Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another 1,000 Words on The Real Slavery

In my last post I opined about a blogging pundit's remark that a good blogger must write a thousand words a day to be effective. I did agree one must blog often enough, but also made mention of extraordinarily meaningful time constraints. There are indeed other things more important.

I've since thought that I must add another important facet to the blog-posting-somewhat-more-infrequently-than-every-day position. That is simply that one must take time to actually discover things about which to blog. Certainly sometimes those things require an entire day of plain discovery sans any writing at any time.

I thought today I'd add some examples of the things I've been looking at over the past few days.

One is an event that happened just yesterday: Rome itself has been overrun by the "Occupy Whichever Powers-That-Be Street There Is" fever. This particular revolt has resulted in some violence, I'm told, so the rebellion is stirring quite nicely it seems.

Tired of all the pressing anxiety, the finance officers of the G20 nations scolded the eurozone and insisted they get cracking to calm things down. They haven't really meant business about doing anything of substance for millennia, why would it be any different over the course of the next week? It's all really just part of the docudrama in the sin management extravaganza.

The rebellious revelers are no better. I heard a soundbite on the radio from one "Occupier" who said, "We're doing this for your children."

No you're not.

You're just as much a fool as those you are railing against. They lie and you buy their lie even in your strident objections that you don't. You lie because you think you are good and wholesome without Christ. How dare you claim you aren't as power hungry as those you excoriate. You are being played and are playing everyone else because you get to have a microphone shoved in your face.

Earlier in the week I read a piece from Hernando de Soto, the acclaimed economist who made one of the most salient points in recent economic thought in his book The Mystery of Capital. He declared (as he did again in the piece) that capital is dead without binding legal transcription of the value of that capital.

But read the piece carefully because you'll see that even that doesn't matter in the end. He writes with such despair, crying out for the forces of the law to do their work in spite of the harrowing nature of the World inhabitant's predicament. The truth is that

Without Christ, you are dead.

No matter how much capital you have, and how much it is recorded with gold plated inscriptions in vaults of marble, in the end it is all just dust in the wind. It is amazing enough that he actually made mention of the fact that claims to the world's wealth exceed the actual value of that wealth by ten-to-one (that's one whopping lie by a heck of a lot of people). But even that fact is moot when one realizes that without Life, any wealth is ultimately meaningless.

Finally I must make mention of a piece I read by Walter Williams. Like de Soto, I like reading Walter Williams. He really nails things with simplicity and style. He wrote a piece a week or two ago about how terribly loose Europe has been with its entitlement generosity. He chides the U.S. for being so profligate.

The thing that struck me was his last sentence:

"We must find a compassionate way to wean people off government."


Here's the thing! I know that Way! He is Compassion Himself! Yes, definitely! Get off Caesar's teat and walk into the open, gracious, splendid embrace of Christ!

Sadly, I don't think many people know what that means. They think Jesus is the hifalutin dude they see a bunch of religious people talk about in churches on Sunday, and that's pretty much it. But one reason that's the case is that coming off the intense addiction to Americanism is as awfully difficult as it is coming off meth.

I happen to love NASCAR racing, but it breaks my heart to watch someone lead a prayer for thousands in attendance and millions watching at home -- with the name of Jesus in the prayer, wow! -- and then in the very next moment they all betray that devotion by singing a worship song to an idol. "Oh say can you see..." You lift your eyes up to... what?

As good Americanists it is what they should be doing, I understand. The wholesome Americanist version of Cain's agency is supposed to rally the faithful. But that also means they are engaged in the standard value extractions practices that Americanist doctrine engenders. Williams' plea at the end of his piece sounds more like lamenting a hopelessly doomed effort than any realistic expectation that he will actually find that way.

That is because it is so simple: If it isn't Christ, he will never find it. It isn't there. All there is is the fake one, the one Caesar runs at the behest of Cain's legacy of brutal law enforcement.

Funny, just went to Apple's movie trailers site and caught the newest preview of The Avengers. Those are the idiosyncratic and delightfully popular Marvel superhero guys, you know them all, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, and of course, ta-da! Captain America. Don't get me wrong, I really like all those movies.

But they resonate with us because deep inside we have the need to see justice done (Hey, the DC Comics version is "The Justice League"). What so very few can grasp is that there is One who will see it done all right, but He won't spare anyone who's been unjust,

Including us.

Both Cain's minions through history and his slaves wherever they occupy are on the docket for that trial. And the judgment has already been made.

Do you know of That One who is The Compassion? The One who died to be your mercy in the face of that justice? The One who literally rose up out of the grave to rule over the heavens and the earth and who will give all of the bounty and glory and wonder of the Kingdom to those who want to enjoy it with Him?

I like watching the whole pop culture fascination with superheros, and wrote about it a while back when Watchmen was made into a feature film. That's here. And here's why many of the very best looking Christian churches are just subdivisions of Cain's vast governing operation.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

1,000 Words on The Real Slavery

I saw a note from some web expert guy who says to be an effective blogger, you must write 1,000 words a day. A day. Now I'm all for writing prodigiously -- I simply won't stop sharing the things I think are most important for the Kingdom. But I have a family, a job, and a home. Attention to those three things takes up 98% of my time. Yes I have a ministry, but much of that is wrapped up in those three things. I try to squeeze what I can into The Catholicist Nation and Wonderful Matters from the other 2%.

I am wholly devoted, though, to this ministry. But to write 1,000 words a day? I'd have to sacrifice far too much of those other things. Can I be a successful blogger otherwise? The only reason I'd consider myself to be relates to another critical aspect of web success, and that is that there must be content.

That's what I try to achieve, and I just think slapping 1,000 words on the splendor of today's dog-walking experience is just not worth it.

For example, I can't refuse to blog on what happened on Sunday, something that very few people are addressing from an Ungrafted Church perspective. Oh there is the World System perspective, and there is the Catholicized Church perspective, and there is the Average Joe perspective...

And then there is the core truth about things.

I'd like to share with you the core truth about this event and its ramifications all around. You're more than welcome to critique it, I'm great with that. If it isn't the truth let me know. But if it is, you'll either foolishly reject it or wisely embrace it. And if you do the latter, it only means something if you then decide to do the one thing that really matters in it all.

The event was "Pulpit Freedom Sunday," the day pastors felt the need to boldly shout about all the political evils that ravage the country. They even went so far as to say who people should and shouldn't vote for in elections for civil office.

The move was really a protest against what they see as excessively constrictive regulations against their right to speak freely. Rules for 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt organizations include provisions against partisan activity that strictly prohibit pastors from openly endorsing any given candidate in the service of their duties. These particular pastors consider that this is an undue violation of their First Amendment rights.

I guess my question is, how can you reject the rules so stridently when you agreed to the terms of the contract you signed? Furthermore, how can you reasonably expect your demands to be respected when you are getting paid so generously for the expressed purpose of following them?

It has been made clear in no uncertain terms that the pastors are hoping to goad the IRS into some rabid prosecution of their disobedience in order to draw attention to the onerous condition they must endure, but do you know what's been happening?


On Sunday the bleats and roars and wails screeched from pulpits across the country about the devastating effects of abortion and same-sex marriage and illegal immigration and a host of other social ills, and about that rascal Obama and his cohorts and how evil they all are. It was deafening!

The problem is that, it was just that. It didn't matter, because deaf ears can't hear it, and coming from spiritually impotent speakers it is just mumbo-jumbo.

Right now the IRS is completely ignoring it all, effectively marginalizing the World-church-flailing-about-trying to-be-Christian. These pastors are yelling, "Listen to us everyone!" and everyone is yawning, helped along by the entrenched World System powers. And what is funny is that

The pastors are very aggravated.

"What? No wall-to-wall media attention? No televised coverage of dozens of valiant pastors being dragged to jail? No prime-time network newscasts of our noble plight?"


"It's frustrating," said a senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, the point group for the event. "The law is on the books but they don't enforce it, leaving the churches in limbo." (quote from the New York Times)

There it is. What World operatives have done is very strategically left the church hanging out to dry. By heeding the World's call to enter into rebellion against the temporal authorities, these pastors have made themselves wholly impotent to have any lasting impact in the spiritual lives of those desparate for Christ. By continuing to seek benefits of a legal obligation without fulfilling the contract's requirements and defying Caesar in a pathetically unbiblical way, they are breaking God's law and thoroughly eviscerating their witness for the One they foolishly believe they are honoring.

Yes, they are breaking His law. They are hypocritically saying one thing and doing another. This is an awful offense to God. They've signed on with Cain's agency for the purpose of law enforcement (by firmly girding 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt status), expected the law to protect them (in complete rejection of God's generous call for His own to live by Truth and Grace), and then demanded that Cain provide for them even in their own vocal objection to Cain's sworn officers (open challenge to those officers and their ordained duties).

And they are having their just desserts, being shown for who they really are. Even worse than that, no one knows about it, and no one cares.

Should the System care, and should the IRS actually take care of business, they will do it quietly, subtly. IRS officials have given lip service to the offense, but only to sound like they know what's going on. They've said some churches are being "audited." Ooo, scary. But as long as no one really gives a rip (which most don't) why make a big deal out of it?

Should there be any media attention, it will only come with everyone seeing the rank hypocrisy of the church leaders. The very clever strategy: just wait until enough can see the brazen behavior of these people, and if there is any publicized prosecution, it will be wholly justified in the public's eyes.

And what if there is that remote chance that there is actually any widespread sympathy for the pastors? Then there is ripe opportunity to rationalize more fomented rebellion against Caesar, which feeds the voracious appetites of World System powers. They will find someone to step up and use this to further strengthen the System's grip on the populace, to the Catholicized church-goer's glee.

These fools cannot win. And it is made to be that way.

Actually, that may be the best thing for Christ. Maybe more people will see these people for who they are. Even better maybe people will see Christ for who He really is -- leaving the World and its puny little 501c3 churches for what they are. Hey, I agree that abortion and same-sex marriage and all those things are horrific, I'm with them on that.

But people will not be free from them as long as they interminably continue to try to get Caesar to fix them. Much much less when they alienate the people to whom they should be ministering.

The True Church of Christ is free from Caesar's clutches. Free from having to say anything to his officers. Free from the oppressive law enforcement he administors, which includes any 501c3 entanglements. Free from expecting to get anything from Caesar that God hasn't already ordained should be the follower of Christ's anyway by way of His divine protection.

The 501c3 pastor and those who enable them are slaves to the World System, and as a result they rage and rail and have very high blood pressure all the time, making everyone around them very uncomfortable.

The follower of Christ is a slave to righteousness, His righteousness, rapturously serving Him and others in His Kingdom, and as a result they know and experience and revel in His bountiful joy and peace.

There are my 1,000 words for today. Probably a few more than that.

But hey, gotta make sure I make up for all the other days I don't blog.