Sunday, October 16, 2016

So Who Should One Vote For?

The race for the U.S. presidency is getting hotter and heavier, what with everyone hollering about which potential potentate to put into high office. It is Hillary vs. Donald in the main event!

It is my consideration that it doesn't matter a whit who gets there, because that individual will always be a vibrantly dutiful Catholicist, indeed he/she must be if Cain's agency is to fulfill its divinely authorized obligations. Does this mean God has a hand in all of this?

Many will say the Bible says, "God arranges everything Himself." This leads many to adopt the most rigid five-point Calvinist view and settle into a comfortably fatalistic perspective on things. Others will say "We have a role in how we decide how we are to live." This view certainly has extensive Biblical support, even though many Reformed would screech that this view is full of misinterpretations about what Scripture really means.

Don't we know the answer to this? Didn't Paul write in Ephesians that we may be let in on the mysteries of God? I mean, can't we know precisely how God works -- furthermore know what our role is in this benighted presidential election?

I am convinced that one who reads Scripture prayerfully and worships God in Spirit and Truth among others who do so has no trouble easily grasping the mystery. May I?

Here's a question. Do you love Hillary Clinton? Do you love Donald Trump? Do you love any of the people who rabidly support their choice? No matter how wretchedly reprobate these candidates and their followers are, God does indeed plainly reveal that we are to love our worst enemies.

What becomes so perplexing is precisely how am I to love them? I am convinced that the way you love them is with whatever it is you have within you to do that, but I do question whether any of that involves actively being an agent of selecting anyone to rule over your affairs who is not Jesus Christ. Clinton or Trump will be the next U.S. president barring any pending fully debilitating October surprise. How then shall you live?

Shall you live continuing to rant and rail against these forces? Seems to me zealous anti-government people have been flailing about trying to get them to do things their way for eons. Seems to me in ancient Rome many "Christians" did the same thing -- after being introduced to this Jesus fellow and mixing it up with other like-minded individuals, they went right on back to reviling Rome and its leaders.

Don't like Clinton or Trump? Seems to me people like Caligula and Nero were much worse. And don't get me wrong, Clinton and Trump are pretty bad. Hillary Clinton has had a part in an administration that has woefully mismanaged the economy -- right now it is teetering. More directly she has contributed to the horrific destabilization of the Middle East, and her involvement in her corrupt organizational activity makes this even more reprehensible.

She's perfect for the presidency! Donald Trump, by the way, is just a goofball celebrity, whose strings and chains will be pulled and yanked just as much by powerful people arranging things the way they want. Both will continue to make things terrible for those without Christ. The key question...

What are you going to do?

Are you going to viciously fight the man (or woman as the case may be), or are you going to love Him and then another with whom you have to do, with His love? Are you going to have faith in Him, meaning you put your life and times in His hands no matter what happens around you? Are you going to have a deep, abiding hope in the fact that He has you in His embrace no matter what happens, even to the point of death? Are you certain of His promise to keep you for eternity?

Yes, right now there is a very real concern that there will be some major conflict with Russia because of the abject failures of the Obama administration. You hear nothing about that, not as much because the news media likes spewing about the more salacious items of note, but because they are entrenched in their ungodly beliefs poured into them by much more deep politics operatives who need them to broadcast the things that keep people tied to the System.

What will you do when the entire world is destabilized to the point where you have a choice -- you may either continue in ferocious rebellion or simply love your neighbor? And trust me, loving your neighbor may mean any number of rich, meaningful things you and your worship assembly may do -- but are you ready and able to do that? Do you know how to do that because your assembly -- those with whom you have a deep abiding fellowship in Christ -- intimately and intensely know what those things are because through your devotion to Christ you have the heart and mind of Christ?

Don't get me wrong. People voting in this civil election are doing their duty. God allows them the privilege of selecting their own lord, they must or we'd all murder one another. That's the plan. That's the World working out things the way it must.

Yet again, there is the Kingdom. You'll live there if you've already made your vote for Christ, and then you'll revel in beholding real power and glory and beauty, you'll experience real compassion and charity and joy.