Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Declared Affection for Caesar

A whole lotta Christians of some renown have gathered to issue an official proclamation of their desire to continue to do things their way no matter how much the federal government hints that they comply with them. It's called the "Manhattan Declaration," and it says three key things.

One, we won't refuse to yell against abortion. Two, we won't refuse to yell against same-sex marriage. And three, we won't refuse to keep yelling. That last one was really an insistence on religious freedom, but what it really means is that they want to keep doing their thing and at the same time keep getting nice tax breaks for being otherwise good obedient tax-exempt non-profit congregations.

Sadly, if these people were truly heeding Christ's words they wouldn't have to make such a proclamation.

All they'd have to do is live out Christ's words.

They'd then blow away so many people that seen in all His glory would be Christ, instead of a batch of official looking fancy suits sneering about how against bad things they are.

At the very same time as all this churchly stuff is happening, the United States Senate is continuing to slam universal health care into legislation. Never mind that so few know how many more novel forms of human sacrifice will be accomplished with this, even fewer comprehend that as much as so many conservative libertarian types screech about how gruesomely socialist it is, they are actually revealing how much they put their faith in Caesar to do precisely what he is doing.

"Huh?" you may certainly scream from every orifice, "Are you saying those who say the most loathsome things about Obama and Reid and Pelosi for ramming this down our throats actually like those guys?"

Indeed I am. The fact is, after the shouters are all finished getting paid nicely to shout down all bad things they will go home and from the privacy of their own office they will cheerfully send Caesar a nice big check for checking their own sinful proclivities. If they didn't extend generous tribute to Caesar, they would be in gross violation of their signed contract, or perhaps... perhaps...

They might just be authentic followers of Christ.

Those who are abandoned to Christ form communities in which all are taken care of, everyone using their God-given gifts to the fullest including those of providing optimum medical attention to any who need it. They would not only be extending that kind of vibrant mercy to others but the love they would have for one another would be so profound that all would live with the greatest, deepest, most magnificent joy and from that would many others be drawn to Him simply because they want that.

It is even better.

Those kind of people cannot die.

Sure their bodies may give out, yeah, got that.

But because they are held by Christ they will never die. So they have nothing to lose. They've also already gained everything. So...

No need to sign up for or have anything to do with Caesar's medical plan in whatever form it is presented.

No need to shout down abortion because anyone beholding the way they love would know the truth about nurturing the preborn.

No need to shout down same-sex marriage because anyone witnessing true love in action would be wholly convinced of its rich verity, and live accordingly.

No need to cower and spittle platitudes about "religious freedom" because freedom from sin by the blood of Christ has already been granted and no other piddly freedom means anything. God then fully empowers one to live to love no matter what happens, and that is the most bountiful adventure of all.

I see and read too much about whiners who wag their fingers at Caesar for infecting them with more socialism when that's exactly what they want. I see and read too much about pusillanimous "Christians" who pound their chests about how great they are at shouting down bad things when they just want others to see them and their flowing robes shouting loud pious prayers in the middle of town.

I so revel in seeing and reading about those who just want to love Christ by loving others right now, right there, right really...

Oh, it doesn't have to be just a glass of water for a thirsty man--it can be an eloquent treatise at a top university.

Just something that's real, and Christ.

That's all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Look at 100 Years of Weather in Antarctica and You'll Find the Meaning of Christmas

I recently read an economics piece about the opportunity cost of a certain Christmas tradition. The writer--some young financial wonk somewhere--lamented the abject inefficiency of gift-giving, going into great detail about the real value of the practice. His argument went something like this.

Aunt Gladys gets you a $50 sweater when she really could just hand you the $50, at which point you could get what you really want. But because she gave you something you really don't want, the value to you is no higher than $30, graciously considering that even if you don't really like it, it may be serviceable for having on when picking an avocado off the tree on a mildly chilly morning. So it's not just $0, let's grant that it is something.

Making a valiant attempt to think like an economist, he concedes that there may indeed be a value to the simple fact that Aunt Gladys got you a gift, and tacks on another $30 for that, making the value $60. (If he were to be even more proficiently econ-esque, he'd add even more for the consumer surplus you'd get by having the $50 and presuming you'd get something that is even more valuable to you than what the $50 means, but that's a bit more advanced.)

He concludes, however, by saying the $60 item is still not as much as the $80 it would have been if you'd had the $50 to get the thing you'd like in the first place. Answer to the value equation: minus $20. Multiply that by a zillion for the zillion times throughout the world that people do this silly gift-giving thing and you've got quite a value deficit.

On the face of it this sounds reasonable, but as always, people trying to be value assessors, no matter how erudite their economics sounds, never get it.

There is indeed a value not considered here, and it isn't exactly the same value he affords to Gladys merely getting the gift at all (remember his grudgingly added $30?) It is the fact that Gladys had some idea of what you liked even if it was wrong. This may seem like it is just a pointless, but the fact is Gladys actually knew you in some way, some how. (Me personally, I actively try to avoid letting people know what I want because I take much greater pleasure if they get me something they think I'd like because they know who I am.)

Even if you know in your heart that Gladys hates your guts and gave out of the most selfish compulsion, her doing it at all and you being able to participate in the beautiful experience of having a wrapped present which you get to eagerly anticipate opening simply because someone thought about you has much greater value than the thing you yourself would be able to get that would be a tad more useful.

In other words (for the more exacting economist), the value of being loved in such a way is an added, oh, say, $200, making the surplus value to you $120--far above and beyond the maximum $80 value of whatever thing you could have had otherwise.

The point is that anytime we measure things by the World's standards, there will always be a deficit. In fact, there must be because those without Christ must engage in human sacrifice. Gladys must give me $50 because I must be served.

I've been peeking around a bit at Michael Lewis' book Panic, which is just a number of essays regarding the ways contemporary human sacrifice is carried out. That is, it is about the myriad ways exploitive people have exploited markets in recent years to do their value extraction. You've got the 1987 stock market crash, the 1998 Long Term Capital Management debacle, 2000 dot-com bubble burst, the 2007 housing market collapse, and of course a few snippets of the 2008 financial meltdown.

A vast panoply of hand-wringing and head-shaking and eloquent rationalizing on behalf of human sacrifice.

One of the pieces is about how the ratings agencies came to be so revered and ultimately so disgraced. Because value extractors became so ravenous it was very difficult to figure out precisely what they were doing, and many once respected institutions allowed themselves to get carried away with it all so they could stay in the loop.

It was pointed out that eventually Moody's used what was called the "Monte Carlo" method of rating bonds, a formula that essentially encompassed all the considerations of the ways that things have been valued in the past. But because more novel and exotic "innovations" made things so much different, one now-former Moody's exec likened it to "observing 100 years of weather in Antarctica to forecast the weather in Hawaii."

This struck me.

That's the World's value assessment philosophy right there.

Really, what is your value? What is the value of the things you treasure? The people around you? The things you like to have and to do? Your work and your leisure and your fine wholesome charitable contributions?

No, I'm not saying you have to be any kind of scholarly economist, though everyone does economics. The question is whether you do economics well or poorly. But then, you don't have to be a genius to do it well. You just need to understand a couple of things.

The World does its value assessment the way it does, and World inhabitants look to all Caesar's minions to see what that is. Barack Obama, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, all the top executives of the banks and rating agencies and all the rest of them, these are a few of the more prominent ones.

But all they do is use the "100 years of Antarctica weather" system for value assessment. Want to know your value? Guess how many candy corns are in the pumpkin at the harvest festival. Want to know the value of those around you? Keep up with how many points the Lakers scored Saturday night. Want to know the value of what's really meaningful? Divine what Obama is trying to say in yet another speech.

You'll always have a deficit.

The Kingdom does its value assessment one way. Or rather, One Way.

That is by Jesus Christ and His blood.

This is not the Jesus of chuches sold out to Caesar with their incorporation contracts--they live just as much by the deficit as any other World institution. Ever hear a 501c3 church talk? "We're so poor and you've got to give so much more to keep us afloat."

Jesus was never about any of that. He gives His entire Kingdom to His heirs, and those people are merely anyone who chooses to make him Lord exclusively. It comes with our response to serve others from His love, and out of that authentic sowing happens.

Then you've got rich, fulfilling abundance.

So yeah, wow. What an overwhelming joy to value things the Aunt Gladys way--that I am thankful God put her into my life to even remotely give me a single thing that I may wholly praise Him for.

Ironically, at the end of the ratings agency piece--after all of the foolish, deceitful value extraction methods are exposed for what they are--the question is asked, "Whom can you rely on?" While in the text the writer asks "What can they [the investors] rely on?" the title of the closing section is indeed "Whom Can You Rely On?" The key is that it is whom.

The answer is not given, because even in this small moment of brutal honesty the World inhabitant cannot answer it. Oh they search feverishly for it--Antarctic weather, candy corns in a pumpkin, Obama's's gotta be in there somewhere!!!

All you need to do to really get it is look at the One Who Loves You.

But again, He is nowhere near the World.

Some more about why Jesus is here. Some other stuff about the reality of contemporary human sacrifice is here. The ratings agencies piece in Lewis' book was by the New York Times Roger Lowenstein from April 27 2008.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 2012 Factor

Last night I finally went to see 2012, the film with the boffo special effects of the utter destruction of the earth. There has been lots of water cooler talk about whether or not the world will actually end in 2012 like the Mayans supposedly said it would. I'd even noticed a number of books on the shelf at Borders all about how justified the concern should be. Whatever.

The one book I read about all things significant is the Bible, and it pretty much has everything right there. It categorically says that the world as we know it now will indeed end. When that is only God knows. Sure he gave us some hints, but none of them amount to enough for anyone to say things like, "Yep, there it is, it'll happen on December 21st 2012 yessiree..."

The one thing that is for sure is that God will hold on to those covered by the blood of His Son, and whatever value that has for anyone depends on whether or not they simply put their faith and trust in Him.

When you watch this film it is flat-out harrowing to behold millions of people dying right there in wide screen brilliant technicolor. Interestingly it did show a lot of people praying or preaching about what's really going on. It also had a kooky conspiracy theorist (aren't they all kooky?) played by Woody Harrelson, who as googly-eyed as they portrayed him, he actually said stuff that ended up being true. Huh, you mean some of that stuff those kooky spooky conspiracy nuts say could actually have some merit? Huh.

As I watched the movie I was more and more convinced everyone should see this. They should be exposed to the horror of a world falling apart which the Bible says is a result of the sin that has infected it. As I looked over the reviews on Metacritic, it seemed to me that those who reviled the film didn't pan it because it had flaws but because they just don't like the idea that this could actually happen at all.

What? There's actually something called sin? Pshaw. A fallen world brings about this kind of end to all that we know? Puh-lease.

The film did have flaws, but the huge holes in the plot progression were merely an accepted product of the dramatic effect. Some of the more presposterous moments included for expressly illiciting a visceral response were actually kind of comical, so it made the movie kind of fun in that sense.

I must say, however, that while I do believe the Bible says the end of the world will be something like what they showed through most of the film--just read the Old Testament book of Zephaniah and revisit the Revelation to see why--the ending was probably the most frightening thing of all.

What? You mean the heart-warming part when the massive tectonic violence ends, the arks get their bearings, and they all eagerly set sail for the new landforms and renew civilization? How on earth can all that be so horrible?

It is simply because of the following simple question.

What will the people who arrive there do to protect them from themselves?

It is one thing for the earth to open up and swallow people whole. Horrific. It is no less horrific when people do things to swallow up other people. During the film there were lots of profoundly stirring moralizing about how we must stick with one another. But there was also lots of cutting, conniving, callous, and plainly wretched behavior.

When they make landfall, will all that just go away? I just don't think so. They'll have to begin yet another arrangement where someone with enough force to constrain sinners must be enthroned in some sense. And with it will come the same old body of death, the rebellion and the retribution and all the Sun-Tzuan machinations to keep the game going.

What will really happen when there actually is the biblically described end of the world? Oh yes, again, all that destructive stuff will happen, but the difference between the movie and real life is that in real life--

The destruction will be complete.

That is, the end of the world will indeed be the end of the world. All of what is physically there, including our very bodies, will be thoroughly destroyed. All of it, all of the universe even, will be totalled. Dust. Gone.

And a new one will be put in its place.

What of the people? Again, the Bible cannot be more clear: those covered by the blood of Christ are His. Their very souls are held in His hands and they will have new "resurrected" bodies. Check out the 15th chapter of the first letter to the Corinthians to see more of how this plays itself out.

The only reason I mention all of this is because, yeah, I am kind of a kooky conspiracy guy, but that's only because like the Woody Harrelson character I just see what I see and I'd like to share it with others.

And like those holding up the signs "For God so loved the world..." I want people to know about the One who they can put their trust upon, and in turn be fully protected from the effects of a completely destroyed earth.

The movie 2012 just tells you that even after the fall, there will be more of the same. Lying, cheating, murdering... Yuck. The Bible tells you that all the yuckiness will go away, albeit quite dramatically, but that there will be a brand new and truly wonderful place to live in by His love, His joy, His exuberance for life shared by all...

And God's ticket to that place has already been bought for you. All you have to do is get it.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jimmy Stewart is Not Dead

I was recently amused by a headline in the Los Angeles Times, but it was certainly not surprising considering the media are simply the spokesholes for Cain, indeed themselves a vibrant part of the World System's decision-making processes. Sometimes, though, your attention can be drawn to the folly revealed in their pronouncements.

It seems that all the money used to bail out important people "appears" to be paying off. It appears that things are getting rosier for important people. The article does mention a lot of things that are not going well with the bailout plan, but hey, it's best if things appear to be going well.

But this is the World speaking. Treasury Secretary and once New York Fed President Tim Geithner once said that the appearance of a powerful financial institution and its activity is most important for sustaining confidence, calling it "theater." At least it's entertaining!

Never mind that it is actually real. Never mind that people's values are actually respected and even enhanced instead of shorn for the purposes of important people's human sacrifice. Oh, and I don't necessarily just mean rich people's human sacrifice -- very poor people can be experts at value extraction. Everyone living by the World System's program of value rearrangement is guilty of human sacrifice.

Recently uber-pundit of finance Niall Ferguson and author Laurence Kotlikoff wrote a piece in the Financial Times about a plan for banking that they say is truly on the up-and-up. It was titled "How to Take Moral Hazard Out of Banking." Hmm, didn't know bankers lied as a matter of practice for there to be a suggestion that they don't, but what do I know.

What they suggested is something called "limited purpose banking," which is really just a nifty prescription of banking that recommends tape be wrapped around parts of the huge sieve that is its often comical attempt at capital movement. And really, the "tape" is just plain old honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Things the World knows nothing about because it is too busy keeping up appearances.

In fact, Kotlikoff is about to release his new book, Jimmy Stewart is Dead, all about how the days of the kind and caring Bailey Savings and Loan are long gone.

Come to think of it, that classic scene with the bank run reveals much more of what's real than anything, particularly about what's been happening today in high finance.

Remember when mean old Mr. Potter offers George Bailey's depositors at least something for their shares? Most of those nice but clueless folk were about to jump all over it, but George (the Jimmy Stewart character, for those who've lived in a cave and have never seen It's a Wonderful Life) boldly gets very truthful. He implores them, "Don't you see? Potter isn't selling he's buying! And that's because we're panicing and he's not."

Don't you see that this is precisely the same thing the World System led by the Federal Reserve is doing? They haven't just dangled $700 billion in TARP money to rescue poor dumb scared important people, they've shelled out several trillion to do the buying. It doesn't matter for squat that oh-golly-yay!-how-fortunate some of that money will come back, the fact is

You're still bought.

You're bought by the agents of Cain whose job it is to manage more ways of doing human sacrifice and put on a terrific show to make it all look like it's a-ok.

The only meaningful thing you can do is to let them continue to do that for the devout World inhabitants who demand that service, and get out yourself.

But that also means going over to the One who's bought you with the most valuable thing ever, His blood. After you do that, seek out others who've done that too, talk to one another, behold the amazing gifts He's given you to do wonderful things for your community, and for cryin' out loud don't sign up with the institutions of Cain! All the non-profit incorporations and undue tax liabilities and excessive debt obligations and all of those things seriously compromise what you'd otherwise do through a God who can do anything!

Really, you can want what's real, or you can settle for what's theater. All the stuff you believe that the World System is selling you is all about its purchase of you and your soul. They can get their hands on trillions if they want to do that. It's a lot, yeah.

But Jesus gave His life.

A bit more about how churches sell themselves to the World is here. The LA Times front page piece was from this past Friday, December 4th, 2009. Those trillions used for World purchases amounted to over $7 trillion early this year, the latest I saw it was up to almost $10 trillion.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Human Sacrifice Dynamic

Yesterday's New York Times' featured front page story was about how close the U.S. is to being unable to service its debt. It's no big deal when that punky kid who always asks for lunch money keeps putting off paying it back, as long as he coughs up some interest every once in a while. It starts to get dicey when he can't even do that. It gets really scary when the lender is a big mean Asian dude.

Front page story. In top World megaphone holder The New York Times.

I turned on the news this morning to check out the expansive coverage of this quite boggling progression of events. Guess what the networks featured at the top of their 7am morning-show news?

Barack Obama has all the information he needs to make and then announce his new strategy regarding Afghanistan. As I watched the newscasters (and I flipped to two different networks to catch essentially the same thing) blap about how valiant Obama and his "war council" (their term) have been to stay on top of all this, it dawned on me.

Think about it. It is very not-surprising. Very not-surprising indeed.

You need go no further than the very first words of the most renowned paean to authoritative World governance there is. Do you remember them from your introductory humanities class at New Hampshire Tech?

"I sing of arms, and the man."

It is simple. The World works thusly: Powerful rich people buy bonds and then employ the bellicose force of government to ensure their investments are secure. The way it's working now is that powerful rich people cannot sustain their returns without pounding down someone somewhere in order to appropriate their wealth.

It is nothing other than contemporary human sacrifice.

It is, as top value assessment dealer John Bogle once called it, value extraction. Interesting Bogle has a new term for what's happening. He's getting some mileage out of the "happy conspiracy." Oh, those eeeevil Goldman Sachs big shots. Yuck, what cruds.

The fact is value extraction is what everyone does who doesn't have Christ. Even if these guys get their comeuppance (or when if lots of smug-banker-loathing folk get their way), some value extractor will be there to take their place. And as such I can pretty much predict that Barack Obama will enable them--whoever they are--with his imminent announcement that he's adding more troops to Afghanistan.

You can growl. You can sneer. You can rage. You can stomp back and forth across your living room. You can devour books like Ron Paul's End the Fed and swear you'll do everything he says to do to stop these eeeeeeeeevil villains from destroying our liberty.

But you are spinning your wheels and shredding your living room carpeting.

How few seem to know the truth.

The World does human sacrifice. It is what it does. It must.

Those not given over to Christ and living by the World take human beings and rip their value off of them just as they were stripping skin and muscle and fat right off someone turning on a spit. Am I being a bit too melodramatic? Nah, I don't think so. Not if you actually grasped the magnitude of this thing--this body of death.

I happened to come across a fascinating piece by Hugh Ross at his Reasons to Believe site. It is called "The Physics of Sin." It is phenomenal, but it is all over the Bible. Sin is death. Real actual very-painful death. To not have this you need sacrifice. You can have Christ's sacrifice, then it's a done deal and you will love like He does. Or you won't, and you'll let the World dictate things for you...

And you'll need to do sacrifice. Over and over and over again--human sacrifice, just as the World does it.

Don't take my word for it. Here's a great place to find it, the book of Hebrews. Read it. Read about how sacrifice is required. Read about how it's either Christ, or an alternative.

All you have to do to behold the very plain reality of that alternative is look at the front page of the New York Times and then watch Obama do the inevitable and increase troop strength.

My latest home page piece is about how the U.S. Constitution is a wonderful tool in the hands of the top value extractors. Some more about human sacrifice is here, and also here. Why do so few know about contemporary human sacrifice? Here is why I believe most who call themselves Christians don't have a clue. "I sing of arms, and the man" is from Virgil's The Aeneid.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Doing God's Work

I'm deeply intrigued by what the agents of Cain sometimes say that are dead giveaways as to the true nature of things. One recent item has run laps around the airwaves, and it was Goldman Sachs' boss Lloyd Blankfein's remark that he is doing God's work.

This has generally been treated with the loudest ribaldry from the boastfully jeering punditry. "Ha!" they're gushing, "This guy has taken taxpayer dollars by the billions and is stuffing his cronies' pockets with it! 'Doing God's work!' What a dork!"

The fact that it is considered in such a way reveals two things. One, that the World's megaphone is functioning perfectly, for the derision is designed specifically to get an obsequieous populace to firmly believe certain things, in this case that snotty banker types should be wholesomely reviled. And two, the pundits are faithfully doing their duty for their Superior officer, whether they know him or not.

By assessing the value of things and moving capital around in the way the World and its inhabitants demand for the purpose of seeing their needed returns on human sacrifice, Blankfein is indeed doing God's work. But he is doing God's work in the very same way Barack Obama does, even the same way Pope Benedict XVI does. They are doing God's work...

In the service of Cain.

Now Cain's work is done completely outside the presence of God. It is done under the authority of bold iconographic signatures God requires so their purposes are explicitly identified, which is why I find Blankfein's remark so veritable. And it is done with seven-fold strength, which makes perfect sense in light of Goldman Sachs crushing the competition with the aid of very convenient ties to the Agency's other branches.

Recently libertarian-minded economist Amity Shlaes had her take on whether or not this country's becoming socialist. She mentioned that once there was the Keynes fad, then there was the Friedman fad, then there was the Hayek fad which now has everyone thinking we're that frog in the slowly heating pot of water. She concluded that she doesn't think we'll ever really be socialist.

That's the remark that is the laugh.

But then, she's just one of the World's megaphone blappers. Here's pretty much what you hear, and naturally what World inhabitants are attuned to believe:

You've got those who listen to Shlaes who believe capitalism will emerge from the assault reasonably unscathed.

Then you've got the Hayek crowd who believe we'll be socialist soon enough and forget to notice.

Some will say we're socialist already and have been ever since that crud FDR, and we'd better jump on the Ron Paul bandwagon and start being constitutional for cryin' out loud.

A few have so despondently resigned themselves to the socialist condition that they've withdrawn completely, some even forming their own cult compounds in the woods to insulate themselves from the World's pollutants.

Here is what I see, something I think best reflects what history demonstrates, current events elucidate, and the Bible describes:

The World has been socialist for millennia, ever since the first murder after which God set in motion a system of governance to restrain those who prefer murder. Part of the socialist program is to convince people it isn't or to get them so stirred to rebellion about it that they actually legitimize it with their actions.

In other words, Cain's agents are supposed to crack heads of those who refuse to call on the name of the Lord, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Come on, ask yourself this question, for all those millennia, has the blood that has gushed from slain human after human ever decreased in volume because some people, even a lot of people at times, railed exceedingly against the potentate of the day?

Thing is, spilling blood all over the place is not exactly something Cain's agents want everyone to see happening too much, unless it is useful for compelling more obedience. So they rely on great religious figures like popes to pretend to give absolution, presidents to pretend to care and make incisive decisions, and...

Powerful bankers like Goldman Sachs chairmen to pretend that they aren't facilitating better and faster forms of human sacrifice.

Yes, indeed...

What a body of death.

If you're in it you may be very tempted to dismiss it and rationalize all kinds of things.

Or, you can come out from under the sheer exhaustion of spinning your wheels, acknowledge that the agents of Cain do precisely what they are supposed to be doing, and then perhaps, perhaps you can allow God to put that salve on your eyes so you can see.

That you can see that there is a completely different place than Blankfein's. Or Obama's. Or Benedict's. Or the sworn officers who move these guys' lips.

It is the One where God actually is.

That would be in the Son.

It is way way way over there. No where near those guys. Physically they may be right next to you. Jesus never ran from Pilate for an instant. Knelt right there in front of him. Stayed right there to smell his armpits and everything.

But spiritually...

My latest home page piece at my webzine is about how the U.S. Constitution is a fine instrument in the hands of Cain's agents. And some more about the Son is here. The biblical precedent for Cain's socialism is in the fourth chapter of Genesis, by the way.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Vicissitudes of November

I'm thinking about things that have happened or are happening here at the beginning of November that are worth mention.

I think about November 2, the date Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias executed that ultimate act of Agency enforcement against World inhabitants. Imaginations catastrophized into a quasi-catatonic state stir people to fiercely concoct "peace" while hyperviolence still festers in millions of souls.

I think about November 5, the date Guy Fawkes was supposed to carry out the designs of his unknown superior even if he didn't have a clue as to what he was doing. Zealous rage against the state cleverly invented and widely advertised keeps rebellious people riled up.

Funny how this year's November 5 featured a disturbed army psychiatrist shooting up his base. I thought about why we must have an army base at all--why can't Fort Hood just be a wonderful sports camp where people discharge their emotions on the field and later yuck it up over a beer. It can't be that, however, for two reasons.

One, hyperviolent prone World inhabitants still require the martial services of the Agency, and two, human sacrifice must be real or it simply isn't fun. Whack a ball with a wooden stick and see how far it goes in order to beat back an opponent? Nah. They've gotta be real dead.

Related to this is baseball's World Series extending past October, into November 4 to be precise. On that date the Yankees won yet another title simply by being able to earlier outbid the other teams for the best players. I tried to look a bit at the debate about whether what the Yankees did was legit, but I got so nauseated by the brazen idiocy of those who blap that it was.

I hear things like, "What about the fact that the Mets didn't win this year? Whaddya say about that?" This is like saying a shark doesn't eat because some of the fish are left in the water.

Just a quick note for the pathetically uninformed. Take the 15 World Series since the strike year of 1994, which effectively handed the free agency advantage unabashedly to the biggest metro/media teams. Then consider teams from just the four largest and most favored of those, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Teams from those areas have nine of those titles.

9 of 15.*

Miami (the Florida Marlins)--really just New York South and a large metro/media area itself--had two. Atlanta, Arizona, St. Louis, and Philadelphia round out the totals. Philadelphia is itself also a huge metro/media market and Arizona squeaked in to win the 2001 affair because of a gift loan so it could buy the two best pitchers in baseball and a gift errant throw into center field by the pitcher in the ninth inning of the seventh game--otherwise the Yankees would have had yet another title.

It's all human sacrifice, just with different faces.

The vicissitudes of November. Not a whole lot different from the vicissitudes of other times, really.

It is just sad so many haven't a clue as to how the vicissitudes are so often arranged to play them like fiddles.

Some more about human sacrifice is here. Some words about the Antidote to the virulent hyperviolence done for human sacrifice is here. My latest home page piece addresses how the U.S. Constitution is an intregal part of all the human sacrifice. A piece about what Adrian Veidt did is here.

*The major league baseball teams winning from those four largest metro/media areas were the Yankees (96, 98, 99, 00, 09) the Red Sox (04, 07) the White Sox (05) and the Angels (02).

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Constitutionalist Crusade

Mark Levin is a talk-show host I sometimes listen to because I really like his bulldog attitude towards all things foolish. His popular book Liberty and Tyranny is a being read voraciously by the conservative set.

Levin frequently offers a typical rationale for his entertaining rants, and it pretty much comes down to this.

"The Constitution says so!" (Or "The Constitution doesn't say so!" as the case may be)

Quite a few loyal Americanists feed on The Document for their political sustenance, and that is perfectly fine for those who like cruising in the hyperviolent crusade against other threatening savages. Americanist liberty means those other guys can't dick with them and the constitutionally authorized force of the law should make that happen. Tyranny to the Americanist is when those other guys get the upper hand and they get to rail against them with the most enthusiastic revulsion.

I address this a bit more in my webzine's home page, and share a bit of what I think is a reasonable alternative to the Constitutionalist savagery.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Invention of Lying - Ooo, Let Me in at the Ground Floor!

A new film with a novel premise is out today called The Invention of Lying. It stars comic actor Ricky Gervais and from what I glean from the guy he was made for a role like this.

The part he's got here is that of a fellow who lives in a world where truth-telling and all things truthful is the norm. No one knows of any other way to behave, until... Ricky finds out about lying.

Hey, cool.


Now I'm pretty much getting the idea that by lying he finds he can get cash he wouldn't otherwise be able to get and generally do all kinds of neat things for mild enjoyment at the expense of stodgy straight-arrow types. And I'm sure as the film moves on he finds he gets into some awkward predicaments as well. I don't know a whole lot about it, but one review I glanced at said the premise can't sustain itself through an entire full-length feature. Not hard to see that.

Anyway, a couple things made me think about this whole lying thing, a topic I like to address a bit because ironically it says so much about truth.

One is that apparently in the film much of the truth-oriented nature of the society the Gervais character occupies is that nothing like drama or film or television or even story is allowed. My word, how could there be such a thing as the Incredible Hulk if a portrayal of such an individual would be somewhat less than factual. It would comprise, oh goodness, a lie.

I don't know that Invention of Lying gets into it, but it seems to me that Hollywood may use this vehicle to make the statement that those stuffy moralists are just wrong in their insistence that we all tell the truth about things because that would mean all that silly acting stuff would be unnecessary and how ridiculous is that. Yes, acting and dancing and singing and carrying on up there on the stage is frowned upon by some of the more extremely draconian religionists.

But both the Hollywood performance-libertarians and the Puritan fun-censors have it wrong.

The lie is not the same as the imagination.

What a beautiful thing an imagination is. It makes life joyous and engaging and sometimes quite ribald, which is often really fun.

In fact, God's prohibitions against lying are never put against the perfectly legitimate activity of protecting ourselves from hyper-authenticity, unnecessary divulgence, undue transparency, or insensitive remarks.

It is, however, always about whether or not a liar will hurt someone when he lies. And yes, one of those people is God, who does take it a bit seriously when someone lies and hurts another.

The other thing I thought of was related to a thought shared by a young apologist, something I blogged about a few years ago. Here is what he said:

"I know I believe false things."

In many ways this is just a silly thing to say. We'd generally like to think that if you knew a false thing you'd do what was necessary to not be holding to the false thought anymore. Or you'd confess that you did not know, but then this guy is saying he knows he knows false things. Guh.

Now, there is another option.

You could know it is false and deliberately mislead others. In other words, you could be a brazen liar.

But can you see what this means? It's kind of a twist, really.

It means that yes, you do know the truth about a thing.

Yes, interesting, when someone lies, they are stating that they know truth. Certainly someone may be lying and not know they are lying, but they are only lying because they got the lie from someone who back in the lie chain somewhere did know the truth.

This is an essential factor in the World System doing its job as it was charged to do by God millennia ago, the succinct transcription of which is found in the fourth chapter of the book of Genesis. Satan knows the truth, his task is to turn people from it in pleasurably seductive ways.

Because people do have an affinity for truth, it requires great skill to carry this off. It requires nothing other than what I've called Caesar's Arts, something I've written about at more length at my webzine.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Most Telling Reality Show There Is - A Look Right Into the Lives of the Hazzards

I just had to blog to direct your attention to this piece I read last week. It is so dead-on describing the behavior of those caught up in the whirling swirling world of World covetousness. It is at the same time hilarious in its exposition of folly, and sobering in its revelation of how criminal are the actions of everyone involved.

In fact one of the more hilarious/criminal parts -- depending on your disposition -- is the concluding presumption that if Caesar had directed his bailing-out efforts at those poor dumb middle to lower class saps instead of the banks it've been much better. Never mind that the boldly elucidating metaphor for idiocy still applies quite aptly to everyone who lives wholly and deeply in the World, by the World, for the World, of the World.

My recent elaboration of the insane reality of this habitual conduct is here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh That Caesar, He's Such a Kidder

I was thinking a bit about my last blog post, the one about the machinations of competitive duplicity required to keep professional sports economically viable. I ruminated over my little illustration about the Cowboys' new stadium and took it through a bit more logical progression. It's a great tool for identifying the truth about things.


What if the Cowboys did have a million capacity stadium, one in which they charged $10,000 a seat for each game, one where such exemplery service was offered that some kind of maximum comfort vehicle personally delivered each and every spectator to their exquisitely equipped luxury box? And what if they did indeed fill every seat for every game, and as a result had millions of dollars at their disposal, millions of dollars that would certainly be used to--yes, you got it--

Buy the very best players on the market.

Furthermore let's say that to make sure the media darling teams do have that advantage most would like them to have anyway--I mean, come on, let's not be shy--let's just abolish the draft, remove the salary cap, and allow unfettered free agency.

It is obvious what would happen. The Cowboys could outbid every other team for every one of the best players coming out of college or those who have established themselves with other teams. They would indeed have a super-duper all-pro of all-pro teams.

Now, what's the next logical step in the progression? See if you can tell from the following:

Game 1 final score: Dallas 56, Tampa Bay 3.

Game 2 final score: Dallas 62, New York 7.

Game 3 final score: Dallas 49, Carolina 0.

Game 4 final score: Dallas 73, Denver 10.

I'm not even going to put up what the score would be against the Chiefs (whimper...) but can you see what would start happening?

The seats at the new boffo spectacular Cowboys stadium would start to be quite bereft of people.

Essentially most, not all (there are some fans who would love to see their team do this for all eternity--I certainly would if it were the Chiefs), but I'm afraid most fans would meet up with their fellow Cowboy rooters and, well-- let's just say the conversation would go something like this...

"Hey, wanna go see the Cowboys whup another team?"

"Why? They're going to win. It'll be over by the middle of the first quarter. You think I want to pay $10,000 to be bored for three hours again?"

So what to do?

What to do is have all that "competitive integrity" stuff in place enough so everyone sees that there will be some close games, and sometimes it'll even be the case that a team like the Cowboys may just not get to the Super Bowl, just to make sure enough people stay on board to tune in to the NFL.

Again, this is not so pronounced as it is in major league baseball. I will actually pay attention to my Chiefs because the pro football system does allow my team the chance to be the next Pittsburgh Steelers. But I also know those times will be few and far between.

I bring this up also because this is really a microcosm of the way it works in the real world. The power brokers of World System governance whether in the political, economic, or ecclesiastical realm will always make it look like they're keeping the playing field even-steven when all they're doing is putting up a grand front to ensure the flourishing of their human sacrifice.

In today's Los Angeles Times was a very interesting picture and caption. The caption was a note about how the G-20 nations will take over the job of what it said was the "permanent body for global economic cooperation." Why do they feel they need to do this? Why do they do it at all?

The answer to the first question is that those without Christ must submit to Caesar's rule in this way. The fact that this "permanent body for blah-blah whatever-whatever good thing" is being placed in other hands is just the shifting around of those most visible to those who must make more palatable the institutional human sacrifice required of all World inhabitants.

This gets to the answer to the second question, why do they do it? They've all been trained in the Deceptive Arts so well by those expertly qualified to do that. You will never know who the "trainers" are unless your mind is molded by the reality-honing stone of Scripture. Should their company be broached or names mentioned, most would shrug them off as pleasantly innocuous college professors.

In that picture is a protestor at the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, and you'll note he is wearing that Guy Fawkes mask made famous in the film V for Vendetta. I'd venture to say his sentiments are something along the lines of...

"Don't fence me in, copper! I know you lie and I'm out to do whatever I can to stop you!"

Thing is, Caesar will lie, but he has the authority to lie. All he does is lie. That's who he is, what he is all about. Try taking the stripes off a zebra, that's what you'd be doing to try to get him to stop.

In fact he lies so proficiently that, ironically, those in his service are part of the forces actually mobilizing Guy Fawkes' around the world to rise up against something they can do nothing about. After all the very first Guy Fawkes was a classic case of an individual exploited by the Company to keep the ball game looking close.

I mean, come on, what would it be like if the Dallas Cowboyesque police officers there were seen as having too much power? That would simply be too boring. So guess who gets to be right there on the front page of one of the country's major metropolitan newspapers?

Wow! Touchdown Dallas with no time left! That'll make the final score 17-16, but those Chiefs sure put up a valiant battle! Wowwie zowwie how exciting was that?!

I wrote a bit about the whole V for Vendetta thing at my webzine. That is here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Lie Often Seeps Out

I am in insufferable sports team fan.


I am someone nobody wants to be around regarding any my-sports-team thing to such an extent that I realized I had to do something about it. Ever since November 17, 1998, I've scaled back my big-time sports intake to virtually nothing. I confess there are some things I do rarely pay attention to simply because my pathological obsession with my teams knows no bounds. I do watch the Chiefs games but only the games, and to assuage the excruciating pain of even that amount of torment, I blog about it.

I also enjoy Angels games with my son because he loves baseball so much that this indulgence can't help but enhance the father-son bonding thing. But again, I really only do this when I'm with him.

The other night my son had the Angels game up on his Wii, which allows us to see website pages of things. We had the ESPN gamecast there, not the live game, just the webcast with the pitch-by-pitch graphics. The Angels were holding on to an 8-7 over the Red Sox. Their closer Brian Fuentes was in pitching the ninth with the bases loaded but two outs, and if I remember he'd gone 0-2 on mediocre batter Nick Green.

Suddenly he started throwing balls, working the count full. Then the fourth green dot showed up indicating a walk. Tie game. Boston went on to win it in extras.

The following day there were reports from the umpires that the Angels coaches including manager Mike Scioscia were harassing them exceedingly. Then came the mind-blower.

The home plate umpire confessed that the ball-four pitch that tied the game could have been a strike. He added that he called it a ball because catcher Mike Napoli went too far to frame the pitch, meaning he caught it and moved his glove to make it look more like a strike.

Now, I didn't see the pitch, but from what I heard it was so plainly a strike that to say it wasn't, well, to say it wasn't requires an umpire to 'splain himself.

If you know professional sports, you know that umpires or referees 'splaining themselves simply never happens. This is beside the fact that the umpire in this instance practically confessed that he blew the call.

The reason I've felt like blogging about this is because for one thing, I've noticed that umpire strike zones are so tiny or they are so malleable that they can have such a profound impact on the game simply by virtue of this divinely bestowed prerogative. The other notable thing is that it is quite apparent that the Red Sox have an intimidating aura that allows them to get calls like these and therefore, gain an advantage when they play games.

It is well-known that superstars in every sport "get the calls," and that this is just accepted practice. Furthermore our beloved Angels could just as easily get the calls because they too are a huge market team, so please note I have nothing against the Red Sox per se and I do know our Angels are themselves certainly granted such advantages.

All I'm doing is pointing out the lie.

The thing is, many could blap back, this is such a tiny little lie. Oh a little meaningless sports thing--whatever. Ah, just have to remind you--did you forget? I'm just insufferable about the sports team thing.

And really, the whole little culture war spat between the umps and the coaches? It's all drama. All of it just hides the fact that so much duplicity is taking place behind closed doors to a much larger degree giving the larger media darling teams the advantage. Think we're not going to get showcased for the eleventy-seventh time in as many eons a postseason of Yankees-Red Sox-Dodgers-whatever other media-glomming team there is?

Today I even caught this joyous piece at MSNBC about the new Cowboys stadium. And yes, being a moderately zealous 49ers fan I'm naturally disposed to revile the Cowboys. The idea here: now that the Cowboys have the biggest boffoest specTACKyoolarest new stadium could mean more talent and therefore more wins.

Now, does this sportswriter not know about the way NFL football works--or at least is supposed to work? Salary cap, draft, pretty much meaningless free agent movement, all are designed to make sure every team has a chance to compete. It doesn't matter if you have a million capacity stadium charging ten thousand dollars for each game's seat and you float the spectators on specially designed hovercrafts to their luxury boxes, the system is intended to make the play on the field the fair and honest result of the very best any team can do to with the players they have.

The problem comes in how little the NFL really wants to see St. Louis-Nashville Super Bowl matchups (as there was in 2000), and how much they slobber over Boston-New York (2008).

I really don't think this MSNBC writer is a moron. I do believe, however, that simply by highlighting the Cowboys in this way he helps inject into the public consciousness a conception that the Cowboys are supposed to be favored in some way, and when they are indeed given certain advantages, then that's just the way things go.

In other words, we are all to know that what's good for the Cowboys is good for the NFL. After all, in baseball, what's good for the Yankees (or the Dodgers or the Red Sox) is good for major league baseball.

I do know the umpire's call and the webwriter's story are actually little tiny things in the grand scheme of things. But I just blog about them for two reasons.

One, I'm that insufferable sports team fan -- note that I'm sports team fan simply wanting my team to win -- and I just don't like it when I see how difficult it is, even impossible it is, for my teams to be reasonably competitive against the powers of those working the system to get the most $$$ from major-market media-darling teams' success.

And two, big powerful institutions contracted with the World not only lie, but they have the very best marketing campaign to keep people believing it's not happening.

But hey, more people like the Yankees and Cowboys winning, so what do I have to say about it?

That's show biz...

A bit of narrative about my sports team story begins in this entry last January from my Chiefs blog. I've also compiled an inventory of sports team success frequency for metropolitan areas to provide some evidence that certain markets are indeed unduly favored.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blinders Always On

Tomorrow is Nine-Fifteen, the infamous date generally cited to commemorate the implosion of the mighty twin towers Lehman Bros. and Merrill Lynch. It is indeed the one-year anniversary of the financial equivalent of Nine-Eleven.

Thing is, very few people pay much attention to it, relatively. I say relatively because there are a number of financial watchers who know about it, know about its impact. Tonight on the Nightly Business Report it was discussed at length, and one of those offering his thoughts was Alan Blinder, former vice-chair of the Federal Reserve as well as former a lot of other schnazzy high-level economic/finance positions.

After being asked about the main lesson learned Blinder said (something to the effect--from the best of my recollection), "I can answer that with one word. Risk. Risk was woefully underappreciated." He then reeled off all the people who should've known better. "Risk was underappreciated by x, risk was underappreciated by y..." He went through at least a half-dozen culprits, as if he was reading us the FBI's Most Wanted list.

What is the deal with this thing, risk?

Most of the investor's considered risk has to do less with concerns about the inability to do a job and much more with fears of moral dissipation, but this is rarely every addressed. Who wants to call a liar anyone they're looking square in the face, particularly those with whom one must do business on a regular basis?

Some of the more easily exploited of them squeamishly worry, "I'm handing a lot of money to these people. I wonder, will they lie and cheat, and if so, how well will they do it?" Veteran value extractors have reached the pinnacle of their profession with the tested approach: "I know they will lie, and do it very well. My job is always figuring out how much I must add to my costs…"

The fact that Blinder says that risk was underappreciated is only an indictment of all who swim in the sewage of habitual value extraction--everyone: debtors and creditors, investors and entrepreneurs, bankers and regulators, young taxpayers and old pension-drawers, penthouse corporate executives and penthouse window washers--all of them.

World consideration of risk is the very nourishment for human sacrifice. Whenever you hear it brought up the Artisans of Deception are right there to feed the echo chamber heaping servings of

"Whupp, there's always risk and you just gotta find a way to insure against it" (I'm making sure I get my cut the next time Goldman Sachs sacrifices millions of taxpayers on the AIG altar.)

"You can't trust anyone so look out for yourself no matter how brutal that is" (There's got to be another Bernie Madoff to secure my retirement, someone who'll be just a bit more honest.)

And oh yes, almost forgot, "Good thing there's Barack Obama to look like he's in charge of things" (You go feds, you go after those evil Swiss bank account holders and make-them-pay-their-fair-share-dammit!)

There are only two ways of assessing the value of things. The World way and the Kingdom way.

In the World millions of Alan Blinders (quite the appropriate name) bonk into everything underappreciating how much people lie to get more from their human sacrifice. Quite blindly they believe if they just lie better they'll get more from their sacrifices than the other guy. Many do, by the millions of dollars -- but... for what?...

Those in the Kingdom ask: Why is there any risk at all to begin with?

Even better, what is it about any given individual from which I may accurately assess their risk?

Really, what is the truth about how much any given individual can be trusted? I believe the answer is by one simple test. Is someone all about sacrificing others to gain more of the World for him or herself? Or is someone all about sacrificing him or herself so others may benefit? One is the typical value extractor, the other is the only one who can do actual value enhancement.

Furthermore, there is only one way an individual can be a genuine value enhancer.

Only One Way.

I address it a bit more in my latest webzine homepage essay. It is here.

Last year at this time I began a series of blog posts about the Nine-Fifteen implosion and its fallout. Those are compiled here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shiny Yellow Rocks at $1,000 each - What a Deal!

The price of gold has reached a record $1,000 an ounce, and I wonder what precisely is it that made a shiny yellow rock increase in value by that much? Did we suddenly discover it has some cancer-fighting agent within its compound? Are people somehow more compelled to ask you to the dance floor if you're wearing it? Has its heretofore unmarketed capacity to do the laundry and mop the floor while you lounge by the pool been finally realized?

Well, not really.

The only reason is because the value of the dollar is slipping and hordes of people (ah, no word is more apt here than "hoard") believe they can somehow protect the meaning of their value by getting and holding shiny yellow rocks.



That'll do it.

I seem to vaguely recall a story about a king--name of Mitchell or Michael, not that but a bit more odd--for some reason I'm thinking of a muffler repair shop, but, what do I know...

But hey! What about the Constitution?! Ah yes, that treasured sacred document, the one that sacredly and, um, treasuredly I guess, really protects us and our value! Yes, that one! Yay for it! After all it does say right there in Article 1, Section 8 that the United States Government of America I quote now "shall have the power to coin money [and] regulate the value thereof" unquote. Thair-ya-go.

So then when the Congress says a dime is ten cents, then dammit it's ten cents.

Er, problem, though.

A dime is not ten cents anymore, and a dollar has never been a dollar. In fact shiny yellow rocks are only whatever value they are because of the work of miners and speculators, and perhaps image molders who find a way to make wearing them more fashionable. If a billion tons of easily extracted gold were found somewhere it won't be $1,000 an ounce for long.

Oh certainly there are gobs of people (I already did the hordes thing so I've got to use gobs) who believe that if you've got gold you're secure, but the question is brutally begged. What is it exactly that make you with your comstock load (or lode I guess) of gold any more valuable than you already are?

The reason there was ever any gold standard was very simple.

It is because all men are liars.

Not only are all men liars but most are dismayed they are. "Huh? You a liar? Me a liar? Nahhh..."

Do you realize how little regularly practiced deceit is considered as part of the cost of doing any business at all, when in reality it is entered into everyone's business accounting all the time? It is very expensive yet no one has the balls to admit why. That gold has reached $1,000 an ounce is testament to that truth.

In a very real sense, what is it that you're saying when you say, "Hey, I have gold. Trust me." Is it not the case that you are saying you need some extrinsically valued item--shiny yellow rocks--to establish that you are not a liar? Are you not saying you need a traditionally considered temporal form of value assessment to get people to consider you worth anything you are worth?

What about this. What about just being valuable in the things you can do to make others lives better in and of themselves? What about being so trustworthy that people know you are who you are? How about just allowing God to move you to do marvelous things He's already made you to do?

I know the reason why it doesn't happen. That too is simple.

It is because so many refuse to make Jesus Christ their very value assessment. The Bible is pretty clear about it. "You have the Son, you have life. You don't, you don't have life." That's pretty plainly laid out there.

Oh, and the dismay about the fact that all men are liars, that too is actually pretty much an exact verse from the Bible. Really. Look at Psalm 116:11. Look, right there. "In my dismay I said, 'All men are liars.'"

Hey, don't worry. I myself don't pretend to be a non-liar. I'm a liar too.

Unless I allow the counsel of the Holy Spirit to make me truthful.

He is the key. In fact He is the only thing. I'm the most brazen wretched pukifying liar without Him. And if I'm truthful I'm going to refuse to hide behind shiny yellow rocks or Congress and its constitutionally mandated value assignment powers, both of which are gutter sludge compared to the blood of Christ.

What do I have to lose to just let people see me as one who's abandoned himself to Christ. Oh, yeah, I may lose the World.

Wow. Seems like a lot.

The World.

But I'd rather have my soul back and the beautifully gracious (and quite truthful) interaction with my Lord.

(I've written a bit more about all this at my webzine. Here it is.)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Eons of Value Disassessment, Still Ravenously Schlurped Up

My latest reading has been Unruly Americans by Woody Holton, a fine narrative about what was really happening among Americans that led them to assemble the U.S. Constitution. It doesn't come near Rulers of Evil for elucidating the core reasons America was formed, but it's pretty good at filling in much of the peripheral stuff.

What strikes me as I read is how deeply tormented were the very souls of sensitive individuals subject to rank value disassessment -- the way the World assigns value using institutionally sanctioned deceit. Taxpayers loathing bondholders, bondholders loathing currency holders, currency holders loathing tax collectors. Lots and lots of loathing among people who claimed to be followers of Christ.

It can shake you up if you don't grasp the perfectly rational reasons the bearers of Cain's legacy do what they do. It's been going on for eons and eons and eons.

This past Saturday The Los Angeles Times' Tom Petruno wrote "A Good Time to Reassess Strategy." He belched up the standard numbers of the day and followed them with the routine "Maybe you oughta do this, or maybe that." I can't help but think how many times through history top business writers have written a "Good Time to Reassess Strategy" piece. I'd bet it is in the millions.

The question is,


What is it you're trying to figure out?

What kind of lying are you trying to scoot around?

And really, if you're trying to juke the lying without calling them on it, aren't you just as much of a part of it as the liars you're hoping to sink your little schlurpy lemora chops into?

That's okay, though. That's the way it should be.

The World is all about human sacrifice, and rather powerful forces are at work to make all of it easier for you if not extraordinarily painful. As always.

Thing is I've written my latest homepage piece about this. If you take a look I'd love to get your take.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Value Assessment Regulation - It's Expensive!

I've been seeing a lot in the news about executive compensation, particularly for those in financial industry companies. Apparently there is quite a snit about the hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid to employees of the major banks and investment firms.

As I watch this I think about the righteous indignation expressed by both government officials with microphones and jealous complainers having microphones shoved in their faces. And then I wonder...

Who's paying them that money?

I just find it funny that there is so much railing against it that Congress is weaving bills together that would put limits on that pay. But then, why do they feel that they have to do that? Sure they consider that since these institutions have receiving some amount of government bailout money they should be subject to reasonable oversight by those in charge of the rescue largesse--namely the feds.

But that still doesn't answer the question. Remember it?

How do the bankers and investment giants get the money into their quivering little hands to begin with?

You do know there can only be one answer. That answer is--oh this is too easy--people willingly hand it to them. Yes, it is that simple. But there does seem to be a disconnect.

Millions upon millions belch, "Here's gobs of money I must pay you to manage my value." And then in the very next breath, "I hate you for having that much money."

The key comes in understanding the reason these guys get that much. The answer to that is in that very first statement there. There's what it is all about, do you see it there?

The management of one's value is a very expensive service.

Really, that's all they're doing, managing the value of those who ask them to do so. Some of that even involves asking the value assessors to take the representation of their customers' value--their dollars--and turn it into more. Nothing wrong with honest capital movement, but far too often "capital movement" is merely shifting around ownership claims of large considerations of value.

Indeed, it is a very very very very very expensive service, because much of it involves making sure the required deceit that must be used is not as much kept out of sight but marketed as authentic respectable capital movement. I'm afraid this does require very very very large monetary incentives so those who do it so well will stay on board to keep doing it...

Yes, keep doing the thing vast numbers of World inhabitants demand.

I mean, really, is not the gobs of money going to the Goldman Sachses of the world just a plain testament that people cannot manage their own value? In other words, isn't this just proof that most people just don't have a clue about what is right and true and good?

And isn't it further proof that because there must be laws put in place to regulate it all, people are plainly doing things that are not right and true and good? And in this sense, is this not a bold indication that people are just really, ultimately


What difference does it make if you can swing the big salary with the big bonus and the big retirement account held by a big investment firm and you can be a big shot with all the big people pretending to do big things for big groups of customers and getting big government to do a great job of waving its big finger at you so everyone thinks you're still really big?

Sounds great, except that...

You're dead.

Oh I don't have to prove it. It's already proven, but you haven't been paying attention. Or maybe you do know, but like Cypher in The Matrix you're simply too captivated by the fake steak and fake wine.

There is a real-life red pill you can take and have your value assessed so phenomenally that you'll easily discover that the fake steak is rancid cardboard and the fake wine sewer water.

His name is Jesus Christ, and He assesses value so phenomenally that when He died for you for crap that you've been pulling ("I want to be a big shot with a big salary and a big..." Heh! What a crack-up...) He was doing the one thing the most authentically genuinely truly ultimately anyone can do for real true genuine ultimate value assessment:

He loved you with His very life.

So on the one hand you've got rabid covetousness at every World level, which is just death, really, no matter how big everything around you seems.

Or, on the other hand, you've got love. And life. And Him, the best thing you could ever have--the phenomenal interaction with someone who values you, really does value you...

(I elaborate a bit more on the whole value thing here.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Light Years Away from Meaningful Truth

Did you know that there is now a U.S. commission on examining what is happening with the TARP money? You know the TARP money, as in Troubled Asset Relief Program money, hundreds of billions of dollars dropped in the laps of foolish but high-living value extractors?

Its chairman, Phil Angelides, recently said to an LA Times business columnist, "Here's the big picture. The commission's role is to be a pursuer of the truth. If we commit ourselves to pursuing the facts and uncovering whatever is underneath whatever rock, we will do Americans a great service."

I can't say that I split a gut laughing at this remark, and that is really only because every high profile World operative blaps this kind of thing regularly, and they do so with a completely straight face. Every single time. Hmm, go figure.

This comes at the same time that one of those grand metaphors for truth vs. deceit is getting gobs of airplay right now. You know which one it is, the whole blue pill vs. red pill thing from The Matrix. It has come blasting into the public consciousness once again because last night at his celebrated sales pitch--err, 'scuze me--press conference hawking--errr, sorry (slap)--addressing government provided health care, president Obama used the metaphor.

What is so silly is that he encouraged us all to take the blue pill for half the price of the red pill. In The Matrix it is the red pill that is the one that frees, the one that gets at the truth. Certainly many bloggers and pundits will be pointing this out, particularly the ones who see that government-run health care can never be half the price and maintain any level of quality.

Thing is, as much as many are seeing Obama for the naked emperor that he is, they are not seeing that Caesar will still oppress all those who enlist his services, including those who think they see it all clearly. Obama is embarrassing himself, but to his credit he has in his mind what so many progressively-minded individuals have in theirs: that people should be cared for.

The problem is that he is a value extractor, painstakingly striving to yank whatever means he can to pay for taking care of people he wants to like him. Those people are no different, even those who revile him. Caesar is merely another Christ, trying valiantly to be his brother's keeper. As Cain's legacy he has seven times the power of any other individual, but that power is still woefully limited.

Truth things may get you so far. TARP commission chairman Angelides may truthfully find out about who's truthfully getting what money. I guess that's pretty good. Obama may truthfully have a heart for truthfully suffering people. That's touching, it is, I'm not being sarcastic about that. It's a truthful thing, certainly.

But every single one of these truths have so many more deeper and complex facets and these guys will never, ever get close to them, because as Cain's agents they carry forward Cain's commission given him by God Himself.

And they do so completely outside of the presence of God.

As such they haven't the faintest idea of what meaningful truth is. Not only do they have no clue about what all their bumbling about is really all about, but they aren't supposed to. They're only supposed to be proficient administrators of the World System for the purpose of driving those sick and tired of the vast institutionalized deceit completely out of it and into the arms of Jesus Christ Who is Truth Himself.

All these bloggers and pundits yapping about what they really know about health care. Hey, some of those things are very true things. But come on. That's it? Just that you should pay the doctor for the services he provides you and not your neighbor? Here's my question.

Then what?

So now you're healthy enough to find out who really got TARP money.

Then what?

Now you can bop about in life and, um, live life?

Then what?

It is simple. He who has the Son has life. He who doesn't does not have life. I don't know how it can be more clear. The best trained humanists--and in a fully Catholicized society like this one it is a good guess most everyone is so expertly adept--will say things like "But I've got family, friends, and faith. That's it." Sounds really good.

Except that Jesus said that even these very things are idols in the way of true fulfillment in Him. Oh, don't get me wrong. Those things are great things. I like my family, and my friends. I even like viewing the keystone cops comedy of federal agents peeking about at who's doing value extraction and then writing a spiffy report about it.

But gotta give it up. Wholesale.

And the funny thing is Jesus said we'd get it all back times a hundred.

But first, and only,


Not even the expectation you'll get any of that back.

Just Him.

He's the only Meaningful Truth.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Value Assessment Surplus

Noted that the U.S. budget deficit hit the $1 trillion mark for the first time in history.

And it is rising.

Nothing much to point out except for the same old regarding the contrast between the World and the Kingdom that so few people seem to see.

There they are, the top World ruler guys, at the behest of needy World inhabitants, continuing to spend money and banking on some point in the future when these needy souls (and their children and grandchildren, and hey, may as well add great grandchildren) will actually do enough to pay back what they're spending on today.

I mean, really, it is such a mind-boggling number, a trillion, but these guys do it anyway. I just wonder, why not a quadrillion? Hey, after all, derivatives traders have already said the $250 trillion worth of assets in the world today is worth a quadrillion. Now there's a bit of a value assessment surplus.

Why not a quintillion? Why not build everyone a bridge to wherever they like? Why not give everyone their own jet and their own private island to fly to? Hey, why not give everyone eternal life so they can enjoy it always? What, with Medicare going stratospheric and universal health care grinding its way through Washington, isn't that precisely what they want to do?

The funny thing is that in the Kingdom, managed by Jesus Christ, it is this much. Yes, quintillions of dollars worth, for eternity. Jesus said as much, there in the tenth chapter of the gospel of Mark, you can read it. What's the difference, then?

The difference is that in the World there is only death. Bridges to death, jets to death, private islands of mansions and meadows and maids and marvel--only it's all just death. Quintillions and quintillions of dollars worth of death.

That's because all of it is completely without the presence of

The Son.

As long as you have Him,

You have life.

Don't think people worship an idol of another Christ? Just look at all the attention this week given to the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Everyone hanging on every word to find out precisely what she's going to do on the court--

To save us.

That's another Christ right there. But wait, just know, she should be there for those who don't have the Son, as should Barack Obama and those pontificating Senators and all those in the high service of Caesar from centuries past. You should thank God they are there because God put them there for those who like swimming in the body of death that is the law that is the power of sin. If they weren't there, those without the Son would annihilate each other. They're there to mercifully mitigate their abjectly murderous conduct until perhaps a few World inhabitants find

The Son.

Please. He's nowhere near any of that. He's over in the Kingdom.

Think Sonia Sotomayor will make any decision that will affect the Kingdom and those who are there? Think abortions will end even if Sotomayor were the most zealously pro-life jurist there ever was? Do you think for two seconds that anything you think about what she should or shouldn't do would have the teensiest impact on what should be happening with your understanding and knowledge of God?


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The REAL Michael Jackson

If you turn on any mainstream media outlet you're sure to encounter at least a bit of the wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage. The extraordinary attention given to him after his sudden death is not surprising, really, as talented and as eccentric--and as troubled--as he was.

What I find interesting is how zealous everyone seems to be trying to find out the real Michael Jackson. What was he really like, and did he really do any of the destructive things so many think he did? How many times have I seen or heard--and believe me, it isn't really a lot, mostly because of nothing to do with Michael Jackson but because I just dislike the idolatrous nature of the coverage--anyway, how many times is someone interviewed who details whatever intimate knowledge they have about Michael Jackson?

The day after he passed away I was driving to work and some radio newshow mentioned the final concert tour he was supposed to have, and I had this thought.

Why don't they just get someone else to do all the songs at this concert tour? Certainly someone can sing the way he did and dance the way he did. Why can't they find someone just like him to do all the tunes and moves and entertain all just as much as Michael Jackson could? Please, again, I share this not because of anything to do with Michael Jackson himself, but just to reflect deeply about the whole affair, about this amazing obsession with the guy.

Hey, who replaces Jackson could even do a better job than he would--indeed some of what has been said is that even though Jackson was working very hard and he was excited about the tour, he was nowhere near the physical condition he needed to be in.

But the answer to the question is simple. Replacing Michael wouldn't work because

It wouldn't be Michael.

And that's the point of the reflection.

Is who Michael Jackson was important? I mean, is who he was in real true real live reality so meaningfully important that it'd be good for those with whom he had interaction to actually know what that was?

To know who he was?

It seems to me that part of the fascination with the whole Michael Jackson drama is that Michael himself appeared to work very hard at making it very hard for others to know who he really was--the odd behavior and the strange plastic surgery and all the rest of it. All of it just looked like Michael Jackson's valiant attempt to keep people from knowing who he really was. Or...

Perhaps he was compelled to assuage the fears he himself had that people would make grave mistakes about who he was in spite of his efforts to be as transparent as he could. Wow. I know there are a few people who spend a lot of time doing that.

The thing about all this is that the truth of Michael Jackson's identity is something everyone acknowledges. It is there somewhere. Sure there are rotten people who get it wrong, but the only way they'd get it wrong is if they don't care about the truth of who he was or they deliberately deviate from the truth about who he is whether they know it or not. Whatever the case, there is a truth about who each person is.

The truth about each of our identities is important to each one of us.

My question about this is,

What about the identity of the most important Person?

The One with Whom everyone must encounter sometime, Jesus Christ?

Why is it so many are so satisfied with their own conceptions of God and they won't even come close to knowing Who He truly is?

Oh yes the World has a zillion different conceptions of Jesus, he's much like Michael Jackson in that regard--everyone has their take. And the World will probably never get it right, just as much as they'll probably never get Michael Jackson right. But then hey, why should they? If they do, the tantalizing drama may end and no one will tune in anymore.

Well, I have some more thoughts about true identity in my latest webzine home page piece.

Some more thoughts about Jesus and His identity are here.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Philosophy of Nothingness

I happened to catch celebrated economist Amitai Etzioni's latest piece, Spent, a call to reject consumerism as a way to extract ourselves from the current economic malaise. In his very first paragraph he perceptively derides the "regulation is the answer" pap, and concludes with this:

"What is needed instead is something far more sweeping: for people to internalize a different sense of how one ought to behave, and act on it because they believe it is right."

Right away it is easy to see he is a product of the World System, even a sworn operative doing its bidding, spouting about World ways to solve World problems. However eloquent he is, and he is that at some points, no one will ever be able to do anything he thinks they should do because it is missing the most critical part.

Etzioni is a wholly devout World guy because he does what all World people do all the time. He appeals to what philosopher Immanuel Kant referred to as the "categorial imperative," the idea that we should do what is right simply because we should do what is right. My question is this:

So what?

Why should I do what is right because I believe it is right? What if I believe it is right but it is a lie? And why should I do what is right if I know in the end nothing will come of it? These myopic materialists blab and blab and blab about what we all should be doing--hey, don't get me wrong! We should be doing a lot of very good things! Some of which Etzioni mentions! Being unselfish. Thinking about things beyond ourselves. Considering those around you when you make decisions. Awesome. Really--not being facetious here. Awesome stuff.

But again, here's the question I have that very few people ask. Remember the question?

So what?

The World answer to that question whatever it is will always result in a lie so pervasive that the economy looks as crappy as it does. That lie:

"Hey, I'm doing good!"

Many people even acknowledge the truth of their predicament as they're out there doing good:

"I'm doing all this work even though I have no idea why I'm doing this, and I can see no fulfillment in the end from any of this."

This is why all of Mr. Etzioni's blithering--and I do not necessarily single out Mr. Etzioni because every World inhabitant does this--is utterly, completely, abjectly pointless. It is such because it has no end-game in sight. The only end-game is the One from Whom it is all held together in the first place.

He is Jesus Christ.

What gets me is that Jesus Christ isn't in the picture at all because His image and persona and even words have been so co-opted by World operatives, particularly ecclesiastical ones, that He never enters the conversation. In fact, Etzioni mentioned something very interesting, the idea of "megalogues." These are those major discussions large groups of people, indeed whole nations have about important things.

We should be having more megalogues, really really important ones, so people can banter about things they are told the believe are really important--and they might be. But the end-game is only more blabbing. In fact I'd venture to say if anyone suggested any kind of closure to a vibrant "megalogue" he'd be summarily ostracized by the tolerance police.

I'd like to go a bit further and suggest that beyond megalogues there are metalogues, sort of overarching conversations made up of megalogues. I'd also like to further suggest that there are only two metalogues. Yes, only two.

There is the World metalogue and the Kingdom metalogue.

The World metalogue is the one Etzioni and every World inhabitant are in. Most, if not all, are set in motion by World operatives whose job it is to direct the metalogue stage. All this banging about of these ideas results in no lasting meaningful resolution at all, but it definitely comprises a lot of emotional and spiritual violence. I will add that appearing in this metalogue are thousands and thousands of Jesuses, each one used to buttress someone's mildly novel ideas in a megalogue.

The Kingdom metalogue is the one in which Jesus speaks, The Jesus, and people who desire truth and grace and joy and authenticity listen and then act on those words. It is the only metalogue in which true genuine charitable agape is expressed, and as such people can see the end-game: eternity with the One Who Loves with His Very Life.

The World metalogue is only about working hard to have nothing, which Etzioni speaks about throughout his piece. He even moralizes constantly about which things we should settle for, and which things reflect too much acquisitiveness. This is a classic characteristic of Catholicist thinking: be in some form of privation for privation's sake. What an awful existence, and while Jesus does say we should not be selfish, He never says we cannot enjoy the fruits of what He made us to be able to produce.

The Kingdom metalogue is about trusting in Christ who has everything, and, hey, just as the very best friend one could have, wants us to enjoy it all.

Funny, Etzioni does mention the transcendent nature of what's really meaningful, but stops at Chinese water-coloring. Don't get me wrong, I like Chinese water-coloring, I really do.

But, come on.

Which would you rather be with?

A painting, or the Lord of Heaven and Earth?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Being Talked About

I've been reading some on the history of the Jesuits, as I sometimes do, and I am always amazed at how much they have done to portray themselves as persecuted. What is even more interesting is how few people seem to see that all the whining about their disestablishments, ostracisms, and even martyrdoms is deliberately designed to direct even more attention to their plight for the purpose of keeping their work relevant.

And relevant it is, for it is the very work of Cain's administration.

While so few see it for what it is, even more rail against it. If on the other hand they express enthusiasm for the Catholic cause, they'll still excoriate some disfavored government official for some awful thing they're doing. But it is no different. Cain's officers will do Cain's work, whether in their ecclessiastical capacities or their political ones.

I saw Frost/Nixon tonight, and it was a very good movie, I enjoyed it. What struck me about this film was how much so many people longed for Nixon to admit he did it, he did Watergate. My question is,


Do you not know of his plainly complicit role in the whole affair? Is it not as clear as the day is long? Are you not content with comprehending the truth of it all and that others have confirmed that truth?

The issue is really the perverse gratification World inhabitants have by contriving emotional responses from the perceived misconduct of World operatives, and this only highlights the nature of their codependent relationships with those individuals. Of course much of that revolves around fear, the simple base fear that a World operative can indeed get away with quite harrowing nastiness. It's reasonable.

This was the fear that jolted so many through history about the Jesuits--they too were and still are extraordinarily adept at doing their jobs. That should indeed terrify anyone without the protective covering of Christ over them. A rather justified fear, indeed.

It could be said that my site and blog's exposition of the Jesuits may itself be just as reflective of that fear, and I guess to the extent that I like to see people not taken by their lethal ruses I too can feel it a bit. I must add, however, that I believe the Christ-like response to the Jesuits and what they do is neither rabid censure nor mindless endorsement, much less any kind of physical remonstration.

It is to see what they do in the light of Truth, and understand.

With apologies to Oscar Wilde, the Jesuits like to be talked about, even they aren't being talked about--I'd even say especially then. And when people are talking about political figures like Richard Nixon with extremes of either fierce disdain or patronizing sympathy then The Company is at its best.

What will you do with that understanding?

This month I wrote a bit about one of America's lesser known founding fathers, yes, a Jesuit, and that is at my webzine. Another Whom you may make as your lord is written about a bit here in case you are interested.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Intellectual Lobotomy

Yesterday U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter announced he was retiring from the highest bench at the still sprite age of 69. It is notable what he once said about his work on the court, quote:

"When the term of court starts, I undergo a sort of annual intellectual lobotomy and it lasts until the following summer, when I sort of cram what I can into the summertime."

What? The delightful dances these guys do with THE LAW just aren't ever-so fun and wonderful?

I love how people always boast "We're a nation of laws, not of men." But, um, isn't this a democracy? Where the people have the power? Guh? Errp? Ooop?

Yes, indeed, to actually try to sort all that out would require a lobotomy of sorts. If you've ever even looked at the volumes and volumes and volumes written through the ages about laws and the massively turgid attempts to get it right, you'd wonder why everyone in law or politics doesn't have a lobotomy. Or maybe they do? Souter said he did.

Fortunately there is hope. I write a bit about it in my latest home page piece. I invite you to go to my website, The Catholicist Nation, and enjoy it.