Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Ratchets Up to Even Higher Levels

Sure enough, after Georgia passed a bill allowing abortions up six weeks of pregnancy, Alabama got around to passing a bill effectively prohibiting all abortions. Good for them! Except for one thing.

It still doesn't mean anything unless everyone everywhere in every state -- indeed every nation on the planet -- summarily outlaws abortion, period.

The reason is simple. Some in Alabama admitted the law is designed to put pressure on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Many pro-lifers like this idea because it will allow states to decide what to do with abortion. Good thing.


Remember when they tried the principle of popular sovereignty to address slavery back in the 1840s, 1850s? Let the states decide if they want slavery or not. Except that, just like abortion, slavery is something so repulsively immoral that it simply should not be up to a vote.

And abortion, just like slavery, must be categorically, unequivocally made unconstitutional, illegal, and subject to the strictest prosecution.

What about the mother? Yes, indeed, what about the mother? What about this permissive attitude of abortion which eviscerates the entire beauty and value of motherhood? How contemptibly disrespectful to women to convince them of this, to make them think that by getting an abortion they are more of a woman, more of a person. How diabolically contemptible.

What about the man? I saw a meme that had over and over again, "A man should not make laws about a woman's body." How about this: "A man and a woman should not engage in sexual immorality to the extent that their actions would produce a child they would murder before it is born." How come that is never shared? How come pro-lifers barely call out both mother and father for their behavior that causes there to be a situation in which they'd murder their child to begin with?

With all this right now the kind of society that allows children to be murdered so wantonly is indeed being exposed for what it is.

So yeah, some are thinking the Supreme Court will be taking this on, hearing arguments sometime maybe as soon as next year. I know they don't want to touch it with a five-thousand foot pole. The liberals on the court, all four of them, will certainly uphold Roe with the most intense ferocity. Everyone assumes the other five are pretty solid conservatives, but already John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh have not been faithfully conservative, yet as Catholics you'd think they support overruling Roe.

Nah. They're just as subject to the dictates of the profoundly Jesuit-infused mainstream as anyone, and they're likely to bend to the idea that, well, no one should tell a woman what to do in the name of freedom and all that.

Never mind that even the best pro-lifers lose sight of the fact that if that baby is a human being there is absolutely no justification for its murder, none.

Indeed that is one of the frightening things about the explosion of the abortion discourse today, is the abjectly insane things pro-abortionists say to defend systematic murder of the pre-born. Just purely idiotic, across the board. A lot of those things are shared by the dozen most showcased candidates for the Democrat party presidential nomination.

Thing is, they just want votes so those things are merely the things spewed by many in the general populace, those things in turn bilged into the mainstream by the Society of Jesus through its academia and media.

As it is, what must happen is this. There must be apocalyptic revival that moves people to see the System for what it is, and legions of men and women start respecting one another again -- they start respecting their sexualities and the transcendent value of children and family. People intractably devoted to the System will continue to equivocate and dissemble and blither the worst things to keep the abortion mill churning.

Otherwise, it would be nice if the Supreme Court didn't just overturn Roe but went all out and said the one thing that would do the most to save the lives of pre-born children, one simple five word phrase:

"He/she is a human being."

The Supreme Court could say that, any given legislature can say that, but all that's still the System. It requires belief on and devotion to Christ, His ways and His Kingdom, to actually make a dent in this abortion thing.

Sadly, we'll still see idiocy being rocket-barfed all around, and children will still die in the womb.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Explodes Yet Again

Recently there has been quite a reaction to the fetal heartbeat law Georgia passed. Liberal "pro-choice" people went crazy against it, while conservative "pro-life" people cheered for it.

Is there no one who thinks this bill is extraordinarily diabolical, simply because saying it is illegal to get an abortion after around six weeks makes it okay to get one before that?

Huh. When precisely does a baby become a human being after conception? Please, what difference does it make when the heartbeat is detected? For anyone to declare they are pleased with the Georgia bill shows they are simply hypnotized by the devil's schemes. And I have heard so many good, wholesome, thoughtful Christians say they favor this bill.

This saddens me tremendously, and always has. There are all kinds of rationalizations that go into trying to work out some public policy positioning that makes Christians feel good about their moral stature, yet much of it is either sustaining ill-arranged thinking or buying into the System's designs, or both.

I've written for years about why this happens. I specifically called out one of the best apologists for the pro-life cause, but have never heard from this gentleman and have never heard him give up his desire to work within the System. As I wrote there, working within the System is indeed fine for saving some babies lives -- of course this is the incrementalist approach that many adopt but is so pathetically inadequate.

"Cobelligerency" will not only not end abortion but it actually keeps it going.

It keeps it going because we all settle back in our moral rationalizing that it is a good thing that the state officially authorize the murder of preborn children before six weeks of gestation.

Sorry, this is just plain demonic. So what do I do, seeing a richly Catholicized populace brazenly demonstrate that they just don't get it? What do I do? I pray like crazy for apocalyptic revival, I pray for this all the time. That people would see how seduced they are by the System, all of it -- you can see what it is at my webzine, I'm happy to share it with you.

That they would come out and live richly in the Kingdom.

Monday, April 15, 2019

The Notre-Dame Seduction

Today the news reports are overflowing with information about the immolation of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Apparently most of the edifice was saved, but since the fire took some substantial parts and the images of the flames were so compelling, the coverage is comprehensive.


Why does this event get so much news coverage? People in various places are being victimized by murder, war, famine -- quite a bit around the globe, even today, right now -- yet, this is what is plastered before us on every news outlet. And the cries of lament from the broadcasters and those they are interviewing, pay attention to the language -- just the impressions of the magnitude of such an event. For a building.

There is no question this is a classic evidence for how Catholicized the globe is. So many people intractably captivated by one of the many idols erected by Rome. It isn't at all that the cathedral itself isn't a beautiful architectural work.

It is just how people respond to it.

It is as if it is part of their identity, and I'm not making this up. The broadcasters and the interviewees speaking of it in the most reverent ways, so melodramatic, so over-the-top.

It really is nothing other than idolatry.

Ironically I kind of see this as a symbol of what will indeed happen on the last day. Rome fulfills its purpose now, managing the sin of those who ask it too -- and they get in return lots of showcased spectacles like imposing churchly buildings. But on the last day it will no longer be needed and will be sent into the lake of fire. Sure Notre-Dame will be repaired and renovated and be better than ever.

Cain's duties as chief city builder would require nothing less.

But for authentic freedom you need to visit the place with no such items. In fact it isn't even a place, but a Person, and you can identify Him easily enough -- He's the One with the nail-scarred hands and feet.

Wonder if the news will share any stories about Him. Sure it is "Holy Week" and one could easily say yes, why yes they will. I can't say those stories won't be about Him, but do you know Him well enough to know?

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Walk for Life Epiphany Redux

There was a Walk-For-Life event we had planned to attend -- we'd even gotten a few pledges. We're not going mostly because we've had other things arise. I had actually wanted to go just to see what happened there, not as much to be a part of ending abortion.

These things don't end abortion.

They may even make it so there'll be more of them, at best there won't be any change. In the U.S. in 2017 there were about 900,000 abortions. In 2018 there were again about 900,000 abortions. How many Walk-For-Life events were there in that time? How many crisis pregnancy fundraising dinners were there? How many pro-life rallies and marches were there, in that given year's time period there?

And how come nothing changes?

In fact there are 40 million abortions every year worldwide. Did you get that number? 40 million babies die at the hands of their own mothers and fathers every year. When I look at that my heart breaks yet again.

I'm sure all the Walk-For-Lifers and crisis pregnancy center sponsors and pro-life marchers and even pundits and speakers the world 'round -- in a real sense I'm one of them blogging about it right now -- believe that their two-cent contribution will help. Honestly, I shouldn't be so cynical. Maybe a life was saved because of their efforts. Kudos to them for that, genuinely.

On the radio yesterday afternoon I heard an interview with a legislator of some sort, I didn't catch his name. From the way he spoke I believe he was a U.S. Congressman. He was beaming about how much support he received from his legislative colleagues about his preventing infanticide bill, you know the one, the "Keep the Baby Alive After a Botched Abortion Attempt" bill.

I couldn't hold it in any longer. I wept buckets right there in my vehicle, right there in the middle of traffic waiting for the stoplight to change. It wasn't at all tears of joy because they were finally getting around to this kind of thing, not at all.

They were tears of abject sorrow simply because we've allowed it to get that far. What kind of barbarians are we to get all giddy about this when already someone was already all-in on murdering a child about to be born anyway?

I know a lot of why. It is a truth so many slough off because they've been so hypnotized to twist their very souls in such a way as to refuse to believe it.

It is that so much of the U.S, indeed so much of the world has been thoroughly Catholicized. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because the Roman Catholic Church is the legitimate ecclesiastical authority for the most proper sin management. This is precisely why having so much anti-abortion stuff splashing about everywhere just brings more attention to the practice without really having any feasible constraints against it. All those proposed laws to to try to limit it?

They don't mean a lick if they don't meaningfully outlaw abortion from conception.

But the Roman Catholic Church is so in favor of this kind of thing? How can you say all this about the church?

Rome is only in favor of anti-abortion policy because it draws more attention to its leadership so people will pay more attention to their righteous crusade against it. As long as abortion is around, there is something really bad for them to fight against.

This isn't a bad thing necessarily! It is great for those who must have their sinfulness managed. That's precisely what the Roman Catholic Church is for. It was ordained by God for that very purpose -- you can read about it in the fourth chapter of the book of Genesis.

For those who want freedom from all that, as well as peace, joy, righteousness, mercy, grace, and the strength and wisdom to understand, comprehend, and authentically extend life to others including preborn children as well as their abortion-minded parents...

Jesus Christ is the one you want to talk to.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Climate Change Folly - It's a Perfect Day For It

It is beautiful outside, sunny, warm, a bit breezy, and while there is likely some area on the globe where a weather event has caused some concern -- even a major one like recently in Mozambique where flooding devastated some places -- for the most part the earth's climate is in good shape.

If you were to read the climate alarmist literature from 30 or 40 years ago, however, you'd see that all this should not be. Right now we should be covered in ice, or melting from the heat, or something nasty that man caused because of his profligate living behavior.

Well now you've got the Jesuit-administered education system propagandist professors telling the new young socialist-minded Ivy Leaguers running shakedown syndicates like Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress telling people like peppy actress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to say things like "If we don't address climate change with radical solutions we'll all be dead within twelve years."

The fact that conservative media personnel yuck it up about it all is part of the game. They are just as much the fools for being a part of Cain's legacy to see that his autocratic hegemony is running along exceedingly smoothly, as much as the Catholicized nation is duped left and right to make it all so ugly.

Such is the activity of April Fools' Day -- every day.

The main thrust of all the climate alarmism is to keep human sacrifice alive and well by drawing attention away from the two main conservation items that are quite veritable: (1) the pollution that kills people directly and (2) the gruesome tyrannies in countries that won't properly manage how and where they have people dwelling so naturally occurring natural disasters don't incur so many casualties.

Regarding the first, if you want to do things like cleaning out the plastics from the oceans -- or even better preventing them all together -- then sign me up. If you want to talk about establishing and maintaining wildlife refuges to protect endangered animals -- I'm all in. I'm even on board with reasonable and as much as scientists and engineers can make it efficient (and clean!) green energy alternatives that make it a bit more healthy for us all to breathe the air -- great!

Regarding the second, there is a truth among truths and that is this: natural disasters happen. And a key part of that truth is that people will die no matter what anyone does. Jesus even said about this truth, in the 13th chapter of Luke, essentially, "Yes, I know, people will die in very grievous events. So what about you? If you haven't repented and come to terms with your own mortality in the sense that you'll spend eternity in Heaven or in Hell, then what are you asking Me about it for?" For those who object to my treating Scripture this way, go ahead and read it for yourself, no worries.

If we actually managed our resources well because we actually cared about people, in whatever country there is out there, then we could actually do some things to keep some people from dying unnecessarily as a result of those disasters.

But that requires a lot of intelligence, hard work, and most importantly prayerful attention to carrying out God's purposes in His ways.

Climate change alarmist policies? Perfectly fine for Cain's legacy to sustain human sacrifice on a grand scale. Perfectly fine for his agents to pontificate about how damn-well great they are at being fine, fine individuals. Perfectly fine for them to manage the calcified sinfulness of a reprobate population by pushing them to feel like proudly wholesome folks outside the mercy and grace of God.

It is all perfectly fine for all of that. It is all arranged as a legitimate way the holders of Cain's legacy of spectacular city-building discharges their authoritative duties.

But none of it does a lick of good for the climate. Not a single carbon footprint nodule from anybody has the slightest impact on the climate -- unless of course everyone somehow, someway manages to chop down every tree on the planet. But because there are estimated to be more trees -- those extraordinarily powerful climate regulators we all naturally enjoy -- on earth than there are stars in the galaxy, that number is in the trillions by the way, we really have nothing to worry about.

Sure we can all nuke ourselves, but then God still predicts that kind of thing happening on the last day anyway. As for now? As to whether or not you drive 80 miles to grandmother's house or fly the 400 miles to see your brother's wedding? Even multiply all that by a few million so we can all do that?

Doesn't have the slightest effect.

Oh I'll get the whole "But we have x number of scientists on our side!" I can just say "Ha! I've got y number of scientists on MY side!" "Your momma!" "Well YOUR momma!" "Well your MOMMA'S momma!" "And your momma INFINITY!..."

And so it goes. ::Sigh...::

The thing I have in my favor, and you may have it too! -- it isn't just mine! -- is Scripture. Sure many of the most vocal scientists are expertly trained as atheists by their beloved Jesuit universities, steeped in Epicurean philosophy -- I got that. I know they just slough off Scripture as fairy tale stuff -- but hey, I didn't say there wasn't a day like today to fully celebrate that mentality. Here's to the fool! Makes for great entertainment sometimes, it does.

But for those who hunger after righteousness, you can read Scripture and find a Savior who is willing to grab your hand with His nail-scarred one, pull you from the cesspool of folly some of which is the rabid climate change alarmism, and gently draw you into insightful understanding -- and from there, actually love the ones you may wish to genuinely help.

That starts with acknowledging the truth about what is actually going on and vibrantly grasping that Jesus -- the One who created the whole thing to begin with -- once said, "Look at those flowers, God spins them so beautifully. Look at the birds of the air, they get fed just fine. And here you are worrying as if God doesn't care about you." Sorry, again, my rendering. That's in the sixth chapter of Matthew, by the way, go ahead and check that out for the most accuracy, that's cool.

Seems to me we're good with the planet. Can we mess it up for some people by polluting or not caring for animals and habitats and such as we should? Sure. Can our potentates not do more of what they should to have rules in place for how and where some of us reside? Sure, but the only way to address those things so we actually succeed is to love people Jesus's way, not exploit people Cain's way.

So yeah, I like today, it's a great day of celebration of the worst folly. Let's do that!

Just so we can plainly see it for what it is -- that's a very good thing.

Then maybe more people will turn 180 degrees the other way and enter the Kingdom.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The Big Troll, Part II

Recently some news has been coming out that this vicious new Congresswoman widely known as AOC has gotten a bit of negative attention about something questionable her main handler did with some money. This is the woman who is generally ridiculed for having a noticeable dearth of functioning brain cells, yet there are quite a few who through the tears of laughter still wonder how in the world she could possibly be getting the rock star attention she does.

What has been happening behind the scenes may also help explain why she is so vicious.

See, this webzine ministry commitment has always been to follow not as much the money but rather the handlers, that is, those who really work the ones most visibly shoved out in the mainstream to vibrantly sustain Cain's legacy. It is a bit more of a task to look beyond them to their handlers, but it can be done. Ultimately you'll always get to those doing work in the Society of Jesus, composed of the authorized World Operatives using seductive ruses and hypnotic compulsions to shape the sentiments of those who require their services.

This brand spankin' new Congresswoman, who but a year ago was tending bar, has been able to brazenly threaten recalcitrant fellow party members with expulsion through calculated 2020 primary election challenges -- oh my. How did she suddenly get this massive amount of sway? It isn't enough that the New York Times is showcasing her as the next Martin Luther King Jr -- even her most ardent fans know better.

No, the secret is in the identity of her main handler. His present occupation is this woman's chief of staff -- already we know that he is the AOC Whisperer... every powerful person's chief of staff is one. He is a Harvard-educated tech genius who is already a millionaire from doing tech stuff -- it is through more and more advanced communication technology augmenting the dreck pouring through social media and other such information transfer platforms into the souls of young people today that make the devil's work today so much easier. They are being devoured by the millions, and people like this handler get filthy rich in the discarded offal. My latest webzine piece gets into this a bit more.

We also find that this gentlemen has been instrumental in propelling a number of mass web media political enterprises all about installing full socialism and racialism into the American mainstream. Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress are two notable ones. Each one is committed to using ferocious pressure tactics to gain compliance to the most radical leftist agenda items in any and all legislative offices.

The Big Troll is all about the propaganda and pressure to get enough attention to these exciting items of mass destruction that no matter how much they are sneered and shouted at, they will ultimately be embraced -- much because detractors will be made to look like bigoted buck-toothed Neanderthals. I don't know, I just happened to see the most industrious Bolsheviks in the Russian legislature turning the tide on behalf of the intrepid Lenin, eventually, establishing a lasting socialist paradise for all peoples everywhere.

Please do not misunderstand what I'm saying here. This blog post may seem like yet another raging protestation among the livid conservative voices. Nah. That stuff is really pointless, as incisively instructive as some of it is. All that plap is just part of the game. As I mentioned in my last post for those not quite as keen on the uptake, the United States of America is already socialist and racialist as all get-out. Indeed this is one reason The New Socialists are so bold -- they know who it is from whom they get their charges. They look at the American landscape and already see nauseatingly obsequious politicians bending waaay over to ensure the socialist paradise is splendidly erected here.

Think Social Security and Medicare is a good thing? You may! Most elderly people do, millions of them. Sorry, but these two budget busters are the most socialist programs you could ever get. "Oh but we put money into it when we worked!" Yeah, sure. That doesn't change the fact that it is still fully, wholly, wickedly socialist. Any and all other government transfer payment programs from food stamps for the lowest-income earners to the corporate subsidies for the highest-wealth hoarders are so no matter how much you think any of them are ever-so special.

All are still socialist through-and-through.

Here's the thing.

That's the way Cain's agency works.

Don't fight it. Don't screech about it. Don't get all hot and bothered about it.

It is precisely what it is supposed to be by virtue of God's ordination declared somewhere between six-to-ten millennia ago. You can read about it in the best history book of all, the Bible, right there in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Cain was the first human sacrificer and as such God sent him out to build a city in which he could do grand works of human sacrifice for the expressed purpose of being his brother's keeper. Look at most cities today -- how about those just in the United States. Murder, sexual assault, drug overdoses among so many other devastating crimes never stop ravaging those places -- looks like human sacrifice to me.

What perfect opportunities for great beaming knights to come to the rescue -- Cain is fully on board with getting brand new congresspersons and democracy-minded justice-warriors in place to do more human sacrifice for the glorious cause of equality and fraternity and liberty and... hmm, that sounds kind of like what they bellowed before they started chopping off people's heads in France one time... hmm, not sure, but it sounds like it.

Again --

This is what the holders of Cain's legacy do.

AOC and her handlers are doing fine work, they are.


Don't want to be in and around all that?

There is one thing you can do.

One thing.

That's it. Only one, and if you've lived your life being indoctrinated by Cain's mandarins from any and all levels of the teaching hegemony, you may struggle with grasping what that is, but I'll share it with you anyway.

Jesus Christ.

Please, careful with what you do with Him. You may certainly come to Him in humility offering a brief sincere prayer. But many think they've got Him when they only have a straw-man Jesus. There are so many. Why do you think the ones who fabricate them call their order the Society of Jesus? Don't fret, it's their legitimate job, give them credit for doing it well.

But if you want to come to The Original, you'll find a totally different world, indeed it is a Kingdom. There you will find deliverance and forgiveness. Mercy and forbearance. Gentleness and joy.

Agape like you've never know, and the rapturous freedom from the oppressive World you've allowed to contaminate everything good you'd love to enjoy.

Yes, it is fun to rage and rail and holler and rage some more whichever side of the culture war you enlist to raise your blood pressure and bring you an early death.

Might be good to have The Savior when that happens.

Friday, March 01, 2019

The Big Troll

Often enough a major motion picture release is a splendid metaphor for the way real life is. One such film was Bird Box. With the notion that most have already seen it or at least have an idea about its basic premise, I'm going ahead and sharing that the protagonists must wear blindfolds for the simple reason that the world has been taken over by some kind of soaring demons who when gazed upon cause such distress that the beholder must commit suicide.

Oh wow.

How much that is like the way things really are in today's real world.

And ya know? It hasn't really been that much different throughout all of humankind's contemptibly benighted history. So very very many see what the devil has for them, they hypnotically adopt whatever it is, and at some point not too far into the future, they accordingly meet their unfortunate demise.

How many of those kinds of instances there are, but the latest is a doozy. It is what I call The Big Troll. Social media trolling is the practice of spouting about something for the expressed purpose of getting people riled up about it. Could be true, could be false, could even be unintentional, but the end game is enough readers or listeners to the given affront furiously tee off on the item or even the sender him/herself.

So The Big Troll? It is nothing other than this "Green New Deal." Introduced by a vicious new Congresswoman with the knowledge expanse of a 7th grader, the wisdom breadth of a squid, and the rockstar brilliance of a million suns, it is all about reshaping the entire globe into a socialist-climate alarmist paradise. To say it is a preposterous boondoggle is to insult preposterous boondoggles. The question must arise, how did any of this get shoved into the mainstream psyche?

Ah. Remember the theme of this post? Legitimate demonic activity influencing people to do ridiculously heinous things? And people getting a massively invigorating thrill watching people get really ticked off about something they posted somewhere somehow?

See, the Green New Deal was put out there specifically to first get bazillions of conservatives to rage and rail and holler against it, incessantly, interminably, relentlessly -- for the purpose of eventually getting recalcitrant members of the national legislature to bend enough to pass measures that aren't 100% socialist and climate alarmist, but maybe 82%.

"Whew," Republicans will squeak when the dust settles, "did we escape that one."

Never mind that we're already pretty much dead-in-the-water when it comes to socialism right now. All the government transfer payment programs there are -- the Social Securitys and Income Securitys and Medicares and Medicaids and Electronic Benefits Transfers and countless more. All the ways government supplants the things families and communities should be doing, health care and education and business acumen (how the corporate welfare and other subsidies flow so freely), even religion with 501(c)(3) requirements keeping most churches nothing more than personality cult god club activity centers. Many of even the once-stalwart Protestant churches are nothing more than wealth confiscation sodomy empowerment facilities.

You want to know something? It isn't even that the Green New Deal's core ideals are not noble and righteous. In many ways they are. Let's take care of the environment. Let's help out the genuinely exploited. Look at each of the recommendations and see the best in them -- they can actually be very good things.

And that we can't afford it? Nah. We could.


See, this is really the issue with anything like the Green New Deal, is that there is this rigidly calcified idea that any and all good and wholesome things must come from Caesar. He's all there is. It seems so unaffordable and unworkable because they're suggesting Caesar to do it all, and when that's been tried before to the extent the Big Trollers want, it has always ended in totalitarian catastrophe. On the other hand if we achieved those goals from the Kingdom, we could certainly do all the very best things in our lives and communities ourselves with our own charitable industry. But that would require we live and work and do so by Christ.

The real issue is these far-reaching recommendations come from powerful people mostly steeped in the richest Epicureanist philosophy -- that there is no God, that the material is all there is, that if you do believe in some divine being that's cool if it makes you happy but don't go around saying it's true or you'll be painfully marginalized -- and because these ideas come from them...

Caesar is all they know.

They know nothing of Christ who provides all good things and has rich vibrant interaction with those who call on His name and hear His voice and understand and glory in the bounty of His Kingdom. Caesar's attempt to replicate all that is woefully inadequate. But he must, it is his job. Furthermore the entire "Green New Deal" hysteria is promulgated by World Operatives in his service who are doing the work of Caesar's ecclesia, the Roman Catholic Church -- looking as if it is all into charity and equality and magnanimity. Look at the Big Trollers: smiling and nodding and virtue signalling their asses off promising that Caesar will take reeeally good care of you.

That's the thing that makes the Green New Deal philosophy so ravenously destructive. Oh it is perfect for Cain's legacy, please, don't get me wrong. Caesar and his crack team of operatives are deliberately making all this happen -- indeed the abject mess that is Washington D.C. right now was arranged years ago for just this moment. Get things to a point of irreversibly metastasized destabilization, and then gleefully draw the refugees into stronger devotion to the hegemony. What makes it that much scarier is all the people who think they're not under its crushing weight but are, being the wholesome dedicated Catholicists that they are.

The only escape from this body of death is Jesus Christ and seeking entry into His Kingdom, that's it. There is no other. He's the only one who is stronger than the strongest demon. Got to go with Him, or...

Better get those blindfolds on.


Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Patty Murray is Quite an Honest Individual Actually

"We have no king but Caesar."

Recently the U.S. Senate proposed a post-birth infant protection bill. "Committing infanticide is against the law" it pretty much says. It seems to have come forward after a governor in a state that pretty much allows abortion through all nine months of a pregnancy waffled about what to do if a partial-birth abortion failed and the baby was born alive. Should the parents be consulted about whether or not to keep the infant alive or utilize the pillow?

When the Senate holds a "unanimous consent" vote, all that has to happen for the resolution to pass is for no one to object. You don't even have to go on the record, as a Senator you just don't have to say anything and the thing goes right on through. Yeah, huh. Cain's domain. Pretty nasty.

Well, most Senators thought this would be a slam dunk. Who in their right mind would object to something enshrined into official federal ordinance that would protect a baby after it completes passage through the birth canal? Who?

U.S. Senator from Washington Patty Murray did. Here is the text of her exact reasoning.

"This is a gross misrepresentation of the actual language of the bill that is being asked to be considered and, therefore, I object." Apparently there was also some talk about her reminding colleagues that there are already anti-infanticide laws in the books.

Well done, Ms. Murray, and please, I'm not being facetious.

Well done. You are following your due diligence in being a faithful Catholicist carrying out your sworn duty of boldly highlighting the merits of human sacrifice that occur on a regular basis and valiantly upholding its fully enabled service for all who wish to partake in it.

From the information I've seen in her curriculum vitae, Patty Murray is a devout Roman Catholic. Whether practicing or not, she is devout enough or she wouldn't have courageously done this in the Senate.

If she is an ordained government official in the service of Cain's legacy, then we must take her words seriously as authoritative, as much dissembling as she may have employed. For you see the bill is indeed a gross representation. These politicians are only putting this forward to gain political points, especially before a Catholicized populace who they believe would overwhelmingly favor this. If there are already anti-infanticide laws in place, why have this one?

The truth is this would only serve to make illegal murder after birth, if it would even do that considering all the equivocation and casuistry that would be employed to confuse things. And since murder is perfectly acceptable before birth, why would it matter if it were illegal after birth? In fact, while there are pretty standard laws against murder, they don't really matter much since murder is allowed in millions of different instances anyway, before birth, after birth, years after birth, whenever.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Nine of every ten men are suicides." What he meant is that men (and women!) live in such benighted states that they are all about killing or being killed, and since the trauma of killing may be too difficult it is best to just numb the pain even if you kill yourself. Murders and suicides are happening all the time, all over the place. I'd go into it all here -- there is a lot! -- but I put together a helpful web page with it all. I invite you to look over it, right here, please.

It is all just one, huge, massive human sacrifice orgy.

Why misrepresent that with a pitifully inadequate anti-infanticide bill in the legislature? Touche, Patty Murray.

The scathing thing is that an anti-infanticide bill directs attention away from the fact that there should be no abortions whatsoever, ever, at any time. What a wretchedly pathetically gruesome country we live in when any legislature passes a bill limiting abortions to, say, 12 weeks into the pregnancy. So many think that's great, but all such a provision does is merely declare that abortions up to 12 weeks are perfectly fine! Many are great with fetal pain laws -- what? What difference does that make? If you murder a preborn child before they feel it does that make it better?

Many say it matters when you pass through the birth canal. Why? Who said? Here's the thing, if you say the deciding point is up to 12 weeks, what makes that different from two seconds before the full 12 weeks are up? Or two seconds before that? Or 57 hours before that? Or at any time 12 weeks before that? Or after that?

Who says?

No, Patty Murray is quite an honest individual. She admits in so many words that, yes, our laws pretty much permit murder from conception to death from old age. As a Roman Catholic she is an expert in the law, which is terrific. There should be so many Catholics in government because they are experts in administering Cain's legacy to manage the sin of a reprobate populace who'd otherwise wipe each other off the face of the earth without it. The murderous activity still happens, people are desperate to commit acts of human sacrifice against one another -- they can't help it.


You get with The Self-Sacrificer.

There are only two ways to engage in anything anywhere anyhow: The World and the Kingdom. Patty Murray, the U.S. Senate, and a good wholesome religious but reprobate society of other-sacrificers thrive in the World, and the System pounds away against them as it must.

Those who recognize it for what it is may turn from it, 180 degrees in the other direction and light years distance away from all that to the Kingdom, and to the One who still closely extends His scarred hands and feet to bring genuine healing and bountiful salvation to those who ask Him to do so, and He can because

He's already made the sacrifice.

Think you're with Him when you're convinced you're rabidly pro-life? Maybe, not my call. But I already posted some thoughts about that in my last blog entry, from a few days ago. I invite you to read that one too.

Spend a little time in prayer, to Him. Be honest and truthful with Him, He'll hear, He'll be good, He'll answer you in phenomenally miraculous ways. Just watch.

Then there'd be mercy poured out on not just those babies, but on the mothers and fathers of those babies, on all who feel in some roundabout way that murders must happen to anyone anywhere for whatever rationalization can be formed.

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Apart From Him You Can Do Nothing

"Apart from Me you can do nothing."

These words are there quite prominently in the 15th chapter of John's gospel. Around them is an entire treatise about how much Jesus is it. He's the One. Nothing else matters. Have Him and you have everything and can do anything. Don't have Him and you're squat. No matter how much you're into anything else, it is utterly, contemptibly worthless.

I'd add that it is even worse if you are into another Jesus. The harrowing thing about that is there are so many. It is just as viscerally sorrowful that so so very many believe that as long as someone says they believe in a Jesus then we can all gleefully consider being on the same page crusading for good wholesome things out there.

Recently over at the The Federalist the individual with the pseudonym Bill Kilgore wrote an extraordinarily sobering assessment of the pro-life movement. He truly said nothing much more than it is worthless. Many many many people think it is something, when really, let's face it: What is it? The most stunning factual bit of information he shared that demonstrates this truth was this:

"Approximately 882,000 abortions took place in the United States in 2017—down from approximately 885,000 abortions in 2016 and 913,000 abortions in 2015. Except it isn’t clear that this shift by 30,000 babies is a result of the pro-life movement or if it is just because people are no longer bothering to get pregnant. Thirty thousand babies saved is something in which to rejoice, but it pales in comparison to 882,000 killed.
Are you even kidding me.

We're supposed to think we're really doing anything when 882,000 babies are murdered every year.

Thing is, I know why we're not doing anything. It is something I myself wrote about in my webzine 12 years ago. I did so here, and also here. I'd venture to say there are a few others who did see and now see what I saw, who sees what Mr. Kilgore sees, but it doesn't seem there are very many.

There are simply too many Jesuses hypnotically entrancing so many people.

Even Mr. Kilgore and the folks at The Federalist are so entranced. You can see it in his piece. Look at how impotent we are, people, he says, we're really accomplishing little, he says. And all he can ultimately say is...

How? Why? I'm mystified.

I'm not. I'm not because of things like Maureen Mullarkey's piece in The Federalist, "The Catholic Scandal is More About Power Than About Sex" (September 4 2018). Mullarkey deftly sees what's going on, much like Kilgore does, much like many at The Federalist, but they can't get it because they are just like most of the populace, hypnotically entranced by their devotion to Cain's legacy.

They are intractably Catholicist.

This means they can't see the difference between Rome's World System of secular governance -- the Roman Catholic Church the ecclesiastical branch of this potentate -- and the Kingdom held in the embrace of Jesus Christ of Scripture with the penetrating message of truth and grace and salvation once delivered to the saints.

The latter is light years from Rome.

About a third of the way through her piece Mullarkey writes this.
"The Eucharist is my life's blood; I am wedded to the Mass and the sacraments. From that standpoint, the rest is merely the way of the world. On the Potomac or the Tiber, a swamp is a swamp. Triumphalist emphasis on the church as a perfect society fails to admit that the church is always a sinful one."
The devil clearly has a mighty grip on Mullarkey, yet she's convinced she's a true believer. Well, she is, but for Rome's overarching duty of ruthless law enforcement. She thinks she is fighting the righteous crusade for Christ against what Augustine called "The City of Man" wherever it festers, when she is merely doing Cain's work of rebelling against the Institution forcing Cain's hand in using seven-fold power against her.

The millions, even billions, who feel and think and behave as she does...

Please note I'm saying nothing against the legitimate devotion of such individuals. They have yet to find whole freedom in Christ, so their allegiance is justifiably regarded as calcified as it may be. Who am I to question their dire necessities. In one brief paragraph Mullarkey quite candidly confesses that she is spiritually sold out to the Institution, one that is perpetually "a swamp," and "always a sinful one."

What then of the preborn children? Hundreds of thousands of them... In horrific peril right now...

Ever really look at the March-for-Life? That event everyone screeches the media give short shrift every weekend around January 22nd when they hold it? The one where indeed tens of thousands of people zealously rally in Washington D.C. to bring attention to the slaughter that is abortion? You know that one?

Look at the photographs of the participants, at least that's not hard to do. Look at them, and look for all the rosaries, all the crucifixes, all the signs with images of the pope or some saint or Mary quite often depicted as the Lady of Guadalupe.

All of it, every bit of that stuff, comes straight from Hell. It doesn't matter that there are a gazillion Catholics -- showcasing the strength-in-numbers feature of the System's machinations -- it doesn't make it any less demonic. All the idolatry, all the insanely unbiblical practices, all the spiritually lethal devotions -- all of it firmly the devil's domain.

And yet, the more evangelically-minded March-for-Life participants for the most part shrug, even beam that everyone is together "dwelling in unity" and trying to achieve the same purpose -- save the unborn! What they don't understand is that the Roman Catholic Church is a critical component of all the things that make abortion so prominent. Yes, it is true, the Catholic Church contributes to making abortions happen.

Part of that is simply to have some rotten thing out there crushing the souls of so many people in society for the purpose of moving Catholic or Catholicist leaders to declare how much they are against that bad thing so they'll generate more sympathy for or even membership in the Institution. And the "Institution" does not even have to be a Roman Catholic church at all -- it can be any secular governing entity including any Protestant-oriented body that is tied to Rome through its contractual 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit status.

Want to know more? Here's a page with a number of reasons Rome makes abortions happen.

My own epiphany occurred on a very nice Saturday morning -- March 9th, 2002. I too was an enthusiastic participant in our local "Walk For Life." About a hundred or so of us would stroll for about a mile, maybe two, deliberately making our way past the abortion clinic, just engaging in the whole supporting all things pro-life activities. Until, as you read my story, you'll see, the light started to go on.

This is a fully Catholicist operation.

We were all being played like the finest Stradivarius violins. All of it, all of it just another sick, filthy, grotesque cog in the vast racket that is the World System largely governed by Rome. Still don't think so? Did you even read Kilgore's piece? Did you even notice that around 900,000 babies were still murdered every single year since I proudly went on that Walk-For-Life event? Just as many for each of the years before that?

Just as many for each of the years from this point forward as long as we don't get that we're so wretchedly Catholicist?

Do you not weep buckets as I do right now?

Well, I know not many people will read a piddle little blog like this one. I've been doing this for 14 years now, and it doesn't seem like much is happening. I am very sad about that. Doesn't even have to be me, I don't care about me.

But who is speaking up about Rome and what it is, and then able to speak for the babies so they will actually be saved?

Really? Actually? Truly?

Or are you just someone who dismisses this? Maybe, maybe just too far from the Kingdom to comprehend. That's what happened with Cain, and that's the way it is for all who follow him. He was sent out of God's presence -- so I do understand why there are billions who just - can't - get - it.

Please know that I myself am not railing against or challenging the legitimacy of Cain's legacy. God did indeed send Cain away to build a city to manage the evils of a populace who refused to get it. There's a large imposing Roman Catholic edifice right in the middle of it all for effect.

You can get it, however, if you do just what many did there at the very end of the fourth chapter of Genesis: "Call on the name of the Lord." I do truly believe if you do that you'll understand.

Here, I'll help. This isn't my thinking, mind you, please -- I'm not so smart. But I have been paying attention, and here're the way things are (it is from this webzine writing I did a number of years ago):

·   Human sacrifice is a veritable and quite commonplace reality.
·   It is carried out regularly and habitually by all who do not have The Son.
·   Those who ask Caesar to be their lord will be provided the standard service of its full enablement.
·   Caesar’s operatives in the service of Cain’s legacy will use the most skillfully executed arts of deception to keep it viable.
·   God allows it in as much as it is part of His footstool, functioning to ultimately steer people away from it into Christ’s arms, or fulfill His purposes until the last day, or both.
·   Those who say they’re Christ’s but sign binding pacts with Caesar designating his lordship over their affairs are merely enlisting with the World and doing its work.
·   Many of those Christians are simply fully immersed Catholicists sworn to do Caesar’s legitimate work and are nowhere near the Kingdom.
·   Often those individuals work in the highest levels of the World administering powerful political, ecclesiastical, and commercial enterprises that are all about human sacrifice.

Abortion is merely one of the many forms of human sacrifice that take place on a regular basis for those whose devotion to the World System supersedes any consideration that Christ is the Way and the Truth and the Life.

There is one, single, solitary, exclusive solution to all of this.

It is Him.

He's it.

Thuh end -- nothing else.

Shall I repeat His own words? I think I must.

"Apart from Me you can do nothing."

I don't know how unequivocally categorical that can be. I don't know how much more clear it is.

Nothing means nothing.

Of course there is so much more that goes with Him. He offers the Kingdom, that's a lot of stuff.

It definitely includes all the beautiful, bountiful tools needed to save babies --

Really. Actually. Truly.

I invite you to look through my webzine. You'll see much more of what I'm sharing here. I hope you look around and find Him. That's the main thing, thanks.

I must add this extra note. The 882,000 figure is for abortions just in the U.S. After completing this post I looked up the number worldwide, and the World Health Organization -- not a biased religious outfit by any means! -- estimates that conservatively 40 million abortions occur each year worldwide. My God, my God, are there just that many whose hearts are not breaking enough to grasp any of this?...

Saturday, January 05, 2019

"Impeach the M----------r!"

Recently a new Congresswoman inaugurated her term with a quite celebrated commitment to begin her federal government work by moving on impeaching Donald Trump, or as she called him, that "m----------r!" Why of course Trump is a m----------r! He's racist, he's uncouth, he's chauvinistic, he's imbecilic, and of course he's an angry old white male. "Why of course!!!" we're all supposed to gleefully affirm.

Thing is, when this young lady, Rashida Tlaib from a district that includes part of Detroit, calls Trump a m----------r! is she herself perfectly absolved from being one herself? If you're going to call someone a name, better be sure you can't be guilty of the same. Seems to me Jesus said something similar, something along the lines of "Let she who is not a m----------r! cast the first m----------r! slur."

She is wedded to the Democrat party, and as such I presume -- though forgive me if I am wrong -- a progressive liberal who believes in forcing people to cough up much of their hard-earned income to give to others no matter how irresponsible they've been or how much they've been exploited by well-meaning Congresswomen so there will be no "income inequality" ever again. I'd say she is probably for "women's reproductive rights" which is code language for mothers murdering their own children in their very wombs. I'd venture to say she's also in favor of keeping Trump from having his pesky wall at the border -- how could you keep anyone from a developing country from enjoying all of the fruit of your labor while contributing little, even if there are five billion who would enter our country if they could to benefit from this largesse Tlaib and her cohorts will ensure you provide?

At this point you'd think the phrase "She's the one who is the m----------r!" would be rolling off my lips. Well, you'd be wrong. For one, I can't say she's anything like that because I've been one too. I simply can't cast the stone either. This brings tremendous relief, a joyous sense of freedom from the pressures of defending myself from the m----------r! claim. You're right, I confess.

For two, while the things Tlaib favors are indeed heinously evil, she does so at the behest of System Operatives who've put her in that position to fulfill her duties as such. I have nothing to say about that. Those things are ordained by God Himself to be done by the legacy of the first human sacrificer. Ironically both Tlaib and Trump are charged with the very same task. Tlaib does it her way, and Trump does it his way. In fact for the most part all they spew to revile one another is just part of the show. Trump is a fine reality star, and Tlaib is getting her first taste of the spotlight.

But everything the System does is already established. Has been for millennia.

All this is just theater so those who refuse to be in the embrace of the One Who Frees From All That may have their affairs proficiently managed. Tlaib and Trump make mollifying the effects of our sinfulness a bit more entertaining. It doesn't make it any less destructive. The lapdog populace thrill to the antics, but the many who do not have Christ are still subject to God's judgment.

Jesus is the only way to not be a m----------r! He's it. Tlaib and Trump and all the others will do their thing, certainly, but whatever that is pales in contrast to the beautiful, glorious Kingdom.

It is simple. My devotional this morning featured the third chapter of John. It just isn't that hard:

"The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in His hands, whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on them."