Friday, May 24, 2013

Authentic Commitment

So Special Internal Revenue Service Person Of Some Kind Lois Lerner said to Congress, "I didn't do anything wrong and I plead the fifth." The idea is that she must have something to hide and it's really really bad if she feels she has to say she didn't do anything bad before she said nothing about what bad she might've done. And because it has to do with the IRS targeting conservative non-profits for undue consideration of some kind there're a lot of conservatives who are steaming, as well as a lot of people who're being told this is some injustice they must fight against.

Except, there is a problem here, and it isn't with the IRS.

The fact is anyone in the IRS or in any government agency who is doing law enforcement by looking at what evil people are doing or what evil people will likely do is doing nothing wrong. They are merely doing the job assigned to them by God at the very beginning of man's existence. As a division of the legacy of Cain and his city-building, head-cracking, murder-employing duty, the IRS is merely doing its job of looking to see which non-profits are hypocritically abusing the privilege of evading taxes and at the same time censuring government officials -- an expressed violation of their own agreement in their own plain contractual commitment.

On the other hand, what if you didn't need Caesar's work to keep your evildoing in check? What if you were covered by the righteousness of Christ by His shed blood, by your belief on Him as Lord and Savior, and by the deep, rich, sowing love you have for others? What if you were doing that? You wouldn't need a 501c3 or 501c4, you wouldn't need to register as a government employee or presume non-resident alien status, and you wouldn't need to make yourself liable for paying taxes you do not owe in the first place.

It seems that of the 300,000,001 people in this country, 100,000,000 think the IRS is a great big awful beast that must be rigorously prodded with a big stick so it is sufficiently annoyed all the time. Another 100,000,000 want the IRS to viciously go after all those ugly conservatives and their hypocritical religiousity because they are so judgmental and political and homophobic. Another 100,000,000 just don't give a rat's ass about any of it, and whenever they think they know what's going on and speak up, they just sound ignorant.

Then there's that one guy left, me. Sometimes I just wonder if there really is anyone else who sees that temporal government is doing precisely what it is supposed to do but that there is a better place for people to be doing the sublime work of loving and sowing and the place where that happens is completely outside that realm. What a joy it would be to see lots of authentically Christ-following folk joining together with praises to God on their lips and using their gifts of mercy, service, encouragement, leadership, prophecy, teaching, and giving to manifest the Kingdom -- and I mean lots, millions of people doing this together, boldly, wisely, articulately, abundantly...

Now I'm not so embarrassingly arrogantly obtusely provincial. I know there are many who have a heart for Kingdom work. I'm not the only one, I know -- but I'm just sharing what I feel sometimes, that's all. I just want to see more of the Kingdom, see churches be real churches not just pathetically piddly smaller versions of Cain's ecclesiastical legacy, the Roman Catholic Church.

Today President Obama gave a commencement address at the Naval Academy and he used the opportunity to say to the graduates "Let's make sure we control our sexual urges, okay?" Yes, there is a serious crisis of sexual assaults in the military, and it isn't new. It's been going pretty good for quite some time. Mix the violently combustible mores of a hyper-sexualized society, the insistence that women do the same things as men do in close quarters on military bases, and the benighted humanist indoctrination from World operatives, and you're going to have a lot of deadly explosions.

But think about it. Just a few months ago Obama and a huge portion of society made sure that fiercely homosexually-minded people could openly serve in the military. This makes no sense whatsoever. And I don't necessarily blame Obama! He's just a product of those World operatives who make him behave the way he does.

When Obama says on one side of his mouth, "Homosexuals: come on in!" and then on the other, "Military folk: keep your pants on!" he doesn't recognize the abjectly immoral inconsistency within this commitment. Sure most homosexualists will shout, "Oh but the difference is that homosexuals together are doing their thing because they they've consented, and that's okay."

Excuse me, but have they really consented? I don't believe they have. Homosexually-minded individuals only do what they do because they themselves have had powerful emotional and spiritual forces destructively affect their sentiments through their lives so it now seems they must intractably do things they wouldn't otherwise do. And please, I'm an equal opportunity cynic -- anyone who does sexually wicked things is doing so because they've been taught to do so by people who themselves have been influenced by... hmm, where does that trail go?

Are you willing to look? Are you willing to find out? Do you care?

And just as importantly, are you still so willing to be tied contractually to the entity that is at the forefront of provoking people to behave in such ways?

Because if you are in a supposed "Christian" church that has congregants who say they believe in this Jesus fellow, then what in the world are you doing volitionally obligated to the power of the law and of the one who administers it? Those things are only employed to govern those whose sin must be managed. If you're still so stridently protective of your cherished non-profit tax-exempt incorporated status giving Caesar reign over your affairs -- really then, who is this Jesus fellow?

Oh I do have to confess how much I want to scratch a Christian and find that he or she really does call Him "Lord, Lord" and do what He says. That they don't just obsequiously give all of the value of their productive capacity to Caesar, nor do they remonstrate exceedingly against him because they really hate that he has to do his job of cracking heads even if it is theirs. Or even more that they don't just shrug and retreat into their own scared little world and stubbornly refuse to look at truth -- and yeah, experience grace.

But yeah, being merciful as He asks me to be I need to understand that, too. So yeah, I don't necessarily do all that He asks of me either. You may say I don't suffer fools gladly, but I'm worse. I don't suffer fools at all.

Thing is, Jesus suffered for me and my foolishness.

This truth and grace thing is very hard.

It is easy with the One Who Is Truth and Grace.

I little while ago I wrote a home page piece on the numbers. Just some added thoughts about the question, "Who has Jesus' name on their lips and are actually organizing in rich and vibrant ways -- completely abjured from the World -- to show others what the Kingdom really is?"

Another one I wrote is about types of people classified by the ways they respond to the World.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tightly Bound to the Folly

Today's big political scandal is the undue scrutiny the nation's tax collecting agency exercised upon groups seeking to get the tax collecting agency's imprimatur to be tax-exempt organizations so they wouldn't have to pay taxes they'd otherwise owe being liable to give tribute to their lord, Caesar.

Now, yeah, the first part of that statement probably sounded something like this: "The IRS was unfair targeting conservative groups!" The middle part of that statement was probably met with a consenting shrug. I'd venture to say, however, that the last part of the statement was completely incomprehensible to those quite entranced by their devotion to Cain's minions.

But then they are doing exactly what God said they'd do.

Remain in a state of abject deafness, dumbness, and blindness, at the price of their own healing and salvation. Look it up. Right there in the sixth chapter of Isaiah. Quoted a few times by Jesus and by Paul, maybe others but I know at least them for sure.

All the screeching I hear about the IRS has me scratching my head. Excuse me, but what are you doing in the first place asking it to give any kind of approval to your group and its activities? Do you not do the things you do because you love others? Is not your mission and your goals a bold reflection of commitments to do the things God would want you to do to have things be right and true and righteous from start to finish?

I guess I just wonder. If you're actually doing all that, then what do you need Caesar for? What do you need the one whose job it is to crack heads of evil people when they dick with others? Excuse me, but are you afraid you will be one of those people? And if so, then why aren't you celebrating the IRS' foray into the most extensive investigation of groups that by the very virtue of formally requesting their services are declaring that they are in need of such rigorous examination?

When you apply to be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization (and now more controversially, 501(c)(4)'s), does not the agency by matter of routine require certain disclosures about money, purposes, laws and by-laws, and any other legitimately relevant items that certify an entity for the classification sought?

What's the issue?

"Oh, but the eeevil Obama administration wants to take down the wholesome conservative groups that are fighting for liberty and freedom and those fine things."

Annnd what does this "fight for liberty" stuff actually entail?

I know what it entails. It entails doing all kinds of things within the bounds of temporal government, ultimately mixing it up with the secular arrangement of the Roman Catholic Church whose task it is to summarily exercise condemnation against those who refuse to live by the true freedom in Christ's Kingdom, to valiantly flail about looking for an elusive "liberty" that is only rage and fear and destruction.

I do weep when I see so many so utterly lost in their deafness, dumbness, and blindness. I'm just as much saddened when I see churches so contemptibly impotent when they've signed on to be that very same 501(c)(3) non-profit body -- they don't have the faintest idea, as deaf and as dumb and as blind as anyone else.

Do you know what happens when you enter into that body of death?

You die.

Saw today a report that said the death toll in Syria is higher than previous estimates. It's in the neighborhood of 100,000. That's horrific. I'm a history teacher and we don't even think about the death toll of any previous battling-it-out between humans -- just off the top of my head the millions and millions who lost their lives in World War II. Look up the German and Soviet casualties in World War II and just ruminate on that a bit.

All of it because people have business with Caesar.

Guess what.

You can leave all of that and do business with Christ.

Please know Caesar is doing what he must do. Good stuff, that regulating people's rotten behavior, that checking out the qualifications to be non-profit, that putting on a grand show to keep people livid -- good stuff. Please, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm completely serious. It's what they do and they do it well.

But to be genuinely free and truthful and filled with joy and grace and the deepest authenticity of character and insight and all kinds of the very best from God...

Get out of that crap.

Leave it behind. Be the best "non-profit" of all and owe a debt of love to others and just do that. Do that because you love another and because you know Christ loved you with His life and because it is the most wonderfully exhilarating thing ever. Don't go to Caesar and ask his permission. What the pfxthchk is THAT?

But then, if you must, if you are not Christ's, if you are not Kingdom-bound, if you don't love others with His love, then yeah. Go talk to the IRS about it. They'll take care of your business for you, whether you complain or not. It's all the same. No matter what you'll still be their faithful.

And still deaf dumb and blind to the bountiful reality of the Kingdom.


A few years ago I wrote a homepage piece in my webzine about doing business with Rome and insisting on death. Check it out, you'll know what I mean there.

Friday, May 03, 2013

The End of Folly

In my devotional this morning I read the beginning of the 51st chapter of Jeremiah. The whole last part of the prophet's book is about the judgment of Babylon, and in this particular passage was this from God: "I am going to arouse against Babylon... the spirit of a destroyer."

That just blew me away, that little part. Sure God is bringing judgment against a nation that deserves it, but hey, God had just used Babylon as an instrument of judgment against Israel. Here now it is going to get hammered by Persia. Which incidentally, will eventually get pasted by Greece, which will get scorched by Rome, which will get overrun by what is established as Britain, which gets its comeuppance from America, which...

The point is that so many here in the U.S. think they're invincible. Yeah, the U.S. has been pretty invincible for a while. But it is clear from the Bible that God only allows reprobate nations, particularly those doing the work of Cain, to do its work for a time, and then, yeah.

The spirit of the destroyer arrives.

The only protection against it is the blood of Christ. That's the only thing. That's it. Nothing else.

Recently the financial world was abuzz when uber-economists Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart published a paper declaring that economic growth is abysmally stunted when the debt-to-GDP ratio surpasses 90%, and this country zipped past that threshold a long time ago. Then some calculating errors were discovered in their work and a lot of people pointed fingers and spittled "It isn't so!" and breathed a sigh of relief.

Except that...

It doesn't matter what kind of debt you have, if any investment made wherever however does not translate into people doing things that are character-driven and make people's lives better out of love for others, your country is going to go right into the shitter.

And yeah, this country is indeed going headlong right into it. I don't even have to spew the gory details that would be considered financial porn by many people, "financial porn" being all the "The sky is falling!" stuff about the markets that appears so melodramatic.

I can just point out things like the Los Angeles Times editorial this morning that had me stunned. Sure I know what the Times is about, sure I know the World is as benighted as this paper's editorial demonstrates, but I also think how phenomenally evil this was -- and most just shrug.

It was about "transgender rights," and it spoke about how much we all need to be ever-so tolerant of those who wish to be considered the opposite sex than what their physical constitution declares them to be, and that some institutions like schools are starting to accommodate them by allowing them to use the bathroom that best coordinates with their "gender preference."

Why is this so tolerated? Because World operatives have done a brilliant job to browbeat us into tolerating it. If you don't tolerate it, you're a homophobic bigot. That editorial ended with a pronouncement that full gleeful acceptance of all sexual proclivities especially among young people is all going quite nicely and that "if the adults don't make trouble, chances are that things will be fine."

Excuse me? Excuse me?

It is clear. Essentially let young people give full reign to their sexual iniquity and back off. Those pesky intolerant adults just make things difficult. Not that this is intolerant or anything, no.

It definitely is more of the greatest, deepest, most horrific folly that will, yes, destroy the United States. And from what I see scripturally, the U.S.-U.K. hegemony is the last political entity to do the work of Cain in God's line of nation-judgment instruments.

Getting back to the economic thing, Robert Samuelson wrote a piece a couple weeks ago called "Trust in Macroeconomics Has Been Shattered." In it he refers briefly to the Rogoff-Reinhart issue, but pretty much says in so many words, "None of us really know what we're doing."

Of course they don't.

They don't think with the mind of Christ.

They can't. If they're beholden to Cain and as such out of the presence of God, they haven't a clue. It's what they do. It's standard behavior.

Just about everyone watches the pukifying celebration of sexual idiocy and most are confused about what to do or say that might challenge it because the thought police will glower at them. It's all part of the grand Catholicist show. How worthless are the foolish attempts of so many people to be this or that kind of person when they are just not. Add to this the fetid attempts by financial powers to try like crazy to make it all look good, and then we get people like Samuelson puzzled about why the macro world is in the crapper.

Really? Is this really a surprise? Really?

I share a bit more of what I'm seeing out there in my latest home page piece, which gets even more into these kinds of human sacrifice items. It's ugly, very ugly, but hey...

Christ still wants you to know of His love...

You can have it if you want...