Friday, May 18, 2012

In The Family Way

Kenny says he can make flying boots. They'll be great. You just strap them on, and up you go, zipping off to wherever you need to be. No traffic, no delays, no hassles. Just perfectly safe, perfectly efficient, solar-powered flying boots.

A bunch of his brothers and sisters and cousins like his idea, and they join a bunch of their friends -- even ones who live far, far away -- to give him a bazillion dollars to make the boots. The contracts are all drawn up, they wink and smile at one another about all the ways they're really working within the true intent of the law, and they all go clubbing together to toast how wonderful this will all be.

Dad is suspicious, however, but Dad likes Kenny too much to say anything. In fact he works hard to turn those suspicions into his advantage. Should Kenny and everyone fail to do so well in this effort, he gets them to believe that he'll rescue them. That way no one will abandon Dad and his splendid intentions.

The neighbors really like Kenny, too, and have been eager to make Kenny and everyone feel welcome, even though they have really struggled to make it in the past. They make sure that all the neighborhood association rules drawn up apply to them as well, just so they can have all the benefits of all the hard work the neighbors do to make the neighborhood particularly nice.

Then there's rich Uncle Ichabod, who is kind of the patriarch of Kenny's family. He's really more rich than powerful, someone who likes to look like he's boss, say a lot of fancy things to look smart, but he really just likes being nice to all the scarier people who really do crack heads with their power.

Alas, Kenny can't make the flying boots. After building huge expensive research facilities and manufacturing plants, and paying thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people lots and lots and lots and lots of money to try really really really really hard to make flying boots, he just can't do it. Much of that is because he and all those people just have to spend much of their time kickin' it in their beachside villas, avoiding all the pesky trouble of getting trained and educated properly and actually getting out there and producing flying boots, or anything for that matter.

Now, if this story sounds familiar, it is just a parable that is Greece. Lots of pundits like to use the family to show how larger global financial affairs work, and while some may actually do a much better job of it than this, I humbly think this is a reasonably decent take.

I will also humbly confess that I got the idea for the actors from top Pimco exec Mohamed El-Erian's piece about the four players in the Greek debt crisis. "Who's to blame?" he asks. The private investors, the Greek government, the European union, and the International Monetary Fund are the culprits.

If you didn't catch it, Kenny's relatives are the first, Dad is the second, the neighbors are the third, and the Uncle Ichabod is the fourth. The thing is, El-Erian forgot one important character that I included. The most important one of all.


Kenny represents not only the Greek people, but an entire Catholicized population who still believe they can spin gold from straw. They are all codependently intertwined, selfishly and fearfully motivated, slogging around in a wicked and reprobate world full of people with great big smiles on their faces.

I'm not sure if El-Erian just presumed Kenny, or maybe he didn't mention him because he too is just part of the World System of Extravagant Enablement -- that Kenny is really not to blame in all of this and that good wholesome loan-facilitating people just like El-Erian are there to help.

No one ever seems to know how to introduce that one other actor who can truly free them from their enslavement, the very sin that festers in their souls. That liberator is Jesus Christ, and He's nowhere in the picture. Oh a straw-man Jesus will show up once in a while, but he's completely impotent, thoroughly ineffective except to hold up as some inspirational icon to get a little bit of work done.

But because there is so much lying going on with everyone holding Jesus masks in front of their faces, the Greek crisis may indeed lead to some seriously destructive economic condition which everyone is going crazy trying to predict. It is the standard, habitual, instituionalized deceit that runs through it that makes all this "The sky is falling!" stuff so ridiculous. The sky is falling because they are all pulling it down on top of themselves.

It'd be nice if there were many more followers of Christ who really knew about the striking contrast between the World and the Kingdom who could share their Lord with Kenny, people who could truly and insightfully understand and, hey, explain to others what's really going on with these major financial matters in order to get them to turn to Him. Sadly there are so few.

It's why I write. Hoping that maybe some will see what's happening and know about it, pray about it, go love others out of it, tell others about Christ and His astounding freedom...

My webzine is here. Would love for you to read it. No expectations, no worries, I'm not on the hook for all this. It's just there. It's just happening.

Maybe you'll find Him there, that's all this is about.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What is Jamie Dimon Still Doing on the New York Fed Board?

This is the question I've heard a dozen times already. After being on the hook for a $2 billion trading loss, Dimon is taking the heat and many are getting nervous about his place in the highest reaches of the Ivory Tower.

What so many -- and by "so many" I mean just about everyone who likes having a bit of a return on their money, so that number is literally in the hundreds of millions World inhabitants around the globe -- what so many don't get is that

They've put him there, and have asked him to do precisely what he did.

Societe Generale bank president Daniel Bouton was in a very similar situation a number of years ago, when one of his traders did an "Oops" with a huge gob of other people's money -- whether phantom or real -- and he did all the mea culpa ad nausea silliness too. I wrote about it in this home page piece in my webzine, but I have a feeling not many read it.

Everyone is still doing it, sad. Everyone is still thinking they're okay from the wrath of a God who really doesn't like this kind of crap -- they're just a-okay... just as long as they feel that some important people are questioning this Dimon guy's role in the Fed.

Okay, just so long. Whew.

Gimme a break.

This was the image that greeted me when I looked at MSNBC's news site last night. I peek at it every once in a while, get an idea of what the World System wants me to be enraged at.

The irony here just gushes off the screen. At the top is the metaphor that "heads will roll" over the Chase loss, with just a bit underneath it the headline that headless (and hands-less and feet-less) bodies were found dumped off a little-used highway in Mexico.

And that picture. It is of graduates, many surely instructed in the finer ways of World System value extraction. It is surely unintentional, but note how their gaze is directed right at the Mexico headline, as if they're celebrating the real fruit of their future work.

They and the Chase execs reveling in the bounty of their dutiful labor. Those execs, they're getting a mere slap on the wrist, really, while the Mexican victims had a bit more happen to their wrists. The grads and the bankers, really not much different from the drug lords, together committing the quite necessary human sacrifice all who are without Christ must do.

Those enthusiastic college grads? They may say they are aghast at what these people did. They may say they're out to do this and that splendid thing in the world. But without Christ and with a full head of the most profound humanistic indoctrination, they will conquer the world, or at least keep the World's human sacrifice altars loaded up.

"What are you talking about?" I hear.

Yes, most don't really pay any attention. Christ is just whatever their imaginations dream up. He's just used to drum up support for their particular crusade, or cause, or little jaunt through their Wonderland. I've been peeking at a book Christianity After Religion by Diana Butler Bass. It is really nothing different from what millions of other boorish tomes say from those who like to have their own Jesus. Bass blithely rips a new asshole in anyone who says they truly know Christ and what He says, but she has no problem assembling a Jesus that fits her typically benighted view of reality.

Not a surprise. How many times in the New Testament, quoted by Jesus himself, does that verse from the sixth chapter of Isaiah appear. It's a lot of times, really -- simply that these people are utterly, utterly blind.

I happened to catch this from very respected financial pundit Amity Shlaes, to get back to the Chase incident. She was writing about the incessant debate about the merits of the Fed managing the value of our currency versus the merits of gold. Lessee, Fed or gold, Fed or gold... Errgh, World wonks can't stop blithering about it. Well, it's what they do. Anyway, Shlaes says some of the Fed stuff is good, some of the gold stuff is good, but that there are too many economists who too straight away dismiss the whole gold thing.

The fact is it doesn't really matter which one, because a world of liars, thieves, murderers, cheats like all the ones who in one breath want people like Dimon to get them theirs and in the next get mad at him for messing it up -- they all need one of them to constrain their shitty behavior. At least a little bit.

Too bad they just refuse to look at the third option. Or, excuse me, The Option.

Shlaes even says those who don't are "nuts."

Really, she does. Look for yourself. Here're her last words from her column "Gold Standard for All, from Nuts to Paul Krugman" (Bloomberg May 2 2012):

"If we are going to speak of consensus, let's not forget one that is truly universal: Our economic system stands a good chance of breakdown in coming years. The only way to limit damage from such a breakdown is to ready ourselves to choose other models by learning about them now. Not to do so would be nuts."

So how about this one, Amity Shlaes? How about measuring value of things by Jesus Christ? By His shed blood for you? By His overwhelming love for you? By His rule over the Kingdom filled with people who already know of that love, and want to give their lives themselves for you so you'd know of that too?

How about getting as many people as possible to richly understand and know of that? Having everyone in such a community understand and know Him (as He says Himself in the ninth chapter of Jeremiah?) And having as many people as possible joyfully labor for the abundant wealth of producing and sharing and sowing for one another in that love, so much so that the Fed is just a piddly men's club, gold is just shiny yellow rocks, and Jamie Dimon is a nice looking guy in a fancy suit?

What, are you nuts?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Real Hunger Games

This past week two people were notably convicted of crimes that it merited a bit of news coverage.

Charles Taylor, the erstwhile dictator of Liberia, was put away in an international court for his autocratic brutality. Legal scholars and political scientists alike have expressed some consternation about this, merely because it may only encourage dictators to do more to consolidate power in order to keep them from the clutches of international law.

Another gentleman whose name is much less important received a "third-strike" sentence for the crime of conning people out of their homes. He promised help with foreclosure and deceptively took the houses and cashed in the equity. I don't know the details, but it was pointed out that no fraud conviction has ever resulted in the mandatory 25 year term the three strikes law requires. Many expressed distress about this.

One could easily scratch their heads about all this, but when seen from The Catholicist Nation perspective it makes perfect sense. World inhabitants and those working dutifully in Cain's agency are in a never-ending battle over who gets slammed on the human sacrifice altar for summary slicing up. The law is good in that it keeps people from murdering one another straight away, but the murdering still happens.

Taylor murdered lots of people because he was charged with doing human sacrifice to manage human sacrifice. The con man murdered people by hacking off others' human value slabs far too large to evade the authorities, but those same agents will do little to the big-time value extractors -- the stakeholders in banks, investment firms, financial management operations of all stripes -- because those human sacrifice practitioners are their gravy train.

Just a few more evidences of the real Hunger Games that go on all around us all the time. I wrote more about it in my webzine, and that is here.