Friday, December 20, 2013

The Wonderful Adventure

The latest interesting thing to capture my attention is this song I heard this morning on the alternative radio station I tune into sometimes. It's called "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. It was kind of catchy, but a song I'd figured'd be okay this time, but if I'd heard it even one more time it'd really grate.

Thing is I really started to try to pay attention to the lyrics, which was kind of difficult because the gal singing it has a tweaky voice, the producer made the whole thing kind of tweaky to begin with -- I naively thought it was a novel Christmas song decrying the commercialism of the season because a line that repeats many times is, "All I wanna do is ::bang bang bang::, and :cha-ching::, and take your money."

The "bang bang bang" part is the stylized sound of a gunshot, three of them in a row, driving the beat. Later in the song is the line, "Some some some I some I murder, some I some I let go."

Yeah, pretty brutal. I'd bet a bazillion young people know this song -- I don't know, just not into it that much. But because the lyrics include lots of items about the wretched way people are treated, it drew my interest. It is interesting because it is indeed about

Contemporary human sacrifice.

Is this gal just making a statement? Is the statement about the rank urban disaffection this music so often exudes? Does she just want to be in the rap scene and sing about violent things to get people to like her because it seems young people just like all that stuff?

But then, all of that mixed together is the interest, including the stuff about it I don't quite know yet. It does in a very profound way just elucidate the World. All over it and in it and through it is that disaffection, amplified by its expression in some kind of compelling artistic work that's fresh and hip and all that.

The other day I was listening to another radio show in the morning -- I had a late day at work so I could listen to a guy I never get to listen to on the car radio, but this time I got to: Alistair Begg. I think this guy is a right-on preacher of the word.

His message this time was about the word "wonderful." He was using that text in Isaiah that speaks of Christ as "Wonderful Counselor" and was elaborating on what that word "wonderful" means. Of course with my blog here titled "Wonderful Matters" I was very interested.

The critically significant takeaway? That the word wonderful in the Hebrew can only apply to things that can only be explained by God. Wow. Blew me away. A wonderful thing can only be a thing that has as its explanation God.

Just thinking about that Paper Planes thing, I so often see young people looking at the world and screaming from the depths of their viscera. Look at all this shit, how can there be a God? It is almost an exhaustive existential smacking against the walls of reality day after day after day. Let's make sense of this by being insanely crazy in a popular song, but, well -- deftly penetrating the actual goings-on of regular human sacrifice at the very same time.

This is indeed the core essence of why I blog here. Anything viscerally meaningful can only be explained by God. Only by Him can you understand anything, even if it is the stuff pouring out of the Paper Planes experience. Much of what I write here and in my webzine may not be considered "wonderful" in the traditional smooshy sense we always use it. But then, as Begg articulates, we just don't know the meaning of the word.

Look at the stuff related to this thing with Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson and his remarks from his interview in GQ magazine, the ones that have caused something of a firestorm about homosexuality. I bring it up because without a grounded perspective based on who God is and what He is about, no one will ever truly get what's going on here.

On two different occasions I was directed to pieces both written by Brandon Ambrosino, one before all the Phil Robertson stuff written in The Atlantic and another he wrote afterwards in Time. From what I gather each of them has been received favorably by more mainstream-minded folk and not so favorably by the gay rights movement, much because Ambrosino appears to provide a more moderate viewpoint, you know, let's all be more tolerant.

The problem is that if you read both pieces you'd see Ambrosino is hedging, essentially saying, in The Atlantic, "Even though people who reject homosexuality are still bigots and homophobes and narrow-minded Neanderthals, we should really work to understand them." In Time, "Even though people who reject homosexuality are still bigots and homophobes and narrow-minded Neanderthals, we should allow them to say their piece."

Yes, Ambrosino will say all kinds of things that take the edge off, like he doesn't want to judge anyone a homophobe if this, that, or the other thing is demonstrated, certainly to try to get the reader to see how splendidly magnanimous he is. But the fact is this valiant attempt to soften the entirety of homosexualism by working the mainstream is extraordinarily wicked.

One of the most crucial parts of this is in the suggestion that it is really all about freedom of speech. The idea: "Those anti-gay folks are bigots and homophobes and narrow-minded Neanderthals, but we must all make sure their freedom of speech is protected." The fact is this isn't just about freedom of speech, and to keep it all in that much less meaningful arena utterly eviscerates the impact of what followers of Christ are trying to say.

It's as if the homosexualists are trying to get the upper hand by proving they are all that righteous and above it all. We are VERY MUCH FOR freedom of speech SO NOW THAT WE'VE PROVEN WE'RE GOOD AND WHOLESOME we can control the debate.

No, true followers of Christ are saying unequivocally,

Homosexual activity destroys people.

Truthfully, it destroys the lives and souls of those who engage in it no matter how much individual autonomy is involved. And for so many to encourage its practice as ruthlessly as they do is the worst moral crime of them all.

How to go about addressing this? There are two ways, really, only two.

The World way and the Kingdom way.

The World is doing it by enabling its expression to ultimately further legitimize its prosecutorial functions. Look at how much Caesar is shoving himself right into the mix of it all. On the one hand his minions are going crazy making grand official declarations of what sexuality is and isn't, or wrestling with whether or not to bastardize marriage by allowing it for same-sex couples. On the other hand they're enforcing the most draconian penalties against other kinds of sexual abuse. Please note that the ministry of condemnation is a good thing. People who wreck the thing sexuality and hurt others doing so are in need of the harrowing force of the law.

The Kingdom way is to consult the guidebook about how God made us, redeemed us, and wants to see us sanctified to do things that bring the greatest contentment in life. The ministry of reconciliation is better, but for it to work it requires insightfully identifying truthful things. At the same this does mean addressing those with homosexual feelings with mercy and kindness and charity. But this mercy kindness charity isn't a milquetoast mealy-mouthed disunderstanding of what things really are, including sexuality.

It is about seeing what is wonderful.

Truly, actually, really wonderful, from a God who wants to see us revel in living out the wonderful adventure before us.

So yeah, part of that is getting into the "freedom of speech" mix. In his desire to appear more tolerant, one of the things Ambrosino says he'd like to see is more of the debate with those who think he's wrong. You can see, however, why he must pepper his writing with all the "But they're still Neanderthals" kind of stuff, because I think he knows if he really got into it with someone who knows about the true teleological purpose and God-arranged meaning of sexuality, he'd get annihilated in any debate. Any homosexualist would, because all they have is "freedom" and "equality" and "advocacy for all" and "well you're just Neanderthals."

I am presently re-reading The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. I do enjoy the Narnia books no matter how much people may say Lewis was into the occult and magic and all that. Eh, they don't quite understand either.

The reason it is so compelling is because it is a beautifully told story about the rapturous experience of being in The Wonderful Adventure. So yeah, courageously taking on the carnivorous giants of political correctness is part of that adventure. We all have that need to contribute to the world what we think is right, even the homosexualists. M.I.A went out of her way to compose and perform and market something to make some statement of some kind about what she sees is pretty important.

Hey, I'm writing here.

I'd kind of like it if some people found what was truly wonderful.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Delicate Truth

I write my webzine with one purpose in mind: to draw people to Christ. The most prominent thrust in this effort is to showcase the wildly distinctive contrast between the Kingdom in which Christ reigns with love and mercy; and the World System set in motion by God millennia ago and today administered by sworn operatives in Cain's legacy of the most ruthless sin management.

The trick is to see the difference, as well as to approach the characteristics of the contrast not with ferocious remonstrations against what must be or with meek resignation enduring obsequious enslavement.

It is to understand.

Even as He says in the ninth chapter of Jeremiah, it is to boldly "understand and know God" for the purpose of being introduced to the bounty of His Truth and Grace.

I do the very best that I can with that, in large part on the work I do with my webzine's home page piece, which this month has touched on the idea of wealth renunciation. It is that concept that I wanted to touch on briefly here, because since I posted it I thought about how much it can be so misunderstood. I'm also not going to get too much into it because so much can be and has been said about it.

A great pretext for this is Alan Greenspan's recent piece in the Council on Foreign Relations publication titled, amazingly, "Never Saw It Coming." I haven't read the entire piece yet but I've scanned through it, and right out of the gate he brings up something I'd never seen before, and he does it so cavalierly.

Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act.

He says this "explosive" provision allows the Fed to "lend nearly unlimited cash to virtually anybody." He shares this in the context of the surprise he got in March of 2008 when Bear Stearns tanked, so it is easy to see where this is going.

Thing is, I wrote in my home page piece about Treasury Secretary Jack Lew testifying in Congress that he'd like to have, pretty much, unlimited spending power.

So you've got the Fed chair saying he's got unlimited amounts of cash, and the Treasury secretary saying he should spend unlimited amounts of cash, but the tricky thing is, there is a limit. That limit, however, is really only what the people can see and can hold the most powerful exploiters to. The problem there is that without the secure value assignment grounded in Christ reigning in your heart, you will only see it to the extent that you want to be an exploiter yourself or you will work to keep the exploitation going through whatever deceptive means that keep others from holding you to that limit.

And this is where the most basic truth about the wealth renunciation issue comes in.

Wealth in and of itself is a wonderful thing, a gift from God allowing us to have fulfilled lives -- enjoying homes and meals and vehicles. The question is, from where did that wealth come? How fun it is to get deep into the Nozick-Rawls debate, and I encourage you to go there. Very intense.

But the Bible does the best job of laying it out. You may see that God arranged it through the productive value you demonstrate every day from 9-to-5 and the productive value of those who labor just as eagerly. Furthermore those who genuinely get that thank Him for that bounty every day however much it is.

Or you will do another thing the Bible says people do. You may make all kinds of rationalizations about how much you are owed or how much you should have or how much people in powerful places must do this or that, or even if you are in a group like the Franciscans you may realize how hard it is to not exploit others so you make vows against it because you are so incapable of managing wealth properly because you simply cannot love others.

Essentially it is difference between covetousness and acquisitiveness. Even simpler, it is about whether or not you are willing to graciously and joyfully sacrifice yourself and any pretense that you are anybody except for someone God loves with His life, for the magnificently enriching purpose of making someone else better off. It is about whether or not you are otherwise immersed in the practice of value extraction, getting yours for you and only you because you fear -- the essence of modern human sacrifice. What the Fed and Feds are doing is merely the greasing of the institutional gears to make that happen.

Again, remember, grasping this truth is about understanding, not seething at these people. It is about entering through the Narrow Gate, Christ Himself, not doing foolish things by the broad gate, the counterfeit Christ of the World.

It is about the proposition that the Kingdom is better -- a hundred times better! For a hundred times the wealth.

But that requires Kingdom people to gather in assemblies and work in organizations that abjure the realm of Cain's accoutrements and to sow Christ's bounty into the lives of those they really love with Christ's love.

I look at this stuff about Section 13(3) and think of how many people know about "Rex 84" and the very little understood procedure for massive federal administration of folks upset about things going bad. They may see what the deal is with the procedure and get steamed, or just shrug because they realize it is indeed a necessity for Caesar to do his job, or...

They can understand.

As it is I have to mention that I'm seeing the markets really start to gyrate in ways people are not able to comprehend. People can't get a bead on $85 billion shoved into the system every month and really know the value of things. But then, unlimited spending power with no real meaningful productive value attached to that is impossible to figure out. A top finance dude even called it "Bernankecare." How funny is that. Whatever it is, Obamacare, Bernankecare, whatever...

The World taking care of everyone.

Cain: "Lookit! Lookit me! I can be your keeper! You're my brother, and I can be your keeper! Watch! Anything you want, just ask me!"

And how many millions and millions and millions just schlurp it all up.

By the way, Greenspan concludes his Foreign Affairs piece with a very interesting point. He brings behavioral economics into it, saying if we could only gauge precisely the way people behave -- and we can! -- we'll get at this finance thing. He's right! You can gauge the way people behave, it just isn't that hard -- if you're willing to see the truth about that.

Problem is the World will still lie to you about that behavior. It'll say to it's dying breath -- literally -- that there is no such thing as human sacrifice, that it doesn't really happen. Greenspan even makes the silly claim, very typical, that there is something that is irrational exuberance, that there is even a thing that is irrationality.

No, sorry, Mr. Greenspan and all other World operative voices are spewing the worst kind of System propaganda. The truth is there is no such thing as irrational. The claim that there all kinds of pesky irrationality out there and we've got to make sure the agents of Cain are the only ones who can manage it somehow someway is another lie from the pit of hell.

The truth is, everything is rational. Every single thing.

It just may not be righteous.

And the only way to know that is through the eyes of Christ. And wow...

He is nowhere near these guys.

Is He near you? Is He so near that you'd let Him in, and make it so you could see? But hey, if you stay with Cain, you'll do all kinds of rationalizing with wealth -- like it, not like it, good, bad -- but it'll all be about human sacrifice. They'll say it isn't, they'll screech that it isn't.

But it is.

And if you step away from all that, and into the Kingdom, into the embrace of Christ who'll make it so you can see, you'll see it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Conspiracy Theory No. 42,000

With the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination about a week away, everyone's getting all kinds of conspiracy stuff splashed in their faces. With a bit of fascination about the events of November 22nd 1963, the other night I watched part of a television show that declared the second gunman was a Secret Service agent who accidentally shot the president from a vehicle traveling behind the president.

Um, yeah. Right.

The suggestion did have a lot of compelling things going for it, the smell of gunpowder all around, the very great likelihood a very poor marksman like Oswald simply could not have fired all three shots in such a short period of time, the persistent interference by Secret Service agents for virtually every moment of the post-assassination assessment of the forensic evidence, and others.

But then, why did Kennedy's head still move backwards so dramatically with that final shot? It simply could not have come from behind but in front. And this agent shot him accidentally? He yanks up a gun, waves it about with the safety off, and accidentally pulls the trigger to accidentally fire a bullet that somehow by crazy coincidence arranges to go directly at the head of an already shot president -- come on. And if the agent did do it deliberately, why did he do it? Not a word about any of that.

But yeah, gotta get our jollies about the conspiracy, as well as give great gobs of ridicule fodder for detractors who do often have great reason to light into the theorists.

I watched the film Room 237 the other night, and it was a lot of fun. It was about all the secret symbols and meanings in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film The Shining. Much of it was quite hokey, all of it was entertaining, and some of it was legitimate articulation of the way the World works from the brilliant mind of one of the greatest filmmakers ever.

I did like the attention given to references to the eagle, which is a symbol of Rome, America, and (coincidentally enough!) Nazi Germany. I was also intrigued by the number 42, and would like to investigate the kabbalah behind that number. One of the things I thought about the number is that it is seven less than 49 -- 7 times 7 -- which has been the standard number of times one should forgive. Jesus of course said one should forgive 70 times 7. But just the idea of 42 -- 6 times 7 -- being a way to refuse to come close to having to get to a point where forgiveness is required. True forgiveness can only come from attending to the Kingdom. The World however is an infinite distance from the Kingdom, as much as 42 times is from 49 times.

Whatever all of this means, most fear the folly of being conspiracy theorists and dismiss most of it as good fun, at its best. Few are willing to be what I call World System factualists, just looking to see the standard ways Caesar manipulates things to effectuate his task: keep people and their rottenness in check.

System factualists may be interested in a recent incident that went bonkers viral across social media: the pope physically embraced an individual who suffered very visibly from neurofibromatosis, or the "Elephant Man's" disease. How many praised this pope! Wonderful! Compassionate! Courageous!

What a great show!

That last remark sounds sarcastic, but I mean that sincerely. The pope is there to put on a great show. Many revile the pope as an anti-Christ who draws people from God through the pagan institution that is Rome. Many others adore him as a great world leader who now -- wow! -- urges us to be softer kinder religious folk. Still many others pay him little heed, he's just some hifalutin dude in a spiffy white outfit doing morally schnazzy things of some sort, eh.

What is the more deeply meaningful perspective here?

It is that he is authentically doing the job God wants him to do, truly. That job is a difficult and challenging one, and indeed one authorized by God to do when man first started doing enlightened things. One of the first of those things was to commit an act of sacrificial killing against another human being. The individual who did that first was granted by God the task that the pope has now: severely regulate the behavior of reprobate people. He does it completely outside of the presence of God, he has seven times the strength of any other individual, institution, or government, and he identifies himself through iconographic signatures that proclaim who he is and what he does.

How splendid that this pope can do that by seducing people further into the System's clutches with grandiose displays of mercy and gentleness. Really try hard to follow his example, really work at being as kind as you possibly can be to one another, really make others weep at your magnanimity...

Never mind cleaning out your wicked heart all together by turning to Christ as He is and then having the richest, deepest, truest expression of love toward one another.

A book I'm reading right now is The Physics of Wall Street, kind of interesting treatise on the mathematical and scientific approaches to how the numbers are produced in the financial markets. I just started it, I'll probably get into a bit more, see what it says, but I will tell you I've already jumped to the end to see what they say is the main thing of all.

Sure enough, it's the same ol' same ol'.

Things sure are shitty with finance stuff, yeah. And we'll need newer ideas so it isn't shitty any more, yeah. And we need better this and that to see, yeah, that the shit doesn't happen anymore. Yeah...

That's it? This after this author supposedly gets into the most turgid math exposing the World's hapless value assessment practices -- indeed after showcasing the ways the World does modern human sacrifice. After all that he just gives us "Gotta have something else new and different..."

Um, hey. I have a new idea. It's actually a pretty old idea, actually, an eternally old one in fact -- but you won't listen because, well, yeah...

The System has convinced you to believe in a straw man Jesus.

But if they would turn to the Real One.

There's The Idea.

Check Him out.

I confess I get discouraged sometimes. I see more and more how many many people just refuse to see and hear. I still persevere, though, a lot with my webzine. Just sharing all this to introduce my latest home page piece. It is here. Would love for you to read it, think about it, email me if you want.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Critical Mass II

"What we really really really really really need is stability."

This was the word resounding through the halls of the World System today, rationalizing more institutionally sanctioned deceit to keep people convinced the value extraction machine will keep humming as usual.

Never mind that very few people are saying what we really need, a bazillion times more important than stability.


I saw a sign outside a church that had one of those pithy sayings on it. This one was "It is more important to be kind than to be right." I know why this is so touching, believe me, I got that.

But it is an idiotic statement.

After ruminating on it I thought, "Hmm, isn't it more important to be right about kindness?"

The World System is right about how much it must use law enforcement to crack heads. So when the Democrats succeed in passing legislation to keep the borrowing for summary head-cracking to continue, to keep THE government going so it is fully capable of the most celebrated head-cracking, and to keep everyone feeling good that when someone is in need -- particularly with their health care -- then government will take care of business so we all don't have to bother --

They are doing exactly what task they are assigned to carry out.

But I still weep.

I weep because while all of this is extraordinarily truthful, it completely dismisses The Truth.

In fact, what am I saying.

He is not even in the picture.

For if Christ were in the picture, worship assemblies would be truly, fully, richly, profoundly, vibrantly, wonderfully, amazingly ministering to people who would be so blown away by who Christ is and what He is about and the things He does -- Caesar's Kingdom would be a blip.


The people who wanted to take down Jesus back in the day were afraid that if Jesus kept going, everyone would believe in Him and their nifty cozy religious things would be taken from them. Well they killed Jesus, but He rose again to ignite the Christian faith.

Thing is, I'm not exactly sure I see him anywhere around. Yes, I know, quite cynical, I know. But where is He among Christians? Hard to see because their worship assemblies are so tied to the World making them so impotent that it doesn't make much of a difference. Nobody gives a shit. This Jesus fellow, just another religious figure in the Pantheon of gods in the henotheocracy. Yawn.

I only mention all of this because the U.S. Congress today is to going to put the official imprimatur on another round of deceit to assure the global markets that the U.S. is "ay-oh-kay" thank you very much. No worries, we're all fine over here. You can be sure all our human sacrifice practices are still fully operational, so all of you extractors doing the best extraction possible, please, no worries at all. Everything's under control.

Everything I've seen or heard or read is about the ::whew!:: stability of the situation, but I still wonder...

When will the reality under the deceit reach critical mass?

When will that reality become so oppressively obvious that people actually see the spiritual bankruptcy for what it is? How much more can Caesar keep the lie going?

I mean, what am I saying. The Lie's been going for millennia. Why would it be different now? Except that God may actually remove the restrainer, and then --

And then.

Maybe people will actually see THE OTHER government. Ever notice how the World's megaphone is always blaring "THE" government, as if there is only one? Sure there are many levels and strata and branches and institutions of THUH government, but ultimately there are only two.

The World and the Kingdom.

Why don't they speak of the Kingdom? It is because they haven't the faintest idea. Not a clue.

I'd heard and read of the crabbers in Alaska not getting out for the crabbing season because THE government shutdown did not allow them to get the licenses or permits required to take their boats out to get their crabs. I could only think, hmm, why don't you just go out without the permits?

Are there catch limits? And are they there for a good reason? Then why don't you respect them whether you have a permit or not? Oh but what if you get caught sailing on out trying to make an honest living, and some government boat intercepts yours and hauls you back because you don't have a permit? But wait, I thought the government couldn't give you a permit? Yet they can send out some police-oriented vehicle to take you out even though you are sold out to Christ and would do everything you do in the service of your occupation because you love those for whom you are working?

Oh yeahhh. Fergot.

Not everyone belongs to Christ.

Not everyone would do the righteous thing so, yeah, they neeed the permit to keep the head-crackers cracking heads when head-cracking is needed.

Ahh. I see.

So in the absence of sowing Kingdom people arranging a government that would provide a hundred times whatever Caesar's would, we need Cain's legacy to do it instead. I see.

Guess we just gotta wait for that critical mass.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Critical Mass

When Tupper Saussy was thinking about when to release his latest work, Gods for the Godless, he mentioned that the most opportune time would be when things happening were approaching "critical mass." I knew what he meant by that, but he passed away in 2007 without ever getting to the point when that would be actualized. (Here's a page with a link to the original material for that book.)

Still, I wonder, when will things reach critical mass? When will that happen, perhaps when people will either actually come to Christ or just flat-out ask God for rocks to drop on them to keep them from even having to face His judgment? No matter, we all will anyway. Everyone is resurrected. Just depends on whether you're being resurrected into life or into judgment.

I could mention a few of the things I see going on out there. There's the gal who today rammed her car into the White House barricade, and was gunned down with a child in the backseat (who apparently was okay). I could speak of the hundred-plus migrants who drowned when their overcrowded boat capsized in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. I could even mention the idiotic things the Democrats are saying to insidiously employ the worst kind of politics to ram the destruction of the health care industry down the throats of everyone, but then, the Republicans are spineless wimps who let them get away with it, and the media dictate everything anyway, so -- that's the World for you.

More human sacrifice stories in all their ghastly glory.

What of it.

I mean, really, that stuff is really all that bad? As a history teacher I can only think about things like World War II, where whole villages throughout eastern Europe were decimated, the most horrific things done to quiet, simple people. And that's just a sampling of the stupefying things man had done to his fellow man during that time. Why wasn't that "critical mass"?

Well, I guess it was, but it seems people today are just as godless and clueless as ever, so what of it?

I read a piece the other day that spoke about churches and church groups around the country vociferously bemoaning the cuts in the food stamp program, which really amounted to merely scaling it back to 2010 levels. But all of them were in the mix, the Lutherans and the Presbyterians and the Baptists and a bunch of others declaring that the federal government slashing food stamp provisions was -- well, whatever negative language you want to insert there.

So, yeah, I just wonder.

Who is being Jesus to those who desperately need him?

Who is doing the true gospel work when the traditional churches are just part of Caesar's domain? When did Jesus ever say, "Go out and get Caesar to force people to give to the poor"? Because when a church, certainly a 501c3 one, steps up and belches what these churches have belched, they are not doing anything Jesus said to do.

Jesus was all about doing your giving because you loved. He was even further about doing your sowing because you want to see the very best in other people, that they find tremendous contentment from their own relationships with those who love them (including God), their own discovery about the wonderful gift of creation God made and His gifts they have in themselves and in those in their community, and in their own accomplishments using those gifts for the edification of all.

Caesar is about giving to assuage guilt, feel superior, and get a nifty tax discount. Caesar is about collecting tribute from those who want to pay to stay wallowing in their sinful behavior. Caesar is about pounding out the law and public assistance piddle to keep millions in a pathetic and perpetual codependent enslavement. And please, don't get me wrong -- God approves of this, because the World System God set in motion with Cain keeps murderous people from murdering people, maybe for a while.

But maybe for a while that is just enough for them to come to Christ.

Still, I just wonder. When will critical mass hit for Jesus to return? Maybe He does tarry so more people can come to Him, turn to Him, seek salvation from Him. Because I think about it, when He does return, that's it. It's a done deal. Everything melts. All that man built up through the eons of time comes crashing down. All that's left is Him, and His Kingdom.

So yeah, when is that critical mass going to happen when people are really truly actually coming to Him?

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I realized something just the other day. That it is 25 years ago today that I heard the most spirit-blasting message from the pulpit that I've ever heard. I remember the day because it was a Sunday when after the church service, my buddies and I had gone to Candlestick Park to see the Giants play the Astros. I count this Sunday as that very day's anniversary even though the actual date was interestingly September 11.

One of the striking things about that game, the particular thing that kept this day in my memory, was what happened a few minutes before the game began at its 1:05 scheduled start. A few thousand people were already filling the seats and a good number of them were listening on their radios to the 49ers game in New York just finishing up.

It was a close affair and with a minute left the football Giants had taken the lead. After the 49ers got the ball back deep in their own territory, Joe Montana threw a perfect strike to Jerry Rice streaking down the sideline for a long touchdown to retake the lead for good. The funny thing that as this was happening, the crowd there at Candlestick erupted in cheers.

The message in church just that morning was not something that would normally make one erupt in cheers, but the way it progressed you might think it should. Still, it was a message that when it was all done made me cheer in the deepest reaches of my soul, simply because it helped me viscerally realize how much God is a great, powerful God who loves with His very life, that He loves even the worst wretches of them all.

It was in the Calvary Chapel in San Francisco, and the pastor started his message by comprehensively detailing how splendidly wonderful the city of Capernaum was back in the day. Twenty minutes of effusively showcasing the city as the paragon of virtue in the known world, a place that indeed Jesus Himself had made his adult home.

For that generally standard twenty minutes of sermon time you'd think that'd be the entirety of it. I was so impressed with this Capernaum that I was convinced I was being told that I should just eagerly go right on out and make wherever it was I lived the best Capernaum I could. Good deal. Nice sermon. Way to go. Let's all go to lunch and get turkey croissant sandwiches.

Until he started to talk about what God thought of Capernaum.

Sure enough, all he had to do was tell us what Jesus said about it.

That it was going straight to hell.

In fact, this pastor pointed out that Jesus said it wasn't just going to hell, but the whole place was leading the way. Go ahead, check it out. See for yourself, Matthew 11, Luke 10, those chapters.

Just the contrast.

For twenty minutes it was all about the World being a wonderful shining light, then for another good fifteen minutes, at least, it was about its destiny for making many more sons and daughters of hell.

I just think of that contrast in what I do with my own web work.

The contrast between the World and the Kingdom.

I don't have it all down yet myself. I'm still learning from many things from the Lord. But I do see things that break my heart, things about the way the glorious modern-day Capernaum shreds the souls of so many.

Just yesterday on the cover of my Los Angeles Times was a huge article about the murder rate in Oakland. It was filled with all the tragic stories of people dying by bullets fired, one of whom was an eight year-old girl. Then the article was all about the local governments efforts to do more to deal with guns. Fewer guns fewer guns fewer guns. I imagine that's a fine thing to do.

I imagine that's a splendidly wonderful thing for Capernaum to do.

But people's hearts will still be wicked. They won't be healed. Their souls will still not be rescued from the horrors of their own rottenness. And still they think they're all that, so very special for giving the great big Capernaum-sized try -- wow.

Later in the Times was a key thing that clearly demonstrated that it is just not that hard to see why people don't get it. In another section, on the second page, was a story "from the science file" about newly discovered gears that insects have in their legs that help them jump from plant to plant. The scientist commenting on the subject said something along the lines of, "Really amazing what nature comes up with!"

Sure, I don't know whether to think about how idiotic that kind of statement is or commend the scientist for his appreciation of God's handiwork. But I do know one thing, that this sentiment drills into the minds of Capernaum dwellers that there really is no God, that we must just get out and slog through life doing the existential making up meaning for things and just jolly-well try real hard not to get too depressed about it all.

And children will still get shot dead.

I have to add that Harvard professor and pundit extraordinaire Niall Ferguson in the book I referenced in my latest home page piece went to great lengths to say that the fix to all this is better, smarter laws and more voluntary-oriented organizations where people really do nice things for others. Yeah, I do kind of ridicule this, but hey. Really.

It is a good thing Capernaum does these things. It is.

If you don't mind dying.

There is, however, The Way to not die anymore.

This pastor that day in that Calvary Chapel made it very plain. You can read about it yourself. Don't need to look up the sermon, try to find it somewhere. You'd get it if you just read about it there in the Bible, Matthew 11, you know, read it. Find out what happens next.

It does have to do with how much He loves you.

Monday, September 02, 2013

That Cabin in the System

The other night I watched the horror film The Cabin in the Woods on DVD with my son and his buddies. It turns on its head the whole spookiness and scariness of a creaky old haunted cabin deep in the woods. As the film progressed it actually got goofier and goofier, but I think the filmmakers knew that so they made it all good fun, in spite of the grotesque blood-spewing violence. But then I think that's just the "Happy Tree Friends" trend nowadays. Hyperbolic gore -- hilarious!

The reason I mention it here is because the main pretext was there are these people in a huge control facility arranging the actual physical human sacrifice of five young adults for the purpose of pleasing "the old powerful ancients down there." It was all processed with the greatest precision in order to make sure that all of humankind is preserved pretty much on the basis of this blood-letting successfully satiating the ancients.

Thing is...

This is happening to everyone right now.

While the human sacrificing isn't about selected victims being summarily hacked to death by crazed zombie people wielding large rusty cutting instruments, it is still about people's value being hacked off by the most powerful extractors on the planet.

I've spent tons of web space elucidating this truth, and if you're interested I invite you to tour my webzine to find out more about this principle. Here I'm just posting in the blog to introduce my latest home page piece, one about how hard it is to really know the truth of things, particularly these things, without the One Who Is Truth to guide you.

The only reason I go crazy sharing items of a more financial orientation is that what we do with money and prices and giving and taking and official value assessments and all those things are the ways modern human sacrifice can be exposed the most. What's funny is that most see this, know it, shrug about it, let it be because we all want our take from the most proficient value extraction.

I can't help but add this quote, one for which I've been seeking a good place for some time. I'm just going to slap it in here and hold on to it for further use when that quite appropriate place shows itself. But it fits with the idea of the reality of this "cabin in the world" where we all shake and shiver in dread of the extracting beast just outside the window.

"The bulk of incremental financial activity is trading, and trading, while it may provide a little useful public information about market opinion, is largely a way to transfer wealth from those with inferior information and calculation ability to those with more. There is no enhancement of economic efficiency to speak of. This is, you might say, the $64 trillion question."

These words are from Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Solow -- did you catch that? Nobel Prize winning. This isn't just some schlub saying what's what. (BTW it was in The New Republic April 8 2013) Thing is, even he can't answer the $64 trillion dollar question -- such a large number because there are indeed quite large chunks of people being shanked, sliced, and shelved to appease the greatest grandest highest powers-that-be.

I'm just saying it's what the World does, and always will do. I'm just saying you can't change it no matter how spiffy your approach is. I'm just saying the way to get off the altar is to go to all the way over to Christ who will embrace you and protect you from the most brutal extracting.

But you gotta go to Him waaay over there. Oh He's right there next to you waiting for you to say "I want to be yours." But He's an infinite distance away from the World.

And again, the only way you can know that truth is by

The Truth.

Monday, August 19, 2013


A popular New York publication put out a feature that's getting some attention these days called "Taken," the story of the way Caesar executes "asset forfeiture," or "civil forfeiture." This is pretty much the confiscation of anything Caesar can "legally" get his hands on to quasi-penalize quasi-criminals and rationalize funding law enforcement.

I don't know how anyone can read this expose and then turn around and say with a straight face that human sacrifice does not happen today on a regular basis. Yes, the human sacrifice -- nothing really different from yanking pulsating hearts out of flailing people at the top of the ziggurat-type tower.

If you've seen my web work you know that one of the prominent features of my Catholicist Nation premise is that human sacrifice is carried out in a variety of forms as a matter of habitual, necessary practice by those who don't live in, with, and by Christ. I'm always blown away when I see these kinds of things, like this piece, just one grand exhibition about human sacrifice displayed in  the brightest, boldest colors.

For those who are interested in strong discernment about these kinds of things, here're some thoughts.

The New Yorker is just as much part of Caesar's program as anything else. Here is the human sacrifice all over the place, and yet what really results? A lot of people feeling afraid, very afraid. Perfect. No wonder so many who'd really like to be sold out to Christ are deathly afraid of being ungrafted. Reading this just proves how much the extortion racket can get away with. Become 501c3-free? Act on your true tax liability? Divest yourself from the System?

Look out. It used to be your windows would be smashed in. Now you may have your car impounded.

Of course, there's the other sentiment widely felt from this kind of thing. Wow, the typical World inhabitant thinks, this is my opportunity to go tell Caesar what's what. I'm going to change this for the better, I tell you. I'm going out right now and joining some System subdivision to just do all I can damn well do to just make things better dammit.

Precisely what Caesar revels in. A whole slew of folk striking out against him and his nefarious behavior. Lots more of the Culture War, raging even more violently.

I'm not even saying those lying there on the altar are guiltless. They range from the hapless victims who allow themselves to be put under Caesar's thumb, to the flat-out wretches -- those drug traders and traffickers and whatnot -- the ones who draw Caesar's extraordinarily legitimate ire. They are all consumed by World System machinations and as such devoured by the most powerful extractors on the planet.

The only answer is Christ. Trusting in Christ. Abandoning the World and its standard extractive activity by abjuring this realm and richly dwelling in the Kingdom. Leaving all the 501c3's and W-4's and SS#'s and any and all of that and establishing worship communities that result in the bountiful expression of His love in the lives of anyone and everyone who walks among those who love with the most phenomenal measure.

Did the author of this comprehensive report on the worst of human sacrifice mention Him? Jesus Christ? Did she speak of this Kingdom people could walk into and find the most rapturous joy and peace far away from that World even with it festering right next door?


I didn't think so.


(A post-post note: The article does mention the name "Jesus" twice. But, as expected, not in the context of Him being The Answer. The first reference was about a controversial use of confiscation-generated funds for a Christian mission effort, the other from someone who merely said he's trusted in Jesus in spite of the issues he's had with civil forfeiture.)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Ezra Factor, Part III

Today on my walk I came to a beautiful park I like to frequent, and on the field were a group of boys playing rugby. I sat and enjoyed watching them for a bit, but I noticed something peculiar.

They weren't really trying.

Each team had seven boys, and when one would get the ball to run, the opposing players would make some effort to try to tackle him but if they didn't get any kind of grip to bring him down, the runner easily slithered away and ran for the score. Then they kicked the ball back to the other team, and the same thing ensued: running, followed by half-hearted attempts at tackles. Score. Kick, run, feeble tackle attempt, score. Kick, run, feeble tackle attempt, score.

Also interesting was their attention to the rules. A number of times there was a drop or improper lateral or something of that sort (I am not familiar with the rules of rugby), and everyone was quite keen to point out any infraction or misplay.

What struck me about all this is that it was a kind of metaphor for how I see World inhabitants living their lives as a matter of daily practice. First, go through the motions trying to make sense of everything but in the end, it's all just one good jolly try followed by a good heaving ::sigh:: Second, the law is there to make sure our pathetic lives are kept up to snuff, so at least there's that.

I notice that it seems I'm writing with a bit of a British bent, not because of the new royal's baby about which I could not care any less, but I think it is because I watched Skyfall last night on DVD. Skyfall is the latest James Bond film and to cut right to it: I'd really like my two-and-a-half hours back. What a waste of time. I'd heard from all corners that this was the best Bond of them all, that it had feeling and depth. Pshaw. It was just the same old James Bond dreck as them all.

Now mind you I do like the whole James Bond schtick, but please. The movies themselves are worthless. They are all the same -- same exact formula every time: lots of vehicles being maneuvered and explosives being exploded and women being exploited and firearms being discharged and -- ::yawwwn:: This one was no different, except for one key thing that was worse than any of the others, Daniel Craig in the lead role. I'm thinkin' this is the guy they all think is the latest greatest Bond? You - are - kidding - me. This is an actor with two expressions: Stone emotionless and some goofy attempt to look pleased about every fifth scene. Every other line he said was completely incomprehensible.

Without getting too deep into my scathing review of the film, there was one very interesting part related to The Catholicist Nation premise. This was the speech M gave to a review board of her agency's effectiveness. She pointed out that her relevancy was quite relevant indeed because their enemies are no longer the ones they can go after in the light. The enemies of today are the ones in the shadows. Indeed a very stirring speech about the agency of Cain's legitimacy, and how much more evil the World gets and will be getting.

Naturally the System assembled millennia ago to prosecute such evil must get just as evil.

And this, of course, means utilizing the very best of


I wanted to mention here that I'd briefly skimmed through that book I'd cited in my latest home page piece, and I wanted to add that while I knew Pacepa was subject to the disinformation himself, I did not know the extent to which he is really an agent of Cain himself using blown cover for cover to augment the disinformation. Ironic, really, but that's how it works. The run-of-the-mill Devout Romanist reads it and thinks, "Good thing Pacepa is now on the side of the good old USA and God and religion and wholesome American truth, justice, and the American way."

This isn't the Kingdom way.

The Kingdom way is the Ezra Factor, something I'd been talking about in my previous two posts. The Ezra Factor, when it is all said and done, is really just Jesus Christ.

I'd recently been thinking about when Jesus faced Pilate. This was essentially the Kingdom facing the World, right there. Pilate asked, "So what's the deal here?" Jesus said very little to anyone during his trials because he knew they were completely outside the presence of God as ordained rulers of evil themselves. They simply would not get any of it. All they know is the World -- as they are supposed to.

But when Jesus spoke during that time, it was definitely meaningful. One thing Jesus declared was that He was the embodiment of truth standing right there in front of him.

Pilate said, "Truth? What's that?" People always think Pilate was making some statement about truth here, and yes, he was, but it wasn't what you think. First Pilate was much more interested in the relevant question to him. It was almost as if he was saying, "'What is truth?' Who cares about that. What I really want to know is, 'Are you a king?'" Pilate could manipulate truth as he pleased, that wasn't an issue. What he was really concerned about was the hard work required to sustain his rule against any usurpers. Jesus' response was a clear statement about the inability of those devoted to the World to see and to hear.

He said, essentially, "The Kingdom has nothing to do with any of this. Those who want Truth, those who truly want to understand and to know me, they will get it."

This is why Jesus is the ultimate end of any question, concern, issue, activity -- anything. If you don't have Jesus, everything is just trying. If you don't have Jesus, everything is kept ordered and balanced by the law, and then we all just chug through life desperate and empty.

We just try.

I'd even say something more, if I may. The truth without meaning presents just as much despair as anything. We could go bananas asking "Is it truthful?" "Is it authoritative?" "Is it rational?" "Is it ascertainable?" "Is it ___?" (Fill in the blank with any of a number of questions people ask to give it their best try to get at meaning.)

What's the real question? Once again, here it is. It is very simple.

"Is it righteous?"

In other words, does it have God in it, and is it about our relationship with Him, and does it get deep into how our relationship with Him is one of worship and furthermore one of knowing how to love my neighbor as He tells me I should?

How much disinformation is there out there telling us how Caesar can do all that for us! No wonder so many are so screwed up, excuse me. Even the best looking Christians, being dutifully Catholicist, working working working it...

Again, just trying. Just trying trying trying, all life is, just one good try.

How hard to homosexualists are trying to get the law on their side, to get everyone to endorse lawful regulation of their desires. By the World all of this may be perfectly fine. The disinformation takes so many different forms to aid Caesar in keeping people's sin from wiping out everyone. Yeah, perfectly legitimate in every way.

But then I think about the Kingdom, and in Ezra the prohibition against marrying women from other nations. This wasn't some draconian bigotry against interracial marriage -- this was a call for people to live purely by the Kingdom. Those marriages firmly girded beliefs and practices which made the Israelites idolaters, and really, that may be perfectly fine for the World -- after all it doesn't really matter: You have your god and I have mine and let's all just get along.

I think about what most World devotees do when looking at that last statement -- indeed when they look at most of what's written here. How intolerant. How narrow-minded. How religiously oppressive.

I understand though.

People who keep trying and trying and trying and trying will never understand. As Jesus said a number of times quoting the Old Testament, as Paul did too in his letters... "They have ears but do not hear. They have eyes but do not see."

They simply will not get to The Meaning.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Ezra Factor, Part II

I've been reading a book with a premise that is optimal for my next home page piece considerations. It is Rethinking Money, and I thought I'd peek around a bit in it to see if these guys really get into what's what with value assessment.

Sadly, they don't. Sure they get into how macroeconomics works and how banks work and how alternate currencies are the latest and greatest and all that. But all they do is blither about how radical their new conception of money is when it is merely a rearrangement of the old one. There is only one thing that would demonstrate any meaningful substance in a book about changing the way we do value assessment.

That would be if it includes mention of Jesus Christ. Indeed it would only mean anything if the book flat-out declared that any change in the way we do value assessment comes only through Jesus Christ.

Lessee, now, let me look through the index and see where Jesus is mentioned, lessee here, ummm, looking -- looking -- looking... not in the J's, not in the C's, not in the M's (thought maybe "Messiah" or even "meaning" -- um, perhaps... yeah, I agree... nahhh)

Not surprised.

He's nowhere. In fact, he's nowhere in any of these tomes. "Here's the new thinking on money!" "Here's the most radical thinking on economics!" "Here's the newest greatest bestest radicalest of all radical ideas there could ever be way to do financial stuff wow!" All of them really just amount to the latest value extraction instruction manuals.

This one, Rethinking Money, tries real hard to be above it all and be kind and gracious and all that. But even these authors can't get beyond the spiritual, slipping into its conclusion some new age pap about oneness and togetherness and connectedness and all that. Without Christ they realize they must have something spiritual. The ones that don't have any overt spiritual message just have the more covert one that is along the lines of "Let's just all get along you guys! Come on!"

Sorry. Can't do it without Christ. In fact you will do human sacrifice without Him, necessarily.

Don't think you are? Sorry again. But you are captivated by the disinformation ravenously consumed by committed World inhabitants. I'd touched on it in my webzine home page piece, and again in my last post.

In thinking more about that, the whole misrepresentation thing, and about how we like the fabrications others form about themselves rather than the reality. Thinking thinking thinking, I thunk about how much people do indeed want to get past the fabrications to that core reality, if only to share those realities however unsightly with friends and confidants so we can feel more righteous than others. Quite unrighteous, yes.

While the essence of the evil that gossip is, it more importantly demonstrates that it is indeed the righteousness of a thing that is at the core of what we are about.

What is righteous? What is the truth about righteousness?

I think we know. I think our acquired knowledge of good and evil (remember the Garden?) tells us that, but I think we can't help but chose the evil. The only way back to good is by Christ and by living out His righteousness. Still can't get it? Look again at all those new finance / new money / new economics tomes and tell me what is really different about them without Christ. Tell me, please -- be honest.

Getting all the way back to the Ezra factor again, I was blown away by what happened at the end of the seventh chapter. Go ahead. Look at it. Right there, seventh chapter of the book of Ezra, Old Testament, about a third of the way into the Bible. Time when the exiles were returning from conquered Babylon to Jerusalem to build the Temple, something like 500, 400 B.C, around then.

The king, the officially ordained potentate, the one who authoritatively sits in the seat of Caesar, this king unequivocally, undeniably, unquestionably tells his governing officials not to tax those who're genuinely restoring the nation of Israel, as exhibited here in the rebuilding project. Essentially: "Those who're working hard for the Kingdom of God, they can't be taxed." Later is this contrast -- go ahead, look at it there: "But take everything from those who are doing nothing," essentially that's what he's saying.

Right after all that there is thanks to God for making sure the king does what he's supposed to be doing -- allowing the Kingdom to flourish without any World interference.

Does the church today actually, truly, genuinely have that commitment?

Or does it shimmy up to Caesar, compromising its pure devotion to Christ and the Kingdom and its work through its disciples, and as such forfeit the potentates' God-empowered good graces to see God's work is done?

What's that? You don't think these churches to that? Check it out: do they have formally established 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt obligations? If they do, they are telling the Darius of the current day that they'd rather have the things Darius is about rather than the things God is about.

Wow. I can then see how a Darius would rather crush that kind of thing, simply because it so reeks of double-mindedness and hypocrisy and malicious misrepresentation and...

and yes...


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Ezra Factor

I've been co-teaching an apologetics adult Sunday school class and this week, to introduce the problem of evil, I shared with the students the idea of "augmented reality," something I wrote about in my webzine this month. I brought up the idea that this latest IT innovation would be most useful for finding out what any given individual is really all about.

Even thought I totally understand them, the responses I got did surprise me. Those responses were, "I don't think I'd want to know that much about someone else!" Again, I do get why they said that, but inside I thought, "No you don't. You don't really want that -- the not knowing. I believe you do want to know. Everything you do is about trusting someone else is going to do a certain thing, and we all live our lives deciding to do whatever it is we do based in large part on what other people have decided to do and have stayed true to doing."

Of course I didn't think all of that at that time -- I went ahead with the Sunday school lesson. But I'd been thinking about it since, and I'm sharing the breadth of that thought with you now. I love my Sunday school students. We actually have a vibrantly engaging interaction for an hour-and-a-half each Sunday. This past lesson was particularly edifying for all of us.

But I still see the Catholicist yuck that emanates from the souls of those with whom I interact.

Yes, sentiments like "I don't want to know too much about someone else" is one of the more innocuous ones. But I thought about my webzine elaboration on the fact that we fabricate our selves for others all the time and that this is not necessarily a bad thing, and then I thought, we just as much like the fabrication about others more than we like the truth. Wow. How veritable is the pleasure one derives from "Keep lying to me about you. I'm happier that way."

I can't help but think about some of the financial gyrations that happened last week. Bankers met to work out capital requirements per Basel accord specifications and all I could see was a bunch of suits bumbling around trying to get someone to tell them what's what with the value assessments millions are expecting them to have down and they just don't. In order to keep the markets from being spooked, the Fed had to shout "No no no! We are not, repeat, not scaling back our dropping-money-in-your-laps program [otherwise known as quantitative easing] so stop your sniveling!" It is funny that the entities that always respond to value extraction machinations are markets, not individual flesh-and-blood people.

The lie feels so good.

Never mind finding the Real Value Assessment in Christ and His shed blood for you and the things you do to wreck your life and the lives of others. Never mind actually wanting to understand that, to know Him -- to just simply live the richest, deepest, most rapturous life ever. Nah, won't do it? Yeah, I understand. Gotta make sure the law and Caesar are there to keep the fabrications from killing you, the very same fabrications you need in place to disguise you own rottenness because you won't let Christ take them out for you -- the rottenness, the fabrications, the pretense, the horror of all that...

All that refuse is kept nicely packaged and maintained by a World System with expert operatives already assigned the task of keeping it all that way for those who need that work done for them.

I've been reading the book of Ezra in my devotional time, and I am blown away by how much that book lays out the case for the ungrafted church. Really, in some ways, I could just write "Read Ezra" on the home page of my webzine and that'd just about say it all.

I was taken by the way Ezra refused to make a formal request of a military escort when returning to Jerusalem after the exile, but the government of Darius the Persian king had to have made sure the Israelites arrived safely anyway. Yes, God was the one who made that happen, and yes, Ezra and the people merely trusted God to see them through.

This was in light of the fact that the Israelites were still doing horrendously idolatrous things. And that's just it. They were intermarrying -- which itself wasn't as big a deal as the fact that by doing so they were contaminating the purity of their worship of God and their relationship with God.

As I think about this, I think about the profound irony of what Darius, an agent of Cain doing the duties of the authority here frequently called "Caesar" must've been thinking. "Nkay. Here I am making sure these people resume their worship of God, going all out to see their temple is built and they are safe and all that, and then they go off being unfaithful to Him. Sheez, what's a king got to do to provide law enforcement and protection for people when they go off and do that? Well, hey, guess they'll continue to need the law and I'll have a job. Can't be all bad."

What blew me away just this morning was reading Ezra's prayer and supplication over this situation, and in it was a statement about being in Egypt but seeing God's faithfulness still. That just killed me. It is simply because I look around at "Christianity" and see floundering, hapless people -- just like it was in pre-Moses Egypt. I hurt tremendously because of that. We could be ungrafted from the World and living out the beauty and wonder and glory of the Kingdom, but we wallow around stomping on mud and straw.

I feel the despair too... Except that, like Ezra, I can pray. I can be here in Egypt and yet humbly pray for God to move -- and then wait. The Israelites in Egypt waited for 400 years, the exiles for 70 -- and I'm sure that seemed like a long time... it was a long time!

But whatever the case I can pray. And then talk with those with whom I can talk. That's cool.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Seeing the Disinformation When You're Subject to Disinformation

One of the most profound ways the World's disinformation is most readily consumed has to do with sexuality. When I look upon the horizon of the lives of those all around me, I see so very few who really know the truth about this thing. And don't go off blaming the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Even many with the most Victorian sentiments don't get it either.

Oh, do I have to barf up the disclaimer that I'm still learning about it too? While true, I always wonder why I have to apologize for the things that I do know, even if it is about something like sexuality. The World has not only blasted to smithereens any truthful consideration of this thing sexuality, it has also corrosively marginalized any who wish to engage its most truthful discursive elements.

So we're left with a society bathing in the sewer of what I call distolerance, the practice of using a pathetically twisted consideration of tolerance to mercilessly bash those who genuinely seek and want to embrace truth.

There's a lot more I can get into here. Don't have time right now, but certainly will later. I only mention a few of the preceding items to introduce my latest home page piece at my webzine, pretty much about these very things. Check it out. Email me from the 'zine, would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Battle Was Lost a Long Time Ago

Just had to add a quick post about the brutal Supreme Court decisions today about same-sex marriage. They were brutal to the extent that millions of people will listen to what schnazzily robed legal scholars will proclaim about inherently moral issues, and arrange their moral behavior accordingly.

But really, those decisions represent that which Cain's city will legitimately adjudicate, and that is only what a reprobate population will demand. It is what it is.

One of the things it is is miles away from the Kingdom. The Kingdom: the place where mercy, forgiveness, grace, life, and authentic joy reign. It is the place containing the throne of the One who loves with His life, the One who sends ambassadors out to be His word to others.

But yeah.

Where are those people.

After the Court's decisions today many will lament the brazen loss of sexual and marital integrity in society, but the fact is, that was gone when too many people refused to speak out boldly against homosexual activity wherever it was practiced. Society has been emasculated -- unable to make the lucid, articulate, and yes, righteous case against homosexual behavior and homosexual enablement on the grounds that engaging in such acts with anyone no matter how much consent is involved is a moral crime.

Now we're at the point where we're talking about the definition of marriage as if its merely a matter of semantics. Um, the reality is that it doesn't really much matter anymore. We lost marriage and all the stability and strength of family and respect for children when years ago we didn't stand up for God's standard of sexuality. The cat's out of the bag, the horse is out of the barn, the whole zoo has bolted.

Maybe there is something positive that will come from this. Maybe we will start seeing what a fully emasculated society does, how phenomenally ugly that will look (and already does look), and then maybe some will start actually calling on the Only Answer.

After all, that's what people did after Cain built his city for which the most extravagant exhibitions of the worst human sacrifice practices could be performed. Yes, it's true, those practices are still going on today. When anyone commits a sexual crime against another he is engaging in human sacrifice. Now it is just more firmly enabled by city administrators.

Anyway, what did those people long, long ago do after beholding the first city's rank brutality?

The called on the name of the Lord.

Some did, anyway.

Go ahead, look there right at the end of the fourth chapter of Genesis. You can see it too.

How many will do the same today?

Oh, by the way, here's a blog post from the time the Supremes were hearing the arguments about same-sex marriage back in March. It'll get right at some of the core issues.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Gaius Maecenas' Latest Celebrity

Anyone who's paying attention to the grand modern megaphone and fantascope certainly now know the name Edward Snowden. It is splashed all over the news circus, and his ubiquitous image is most likely right now being transformed into all sorts of Warholesque concoctions. I can't get away from seeing his mug everywhere I look to see what the Maecenean mythmakers of the day want me to believe.

So yeah, might as well leap on the bandwagon. Here he is, yet again. Okay, it's tastelessly cheap, but hey. Gotta add some cred to my site as well -- everyone else is doing it. Might as well join the party so we can all gaze at him with whatever we're told we're supposed to think and feel and rage about him.

Apparently this dude shared with the world that Caesar is peeking in on what we are saying and doing, taking terrible advantage of us -- what with all this information mobility we have. Oh my! How revelatory! Not. Caesar's been doing this for eons upon eons, even without the IT help, except that now Mr. Maecenas would like us to get all riled up about it. Why?

Could be any number of reasons related to the elaborate machinations of entrenched World System legitimization practices. I'd venture to say one reason has to do with the ways that the deepest politics operatives want us to perceive this thing truth. And it almost always involves directing our attention away from Truth.

Funny, recently a film came out about Julian Assange, another renowned whistleblower famed for his uncouth leakage of information Radical Selfists adore and Devout Romanists pretend to loathe. On the official movie poster is a quote about "army intelligence" and "classified foreign policy" that "affects everybody on earth."

It affects everybody on earth.

Annnd, so?

Yeah, it affects everybody on earth. So what? People do rotten things. Caesar's job is to crack heads of rotten-things-doers. Caesar even provokes rotten-thing-doing so the splendidly lethal spiral of evil-death-more evil-more death continues unabated -- it's what happens when people stay reprobate and refuse to come to Christ. So what of it? Why is this news? Why is this such a big deal?

It is because extraordinarily blind people must get their jollies about who they're supposed to hate -- and fear. The modern-day Maecenases of the World are given the job to do that -- Gaius Maecenas, by the way, was the guy who deftly promoted Virgil's Aeneid, also accomplished expressly for the purpose of forming a comprehensive national mythology around which to rally rebels and revolutionaries to consummate the effort of Tikkun Olam, the repairing the world utilizing the vast array of tools available for cracking heads of any assholes who try to get in the way.

Soooo, Edward Snowden, is he an asshole getting in the way of the most proficient security maximization efforts? Is he a hero in the authentic intellectual restorationist's quest for greater glory of the autonomous self freed from the shackles of ignorance and imbecility and indigestion and whatever other nifty bad thing starts with "i"?

Or is he just another actor in the show for people who are obsessively addicted to the World and everything about it?

...For those who can't see a yoctometer beyond their nose at a Savior who does actually free the soul from the grip of this wretched body of death?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Authentic Commitment

So Special Internal Revenue Service Person Of Some Kind Lois Lerner said to Congress, "I didn't do anything wrong and I plead the fifth." The idea is that she must have something to hide and it's really really bad if she feels she has to say she didn't do anything bad before she said nothing about what bad she might've done. And because it has to do with the IRS targeting conservative non-profits for undue consideration of some kind there're a lot of conservatives who are steaming, as well as a lot of people who're being told this is some injustice they must fight against.

Except, there is a problem here, and it isn't with the IRS.

The fact is anyone in the IRS or in any government agency who is doing law enforcement by looking at what evil people are doing or what evil people will likely do is doing nothing wrong. They are merely doing the job assigned to them by God at the very beginning of man's existence. As a division of the legacy of Cain and his city-building, head-cracking, murder-employing duty, the IRS is merely doing its job of looking to see which non-profits are hypocritically abusing the privilege of evading taxes and at the same time censuring government officials -- an expressed violation of their own agreement in their own plain contractual commitment.

On the other hand, what if you didn't need Caesar's work to keep your evildoing in check? What if you were covered by the righteousness of Christ by His shed blood, by your belief on Him as Lord and Savior, and by the deep, rich, sowing love you have for others? What if you were doing that? You wouldn't need a 501c3 or 501c4, you wouldn't need to register as a government employee or presume non-resident alien status, and you wouldn't need to make yourself liable for paying taxes you do not owe in the first place.

It seems that of the 300,000,001 people in this country, 100,000,000 think the IRS is a great big awful beast that must be rigorously prodded with a big stick so it is sufficiently annoyed all the time. Another 100,000,000 want the IRS to viciously go after all those ugly conservatives and their hypocritical religiousity because they are so judgmental and political and homophobic. Another 100,000,000 just don't give a rat's ass about any of it, and whenever they think they know what's going on and speak up, they just sound ignorant.

Then there's that one guy left, me. Sometimes I just wonder if there really is anyone else who sees that temporal government is doing precisely what it is supposed to do but that there is a better place for people to be doing the sublime work of loving and sowing and the place where that happens is completely outside that realm. What a joy it would be to see lots of authentically Christ-following folk joining together with praises to God on their lips and using their gifts of mercy, service, encouragement, leadership, prophecy, teaching, and giving to manifest the Kingdom -- and I mean lots, millions of people doing this together, boldly, wisely, articulately, abundantly...

Now I'm not so embarrassingly arrogantly obtusely provincial. I know there are many who have a heart for Kingdom work. I'm not the only one, I know -- but I'm just sharing what I feel sometimes, that's all. I just want to see more of the Kingdom, see churches be real churches not just pathetically piddly smaller versions of Cain's ecclesiastical legacy, the Roman Catholic Church.

Today President Obama gave a commencement address at the Naval Academy and he used the opportunity to say to the graduates "Let's make sure we control our sexual urges, okay?" Yes, there is a serious crisis of sexual assaults in the military, and it isn't new. It's been going pretty good for quite some time. Mix the violently combustible mores of a hyper-sexualized society, the insistence that women do the same things as men do in close quarters on military bases, and the benighted humanist indoctrination from World operatives, and you're going to have a lot of deadly explosions.

But think about it. Just a few months ago Obama and a huge portion of society made sure that fiercely homosexually-minded people could openly serve in the military. This makes no sense whatsoever. And I don't necessarily blame Obama! He's just a product of those World operatives who make him behave the way he does.

When Obama says on one side of his mouth, "Homosexuals: come on in!" and then on the other, "Military folk: keep your pants on!" he doesn't recognize the abjectly immoral inconsistency within this commitment. Sure most homosexualists will shout, "Oh but the difference is that homosexuals together are doing their thing because they they've consented, and that's okay."

Excuse me, but have they really consented? I don't believe they have. Homosexually-minded individuals only do what they do because they themselves have had powerful emotional and spiritual forces destructively affect their sentiments through their lives so it now seems they must intractably do things they wouldn't otherwise do. And please, I'm an equal opportunity cynic -- anyone who does sexually wicked things is doing so because they've been taught to do so by people who themselves have been influenced by... hmm, where does that trail go?

Are you willing to look? Are you willing to find out? Do you care?

And just as importantly, are you still so willing to be tied contractually to the entity that is at the forefront of provoking people to behave in such ways?

Because if you are in a supposed "Christian" church that has congregants who say they believe in this Jesus fellow, then what in the world are you doing volitionally obligated to the power of the law and of the one who administers it? Those things are only employed to govern those whose sin must be managed. If you're still so stridently protective of your cherished non-profit tax-exempt incorporated status giving Caesar reign over your affairs -- really then, who is this Jesus fellow?

Oh I do have to confess how much I want to scratch a Christian and find that he or she really does call Him "Lord, Lord" and do what He says. That they don't just obsequiously give all of the value of their productive capacity to Caesar, nor do they remonstrate exceedingly against him because they really hate that he has to do his job of cracking heads even if it is theirs. Or even more that they don't just shrug and retreat into their own scared little world and stubbornly refuse to look at truth -- and yeah, experience grace.

But yeah, being merciful as He asks me to be I need to understand that, too. So yeah, I don't necessarily do all that He asks of me either. You may say I don't suffer fools gladly, but I'm worse. I don't suffer fools at all.

Thing is, Jesus suffered for me and my foolishness.

This truth and grace thing is very hard.

It is easy with the One Who Is Truth and Grace.

I little while ago I wrote a home page piece on the numbers. Just some added thoughts about the question, "Who has Jesus' name on their lips and are actually organizing in rich and vibrant ways -- completely abjured from the World -- to show others what the Kingdom really is?"

Another one I wrote is about types of people classified by the ways they respond to the World.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tightly Bound to the Folly

Today's big political scandal is the undue scrutiny the nation's tax collecting agency exercised upon groups seeking to get the tax collecting agency's imprimatur to be tax-exempt organizations so they wouldn't have to pay taxes they'd otherwise owe being liable to give tribute to their lord, Caesar.

Now, yeah, the first part of that statement probably sounded something like this: "The IRS was unfair targeting conservative groups!" The middle part of that statement was probably met with a consenting shrug. I'd venture to say, however, that the last part of the statement was completely incomprehensible to those quite entranced by their devotion to Cain's minions.

But then they are doing exactly what God said they'd do.

Remain in a state of abject deafness, dumbness, and blindness, at the price of their own healing and salvation. Look it up. Right there in the sixth chapter of Isaiah. Quoted a few times by Jesus and by Paul, maybe others but I know at least them for sure.

All the screeching I hear about the IRS has me scratching my head. Excuse me, but what are you doing in the first place asking it to give any kind of approval to your group and its activities? Do you not do the things you do because you love others? Is not your mission and your goals a bold reflection of commitments to do the things God would want you to do to have things be right and true and righteous from start to finish?

I guess I just wonder. If you're actually doing all that, then what do you need Caesar for? What do you need the one whose job it is to crack heads of evil people when they dick with others? Excuse me, but are you afraid you will be one of those people? And if so, then why aren't you celebrating the IRS' foray into the most extensive investigation of groups that by the very virtue of formally requesting their services are declaring that they are in need of such rigorous examination?

When you apply to be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization (and now more controversially, 501(c)(4)'s), does not the agency by matter of routine require certain disclosures about money, purposes, laws and by-laws, and any other legitimately relevant items that certify an entity for the classification sought?

What's the issue?

"Oh, but the eeevil Obama administration wants to take down the wholesome conservative groups that are fighting for liberty and freedom and those fine things."

Annnd what does this "fight for liberty" stuff actually entail?

I know what it entails. It entails doing all kinds of things within the bounds of temporal government, ultimately mixing it up with the secular arrangement of the Roman Catholic Church whose task it is to summarily exercise condemnation against those who refuse to live by the true freedom in Christ's Kingdom, to valiantly flail about looking for an elusive "liberty" that is only rage and fear and destruction.

I do weep when I see so many so utterly lost in their deafness, dumbness, and blindness. I'm just as much saddened when I see churches so contemptibly impotent when they've signed on to be that very same 501(c)(3) non-profit body -- they don't have the faintest idea, as deaf and as dumb and as blind as anyone else.

Do you know what happens when you enter into that body of death?

You die.

Saw today a report that said the death toll in Syria is higher than previous estimates. It's in the neighborhood of 100,000. That's horrific. I'm a history teacher and we don't even think about the death toll of any previous battling-it-out between humans -- just off the top of my head the millions and millions who lost their lives in World War II. Look up the German and Soviet casualties in World War II and just ruminate on that a bit.

All of it because people have business with Caesar.

Guess what.

You can leave all of that and do business with Christ.

Please know Caesar is doing what he must do. Good stuff, that regulating people's rotten behavior, that checking out the qualifications to be non-profit, that putting on a grand show to keep people livid -- good stuff. Please, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm completely serious. It's what they do and they do it well.

But to be genuinely free and truthful and filled with joy and grace and the deepest authenticity of character and insight and all kinds of the very best from God...

Get out of that crap.

Leave it behind. Be the best "non-profit" of all and owe a debt of love to others and just do that. Do that because you love another and because you know Christ loved you with His life and because it is the most wonderfully exhilarating thing ever. Don't go to Caesar and ask his permission. What the pfxthchk is THAT?

But then, if you must, if you are not Christ's, if you are not Kingdom-bound, if you don't love others with His love, then yeah. Go talk to the IRS about it. They'll take care of your business for you, whether you complain or not. It's all the same. No matter what you'll still be their faithful.

And still deaf dumb and blind to the bountiful reality of the Kingdom.


A few years ago I wrote a homepage piece in my webzine about doing business with Rome and insisting on death. Check it out, you'll know what I mean there.

Friday, May 03, 2013

The End of Folly

In my devotional this morning I read the beginning of the 51st chapter of Jeremiah. The whole last part of the prophet's book is about the judgment of Babylon, and in this particular passage was this from God: "I am going to arouse against Babylon... the spirit of a destroyer."

That just blew me away, that little part. Sure God is bringing judgment against a nation that deserves it, but hey, God had just used Babylon as an instrument of judgment against Israel. Here now it is going to get hammered by Persia. Which incidentally, will eventually get pasted by Greece, which will get scorched by Rome, which will get overrun by what is established as Britain, which gets its comeuppance from America, which...

The point is that so many here in the U.S. think they're invincible. Yeah, the U.S. has been pretty invincible for a while. But it is clear from the Bible that God only allows reprobate nations, particularly those doing the work of Cain, to do its work for a time, and then, yeah.

The spirit of the destroyer arrives.

The only protection against it is the blood of Christ. That's the only thing. That's it. Nothing else.

Recently the financial world was abuzz when uber-economists Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart published a paper declaring that economic growth is abysmally stunted when the debt-to-GDP ratio surpasses 90%, and this country zipped past that threshold a long time ago. Then some calculating errors were discovered in their work and a lot of people pointed fingers and spittled "It isn't so!" and breathed a sigh of relief.

Except that...

It doesn't matter what kind of debt you have, if any investment made wherever however does not translate into people doing things that are character-driven and make people's lives better out of love for others, your country is going to go right into the shitter.

And yeah, this country is indeed going headlong right into it. I don't even have to spew the gory details that would be considered financial porn by many people, "financial porn" being all the "The sky is falling!" stuff about the markets that appears so melodramatic.

I can just point out things like the Los Angeles Times editorial this morning that had me stunned. Sure I know what the Times is about, sure I know the World is as benighted as this paper's editorial demonstrates, but I also think how phenomenally evil this was -- and most just shrug.

It was about "transgender rights," and it spoke about how much we all need to be ever-so tolerant of those who wish to be considered the opposite sex than what their physical constitution declares them to be, and that some institutions like schools are starting to accommodate them by allowing them to use the bathroom that best coordinates with their "gender preference."

Why is this so tolerated? Because World operatives have done a brilliant job to browbeat us into tolerating it. If you don't tolerate it, you're a homophobic bigot. That editorial ended with a pronouncement that full gleeful acceptance of all sexual proclivities especially among young people is all going quite nicely and that "if the adults don't make trouble, chances are that things will be fine."

Excuse me? Excuse me?

It is clear. Essentially let young people give full reign to their sexual iniquity and back off. Those pesky intolerant adults just make things difficult. Not that this is intolerant or anything, no.

It definitely is more of the greatest, deepest, most horrific folly that will, yes, destroy the United States. And from what I see scripturally, the U.S.-U.K. hegemony is the last political entity to do the work of Cain in God's line of nation-judgment instruments.

Getting back to the economic thing, Robert Samuelson wrote a piece a couple weeks ago called "Trust in Macroeconomics Has Been Shattered." In it he refers briefly to the Rogoff-Reinhart issue, but pretty much says in so many words, "None of us really know what we're doing."

Of course they don't.

They don't think with the mind of Christ.

They can't. If they're beholden to Cain and as such out of the presence of God, they haven't a clue. It's what they do. It's standard behavior.

Just about everyone watches the pukifying celebration of sexual idiocy and most are confused about what to do or say that might challenge it because the thought police will glower at them. It's all part of the grand Catholicist show. How worthless are the foolish attempts of so many people to be this or that kind of person when they are just not. Add to this the fetid attempts by financial powers to try like crazy to make it all look good, and then we get people like Samuelson puzzled about why the macro world is in the crapper.

Really? Is this really a surprise? Really?

I share a bit more of what I'm seeing out there in my latest home page piece, which gets even more into these kinds of human sacrifice items. It's ugly, very ugly, but hey...

Christ still wants you to know of His love...

You can have it if you want...

Friday, April 05, 2013

When David Stockman Speaks... Umm... Err... And?

Recently I've been looking at all the rage about David Stockman's op-ed in the New York Times a few days ago. I wouldn't have known about it except that a whole bunch of people have chimed in and had their words spilled into the World Megaphone.

Thought I should take a peek at it just to see what galaxy-renting words the former Reagan finance guru and present dutiful curmudgeon said. Not going to link it here -- you can find it easily and I'm just too lazy to put it here. Sorry.

Okay, let's take a peek shall we. Okay. Uh-huh. Yeah. I see. Hmm.

Annnd... that's it?

That's what everyone is roiling and railing about?

'Nkay. I could say what he said with a bit fewer words ::ahem::

Here's the baaad financial situation we're in [throw in some colorful language to describe it], here're some reeeally nasty numbers that prove it [throw in some shocking numbers], and lookit: this person and that person and this philosophy and that philosophy and this institution and that institution are to blame even in light of all the fake nice things people are saying about them. The future will be depressing unless we just, well, unless we just, umm, just get mad enough to take down this guy or that idea or that other place over there. Thuh end.

I think one reason it gets such attention is that it does appear as the latest boffotacular window dressing in the World's biggest brightest shop window, The New York Times.

Sadly no one will look at the place that details the antidote to shitty financial shit all-around.

That would be in the Bible.

That place that very brazenly declares that shitty financial shit happens because of one simple thing.

People lie.

And they lie to do one thing, ultimately.

To murder others.

Yes, they're all murdering people around the globe. Sure most of it doesn't take place right away. Most times the murdering happens over long extended periods of time, but if it is murder, what difference does it make.

It is still human sacrifice.

So yeah, I'm not dissing what Stockman is saying at all. I agree with it.

I just think it is utterly foolish to sincerely believe that World solutions will fix the problems the World provokes. It is even more foolish to willfully display the greatest ignorance of the fact that all that financial shit is specifically arranged so the murdering keeps humming along and the New York Times can get more of Caesar in the mix to show how good he is at fixing things up. Stockman is just a big fat oblivious stooge in the middle of the spectacle.

It cracks me up to see all the loud blithering by whoever about how wickedly powerful rich people just control everything. Oh those banks and everyone with a stake in them -- ooooo we should be reeeally angry with them -- they have trillions, trillions, much of it held in those offshore accounts! Come on Howard Beale followers of the world! Get going! There ya go: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

What piddle.

Come on, think about it. What would happen if you took all the oppressive powers-that-be, let's say all 57,000 of them, and replaced them with some other 57,000 random people, people who promise to be reeeally good with the financial standing of the planet?

Kinda split a gut right there. Sorry.

The only answer to the financial horror show now, then, all around, in your own life -- is Jesus Christ.

Just Him.

Just trusting in Him.

In Him as the I Am.

Not the make-believe one that appears in most Catholicist churches, but God Almighty who is both merciful and just. Who asks an individual to believe on Him and to abandon the benighted thinking and behaving that captivates World inhabitants and enables World operatives to do the job of dumping shit all over the place, the job that David Stockman describes so well.

Oh, and almost forgot: Gotta have a whole bunch of those people who are turning 180 degrees from the World to step up and, my word, what a concept:

Be Jesus to people tired of lying and murdering all the time.

Yeah, probably won't have as many people read this as they would the New York Times. Oh well. But still I'll reintroduce you to a home page piece I wrote on a my webzine a few years ago, one that I think kind of gets right at why the World is the way it is.