Sunday, June 26, 2016

So Few Young People Get It - Addendum

Thought I'd share a few notes about my "Letter to Nicholas and Friends" from yesterday. It was impassioned and any time writing is impassioned people step back. I understand. That's cool. I still stand by everything I wrote, but I wanted to add a couple things.

First, the mainstream news site used Nicholas' post to make the case that young people are upset with the Brexit vote. Because of that I assumed Nicholas was a young person, and I thought, hmm, he may indeed be someone of any age. Still, the philosophy from which Nicholas writes is still extraordinarily dangerous and emanates from a position of profound ignorance, at the peril of young people's future.

Should humanistically driven socialistic public policy continue unabated into their future, young people will find that powerful people will still dictate what happens to them economically. They will find that these powerful people will still lay them on the altar of their own human sacrifice desires. Their silly idealism is no different from any other visionary movement that fails to see everything is determined by spiritually authorized, brilliantly adept, deep politics operatives arranging things for the purpose of keeping everyone in the fold.

I'm watching one of the Sunday morning interview shows right now, and I do it less and less because these shows are merely propaganda showcases for Nicholas' world, and too often make my stomach turn. To Nicholas credit, he is so thoroughly brainwashed by all of this -- it comes across as so righteous and wholesome. Well, I'm watching some guy they've had on before who is one of the worst racialists I have ever seen. But hey, he's just spokeshole for the System: keep everyone believing everything bad is a result of racism.

Even if people properly censure him for the idiot that he is, that's great for the System because now you get millions of people, yes, many of them the "older people" that "silent majority" who can now rail and rant and holler and rebel, even if it is throwing their support behind a Donald Trump whose own idiocy makes him a splendidly ripe target for the Showcase.

I just wanted to emphasize that I don't want my passion to get in the way of what I really want to say. But I do want to say it passionately: Jesus Christ is the only way out of this body of death. And my entire webzine work is to make a point about that, a point that I make just as passionately: That the Jesus many people think about is likely not the Jesus who loves with His life, who saves, who ministers, who heals, who embraces.

One last thing, just a link to a home page piece I wrote about the problem with the System's dissemination of behavioral economics principles. Terribly ignorant people behave exceptionally rationally, all the time, every time. Those high and mighty economist drones only spew their idiocy in order to bring more legitimacy for the System, but that too is very rational, and very reasonable.

The System does need its advocates, and the best ones come from the most erudite sounding parts of academia. And who runs academia? That should tell you a lot.

The System is a legitimately authorized entity to keep people in line.

The main point is that the best thing about it is you can hold it up to its alternative: The Kingdom.

Then compare. Look, and think, and see it, and understand. Really, if you did that, I think you'd be amazed.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

So Few Young People Get It, at Their Future's Peril

I came across this from a mainstream news site, the conclusion to a brief response about the Brexit vote that the news site said was going viral on Twitter. It is the third point, but if you're wondering about the first two, don't worry, they're just as stupid as this one. I only share it to include some remarks, mostly because this kind of stuff is said to be so popular among young people today.

Here it is.

I'd like to address this to the author, "Nicholas," but I'd like to share this with any young person out there. Not all young people are like this, but sadly most are among today's GenXers fully captivated by the most insidious humanist dogma. The Jesuits are doing their job, most proficiently, and these saps don't even know it.

They are your own young adult sons and daughters, but hey, if this applies to older adults who're simply on the same hallucinogens, then that's cool too. So, yeah, for "Nicholas" and all others to whom it applies:

Dear "Nicholas" and his young adult friends,

Sorry, but you don't know dick. You don't. The more you screech about how smart and hip you are, the more you stay in your own benighted hell of ignorance and stupidity.

All you are saying here is "We know, and you don't." You are saying nothing here. There is a reference to "Post-factual democracy." Wow, that sounds so eloquent, but it isn't. And what's with this, essentially: "We have the facts but older people don't, they only have myths!" So you have facts... Ahem, where are they? You offer none. "We're smarter than the experts who are too racist." That's all you've got. That's not a take, that's just brash idiocy.

Regarding the Brexit, you're just flat-out economically illiterate, as are most young people. I know, I teach 150 of them every year as an economics instructor. I've been doing so for nearly 30 years. Every year I discover one thing, and it is never different: they know squat about economics. When I look out upon the horizon of the millions of young people who rally for Bernie Sanders or support the EU, I wonder, "Who the hell was their economics teacher in high school?" I know, sadly -- I know most of them had an idiot for an economics teacher. It's all being manifest in their present foolish political blithering.

Much of their stupifying brainlessness comes from renowned behavioral economists who've browbeat the world into believing there is such a thing as irrationality. Steven Levitt, Robert Shiller, George Akerlof, Richard Thaler, Daniel Kahneman, Dan Ariely -- this is just a sampling of the toadying eggheads who brainwash young people and keep them from insightfully understanding the truth that nothing is irrational, but there are indeed many things that are unrighteous.

But they can't go there because they don't know the standard of righteousness, Jesus Christ.

"Oh my!" they bleat, "who would vote for a Brexit?!" making all kinds of asinine assumptions about what other people think, assumptions they say they can't make because, my goodness, they can't be subject to episodes of irrationality now since they are such genius economist geniuses. Never mind that their assumptions, while asinine, are perfectly rational because they insist on playing God because they do not know God.

And "Nicholas" schlurps it all up.

I'm happy to teach woefully ignorant young people, it's my job. I also enjoy giving them a break when they sincerely confess that they don't know but would like to learn. I love it when they actually do. And believe me, students in my class do. I'd even be overjoyed to speak with "Nicholas" or any young person, graciously and attentively. Let's talk! Let's get the facts, dig deep and know the truth.

But regrettably, so many young people out there do not get it, and don't want to. They go out into their lives with this basic overarching mentality -- it is their god, really, it is:

"Other people need to give me money just for breathing."

Really, that's it. When you support Bernie Sanders, this is what you are saying. When you vote to keep your country plastered to a pathetic excuse for an economic community, that is what you are saying. And sorry, "Nicholas," but hundreds of millions of older people who've worked their asses off  to produce that world you and your airhead friends so covet, they simply aren't going to refuse to have a say about it.

Furthermore, I can't neglect to say something about the very last sentence in your post. Essentially, "If you dumber older people don't listen to us smarter young people, you're just bigots." I will tell you something. As much as racism is a very bad thing, racialism is just as bad.

Racialism: the entrenched contention that bad things are the result of racism, to the extent that certain people and groups are called out for it, often in quite unjustified ways. It is often practiced when the racialist wants to appear more noble and above it all.

Older people have had it up their receding hairlines with young people calling them racist when they're not. They just aren't. Some are, but please, with their rampant racialism young people are just engaging in modern day witch-hunting. Because someone doesn't want you enlisting government to take their incomes does not make them racist, but accusing them of it makes you a racialist.

Not only is this reprehensible, but the media, the academia, and the bureaucrats are enabling your insipid behavior.  What makes all of this so dangerous is that the older people who are far wiser than you will die off soon, and you will be left with this world you and all the other rabid GenXers are forming right now. I truly feel sorry for you all.

And you don't even know how much you are being played.

So I can write this and if you should happen to read it, great: repent and start learning economics, be smart, even better be wise, and start making a world that'll be decent to live in. Better yet, believe on Jesus Christ who gives wisdom and righteousness liberally.

Or you can take offense and get all huffy-and-puffy and continue to destroy yourselves in the name of some pitiful idealism that has no meaningful grounding no matter how emotionally attached you are to it.

And one more thing. I can also pray for you and all young people.

I always do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So Few Get It. And Those Who Do, I Hardly Hear From Them. Very Sad.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots is being said about this Orlando night club shooting. I've already assembled a good sized chunk of words writing about it, back in 2012. Yeah, back then. Same stuff still applies.

And the same deafness, and blindness, and dumbness reigns all about.

Yesterday I wept some more, but not for the 50 murdered victims. Oh, I do grieve for them, but I weep for those alive right now sucked into the World's conception of everything that's happening. I weep for them because their fate will soon enough be the fate of the perpetrator and the victims.

Confused already? Maybe. Maybe if your mind is calcified with intractably regimented Catholicist principles it is. In fact, it will continue to be so throughout the rest of this post. Unless, of course, you want to take the red pill and enter the real world. That's up to you.

It is simple.

Every single one of those people in that night club were sinners. It wasn't because they were in the night club or they were homosexually-minded or for any other reason than they generally wanted to do things to hurt other people while turning their backs on God. Yes, angling to put your genitals into the orifice of another individual of the same sex or allowing another to do the same to you for the purpose of gaining sexual gratification -- essentially using that individual as an object for the expression of your immorality -- is a sexual crime and involves hurting another human being. Don't like the word sinner? Okay, how about simply hurter.

That shooter, the troubled Muslim man, he was a sinner too. If he did indeed do all the ritualistic Muslim things to try to earn his favor with God but did not repent of his compulsions to hurt other people and turned to God to worship Him in spirit and in truth, then what he did was about hurting other people. Oh my, how many did he hurt, and how many Muslims who are told to "murder the infidel where you find him" are a vibrantly enraged part of that hurt.

And just because I must say this to be fair, I'm a sinner too. I've done horrifically evil things to other people too. Yes, we're all on a greased slide to hell. Me too, just as much as any of those others.

Right away most readers who've been proficiently indoctrinated with the System's humanist dogma will say "Oh that's just what you believe. I don't believe that religious stuff. I don't believe in heaven or hell or any of that fairy tale stuff, and I even believe if you talk about it a lot then that's just bad."

Fine, you can believe whatever it is you want to believe. But if justice means anything, then what I've just shared is categorically true, no matter what benighted beliefs you have.

Oh how politically incorrect all of this is. That's precisely the way the World works -- words elucidating the truth about authentic justice are smothered in revulsion for the purpose of keeping people in their secure pod of comfort protecting them from the searing jabs on their conscience so System Ops can keep sucking the life out of them.

So what do we all do? Just resign ourselves to the meaningless of our sinfulness and party down in drunken resignation?

Or do we turn to a Savior?

Christ is the only answer to all of this, and because of that my prayers now are for every single one of those 53 survivors, really, I do pray for them, that they'd be healed and restored and physically whole again. And I do for one main reason, and it isn't because I'm told I have to pray to be a good Christian or any of that.

I do it because I want them to find Christ. I want them to have the chance to see and hear and come to The One who loves them so much He died for them no matter how many sexual crimes they've committed, The One who completely forgives them of those things -- sends those things as far as the east is from the west -- just like He did for me.

I'm no better. But because of the astounding pain I've caused to people -- yes, even because of my own sexual sins -- I know. I know what all that means, and I know about the beauty and greatness and majesty and mercy of a God Who Loves With His Life.

But what are these people going to be told by the World? They will be told what Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony Award winning actor and playwright said in his acceptance speech Sunday night. "Love is love is love is love is love..." and on and on. When I saw him say that I wanted to puke, because it is so wickedly disingenuous and indeed one of the typically disrepresentative things anyone could ever say.

No one is saying someone can't love someone. But love is something. And to these people, loving another means celebrating sexual crimes. Loving another means you have not only a right but a duty to sexually abuse someone else in the name of keeping the movement alive. Sorry Mr. Miranda, but

That's not love.

In fact, because you had to say, "Love is love is love is love is love is love..." 57 times over must mean that you doth protest too much. It means you don't believe it yourself. People loudly cheering and applauding it all on national television must mean they don't believe it. Millions of deeply emotionally wounded humanists browbeating others into endorsing sexual abuse crimes by calling them bigoted narrow-minded Neanderthals all the time, lumping them in with Muslim gay haters, and working like crazy to have some system of full-on government prosecution for those who confidently embrace sexual health and moral principles means you don't believe it and have to try to shut up those who have the only solution to what is shredding your soul...

Jesus Christ.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Wisdom of the World, Foolishness to God

I truly enjoy a number of writers, pundits, essayists, columnists, authors -- mostly because I enjoy seeing intelligent elucidation about things. Doesn't even matter if they are particularly Catholicist, I may still enjoy gleaning wisdom from considerations that hold the truthfulness of things in great regard.

One such individual is Thomas Sowell, and I'd say I'm not the only one who enjoys his work. It is filled with solid, robust takes on things -- and he is very good at taking some generally accepted idiocy and exposing its folly.

Recently he wrote about socialism, as he frequently does. There is no question the precepts of socialism threaten to crush any economically vibrant society, and every time he or any other wise individual writes about it I enjoy gaining a bit more knowledge about its dangers. As a teacher this is critically important because I am committed to sharing critical truths with my students. In fact, just as a quick aside, you'd be amazed how little 15-18 year-olds with whom I have to do know about economic systems. Really, they know caw-caw.

Which is, of course, why it is so stunning and yet so understandable why so may young people embrace Bernie Sanders and socialism. Indeed Thomas Sowell in this latest piece opens with that idea -- just that socialism looks and sounds so good.

But Thomas Sowell himself can't see more of the underlying features of this philosophy, one that is seducing so many people. At the cost of making an ugly-sounding acronym characterization for those people, I'm going to call them SIMPYs, for socialistically-minded young people. Yes, I'm transposing the Y and the P, but it sounds better. And definitely the pronunciation of the term fits. It is ugly, but it is ugly for a reason.

And Thomas Sowell can't even figure out why.

At one point in his piece he says something very common. He says teachers in schools are not teaching these kids the dangers of socialism. "Too many of our schools and colleges are failing to teach their students to [stop and think]." I myself wonder what economics classes these SIMPYs have taken! That they're not getting the full breadth of truth about the characteristics of economics systems, and this in and of itself isn't untrue -- it is just incomplete.

This is because even so they are being taught something. They are being taught to stop and think something. So it isn't as much they aren't being taught about socialism, it is that they are being taught ideas that make them put their faith in socialism -- or even better whoever is working for Caesar who will forcefully implement it, at the present time that is Bernie Sanders.

And so, how many economics teachers -- high school and college -- do you think have some favorable impression of the precepts of socialism, some without even critically thinking about them themselves. How many? I'd say a majority, at least. Multiply that number ten-fold and you've got a huge swath of very intelligent politically engaged kids out there now fully devoted SIMPYs.

Thing is, where'd the instructors get their ideas? And where did those who gave them the ideas -- whoever they are, get their ideas?

I am convinced they all come from none other than the World operatives assigned the job of disseminating humanist dogma throughout society in order to keep its people under the screws of the System. And the organization most adept at doing that, indeed the one that most dutifully manages the substance poured through the media and universities, is the Society of Jesus.

Will a Thomas Sowell go there? Will he actually be courageous enough to look at those hard facts? Of course not, because he too has been trained to dismiss this as conspiracy theory drivel lest he be marginalized himself as a conspiracy theory kook. Disappointing yes, because he is a historian, and if he looked at the history he'd easily see it, and he is speaking quite stridently about the demonic nature of socialism. Yes, he won't call it demonic, but read his or any other finely perceptive individual's writing about socialism's dangers and you'd see it is nothing but demonic.

Another key giveaway in Sowell's piece is his mention that SIMPYs feel that they are entitled to something for nothing. "The great promise of socialism is something for nothing." I understand. I see what he is saying -- again, not wholly untrue. But again, this requires a bit of sociological and psychological intuition into the mind of a SIMPY.

Is a SIMPY truly saying that he or she expects something for nothing? Oh yes they do want people with more money to hand over some of it to them, yes they do want a powerful individual like Bernie Sanders to arrange all of that at the point of a gun.

But see, in their mind they don't believe they are nothing. They believe they should get something because they are something. Here again is where the humanist mentality comes into play, it cannot be dismissed. This mentality insists that a human being is somebody because they are human, and thus deserving of... of... of what? For what? In their minds it is imperative other people shed their value and support them financially even if they are not producing anything.

The SIMPY mind believes everything out there, all the stuff that has value, just sort of appeared, is  just sort of there, and that everyone has some equal right to a piece of it. You can see this in the writings of their guru, John Rawls, in his philosophical discourse with Robert Nozick. It is an age-old question: How should the stuff-of-value be distributed?

The biblical position is also age-old. Humans were created by God and lived blissfully, everyone indeed benefitting from everything God made for them. No issues there. This was fine until each one of us decided to take off, disregard God's gifts, and do rotten things to one another. As it is now, no one deserves anything. If you work for it legitimately, produced things emerge, and justice prevails, then that justice signifies you earned it. Even then crappy things happen to people -- no one is owed anything. Yes, Christ came to save those who are lost. But the economics do not change -- in fact they are even more pronounced when acknowledging that Christ gave His life so we could have life in return, both now and in the hereafter. It is by His grace that we have anything, period.

The humanist dismisses, even reviles all of this. No, the SIMPY sneers, I'm somebody no matter what, and give me mine. And I'm going to make sure my god Caesar does what he must to do that.

Does Thomas Sowell know about this? Is he willing to illuminate those truths, that the SIMPY is ultimately fed this spiritually-derived conception by -- yet again -- those most responsible for feeding it to them?

Will he go that far, and get at what's really happening?

For you see, Cain's powerful legacy as it continues to extend throughout all of political, commercial, financial, and religious activity will always gravitate towards socialism. Everything is already socialist --capitalists are merely fooled into thinking they actually have more say in economic activity than they do. Caesar has always reigned, it is just socialism writ large is becoming more acceptable, more fashionable.

The main distinction isn't between conservative or liberal, or Democrat or Republican, or even capitalism or socialism.

It is between the World and the Kingdom.

Can you see it?

Doesn't matter which ideology of the World you have, you are still enslaved.

The only real freedom is in Christ.