Monday, December 22, 2014

First Corinthians, Second Chapter. Get it.

My morning devotional time is now being spent reading the letters to the church in Corinth. I've always put forth those Scriptures as the text for my web ministry work, and getting into it again is just mind-blasting. Well, soul-blasting, really. It is phenomenal how much the Corinthian church mirrors the church today.

Yesterday I heard a Christian-type dude on the Christian radio station say this,"2015 is the time for the church to start evangelizing the church." After hearing this I just went errgghnckrrrghnck inside the depths of my psyche. That people have to say that and most Christianly people hearing that just about always think "Yupp, that's it, yupp we gotta get the church back to being Christian and all that." It is just so annoying because they've been saying this for eons and eons and eons.


2015 won't be any different.


Unless the church actually does something so radical, so revolutionary, so...

Apocalyptic --

...that it actually means anything.

The only thing that is, is to heed the words of the second chapter of that first letter to the Corinthians.

That they'd have the mind of Christ.

That they would actually listen to the Holy Spirit when He informs them of what's what with truth and grace.

Here's a brief but wonderful example of this.

I saw a headline just now. Essentially:

"Pope lights into Vatican leadership as too worldly." Something like that, close enough.

Now, how many Christians go "That's so honest and genuine and righteous and courageous of him! What a wonderful pope, trying to get his own people to be good and wholesome. I'm not Catholic, but all us brothers and sisters in Christ should just be good and wholesome about things! Yeah!"

I'm not against good and wholesome things. I'm not even against the Roman Catholic Church doing its job of sin management through provocations of wickedness in every strata of society as the legacy of Cain engendering more ruthlessness in its hegemony over a reprobate population.

But that's exactly it.

People don't see Rome as what it is.

This Pope Francis. I'm with you on this: the man's a genius. He really is. He's a Jesuit, he should be brilliant. It's a wonder why there hasn't been a Jesuit pope up until now. But that also is exactly it. He's so good at what he does that maybe, just maybe, we are in the last days, with this guy perfect for  fulfilling prophecy by occupying the role of abomination of desolation, as such invited to prominence everywhere because of his great magnanimity even to the sacred seat of the holy place.

And then watch apocalypse happen.

There is only one way to be safe, protected, shielded in the embrace of God in all this.

Go get the mind of Christ.

The only way to do that is to ask Him to have it. He'll just give it to you. But yeah, you've got to give up all the worldly attachments you have yourself. You even have to give up your life.

But no worries.

You'll get His life instead.

And the Kingdom thrown in.

Talk about apocalypse.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The V Factor

The eve of the Fifth of November a cable station broadcast V for Vendetta. Makes perfect sense. I thought I'd settle in and peek at a bit of it again. The film is smartly written, even though much of it is preposterous, melodramatic, even ridiculous. It is entertaining.

It also reveals something I've come to call "The Great Folly." It's not as if this folly is anything revolutionary, but part of its greatness comes in people still not getting it after millennia and millennia and millennia. They're still fools, they do the most foolish things to rationalize it all, and their rationalizations are varied and great. As The Preacher once said, nothing is really new at all. That the Folly is so Great makes it that much more tragic.

V for Vendetta reveals that folly in all its glory. The protagonists are not just "V" and Evey, but are all those intractably convinced that they need no authority over them and their wretched behavior. One of the things the filmmakers want us all to believe upon is that homosexual activity is perfectly fine and that anyone who objects belongs to the ugly autocratic beasts who simply must be stopped. Even more, it is best to destroy all government institutions because they are so oppressive and then -- and then! We can all remove our masks and be ourselves and live together in a communal paradise where John Lennon's Imagine vision of "Coexist" will be finally realized.

What Great Folly.

Oh, the truth that we truly should love one another is true, it is. The truth that government cracks heads with the greatest ruthlessness is truly true. Those things are truer than true, got that.

But truer than all that is the truth that you cannot love another while living richly by The Great Folly. You can't. And truer more is the truth that government is supposed to do the things The Autocrat does, simply because you will do the things you do out of The Great Folly. He must, and any attempts to thwart his seven-fold power are not only futile but self-destructive.

The Great Folly revealed itself in all its glory recently with the controversy over those released remarks made by MIT professor and Affordable Care Act architect Jonathan Gruber. He basically exposed government managed health care policy for what it is, very truthfully. The Great Folly here does have a bit to do with something else called The Fatal Conceit, the idea that government can arrange the economic activity for everyone, something that is indeed extraordinarily foolish. Thing is, government has been doing that in whatever way it does for eons. When the federal government perpetuates Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and all the rest of that plap, it is no different than "Obamacare".

It is the World System engendering worship among the faithful.

No, the truest aspect of this feature of The Great Folly comes from what seems to be the one thing most people have found most objectionable. It was the remark by Gruber that the voter is stupid. Oh! The gall! The audacity! Oh! Oh!

Funny, my devotional this morning provided the answer to The Great Folly. There it was, right there in Proverbs. Right there from the wise man who said truth. That truth?

"I'm stupid. I lack understanding."

Yep, that's me too. I find I can be really stupid. I can be really stupid about government and what it is and what it does. I can be really stupid about even the simplest things related to how to interact with others. I can be most stupid when I think I can resist the lure of The Great Folly by myself.

"I'm strong! I'm smart! I'm good! No really, I am! And damn it I'm a smart voter who's just not going to let himself be pushed around by some goofy wonk who wants to run my life damn it!"

No, that's not smart, that's stupid.

That wise man in Proverbs sure did come up with some wise things, though, there in the book there, 30th chapter to be specific. Pretty good stuff from a stupid man. But that's part of the point.

When you confess what a fool you are, God sees you're honest with yourself enough to let you in on those wise things. Jesus said it like this, "Thank you Lord for hiding these things from the learned and revealing them to children."

So then.

There's the antidote to The Folly.

The Word.

Do you want Him or not?

If you do, by the way, and a lot of others do to, and you fellowship with them in the wonderful vibrancy of the Kingdom, there'd be no need for the machinations of the federal government to provide health care for the least among us. Or anything else for that matter.

It'd happen. It'd just happen.

And there'd be no need to try to cover for the stupidity in each of us.

The Word would govern us with grace, righteousness, charity, joy...

I had a previous take on V for Vendetta in a home page piece. It is here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Instrument Designed to Land on the Soul

The big story these days is about the large washing-machine-sized instrument that landed on a comet. Very impressive.

I wonder about the instrument that has yet to land on the souls of so many.

That instrument is the Bible, and yet it has been so sabotaged by Catholicist forces that it cannot do the job it was intended to do.

Register the connection to that which is most important.

Right now I am so tired that I simply cannot put much more into this blog post. I would, I would love to. I live to share truths with anyone who'd like to read my blog. There is so much more I could say about that.

I see the most heinous things related to sexuality and I so long to add cogent remarks. Homosexualism explodes, yet in Hollywood right now a documentary called An Open Secret is going to expose some of the most renowned filmmakers as the worst sexual deviants. Huh?

I see the most idiotic remarks made about the glories of oppressively hegemonic government, and when the realities of the way that all works are revealed in great candor by an MIT professor elucidating what universal health care is really about, the blindness is yet compounded more.

So much to talk about, so much to write about, so much to converse about...

But, um...


Anyway, would love to write more, but I did a bit of that with my latest home page piece. Here's that heads-up from my blog. I usually put up a heads-up post earlier, but, well, there ya go.

This one's about some of that insanity that always finds its way in the public square. The spiritual violence that happens behind the scenes sometimes seeps into mainstream, and yet, wow, who knows what to do with that?

Such a mess.

Like the mess of a comet -- dirty ice flying haphazardly through space. How about the instrumentation being used to find out about it? I heard it was kind of a rough landing.

Seems like the way it is with people applying God's word to their lives.


Friday, October 03, 2014

Come On, Make the Play

There are so many things I'd like to blog about, sometimes I actually get around to it. Thing is I'm so busy with work and family. I regularly work 10, 11 hour days, and on Friday nights my son plays high school football. His team has a bye week this week, so I'm able to sit here at the computer for just a bit.

Another thing I've been doing is struggling to keep my sports celibacy. Since 1998 I've sworn off watching seeing reading following any sports stuff, simply because I get too emotionally involved. Really, sounds melodramatic, but I just do. Too many heartbreaks just get me.

I actually do pretty well, I really do...

But yes, often I'm weak.

Like this week.

I have to tell you, I'm a Kansas-born boy who was raised in the San Francisco bay area. I now live in the Los Angeles area so my favorite pro sports teams are the Chiefs, Giants, Royals, 49ers, and Angels. If you follow any of this at all, you'd be able to figure how I've been overwhelmed this week with the most boffo sports week ever for my teams.

Among other things, the Chiefs hammered the perennially great Patriots on Monday night football. Tuesday night the Royals had one of the greatest comeback victories over the A's to move on in the playoffs. Kansas City is rockin' right now. Meanwhile the Royals are playing my other AL team the Angels and the games are close, tight, and exciting. Wednesday night the Giants shellacked the Pirates to move on, and just today got by the heavily favored Nationals to take game one of their series.

Wuh. Oww.

I'll certainly get back into sports celibacy mode sometime. No expectations one way or the other, just having fun.

But I will say that I do have an idea of why this sports thing so appeals to me, among other reasons. The most relevant for this post is that on that field you're up against someone who's going to take you on, to challenge you, who's up there and in there for a reason.

They're capable and just want to mix it up, have the interaction, seek great accomplishment. It's all laid out right there on the field, and there is no question what the truth of a thing is.

Swing and miss it's a strike. Tackle him short of the first down marker and you get the ball.

I gravitate towards this because there are so few out here in the real world, on the playing field of vibrant discourse, who are willing to do this.

Really mix it up about truth things.

I share all of this because this week Camille Paglia wrote a piece in Time magazine that was pretty amazing. Paglia is a feminist of sorts -- don't know much about her except it seems like she has an ideologically conservative streak but it also seems she's not much for truly addressing "sexual freedom". I don't know, don't take my word for it. There is certainly much more about her I don't know yet.

But in this piece she speaks about the evils of sexual assault and that the world in its benighted, ignorant bubble of humanist fantasy just does not get it. She uses language that describes something that has been on the minds of millions and millions for centuries and centuries. Some now actually still do see it, though the profound and vast humanist indoctrination has muted them quite nicely.

What is that thing?


In fact, as I read Paglia I felt like she was channeling Jonathan Edwards it was so rigorously vicious. You know Jonathan Edwards, that preacher of old who said we're dangling like dainty spiders about to fall in the raging flame. You know that talk, the stuff read by all school children -- yes, public school children -- for the purpose of identifying lots of spiffy adjectives and shrugging off its meaning as Neanderthal religious pap.

Thing is, Paglia doesn't pull any punches. Right there in a major mainstream news weekly, just flat out saying there is sin all around and we just don't appreciate it.

Of course, she isn't about to go the distance and say the only way out is Christ.

She just says it, that bad stuff, and uses some really boffo words to elucidate it for what it is. So then, yeah, what difference does it make. What's left for those who like staying with Cain completely away from the One they could call on. They could call on the name of the Lord, such as at the end of the fourth chapter of Genesis.

Instead it'll just be more of the war. Cain against those seeking to kill him even when he holds the iconographic signature of his authorized rule. Caesar against any usurpers as much as he provokes them. People lost in that morass just slugging each other and, yeah, there's the sexual assault and the other savage crimes and all the brutal law enforcement over and over and over again.

In fact, just read in Psalm 14, what evildoers do. They, quote, "devour people as if they were bread." There's human sacrifice right there. Can't be any clearer, what Paglia wrote can't be any clearer.

Oh yeah. I did say I like the competition, like in sports. But I want to prevail with my teammates. I want to hang with those who see the truth about things and the grace that is poured out by God. Instead it is just people walking away with "I don't know the faintest thing you're talking about." Errgck.

Come on people. Get in the game. Find out what's truthful. Let's talk about it even if it gets nasty.

From that there'll be truth, oh, there'll be hard, difficult truth. But guess what.

We'll also find grace, and mercy, and healing, and wholeness

And Him.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Islam is a Product of Rome

I thought I'd peek around the web to see where I could find the exact string of words "Islam is a product of Rome". I found them in only two places, one of which was from a gal's inactive blog in the comments section of a 2008 post titled "Wussy Christianity," something like that. Of course the post itself was about how ineffectual modern Christianity is at truly having an impact and yeah, stuff like that.

True enough, and related to something I'd thought about regarding my last webzine home page piece. I'd thought about the point I'd made about loving one's enemy, and thought, "Hmm, wonder what men think about that?" I thought that because I know a lot of men consider being manly as punching people they don't like. On the other hand there are quite a few men who go the far opposite way, because we do live in such a feminized culture. Not that they're homosexual or anything, just that they consider most anything "masculine" distastefully primal and unseemly.

What is the manly thing to do?

Well, it does depend on whether you're doing your manhood thing from the World or from the Kingdom. The World has a bunch of ideas about how you're supposed to be a man, and all are okay as long as you stay in a reprobate condition so the System can regulate the crappy stuff you do from that state -- of course, whichever one is good for you to be the man you want to be.

Then there is the Kingdom way. What do men do from the Kingdom?

Thought about it, thought about it in relation to following up what this thing "love" means for those men who actually do want to demonstrate the richest, deepest virility in the things they do -- without having to slug everything into submission.

But yeah. God made men that way. We want to make things happen, we want to be good at it, we want it to be physical and earthy and bad-ass, but yeah, at the same time noble and valiant and recognized for the raw virtue wrought from it.

But again, yeah, what does this look like as a Kingdom thing?

My thoughts.

First, it involves being vibrantly connected to Christ and what He says. Hey, He was the perfect man. And when you read His words and speak to Him in prayer, you'll understand that.

Second, it involves knowing what it takes to be a Kingdom-bringer, and that is where things get dicey. Dicey simply because so many men think they've got to be a man through one of the World's counterfeit Jesus, and damn, there are so many of them.

Making that distinction and going to the mat to really get it is part of the demanding challenge of Kingdom manhood. And part of that is getting that, yes,

Islam is a product of Rome.

What does that mean?

It means the Roman Catholic Church invented Islam as a perennial object of demonization. How easy it is to get sucked right into the fierce hatred of the Islamist or the extremist Islamist or the terrorist-minded Islamist or the jihadist Islamist or whoever the enemy du jour is right now. It is going real good right now, and it will never cease among a population so thoroughly Catholicized.

What's the Kingdom response? Well, murderous Muslim ideologues are enemies, so you could do the World manly thing and rage against them and support military action against them and just plain hate them right back dammit. Please, don't get me wrong, this is the ordained and authorized World response, all emanating from Cain's original charge.

Who is an enemy to Kingdom people? Well, he or she is an enemy, no disguising that, if a murderous Muslim ideologue is about to act on his or her hatred of me, I do kind of hope Cain's agency is there to stop him or her.

But I am asked by my Lord to love him or her, still.

And here's the thing, what does that look like as a man? How does a Kingdom man actually do that loving thing?

Yeah, again, first understand and know Christ, but then, understand the Kingdom-World contrast. Understand that centuries ago Rome created the murderous Muslim ideologue so you could indeed make it so the pope can say things like World War III is upon us as he recently did. Rome nourishes it today keeping its people in a benighted state of rigid adherence to its draconian legal, political, and cultural constraints -- what a prison for the soul!

After you've grasped this reality -- and it may take some time of Scripture reading, prayer, fellowship with wise followers of Christ -- and you are free from the System's psychopompal grip and rejoicing in your understanding, here's the key manhood action --

Get out of Rome yourself.

To do that you'd need a lot of men. A lot of men actually being men and being the kind of leaders of their families and communities God seeks. 

First, make worship assemblies that are not 501c3's. Being a non-profit tax-exempt organizations ties you to Rome and that institutionalized hatred. Keep in mind this is a hatred sustained through Rome's task of global sin management -- it is supposed to be that way for those without Christ! This is why getting out of it completely and living fully from the Kingdom is what makes you a man who others know they can trust to love them!

Second, form businesses and schools that do not pay taxes not owed. The Bible, the Constitution, and the federal tax code itself mandates that people who are free from owing tribute to Caesar have that freedom fully respected. For instance if you are not a non-resident alien or a federal government employee, then stop shelling out the fruit of your labor to a lord who is not yours!

Third, do everything Christ asks you to do with those churches, businesses, and schools. It is not only about making a rich vibrant Shalom community that provides the wealth of God's bounty to His own, but it includes loving those who do work for Caesar by doing everything people who love do to minister the mercy and grace and truth and glory of Christ to them. Enlist organizers and managers and funders and ministers and encouragers and just damn hard workers making these Kingdom institutions happen.

The amazing thing thing is this is the tribute you owe to Caesar! It is right there in the 13th chapter of Romans. If you have Jesus' words and hands and feet and heart, then Caesar can do nothing to you because you are indeed making the payment -- the one that gets people to see and have and hold on to Christ for the Kingdom, for the fellowship of all people who love with His love, for eternity.

Really -- how much virility is required for that!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The World's Coalition of Frenemies

In today's Los Angeles Times was a piece by their in-house pundit Doyle McManus, titled "A Coalition of Frenemies." I didn't read it, but I can predict what he'd say. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mean to be presumptuous, not at all. But surely he'll talk about how the bestest of bestest diplomacy is required, one that tries reeeally hard to get conflicting interests to just jolly well get together to defeat the common enemy, that dratted Islamicism -- errrrrgh do we reeeally hate that Islamicist threat errrrrrrrgh...

Oh brother. What's new.

It's all just the latest idiocy from World blappers getting their cues from World megaphone holders many of whom are the most eloquent and erudite blappers in the most revered media and education institutions, and people like McManus just labor to try to sound the most boffo.

But nothing changes. People wage war with one another, often in large groups, often asking Caesar to join their skirmishes, and they always have, always will -- it will never change.

It is the World.

Oh, there are two ways it will change. One, for the individual when he discovers the breadth of his own reprobation and comes to Christ to find authentic freedom. And two, when Christ returns again to separate the wheat from the tares. The only way anyone can be wheat is to be covered by His blood and clothed with His righteousness. That's it.

Otherwise you're right there in with all the tares.

Thing is, a lot of those tares are dressed very nicely and authorized to spew piddle like McManus bilges into the mainstream, essentially arranged to keep people in that state of constant warfare however marble-encased the shit really is. The interactions among the ivory tower shit-flingers is not very different than that conversation between Sir Bedevere and the witch hunt slaverers in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

In fact, I use that scene as a pretext for a take on it all, my latest at the webzine, here. Would love for you to read it, see what you think, share with me your thoughts.

Would also like to invite you to consider the One Who Is Understanding.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Biblical Archetypes in the Mainstream Addendum

Felt like adding a note from the last post to clear up something I'd thought a reader might consider. I'd mentioned that this ISIS Islamic terrorist group was "powerful." Yes yes, I know, it really isn't that powerful. It really is just a punky mealy-mouthed band of ruffians who are -- at least by the accounts we hear -- reasonably organized and full of devoted followers -- but really no different from any of the other dozen prominent Islamicist groups doing things like marauding about in favor of Sharia law somewhere.

The fact is, they are powerful simply because the World System makes them such. How often do you behold the media shouting "Lions and tigers and bears oh my!!!" any time they mention them? How often do you hear accounts designed to raise your rage levels when thinking about them? I'm not saying they aren't doing rotten things somewhere somehow. But they sure get a lot of traction screeching through Americanists' psyches from people who work very hard to make it that way. And it isn't just a few media outlets spewing icky things.

It is an elaborately constructed, tightly managed System operating for millennia doing precisely what it is supposed to do.

Thing is, the biblical metaphor is exactly the same. Herod and his family for whom John's head was presented was there only because Caesar said he could be. Herod had no power except to the extent Caesar said he did.

Same with ISIS. They have power, but only because today's Caesar says so.

Makes for a grand show, really.

Of course people die, and people cower.

That's kind of the point.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Biblical Archetypes in the Mainstream

A couple things I thought about looking at current events these days.

One, this "ALS Challenge" thing that's sweeping the country. People are being doused with ice water like the winning football coaches, only this is for the cause of finding a cure for ALS. The thing I thought about was, hmm, seems like a baptism to me.

Getting baptized is what one does after declaring his/her belief on Christ. It is public demonstration of that commitment, much like a wedding is for a man and woman who wish to be married.

I was interested in just how explosive this is promotion is. What does it mean? What does it mean for people doing it, issuing the challenges? One of my questions is, if ALS is so bad and it can be addressed with some ample funding, why not just do that? Why not just fund it? Why the showy displays of concern about it?

Two, a kidnapped journalist was beheaded in a video-taped act of terrorism, and this barbarism has received the greatest amount of denunciation by just about everyone. Then I came across the story of John the Baptist's death.

He was beheaded by powerful people, just like this Islamic militant rebel group. He was beheaded to please certain individuals who were upset that they were being criticized regarding their behavior.

And after he was told about John's beheading, do you know what Jesus said? He said, "Come away and rest for a while." Jesus wanted peace and quiet, maybe to grieve, but maybe also to just not be anywhere near the maelstrom of World System machinations.

Thing is, people still swarmed around him. He then fed them with the fishes and loaves. They were filled, and when hungry again, they came back for more. This time He asked, "Do you not understand?"


Do you not understand?

Do you not understand what's really going on with the media sensations seared into our psyches?

Furthermore, do you not understand what Christ is really about?

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Ten Year Anniversary Note

Tomorrow it will be ten years to the day that I opened my webzine The Catholicist Nation. It is a somewhat bittersweet note to make here, and I am making it today instead of tomorrow because I have a full day of worship and family activities in store. Still, the completion of this day makes it a full ten years of webzine ministry.

The bittersweet part about all this is that even much earlier in that ten year time period I'd thought there'd be far more people in the mix of engaging conversation and vibrant interaction about it, and perhaps even committed action on the principles elucidated there. Alas, I haven't seen it. There are a few who see it, read it, send me a note about it. But not many. I'd like to think much of it is because I just haven't taken the time to put together a more comprehensive and expansive web design and marketing program. Most of that is just that I don't have the time or money to do that.

I do believe most of it is simply that people just don't get it. No worries. Jesus said a lot that people won't get it. This is always disappointing, but a fact of life. "What?" the thinking goes, "The Catholic Church through its military branch is responsible for much of the wretchedness happening all around us?" "What? The most horrific human sacrifice still happens today as a matter of regular practice?" "What? Tax, tithe, and interest payments are merely declarations of one's spiritual allegiance?"

Thing is, people don't even get that far. That they'd even grasp the question in any form is great progress. As I've mentioned before, when Catholicist Nation truths are shared they hear "Mibble smaggit crundle pippy snats." In fact, I've come to see it as worse. It is like this, only with lots of gross things and swear words in it that make people just want to get away from it.

Just a testament to the brilliant work of that military branch.

The times I've shared these things with others directly, in physical proximity, with actual voiced conversation -- that is, not through social media or anything like that -- just talking with people very graciously face-to-face, I've almost always gotten one of three responses, just about every single time. Deer-in-the-headlights, what's-that-got-to-do-with-the-price-of-bread, or get-outta-here-you-crazy-person-you. The ugliest of these kinds of responses have come from the dozen or so well-established pastors I've spoken with. Ministering in 501c3's and being heavily on the payroll, it is no wonder.

Yes, it is exasperating, it is discouraging, but I'm always prayerfully in Scripture, so I know Christ is always holding me up. Hey, another thing He said was that if you like Him, they're going to hate you. Wow. It is quite eye-opening -- indeed a major feature of my webzine work -- the truth that so many of those people are such wholesome church-going people.

So after ten years, I'd like to think that I've served God well. I pray over my webzine all the time, to the extent that it only reflects the truths and graces that God would like shared. That's it, really. If I'm not doing that, then what's the point. Again, I'd like to think I've been a Kingdom Bringer. Really, that's it.

I just want to be a Kingdom Bringer.

Whatever the case, through the years I've put a number of features into the webzine, and I've remained steadfast to add at least something of a home page note about something once every two months. I'd like to continue that consistency, and I do keep praying that through my web work I may interact with many more who see the things I see. I have always considered this somewhat of a selfish prayer, to be honest, just that I'd like to have fellowship with other Kingdom Bringers. But in some ways it isn't. After all, as do so many other followers of Christ, I just want to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, and He has always encouraged that.

If you want to see what I've thought about Kingdom Bringing, please look into it with me. As always, if you're reading this right now, I'd love for you to join me in the conversation. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear about it. I'm on the path walking with Christ too. My webzine, again, is here, and my email is here. Even though you can't put comments on here because Blogger won't allow it for some insane reason which I just don't know enough about in order to fix it, let me know what you're thinking by email. (Of if you know about some of this technical stuff let me know! I am eager for the fine web design and web marketing contribution from someone who does get it and does have an authentic passion for the things of Christ.)

As it is, here's to the tenth anniversary of The Catholicist Nation, with the simple declaration that I will still contribute to it with enthusiasm and commitment to, yes, ahem,

The Kingdom being brought.

(If for some reason you can't get to my email from this blog post, simply get it at the webzine. It's there.)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Cheap World System

Last week I came across a book called Cheap, all about how the real crushing feature of a shitty economy is how cheap people are. If we'd all get on board with just paying for what a thing is worth then things would just be better. I don't disagree with much of the principled arguments made.

After skimming through it a bit, I came across something very interesting on page 196. It was so significant that I'd scribbled a note about it, there, when I had the book in my hands, but I've come to find that I've misplaced that note. Instead of just jotting down again what I saw there, I thought I'd just blog about it. Why not. The number of things I see the World System doing in its duty to fulfill Cain's legacy is huge. And I frequently make little notes about them, stuff them in a folder, and a few do actually make it into my web work. Well, how about if I just share this little note with you right now.

Right there on page 196 of Ellen Ruppel Shell's Cheap was a remark related to the chapter about outsourcing and cheap labor and how companies make their goods overseas and do it on the extreme cheap and of course sweat shop laborers suffer and there's all kinds of exploitation and all the rest of it. And please, forgive me, again, I am not at all unsympathetic to cause of elucidating the destructive nature of labor oppression.

The striking passage was along the lines of this -- I'm putting it in quotes but understand this is the most brutal paraphrase, but the key idea is still fully intact:

"There really is no international law or anything like that to make this all proper and better. The only thing working now, really, is guilt. These companies should be made to feel guilty to keep them treating laborers properly. There is no real program or institution to enforce such a thing, but there is one that is very capable of it: the Vatican. But, last I saw, it wasn't in the workplace inspection business."

Right after that the author keeps right on railing against the bad stuff with outsourcing and exploitation and on and on, you know, but says nary a thing more about the Vatican. Not a thing.

The random yet extraordinarily meaningful mention of the main ecclesiastical body charged with cracking heads of any and all World inhabitants says a ton.

First, Rome indeed doesn't send inspectors dressed in official inspection attire with official inspection checklists to these places, but it still does use the guilt thing as a prominent weapon in its sin management arsenal. Problem is the guilt thing only works to gird the legitimacy of the operation, not to really do anything about the actual exploitation. Look at the migrant crisis on the southern U.S. borders. Look at how splendid the Catholic Church is made to look for rescuing poor oppressed children when the Church has been fomenting the environment for such an eventuality for centuries.

Second, remember, the inventor of international law was an 17th century Jesuit scholar named Francisco Suarez, so anything you see about international law is a testament to the phenomenal work of the Society to govern with extreme prejudice. International law sounds so good and wholesome -- and it is!.. For the ruthless adjudication of uncooperative provincials. Again, it is all arranged merely to make the Caesars look good by keeping people in a state of rebellion to justify any of the most merciless law enforcement actions required, without there really being any teeth in the law to begin with. I mean, did you note Shell's resignation? Quite reasonable.

Quite reasonable because this is what we all see: What good is international law? What's the good of guilt accusations? What is the Vatican but a bunch of hifalutin guys in all sorts of fancy robes?

But there is a lot to see in the deep politics.

And after you see that, you can do one of only a few things. Really, there are only those things.

One, you can rage and rage and rage some more, and then go tell Rome's priests or Washington's technocrats or someone you know running the System to just go make things better dammit, there're exploited people out there! Errrghckk!

Two, you can close your eyes and ears, tune out -- or if some of it seeps into your psyche you can blap to someone some pithy thing you've had swirling around in you mind that's pithy and smart and pithy. And, then, well, there ya go.

Or three, you can immerse yourself in God's word and find out what the Kingdom is like, as well as the way to understand, to know, and also, probably the main thing of all...

To actually love...

And then to reach out and meaningfully, significantly, righteously impact the lives of any who are exploited and oppressed and whatever else affects the souls of people who God loves with His life.

That's it. There it is. There's the note. I'm sharing it with you now, so you can know about it too.

I can't help but keep thinking, though...

...How nice it would be to see people writing, sharing about seeing people being Christ to others...

...Really, actually, truly...


(August 26 2014 note: Guess what. I found that note. An added item about the above reference from Cheap. That remark about the Vatican doing international law stuff? It was from Richard Locke of MIT.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Retarded Science

I was skimming through an amazing article about the ALMA telescope array high in the Andes, an intricately arranged set of radio telescopes designed to gaze at parts of the universe never before seen. I am wholly impressed by the work that goes into it, the ingenuity it takes to use it, and the discoveries derived from the information gathered by it.

Now, that's the beauty of the ALMA program.

Then there's the retarded part of science.

That's the part that says, "All of this space stuff just spilled out into existence by chance" as well as a hundred other inane scientific blappings that don't as much come from these fine scientists but from the people who've told them to believe those things. Oh, don't worry. Those things are perfectly rational. It is indeed perfectly rational for people who want to give the fullest vent to their sexual gratifications to concoct an entire world view that supposes God's not there and that we're just megaglops of atoms surging around in ultimately uncertain formats.

Just because the water cycle described in the 104th Psalm isn't as elaborately considered as the ALMA work doesn't make it less scientific. Funny, I was reading the fifth chapter of John the other day -- phenomenally scientific. Oh sure 98% of those hypnotized by Jesuit indoctrination would blither the standard "Wull um ahum -- um, science looks at how things work while religion looks at why" crappola. But if you read that passage -- here it is, go ahead, read it, the whole thing -- you'd find that Jesus is indeed speaking very scientifically. Why is what He's saying here any less significant than what a standard science book says about something like the operation of photosynthesis?

It isn't.

Which is how we get to the "retarded" part of science, as in the use of the word "retarded."

See, it is very politically incorrect to use the word "retarded" now. And to be honest, I can see why. I actually agree with the sentiment, I do. To insult someone by telling them they're retarded as in they are just as mentally handicapped as something with severe disabilities is just mean, and yes, sincerely, I believe unacceptable. I'm great with that.

But here, why can't I just use the word to describe people whose spiritual intelligence is just, well, retarded, as in backwards, not as advanced as it should be, stunted.

I'll tell you why, because there is a whole legion of thought police officers, many of whom are well-trained and deputized to shovel heaps of guilt on top of anyone who transgresses the law.

Here's a good one.

I watched Song of the South with my family last night. I know, a criminal offense. In fact, we had to watch some kind of transferred, maybe even pirated version of the DVD because it just isn't anywhere. The thought police have browbeat Disney into distancing itself from this wonderful motion picture about childhood and imagination and graciousness and wisdom and a number of other tremendously positive elements.

But noooooo. You're supposed to think the film very baaad, and it is mostly because it portrays blacks of the antebellum period as -- ::gasp::


That I even have to feel like I must write the disclaimers "Slavery is awful" "Blacks were horribly mistreated" "Institutionalized racism is wrong" -- all of which are slam dunk truths -- gets to the heart of how much we're pounded into pathetically mindless obsequium and smothered by utter confusion about what's really going on in the World System. My son even mentioned how Song of the South is so profoundly marginalized while a film like Django Unchained -- a wretchedly violent hatefest -- is so enthusiastically embraced. Talk about the most egregious inanity.

What's this got to do with science?

It is because of this question: How scientific is the whole movement towards the mentality that we must revile certain authorized things we're supposed to revile, like Song of the South? My answer may surprise you.

Many will say it isn't scientific at all, it is all philosophy, and as such the scientists who say they're all about science and only science as the sole determinant of truthful things are being logically inconsistent. Booyaah! Gotcha you retarded scientists. That's the idea anyway.

But you know? The fact is, the reason they and all the typical politically correct zanies spew all that about how we really should think and feel about things is that it is scientific. It really is! The issue is that very few people know exactly how that is!

It is scientific to the extent that God not only established principles that govern the physical world such as planets, mountains, animals, and molecules, but He established principles that govern how human beings think, feel, behave, and interact with one another. Is it all deterministic or do we still have free will? Oh, another question from the ages and for the ages. We'll have to leave that one for now.

But how about we look and see and hear and listen and do so trying to see what each one of us says and does that is perfectly rational -- and understand. How about we also get a bead on what the real distinction is between the stuff we think is pretty good and the stuff that makes us more uncomfortable, and that is

Whether it is righteous or not.

Someone with a Jesuit-instilled world view has the worst time trying to grasp that principle, because they don't really believe in God anyway. I'm not even talking about atheists! Some of the best churchgoing people are zealous humanists who believe in a fairy-tale god either to get in good with religious people or gird a standard-bearer for the wholesome crusade or gather support for splendidly pithy things said to keep everyone in line and feel a bit better about their god club.

But all that God stuff is still a fairy tale to them -- nothing to bother with after all.

Except that God shows Himself brilliantly in word and in creation. He furthermore set up a World System to constrain people who refuse to call on His name. He went out of His way to tell us about laws which, should we follow them, would result in a pretty decent society.

Except that He knew we'd never be able to keep those laws, and that what we really want is fellowship with one another and with Him. So He sent His only Son to die as the penalty for our own destructive injustices, and because He rose from the grave He proved that we could too if we just tell Him we want that.

All very scientifically established.

And one of the proofs of that? Experimental proofs even?

Just look at the way people live.

Just watch. You'll see. Watch and listen and talk with them.

You'll see it.

And you can be the best scientist yourself, how about that.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Science of Governing Reprobation

I saw a film called Snowpiercers last night. I'd seen some thing about it, then saw that the reviews were pretty good -- it was said to be a science fiction and political film, perfect, I love that stuff.

While it was kind of goofy and very preposterous at times, it did a decent job of keeping my suspension of disbelief intact. It was also extraordinarily violent, but then, when you make a metaphor of the earth out of a train, there's bound to be some bloodshed. A lot of bloodshed. And in this instance, the bloodletting is in tight cramped quarters. Especially grisly.

Anyway, just wanted to mention it was quite the bright elucidation of the World. To wit:

- Human sacrifice is arranged and augmented by the System and for an ordained purpose, one that is indeed, quite spiritual in nature.

- People are deliberately moved to live in benighted indigence to keep them in a simmering state of protracted rebellion, providing the necessary legitimacy to a System required to crack heads with extreme prejudice.

- It doesn't matter who's running things, they are doing so in the service of Cain, they are doing so as an instrument of judgment established by God Himself, and they will utilize the greatest technological advancements to achieve their ends.

- Should they genuinely recognize this unbearable truth it will bring tremendous anguish. The lead character endured this recognition at the end of the film, and the film stayed true to the inevitable consequence displaying prominently all over this character's psyche.

Funny, he'd be a bit better off if he knew of The One Who Was Pierced.

He's the only way out, the only way to life in this situation.

Huh. Snowpiercer. Quite an interesting title of a film.

Monday, July 07, 2014

The Science of Righteousness

Only blogging now to introduce my latest home page piece. After seeing quite a lot of philosophical silliness in and around the spectacular effects elucidating perfectly fine scientific discoveries in the popular primetime series Cosmos, I wanted to add a few thoughts of my own.

Yes, there is a science to righteousness. Surely many will holler about the evisceration of the romance and beauty of such a sublime thing, but the enthusiastic pursuit of what it actually is takes nothing away from that. Science is merely about "knowing," which is what the origin of the word means anyway.

Do you know about this thing righteousness? What would you need to do to find out more? And please, don't bother with all that "I'm not so dogmatic" crap. Are you dogmatic about your rejection of dogma? Come on. Lose the pretense.

Knowing something is about embracing some truth.

So, again, which "truth" are you embracing?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Cult of the Mainstream

I read a very disturbing piece today from The Atlantic about the International House of Prayer, a controversial church organization in Kansas City. Don't even remember what it was called, but you can surely find it online pretty easily. Was something about the seven signs of a cult.

The article presumed that the ways this church identifies a cult actually applied to them because they exhibited cult-like behaviors exactly like the ones they censure, and it all involved a young woman who killed herself with the implication that she was just in too deep with all the overly devout religion stuff.

Now please, I'm pretty much with the idea that intense emotionalism in church settings, no matter how expressive the devotion to Christ, often covers for lack of conviction about truthful things. Got that. I also acknowledge the concerns about IHOP, I too have read and heard things that could easily be considered "cultic". Got that too.

But the reason IHOP gets in trouble has nothing to do with it just being too damn religious, which is really the upshot of The Atlantic piece, and it is the upshot of a lot of what the World spews out about how those pesky deluded fundamentalists are just so criminal -- I mean look! A bright young woman committed suicide! That has to be their fault in some way!

One of the main reasons IHOP is off base with whatever considerations there is about what it should be doing to behave more righteously is because it is already connected to the World System in ways that do compromise its true devotion to Christ. It does this by being a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. But frankly just about every church in the country is, so it is either speaking from both sides of its mouth -- World or Kingdom? Caesar or Christ? Which is it? -- or it is so cowtowed to World System mainstreamism that anyone who actually says and believes that this Jesus fellow is real -- and that sin and Hell and Satan and World System evils are real for that matter -- are to be punished with the most vigorous objections in the loudest possible terms.

My question is this.

What does The Cult of the Mainstream look like? Where does this guy, the author, go when he needs to know the authentic truth and grace of things? In the piece he even said after enduring the extremism of the IHOP environment he'd eventually sauntered off to some mainstreamish type church to just get his head on straight -- that was the idea anyway. I just wonder, what did he find there? Authentic fulfillment from the World System Stepford people who simply parrot the System dogma in the name of rabid rejection of dogma?

Don't get me wrong. He may have surely met very nice people who genuinely have Christ's heart in their devotion to Christ. I'm not that cynical.

All I'm saying is that whenever I read stuff like this, I just feel great sorrow. It is just more of the Jesuit fed slop that smart, wonderful people just keep schlurping up, and I grieve at where that is leading. Check out this from Raiders News Network. I don't think Cris Putnam et al truly see the origins of the massive human sacrifice scale they so deftly identify, or how much people are being played with it all, but they do a great job of elucidating much of what's happening with it.

The Mainstream. Just the holding area until people get dumped right into Hell.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The 3,000th Human Sacrifice - Eh, Whatever. Err, Wait! I'm Supposed to Care? Well, Okay Then! Oh!

I had to post a follow-up to the last post about the wretched condition of a world consumed by darkness. The latest was the recognition of nearly 800 forgotten deaths of children born to some the most tragically marginalized people, sexually abused women.

I had gotten the idea that the remains were physically discovered, but apparently they were merely found by someone filing through the records kept at the time. Still, apparently there have been anecdotal tales along the lines of "Mommy, look what I found in the empty field down the road" as the skull of a small child is held up for inspection by an adult expressing the requisite incredulity.

I simply had to add a remark about something the author of Philomena had said in his op-ed in the Washington Post, something that more fully reveals his own intractably Catholicist sentiments. What does this mean, Catholicist sentiments? It means that as much as he and a huge portion of the world rage and rail and rant at the Roman Catholic Church, they are just as much in its throes until they actually volitionally get out. But getting out can only mean something without extremely agonizing discomfort if one does so in the embrace of Christ. Buuut... these people are convinced the Catholic Church is the repository for all things Christ -- even though that Christ is a phenomenally ingenious counterfeit -- that they consider all they have is that, so they continue in their hopeless, hapless crusade to make things within it all better again.

Crushing. It is. So many, so lost, so sorrowfully drowning in a cesspool of World death.

This author, Martin Sixsmith, said that one of the key problems is that the Church always stigmatizes unmarried sex. There you go. For one, unmarried sex is the problem, not the stigmatizing of it. For two, the stigmatizing of it is and has been done by an institution that is and has always been about rigid law enforcement. Have unaccepted sex and the law comes down hard. Put these two things together and what do you have.

Powerful men sexually abusing women and being allowed to get away with it because they are the ones using the weight of the law to protect themselves. They've got tons of help from the Society -- that military ecclesiastical organization that works it all out so these power-brokers can stay in power enabled by the very people who are exploited. It is indeed, a horrific body of death.

Sixsmith and the typical Catholicist's solution is to unstigmatize sexual relations by empowering women through humanist solutions, in this case letting her have just as much sexual "freedom" as the exploitive men have had. Oh, that's nice. Keep people, men and women, stuck in exactly what is so benighted about the whole thing to begin with.

The gospel solution is to introduce people to Christ from whom people can know what is true and righteous about things, including what the proper relationship between men and women should be. This way women are not only empowered as they should be by way of understanding who they were created and redeemed to be, but also it holds men responsible for their actions, in this instance to actually love others as Christ did, including treating women whoever they are with the deepest respect, care, and understanding.

Wow! What a concept! Thing is the Catholicized individual knows nothing about this idea, because, yeah, it actually treats Jesus as if He's a real person! Someone who actually knows what's going on and wants to be in the mix to heal, restore, and save. Wow! How about that! You mean, Jesus is... Jesus is real?! Not just some fairy tale religious figure?

The key is something I cannot emphasize enough. I really don't think anything will change until people start to more fully grasp the idea that World inhabitants moved to think and feel and behave by World operatives in Cain's employ will always do human sacrifice. They must. Always. Acts of sexual aggression against marginalized women are acts of human sacrifice. Leaving the products of such unions to the worst conditions contributing to early deaths are acts of human sacrifice. They still happen today, as Sixsmith and so many others themselves insist. Why don't we hear so much about these kinds of things? Well, because the media don't share them with us, and today it is so much more sanitized because in many cases these children are just murdered before they are even born. Abortion -- standard human sacrifice practice.

Don't think it qualifies as human sacrifice? How about these stories that seep past the megaphone-holder screening grunts of the System: that aborted fetuses and fetal body parts are being fed into refuse-to-energy processors. Damn, if that isn't modern-day Molech feeding I don't know what is.

How about this feature of modern-day human sacrifice related to children? This story about all the underage migrants just showing up in Texas and Arizona immigration detention/processing centers. Hundreds of them, just showing up. Overwhelming the system.

My question is, how did they get there? For cryin' out loud, where are the parents? The guardians? Any adult with any consideration of these, yes, children?! Nothing from the media. Nothing. Just that they showed up, as well as gobs of information about golly gosh how noble and helpful all us American are.

Apparently what's been happening is that people in Mexico and Central American have been so inundated with the reality of how much our ribald codependence is as real as it is that they literally shuffle them off on any vehicle conveyance they can find, railroad cars heading north seems to be the one I've heard about the most. That sounds melodramatic, but I don't know! The fact is they are transported some way, with the help of some adults, and they make their way to the U.S. border. Along the way are helpful contacts willing to feed them and keep them on track until, viola! Here they are, across the border and in U.S. hands for the proper care, feeding, clothing, and processing of further attention.

I actually heard on the radio an NPR tease for a story about the situation: how heartbreaking it is for a child in immigration court sitting in a chair, his feet can't even touch the floor, it is so sad, so very sad. It is all designed to pull on the heart strings to keep promoting the humanist idea that the U.S. must be the rescuer of everyone.

This is human sacrifice. These children are being sacrificed on the altar of powerful people working industriously to look like they are doing something wonderful and honorable and splendid. The parents of these children -- wherever they are -- are being heaved on the altar too, being exploited by their home country's government officials who won't step out of their Catholicist sewer and be accountable for governing. To their credit (as it were) they can't because they are being played by the powerful business interests pulling their strings -- all of them being played by the elements of Cain's ecclesiastical agency which people refuse to acknowledge because it is indeed that very same Roman Catholic Church right around the corner from where they live -- my goodness it can't be that -- they are so nice and wholesome and nice.

Yeah, they are. They're supposed to be that. Nice and wholesome and nice. That's what Cain's agency is supposed to do -- I understand. I got you. You're right. No argument from me, please know that. It is unseemly to actually acknowledge all this because, well, because it is just so difficult. Addiction to the World System is so gripping, and that it hits so close to home, so close to what we're so used to.

Speaking of children, one last thing, one thing that just makes me hurt about all this, one more thing about the core facets of contemporary American human sacrifice.

I happened to catch a few, just a few, televised scenes from the 9/11 Memorial Museum dedication ceremony a couple weeks ago. The one that caught my eye was that of a children's choir singing "Somewhere" from West Side Story to the gathered masses. Right smack in the middle of this quasi-auditorium was a long concrete column from the remains of one of the original buildings.

There it was, standing erect, just like a modern-day obelisk. It was all so somber, all so severe -- but the whole thing was just a picture of the horrifically desolate Body of Death. The song wasn't even anything related to God, just "Somewhere there's a place for us" -- where? The worship of an idol, yes, this new obelisk idol was lit up and given great prominence -- don't think it wasn't given the proper reverence by the faithful. There was even a boldly displayed quote from Virgil, not from Scripture, but from the writer of the greatest literary work of World glorification there is.

And the quote doesn't even truly fit the context of the whole endeavor, as classics scholar Caroline Alexander, writing in the New York Times no less, points out. The quote, from The Aeneid: "Fortunati ambo! si quid mea carmina possunt, nulla dies umquam memori vos eximent aevo," as in "Happy pair! If aught my verse avail, no day shall even blot you from the memory of time," referring to two dutiful Trojan crack military officers who fought valiantly before being captured and brutally executed.

But then, why the criticism? All who live by Catholicist principles strive in Catholicist war. All who commit human sacrifice no matter how rigorously sanitized are themselves subject to be sacrificed with the commensurate proclamations about how lasting one's existence is in the memory of time.

Sorry. But I don't want to live in the terribly nebulous "memory of time." That's all the World has to offer.

I want to be in the embrace of the One who died and shed His blood for me simply because He loved me with His own life.

But damn.

Gotta go there.

Gotta go where He is.

And it just isn't anywhere near any of this.


I've put up some things on my webzine about The Culture War, and Human Sacrifice. Just some thoughts, including some on this Catholicist Nation thing, as well on The One Who Loves. Seven years ago I also wrote a home page piece about immigration and what I think it is really all about, that's here as well.

I've also long ago enabled the comments feature in my blog, but Blogger just doesn't have it enabled for me there for some reason. Don't know why. Would love to hear from you though. Email me if you have a sec.

Friday, June 06, 2014

The 800th Human Sacrifice - Yawn...

I simply cannot neglect to put a quick blog post down about that "discovery" of nearly 800 bodies of children dumped in a septic tank near a long-demolished convent that once served as a half-way house for unwed mothers.

I did put that word in that first paragraph, discovery, in quotes because one of the small items in mix of all of it is that people had already known about this mass grave of sorts but just shrugged it off as this thing or that thing -- I don't even remember the excuses, the whole thing was so wretched.

The deal is that babies and small children who didn't exactly receive the best care at this place and as such died, were pretty much just dumped, and since it happened so frequently those bodies just kind of piled up over a 30+ year period over 50 years ago.

Today on NPR's All Things Considered, journalist Alison O'Reilly elaborated on it all, and she echoed all the ferocious "It's appalling" sentiments. Sorry, but it made me think about Captain Renault in Casablanca. After the raid on Rick's he sanctimoniously bleats, "I'm shocked, shocked that there's gambling going on here" as he's handed his latest winnings. How many times do we see shit like this happening and watch people do the Captain Renault bit.

Thing is, how many times are we courageous enough to see that it involves human sacrifice?

I have my gmail account jiggered to get me any news or remarks around the cybersphere about human sacrifice. Right there -- an alert for anything labeled "Human Sacrifice." I want to know about it. Guess what I get? Plap. About half of what I get is about some song or musical group, looks like some kind of anime thing, Alice Human Sacrifice, don't know a thing about it. What's with that. Most of the rest is just tedious rehashing about what ancient primitive tribes did what kinds of pulsating heart yanking things.

Umm, excuse me, but where's the stuff about contemporary human sacrifice? Real meaningful commentary on how the most hifalutin out there are habitually throwing people on that altar all the time? In fact, there it is, in bright brilliant colors in front of us, and we just keep going "That's appalling."

A piece about all this appeared in the Washington Post of all places, by Martin Sixsmith, the guy who wrote Philomena -- I don't know anything about Philomena but apparently it is about a woman who was one of those unwed mothers, essentially considered trash. He wrote nothing other than this is not an isolated incident, and that the whole filthy mess is woven throughout the whole Catholic Church environment. The problem is that whole swaths of humanistically minded society already hate the Catholic Church and are fully aware of these kinds of abuses. Perversely they reveal their committed devotion to the Church they say they revile, however, by working to try to change it reform it fix it improve it censure it or do anything with it at all.

This is really what Sixsmith's conclusion involves. He details some of the more visible machinations, and then just whines. Those dastardly Catholic exploiters, we've got to do something about them. 

I'm actually very sad for them because they are being so viciously played. They will never grasp the truth that the Roman Catholic Church is Cain's ecclesiastical legacy and it will always do its business of keeping sinful people in line with the greatest religious fervor, fully authorized by God who sent it in motion completely out of His presence to do its thing, millennia ago. Cain was allowed to have free reign to reign, not just to build a city and set up an entire culture of awesome things so people can make an idol of that awesome culture, but to employ expert military-style deep-politics operatives to ensure that enrapture is fully entrenched.

Something O'Reilly said in that interview struck me. It was something megaphone mouthpiece holders regularly say to divert attention away from the crimes the Church commits, you know what that is...

"Society is just as much to blame. Ordinary people just let it happen." That's pretty much what she said.

It made me think of two things. First, who are the ones who are teaching people in this society of ours to do that voodoo that they do so well? Who are these men so adept at not just teaching people but to hypnotically compel them to believe and think and feel the way they do? These teachers are not only geniuses at girding the human sacrifice hell that thrives all around us, but they are super-geniuses at convincing us to fiercely dismiss all the ways human sacrifice is committed today. Here's a catalog of all that, by the way, but, alas, I've never seen this webpage or any like it referenced in my gmail alerts.

Secondly, she said "Society" is responsible. I truly think that reference, Society means something a lot more specific than just a nebulous glop of people.

If it is responsible, this Society, then she's revealing a lot more about what's going on.

Want to know?

Then ask Christ to let you see.

Yeah, without Him, forget it. And then after a few more proud "I'm appalled" blurts, we can go back to gleefully heading off to our benighted Alice Human Sacrifice obsession or whatever it is.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The $1.2 Billion Value Extraction

Yesterday when I heard the news that Steve Ballmer was going to pay $2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers NBA franchise I just about fell out of my chair. Thing is, I do know exactly why an $800 million team, tops, went for $2,000 million.

It has everything to do with the reigning zeitgeist constructors.

What the heck does that mean?

It means that people are going to pay through the nose for a team that is going way out of its way to ensure everyone that it doesn't have a racist at the helm. Come on, think about it. What is the Clippers? It is a basketball team, reasonably popular, it's made the playoffs a few times recently, it plays in the second largest media market in the country, yadda yadda. But what else?

The highest valued professional sports team franchise in the world is Manchester United, the European soccer club, at something a bit over $2 billion. The NFL's Dallas Cowboys is at around $2 billion I'm pretty sure, but I think part of all that involves its state-of-the-art stadium. Major league baseball's New York Yankees is around that, as are the Los Angeles Dodgers which were actually recently bought for an even $2 billion (and change). A handful of other NFL and European soccer teams are up close to that.

But the NBA's Clippers?

No. The fact is, that extra $1.2 billion is the price to ensure that unsavory ::cough cough - racist - cough cough:: elements are excised from the good and wholesome righteousnessosity of whatever that is for the just and true righteousnessimbility that NBA proudly stands for, and damn it that racist Donald Sterling just needs to get out. The price is that stratospheric because the World wants to convince us that they are pulling out all the stops to make sure evvverything is ohhh-kay, and if that's what it takes, well then...

The LA Times sportswriter Bill Plaschke was equally nonplussed in his take on it today, wondering what the huge price tag was all about. Interestingly he ended his piece with the thought that making sure people reeeally know you're not racist is priceless. Problem is people say that all the time -- that there are some things that are so spagnaminously boffo that they are "priceless", but an important economic truth is that everything does have a price. Every single thing. It may be very very high, but everything has some price.

People are thinking this rich guy Ballmer is ponying up that cash, yeah, that's it, he'll take care of it, he's super rich, that's cool, thanks for saving us from bad racist racism stuff Steve! But again, another economic truth. Sorry, but he's actually, really looking to get some return on his investment. Who's actually really paying for the most righteouslishiously just and true and pure organization there could ever be by golly God goodnessness?

You are.

You are, anyone who spends money on anything Clippers-esque whether it is products it advertises or the NBA stuff the NBA promotes or any of that. You are being flung on the altar of the powers-that-be human sacrifice and told to do so by media who are given the job to tell you to. How many stories have I heard about that racist Donald Sterling and how much of an idiot he is if he doesn't sell his team? Nothing new, just that he's a bad person of some kind and we're all supposed to hate him.

Over and over and over again I hear it and see it on the news. This isn't objective news reporting, it is indoctrination propaganda. It is designed to get people to believe the humanist dreck they want people to believe, and it works. It isn't enough we're all supposed to be sufficiently enraged at this guy, they're now reporting all over the place that he's certifiably crazy in some way.

Yesterday I saw a TV plug for Lisa Ling -- never heard of her before -- but she was hocking her show on Oprah Winfrey's network about demon possessed people. I don't mean to pick on her necessarily, because I'm sure these kinds of things show up all the time on cable. But this is a classic example of the partial hangout, media personnel hanging out in places where there's really nothing, showcasing stuff that directs your attention away from the more critically important truthful things.

The Lisa Lings of the world want you to believe that there are these kinds of weird people over there and, hey! Look! They're demon possessed and let's all watch. Is it real? Is it true? They always seem to end them with, "We'll never really know..."

Good thing us good wholesome righteouslishous people aren't like that -- whew.

The truth is the Devil is speaking to everyone, all the time. He speaks through the most religious places, through the most righteous sounding people. If you don't have the words of Christ woven through your psyche, you're toast. It seems like you're just okay and fine and dandy, but you're toast.

While another shooting and killing rampage was going on near Santa Barbara recently, other news stories came out about a young man shooting each member of his family then himself in a very upscale community, and another story came out about a woman stabbing her three daughters to death -- and all we get is endlessly droning "These people need psychiatric attention!" Megaphone holders screech numbingly about how we're all supposed to think and feel about it all, yet again.

They will never share the one thing that works. These people need Christ, and they need people who genuinely represent Him. Sure there is a ton to all of that, but the main point is that it isn't just the perpetrators who're being proficiently instructed by the Devil, it is also those getting the microphones shoved in their faces to give their what's-what for everyone to hear are as well. Everyone is exposed to the Devil's seductions in some way or another, and again, those who listen intently or even not-so intently are doing the Devil's bidding in ways they'll never get until they start prayerfully looking at it all with Christ's eyes and seeing it for what it is.

Oh, but yeah, sorry, forgot. That Jesus Christ stuff. That fairy tale stuff that's just for Sunday morning where no one will hurt anyone anyway. Oh that superstitious pap, yeah, right. Oh yeah. "The Devil." Ha! Yeah, riiight.

See what you've been taught? See what you're told to do when you speak, when you behave, when you even think deeply about what's really going on?


By the way, just to add, I wrote about all this in my latest home page piece. It is here if you're interested.

Oh, and yeah, one more thing -- that whole Clippers sale thing? I thought a lot about this old Bloom County strip -- it is exactly like it. I love this particular episode, classic institutionalized codependent-driven value extraction in its most splendidly elementary form. It is indeed, the World doing what it does so well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Real Vendetta Will Be Far More Ruthless Than in the Movie

Had an interesting thing happen tonight. Was relaxing, channel surfing, and came across the film V for Vendetta. Thought I'd tune in to it, there in the middle of the film somewhere, see a bit of it.

About 14 seconds after I tuned into it, that one scene came up -- the scene I found the most fascinating, the one that gave meaning to the whole thing. I'd even referenced it in a webzine home page piece a number of years ago. Here it is, by the way, there on YouTube.

I'd made a point about unavoidable government identification, but as I watched it, I thought about all the applications to my current webzine home page piece. We're all in tribes, all segmented by authoritative segmenters, and we're segmented in ways we can't even see. From those tribes we seethe and rage and simmer and rail and hate and fear and hate-and-fear some more, all the while hoping that our tribal rent-seeking is successful enough to keep our raging crusades justified and our cushy lives girded.

Unless, of course, you trust in Christ.

No, really, you trust in Christ. At least the Real One.

There are lots of counterfeits made for your own personal preferences.

This is so you and your Your-Own-Jesus crusaders can keep up the good fight, just like the Guy Fawkes inspired throngs. How heroic he is! Fighting the man with an almost supernatural prowess. Yay!

I spend a lot of time looking at the financial markets, because I think it is there you find some of the most gruesome displays of this puke. I just thought of all the major companies out there who have billions of dollars of cash they're just not using right now. Why? It is simple.

They know how likely the raging raging raging against the man will explode, annnd... how much they should just keep gobs and gobs of cash to protect them and their interests in such a certain eventuality.

And it is a certain eventuality. All man does is hold his fist -- hold it... hold it... hold it... God is only allowing the legacy of Cain to do his thing until he removes that constraint -- you know, the one that keeps fists in check. Cain serves his purposes for a while longer. Then...

Are you like Inspector Finch in the film? Can you intuitively sense what he senses? You could if you looked at the place where it talks most about it: Scripture. There you'll find that indeed, we're all in it, and we're all trapped by it. The brutal fear, the crushing hate, the eviscerating violence -- violence from Radical Selfists and Devout Romanists alike.

In fact you don't need Scripture to sense it -- Scripture just helps you understand, to know why, and how. You just need to talk to people. Sure most times they're smiley and polite. But scratch their psyche a bit and you'll see the seeds of the Culture War. Still there, still festering, still looking to their own tribe's Guy Fawkes to be their savior.


You could put your trust in Christ, though, just so you know. You could. You could right now. But that means giving up all the idols leading you on that crusade gives you ever-so-much meaning to life. You could give it up to actually have The Life.

You could.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Wonderful Matters Factor

I've named this blog "Wonderful Matters" because the Bible makes reference to such things all the time. Even calls them by name. Wonderful Matters.

I was pretty amazed when I heard a pastor on the radio extrapolate the meaning of that word, wonderful. He said the Hebrew can only mean one thing, that the thing addressed as wonderful is indeed only explainable by God.

I don't really know how many people are paying attention to my work to get what I think is a modestly substantive take on the Kingdom. I'd like to think there are a few. That's cool. Wherever God puts me on the avenue to share Him with others, I'm good with that. Sure I'd like to speak into the loudest megaphone to a desperate and dying throng of people, people who'd just turn the ear, see if they could get it, and turn.

To Him.

He's blessed me tremendously with a good friend who's been able to work out my website, at least for now. I'd been concerned -- as I posted in my last entry here -- about staying true to my bimonthly monographs on my webzine, but my friend came around and made it happen. Slogging along the concrete of the stultifyingly deaf and numbingly lost, Jesus still shines His light through people who do have a heart for seeing His righteousness move across the pavement. Awesome.

Awesome awesome awesome.

That I am His on that avenue is the most rapturous wonderful matter.

So, yeah, there you will see on the home page of my webzine, the notification I'd wanted to get in there, that I'll get to that new page soon. I'm eager to get into the new program, mess with it a bit, see if I can make it bolder and brighter and -- well, just whatever it can be so He will be known and His ways understood.

That's cool.

I haven't even looked at everything else yet. May be there, may not. May be messed up, may not.

He'll make it so if He wants.

It's all good...

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Resolute Fortitude in an Ocean of Folly

I am mostly adding this post to my blog because I presently cannot work with my website, and I simply want to add the most meaningful notification that I possibly can about this present situation. I confess I feel quite resigned in this world overrun with the most fetid folly. Yes, I know, this is really not much of a new thing. The most murderous folly has virulently infected things for eons upon eons. I guess when it is particularly gruesome around you, the sorrow is quite acute.

Anyway, the main thrust of this notification is that necessary program updating and concerns about viral computer invasions has put my web work on hold, for as temporarily as I pray it would be. It'd be nice if I could simply use the computer I've had for years, the programs I've had for years, with the security protections I've had for years, but information technology folk feel everything must be updated to the point where anything old gets jettisoned.

And if you don't have connections with people who really know how to arrange all of this, it gets to be depressingly daunting. Believe me, I've tried. I've made pleas through my website and blog. Nothingness. I've talked to dozens of people about seeing if they could come around to helping. Nothing. Recently other options looked promising, but turned out not to be. I can't even have my comments enabled here because a long time ago a friend said "Put in Haloscan!" I did, then Haloscan went to another company, then another, then that company went out of business -- when I went to restore the original comments settings it didn't do it. Go ahead. Look. There at the bottom. No comments entry available. Not that I don't want contributions from readers. But it's that tech thing.

I do very much appreciate that with little left at least at this moment, I do still have this blogger service. God has given me that. He has also allowed me to write for the past ten years on my webzine, and as far as I can tell, it is still up for people to get meaningful information about the Kingdom. God has blessed me overwhelming with that, and I hope readers have been blessed enormously as well. I do know many have. And yes, some day, some time, I will get to resume it.

Until then, there is this blog notification. I'm still here, extraordinarily eager to share more about Him and His beautiful Kingdom with you.

If you do want to get in touch with me, I invite you to email me at my gmail address with a URL of my webzine that is available for easy access: Email me there, I'd be happy to hear from you.

And if you are one who not only understands and knows God, but also does fine computer work, inexpensively, with a heart to see my ministry get rebooted, please do let me know!

Thank you!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Addictive Blogger, Part II

Thought I'd post again, here in the blog, so soon after the last post, simply because I guess I have to. Juuust to be out there in the blogosphere, you know, have the presence, all that. Sorry, but I don't have a comments section. I'd love to, but when I've tried to re-enable it, it just doesn't. So, hey, still, if you like my take, email me from my webzine. I'd love to hear from you.

Anyway, felt like I needed to just add some thoughts about some thoughts in my latest blog, thoughts that I thought would surely get some to go "Whoa Nelly that's kinda dicey there Dave!"

There was this, if you recall:

The Bible is a science textbook.

I know why so many go "NOW-WAIT-A-MINUTE-THERE" so readily. They've been seduced by two of the greatest World operative grunts in the history of philosophy, David Hume and Immanuel Kant. When you get right down to it, here's what each has said.

Hume: "There aren't miracles because there can't be miracles."

Kant: "I know that you can't know something, anything."

Really, that's them for you. Tell me I'm wrong. But if you are intellectually honest, through all the erudite elaborate intellectual folderol, that's their stuff. That's it, right there.

And it is deeep inside the psyche of your typical Catholicized individual.

Please, look at those two statements. Look at how silly they truly are. But you hear very smart, thoughtful, and most likely very nice and kind people say these things to others all the time.

"I know you can't know that." "That simply couldn't have happened." "I don't believe it." "You're so wrong about that I'm not even going to give you the time of day."

Pretty authoritative words from people who rely on anti-authoritativeness to comprise their world view.

"Oh but you're twisting the definition of science."

Not. Who said you get to make the definition of science? You know the one, it essentially states, as it does today in popular culture: "Science is the pursuit of truthful things as long as they don't involve God." Really, that's it. Tell me I'm wrong.

And the Bible, not a science textbook? I checked out the 104th Psalm after my last post, just to soak it up again, and here're just two small verses, just two: "He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains. They give water to all the beasts of the field; the wild donkeys quench their thirst."

Hmm. Looks pretty scientific to me. There're mountains, there's water, there're animals, there's some kind of flowing and some kind of thirst-quenching going on. Really, tell me, what's the only thing there that disqualifies that very statement from being science by today's completely benighted secular definition?

I know what it is. Who is that "He" there?

Funny, I've seen science shows on National Geographic or Animal Planet or anything like that that say exactly the same thing, but instead of "God" they say "evolution." "Evolution did this" and "Evolution did that." It'd be comical if it weren't so contemptibly stupid.

What is this stuff that is thriving in people's minds?

That's kind of the second thing I said in that last post. Here it is, again:

The Roman Catholic Church drives all that, deliberately, purposefully.

You see, David Hume was effectively trained by Jesuits in this perverse love-hate thing he had going with them. Immanuel Kant had his work widely disseminated throughout an elite educational system that has been practically administered by Jesuits.

Of course, the deer-in-the-headlights look appears on the faces of so many, a lasting "Guh?" hanging on their tongues, always followed immediately by some loud fierce gibberish that only amounts to some convoluted version of "IT CAN'T BE BECAUSE IT CAN'T BE" and "YOU DON'T KNOW BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW."

::Sigh:: Just tired of it. It is just so idiotic, it really is.

But you know? Here's the kicker.

It is indeed perfectly rational.

You see, I don't censure or rebuke or challenge Rome at all in any of this. It is what they do. They are supposed to do that stuff, and they do it exceptionally well I might add. God even told them to, as much as they themselves haven't a clue who this God fellow is. Check it out, right there, very scientifically described in the 4th chapter of Genesis.

It is just, if you want something better, greater, more beautifully wonderful than rationality, then you want righteousness. That's very different.

And you can have that only by the One Who Is Righteousness Himself.

He's the One who died to clear away the idiotic folly of pretentious philosophers and scholars, to make it so people could see clearly enough that they can indeed love with a sacrificial love just like He did. And celebrating Easter as we are today is merely about rejoicing that He very scientifically, verifiably, falsifiably, and truthfully rose from the dead so we could know we'll have eternal life as well, drawn to Him and His rich, bountiful love.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Addictive Blogger

I got another reminder that to get good marketing going for my web presence I've got to blog blog blog, tweet tweet tweet, post post post -- I guess I need to be a social media maniac. I once heard that the most important thing is content. I still refuse to discount that element, and still believe it is indeed the foundation for meaningful work.

But it seems as though having to slog through all the social media platforms and be there with some inane regularity is something that is quite expected. I recently saw a news item about a blogger, Amanda somebody, don't even remember her last name, who contrived a lot of waves in cyberspace with her asinine remarks about abortion -- stuff about babies being evil something-er-others, it wasn't even worth anyone's attention.

Yet I still thought, huh, this gal is getting this kind of attention? Whut thuh...? Her only credential was that she was a blogger. That's it. Now, I'm great with being just a blogger, nothing wrong with that, but how come these kinds of idiots are so showcased? Well, correction, I do know why. I happened to catch a bit of something biographical about this gal, that she'd attended a Roman Catholic school in Austin, St. Edwards I think it was. That should tell you everything.

Except that this blogger won't get a whole lot of attention because when readers are introduced to the quite veritable premise, "The Roman Catholic Church is all about provoking the worst in reprobate individuals for the purpose of showing off how magnanimous they are about fixing things up in the nicest ways, and this was the way it was legitimately arranged since Cain's first such effort," the response is a complete and thorough...

I mean, the response is not even a response, only because such a premise is so far and away beyond the purview of a wholly Catholicized, Americanized, hypnotized, mesmerized populace that, well, oh well... I'll still blog and hope to share Christ with those who do want to see.

Saw a piece from a friend on Facebook, something like "Christianity is the most falsifiable religion there is, and it's still around." Made me think about a take I've started to ruminate about, the idea that the Bible is indeed a scientific work. I've been thinking. Look at the beginning of Genesis, Psalm 104, the gospel accounts of Jesus' earthly life. My recent devotional reading is from Exodus on the instructions for the tabernacle.

There are profound scientific features in those parts of Scripture.

So who told us that the Bible is not a scientific textbook? Well, if you've followed my work, or -- damn, you've even paid attention at all to what's really going on around you, what happens at the deepest levels of how things actually happen the way they do -- you'd know.

In my Los Angeles Times today was an editorial about how all of the U.S. presidents' assassins through history were just crazy men with delusions of grandeur. That's it. No conspiracy plap required, the writer boldly implies. All you dumb conspiracy theorists can take off your silly tinfoil hats now.

It'd be one thing to dismiss this guy as an idiot himself, but really. Why is the LA Times putting in a piece that is so stultifyingly elementary? What is their agenda for including it? It is one thing to say "Assassins all have one thing in common: this certain kind of thinking." Whoa, what a revelation! No, the real question is, where did these guys get that kind of thinking?

The Bible says what that is, scientifically.

Anyway, thinking of getting much more into this with my latest home page piece. This, by the way, is something I should address here, at least in this blog for those who do follow my work and may catch it. Right now my computer situation is really up in the air. These systematic changes in whatever information technology advances are being foisted upon us these days -- errck, what a hassle.

But, point is, I am valiantly working to keep my website up and going, and if my prayers are answered, new and thriving. I really work to keep up on it every two months, at least. I'd be adding tons more of this and that, but work and family consume most of my time (and wonderfully so!) Even so, yes yes yes, I'd love to have a major web presence just to introduce anyone to the One Who Actually Does Save Souls.

Anyway, just wanted to add the disclaimer... and to put up just one more post just to stay as much in the SOCIAL MEDIA REALM as I can -- as much as that actually is.