Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Human Sacrifice Dynamic

Yesterday's New York Times' featured front page story was about how close the U.S. is to being unable to service its debt. It's no big deal when that punky kid who always asks for lunch money keeps putting off paying it back, as long as he coughs up some interest every once in a while. It starts to get dicey when he can't even do that. It gets really scary when the lender is a big mean Asian dude.

Front page story. In top World megaphone holder The New York Times.

I turned on the news this morning to check out the expansive coverage of this quite boggling progression of events. Guess what the networks featured at the top of their 7am morning-show news?

Barack Obama has all the information he needs to make and then announce his new strategy regarding Afghanistan. As I watched the newscasters (and I flipped to two different networks to catch essentially the same thing) blap about how valiant Obama and his "war council" (their term) have been to stay on top of all this, it dawned on me.

Think about it. It is very not-surprising. Very not-surprising indeed.

You need go no further than the very first words of the most renowned paean to authoritative World governance there is. Do you remember them from your introductory humanities class at New Hampshire Tech?

"I sing of arms, and the man."

It is simple. The World works thusly: Powerful rich people buy bonds and then employ the bellicose force of government to ensure their investments are secure. The way it's working now is that powerful rich people cannot sustain their returns without pounding down someone somewhere in order to appropriate their wealth.

It is nothing other than contemporary human sacrifice.

It is, as top value assessment dealer John Bogle once called it, value extraction. Interesting Bogle has a new term for what's happening. He's getting some mileage out of the "happy conspiracy." Oh, those eeeevil Goldman Sachs big shots. Yuck, what cruds.

The fact is value extraction is what everyone does who doesn't have Christ. Even if these guys get their comeuppance (or when if lots of smug-banker-loathing folk get their way), some value extractor will be there to take their place. And as such I can pretty much predict that Barack Obama will enable them--whoever they are--with his imminent announcement that he's adding more troops to Afghanistan.

You can growl. You can sneer. You can rage. You can stomp back and forth across your living room. You can devour books like Ron Paul's End the Fed and swear you'll do everything he says to do to stop these eeeeeeeeevil villains from destroying our liberty.

But you are spinning your wheels and shredding your living room carpeting.

How few seem to know the truth.

The World does human sacrifice. It is what it does. It must.

Those not given over to Christ and living by the World take human beings and rip their value off of them just as they were stripping skin and muscle and fat right off someone turning on a spit. Am I being a bit too melodramatic? Nah, I don't think so. Not if you actually grasped the magnitude of this thing--this body of death.

I happened to come across a fascinating piece by Hugh Ross at his Reasons to Believe site. It is called "The Physics of Sin." It is phenomenal, but it is all over the Bible. Sin is death. Real actual very-painful death. To not have this you need sacrifice. You can have Christ's sacrifice, then it's a done deal and you will love like He does. Or you won't, and you'll let the World dictate things for you...

And you'll need to do sacrifice. Over and over and over again--human sacrifice, just as the World does it.

Don't take my word for it. Here's a great place to find it, the book of Hebrews. Read it. Read about how sacrifice is required. Read about how it's either Christ, or an alternative.

All you have to do to behold the very plain reality of that alternative is look at the front page of the New York Times and then watch Obama do the inevitable and increase troop strength.

My latest home page piece is about how the U.S. Constitution is a wonderful tool in the hands of the top value extractors. Some more about human sacrifice is here, and also here. Why do so few know about contemporary human sacrifice? Here is why I believe most who call themselves Christians don't have a clue. "I sing of arms, and the man" is from Virgil's The Aeneid.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Doing God's Work

I'm deeply intrigued by what the agents of Cain sometimes say that are dead giveaways as to the true nature of things. One recent item has run laps around the airwaves, and it was Goldman Sachs' boss Lloyd Blankfein's remark that he is doing God's work.

This has generally been treated with the loudest ribaldry from the boastfully jeering punditry. "Ha!" they're gushing, "This guy has taken taxpayer dollars by the billions and is stuffing his cronies' pockets with it! 'Doing God's work!' What a dork!"

The fact that it is considered in such a way reveals two things. One, that the World's megaphone is functioning perfectly, for the derision is designed specifically to get an obsequieous populace to firmly believe certain things, in this case that snotty banker types should be wholesomely reviled. And two, the pundits are faithfully doing their duty for their Superior officer, whether they know him or not.

By assessing the value of things and moving capital around in the way the World and its inhabitants demand for the purpose of seeing their needed returns on human sacrifice, Blankfein is indeed doing God's work. But he is doing God's work in the very same way Barack Obama does, even the same way Pope Benedict XVI does. They are doing God's work...

In the service of Cain.

Now Cain's work is done completely outside the presence of God. It is done under the authority of bold iconographic signatures God requires so their purposes are explicitly identified, which is why I find Blankfein's remark so veritable. And it is done with seven-fold strength, which makes perfect sense in light of Goldman Sachs crushing the competition with the aid of very convenient ties to the Agency's other branches.

Recently libertarian-minded economist Amity Shlaes had her take on whether or not this country's becoming socialist. She mentioned that once there was the Keynes fad, then there was the Friedman fad, then there was the Hayek fad which now has everyone thinking we're that frog in the slowly heating pot of water. She concluded that she doesn't think we'll ever really be socialist.

That's the remark that is the laugh.

But then, she's just one of the World's megaphone blappers. Here's pretty much what you hear, and naturally what World inhabitants are attuned to believe:

You've got those who listen to Shlaes who believe capitalism will emerge from the assault reasonably unscathed.

Then you've got the Hayek crowd who believe we'll be socialist soon enough and forget to notice.

Some will say we're socialist already and have been ever since that crud FDR, and we'd better jump on the Ron Paul bandwagon and start being constitutional for cryin' out loud.

A few have so despondently resigned themselves to the socialist condition that they've withdrawn completely, some even forming their own cult compounds in the woods to insulate themselves from the World's pollutants.

Here is what I see, something I think best reflects what history demonstrates, current events elucidate, and the Bible describes:

The World has been socialist for millennia, ever since the first murder after which God set in motion a system of governance to restrain those who prefer murder. Part of the socialist program is to convince people it isn't or to get them so stirred to rebellion about it that they actually legitimize it with their actions.

In other words, Cain's agents are supposed to crack heads of those who refuse to call on the name of the Lord, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Come on, ask yourself this question, for all those millennia, has the blood that has gushed from slain human after human ever decreased in volume because some people, even a lot of people at times, railed exceedingly against the potentate of the day?

Thing is, spilling blood all over the place is not exactly something Cain's agents want everyone to see happening too much, unless it is useful for compelling more obedience. So they rely on great religious figures like popes to pretend to give absolution, presidents to pretend to care and make incisive decisions, and...

Powerful bankers like Goldman Sachs chairmen to pretend that they aren't facilitating better and faster forms of human sacrifice.

Yes, indeed...

What a body of death.

If you're in it you may be very tempted to dismiss it and rationalize all kinds of things.

Or, you can come out from under the sheer exhaustion of spinning your wheels, acknowledge that the agents of Cain do precisely what they are supposed to be doing, and then perhaps, perhaps you can allow God to put that salve on your eyes so you can see.

That you can see that there is a completely different place than Blankfein's. Or Obama's. Or Benedict's. Or the sworn officers who move these guys' lips.

It is the One where God actually is.

That would be in the Son.

It is way way way over there. No where near those guys. Physically they may be right next to you. Jesus never ran from Pilate for an instant. Knelt right there in front of him. Stayed right there to smell his armpits and everything.

But spiritually...

My latest home page piece at my webzine is about how the U.S. Constitution is a fine instrument in the hands of Cain's agents. And some more about the Son is here. The biblical precedent for Cain's socialism is in the fourth chapter of Genesis, by the way.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Vicissitudes of November

I'm thinking about things that have happened or are happening here at the beginning of November that are worth mention.

I think about November 2, the date Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias executed that ultimate act of Agency enforcement against World inhabitants. Imaginations catastrophized into a quasi-catatonic state stir people to fiercely concoct "peace" while hyperviolence still festers in millions of souls.

I think about November 5, the date Guy Fawkes was supposed to carry out the designs of his unknown superior even if he didn't have a clue as to what he was doing. Zealous rage against the state cleverly invented and widely advertised keeps rebellious people riled up.

Funny how this year's November 5 featured a disturbed army psychiatrist shooting up his base. I thought about why we must have an army base at all--why can't Fort Hood just be a wonderful sports camp where people discharge their emotions on the field and later yuck it up over a beer. It can't be that, however, for two reasons.

One, hyperviolent prone World inhabitants still require the martial services of the Agency, and two, human sacrifice must be real or it simply isn't fun. Whack a ball with a wooden stick and see how far it goes in order to beat back an opponent? Nah. They've gotta be real dead.

Related to this is baseball's World Series extending past October, into November 4 to be precise. On that date the Yankees won yet another title simply by being able to earlier outbid the other teams for the best players. I tried to look a bit at the debate about whether what the Yankees did was legit, but I got so nauseated by the brazen idiocy of those who blap that it was.

I hear things like, "What about the fact that the Mets didn't win this year? Whaddya say about that?" This is like saying a shark doesn't eat because some of the fish are left in the water.

Just a quick note for the pathetically uninformed. Take the 15 World Series since the strike year of 1994, which effectively handed the free agency advantage unabashedly to the biggest metro/media teams. Then consider teams from just the four largest and most favored of those, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Teams from those areas have nine of those titles.

9 of 15.*

Miami (the Florida Marlins)--really just New York South and a large metro/media area itself--had two. Atlanta, Arizona, St. Louis, and Philadelphia round out the totals. Philadelphia is itself also a huge metro/media market and Arizona squeaked in to win the 2001 affair because of a gift loan so it could buy the two best pitchers in baseball and a gift errant throw into center field by the pitcher in the ninth inning of the seventh game--otherwise the Yankees would have had yet another title.

It's all human sacrifice, just with different faces.

The vicissitudes of November. Not a whole lot different from the vicissitudes of other times, really.

It is just sad so many haven't a clue as to how the vicissitudes are so often arranged to play them like fiddles.

Some more about human sacrifice is here. Some words about the Antidote to the virulent hyperviolence done for human sacrifice is here. My latest home page piece addresses how the U.S. Constitution is an intregal part of all the human sacrifice. A piece about what Adrian Veidt did is here.

*The major league baseball teams winning from those four largest metro/media areas were the Yankees (96, 98, 99, 00, 09) the Red Sox (04, 07) the White Sox (05) and the Angels (02).

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Constitutionalist Crusade

Mark Levin is a talk-show host I sometimes listen to because I really like his bulldog attitude towards all things foolish. His popular book Liberty and Tyranny is a being read voraciously by the conservative set.

Levin frequently offers a typical rationale for his entertaining rants, and it pretty much comes down to this.

"The Constitution says so!" (Or "The Constitution doesn't say so!" as the case may be)

Quite a few loyal Americanists feed on The Document for their political sustenance, and that is perfectly fine for those who like cruising in the hyperviolent crusade against other threatening savages. Americanist liberty means those other guys can't dick with them and the constitutionally authorized force of the law should make that happen. Tyranny to the Americanist is when those other guys get the upper hand and they get to rail against them with the most enthusiastic revulsion.

I address this a bit more in my webzine's home page, and share a bit of what I think is a reasonable alternative to the Constitutionalist savagery.