Saturday, November 15, 2014

The V Factor

The eve of the Fifth of November a cable station broadcast V for Vendetta. Makes perfect sense. I thought I'd settle in and peek at a bit of it again. The film is smartly written, even though much of it is preposterous, melodramatic, even ridiculous. It is entertaining.

It also reveals something I've come to call "The Great Folly." It's not as if this folly is anything revolutionary, but part of its greatness comes in people still not getting it after millennia and millennia and millennia. They're still fools, they do the most foolish things to rationalize it all, and their rationalizations are varied and great. As The Preacher once said, nothing is really new at all. That the Folly is so Great makes it that much more tragic.

V for Vendetta reveals that folly in all its glory. The protagonists are not just "V" and Evey, but are all those intractably convinced that they need no authority over them and their wretched behavior. One of the things the filmmakers want us all to believe upon is that homosexual activity is perfectly fine and that anyone who objects belongs to the ugly autocratic beasts who simply must be stopped. Even more, it is best to destroy all government institutions because they are so oppressive and then -- and then! We can all remove our masks and be ourselves and live together in a communal paradise where John Lennon's Imagine vision of "Coexist" will be finally realized.

What Great Folly.

Oh, the truth that we truly should love one another is true, it is. The truth that government cracks heads with the greatest ruthlessness is truly true. Those things are truer than true, got that.

But truer than all that is the truth that you cannot love another while living richly by The Great Folly. You can't. And truer more is the truth that government is supposed to do the things The Autocrat does, simply because you will do the things you do out of The Great Folly. He must, and any attempts to thwart his seven-fold power are not only futile but self-destructive.

The Great Folly revealed itself in all its glory recently with the controversy over those released remarks made by MIT professor and Affordable Care Act architect Jonathan Gruber. He basically exposed government managed health care policy for what it is, very truthfully. The Great Folly here does have a bit to do with something else called The Fatal Conceit, the idea that government can arrange the economic activity for everyone, something that is indeed extraordinarily foolish. Thing is, government has been doing that in whatever way it does for eons. When the federal government perpetuates Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and all the rest of that plap, it is no different than "Obamacare".

It is the World System engendering worship among the faithful.

No, the truest aspect of this feature of The Great Folly comes from what seems to be the one thing most people have found most objectionable. It was the remark by Gruber that the voter is stupid. Oh! The gall! The audacity! Oh! Oh!

Funny, my devotional this morning provided the answer to The Great Folly. There it was, right there in Proverbs. Right there from the wise man who said truth. That truth?

"I'm stupid. I lack understanding."

Yep, that's me too. I find I can be really stupid. I can be really stupid about government and what it is and what it does. I can be really stupid about even the simplest things related to how to interact with others. I can be most stupid when I think I can resist the lure of The Great Folly by myself.

"I'm strong! I'm smart! I'm good! No really, I am! And damn it I'm a smart voter who's just not going to let himself be pushed around by some goofy wonk who wants to run my life damn it!"

No, that's not smart, that's stupid.

That wise man in Proverbs sure did come up with some wise things, though, there in the book there, 30th chapter to be specific. Pretty good stuff from a stupid man. But that's part of the point.

When you confess what a fool you are, God sees you're honest with yourself enough to let you in on those wise things. Jesus said it like this, "Thank you Lord for hiding these things from the learned and revealing them to children."

So then.

There's the antidote to The Folly.

The Word.

Do you want Him or not?

If you do, by the way, and a lot of others do to, and you fellowship with them in the wonderful vibrancy of the Kingdom, there'd be no need for the machinations of the federal government to provide health care for the least among us. Or anything else for that matter.

It'd happen. It'd just happen.

And there'd be no need to try to cover for the stupidity in each of us.

The Word would govern us with grace, righteousness, charity, joy...

I had a previous take on V for Vendetta in a home page piece. It is here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Instrument Designed to Land on the Soul

The big story these days is about the large washing-machine-sized instrument that landed on a comet. Very impressive.

I wonder about the instrument that has yet to land on the souls of so many.

That instrument is the Bible, and yet it has been so sabotaged by Catholicist forces that it cannot do the job it was intended to do.

Register the connection to that which is most important.

Right now I am so tired that I simply cannot put much more into this blog post. I would, I would love to. I live to share truths with anyone who'd like to read my blog. There is so much more I could say about that.

I see the most heinous things related to sexuality and I so long to add cogent remarks. Homosexualism explodes, yet in Hollywood right now a documentary called An Open Secret is going to expose some of the most renowned filmmakers as the worst sexual deviants. Huh?

I see the most idiotic remarks made about the glories of oppressively hegemonic government, and when the realities of the way that all works are revealed in great candor by an MIT professor elucidating what universal health care is really about, the blindness is yet compounded more.

So much to talk about, so much to write about, so much to converse about...

But, um...


Anyway, would love to write more, but I did a bit of that with my latest home page piece. Here's that heads-up from my blog. I usually put up a heads-up post earlier, but, well, there ya go.

This one's about some of that insanity that always finds its way in the public square. The spiritual violence that happens behind the scenes sometimes seeps into mainstream, and yet, wow, who knows what to do with that?

Such a mess.

Like the mess of a comet -- dirty ice flying haphazardly through space. How about the instrumentation being used to find out about it? I heard it was kind of a rough landing.

Seems like the way it is with people applying God's word to their lives.