Monday, December 31, 2018

The Mary Poppinsists, Addendum

I wanted to briefly add a few notes about my last blog post, the one about the latest Mary Poppins excursion Mary Poppins Returns.

If you look and want to see clearly you'll easily note that the film presents a powerful version of the reigning religion belonging to those captivated by that Harry Potter desire to heroically affect things by their will outside the bounds of any of the more mainstream religious considerations -- ugh, too constricting. I want to be able to make my own way and do it by the most ethereally imaginative means.

I don't believe many know the origins of this religion, and I think most would be surprised it is most prominently diffused into the World through the ecclesiastical institution right around the corner from their homes. As much as they may rail against the Roman Catholic organization for its rigid behavioral expectations, it is the one that promulgates their own gnostic, spiritist, and radically selfist perspective.

Back in April of this year, the one ending today, I snapped this photograph of a wall with major motion picture posters at the movie theater we visited. I particularly liked this one: the individual in the center poster is the Pope, the charismatically popular leader of the alt-religion movement, yet off to the left is Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins, and her look is quite striking. It's as if she's giving a nodding consent to Francis' role in keeping as many people from Christ as he does -- in this case through a delightful children's movie.

I also wanted to add a note about my remarks on the racism of the racialist dogma pervading everything today. I've been working at giving up calling anyone a racist, or trying to have to defend myself from racism. It is too daunting, and the task merely fuels the racialist obsession.

Instead my position is this one, the one I feel is the biblical one: I am a racist, I acknowledge that, and I know the only way out is through the blood of Jesus Christ. I am a sinner saved by grace, as they say, but it is indeed a quite veritable reality. It is only by His power and presence that I may not be a racist anymore, because He loved me with a love that extends to everyone else. I have nothing to say about racists because I know why they are, but now only wish them the same freedom I now have from that enslavement.

Many others are racist too, certainly, but they aren't racists because they fit any of a dozen classifications the World makes it feels qualify them as such -- you are because you're privileged, you are because it's systemic, you are because we must have our crusade against it. They are racist because they are sinners. I do have a heart to share with them too the Only Deliverance from such bondage, but they will only come to Him if they themselves have their own reckoning irrespective of what I say.

In my ministry I may share enough with another individual, that is fine, and the Holy Spirit may convict, that is a very good thing. I'm always praying that happens, maybe with a reader coming across these words right now. All I want to be is a humble Kingdom-bringer introducing another to His forgiveness, lovingkindness, and mercy.

I also know that my battle isn't against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities. It isn't even against the ordained hegemonies doing the Devil's work, God lets them carry out their assignments for those who want them to do so, for those who have said they want nothing to do with God. So be it.

I say this because it may seem I have animosity towards Hollywood mandarins like Lin-Manuel Miranda -- I don't. I only sorrow that he and millions of others are so hypnotized by the World Ops sworn to seduce them. No worries, it is what they do, it is their job, from the Pope through the POTUS (and any major Hollywood studio executive) all the way down to the local city bureaucrat and neighborhood banker. They are beholden to the responsibilities given them by those most industriously doing the work of the authorized powers and principalities.

In my webzine work and blog effort I do hope readers see all of it for what it is, and turn to Christ.

Oh, and by the way, that edge of the movie poster on the right, in the photograph, I've also thought about that. The handle of an umbrella perhaps, situated in the poster like that. I wonder about the meaning of that...

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Robust Religious Fervor of Mary Poppinsists

The Mary Poppins tale is an extraordinarily enticing one.

Last night during our Christmas season vacation downtime I went with my family to see the latest film, the first real Disney sequel to the original. 54 years later, they put together one they thought would be a worthy offering.

It wasn't. It was long, dry, and tedious. The music was utterly forgettable, quite unlike the genius score of the 1964 classic. The acting was uninspired, with the exception perhaps of Emily Mortimer -- and no, Emily Blunt as Mary was so affected it took away from the genuine charm of the character. Julie Andrews' rendering drew no attention to herself even though she never denied who she authentically was. Blunt's character, meanwhile, was always looking at herself in the mirror and while there may have been some point to that, it only made her appear uncomfortably vain.

This was merely a re-imaging of the original, and I was afraid of that. I was hoping for something fresh and invigorating -- no, it was just disappointment throughout. They pretty much did the number with the carousel and penguins in the park only here it was a vaudeville show, they did the number with the chimney sweeps only here it was gaslamp lighting bicyclers, they did the number with the joke-telling uncle only here it was the eccentrically goofy cousin, and at the end of the film they did the number with the kites, only here it was balloons. Annnd... yeah.

There was virtually nothing originally imaginative at all. And this is one of the distressing things about what this film demonstrated -- it is that creativity in Hollywood appears to be dead. The people working there are so consumed by political correctness and identity politics browbeating that they've jettisoned every inventive and imaginative bone in their bodies.

One of the bank examiners was a black man, and trust me, there is nothing wrong with any race playing any character (see why I have to say that, so the thought police doesn't ring me up as racist) -- the problem is in movies when you're staying true to the times or culture depicted you may simply have to racially discriminate. The biopic on Martin Luther King Jr. will justifiably discriminate against all white persons in its casting for the lead role. Those casting for the biopic on Abraham Lincoln will most likely discriminate against anyone of Asian descent.

Not only did I not buy into this casting decision because it never would have happened in early 20th century London, but they went ahead and made this black character the good, principled bank examiner, while of course the white ones were the evil miserly scoundrels. Again, portraying any racially minority character as good and principled is not a bad thing at all, it's just I know why they did it. It is because Hollywoodites are so consumed with making themselves look good by trying to give us some object lesson that black people are good. Sorry, but this is offensive to black people.

Many, many black people are very, very fine people, and it is not because Hollywood has sanctimoniously portrayed them as such. They are because they are. And many, many white people are very, very not racist. Yet Hollywood continues to feel it must hammer the filmgoer with the idea that it is their job to instruct us about how racist whites are and how good blacks are and all whites better start listening to us morally advanced people about that and all blacks look at us we've got your back. Sorry but this is offensive to anyone who genuinely wants integration and reconciliation -- it has just the opposite affect and generates distrust and suspicion.

This may be considered a minor thing in this film, I understand that -- but it is plainly another example of the ugly racialism that reigns in the Hollywood-imbued social milieu.

Yes, indeed, it is a religion.

And this religion of the Mary Poppins followers is quite a powerful one.

There is a name for it, and it is indeed woven in the thoughts and feelings of those who do not understand and know God, or who treat him like a fairy tale character that they may particularly like because, you know, it's the one Mom and Dad told us we're supposed to like, or because he's kind of the main guy of the peculiar religion of some people it is best to politely humor, you know -- don't want to be too mean since we are the enlightened ones you know.

It is called gnosticism, and it is insidious as all get out.

Mary Poppins and all her devotees are exceptionally refined gnostics, and they may not even know it.

Modern-day gnosticism is the idea that one may have an inner light to know more than anyone else and to make things the way you want them to be in your world. The material world is the lesser and the only thing that means anything is the way one may be tuned into the spirit world. Mary Poppins Returns was a gnostic masterpiece, and again profoundly entrancing -- who wouldn't want to dive into a beautiful underwater paradise, dance with delightfully idiosyncratic cartoon characters, or take a balloon ride to the clouds -- which, by the way, to me was terrifying because I kept thinking, what if they accidentally let go of the string? As they rose higher and higher I simply couldn't help but ask: What apparatus did they have to allow them to get back down?

Yes, it's a fantasy, I know -- just go with it. But even with fantasy suspension of disbelief must be respected. Most of the fantastical events in Returns were just contrivances, and very annoying.

See, the original Mary Poppins at least stayed grounded to a large extent, keeping the main flow of the story going: how Mr. Banks would renew his relationship with his children and find joy in life again. If author P.L. Travers' intentions are accurately depicted in the film Saving Mr. Banks then it is not hard to comprehend why we so viscerally feel that vibrant relational meaning and family bonding theme in the story. This film made an attempt at that but just failed miserably, some because there just isn't that connection -- this plainly feels like Disney is just cashing in on the popularity -- and much because the direction was disjointed and unfocused.

The modern gnostic thread was just too pronounced however, it really is the Hollywood religion. It was especially pronounced in the metaphorical nature of the gaslamp lighting and Jack's "Trip a Little Light Fantastic" song. The actor Lin-Manuel Miranda is wildly famous for his Hamilton musical (probably the most celebrated racialist paean out there), and in real life he has demonstrated his enthusiasm for sodomism. The film features a scene and accompanying music about turning the world "turtle," and the entire room goes upside down. These kinds of things are subtle but clear gnostic messages that you should explore other sexual expressions than the one that is "right-side up" so to speak. How fun and liberating it is to go "turtle"!

Please, it is just harmless fun, innocent and carefree diversion. Please! You take it all too seriously.

Yeah, I do that. But I only do it because it is just in my blood to share what I see so that some may be aware of how they're being played. Indeed it is that much more dangerous when this stuff comes through the mildest, simplest, funnest children's fair.

Needless to say there was never a mention of Christ, and sure some will say He doesn't fit in the Mary Poppins story. I believe this is only because we've all already been convinced the gnostic storyline is the only one that works. Never mind that in Victorian England many people were very devout Christians.

So here is yet another spectacular Hollywood rendering of the gnostic, humanist, atheist, and in this one magical, spiritist, occultic way things are or should be. It'd be great if everyone thought this version of the Mary Poppins phenomena was as dreadful, maybe they'd actually see the Disneyfied gnostic dreck for what it is, but I'm afraid there are still legions of fans who sincerely thought this was anything worthwhile.

And they do so at their great peril.

I have to add here that in my devotional this morning was this verse, and I'm including it much because as you see the title of this blog endeavor is "Wonderful Matters." It is from the 25th chapter of Isaiah:

"Lord, you are my God: I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago."

In contrast to Mary Poppins, God does actually do the wonderful things we want, in real actual reality. No, He won't defer to demons disguised as fun-loving magicians. He does love you enough to give you what your heart truly does desire.

Thing is you've got to ask Him.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

The Religion of Jesuitism

I keep thinking about things I could post in relation to my latest home page piece. Every day something comes to mind about the way of the World that would be a fine contrast to the Kingdom that beckons all who genuinely want Light.

This one is just about as good as any, a piece from the webzine punditry aggregator Townhall, "The Religion of Leftism" by Allie Stuckey. This young lady is a bit better known for making brief satirical videos ridiculing the inanity of the most prominent leftists.

She does a fine job of elucidating those insidiously destructive things so many people crusade for, things that are quite characteristic of "leftists." But as I read through this piece another time, I thought something.

What would happen if I replaced the word "leftism" and any form of that reference with the word "Jesuitism."

And I read through it again.

It fits perfectly.

All these things are the ways Jesuits behave when addressing anyone who comes to them with emotional, spiritual, political, or commercial concerns. Please look at the history of Jesuit activity, please take an inventory of the things said to you by Jesuits or those well-trained by them to parrot all these things they are told to believe and blither.

It is no wonder the Jesuits are so successful with their System programming.

Here's a perfect example: "While leftism may not require personal responsibility, generosity or morality, it does demand everything of its devotees. It aims to conform the mind, the heart and the soul fully to its agenda." Stuckey does admit every cause expects some measure of devotion, but the Jesuits writ large have a very strict policy of hypnotic adherence to their organization and its leadership involving blood oaths. No wonder leftists and Jesuits alike are so into other-sacrifice.

The poor must be taken care of, so others must be forced to sacrifice the fruits of their labor. Women must not feel exploited, so their unborn babies must be sacrificed for their convenience. Past racial injustices must be remedied today, so older white males must be denigrated by sacrificing their self-respect to achieve an interminable corporate purging.

Read the rest of it yourself, with "Jesuitism" inserted in the appropriate places, but it will only make sense if you understand the Order's authorized purposes and programs, you're well-versed in Scripture as the guidebook for comprehending their legitimate activity, and you are protected in the blood and righteousness of Christ.

Otherwise you're just another human sacrifice slab on the Culture War's altar.