust of this notification is that necessary program updating and concerns about viral computer invasions has put my web work on hold, for as temporarily as I pray it would be. It'd be nice if I could simply use the computer I've had for years, the programs I've had for years, with the security protections I've had for years, but information technology folk feel everything must be updated to the point where anything old gets jettisoned.

And if you don't have connections with people who really know how to arrange all of this, it gets to be depressingly daunting. Believe me, I've tried. I've made pleas through my website and blog. Nothingness. I've talked to dozens of people about seeing if they could come around to helping. Nothing. Recently other options looked promising, but turned out not to be. I can't even have my comments enabled here because a long time ago a friend said "Put in Haloscan!" I did, then Haloscan went to another company, then another, then that company went out of business -- when I went to restore the original comments settings it didn't do it. Go ahead. Look. There at the bottom. No comments entry available. Not that I don't want contributions from readers. But it's that tech thing.

I do very much appreciate that with little left at least at this moment, I do still have this blogger service. God has given me that. He has also allowed me to write for the past ten years on my webzine, and as far as I can tell, it is still up for people to get meaningful information about the Kingdom. God has blessed me overwhelming with that, and I hope readers have been blessed enormously as well. I do know many have. And yes, some day, some time, I will get to resume it.

Until then, there is this blog notification. I'm still here, extraordinarily eager to share more about Him and His beautiful Kingdom with you.

If you do want to get in touch with me, I invite you to email me at my gmail address with a URL of my webzine that is available for easy access: Email me there, I'd be happy to hear from you.

And if you are one who not only understands and knows God, but also does fine computer work, inexpensively, with a heart to see my ministry get rebooted, please do let me know!

Thank you!