Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Attention, This is Your Federal Reserve Chairman Speaking..."

I look over the Los Angeles Times frequently just to see what the World is talking about. You may have seen quite a few references to it in this blog, but that is only because I live in the Los Angeles area and it is the top paper of the area, a prominent System mouthpiece along with the New York Times and Washington Post to keep us abreast of all the things we're supposed to do to be good World inhabitants.

Today I noted a couple of things from that mouthpiece that add more profound evidence for the nature of the World in distinct contrast to the Kingdom, the place where God calls us to love one another authentically.

I want to start with Tom Petruno's column titled "Fed needs you to take risks despite chaos." He goes into all the yabba-yabba about how lower interest rates may be good for borrowers but is lousy for investors, he puts out some numbers-- yeah yeah, anyone who pays a rats nard of attention to the market knows all this.

His main point is that for the economy to get that little spark everyone says we're supposed to want, people need to fear not getting more money more than they'd fear losing it. Ahh, I see, so we must rev up our covetousness and hook up with a bunch of liars exploiting our value, or be very afraid of them and hoard, which is, as FDR said during another precarious economic time, "exceedlingly unfashionable."

Whatever the case we should listen to the Lord Fed, who it seems must rely quite a bit on us, as revealed by the first four words of the piece:

"Fed needs you to..."

It needs us to do something. Hmm. Annnd if weee don't, then what?

If you're a devout World inhabitant, living life completely outside the Kingdom where Truth and Grace reign, then it's best you do as Lord Fed says, or we'll have very very bad economic times ahead. Very very bad. After all, liars and murderers need someone to calm their fears of all the other liars and murderers, and Lord Fed is there to help.

If you are a Christian you may not be inoculated against the whirlwind of codependent exploitation here. This leads to the second LA Times piece, this one in the "Column One" section of the front page. "What Chores Would Jesus Do?" is about a small group of young Christians who wants to live as communally and selflessly as they think Jesus tells them to live.

I can't deny that reading this piece made me weep. The reason I wept is because as heartfelt as these people are, as committed as they are to Christ,

They are still World inhabitants bumbling around in the darkness of World torment.

The article told of how virtually everything they did was done with great timidity, that they had to drop all their boundaries in order to please everyone else in the commune, that they had to whack themselves all the time to remind themselves how they're supposed to endure such pain in reaching out to others because this is how Jesus wants it.

It was painful for me to read it.

The worst thing about this story was that they could live out the life Jesus wants them to live not by smashing into each other emotionally and spiritually but merely by-- oh my, this is too simple-- by merely

Getting themselves ungrafted from the World.

They stumbled around so much trying to prove themselves to Jesus that they were impotent when it came to just loving another with His love. Please don't get me wrong. I don't want to demean for two seconds any of the good wholesome things they do or want to do for Christ. Awesome, really, that's awesome.

But still, I can't help but write about things for what they are.

And this commune thing is so Catholicist it makes me want to puke.

I shouldn't be so hyperbolic, huh. Nah, I'm just feeling it. As I usually do.

One of those guys, in the commune-- the newspaper story said he worked for a Christian non-profit but said nothing more about it.

A Christian non-profit. Meaning that the gifts that God gave us, and clearly asked us to invest so we can see as much as a hundred-fold increase, those gifts should be locked up and buried so we can be sure we won't profit from them for that would be reeeally bad? Is that it?

But then, hmm, I thought Lord Fed told us to invest even when it hurts.

Oh wait. I think I get it now.

If you say you believe in God, you must prove it by living monastically in poverty so you don't have any real impact on those around you. 'Nkay. And for everyone else, they should pretend like they want more stuff even when the powerful people around them will still yank their chain, and they should do that to prove their belief in Lord Fed.

No, yeah, that can't be it. That's just way too stupid-- It's okay to believe in God as long as that God is the Federal Reserve. Yeah, way too stupid.

Except that,

That's kinda the way it is.

For the World.

What is the community Jesus wants us to live in really like? Look here for some ideas.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Lima Bean Jesus

Recently I came across two articles that I wanted to share with you. The first is called "The Lima Bean Gospel," written by a Presbyterian minister who laments the impotency of the church today. He points out that those given over to postmodern sentiments consider Jesus and the gospel no better than lima beans, just a thing those people have over there.

He does an eloquent job of making the case, but the problem is that this is nothing new. For eons I've seen desperate resignation from all the Christian faithful about how irrelevant "the church" is. It always seems to come from people who've gone into Christendom bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and then when they see what's really happening they write things like this.

That second piece is Bob Burney's Willow Creek Confession, in which he explains how Illinois megachurch Willow Creek Community Church comprehensively evaluated its "seeker-sensitive" model and found it woefully lacking in making true disciples of Christ. Uber-pastor of the church Bill Hybels even admitted spending millions of dollars on programs that just didn't work. I wonder what programs they're going to try next. Maybe enlisting the services of the Red Pepper Jesus might make things a bit more spicy, a little less bland, d'ya think? They should try that one.

Each of the pieces highlight the profound Catholicization of American churches. It may be asked, how that could be, when none of the evidence shows that they are doing anything "Catholic"? The fact is you don't need to implement the mass, hang a crucifix, or start clutching rosaries to be Catholicist.

You just need to contracted to the World System.

Corporate entities contracted to the World System are rightfully seen by those hungering for truth and righteousness as mere "God clubs." Every Christian church that has a 501c3 contract with congregants holding W-4 liabilities or Social Security memberships is just a club with a Lima Bean Jesus.

Mark Labberton, the pastor of the Presbyterian church concerned about the lima bean gospel, said the answer is love. Great. That is the answer, it really is.


A lima bean Jesus can't love. And those who follow one will only love with lima bean love. Neat.

That's the issue right there. You simply can't say you serve the real Jesus who is Lord of the Entire Universe, and then introduce Him to someone if you actually serve the masters of the World System. You've only got the Lima Bean Jesus there, one of the many types of Jesuses of the World. You don't have the Real One.

And that, really, is the slavery that is most destructive, more than any other kind.

It is the slavery of firm belief in false ideas. The worst false idea of all is to put your deepest trust in something that isn't what you think it is.

Don't even try to call me on whether or not I know the REAL Jesus. Don't talk to me about it, I don't have to explain. All you have to do is to read what He said, and what those who knew Him and lived with Him and talked with Him said. And, um, what He did. That's pretty major too.

Oh, and take a look at this, today's front page of the Los Angeles Times:

You don't think these people want to be Jesus? You don't think these people are pretending to be Jesus so millions of people will worship them? Do you really believe that when they say "Oh come on now I'm just a simple person with humble roots who wants to do nice things for the country" they aren't trying to be Jesus? You don't think George Bush and Ben Bernanke are two prominent Jesuses of the World, proclaimed saviors of man working valiantly to stimulate a populace that is effectively dead already?

What's so funny is that the guy who pulls their strings, the one who has no contention about how much he wants his subordinates to see him as Jesus, is convening his most immediate followers to begin the transfer of power as he retires. The revered position of "Father General," or the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, will soon be in the hands of another man. He'll still do what he is sworn by blood oath to do, control the World System through its educational and ecclesiastical branches.

What's more is you won't see this information anywhere near in any of those branches, because, well,

He just isn't as important as our Lima Bean Jesus.

For a few more of those Jesuses, check this out.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Gods of the Robots

My latest webzine home page piece addresses some of the absurdity of the Darwinist world view. Sometimes I wonder in these endeavors if (a) I'm offering something new to the conversation and (b) if I'm fully giving honor to the One Who Is Truth, Jesus Christ. I say this because as I review my latest piece I think that (a) I'm just rehashing all the stuff most Christians already say is truly silly about Darwinism, and (b) I make a case for God but that case may be shrugged off because so many believe in "God" anyway so what'm I really saying after all?

As I think about it I've found that (a) I do offer some ideas no one is talking about, namely that Darwinists must by nature be absolutely blind to what is true as they are beholden to the one who was sent out of the presence of God in Genesis 4, and that (b) I make clear that God of whom I speak of is the Jesus Christ of Scripture, not some nebulous "whatever you want to make him" kind of God.

But as I've thought about what I wrote I wanted to make a parenthetical remark here in my blog as a kind of addendum to that home page piece. I do this because as much as I tried to squeeze it in, it just didn't quite fit anywhere. I consider it just as important, however, to understanding why Darwinists behave the way that they do.

It has to do with some of the critical ways in which they behave, and that is mixed up with the ways in which The Institution operates. When I say "The Institution," I am referring to none other than the overarching Agency of Cain in whatever capacity that is, political, ecclesiastical, financial. It is all there operating with the primary duty of managing the sinful activity of those who choose to live outside of the gracious provision of Jesus Christ who reigns in the universe.

Those who make Christ their Lord will pay attention to Him. Those who don't will likely pay attention to a Darwinist with a microphone paid to spout about how truthful evolution is. But again, that was covered in the home page piece.

Here's the addendum:

It is that the Darwinist worships his Jesus Christ of choice, one of thousands of gods the World System has devised to keep people from worshipping the True One. Since there are so many of those Jesuses, the Darwinist will also rail against his Jesus Christ of disdain.

Scratch a Darwinist and you'll find that there are some things he holds dear, whatever they are. Those are the things he worships. He must have his own idols because he can have meaning no other way. Even if he is a devout nihilist, he will still make Nihilism his Jesus.

Scratch him at another place on his brain and you'll see something a bit more visible, his hatred for those gods of the religious. What superstition, he will sneer. The fact is, many times he's right! Most gods of the religious are just as ridiculous concoctions who tell their followers to say and do some very silly things.

The World is filled with gods. They are absolutely required for the laborious task of The Institution. If you are not worshipping Christ in Spirit and in Truth, then you will have one or more of those gods you will worship, and one or more you will revile.

The connection here to Lucretius cannot be emphasized enough. Lucretius said belief in the gods produces fear and that destroys "the good life." My question is, which gods is he talking about? If he is indeed talking about the World's gods, then yes! Lucretius is correct! The World's gods must generate fear among their believers because the World made them to keep people fearful!

What World inhabitants don't see is that those gods are simply inventions from the minds of World operatives through the millennia. But again, they can't see that because they stay devoted to Cain and therefore remain blind to what is true.

The alternative is One that I've spoken about so frequently in this blog and on my webzine that it can't be missed. Instead of the World there is the Kingdom. Instead of the Straw-Man Jesus To Fear there is the True Jesus Who Loves. Instead of nodding at inane fairy tales of woolly turtles and skunkasaurs, there is rapturous discovery of what is actually veritable.

Instead of blindness there is sight.

For some of the gods of the World, look here. William Dembski's blog, Uncommon Descent, directed me to this hilarious site with a parody of biology textbook's treatment of evolution, from which I got the aforementioned animals.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Robot Gods

Prepared for what space alien robots will first tell you when they zip down from the skies? Remember what that is? For review:

"Take us to your leader."

Turns out they won't have much trouble finding them because the leaders of the World System are also robots, in a sense. They don't know anything about what makes an earthling truly human, that's for sure.

To find out what I mean, my latest webzine home page piece gets into it, with a bit of the Darwinism debate as a pretext.