Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Goes in the Mouth Isn't Nearly as Significant as What Goes in the Spirit

Next week the acclaimed PBS documentary series Frontline will air an episode it claims will answer the question "Why haven't any of the top financial executives been prosecuted for their crimes related to the economic collapse?"

I sometimes tune into these exposes, just to see what's really what, but over time I've discovered that they all look exactly the same. I used to watch to see if what I share regularly on my webzine is confirmed, but it always is, so what's new? Otherwise, these shows are always about a number of things.

First, everything anyone says about what's really going on in Wall Street is a version of -- and I'll put it as nicely as I can -- "Someone had someone's mouth around their organ. That's how they were able to get away with it." If the interviewer asks someone in the business whose organ was having mouths wrapped around it, the interviewee will say, "Well, pretty much everyone had their mouths around the organs of everyone else." Ironically the title of the episode is "The Untouchables," what a crack-up.

If you watch it, pay attention. All the talk about the nature of this questionable transaction or that seedy relationship really boils down to the metaphor. Sure it is figurative, but what difference does it make? Why is the spiritual blow job any less reprehensible? And besides, who says it isn't happening literally? Of course, whatever the case, the viewer of the show is left to just get reeeally angry about it all.

This relates to the second thing about all this. It is that Frontline does a spectacular job of pretending to be the great contemporary champion of iconoclastically muckraking heroics, using the power of penetrating journalism to lambast the criminals of the day. Actually they are just another spokeshole for the World System, spouting about the festering evils perpetrated by that hifalutin person there, and that one over there -- with a lot of seering exposition about the intricately wretched criminal activity they manage. The only functional purpose of all this is to keep the intractably Catholicized populace in a state of perpetual rebellion. You can just see it in the viewers eyes: "Oh wow now I'm reeeeeeally angry. Now I can get really mad at government officials who aren't doing anything about it." Except that, well, the financiers and regulators have their mouths and organs in certain arrangements -- which of course makes everyone even more enraged...

All of it proficiently girding the rigid legitimacy of Cain's World System administration. It is supposed to be exactly this way.

A body of death elaborately designed for people who desperately want it like that.

All the financial crimes and regulatory crimes and even the journalism crimes are precisely what Cain's operatives are supposed to be doing. Nothing but the most abject violence spewing like the worst fecal filth out of the ivory towers, into our living rooms, and through our souls to keep us tightly strapped to our sin with all the rotting offal that putrifies around it.

See, that's the third thing about it all. It is that I can share with you the answer as to why none of these people will ever be prosecuted even if everyone should fully and completely and righteously identify the breadth of criminality involved. I can share it with you right now.

It is because it is all human sacrifice anyway, human sacrifice that each individual human being who hasn't appropriated the one self-sacrifice will always necessarily be about doing.

That one self-sacrifice, by the way, was of Christ, God shedding His blood to be the sacrifice for us when we deserved the just penalty for doing things just as awful as those Wall Street guys.

Thing is, I don't think you'll hear about the human sacrifice truth on the Frontline show. You won't hear about how everyone does human sacrifice as a matter of regular practice, including the viewer. You won't hear about how one critically significant way the viewer does it is when he explicitly asks the Wall Street guy to get him his cut of the human sacrifice proceeds because that is the only way the megabanks and investment firms and any organizations like them operate.

The only other option is Jesus Christ and a whole lot of His followers leaving the body of death to do its standard body of death things, and in turn starting to really sow value and wealth and wonder and beauty and joy and fellowship and the adventure of God's life into one another's life.

But, yeah, you won't see that on Frontline either. Tell you what. When they show that part, I'll definitely watch it.

I love to interact with people who have at least a bit of spiritual intelligence and can see these things. But forgive me, I'm not the best with this computer stuff and I have not been able to replace the defunct comments service I had with the original Blogger comments. You'd think it'd be easy to do through Blogger, but it just isn't working. Don't know why. The whole point to this is if you visit my webzine there is an email address link there. I do enjoy reading thoughtful responses, if I can't do it here for now anyway. Oh, and by the way, if you think it was rather flippant, the title of this post is kind of what Jesus was saying. Check it out, in the fifteenth chapter of Matthew.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Thought There Was Supposed to Be Less Violence

Yesterday in my newspaper was a report about some hostages being roughed up by some mean dudes in some mall incident. Sounded like there was a bit of physical violence involved, but I don't think anyone was killed.

Thing is, I'd just finished a book by Harvard professor Steven Pinker that said we've got less violence going on all around right now. Hmm.

I'd also heard a report about the total abortion numbers last year. Over 300,000. Simply doing the math, that's just under 1,000 babies being torn from their mother's wombs every day. I can't believe there isn't a little bit of violence involved there.

But... I thought there was supposed to be less violence?

At the end of the year I'd heard a news report that Chicago reached 500 homocides in its city for 2012. They made it sound like that number was a bad thing. Meanwhile New York's was a relatively low 400-something. They made it sound like that was a good thing, because it wasn't as high as it had been.

I seem to remember that everyone was apoplectic after the Newtown massacre when 20 schoolchildren were shot and killed, but when New York has 400 murders -- only spread over the course of the year -- that's something to celebrate, or across the country something to shrug about. Not quite 30 people dead in one morning's massacre ::YIKES!:: 400-plus people dead at the hands of some murderer in a year in New York -- ::Yay?::

Yeah. Uh-huh. No more violence.

What is funny is that people abjectly refuse to see the horrific violence happening all around them that in a way is just as physical as any other.

In the same newspaper about the hostage violence there wasn't a single mention of the story of the Royal Bank of Scotland getting nailed by authorities for its role in the LIBOR manipulation scandal. LIBOR is the interest rate used by many institutions to set what are their monetary value assessments, those critical measurements that govern exchanges. Powerful people in the highest of high finance have figured out ways to exploit the inherent information asymmetry involved, essentially shaving off millions of dollars just by twisting things in the finance markets the smallest bit.

Where do those millions come from?

Ultimately, somewhere somehow they come from people working hard generating that value.

And that's the physical violence involved. Sure a laborer of some stripe may not be getting punched in the gut or shot in the head, but he's still getting up every morning to do something physical for a certain amount of time that represents a value that goes into the pockets of the most proficient value extractors.

It is nothing other than human sacrifice.

The latest scuttlebutt in this country is the whole discussion about the meaning of a $1 trillion coin. Yes, that's right, because Congress has the constitutional authority to mint coins of any denomination, it was suggested that the U.S. Treasury just strike a single $1 trillion coin in order to pay down the massive debt. They said it would be platinum, but that metal must be mined by the brightest glowing space angels on the planet Jupiter for it to be that valuable.

Nah. All that needs to happen is for the U.S. government to say it is.

After all the haggling among the punditry about what this really means, everyone went home to enjoy a late brandy with no one committing to it or thinking that seriously about it. The problem is that the feds will still keep borrowing -- never mind that phony debt ceiling silliness -- and still woozily stumble headlong towards default or inflation or revolution or the best one of all -- some war that gets us all fired up about fighting the next Hitler or Bin Laden or whoever.

But didn't scholarly dude Steven Pinker say we were better reasoning, commerically gentler, and more feminized and that we just flat-out won't do that kind of thing anymore???

The real deal about the $1 trillion coin is that all the megaphone holders go, "Hah - hah - haaaah, what a nice time of fun that was." I can only imagine a Saturday Night Live sketch where the coin accidentally slips out of Ben Bernanke's pocket and rolls into the gutter drain. Hilarious!

What they're doing is getting us to think about its absurdity to hide the fact that Caesar does the exact same thing as the coin intends to do with smaller denominations. The Fed still pumps fiat money into the system so the feds can get it to keep those in their codependent grip happy.

"Never mind that $1 trillion coin behind the green curtain," they say. Meanwhile, the wicked witch of the System is still enabling standard human sacrifice against the populace. Really, the motto engraved on any $1 trillion coin should be "We do human sacrifice."

It's already what they do anyway.

But I should remind you, I am not in any way about changing any of that. I only want to point it out. Look and see. See what the World is doing to all who ask it to do so, and so very authoritatively so.

That's the main point. The World System authoritatively does human sacrifice, encourages people to do human sacrifice to undergird its legitimate prosecutorial strength, is in business to properly regulate the sinful behavior of men and women by using the tool of human sacrifice. It's not just the World that does it, anyone beholden to that World does it too.

And it is brutally violent.

The only way out is to be a self-sacrificer. The only way to be that is to know The Self-Sacrificer, the One who died out of His love for you. He already endured the violence so you wouldn't have to.

But hey! Go ahead and listen to the Steven Pinkers of the World and work reeeal hard to believe we're all just living splendidly in a no-violence world. Go ahead. Meanwhile neglect to recognize the habitual things you are doing all the time: searching for your own human sacrifice victims (requiring great amounts of necessary violence) and running away from those who're eyeing you for their altar (who'll think nothing of the violence they'll use against you).

Go ahead. Go on. Keep living that body of death. Go ahead.

Or you can come to Christ and be free from it.

I'd written a lot about this in my latest webzine piece. It is here.

Friday, January 04, 2013

The Not-So Steep Fiscal Cliff After All

So, the day after the new U.S. Congress was sworn in, did that intrepid articulate Republican step up to the plate and deliver the message that would save America? You know, the one about slashing spending to move people to take care of their own, about slashing taxes at the same time so more of the nation's wealth could be spent on and invested in things the people themselves could choose and make happen by virtue of their own hard work?

No? I didn't think so. I knew it wouldn't happen. What is very sad is that so few understand what more and more and more temporal government means.

It just means there are just as few who are willing to love one another and do productive things out of that love. So many need Cain's agency. No matter what they say, they need Cain to minister his condemnation in their lives. So many laws and rules and regulations. So much management of the value of a populace pretending to love but only terrified deep inside.

But this is the way it is supposed to be for those who still want to lie and cheat and steal and murder. More and more and more temporal government just like the Congress and the president agreed to the other day. I shudder to think what would happen if these people didn't work like crazy to be the overarching force over people's lives that it continues to be. It's fully Biblical: man would slaughter his fellow man in a relative instant. I have just written a bit about this at my webzine.

Look at this news item prominently broadcast by the World megaphone holders: The Senate today had one of its sanctimonious grillings, this one directed toward the makers of the highly acclaimed major motion picture Zero Dark Thirty, a film about the Osama Bin Laden raid -- at least it claims to be a loose representation of the event. What the government is blabbing about is concern that the depiction of U.S. agents using torture to gather information leading to the successful raid is really unsavory to say the least. Well, at most they're saying "That just doesn't happen and we don't want people getting the wrong impression here!"

What a hoot. Never mind that the whole "Osama Bin Laden is out there! Lions and tigers and bears oh my!" myth has been a ruse to keep a neatly Catholicized populace enraged. How silly is this -- but well calculated to keep U.S. officials looking like they really disapprove of this quite unfashionable torture thing. I guess it isn't so silly when seen from the perspective that Cain's agents must do such things as a matter of duty to keep violent people in check.

That's the way it should be for those who don't recognize their part in this body of death and then find their salvation in Christ.

The "fiscal cliff" may not seem to be that bad right now, when government plans to borrow bazillions more to keep everyone feeling good for now. The real fiscal cliff, however, is actually gigantic, because it is the sin that keeps raging in the hearts of man, and as such there are only two outs.

One is Cain and his mythological world of nice things. You're beholden to him and his head-cracking practices no matter what you do. Doesn't do anything about your sin, but he gives you warm fuzzies when he gives a rousing patriotic speech about things!

The other is Christ, and you can choose to find freedom from the body of death in Him. But again, for the umpteenth time, you've got to come to Him, not a fake one the World likes to promote.

So yeah, I guess it's perfectly okay for temporal government to promise all kinds of things -- "We'll take care of you by handing money to you in your old age and gallantly taking down baaad dudes who look Muslim" -- so when you see how awful all of that is at its core, you'll turn to the One who does love you and wants to give you the Kingdom.

That's what it's for.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

How to Avoid the Effects of the Fiscal Cliff

So the fiscal cliff is so catastrophic because it represents automatic spending cuts and tax increases in order to shrink the deficit? Which means that the federal government is forcing itself to refuse to spend money on things they can't afford and at the same time expect American taxpayers to pay for the things they demand from said government?

How can that be bad?

Well, it's bad because soooo many depend on all that government spending for their livelihood in some fashion. And because soooo many depend on government not taxing them for them to spend their money on the things they'd like to spend it on.

And as a result, there'll be pain.

Except that I've heard Congress and the president are apparently hammering out a deal that would keep those triggers from kicking in, so that we can still have the spending and not have to pay for it, at least for now.

Yay! Super Obama swoops down and grabs us as we proverbially plummet to the earth! Yaaay!

Still, those phenomenally gargantuan liabilities the feds promise bazillions of people are still there. And this government is still faced with having to pay for all the borrowing it has to do, something actually quite impossible and as such they'll be forced to flat-out default, ticking off a bunch of Chinese, Japanese, and patriotic America-investing Americans, or just keep printing up more and more and more money to wish the problem away -- except that the economy will be further crushed in the process.

Here's what a Republican controlled Congress should be doing. It is quite simple actually.

Some intrepid lawmakers should have been spending the past month rallying every party member to the truth, putting together a comprehensive legislative package, and have them all commit to the following, shared in a speech in a press conference by some boldly articulate and highly principled public servant:

"Hello. We are here to announce full Republican support for the following agenda, based on the simple fact that ravenous federal government spending and continued confiscation of wealth in this country cannot be sustained. The economic conditions everyone suffers from and the continued prospects for the same make this imperative.

"Therefore, we are proposing the following legislation, and will expect the Senate to pass it and the president to sign it for the good of this country. We are slashing spending dramatically, way beyond anything ever proposed to this point, and we're doing it right now. Social Security and Medicare will be excessively scaled back, and the cuts will not be in the billions but trillions. We are completely eliminating things like Obamacare which only horrifically weigh down people's producing capacity. Across the board cuts, including in defense, will also take place. We are looking to begin this right now. Right this minute.

"At the same time we propose a huge cut in taxes for everyone, including radical tax reform that will include eliminating conditions that result from injustices like the earned income tax credit that results in people getting money from the federal government while paying no taxes at all. We demand extreme tax cuts for everyone across the board, including for those producing in this nation some just like to call 'the wealthy.' Don't worry, the wealthy will not necessarily be happy with us either because we acknowledge politicians exactly like all of us depend on them far too much.

"We expect that everyone will revile this except for those who know the only way to have prosperity in any nation is for the people in it to go to work and to produce. If you the American people want to take care of yourselves, then get to it. Find a producer and link up with him or her and make things to make this country great. Or please step out, talk with some people who have the same commitment, and be an entreprenuer. Stop looking at us to do it for you. The only way anyone gets anything the like is if they work hard, produce something, and pay for it from what they actually earned. Why do so many expect us to work as some middle man to appropriate another's productive value when they can just do whatever business they want for their own benefit?

"We are prepared for what will come. The mainstream media outlets will hammer us as uncaring and unreasonable. The Democrats including the president will express a great deal of sanctimonious shock and call us all kinds of names. We also are fully prepared for the reality of what will happen if the Senate and president do not comply with what this country needs. As long as our program is not implemented, the House of Representatives will refuse to pass a single appropriations bill until our program is enacted. The government may entirely shut down, but this is what it may take until the Democrats come to their senses about the reality of what is going on.

"The final verdict will be made by the American people. And we're so serious about this we're putting our political livelihoods on the line. If they don't like it, they can vote every one of us out of office in two years. That's fine, we're betting on America to want to make itself a great country and get out of the codependent disaster it's gotten itself into. But if we're wrong, then all of us are wrong, and worse -- this country will collapse. All great empires have collapsed, and a major reason is that they've tried to tax themselves into providing all sorts of splendid things for those who will not produce anything.

"So then, Mr. Reid, Mr. Obama, our program is there for you get on board with. Anyone can read it, it's available for all to see. The sooner you put aside all ranting and raving you'll want to do about it, the better.

"Thank you."

I've shared this with a number of people who I'd think would be fully enthusiastic about it. People who are conservative, thoughtful, reasonable. But every time I've shared it I get the deer-in-the-headlights look.

I know why.

It is because too many Americans are just devout Catholicists inside. No matter how much they may screech about how big and overbearing the government is, they're still enslaved to it. Older people still want their Social Security and Medicare, and could never fathom being taken care of by their own savings, retirement income, family, or charity. And for good reason! Because so many people are so Catholicized to the extent that they all expect government to provide all that stuff for them!

"Take care of our own? Are you kidding me? It's also too hard to work that much to do that! Government can just do it [and borrow the gobs of money to do it] for me!"

And if it's the case that the people in this country are this way, then it is just as true that the Republicans in Congress are just as gutless. Now maybe I'm wrong! Maybe they'll come around after the new Congress is sworn in tomorrow and they're all in place to be principled enough to do it! Maybe!

Don't think so.

The fiscal cliff is nothing compared to the Mack truck that's hauling ass towards us little fluttering bugs trying to warm ourselves in the heat coming off the highway. But that's just the thing. Maybe the reality check of getting too many of us smashed into the windshield is what it will take for us to see what a real productive nation looks like, and that is

The Kingdom.

This is one of the reasons The Nation will just bumble and stumble about wrestling with impossible budgetary demands. It is so fiercely gripped by that needy codependent Catholicist populace. Don't misunderstand me -- this is the way it is made to be. None of this can change, it is the legacy of Cain completely out of the presence of God, designed specifically to do exactly these things.

What is so sad is that so few are in the Kingdom doing Kingdom work! This involves many individuals working industriously together fully trusting in Christ by His self-sacrificial love to use all the productive value among all to tremendously increase both the material and spiritual well-being of everyone around them. It involves large organizations of Christ followers who do their production from the love they have for God and for others.

Sadly very few such organizations exist. Our churches are pathetic pithy-saying spewers that confiscate the wealth of their congregants just as readily as the feds do. No business organization is fully divested from the World, either. Each business in this country expects Mommy Government to keep feeding them as well, and would never fathom doing something so intolerant as do their production knowing each worker had a full genuine commitment to Christ. Never mind that so many companies now expect everyone to gleefully endorse their own abhorrant practices of providing special benefits to homosexually active employees. And I thought we're all supposed to be tolerant.

Everything about The Nation demonstrates that they are not serious about being in a position of making truly good things happen for the real benefit of its citizens. When a country is bent on shooting itself in the foot, and the leg and hip and chest and arm and head, and they're running full bore to do it no matter what you say, I guess you just have to let it.

All this to introduce my latest webzine home page piece about the violence that men do to one another. Would love for you to look over it and let me know what you think.