Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It Is Always About Your God

On September 24, 2015, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church spoke to the entire U.S. Congress in the House of Representatives chamber. He was received with ravishing applause, and as he spoke the then-Speaker of the House and top Republican leader John Boehner blubbered.

The very day after this event Boehner not only resigned his Speaker position but left the Congress all together. This was portrayed as nothing but a minor political calculation, something similar to "I want to spend more time with my family", and was summarily dismissed as of no matter by just about everyone.

I'm pretty sure I know why Boehner bolted, and while I'm pretty sure some could see this, I saw no one write or speak about it.

The pope, a seasoned Jesuit, very eloquently made the case that the U.S. government needed to get off its ass and start helping people more -- way more, because there was this disadvantaged person and that disadvantaged person and think of the suffering. Boehner simply could not reconcile his intense Catholic devotion with the supposed Republican agenda of making sure disadvantaged people continue to suffer through lack of government action.

He simply couldn't handle the agonizing disconnect anymore.

Boehner is merely one of millions hypnotized by the idea that government simply must confiscate the productive value of some people in order to hand it over to other people, and if you disagree with that then you must be some kind of bigoted racist Neanderthal.

Now please know that this is legitimate activity of Cain's legacy -- comprised chiefly of the U.S. government, the Roman Catholic Church, and the banking system. It is designed specifically to keep people outside of the Kingdom of God from murdering one another in spite of their insatiably murderous desires.

This means that everything anyone does is determined by which god they worship. Even if they claim to worship no god they are still worshipping something man-made, man-devised, man-imagined. Thing is, what hath that belief wrought?

The question is not only, what does your god tell you to do, but where did the things he tells you come from?

There is so much idiocy pumped into the World System by people with the most vibrant devotion to their god, whatever it is, so much of it to propel the Society's work of destabilizing everything so they may have their way with your soul. It is so much that I try to put some of it down in my webzine and in my blog.

I'm writing this post simply to direct your attention to a few more of those observations I've put in my latest home page piece.

Thing is, there is so much more.

I may get to it sometime.