Friday, January 28, 2011

The Breadth of Value Extraction in America

Sometimes I come across a piece of writing in the punditsphere that gets at the heart of the way the World works. All too often I think about how much I speak of meaningful things in my webzine, my blog, my ministry work; and I wonder where the articulation of support is out there.

This work by Jerry Bowyer, apparently a blogger of some sort for a major business news magazine, is one such piece. It is titled simply, "The American Nomenclatura," a clear reference to those whose job it is to collect the extraordinary amounts of tribute from those who ask them to constrain their evildoing. Really, "job" is too weak a term -- it is more like ordination.

Of course, please forgive me if I convey the idea that this is anywhere close to groundbreaking. That there are tribute-imposers and tribute-bearers is not that revelatory, though I do tend to try to shout that fact from the rooftops with my work. When I start to hear that the solution is something other than more pity for the exploited or more rebellion against the exploiters, then it'll be something to fully engage.

My premise, as far as I've gleaned from God's word, is that Jesus Christ is the only meaningful antidote to oppressive tribute bearing. Bowyer does a great job of describing the inevitability of tribute imposition. What he fails to share -- of no fault of his own since those intractably employed by the World System cannot see it -- is that the imposers do God's work, authorized by God Himself, as long as sinners need that severe constraint.  Lloyd Blankfein was genuinely truthful when he said as much, however splendidly arrayed in vampire squid glory his company is.

Once again, when I see a Jerry Bowyer conclude with "...and the Answer is Jesus Christ -- not the one of the Roman Catholic ecclesia or any of the concoctions they market as saviors," then I'll see that they are getting it. Then I'll see someone is actually paying attention to what God has said.

Then again, if they did say that, I'd surely not see it there. No World megaphone holder would willfully allow such a sentiment from a dutiful agent to seep through. Another Jesus is a perfectly fine device to keep rearranging people's perception of their tribute imposer so they appear more palatable.

But that doesn't mean you can't tell a lot from the braggadocio of those who speak of him and his domain.

Human sacrifice is alive and well in America.

Jerry Bowyer just described it beautifully, however much he tries to wiggle out of the truth regarding its abject virulence with dismissals of how much better the U.S. is in contrast to the baaaaad extractors in other countries.

Nah. It is just as bad.

Now, what are you going to do about it? If you destroy others you pay tribute. If you destroy yourself you pay tribute. If you deny being a destroyer you pay tribute. If you rationalize out of your rear end that you can't possibly be a destroyer because you do so many other good things to make up for any of the most remotely miniscule destroying of yourself and others that you might do --

You pay tribute.

So what of it?

I wrote a bit more about the extraction as well as the Only Avenue out of the tribute imposers' clutches in my latest home page piece. I've also put together a page with a lot of the World's Jesus concoctions.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just the Right Amount of the Kingdom

Recently I've been deeply pondering the idea of sowing, and in doing so I'm finding very little about it anywhere in the public discourse. No surprise. So many World inhabitants are entranced by what's blapped in the echo chamber that it doesn't get much airplay. Indeed, those so devoted to Cain and the humanistic principles of value extraction can't know a thing about it.

Today I came across this piece from Bloomberg Businessweek, nothing that hasn't already been written about a zillion times through the ages. Essentially it is more of the World's pap about how puny our existence should be, generously peppered with pithy remarks from the World's authoritative priests: economists and psychologists.

An added feature was a spiffy slideshow highlighting the 25 things the author and editors believe we have too much of. For your edification, they are :: big breath :: food law information books art medication longevity money education sex industry freedom entertainment work connectedness choice technology convenience friends productivity energy possessions credit beauty security. :: Whew ::

One of the problems right-off-the-bat is that the authoritative humanists want to convince us that we shouldn't want these things too much. Excuse me, but God made us to want things like these. They are good things, and to want them is a very good thing.

The problem is that we want them outside of what God intended them to be. God likes acquisitiveness, he hates covetousness. So many World devotees have gone so far as to make them idols. No wonder they get devoured by the excess of their worship.

Jesus made much of His ministry getting across a phenomenal idea. It was essentially this. "You could have all that the Kingdom is, really. It's a hundred times greater than whatever is you think is good. But you have to get your soul back, and that requires giving up the World."

Notice there are three key things not on the list "Too Much."

God, Truth, and Grace.

If someone hasn't already made however many of the things on the list their gods, their conception of God is usually whatever the civil religion architects have told them he must be. Truth is just whatever those with the World megaphone tells them it is. Grace is just pusillanimous niceties.

If you really knew God, really understood Truth, really practiced Grace, you'd have all of these things in the greatest abundance because you'd be doing sowing. You'd do that with the most accurate assessment of the meaning of every one of the 25. You can find it out, just pay attention to words of the one who made them. They're in a book, you know. So you can read them.

All the most powerful World operatives, all of them, the Obamas and Bernankes and Benedicts and the millions of dutiful minions following them tell you to keep craving them but not too much now. After they browbeat you for more than the 20% threshold all of their customers consider acceptable for tribute, they expcct you to enter into some violent rebellion in some manner, thus justifying your due prosecution and legitimizing their behavior.

If you are still doing things that would destroy yourself and others, what else do you expect them to do?

If you no longer want to be a part of it, why not come to the One Who Truly Graciously Liberates? He gives so much of the Kingdom that it is impossible to have excess. The bounty is perfectly portioned for maximum contentment.

What is amazing is that

He makes it so we can experience it now, right now.

But again, gotta do two simple things. That's all, two things.

Leave the World.

Come to Christ.

This doesn't mean become reclusively communal. It just means having a rich understanding of what the World is and what the Kingdom is.

See, that's what the "too much" stuff really means.

Can you see that meaning through the eyes of Christ?

Try asking Him to. I'll bet He'll let you.

I've written more about this on my webzine's latest home page. I'd written a bit about the way the World shares its truth in an earlier home page piece.

Friday, January 07, 2011

More From the Necessary Conspiracy

As the new year opens many have their attention on the hundreds of birds dropping from the air (that or a charming homeless man suddenly scoring it big on the merits of his golden voice). The puzzlement about the bird weirdness is almost always coupled with the theories about why it has happened. Was it fireworks? Was it a freak of nature? Was it an invisible UFO? Or was it some insidious manifestation of the rank conspiracy the new world order has going to bring us into submission to tyrannically bad things?

Very few pay any attention to the more subtle, more telling, and more relevent revelations regarding the necessary conspiracy, the one started millennia ago to keep murderous man's murderous activities a tiny bit more in check.

They say this year many local governments will be declaring bankruptcy, that even some state governments will be defaulting on their overwhelming debt. I hear these things and think about the information found in any comprehensive annual financial reports, which reveal that every municipality or similar political entity has gazillions of dollars more in the till than they have used or ever will use for governing purposes.

Essentially governments cry about how broke they are, but insist that the people never look behind the green curtain, where they'd find not an old balding wizard but piles and piles of dough sitting there to ensure old balding potentates don't get too anxious.

Why the strident calls for more dough from the taxpayer if they've got it made already? Some of the answer is in the simple idea that the people can't know about the piles of dough because then they wouldn't keep coughing up more dough to keep things running. Seems to be a pretty good idea to hold -- and to be extraordinarily tight-lipped about holding -- a gargantuous surplus just to make sure government things are okay.

I think a more significant reason is that even with the piles of dough, government still needs to collect tribute from the masses whose sin it must manage. It is standard political science theory that it is a positive thing good wholesome people pay their gobs of taxes so they can secure their voice in a democracy.

I think even further about something much less considered, and that is the fact that these localities need the piles mostly because the federal government continues to debase the dollar with such sustained deliberation that they need so much in reserve to guard themselves against the inevitability of its depletion. It is indeed quite ironic that state and local governments rely so much on the federal government for their sustenance, yet the feds do so much to eviscerate the dollar's value that smaller political entities can't help but so industriously protect their piles of dough.

But then this seems to be the plan all along, when you think about it -- when you start to understand the necessary conspiracy. It is the World System in action, commencing with Cain's city introduced in the fourth chapter of Genesis, and rigorously girded by the federal government presently nurturing a richly codependent relationship with municipalities and all other incorporated institutions. Debasing the dollar is a classic way it can keep that relationship going.

In other words, human sacrifice is what all World inhabitants do. The Agency of Cain gets the biggest cut for doing its very demanding job of inflicting seven-fold vengeance against any who challenge it. In a federal system of government the states, counties, and cities know they're subject to as much of Cain's value extraction as anyone else, so they simply do what they must to protect themselves.

Have piles and piles and piles of dough at the ready so the gods may be gratified.

I do think about the great things state and local governments do. They do marvelous things to build and maintain a healthy infrastructure, one of the most important functions of them all. Most would argue that since they do such valuable things, we shouldn't put our noses too deeply into their financial affairs. That's dangerous. Best turn to the whimsy of guessing why birds are falling from the sky.

Better not get into why souls are falling into hell.

I still think further, about all the fine things we see temporal government does, and I ask, why couldn't followers of Christ do the very same things only better? All of it? All the infrastructure and building codes and zoning issuances -- all of it simply because they love the people for whom it is all being arranged. As it is, the World does a pretty good job of it, but without Christ they must by necessity do it all with the fruit of human sacrifice, along with the fear that bigger meaner priests will do their human sacrifice on them.

I don't know. Just some thoughts. I've written all of this merely to introduce my latest home page piece, all about sowing -- the way that followers of Christ make it so people are loved here and now. I've also assembled a page listing the forms of human value transfer, for those economists at heart.

And for those who may have Christ in their hearts as well.