Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas Cheer

My soul hurts.

Feel like putting in one more blog post for December. I try to put in a post at least once a month, keep up with it. That's fine. But I realized that each year I do fewer and fewer posts. I won't get to the point where I will never do them. But I know not many people read these.

My soul hurts because I'd love to tell people about Christ so they'll welcome Him in their hearts. I'd love to write here all the time about the phenomenally magnificent things about Him.

But my soul hurts because of what I see around me.

So many people still beholden to the law to govern their habitually benighted behavior. I go on Facebook and see the most idiotic posts from the people I love so very much. They're so lost it makes my soul hurt.

"Oh Dave they're happy with who they are get over it. Let it be."

Yeah. I do. Too much.

I think a lot about those idiotic things these FB people post, and so want to remark about them here -- or even there, right there in the comments area. "Excuse me," I'd like to write, "but did you think about this?..." No, can't do that. Too intolerant.

Funny, most of the posts are rabid protestations about something from those who'd screech "I'm tolerant and non-judgmental."


The law. All those who glom onto Donald Trump or Barack Obama or whichever political useful idiot they like don't realize they want the fierce strength of the law to hammer whichever evildoer they hate. Sharia is merely the Islamic way to make law happen. Muslims have such a miniscule concept of grace and mercy and truth and Word that all they have is LAW. Good wholesome Catholicists are no different. Trump is gaining so much traction because he is so good at convincing people he'll be a genuine enforcer of LAW.

Oh the tolerant and non-judgmental have their law enforcement Christmas wish list as well. "LAW" they holler, "please go after the white racist cop there are so many of them and the pro-lifer inspiring abortion clinic shooters there are so many of them and the pizza maker goaded into confessing nervousness about sending a wedding cake to a same-sex union ceremony they are so loathsome please law enforcers do your duty against them and please remember that I'm tolerant and non-judgmental unlike those loathsome Donald Trump voters."

I just see so few know of the Kingdom.

Much less live by it.

Even the best, most fashionable ministers live by a Christianly churchly splendidly religiously version of LAW keeping millions who schlurch up against it in bondage to their sin and the Caesar who manages it.

That they'd know Christ.

My soul hurts.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Imagine People Who Can See and Hear

Tonight I turned on the national news to see if they were going to continue to run around out there with this story from the University of Missouri. Today I caught a piece from City Journal and the author's first words were "The pathological narcissism of American college students has found a potentially devastating new source of power..." These fools have proficiently employed their inviolate victimized class status to shake up the institutions established to sustain order and promote reason in a democratic society.

They are fools because they've been convinced that their crusade must forge ahead irrespective of the piddle nature of their cry. Really, even among the African-Americans they claim to champion, for the life of me I cannot see how they can even remotely equate someone calling them a n***** with what 19th century slaves had to endure. It's embarrassing.

But the key is in who's influencing them to do all this. Fomenting racialist sentiments are stirred by the deepest politics operatives they would never suspect are yanking their strings.

In fact, the Mizzou incident wasn't even the first story on the evening newscast tonight. That one was about a bank hacking job carried out over the past few years by guys not wanting the personal information of millions in order to buy stuff, but to get contact information to send persuasive emails and other such contacts to get them to do things with stock, allowing the hackers to adjust their investments to score big dollars from that manipulation.

It's all about the information.

Scripture says if you don't listen to Jesus you're going to listen to a spectacular counterfeit. There is Jesus, the Living Word, and there is "Jesus", an anti-Christ who wants to have you for dinner. Jesus' words give life, the words from that other "Jesus" will kill you, for they come from the father of lies and the first murderer.

Thing is, from whom do those words come from? Sure we battle against powers and principalities, but who is it who does their work, here, in our temporal world?

Check this out. I was blown away by what I read here. And I'm sure this isn't the only sincere, transparent confession of what really goes on in the institutions that drive the pathetic cowardice of the University of Missouri's out there. It is perfectly within the designs of the Society, and it will get worse, and worse, and worse.

I can only see one thing from this. That people who do understand and know Christ will be there for those who see the Hell those powers and principalities want to make on earth -- and want out.

And want Him, and want the Kingdom.

One of my Facebook friends put up there a map graphic with the number of churches in each state, along with the number of foster children awaiting a family. The numbers were mind-blowing.

I know why all this is happening. I do, and I weep. Most churches are pitifully weak spittle puddles who don't have the power of God coursing through them like they think they do because they are sold out to Cain. Everyone who desperately wants life and mercy and freedom and vibrant whole restoration look at those places, and they run a million miles away.

But if they aren't running into the arms of Jesus, they're running into the arms of another power. That power will beam a sweet gleaming smile, and boom a nice captivating voice. He's also rigorously sharpening his knives.

Go ahead. I challenge you to let God open your eyes, and your ears, and read that article from that young bright Catholic theology student, and get what she's saying.

Then get into Scripture and find the One Who Loves. And Frees. And Makes It So You'll Live.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Imagine No Religion

There seems to be a new report out by the Pew think tank people that says people are getting less religious these days, especially young people.

Yeah, I can see that. I see lots of people who couldn't care less about God, church, rituals, stiff rules and stuffy morals. A while ago the Barna people put together a list of things people hated about church and its people: they're too judgmental, they're too homophobic, they're too political -- ad nauseum. Yeah, who wants to spend a millisecond with the church lady Dana Carvey made famous on Saturday Night Live?

Problem with all that is a very simple one.

You can't not be a devoutly religious person.

"What? Not even. I'm an enlightened person. I'm someone who believes in science. I'm someone who isn't superstitious or any of that, and for sure I'm not judgmental or extreme with any of those moralistic intolerant positions so many religious people have."

I'd say there are about a billion people who feel this deep in their souls.

They do so very religiously.

"But wait! Didn't you listen? I have nothing to do with any of that church stuff! How can you call me religious?"

It is precisely because the "non"-religious are so for very religious reasons. Take your typical atheist. He'll insist there is no God -- for whatever reason. Thing is, for him to say there isn't a God is to know quite a bit about God, namely that there isn't one! I mean, how could he be so sure? The only way he could is if he can see everything in existence, and to do that, he'd have to be God!

This is one of the most reliable age-old arguments against atheism, and this isn't so much to point out that atheists faced with this unsettling logic always get nervous, but to emphasize that no matter how much they object, they are just as religious as anyone else.

Why, then, do places like the Pew Center say religion is waning?

It is because they've been convinced by the Company assigned the job to pound humanism into the soul of World inhabitants that "religion" means a church building and rituals related to some divine being and typical characteristics like moral arrogance and political conservatism.

There is so much to this, I always chomp at the bit to take on the idiocy spewed by the World. Can't now because I'm exhausted. Wish I had the time. I'm only bringing this up here to introduce my latest home page piece. Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bill Nye, the Spokeshole Guy, Part II

In my first post about this Bill Nye video "proving" the "science" of abortion, I addressed three things, (1) that comprehending reality does require some measure of insight and wisdom, (2) that the science wholly favors the full complete humanness of a baby from conception to birth, and (3) that Jesus Christ has a full measure of forgiveness and salvation offered to anyone who's had an abortion, endorsed it, or even now tries to rationalize it like Bill Nye.

Another critical aspect simply cannot be dismissed, and that is the World System has the most elaborate ways to convince people that what Bill Nye is saying is worth anything except as inducements to keep committing human sacrifice against one another.

Interesting that the Bill Nyes all around will say things like "Oh that silly religious talk, get with the science -- it is them who are saying worthless things." Oh?

Prove that.

See, they can't prove their claims that we should pay attention to what they say the science tells them. Why don't they adopt the same burden of proof they expect of us?

They can't.

But it sounds so seductive to those who are blind and deaf to reality and truth, and refuse to allow God to heal them of their blindness and deafness. Here is their claim, essentially:

"God is a fairy tale and we have the default position. We can then be mildly tolerant and ingratiating regarding their silly beliefs but be comfortable with the assurance that the powerful media voices will always promote this view and ::whew:: we don't have to be responsible to a just God after all."

They simply cannot grasp that this is a position that has no merit beyond an excuse to refuse to see reality.

Recently I came across a marvelous piece by Thomas Sowell, the second of a series entitled "Charlatans and Sheep". Here it is, happy to share it with you.

World Operatives have always done things to draw people from God, and this program Sowell calls "the legacy of slavery" is one of the most effective. The Bill Nye position: You religious people are the slaveholding minded, while we are the "open-minded free-thinking" people.

Look what it has wrought.

The sexual revolution has reached some kind of critical mass with this massive acceptance of the normalcy of sodomy, which ultimately means any firm conception of marriage and family is now eviscerated. The only thing this can bring is hatred for anyone with whom we have to do because those individuals only become a means to an end.

Too many will claim all this is just happening -- oh well. It's bad, but, oh well. Not even. It has all been designed, arranged, planned, implemented -- and all of it pumped through a number of different channels straight into the minds and hearts of those who refuse to take refuge in The One Who Is Wisdom.

Covered in the sweetest sounding "science" rationalizations, all the System indoctrination only makes the habitual human sacrifice even more acceptable.

Thing is, Sowell will only recommend certain System solutions, and even then his writing is filled with resignation and despair because he does have some wisdom to see the bankruptcy of that System. Be assured the System must be in place and fully functioning, Bill Nye is just one tiny cog in that however many people's beliefs are further calcified by all this.

Sowell calls them "charlatans", and while they are that, they do their jobs with exceptional proficiency as long as their are people who actually buy his schtick and live by its precepts.

Or, even better...

See it for what it is, leave it with all deliberate speed, and turn to Christ.

One more thing that must be noted, and this is one of the most ironic things of all. It is that the Bill Nye-oriented pluralist-materialist detractor mentality is pounded into their brains largely through the machinations of the religious institution they so revile!

Again, maybe Bill Nye can't see who he's working for. Maybe he does but likes getting paid terrific money to keep spouting the silliness he does. Certainly those who are gripping him by the naughty bits know that he's a fine blitherer for the System.

How about you? What are you listening to? Who is the one putting those things into your mind? Your  heart? Your soul?

Who is your Lord?

For a bit more on the religious influences on those who say they hate religion except for their patronizing attitude toward it, check out my webzine. Go to this page for the most succinct explanation of this phenomenon.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Bill Nye, the Spokeshole Guy

My attention was brought to a video Bill Nye "the Science Guy" did to proclaim that science "proves" that abortion is perfectly okay. After reading about its content, I went ahead and watched a bit of it, and sure enough it is worthless pap spouted by World Ops to convince everyone that people are perfectly justified to continue committing acts of modern human sacrifice against other human beings.

Nye's first argument revolves around the statement that fertilized ova die all the time through natural means, so the clear intimation is that mothers are perfectly within their rights to terminate the lives of their own fertilized ova.

So that means that if I'm carrying on my back a fellow hiker with an injured leg, and we're walking on a narrow trail along a high ledge, the instant I get tired of this I'm good with just throwing him down the steep incline to his death? I mean, people slip and stumble off cliffs while hiking and die all the time.

What is so appalling about this whole Bill Nye defends abortion crap is that it is presented as science and that so many mainstream news outlets promoted it as such. It still blows my mind the breadth of the stultifyingly benighted idiocy of the people buying this -- and there are millions who do.

They simply do not think, they haven't the smallest amount of common sense -- or decency for that matter -- yet

I do grieve for them because they are so thoroughly seduced by the Father of Lies.

So, as I've said many times before, I just pray for them.

Here's the truth, in case you're interested, and want the truth about things.

First of all, Bill Nye isn't doing science he's doing philosophy. There isn't a scintilla of science in his video. Just saying he's a science guy doesn't mean squat. In fact, really, he's just a pathetic spokeshole for the people put these words in his mouth. Remember the equally idiotic "debate" he had with Ken Ham about evolution? The news media lapped it up, but it was merely a modern-day carnival show. Ridiculous.

Secondly, here's the -- I confess philosophy -- but it is indeed the scientifically based reality of human beings.

A fertilized ovum that progresses from conception to old age is a human being, as classified by all the characteristics fully accepted by every reputable scientist.

The resolve: A human embryo is an individual, living, human being.

1. She is an individual. She is distinct from her mother, her father, and other living things.

2. She is living. Her body is characterized by metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.

3. She is human. She carries DNA with a distinctly human genetic signature from the instant of conception.

4. She is a being. She is a self-contained, self-integrated entity with her own nature. She has the innate capacity to proceed through the full series of developmental stages.

Because she is an individual, living, human being just like us, only at a different stage of development, just like a toddler or a teenager, she must be afforded all the protections of life that all human beings enjoy.

Therefore: No justification for "terminating" her is reasonable, whether for the convenience of not caring for her or for any other expressed purpose. If she is indeed an individual, living, human being, then it is absolutely, categorically, unequivocally a moral crime of the highest order to take her life.

Thirdly, I must add that there is forgiveness, healing, and salvation for those who've consented to abortions or endorse making them available. Jesus Christ opens His arms to the worst of the abortion-minded.

But is Bill Nye going to speak about that? And why not?

It isn't just because he's a committed materialist, but because he gets paid big money to keep being that spokeshole for the System.

Hey, everyone's got a job to do.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Come Quickly Lord Jesus"

Just feel like blogging a bit of eschatology here. I just feel like it. I'm not a date-predictor by any means. But among the very last words in the very last couples of verses of the Bible are "Come quickly Lord Jesus."

What a wonderful matter that will be.

Thing is, here's what I see right now.

I see Russia and China both moving big-time on a thoroughly destabilized Syria. I seem to remember some Christians with some reasonable eschatological sentiments saying that Russia is the "Gog/Magog" of Ezekiel and China represents the "Kings of the East."

Israel has a powerful army and terrific security unit, and they are now mobilizing big-time in response to this. Some eschatological minds have thunk that the reason the U.S. does not play a part in last days prophecy is because it just isn't there. With a completely arrogant, incompetent president and a stunningly spineless, impotent Congress I'm beginning to see some truth there. I seem to remember when the U.S. took pride in sending statesmen on the world stage. Now it has whiny squabbling children. This U.S. idiocy may just be what God envisioned for these events in the Middle East to begin ushering in those last days.

Last Thursday the abomination of desolation spoke in the "holy place", and I think I remember some Scripture that spoke about that exact thing. The pope spoke of every World System precept there is, but nothing of the Kingdom -- what a phenomenal contrast of the two. I know the presumption is that the "holy place" refers to the re-built temple in Jerusalem, but the temple of Jupiter, the U.S. Capitol Building, is just as holy to World inhabitants.

I see wickedness increasing and increasing and increasing with the unbelievable things happening with all the sodomy and abortion wretchedness, and how much more these things are celebrated or excused away in the most vile ways. Jesus said out of that love will grow colder and colder and colder.

No wonder, "love" is re-defined as anything one wishes, and as such it must follow that love means nothing at all anymore. Family relationships are then vigorously re-defined, and as such it must follow that brashly narcissistic people will rail against any other family member, pitting as Jesus said mother against daughter, father against son, and all the rest of it.

My oldest son is getting married this Saturday. I am very excited. Just for the record I love my son and we have a fine relationship. My point here is I simply cannot help but think about that phrase, "Just like it was in the days of Noah, people marrying and being given in marriage..."

I think of the two witnesses, who are murdered and everyone celebrated. Why wouldn't those witnesses by the two babies in the video evidence of organ harvesting among fetuses that comprise the essential elements of Carly Fiorina's remarks in the last Republican presidential debate? In a very real sense the abortion supporters are celebrating those deaths in the name of "women's rights" and "women's health".

Yeah, it's a stretch to say those are the witnesses, I'm just making the point. The Planned Parenthood head spoke at a congressional hearing yesterday and said those who want to defund it are misogynists. Then I read a piece that indicated from the statistical evidence, as a result their abortion practices, Planned Parenthood clinics murdered 160,000 girls in 2013. So who's the misogynist? This kind of stuff absolutely breaks my heart, but it also infuriates me that someone can say the completely wicked things this Planned Parenthood gal said and no one does a thing.

Oh people say stuff, but where's the action? Sure we can "defund" or protest or rally or screech and holler and shout, but how about divesting?

How about getting ungrafted?

How about setting up establishments that have nothing to do with any of that?

Here it is. Right here. Click this link in this whole line of writing right now.

That's what you do. Why won't people join together and do this?

Because they're too Catholicized.

But that's not unexpected. When Cain's legacy captures your heart, it is near impossible for you to see Christ. Calvinists go all out and say it is fully impossible, that some people are just too far gone. I look at some people, just so utterly clueless, I wonder, maybe it is impossible. When I see what is going on with what so many people are doing to one another, I wonder.

It'd be nice. It'd be nice if the Kingdom were manifest in and through this and people would be free by the blood of Christ.

But then again, maybe the U.S. is just too lost and gone.

Not trying to make any prophetic utterances here. No dates, no boasts -- some of this is just me sharing from my soul. I also think about earthquakes and rumors of wars and people saying "Peace and safety" and lots of other things Jesus said to look for, but I don't know. People have said a lot of these things, and lots of rotten things have happened long ago in world history that get people to think Jesus is a-comin' fer sure.

I'm just talking right now, that's all.

I am, however, hurting because I just hurt for these people. All of them. What happens to me doesn't matter at all. I'm already in His mighty grip.

I just want to be a Kingdom-bringer, that's all. I just want to worship Him in Spirit and Truth with millions of others doing the same.

That's all.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Seeds From the Evil One, Still Sprouting

I live in California where we are told if we water our lawns we're evil. Never mind that residential use makes up a piddle (puddle?) amount of the water used in the state. Sure we need most of that water for agricultural purposes -- we all eat. But I'm also great with reasonable conservation activity.

On the corner of my street a homeowner with a perfectly beautiful front lawn decided to drink the Kool-Aid, however, and tear up that lawn and install other more "drought-friendly" landscaping. Why? Even with incentive rebates (which are not a whole lot, let's face it, and I'm pretty sure that money dried up a while ago) I just can't see why so many people are buying into the overblown anti-drought message.

Oh, wait, I know.

People still live in the deepest guilt with the most crushing shame.

Hey! How about becoming more drought-tolerant! That'll make me feel way better!

I'm fascinated with Jesus' parable about the seed-sower. There in the 13th chapter of Matthew. Seeds from "the evil one" are sown among the good seed, and it all grows. What to do? He says leave it until the last day, when the harvesters will take care of business.

Ya know -- damn that's scary.

Here's the thing. Today the Pope spoke to Congress in the Capitol Building. Did you just get that?

The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church was given the dais in the House of Representatives.

Do you know how apoplectic Americans would be if that happened even 20 years ago?

No, right now those weeds are growing really tall.

In a Tupper group post on Facebook, I wrote this:

"A day of celebration for the Society of Jesus. The extirpation of American Protestantism is seeing its fullest manifestation here. I do not consider this a wholly bad thing, as Protestantism has been slowly carved up for decades, the Jesuits relentless as ever. But all within God's plans. The Pope's speech was all about law enforcement, and as Scripture clearly states, 'The law is made... for the lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful,' and the Pope is legitimately assigned the job of administering that charge. The Capitol Building is indeed his domain. I look for the Holy Spirit now to move mightily among those who see it for what it is, want out, and desire the deepest, richest liberation in Christ."

Just watching all those representing all three branches of the U.S. government, who really represent all the people of this nation, just beaming and applauding there.

With an anti-Christ feeding and watering his garden...

This screen shot, however, is the one that is most telling. From the NBC web news site, with the pictures juxtaposed as is. I titled it what it is precisely: Insane Irony.

So many people haven't a clue that this guy is in charge of the operation that governs the things that led to the murder that happened in Mecca, and the sexual abuse that happened in small town America.

But as I said in that post, all of the body-of-death stuff that emanates from people's wicked heart and the pontiff's obsessive desire to manage it all must reach some kind of heightened measure before people start to really see it for what it is and turn from it in genuine repentance and be healed and saved.

I believe that does indeed involve worship assemblies and church communities gathering together to become truly ungrafted -- to stop being subdivisions of this august organization that was, yes, put into motion millennia ago by God Himself to do exactly what the Pope is doing and saying he's doing and have praises heaped upon him by the reprobate for doing.

It does what it does.

God does what He does, rescue people from it all by virtue of the shed blood of Jesus.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Reigning Wicked Sophistry

Here's the latest salvo from the extraordinarily powerful pro-sodomy voice. This billboard.

It's gotten some news coverage, I'd say more to keep raging sentiments stirred than to make any kind of logically robust statement about how sodomy is perfectly fine or anything like that.

Apparently it was posted near Kim Davis' environs, Davis being the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses as a declaration that she'd like to stand by righteousness rather than submit to the loud wail for institutionalizing sinful behavior.

When I first saw this, I thought about the image before I'd looked at the words next to it. It reminded me of another billboard, just as idiotic and as such you probably hadn't seen much of it. It had a photograph of a dog going "Moo" with something about being who you want to be even if it doesn't align with what others think. That kind of thing, you know, the message clearly: if you want to be a girl in a boy's body then you just go right ahead, you enlightened forward-thinking person!

The problem with that is that a dog is still a dog. No wonder it was an epic fail.

This one is as well. The wording here, essentially, "You can no longer give your daughter as a bride for a goat. We've already redefined marriage."

Excuse me, but the epic fail qualities of this message are just not that hard to see. May I?

First and foremost, marriage is something beyond ourselves. It has what is called an "ontological" nature, that is, it is a thing, a thing we can't simply redefine. It is already defined. Yes, I understand the pro-sodomy crowd disagrees, but on what basis? If their insistence that marriage be redefined because that's the way that is, then how can they argue against our insistence it is what it is?

Secondly, because a bunch of people have wanted to inject meanings about how they treat marriage does not obviate its ontological meaning. Sure there are cultures that have dowries and family arrangements and all the rest of it. Do those things take away from that meaning? Of course not. Some of those things are abhorrent, yes, but marriage still is as it is.

The most abhorrent are the ones that make marriage something it isn't. Polygamy is a classic example. Marrying anyone besides a compatible adult single individual of the opposite sex invalidates that arrangement as a marriage. Anyone can call it a marriage, but it isn't. It is actually something that destroys the people engaged in it, because marriage is a thing for a reason -- it benefits those involved in that arrangement.

This is where the debate from the pro-sexual-health, pro-family-health must be waged if it hopes to have any success. The more the debate degenerates into an issue about "religious liberty," the more the pro-sodomy forces will triumph.

Indeed the argument about "religious liberty" is screeched at the behest of the Catholicist voices that seduce people into thinking it's anything worthwhile. Because so many are beholden to Rome in so many different ways, they don't have the courage to simply step up and say words I rarely hear:

Sodomy and its wholesale endorsement destroy lives, families, and communities. As such, it is public health danger, and measures should be employed to stop it.

It doesn't matter how much they roll their eyes, how much they call us Neanderthals, or how many of them are doing it together with great ferocity, this is the truthful reality.

Sadly, Caesar is now a firm part of the enablement of the now rampant homosexualist message and practice, and as such it can now exercise even more law enforcement against the people who simply don't have the spiritual strength to resist the worst sexual crimes. I saw in my newspaper the other morning a story about fears that in California prisons will swell because of bills passed making felonies of possession of date-rape drugs and parole violations of convicted sexual predators.

And I see billboards like this.

My heart breaks.

Of course, I should add that the very best measure against it is the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.

But with so many churchy Christiany religiousy people so damned Catholicized, who is left to share that?

My heart breaks.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The God Algorithm

I see the Dow dropped another 500 or so points today. This was after a brief uptick, and that was after a major fall a week ago. Oh the volatility in the market! Oh the opportunity for those who can manage risk -- cha-ching! Oh the rank exploitation of value assignments among a world populace who haven't the slightest clue about how to value anything!

I've just posted my latest home page piece, and I'm just posting here now to give you the heads-up about it. Seems now the trendy fad is to value things via The Algorithm. Bitcoin, blockchain, the black box -- oh do we got it now!

Let's just put our trust in The Math!

Damn, everything is just math anyway, why didn't we think of this before? And WOW with faster and faster and fasterandfasterandfaster information processing, it'll be easy!


Most don't know diddly about value.

Just look around.

In a prominent news story I caught a number of those championing sexual abuse by sodomy say the most vile horrific things to a woman in Kentucky who as county clerk refuses to submit to the idea that institutionalized homosexual activity isn't wholly destructive of mind, body, and soul. The problem is the Catholicized media narrative is all about how she stands by her religious beliefs in this area. What does the convey? The idea that it's all just her Neanderthal beliefs that are in the way of progressive forward thinking.

No, how about sodomy should be firmly rejected because it destroys lives, and how about we argue from that solidly truthful position?

Point is, these people don't know the faintest thing about how to value another. They say "love who you want." Really? Putting ones genitals in the most insane places of another person's body merely to gratify profoundly deep-seeded sexual woundedness needs really qualifies as love?

They don't get value.

How about the whole Planned Parenthood thing? Righteousness oriented people do see the horror that is revealed by this, and that is a good thing. But it required videos of Planned Parenthood personnel speaking about harvesting whole aborted baby organs to wake up NOW? The fact that people are up in arms about this now shows how pathetically Catholicized this country is.

Wait wait wait! I thought the Catholic Church is against abortion. They are! But they are only against it because it gives them a platform to stand on and shout "Look at us and how much we don't like abortion!" If a vote were taken to completely end abortion like the one in South Dakota a couple years ago, it would not pass, because too many still want it to be around just in case. Really, that's what happened, essentially, with that vote.

This -- is -- insane.

Even right now people hem and haw about making sure tax dollars are not spent on Planned Parenthood anymore. You mean the defunding hasn't happened yet? And that's all we want? You mean every single Planned Parenthood operation hasn't been summarily shuttered with the most extreme prejudice, like, now?

People say they see but they don't. People say they understand but they don't. People say they know how to value things...

But they don't, by light years.

They just don't get Christ's love.

And that's where this must head. Yes we can censure all these nasty things, and that is fine when and where it makes a difference.

But what about The War Room factor?

See, The War Room is a film by those Fireproof and Courageous people what has a terrific drama mixed in with love-that-wins-out-after-all and a powerful gospel message. I mention this because I'd never heard of this film until some passing news mention of box office weekend successes was shared.

It was like, "Oh, and this dumb Christian movie finished 2nd at the box office this weekend."

Really? The -- what was the movie again -- The War Room? -- Huh, never heard of it!

Well, I looked it up, watched the preview, and by-the-way saw that the Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic reviews were sparse and dismal.


Dense Hollywood glommers won't give it the time of day or write that it is melodramatic preachy pap when it is nothing of the sort.

They just don't get it.

And what is the Kingdom dweller's response?

Exactly what The War Room is all about.

Get in your "War Room" and pray like crazy.

How about this.

Pray like crazy they'd find the value anything and everything by Christ poured out by His shed blood.

I'm sure that's what the movie is all about. I watched that preview and was blown away by the little that I saw. Didn't even need the whole movie to get the idea.

People can only value and understand and -- the most important thing -- love, by Christ.

Will they get it?

Yeah, too many of them are so spiritually lunk-headed, but you know, that didn't keep Paul from preaching from place to place to place to place to place when he was up against it.

We can do the same.

Anyway, my latest home page piece gets into more details about what I think genuine Christ followers could be moving on to be more powerful Kingdom bringers. Would love for you to read it. Send me your thoughts. Here's my email. Thanks.

Friday, August 07, 2015

A Visit to Costco

Tonight we made a trip to Costco, snagged a few things we like you can get in bulk. We also picked up some videos we had made into DVDs.

Some things I got to behold in the books and toys section.

"Frozen" stuff seems to be everywhere, "Frozen" being that extraordinarily popular Disney/Pixar film about the gal who has power to make things very cold. Of course, the character Elsa is the one who decides to "let it go" in song, abandoning all pretense of decorum and ice-blasting everything around her. I've heard children sing this song to death, and it makes me very sad.

Mark Levin is a popular conservative talk show screecher, and please, don't get me wrong, I like listening to some of his schtick, it is often smart and insightful. But Levin is still a small fragile toy in the hands of the Operative elite who twist his screws.

His latest book is Plunder and Deceit, and while I only slightly leafed through it, I get the idea of what it is about. I've read parts of his other books and I hear him talk about it on the radio. The thrust of this work besides all the "The Great Splendid America is being flushed down the crapper by the liberal jerks" stuff is that the nation's children are most in danger and we must re-educate them.

Re-educate them about what? Sure we can tell them about character and discipline and responsibility, that's great, but who is going to do that, and why? Yes Levin is supportive of the family and traditional-minded institutions, that's fine. Yes he does see the core modus operandi of Caesar's often ruthlessly autocratic administration.

But he will never get the why.

Unless of course he comes to Christ in repentance and rest, and I'm not sure he's going to do that.

For you see, he's just a part of getting people riled up to "let it go" with their rage and fury against the oppressive socialist hegemony that he sees as taking over. Children will only grow up to be a more vibrantly violent part of the culture war Levin enthusiastically fights.

How about these two publications in the general vicinity, there at the Costco wholesale superstore?The latest National Geographic features a cover story about Pope Francis at the entry of the Sistine Chapel. A very powerful image indeed. The other is a DK book all about Francis, "The People's Pope." He looks so regal and smart and thoughtful and splendidly wonderful in every single photograph on every single page of every one of these tomes.


What if I mention Rome is at the forefront of provoking the evils that Levin rails against, that it is instrumental in making the millions of young impressionable Elsa's of the world scream from the depths of their psyche's to let go all the hatred and revulsion pent up by the downtrodden against the those carrying out the charge given to Cain by God since the beginning of mankind's history?

Yes, that's right.

God did set all this in motion.

All the culture war stuff, all the turgid law-making and -keeping and -abiding and -twisting and -enforcing and -adjudicating and -interpreting and -breaking and -worshiping was set in motion by God, through Cain, on into Babylon and Persia and Greece and Rome and Britain and now the Great Wonderful America to crack heads of evildoers for one striking purpose.

For people to see it for the ugliness that it is.

And to hear the horrific destruction those beholden to it brings.

And to understand one cannot find true freedom and rich salvation from any of it.

And to discover over there, far away but close enough to touch, through the narrow gate -- Truth and Grace.

So they'd be healed.

I can't deny that I feel tremendous sorrow when I see crusaders for homosexualism adopting Frozen's "Let It Go" as their anthem of justification for their behavior. I can't deny that I weep even more for the children who follow all this crap straight to their eternal doom because there aren't enough people who will call Rome what it is and be Christ to those who do see, hear, and understand and do want out.

You know, there was a time when courageous evangelically-minded people articulated most boldly and clearly the truth about Rome. Today people who incisively detail it as it really is are treated as the worst bigots and racists and Neanderthals and all that.

This was the photograph that was on the cover of my Sunday newspaper's insert magazine. It shook me to the core. This old man may be a very nice, highly decorated veteran or something like that. But the Congressional Medal of Honor he's wearing has imagery that is wholly occultic in nature. The most common ones feature the image of the Roman Goddess Minerva, whose task it is to ensure children are taught how to use the arts and commercial activity to wage war.

Where are the parents in this photograph?

I know Parade magazine is a wholly Catholicist endeavor, gently shoving the World's humanist ideals into the souls of those who simply cannot protect themselves from it -- but again, that's how it should be. It keeps liars and murderers from destroying everything around them enough to protect the elect and make avenues for those who want to get out of it and come to the Kingdom.

That guy in the photograph is the essence of warrior. Warriors are not bad, the question is, what is the war for, what is it about, and yet again, why? Minerva in that medal is pictured using Sun-Tzuan arts of war (the symbol of Roman might, the fasces, is right there next to her in the engraving) to fend off "Discord". Sounds so wholesome and virtuous -- no conflict or disagreement, let's just all get along, let's settle into the mainstream, be tolerant and polite and helpful, don't be extreme about anything.

This is not the gospel. Jesus said His message of righteousness and salvation by Him alone would turn many against Him, and those who believed on Him would be hated by those who hate Him and His, ahem, extremist views.

Those children though. It is indeed harrowing when I start to grasp the reality of what Jesus told us about two millennia ago, that children would turn against their own parents. I never could really believe that -- children rebelling against their parents in the most heinous ways. Jesus was very explicit, but, nah, that couldn't happen.


Tonight for a bit I watched some of one of those videos-turned-to-DVDs we have of our 12-year-old daughter when she was six months old. What joy. Truly rapturous joy.

But I also think...

What awaits her in her future.

I pray like crazy that Christ would wrap His body around her heart to protect it from the onslaught of evil that continues to build -- looking at all that stuff at Costco, it seems so nice and sweet and harmless -- and I pray like crazy that she would grow up to be the most powerful Kingdom-bringer there could ever be. Because, yeah, I weep for others' children too. I really do.

I pray like crazy that I may be the most loving, caring, treasuring father, but yeah -- also the most rabidly courageously blisteringly truth-telling father that I can be.

I pray like crazy crazy that as a bright young woman she'd be on the cutting edge of sharing truth with so many so they'd see, hear, understand, and revel in the Kingdom just like we get to do...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Letter to a Christian Friend on Facebook

(I was directed to a lengthy Facebook post from a friend at the church I frequent, and it so grieved me that I felt I needed to pound out a response here. I've waffled back and forth about whether to actually post this there, and at this point I'm not. I'm just sketching it out here whatever the case.)

Dear Christian Friend on Facebook,

I was directed to your lengthy post about how much more loving we need to be toward Bruce Jenner about his personal decision to turn himself from a man into a woman. You brought up points related to how much we must try to understand why someone does what they do simply because we can't experience what they are going through, and what we all must start doing to be more loving and caring towards LGBT people.

What grieves me doesn't have as much to do with your naive cry for more tolerance and all that wholesomeness, or that your post reflects a unequivocal endorsement of people acting on their sexual confusion and dysfunction, or that you have the most elementary understanding of the real meaning and impact of the gospel message.

What truly grieves me is that so many people, so many, are on board with you in applauding it -- lots of "Likes" and comments about how bold and brave you are, many of them from people with their profile pictures rainbow-shaded, some of them other good Christian friends of mine. I'm also tremendously grieved that this rank misconception about who Jesus is and what He is about is virulently rampant through most Christian churches, but I've come to the understanding that a lot of that is put there by people who's job it is to keep people on a greased slide to Hell.

For one, I can't judge Bruce Jenner, I can't. Jesus said He didn't even judge, but He did insist that there was something that did, the law. And the law judges Bruce Jenner and he stands condemned by that measure.

Fact is, I too am condemned by the same measure. Yes! I cannot say anything about Bruce Jenner either because I've got a huge stick in my eye, so to speak! I've done deceitful, murderous things too, and by virtue of that perfect law I'm going straight to Hell also. So yeah, we're all on our way to an eternity of nothingness, separation, despair, loneliness, darkness.

Yes, Christ is the answer. He's the rescue, He's the Savior, He's the only One and belief on Him is the only thing that gets me out of this predicament. But that means repentance, and it means full commitments to not do any of that crappy stuff again. To say "I believe in Jesus!" and then participate in or endorse the things that betray that commitment, I'm telling Jesus I don't really want Him to save me from myself and my benighted "lifestyle choices."

Now, you can say "I don't believe in that" or "That's not the way I see it" or "That's your interpretation" or "It's all hokum" or "Jesus just isn't for me" or "Jesus is supposed to be loving and caring" or "That's just not the way I see Jesus" or anything you want.

But that IS the gospel.

And I've become convinced that those who say "You go Bruce Jenner!" without the requisite explanation about how he's destroying the lives of himself, his family, and the millions of those watching who are now more entrenched in their consideration that this stuff is perfectly fine, are simply believing in another Jesus.

Hey, that other Jesus doesn't even have to be anything close to looking like the Jesus we generally think about, you know, white-ish robe and long hair and full beard and piercing eyes and all that. The atheist has a Jesus too, it is the Jesus of "There is no god so feel free to do what you want except for the things some people you kind of like would be angry about if you did them."

See, everybody is going to judge anyway. How come you are judging all the people who you see as doing too much judging? You say, as so many do, "Who am I to say?" That sounds so non-judgmental! But it too is judging -- you are judging that you or anyone else can't say! On what basis can you make that judgment?

What if I went to your house and cut off my finger, bled all over your front porch, and left it there? You'd judge! You may say "That's disgusting!" I'm saying what Bruce Jenner did to himself is disgusting too. How come you get to judge but I can't? You may say, "But you're invading my property to do that!" (Sounds like judging to me) But then, isn't Bruce Jenner and his "courage" and his "decision" and his, yes, judging being poured into my living room when I watch the news or sports on television, or simply when I look at someone posting about it on Facebook?

You may even say, "But cutting off your finger is different than what Bruce Jenner did." Really? How? In what way? Cutting off my finger is connecting with who I really am. I should've been born a four-fingered man. Aren't I brave and courageous for doing what I did so I can be who I really am?

There are a few logically consistent folks who would say, "Okay, I'm with you. I applaud you for your decision. You be a four-fingered man, I'll stand with you. I'm a fully tolerant and open-minded person."

The problem is when you take that philosophy to its logical end. Do you know what that is?

Nothingness. Nothing has meaning any more. We've eliminated all distinctions about things. And there is a philosophy for that, there is. It is called nihilism, and it indeed is what people must adopt when they reject God's standard for distinctions among things.

And the truth from there is that no one ever truly lives that way. No one.

Everyone makes the most intolerable judgments about things all the time or they would go insane.

In the long run, there is Christ and His beautiful salvation from sin and woundedness and destruction and wickedness and death and the worst sexual dysfunction there could possibly be.

Or there is nothing -- a hell all unto itself.

And I weep because looking at all this, looking at your post, looking at all the people who foolishly go right along with it all... they're rocketing their way to Nothingness.

What is crazy is that I'm pretty sure there've been thousands of posts and remarks and comments out there everywhere that are not a whole lot different than this one. What I've shared here, really -- how much different is this content different from all the other ones from disciplined Scripture-versed followers of Christ? I don't think it can be that much different, really.

It's just the gospel, that's all. It's actually pretty simple, really.

And yet, how much are these words having an impact? How much, out there in the real world with flesh and blood people -- many of whom are wounded beyond belief and in desperate need of a real flesh and blood Savior? Where is the powerful movement among people with Christ on their lips to minister the most loving and caring things you're concerned about in your post -- so that people are truly embracing grace and truth? Where are they?

I confess, I'm with you, I don't see it. But I don't see it because you and your devotees and so many millions of others are being played like cheap violins to think and believe and say the things you do. Doesn't matter that you're in a Christian church, the gospel is just not being shared there if the people attending are thinking these things.

Would you be willing to look further into how you're being seduced by the System into posting stuff like you did -- stuff that is wonderfully well-intended but actually ruthlessly destructive? Would you and your friends consider spending time with Jesus, the Jesus, and listen carefully to what He says? Yes, you don't have to listen to me at all! You can continue to dismiss me as an intolerant narrow-minded butt-in.

But there is a reason I do this. And it is because I do make judgments, and this one is that I love you just like Christ loved me. I wouldn't bother otherwise. Thank God He allows us those kinds of judgments, the ones where mercy triumphs, even over judgment itself. There must be judgment, however, for that to make sense! Jesus knew that even so we do judge, and that when we do, we should judge righteous judgment.

He said that, by the way, His words -- look in the seventh chapter of John, you'll see it there.

"Mercy triumphs over judgment." That's in the letter of James, by the way. Hate to say it, but the World's obsession with sex and power and autonomy and smiley politeness in the face of the most wretched things people do to one another, you can still seek to wallow around there, there's so much of it. Not hard to do, I understand. Some people get so far into it I don't know if they can ever get out. Wow. Is that you? I pray it isn't. It is so intoxicating, that World, it is. You can certainly continue to be held in its grip...

Or you can step out and explore the Kingdom.

Thanks for your time.


My webzine is here in case you're interested for a bit more of my take on things.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Covered Cain

I had been meaning to put up a blog post as a follow-up to "Prayers with Incense," but I simply haven't had time to sit down and pound out another post. Much of that time has been spent with family -- I so need them to help steel me against the continuing onslaught of the world and the World. The former are all those given over to their own wretched behavior, the latter the authorized system charged with enabling it.

I happened to catch some historical thing on television the other day, and an interviewee blurted out the words "The world is getting crazier." Thing is, this was fifty years ago. I realized, no, no, the world isn't getting crazier. It's always been a cesspool of people brazenly acting on their own concupiscent shit. It's just sometimes we glance a bit too much at it and it becomes nearly unbearable.

I'd actually cataloged a number of items to address, but eh, just not going to get into all of it. Right now I am looking at the way the System's spokesholes simply will not cover the story about the Planned Parenthood official speaking about how abortions should be done in order to save the vital body parts. I can't see how they aren't conspicuously silent because they've been indoctrinated with the idea that "Ye are gods": You may make your own decisions about what you want to do with your sexuality and your reproductive capacity and if you need a vital organ the government will make sure it's arranged for you to have one. Ohh! Whuh... you mean there are people who want to get in your way trying to do that? People who actually think a pre-born baby is a -- gasp -- human being?!

Last night a physically self-mutilated Bruce Jenner in a dress gave a long speech at ESPN's sports awards show -- believe me I didn't watch it but noted it on news broadcasts about the event -- and he was celebrated for his "courage". What horrifically embarrassing folly -- not just that Bruce Jenner is a fool but that all who smile and applaud are too.

"Ye are gods."

The other night my wife and I were out walking and we came across a neighborhood friend. We chatted, and she happened to bring up that her daughter needed knee surgery and that she was a part of "Covered California", the state's exchange to provide for health care items in the Affordable Care Act joyfully known as "Obamacare". Turns out this gal discovered it is nearly impossible to get a date to address her medical need.


"Ye are gods and ye shalt have all others applaud you and service you and pay for all your needs."

Then when it doesn't happen in real actual life -- then what? (For just a taste of this now rampant absurdity, non-productive Greeks are rioting now that they've been told they won't be getting as much of other people's money handed to them as they thought. The prime minister responded by whining that he'd only agreed to the deal because they held "a knife to my neck.")

One of the things I wanted to post about was all this talk about "religious liberty." Look at how much everyone is now fighting valiantly to protect it.

But think about it.


That's what you want? That's it???

Look at Paul. He had no religious liberty, was thrown in jail all the time. Yet he didn't give nearly as much of a rip about that (oh he did, don't get me wrong -- "Remember my chains") as he did ministering Christ to emotionally wounded and spiritually dead people.

The Religious Liberty movement is just a System inspired crusade to keep people's mouths stuck against the System -- ::schklorch:: -- like lampreys feeding on a bigger fish. Indeed it'll get ramped up just to keep good raging Catholicists enraged, that's all.

After that Supreme Court decision about same-sex "marriage", a friend on Facebook directed me to her brother-in-law's blog post. The dude's a big-shot educator for Fuller, which is a pretty big-shot evangelical institution of higher education. I read through it, thinking I'd find the same old standard "Christian" response, ya-da-ya.

But then I found him saying something very different. He actually brings up the idea of getting out of all that crap and reclaiming the truthful things outside of Cain's domain. Now, he doesn't exactly say that because I don't think he has the slightest idea what that means, what I just wrote right there.  Hardly anyone does because they're so inured by the World's way of arranging what you're supposed to think.

Still, huh, how about that. Whaddya say?

Get out of the World System.

Let's be on the forefront of living by truth again, with wisdom and insight and grace and forbearance.

But see, here's the thing. I'm convinced that can only happen if we abjure that realm and do everything we should be doing for the Kingdom from the Kingdom and not the World System.


No more church/ministry 501c3's. No more W-4's and paying taxes we don't owe. No more Social Security registrations. No more of any of those items that give over to Cain's operatives the measure of our wealth used for sowing healing and salvation and wholeness and righteousness into communities. How about it?

Yes we'd have to give up any and all of the "goodies" Cain's officers want to lavish upon us. But why not?!

We have the Kingdom for cryin' out loud!

And yes, when I say "cryin' out loud" I do mean that I weep buckets for people who say they're followers of Christ, that they love with His love, but then hop right into bed with Cain. Yes, excuse me, but all that shit: 501c3's and W-4's and SS#'s and a dozen other registrations and contracts and licenses and all of them are just ways to commit adultery with the World. Not all of them, but most of them are items we do not need to do the greatest, most magnificent Kingdom work there is.

I mean, look at what's being defecated upon this country right now.

The sexuality ugliness and the health care brutality and the murderous race-baiting and abortion war hell that is festering more and more and more.

To say you really want to do something about those things but remain attached at the hip to Cain?

That's just wanting to remain intractably Catholicized, and forgive me... Well, some of it means I'm just going to weep some more.

Hey, look over there, someone like Mike McNichols sees it.

Just don't know he'll want to do anything about it -- or anyone will for that matter.

You know, I think about all the piddly little things people want to do through Cain in order to just make things all better by golly. Before I weep I actually laugh it is so comical, it really is. In my devotional time I'd just finished reading the book of Revelation, and I still think about the 16th chapter of that book.

Read it. Go ahead, read it. I'd like for you to. In fact, how great is web stuff like this blog. Here's a link to it right here. Go there and read it, please.

Now that you've read it, what say you about your pathetic attempts to get Cain to listen to your pitiful bleating about "religious liberty"? Huh? Or even making sure your tax payments will get Cain to ensure that his racketeers won't come and yank your house and all those trinkets on the mantle away from you?

I mean -- please.

What the blazes is all that worth when it comes to a soul, much like Bruce Jenner's, much like any one of his starry-eyed sycophants, that is on the greasiest slide to Hell?



Really, if you are even remotely interested further in any of that basis of what I've shared here, first go to Scripture, that's first. But then I invite you to peruse my webzine, look around at my take on things and see what you think. I do have a passion for worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth. Just looking for people to do that with, that's all.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Prayers With Incense

This morning in my devotional time I read from the eighth chapter of the book of Revelation. I was quite taken by the first part of that passage, when just after the seventh seal is opened there is a period of complete silence in heaven, and then an angel takes a censor full of incense and the prayers of the saints and releases them before God.


I've been taking to saying quiet prayers any time I hear a siren wail. Somebody really needs God in that moment. I've considered never telling anyone I do that because I just want it to be about God ministering to them, that's all. It's about them and their healing and salvation.

The only reason I do bring it up is because today, while I was puttering around the house as I usually do on a lazy Saturday, I heard that siren, said a brief prayer, but it kept getting louder with other sirens joining in. One of them became particular mournful, exceedingly so, like the sickest banshee you could ever hear.

Makes sense.

This is the last day of a week in which this nation was shoved closer to that critical mass of the most putrid immorality imaginable. Thursday the Supreme Court further entrenched the codependent pillaging on behalf of the reckless by affirming nationalized health care. Friday they did themselves one better by more rigorously institutionalizing sodomy and establishing those who commit it a firmly protected class.

Oh Dave stop being so melodramatic. Get with the 21st century.

You know, there are right now a lot of church-respecting Christian-minded people bemoaning this turn of events also. But I ask another more pressing question that very few are asking.

How many of them are Catholicist?

This means how many of them are screeching about it because they like having it around so they can do more Tikkun Olam stuff to work it - work it - work it to repair the world? Some of the best arguments against this crap come from Catholics. Bravo! Really, I mean that. They should be commended for their bold stance in all this. They are truly some of the most vocal in their objection about what is happening. Kudos to them

But it all means nothing unless those who are on board with all of this repent and come to Christ. Yes, both Catholicists and humanists. Neither of them can bring an individual to Christ, especially an individual who is traumatically wounded and dives right into either homosexual behavior or the ferocious endorsement of it all.

I love getting my Los Angeles Times. I enjoy opening it up and reading precisely what the World wants me to think. As I've shared before, there is so very much irony all over the System's journalistic efforts, and today's feature was one of the best. May I share it with you? I'll go through the whole thing, if you'll allow me.

Page A1. Everything on there was about the same-sex marriage thing, except for the story beneath the fold. It was about dozens who died in terrorists attacks. But ya know? It could've applied just as much to the same-sex marriage people.

They're dying also.

The reason sodomy continues its advance at train-wreck speed (yes, I know it should be "break-neck" but I like my term better) is because not enough people make the only argument that could be made that is effective -- the truly truthful one. That argument is that sodomy kills. Do you know the facts about what happen to men and women in "sexually" (if you can even call it that) active homosexual relationships? Emotionally? Spiritually? Physically -- about the horrific things done to genitalia and the commensurate deleterious medical effects? This is why homosexual activity should be considered a sexual crime.

But it isn't because the narrative has been too entrenched. Talking about those destructive things would be mean-spirited, intolerant, thinking like a Neanderthal. I'm backwards, bigoted, and homophobic for bringing it up. Indeed that's where this is all going -- will I even be prosecuted for saying these things when I only do it because I do care about their well-being.

As a follower of Christ I love them and pray for them.

And you know what else? They too know what they're doing and how harmful and hurtful it all is. Too many won't admit it because they'd risk looking unsure about this wonderful crusade that has given them meaning and happiness. But then you also see what it is really about! It isn't about their natural tendency to want to be sexually intimate with another individual of the same sex! It is about them being deeply emotionally wounded and rejected, feeling they can't have physical love the way God made it to be, and then getting warm happiness fuzzies when homosexualist people smile and tell them they can be somebody if they'd just, as the words in the song from Frozen screech, "Let it go!"

So, yeah, back to page one of the Times. There's the first photograph of a same-sex couple engaged in some sexual-oriented intimate activity. There'll of course be many more. I understand that, helps the narrative, they're such good wholesome-looking people...

Page A3. All over this page is stuff about the Middle East and its never-ending revolutionary fervor. People tend to equate it with "Muslim extremism", but do you know what that extremism is? Much of it is about their revulsion to the slip-sliding moral decline here. Thing is, the Catholicist says, "Let's get 'em! Let's stop 'em! Send in more military! More security here and there!" Yes, Cain does do that stuff! Good for him! But nothing will change in your life unless you turn to Christ and His Kingdom and address the needs of others from there.

Muslims need Christ as much as anyone else. Do you love them? Minister to them? Do whatever it is you do in your life with their salvation in mind as much as you'd have anyone's salvation in mind?

Or do you just want to kick their ass like all other Catholicist-minded people do?

The worst of those attacks, by the way, was in Tunisia. A few months ago I went to a lecture by a Harvard professor who was renowned expert in the Middle East. Oh did he regale us with his vast expertise about the geopolitical machinations of all that's happening there, it was indeed vast. But as he droned on I realized he never got to the meat of anything regarding the real whys and wherefores.

What's funny is that he repeatedly made mention of one country that had become a bastion of democracy and free enterprise and enlightenment and all the rest of it. That country? Tunisia.

Ah the folly of authoritatively proclaimed eggheads.

Page A4. Here is more on those terrorist attacks with pictures. Death, destruction all around. I think, what if there were actual pictures of the death and destruction in the lives of homosexually-minded people and homosexualists dancing and cheering yesterday? I know it'd be harrowing to look at.

Page A6. Obama speaks at the services for the minister killed in that shooting last week. He says "We don't need more talk about race." Then why is he right then talking about it? All the massive media attention to that tragedy amplifies the narrative that all those in the south are racist... and of course homophobic. There was even a small story back on page 1 about the mixed feelings about the same-sex marriage decision from those in the South.

Oh those racist homophobic backwoods bucktoothed southerners...

At the bottom of page A6, by the way, was this photograph. I simply could not neglect to include it here. It was related to the story about the killing of one of two escaped convicts in New York. That was a news story with some legs, still has them. But this photograph. Cain's enforcers surrounding a church. Quite telling if you ask me.

Page A8. (I'm skipping some pages because of advertisements or redundant material.) Here is a continuation of a story from the front page about dissent. With it is a graph showing the "Evolution of same-sex marriage." Indeed in court arguments a few months ago when the case was heard, lawyers arguing in favor of the practice said our views about it have evolved. I wonder when our views about bestiality will evolve, or pederasty, or polygamy, or necrophilia, or rape, or incest, or any other abhorrent sexual behavior? Already people are arranging for themselves all kinds of "marriages", to the extent that the real end-game is that there will simply be no more marriage.

Really, why have it at all? What's the point? If someone who doesn't believe in God and believes I'm just a religious nut tells me I must endorse his views about same-sex marriage, I'm simply going to ask him why that's so important to him? If there is no God, what difference does it make what I think about what he does? Why should it matter? Why should he care? Why have anything "marriage"? Why have any civil discourse -- why even talk about anything? What if I just shoot you and marry your dead body? Then fricassee your liver and enjoy it with some fava beans and a nice chianti? Why not? Who says I can't? I mean, seriously: Who then even cares in the tiniest way what bunch of old people in black robes say?

Yes, the pathetic absurdity of the humanist, relativist, atheist crusader just gets more and more comical -- if it weren't so tragic.

Page A9. The story here is the showcasing of all the big Hollywood people who've brashly cheered on this Supreme Court decision. Just about every paragraph features some big shot movie star or musical artist soaking up their victory, tweeting their asses off about it. There are so many, and a testament to the power of movies and music and media arts to convince so many to be homosexualists. Insane.

Page A10. The front page story continues, with two more photographs of same-sex couples... you know.

Page A11. It's about the Republican hopefuls and how it's just not the thing to say anymore: "Um, ahem, err, um, this thing, you know, about how I'd really kind-of not prefer there to be same-sex marriage kinds of things don't hurt me okay." There's a photograph there showing dour, depressed folk holding up their signs, their silly signs, "Every child deserves a mom & dad." How misled they are, how unprogressive they are, how, how backwards -- and Puritan -- and Victorian -- and judgmental -- and and and...

Page A12. This is the continuation of the story about the South. A photograph shows another same-sex couple, this one with two 80+ year-old men finally getting married to one another -- in Texas! Take that you backwoods gun-toting cowboy-boot-tracking Neanderthal-minded Texas! Ee-yaw!

Page A15. Here's a story about HIV, and that over 100,000 who have it don't know it. The irony! If there is ever an argument against homosexual behavior that the mainstream media would actually promote, this should be it! Yes, I know you can get HIV from other sources, but male homosexual activity is one of the primary ways it gets spread the most. Yes, I know there is the consideration that HIV is a man-made biological agent designed for the purpose using it in some kind of nefariously secret warfare, yes I know all that.

Just the irony, that's all.

Page A17. (Yeah, it's still going.) Here is a story about some discovery about a genetic link between humans and Neanderthals. Seriously. I'm not making this up. Now, please, I'm all for science even if it is about genetics and anthropology and paleontology and all that. I'm not even making the argument for or against Darwinism or evolution or any of that here.

What I am saying is that the story does augment the narrative that God does not really exist, that science really is the only thing we can trust about things, and all the rest of it.

But damn. The irony.

On the one hand those of us who believe in God and some modicum of sustaining some measure of morality in society are called, yes, Neanderthals. (And please, even if not that exact word, homosexualists still think of us as something like that.) And yet, and yet, who are the ones directly descended from Neanderthals in this particular story with this particular perspective?

Page A19. The opinion page prominently features the discourse about something else the media have been pounding into the national psyche: the Confederate flag issue. Of course, the flag is supposed to represent racism in the South, which apparently still happens because a troubled young white man shot a bunch of black people in a church, which also then must represent homophobia because a lot of people in the South also expressly don't like LGBT things, which means if you're racist you must be homophobic especially if you're from the South, which means you're subject to an especially large does or revulsion, and know what? The Supreme Court now says we can revile you much more fiercely -- yaaay!

Page B1 of the next section of the newspaper. (Yes, the sordid details continue...) This is the "California" section, and sure enough, the lead story is how the Supreme Court decision affects Californians. Annnd there's yet another photograph of same-sex couples doing their you-know. This one features one of them weeping, holding a rainbow flag, his "partner" (I assume) with a heart-rendering "There, there"...

I actually wonder. Could his emotional expression be more along the lines of, "Oh my, what have we got now. If government allows us to do this, what else will it allow? And then how much will government use its ruthless enforcement powers to hammer us for things we now think we could do?"

How many of these people actually have the spiritual intelligence to grasp that?

Page B2. Story at the top is about a new kind of safe heroin-based painkiller. Yep, no matter how much these people think they've got the victory, they'll still need painkillers. Too ironic. Maybe they will find freedom and wholeness in Christ instead, but hey! Here's some stuff about painkillers! Just in case!

Page B5. More of the story, and two more photographs.

At the bottom of the page is Steve Lopez' column titled, "Scalia discovers we are the 10th circle of hell." Ha ha, very funny Mr. Lopez, your attempt at sarcasm there, funny. Ahem.

Except that, your feeble effort to detract from the magnitude of what's happened cannot reduce the impact of what happens when more and more people from anywhere not just California are having much more grease slathered on the slide right into the very real Hell.

Yes, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia makes a very principled case, but as a Catholic he can only know the law. That's a good thing, the law, it should direct people to the benighted nature of their own spiritual self-destruction, that's ultimately what it is for. As a Radical Selfist yourself, Mr. Lopez, you too only know the law, which in a very twisted way I confess, is actually the one redeeming value of this same-sex marriage thing.

The law will now come down hard on those who wish to be sexually immoral.

This is one of the most tragic ironies of all. Bazillions of people cheering this -- this: that the law will now be much more powerful to govern their reprobate behavior.

I can't tell which is stupider. That people want to do sodomous things to each other or that they want the law to direct all that stuff?

Thing is, because they've never been introduced to Christ -- to the real one, not that dead guy hanging limp at the front of church or that ethereal entity somehow abracadabra'ed into the piece of bread or that loud brash judgmental priest they want to run away from at a million MPH -- because they never been introduced to Christ they've spent their whole lives being beholden to the law.

How about if they had Truth and Grace -- and healing and salvation and freedom?

For you see, there is one more page that is relevant to all of this:

Page B7. Here is where the obituaries are. And the one prominent obit is about a man -- William Pajaud was his name, never heard of him -- who spent his life collecting beautiful artwork until the company that underwrote his entire collection went belly-up and he lost it. Lost it all, had to be sold at auction.

See, value extraction like this is just plain human sacrifice. People abuse the financial system for their own larcenous feedings. Damn there's a lot of extracting shit going on out there. (Just look at Greece, right now -- it is now in the darkest throes of its full-scale financial implosion because of this.)

Homosexually-minded people being told to go ahead and continue to wreck their lives is also just as much human sacrifice.

Don't do that anymore.

Ask the One who did the sacrifice that is all that's needed.

And yeah.

I know that I can still pray and pray and pray some more for them.

That they'd be introduced to Him.

I do it all the time.

BTW, I did finish my latest home page piece, and this blog post was intended to introduce that. Sorry. Just got caught up in things there. But the home page piece gets into some of the more fundamental aspects of all this, even providing a reasonable justification for Cain's dominion. Hmm! I invite you to look over it. As always, let me know what you think.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Wisdom of God is Foolishness to the World

I peeked a bit at my Facebook page which I do every once in a while. Not often, but sometimes I just look at it, see what friends are saying and doing. Yes, most of it is banal, non-offensive blather, but they're my friends. I still love them.

Last night I saw something which made me grieve. I just want to share it here. I'd love to share it on "the wall" on Facebook, but it would be terribly offensive, I know.

What I saw was a number of different people, from different areas of my life, all posting a video clip of the same exact thing. It was Jon Stewart's pontifical speech about the massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, in which nine black people gathered in a church were shot and killed by a white man.

First of all, when I heard about this incident I knew right away, I knew. I knew the news media would take this and run like crazy with it. It is the perfect news item to showcase more than any other, tailor-made for them to righteously spout the System's narrative. Sure enough, you cannot see enough of it. It is splashed everywhere right now.

It's got everything. Victimized blacks -- humble religious ones no less. Sad whacko loner white man perpetuating the racist hate among all racist and mostly white oppressors everywhere. Gun culture run amuck yet again. Good wholesome liberal people joining hands and raising the banner for tolerance and getting-along and tolerance wonderfulness all with tears in their eyes and all the rest of it.

Please, I'm not denigrating anything about what happened or how tragic and sorrowful it all is. What I am doing is calling out how it is all exploited by the modern myth-makers for more System empowerment. I'm not even dismissing System empowerment -- Cain must carry out his violent provocations as a matter of divine appointment. (By the way, here is a homepage piece I wrote a couple years ago that gets right at the heart of all of this.)

What I am calling out is the abject foolishness of those who follow right along with it all and don't see it for what it is. Here's a classic example right out of my newspaper this morning. Look at this image.

It is of Ashley Moser. there seated next to the tree, the woman who was shot and paralyzed by James Holmes in that movie theater massacre a couple years ago. She lost her 6-year-old daughter in that shooting, and it is considered she also miscarried her unborn child as a result. The concluding portion of the Holmes trial is happening right now, and it offers yet another opportunity for the System media hacks to stir the narrative. Sorry, we can feel deeply for Ms. Moser and her tragedy, but all of this is repulsive. I feel deeply for Ms. Moser here because she's being so brazenly exploited.

You see, this picture is a picture of a picture. It just isn't real. It's no different from reality TV that's truly not reality at all. We are all fools to believe that what the System shapes and forms in front of us is what life and meaning and truth and grace is all about. But then, people who glomm onto Cain are just as much distanced from Him as Cain was. They haven't a clue.

It is the same with the Jon Stewart video.

In it he rails against this whole Charleston massacre with just the right amount of thoughtful emotion and dramatic expression and just enough "THIS IS HATE!" "THIS IS RACISM!" shout-downs in the mix. Then he says something that seemed to resonate with these Facebook linkers.

"And we won't do jack shit about it."

Wow. So profound, such a vibrant call to action, so invigorating and stirring!

He's right! HE'S RIGHT! Let's make sure THIS time we DO something about it! Every time this happens no one does jack shit! Well by golly this time let's just get going and DO JACK SHIT FOR ONCE! YEAH! ARE YOU WITH US?!

Excuse me, but, what exactly ARE you going to do?

How about take more guns away? Please, I personally am all for workable gun laws. But that's still Cain's agency working it all to give advantages to people who can use guns with impunity. Cain doesn't even want people without guns because the use of them sustains the rationalization for Cain to use them himself to show how great and powerful he is! This is not even to address the issue that a destructive physical instrument doesn't get at the real issue of the human heart, or that each of us is one minute away from meeting Jesus anyway. The main thing is not whether that will happen from a bullet to the head or a stopped 106-year-old heart, the main thing is whether we will meet Him as savior or as judge.

How about more medications for these kinds of people? Please, I do like that medicine is so advanced these days, I'm not a Christian Scientist. But how much medication do we need, and who decides who actually needs it? I've now seen many instances in which psychiatric drugs simply do not work as they say they do -- and I know not just from reading about them from authoritative sources but from personal experience with several I know. They can even be destructive, perfect for accomplishing Cain's ends. Even more significantly, how can simple medications cure the most pressing spiritual needs we have? We've jettisoned God and expect a pill to fix that.

How about more hate crime laws? Please, I'm against racism as much as the next guy, but hate crime laws set apart classifications of people in plain violation of the 14th amendment. What happens when I very articulately and justifiably argue against people committing sodomous acts against one another because it is clearly a sexual crime (no matter that most think it isn't and I'm just a bigoted narrow-minded Neanderthal)? That kind of thinking is clearly on its way to being officially a hate crime. And again, why would Cain be against hate crimes? The only way he can enjoy prosecuting them is to make sure they're around all the time!

How about declare it a terrorist act and just start crackin' heads damn it!? Please, I'm all for government doing its job to protect and to serve. But, um, yeah. This is pretty much what Jon Stewart explicitly recommended in his rant so beloved by all. Cain already cracks heads, that's his job, but to Jon Stewart's credit much of what Cain does is for show and display and exhibition. Thing is, actually getting rid of bad things would mean these people -- including Jon Stewart -- would have nothing to do anymore. The most frightening thing is the extent to which Cain must brashly and incessantly proclaim certain groups as "The Evil Ones" for it to prosecute with extreme prejudice -- I think Jesus said something about being dragged into synagogues and stuff like that... That those who do that would boast they're doing it in the name of God... I think He did say stuff about that if I'm not mistaken.

How about just have more interfaith dialogue and people getting together and getting along and doing things where we don't hate each other so much? Please, I like it when people get along, but the fact is with dark hearts and wicked minds it doesn't matter how much smiliness you put on faces, people still hate and hurt and if they don't do their violence in physical ways they will still do it in spiritual and emotional ways. Ever been to one of those "interfaith" meetings whatever the conflicting interests there are? The spiritual violence injected into those affairs by the powers and principalities fully responsible for that conflagration is crushingly oppressive.

How about make everyone believe in Jesus? Please, I want people to believe in Jesus, but there are just too damn many counterfeit Jesuses out there. Some people won't believe in Jesus no matter what you say. Doesn't mean we shouldn't stop trying, but the real issue is whose Jesus are we being asked to believe on? Ultimately, if you don't know the distinction between the World and the Kingdom, you just won't get this. It isn't that they all won't do jack shit, it is that they can't do jack shit. They'll scream and cry and holler and weep and shout and flail about, but if they don't get the Kingdom they'll always do jack shit which only ever really amounts to much more of the same.

A few days ago in the Tupper Saussy group I have at Facebook one member posted remarks about the amazing images presented in the 28th chapter of Acts, such as the bundle of sticks Paul picks up (the fasces symbol of System hegemonic power) and the viper who bites him (the religious hypocrites who must administer that System). I look at that chapter and see at the very end the words from the sixth chapter of Isaiah repeated once again. Those words are essentially God saying

"You deaf, dumb, and blind people. Stop that. Then you'd understand, and be healed."

Really, that's it. Oh how deaf dumb and blind are my best Facebook friends. I grieve for them, I really do.

And I do get discouraged. Some of them are Christian friends who should know better, but I do understand. They're Catholicized. I was once like them. I still have Catholicist sentiments banging around in my soul, there are still remnant parts of that. I'm still on the road, learning to understand better and know Him more, I'm with you.

But I do pray that they -- as much as I pray this for me -- would ask God to make them hear, and see, and understand. I pray like crazy that people who say they're Jesus's would get out of the System and its machinations -- a lot of which is the ugly mythology spewed in our faces -- and make whole, free worship assemblies set apart to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

No matter what I can always do that.

Just FYI, here's a page about that worship assembly.