Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The Insidious Seduction of the System's Autocrat

I came across this piece in The Federalist I found to be one of the boldest expressions of reality and charity there is. So many people out there sneer that I should not care what they do with their unconventional sexual behavior, and yet I do care.

I care because I care about people's sexual health, their physical health, especially their spiritual health. I care about those sucked into the insidiously lethal sodomist maelstrom. So yeah, that's precisely why I say what I say in my webzine and here in my blog.

I'd been reading Matt Walsh's The Unholy Trinity and he is spot-on with how the sodomist agenda is so destructive, with how those who enthusiastically tell us all we must celebrate the unconventional behaviors of openly active homosexuals, same-sex marriage participants, and transgender claimants are also so contemptibly destructive of everyone in the community in which they dwell.

The problem is the debate cannot just stop at "freedom of religion", which is where Walsh tends to stray. No, it must be about the clear and cogent argumentation that sodomist things objectively and teleologically destroy lives and souls, and that indeed when the sodomist does the work of the autocrat by trying to shove endorsement of their lethal dysfunction down our throats they are, in a real sense, forcing us to care.

I'm only blogging right now briefly because I want to introduce my latest home page piece, which gets much more into the dynamics of all this, and I also want to rigorously declare once again the answer to the lethality at every level of these conditions.

Yes, once again, it is Jesus Christ.

No, no, no, it is not the straw-man Jesus the Roman Catholic Church has propped up that make everyone repulse at the name, no, not that Jesus.

No, take a look at the real Jesus, the one whose work on the cross rescues you from all that. You, you your very soul. Take a look-see at His words in the gospel of John, read them, you'll see how it works.

Sodomist: Anything related to encouraged sexual dysfunction outside of the bounds of marriage between a committed mature adult man and committed mature adult woman.


I'd love to blog more on all this but I'm tapped out. I'm so busy with work and family fugheddabouddit. But I love being in the conversation. Visit me through the email on the webzine, would love to know what you think.