Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Who Is It You Listen To? Unless It Is God, It Will Be The Autocrat

This article appeared about the inanity happening at Google regarding a bunch of clueless Gen-X'er and Millennial genius computer people trying to get the concept of righteousness. Unless they look at it by God's Word, they'll be lost. Take a peek at what they are blithering in the posts and tweets and rants they've been bilging about.

It isn't that they don't know there is truth, it is that they think truth is what the Jesuit-managed System tells them it is. In fact there are grains of truth in those things in that Breitbart piece, but they can only respond with "Well that's just how I feel don't hurt me." Really, look -- you see it all over the page.

These are fearful, even paranoid people scared to death that they'll be found out so they can't help but proclaim "I'm the right kind of social justice warrior! Listen to MY genius thoughts about it all!" You could even see that they're so into the System's version of righteousness that they might as well be bleating "I'm not a racist I'm not a sexist I'm not a bigot please don't hurt me!" for the 4,829th time in their lives.

Even Breitbart drinks from the same contaminated water. They have some conception of what they think the right words and right beliefs and right practices are, they are just as much a part of their own groupthink as the SJW's they excoriate.

The truth: Everyone intuitively knows a conception of the truth but struggles to express it. What happens when someone is plainly not in touch with the truth, when that conception will harm someone somehow, and when it's your turn to speak? What do you say?

Do you know what to say?

And what should be done with someone who continues to say mistruths that will eventuate harm to someone? Oh they can be blacklisted. Oh it's your right to have your own little blacklist.

Oh it's even better if you can get a whole bunch of people on board with holding the blacklist firmly right there in the forefront of our craniums.

This is essentially, war.

The seasoned SJW can't fathom that, they can't fathom the truth of truth-holders and not-truth-holders having necessary conflict that should be addressed so they whine and moan and pretty much get neurotic. It's all over the Google thing.

To them it's not truth-holders and non-truth-holders, it's their view and my view and their culture and my culture and their narrative community and my narrative community and DAMN IT DIVERSITY WORKS IT DOES I STILL BELIEVE IN IT DAMN IT.

So what is truth?

Look at God's Word. It's there. You'll see it if you read it. You have to get passed the vapidity of "Well that's just a religious book."

No, it does have truth. Objective, certain, assured, real truth. Indeed it is so truthful that Jesus is literally The Truth. The awesome thing is He's also Grace, which means He's pretty cool with you not exactly knowing right now, but take His hand and He'll be happy to walk you through it.

And then, when you speak about things, you'll do it with authority and wisdom and understanding.

Or you can just continue to listen to the Autocrat, ultimately the System's General who dictates everything these people are believing and plapping about, just like everyone at Google.

Really, you can have Jesus, or you can have Google.

Here's my take on hate crimes, it is a bit more of an elaboration on these ideas.