Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The World Megaphone Holders

Groucho Marx was famous for saying, "Who're you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" Certainly a hilarious line, because it so deliciously parodies those who try like the dickens to pass their elaborate prevarications right past our mendacity radar detectors.

Tricky part is that the best World megaphone holders know this and utter the Groucho line quite regularly for the purpose of getting people to buy in bulk what they're selling. Here's one:

On my customized Google page today was this Rule of Thumb gem: "An economic rule of thumb says every penny per gallon rise in gasoline prices takes about $1 billion out of the economy."

Most will look at that and go, "Arrgggh Raggharl Errrghllrgh!..." Kind of like the Tazmanian Devil only more righteous.

Here's the question I have, though.

That $1 billion. From where does it go, and to where does it go?

There is no question most approach this question with a great big "Guh?..." hovering over their heads. They have this tepid presumption that somehow gas companies are stealing money from us. I'm not saying they aren't, they could indeed be exploiting the asymmetry of information in the market as much as anyone.

What strikes me about this Rule of Thumb quote is simply the implicit claim that something of value should be somewhere the economist who states it thinks it should be. "$1 billion is missing, and it should otherwise be here! Help! Call the regulators! Hurry!..."

Hey, I've got to stop. I've been putting more of the brakes on exhausting myself running around with this stuff, at least for a brief season. I've already put enough sweat into my latest home page piece all about this "value" thing, and the crazy ways the World handles it.

With this blog post I've simply wanted to extend a gracious invitation for you to get a bit more into the difference in the ways value assessments are made. If you have a moment, let me know what you think.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Should Be Glad You're Expelled

Just wanted to make a comment about the recent film purportedly designed to trumpet the virtues of intelligent design, or at least expose the shameful World behavior intended to shut up those with some intelligent idea of how living things came to be.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed stars of all people (I'll forego the gratuitous, "Anyone? Anyone?" remark) Ben Stein. He bops around the world talking with people who've been shunned by the educational establishment for daring to question the Darwinist line, as well as those who parrot it and come off looking silly. I saw a clip that featured one such Darwinist claiming that a possibility as to how it all began was that it may very well have been crystals that carried the molecules across space to intertwine with one another to make life. Wow, that answers everything!

Predictably the mainstream media has pretty much reacted with great disdain for this affront. For the most part, from what I've read anyway, it is considered a mish-mash of Ben Stein asking difficult questions of Darwinists that ultimately proves nothing really.

While it is quite true that Darwinists don't have to work very hard to look foolish blabbing their fairy-tale explanations of life's ascendency, the sad fact is that intelligent design does indeed have the liabilities that critics decry. For one, Expelled does little to define what intelligent design actually is.

A key reason for that is because intelligent design is really only a way to say Darwinism can't possibly be the best explanation, and as far as that goes it's not bad. But ID doesn't have any clear articulate model that science can use to test what's real. (If you want a great elaboration of that, visit Hugh Ross' excellent site Reasons to Believe.)

The other reason is less pronounced, mostly because so few see the profound distinction between the World and the Kingdom. Watching these Christian scientists valiantly attempt to get their point across was like watching someone try to convince a rabbit that it is a daffodil. "There is a God, you Darwinist goofs, and because it couldn't have happened such-and-such a way, like you say it must, it must be God, so stop saying it isn't!"

Yes, I too try to share Christ in whatever way I can with those who will refuse to get it. I too don't really know whether or not they'll get it, but that doesn't stop me from loving them and sharing Life with them in the way that I can at that time.

But really, if they're not getting it, why do they keep trying to bust into their homes to plaster it all over their living room walls? That's the World, a place different from the Kingdom, and they have the freedom to convince themselves of all the foolish things they want.

When are these Christian ID scientists going to get out of that place all together, speak about the true Creation model, test it and test it and test it, put out the best scientific papers, and let them speak for themselves?

As it is they're all just blowing away one another in the Culture War. Sadly, that's what committed Catholicists do. It's their thing. They whine about being "expelled" and may just be doing the thing they like to do. "But I want to be in the club!" they cry. That's okay. Thing is, if they're in the club,

They'll just keep being pounded with World folly.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prince of the Age Before the Faithful

Saw this photograph in my Los Angeles Times this morning and was just amazed at the mammoth adoration the World has for their lord and savior. Oh I know it has been this way for all of man's history, but it still intrigues me how much the World hasn't the faintest idea of who Jesus Christ is and what His Kingdom is about.

How do I know this? What's in the picture, for one, all of it, the whole thing. Every nation in the world worshipping their lord, who himself is on the dais just under the authoritative Annu signature, right there in the emblem of the United Nations.

Secondly, it was in what he said, and didn't say.

He didn't say, "People, remember, my job is to crack heads of those who do evil. It is a brutal and violent existence to be under my rule. You'll find true freedom in Jesus Christ, however. You may follow Him or you may follow me. In Him you'll live by love and know truth and grace, along with genuine joy. In me you'll live in fear and know only the harsh reality of the law, with lots of pretending that you can be good and happy mixed in."

He did say, "Leaders of the World, keep trying to do what you are trying to do to avoid conflict with one another. Try to have peace. Try not to be too violent. Try to respect people's pleas to have their rights respected. Try real hard at these things." Lots of trying, guess that's pretty good.

Both of these are quite true. But the pope cannot say the first one because he hasn't the teensiest of clues about the Kingdom or its Ruler. He is completely outside that realm, as his predecessors have been from the time of the first World Lord several millennia ago, as described quite succinctly in the fourth chapter of the book of Genesis.

Want to know a bit more about the Lord of the Kingdom? Here are some of my thoughts about Him.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope in America, and What an America...

Did you see this Time magazine issue out on the stands recently?

I don't believe I'm the only one to speak about the plain meaning of what is on this cover. I confess I'm not one to have any full mastery of these things, but I can't see how the icons of America here were randomly chosen for the Pope to peruse.

First there is the Golden Gate Bridge, which represents the pontiff's title of "bridge builder." This leads to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, a modern symbol of Masonry's Royal Arch notoriety. Then there is the most prominent phallic symbol in the country, the Washington Monument, leading to one of the most renowned idols of goddess worship in the world, the Statue of Liberty.

All of this under the covering (the flag) of the present manifestation of Roman authority, the United States, which the magazine declares that the Pope adores. Of course he does, she is his means of cracking heads of all who do not align with the City's precepts.

In fact, I can't help but point out a bit of the profound irony on this magazine cover. Note the tease in the upper left corner? And the assertion, "Why Iraq hasn't healed"? Besides the fact that Iraq is really where Babylon once ruled, and besides the fact that the Pope is merely the latest of the long line of World Rulers through the millennia, the answer to why it hasn't healed is splayed all over that cover.

It is a frightening place, the World.

Abjectly harrowing. Indeed a massive body of death. It's all right there.

There is a way out...

Monday, April 07, 2008

The World Offers 40 Hours of No Violence -- And It Still Doesn't Work

40 hours of no violence. Should be nothing. Just not that hard, ya think?

Here in the Los Angeles area that's the idea I got, that powerful people somewhere asked for a 40 hour moratorium on violence in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., whose death was 40 years ago this past Friday.

40 hours.

So, after the 40 hours is up, then what? I can then shoot my annoying neighbor?

You'd think this was about as insipid as you can get, but then, this is the way the world works. "Let's try something, anything to keep people from acting on their hate. Hey, 40 hours. At least it's something."

Yes, it's something all right. Foolishness is what it is-- but, yeah, that's the thing.


It's their thing.

Without Christ it's what they do.

So, yeah, how'd it work? Poorly, from what they say. Three people were still wantonly murdered in that time period.

Mmm. Guess they just don't respect MLK Jr.

Come on, non-violence, gotta be good. Come on.

Then I see TV clips of Buddhist monks kicking in store fronts in the whole Tibet-China thing. Doesn't the Dalai Lama say "Non-violence"? Just like MLK Jr. "Ooo, you violent people, won't you be non-violent already?!"

Ah, so then to keep people from being violent you've got to be non-violently violent against that violence...

My head is spinning.

It only makes sense in understanding a few simple things.

There is a World and a Kingdom. The World is ruled by Cain's legacy, the churches and governments and banks who have been charged with cracking heads of World inhabitants for eons and eons of time. They all crack heads using not only physical violence but tremendous emotional and spiritual violence as well. ("40 hours of non-violence. Wheee!") There is lots of hate, even hating haters which results in lots more hate and violence. Fear reigns.

The Kingdom is ruled by Jesus Christ-- the Jesus Christ, not all the fake ones of many of those World churches. (A 501c3 incorporated church is a World church.) His followers boldly but gently ask those around them if they'd like to enter that place where there is true fulfillment and real freedom. There is lots of love, giving sowing abundant love, even if it means sacrificing one's life to love. This means one may actually love haters, which dissolves fear.

Don't get that?

Well, that's okay, because maybe your lords will impel you to go another few hours without shooting your annoying neighbor. In the meantime you can seethe a lot...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More of the Contrast: World and Kingdom

This was a story from World Net Daily today.

This was my devotional this morning.

The former is the result of World commitment, and has been so for millennia and millennia. These people just don't get it. Follow Cain, and you'll get this. It never stops. You'll always be starving.

The latter is the result of one thing: genuine devotion to the One Who Provides. All who do the things Jesus asks them to do will love with His love, and all will be fed abundantly. Not just now, but forever.

Anyway, just wanted to point out the distinction.

The worst thing is that people just don't have a clue that they can indeed step from the World with it's awful lack and go into the Kingdom with it's bountiful beauty and glory and joy.

This was on a postcard on one of my student's notebook, noticed as I walked down her row:

"When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold."

Quite the pithy saying of the World. Never mind being in a place where you'll get a banquet and never mind the lemons. Nope. Gotta do the World thing, and treat the lemons like they're anything, lying to yourself all the way. "Hey, look, gold lemons!"

No wonder half the world is facing horrific famine.