Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bill Nye, the Spokeshole Guy, Part II

In my first post about this Bill Nye video "proving" the "science" of abortion, I addressed three things, (1) that comprehending reality does require some measure of insight and wisdom, (2) that the science wholly favors the full complete humanness of a baby from conception to birth, and (3) that Jesus Christ has a full measure of forgiveness and salvation offered to anyone who's had an abortion, endorsed it, or even now tries to rationalize it like Bill Nye.

Another critical aspect simply cannot be dismissed, and that is the World System has the most elaborate ways to convince people that what Bill Nye is saying is worth anything except as inducements to keep committing human sacrifice against one another.

Interesting that the Bill Nyes all around will say things like "Oh that silly religious talk, get with the science -- it is them who are saying worthless things." Oh?

Prove that.

See, they can't prove their claims that we should pay attention to what they say the science tells them. Why don't they adopt the same burden of proof they expect of us?

They can't.

But it sounds so seductive to those who are blind and deaf to reality and truth, and refuse to allow God to heal them of their blindness and deafness. Here is their claim, essentially:

"God is a fairy tale and we have the default position. We can then be mildly tolerant and ingratiating regarding their silly beliefs but be comfortable with the assurance that the powerful media voices will always promote this view and ::whew:: we don't have to be responsible to a just God after all."

They simply cannot grasp that this is a position that has no merit beyond an excuse to refuse to see reality.

Recently I came across a marvelous piece by Thomas Sowell, the second of a series entitled "Charlatans and Sheep". Here it is, happy to share it with you.

World Operatives have always done things to draw people from God, and this program Sowell calls "the legacy of slavery" is one of the most effective. The Bill Nye position: You religious people are the slaveholding minded, while we are the "open-minded free-thinking" people.

Look what it has wrought.

The sexual revolution has reached some kind of critical mass with this massive acceptance of the normalcy of sodomy, which ultimately means any firm conception of marriage and family is now eviscerated. The only thing this can bring is hatred for anyone with whom we have to do because those individuals only become a means to an end.

Too many will claim all this is just happening -- oh well. It's bad, but, oh well. Not even. It has all been designed, arranged, planned, implemented -- and all of it pumped through a number of different channels straight into the minds and hearts of those who refuse to take refuge in The One Who Is Wisdom.

Covered in the sweetest sounding "science" rationalizations, all the System indoctrination only makes the habitual human sacrifice even more acceptable.

Thing is, Sowell will only recommend certain System solutions, and even then his writing is filled with resignation and despair because he does have some wisdom to see the bankruptcy of that System. Be assured the System must be in place and fully functioning, Bill Nye is just one tiny cog in that however many people's beliefs are further calcified by all this.

Sowell calls them "charlatans", and while they are that, they do their jobs with exceptional proficiency as long as their are people who actually buy his schtick and live by its precepts.

Or, even better...

See it for what it is, leave it with all deliberate speed, and turn to Christ.

One more thing that must be noted, and this is one of the most ironic things of all. It is that the Bill Nye-oriented pluralist-materialist detractor mentality is pounded into their brains largely through the machinations of the religious institution they so revile!

Again, maybe Bill Nye can't see who he's working for. Maybe he does but likes getting paid terrific money to keep spouting the silliness he does. Certainly those who are gripping him by the naughty bits know that he's a fine blitherer for the System.

How about you? What are you listening to? Who is the one putting those things into your mind? Your  heart? Your soul?

Who is your Lord?

For a bit more on the religious influences on those who say they hate religion except for their patronizing attitude toward it, check out my webzine. Go to this page for the most succinct explanation of this phenomenon.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Bill Nye, the Spokeshole Guy

My attention was brought to a video Bill Nye "the Science Guy" did to proclaim that science "proves" that abortion is perfectly okay. After reading about its content, I went ahead and watched a bit of it, and sure enough it is worthless pap spouted by World Ops to convince everyone that people are perfectly justified to continue committing acts of modern human sacrifice against other human beings.

Nye's first argument revolves around the statement that fertilized ova die all the time through natural means, so the clear intimation is that mothers are perfectly within their rights to terminate the lives of their own fertilized ova.

So that means that if I'm carrying on my back a fellow hiker with an injured leg, and we're walking on a narrow trail along a high ledge, the instant I get tired of this I'm good with just throwing him down the steep incline to his death? I mean, people slip and stumble off cliffs while hiking and die all the time.

What is so appalling about this whole Bill Nye defends abortion crap is that it is presented as science and that so many mainstream news outlets promoted it as such. It still blows my mind the breadth of the stultifyingly benighted idiocy of the people buying this -- and there are millions who do.

They simply do not think, they haven't the smallest amount of common sense -- or decency for that matter -- yet

I do grieve for them because they are so thoroughly seduced by the Father of Lies.

So, as I've said many times before, I just pray for them.

Here's the truth, in case you're interested, and want the truth about things.

First of all, Bill Nye isn't doing science he's doing philosophy. There isn't a scintilla of science in his video. Just saying he's a science guy doesn't mean squat. In fact, really, he's just a pathetic spokeshole for the people put these words in his mouth. Remember the equally idiotic "debate" he had with Ken Ham about evolution? The news media lapped it up, but it was merely a modern-day carnival show. Ridiculous.

Secondly, here's the -- I confess philosophy -- but it is indeed the scientifically based reality of human beings.

A fertilized ovum that progresses from conception to old age is a human being, as classified by all the characteristics fully accepted by every reputable scientist.

The resolve: A human embryo is an individual, living, human being.

1. She is an individual. She is distinct from her mother, her father, and other living things.

2. She is living. Her body is characterized by metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.

3. She is human. She carries DNA with a distinctly human genetic signature from the instant of conception.

4. She is a being. She is a self-contained, self-integrated entity with her own nature. She has the innate capacity to proceed through the full series of developmental stages.

Because she is an individual, living, human being just like us, only at a different stage of development, just like a toddler or a teenager, she must be afforded all the protections of life that all human beings enjoy.

Therefore: No justification for "terminating" her is reasonable, whether for the convenience of not caring for her or for any other expressed purpose. If she is indeed an individual, living, human being, then it is absolutely, categorically, unequivocally a moral crime of the highest order to take her life.

Thirdly, I must add that there is forgiveness, healing, and salvation for those who've consented to abortions or endorse making them available. Jesus Christ opens His arms to the worst of the abortion-minded.

But is Bill Nye going to speak about that? And why not?

It isn't just because he's a committed materialist, but because he gets paid big money to keep being that spokeshole for the System.

Hey, everyone's got a job to do.