Thursday, July 23, 2009

Light Years Away from Meaningful Truth

Did you know that there is now a U.S. commission on examining what is happening with the TARP money? You know the TARP money, as in Troubled Asset Relief Program money, hundreds of billions of dollars dropped in the laps of foolish but high-living value extractors?

Its chairman, Phil Angelides, recently said to an LA Times business columnist, "Here's the big picture. The commission's role is to be a pursuer of the truth. If we commit ourselves to pursuing the facts and uncovering whatever is underneath whatever rock, we will do Americans a great service."

I can't say that I split a gut laughing at this remark, and that is really only because every high profile World operative blaps this kind of thing regularly, and they do so with a completely straight face. Every single time. Hmm, go figure.

This comes at the same time that one of those grand metaphors for truth vs. deceit is getting gobs of airplay right now. You know which one it is, the whole blue pill vs. red pill thing from The Matrix. It has come blasting into the public consciousness once again because last night at his celebrated sales pitch--err, 'scuze me--press conference hawking--errr, sorry (slap)--addressing government provided health care, president Obama used the metaphor.

What is so silly is that he encouraged us all to take the blue pill for half the price of the red pill. In The Matrix it is the red pill that is the one that frees, the one that gets at the truth. Certainly many bloggers and pundits will be pointing this out, particularly the ones who see that government-run health care can never be half the price and maintain any level of quality.

Thing is, as much as many are seeing Obama for the naked emperor that he is, they are not seeing that Caesar will still oppress all those who enlist his services, including those who think they see it all clearly. Obama is embarrassing himself, but to his credit he has in his mind what so many progressively-minded individuals have in theirs: that people should be cared for.

The problem is that he is a value extractor, painstakingly striving to yank whatever means he can to pay for taking care of people he wants to like him. Those people are no different, even those who revile him. Caesar is merely another Christ, trying valiantly to be his brother's keeper. As Cain's legacy he has seven times the power of any other individual, but that power is still woefully limited.

Truth things may get you so far. TARP commission chairman Angelides may truthfully find out about who's truthfully getting what money. I guess that's pretty good. Obama may truthfully have a heart for truthfully suffering people. That's touching, it is, I'm not being sarcastic about that. It's a truthful thing, certainly.

But every single one of these truths have so many more deeper and complex facets and these guys will never, ever get close to them, because as Cain's agents they carry forward Cain's commission given him by God Himself.

And they do so completely outside of the presence of God.

As such they haven't the faintest idea of what meaningful truth is. Not only do they have no clue about what all their bumbling about is really all about, but they aren't supposed to. They're only supposed to be proficient administrators of the World System for the purpose of driving those sick and tired of the vast institutionalized deceit completely out of it and into the arms of Jesus Christ Who is Truth Himself.

All these bloggers and pundits yapping about what they really know about health care. Hey, some of those things are very true things. But come on. That's it? Just that you should pay the doctor for the services he provides you and not your neighbor? Here's my question.

Then what?

So now you're healthy enough to find out who really got TARP money.

Then what?

Now you can bop about in life and, um, live life?

Then what?

It is simple. He who has the Son has life. He who doesn't does not have life. I don't know how it can be more clear. The best trained humanists--and in a fully Catholicized society like this one it is a good guess most everyone is so expertly adept--will say things like "But I've got family, friends, and faith. That's it." Sounds really good.

Except that Jesus said that even these very things are idols in the way of true fulfillment in Him. Oh, don't get me wrong. Those things are great things. I like my family, and my friends. I even like viewing the keystone cops comedy of federal agents peeking about at who's doing value extraction and then writing a spiffy report about it.

But gotta give it up. Wholesale.

And the funny thing is Jesus said we'd get it all back times a hundred.

But first, and only,


Not even the expectation you'll get any of that back.

Just Him.

He's the only Meaningful Truth.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Value Assessment Surplus

Noted that the U.S. budget deficit hit the $1 trillion mark for the first time in history.

And it is rising.

Nothing much to point out except for the same old regarding the contrast between the World and the Kingdom that so few people seem to see.

There they are, the top World ruler guys, at the behest of needy World inhabitants, continuing to spend money and banking on some point in the future when these needy souls (and their children and grandchildren, and hey, may as well add great grandchildren) will actually do enough to pay back what they're spending on today.

I mean, really, it is such a mind-boggling number, a trillion, but these guys do it anyway. I just wonder, why not a quadrillion? Hey, after all, derivatives traders have already said the $250 trillion worth of assets in the world today is worth a quadrillion. Now there's a bit of a value assessment surplus.

Why not a quintillion? Why not build everyone a bridge to wherever they like? Why not give everyone their own jet and their own private island to fly to? Hey, why not give everyone eternal life so they can enjoy it always? What, with Medicare going stratospheric and universal health care grinding its way through Washington, isn't that precisely what they want to do?

The funny thing is that in the Kingdom, managed by Jesus Christ, it is this much. Yes, quintillions of dollars worth, for eternity. Jesus said as much, there in the tenth chapter of the gospel of Mark, you can read it. What's the difference, then?

The difference is that in the World there is only death. Bridges to death, jets to death, private islands of mansions and meadows and maids and marvel--only it's all just death. Quintillions and quintillions of dollars worth of death.

That's because all of it is completely without the presence of

The Son.

As long as you have Him,

You have life.

Don't think people worship an idol of another Christ? Just look at all the attention this week given to the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Everyone hanging on every word to find out precisely what she's going to do on the court--

To save us.

That's another Christ right there. But wait, just know, she should be there for those who don't have the Son, as should Barack Obama and those pontificating Senators and all those in the high service of Caesar from centuries past. You should thank God they are there because God put them there for those who like swimming in the body of death that is the law that is the power of sin. If they weren't there, those without the Son would annihilate each other. They're there to mercifully mitigate their abjectly murderous conduct until perhaps a few World inhabitants find

The Son.

Please. He's nowhere near any of that. He's over in the Kingdom.

Think Sonia Sotomayor will make any decision that will affect the Kingdom and those who are there? Think abortions will end even if Sotomayor were the most zealously pro-life jurist there ever was? Do you think for two seconds that anything you think about what she should or shouldn't do would have the teensiest impact on what should be happening with your understanding and knowledge of God?


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The REAL Michael Jackson

If you turn on any mainstream media outlet you're sure to encounter at least a bit of the wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage. The extraordinary attention given to him after his sudden death is not surprising, really, as talented and as eccentric--and as troubled--as he was.

What I find interesting is how zealous everyone seems to be trying to find out the real Michael Jackson. What was he really like, and did he really do any of the destructive things so many think he did? How many times have I seen or heard--and believe me, it isn't really a lot, mostly because of nothing to do with Michael Jackson but because I just dislike the idolatrous nature of the coverage--anyway, how many times is someone interviewed who details whatever intimate knowledge they have about Michael Jackson?

The day after he passed away I was driving to work and some radio newshow mentioned the final concert tour he was supposed to have, and I had this thought.

Why don't they just get someone else to do all the songs at this concert tour? Certainly someone can sing the way he did and dance the way he did. Why can't they find someone just like him to do all the tunes and moves and entertain all just as much as Michael Jackson could? Please, again, I share this not because of anything to do with Michael Jackson himself, but just to reflect deeply about the whole affair, about this amazing obsession with the guy.

Hey, who replaces Jackson could even do a better job than he would--indeed some of what has been said is that even though Jackson was working very hard and he was excited about the tour, he was nowhere near the physical condition he needed to be in.

But the answer to the question is simple. Replacing Michael wouldn't work because

It wouldn't be Michael.

And that's the point of the reflection.

Is who Michael Jackson was important? I mean, is who he was in real true real live reality so meaningfully important that it'd be good for those with whom he had interaction to actually know what that was?

To know who he was?

It seems to me that part of the fascination with the whole Michael Jackson drama is that Michael himself appeared to work very hard at making it very hard for others to know who he really was--the odd behavior and the strange plastic surgery and all the rest of it. All of it just looked like Michael Jackson's valiant attempt to keep people from knowing who he really was. Or...

Perhaps he was compelled to assuage the fears he himself had that people would make grave mistakes about who he was in spite of his efforts to be as transparent as he could. Wow. I know there are a few people who spend a lot of time doing that.

The thing about all this is that the truth of Michael Jackson's identity is something everyone acknowledges. It is there somewhere. Sure there are rotten people who get it wrong, but the only way they'd get it wrong is if they don't care about the truth of who he was or they deliberately deviate from the truth about who he is whether they know it or not. Whatever the case, there is a truth about who each person is.

The truth about each of our identities is important to each one of us.

My question about this is,

What about the identity of the most important Person?

The One with Whom everyone must encounter sometime, Jesus Christ?

Why is it so many are so satisfied with their own conceptions of God and they won't even come close to knowing Who He truly is?

Oh yes the World has a zillion different conceptions of Jesus, he's much like Michael Jackson in that regard--everyone has their take. And the World will probably never get it right, just as much as they'll probably never get Michael Jackson right. But then hey, why should they? If they do, the tantalizing drama may end and no one will tune in anymore.

Well, I have some more thoughts about true identity in my latest webzine home page piece.

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