Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Spiritually Insane Society

The response to two prominent stories in the press these days highlights the rank spiritual insanity that continues to devastate society.

The first is a ruling by a federal court that the state of California cannot oppose same-sex marriages. The second was the summary dismissal of every single teacher at an elementary school that employed an instructor recently charged with sexual assault.

I feel tremendous sorrow for those who applaud both decisions. How many do? I'd say it is quite a few, their moral sentiments profoundly hammered by World operatives convincing them that such actions are justified.

Applauding the first means condoning, accepting, encouraging, and in this case legally sanctioning the physical and emotional abuse of one individual over another. This is truly the essence of a homosexual action -- indeed the use of genitalia for exploitive purposes. I don't believe for two seconds that any true consent is involved. It is merely exploitation of another to gratify desires that have been degenerately sexualized.

Applauding the second means joining a paranoid response to an act of sexual exploitation that is no worse that the first. Officials certainly want to address the issue, but how about making sure the guilty are prosecuted without punishing those who have dutifully done their jobs for years and dropping a gargantuan cloud of suspicion over everyone?

Society is so wretchedly confused about sexuality that no wonder these things are foaming up in the public purview. It is like a clog in the sewage system, massive amounts of fecal matter and filth streaming up into the streets.

The amazing thing that even more refuse to see is that all of this is perfectly rational.

Homosexualists do it because they've been so indoctrinated in the principles of the sexual revolution and engrained with the idea that anyone can do whatever it is they want to do which all of the wiser modern-age sages say is okay to do like allow same-sex couples to share sexual intimacy with one another just like any other couple.

School district officials do it because they can't fathom the thought of anyone presuming that they were involved in enabling that kind of behavior so it's "Zero tolerance!" time yet again. No wonder methinks they protest too much Horatio, no World System adherent really knows what the proper sexual behavior is these days.

While it is perfectly rational, it is not righteous in any way.

Is there even 1% of the population who not only don't applaud either action, but actually understand why?

That everything anyone does is perfectly rational, it is just that it may very well not be righteous?

Does anyone dare to proclaim what true righteousness is anymore? Or are all 99% of the population who refuse to understand simply afraid to get it because the weight of moral judgment is simply too overwhelming?

Can we even have the conversation without everyone just spouting "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

That may just involve looking closely at what the Kingdom looks like as opposed to the World.

And that may involve asking the One Who Knows to help us do that.