Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rational Human Sacrifice

I try to keep my radar tuned in to things said out there about human sacrifice. I do so because a prominent thrust of my web work is the firm proposition that human sacrifice is habitually practiced all the time right now by everyone who isn't in Christ. In fact, those who are fully committed followers of Christ are also human sacrificers, it is just they are sacrificing themselves in the love they have for others.

The fact is you can't avoid it. By the virtue of spiritual reality...

You are doing human sacrificing.

Oh it may not be the kind in which the beautiful virgin is tied up and witch doctors dance around her in hallucinatory hysterics just before heaving her into the raging volcano.

Today it takes so many different forms that are quite imperceptible to most people simply because they are so accustomed to doing it themselves. This is not even to mention how much the powers-that-be of the World System are involved in enabling it, convincing them it's all juuust fine in order to further legitimize their authority to crack heads of those who may just get a little too much into some brand of human sacrifice that appears juuust a bit too distasteful.

Anyway, I did come across this piece, written at a site I'm completely unfamiliar with, but a piece that appears to get at some of the reality of contemporary human sacrifice. Sure the guy goes off on human sacrifice as something those ancient folk did sooo long ago, but that, hey, let's be honest...

There was some reason they did it, don't you think?

I'm not so much into his explanations of the why's or wheretofore's about what happened eons ago. I think a lot of that is the partial hangout feature of the spurious but wholly embraced claim "We just don't do that kind of thing anymore."

But what I do connect with here is the idea that we need to cut the typical behavioral economist bull crap that there is anything that is irrational, and instead get right to it: Let's just see what's rational about things and accept it already, but then get at what's really meaningful.

Is it righteous or not?

And the only way to have things be righteous is if you clothe yourself with The One Who Is Righteousness. Then you'll be doing things from the authentic love you have for another because He loved you with His life. Righteousness only comes from self-sacrifice.

Otherwise, you're just an other-sacrificer -- or you're frantically flailing about in life trying to not be flopped on the altar of some other more powerful other-sacrificer.

It'll be one or the other.

Both are perfectly rational. They are. No issues there.

But which one is life?