Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Exorcism of Rosie O'Donnell

Was talking with a friend Wednesday night and he mentioned that the producers of Loose Change were going to appear on The View the following morning. For those who don't know, Loose Change is a documentary that merely asks the penetrating questions about what really happened on 9/11. The View is one of those banal "Regis and Kathie Lee" talkoramas hosted by four hip happenin' women.

Wow, I thought, here're the guys who put chinks the size of planets in the official 9/11 theory on a mainstream morning talk show--hmm, what's that mean?

Turns out they didn't appear at all. Just so happened that on Wednesday Rosie O'Donnell and her rival conservative host on the show Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into quite the heated shouting match. I know nothing about how they do these things, but I'm thinking O'Donnell wanted to pull the Loose Change guys over by the scruff of the neck and plop them down on the show to boast, "See! See! I told you all that the U.S. is just as much a terrorist outfit."

What do you do with that? Even if those guys got on the show, even if they proved beyond the teensiest of a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was an inside job (they definitely go a long way to doing that), what would happen? I'll tell you what would happen.

You'd just get more of the Culture War. The Radical Selfists, the Rosie group, would continue their pathetically annoying screeching about how much the George Bushes of the world need a good spanking. The Devout Romanists, the Elisabeth Hasselbeck crew, would continue to shriek in their particularly irritating way that it's all just a bunch of crazy consipiracy blabbing and the U.S. is wholesome and good and righteous and all the rest of it.

Then it degenerates into precisely what the Rosie-Elisabeth tiff ended with.

Loud pointless name-calling.

Really all Culture War battles end this way. It's all they have. So after Rosie and Elizabeth called each other cowards for ten minutes, the show ended, and with it Rosie's tenure and the Loose Change exposure.

What would happen if they actually did that thing that God kind of wants us to do a little bit more of, just a little bit more the thing it seems most people actually do so little of? How about


Could they both ask questions about what they really mean by what they say? Could they actually find out what is actually truly happening all around? Would they be willing to read the words of the One who knows?

And then would they find Him, see Him, have a desire to understand Him and know Him and get out of the World that is all violence to revel in a place in which they would actually be friends and not just objects of gleeful derision by the World's inhabitants?

Yeah, that would require them to know Christ as He is, and what He really says about things.

Yeah, you're right...

That would really spoil the show.

What do you think about what would happen if Loose Change got mainstream press like this? And did their appearance get sabotaged for some reason? And does it matter at all since it seems none of them will actually find Truth anyway?

For a small prompt on who the One is, the One who is Freedom itself, peek here.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Note on the Immigration Front

Just wanted to make a quick note about my last post from two days ago. I thought that the referenced immigration bill had already been passed by Congress. Apparently it has not been, and is now merely being considered. Keep in mind, however, that whatever bill is passed that is not about (a) completely sealing off the border and (b) deporting every illegal immigrant residing here now is still some form of letting everyone in who wants to come in.

I should also clarify something else. I intimated that the U.S. is actually impotent when it comes to true law enforcement, and that it will ultimately collapse just as Rome once did. When I speak this way, I am merely pointing out the less obvious but quite certain truths about the macropolitical maneuverings of the rulers of evil.

What even fewer people see is that even the U.S.--as was Rome itself-- is expendable with regards to the machinations the General executes to do his job. In other words, all the rigmarole about Iraq and immigration, whatever it is, is just window-dressing, really. People rant and rave about this or that injustice-- it's all fine playful frittering.

Whatever happens, strong forceful immigration bill or not, achieved stability in Iraq or not, the General will still mess with people's minds and hearts around the globe in thousands of different ways--even tossing aside the very hegemonies that seem so monolithic-- to keep them away from the one, single, solitary thing that would free them:

The One Person Who Loves Them.

Oh yes that One is Jesus Christ.

But be careful. The General knows this too well. He's got thousands of Jesuses at the ready for you to seek so you'll still be in his clutches.

Some of those Jesuses are here. And an idea of who "The General" is, is here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Immigration Front of The War

Recently Congress passed an immigration reform bill that says a bunch of stuff about what to do about the illegal immigration situation. What this legislation does is merely carve in stone the status quo: a lot of people coming into this country from Mexico-- and staying for some time-- because the political and economic conditions in that country are so pathetic.

The elite punditry do a lot of bouncing and banging off a bunch of walls that have something to do with the issue-- it makes your head spin watching it. But if you carefully look at immigration it can be narrowed down to this:

1. A whole lotta people hate living in a crappy place and want to come to the U.S.
2. The U.S. only has so much productive capacity-- as impressive as it is-- and an inordinate increase in population does strain that.
3. The U.S. can do one of two things to ameliorate this:

  • Put an electric fence along the border with great big signs every fifty feet or so that say in Spanish, "If you touch this fence you will die." Then round up every illegal, put them on a bus, and drop them off over the border. Do this for however long it takes.
  • Open the borders and let them all in. After all, U.S. officials are lying when they say, "Keep them out" but let some in illegally with whatever the Congress has in mind. Anything short of a fence and a concerted deportation effort is a lie. They simply aren't enforcing fair immigration law, and a bill like the one just passed is just letting them all in.

Before I move on with the logical consequence of such a move, please note that I am making no value judgment whatsoever, I simply have no position on this. I just want to tell the truth about things.

As it seems that they are leaning toward the second option there, it must be pointed out that if everyone is let in-- irrespective of their pretend efforts at "enforcement"-- an estimated 70 million Mexicans would come into the U.S. That is about two-thirds of the entire country. Therefore, the only reasonable and truthful action the U.S. should take is to annex Mexico.

Obviously there are drawbacks to this. One is the war we would have to wage to do that. Ahh, too bloody, bringing too much negative press. Another is that most Americans just don't want to adopt the mess that is Mexico. Even the pro-illegal hold-the-May-Day-rally crowd would squirm at that prospect. Mmm, nah.

So the World Operatives have another plan.

This piece of legislation.

See, if the U.S. annexed Mexico, it would be doing precisely what the Romans did, engaging in policies that contributed to its downfall. Rome was experiencing exactly the same thing-- lots of people from just outside the empire either coming into Rome or asking for its help with the capricious dictates of their rulers. So Rome would invade, set up spiffy colonial rule, and all was well. Until they stretched themselves too thin. Then it imploded from edges.

Meaning the people all around who Rome felt it had to conquer and govern got quite miffed at the its audacity, and they tenaciously moved in and cracked the imperial hegemony.

Don't think this is not being reflected in the real world today? Look at Iraq. The U.S. is doing exactly the same thing--in essence it is annexing Iraq. At least trying to. And sure enough, the going is quite rough.

But since Iraq is really geographically just Babylon, what do you expect from the U.S? Don't you think it'd want to establish its firm presence in the place of ol' great grandpappy? Joined together again. How sweet.

The fact is that the U.S. (-the legacy of Babylon, Rome, all of it) will have its downfall, also. It is the last link in the rulership chain of mankind's history. The Bible is very clear about it. The U.S. now bumbles about doing all this Iraq war and immigration reform stuff, because it can't go all the way to prosecute sinners as it has been charged to do. Rome couldn't and the U.S. can't.

The Restrainer is in the way.

Some day He will step aside, everyone will then see clearly the man of lawlessness, and the fireworks will go off. Thing is,

You don't want to be in the midst of that show.

Want to be in the Safe Place? Read the book of John in the Bible. You'll see His words to you and His offer of true sanctuary. Want to know more about this "Restrainer" stuff? Read the second chapter of the second letter to the Thessalonians.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The War, Addendum Three

Novelist Ishmael Reed once pointed out, "The history of the world is the history of warfare between secret societies."

In writing recently about war, as in The War, I made a point that cannot be underscored enough: You won't see what's really happening from the killing that happens, though that's where most people look.

You see it in the deceit.

The tricky part is that by definition, particularly good deceit is nearly impossible to distinguish from the truth.

Unless... (More on that in a moment.)

A recent op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times (May 6, 2007) had a take on former director George Tenet's At the Center of the Storm as merely one of a spate of tell-all tomes from high-level CIA officials once in-the-know. It seems many are fascinated by the published exposure of various covert activities-- titillated by the discovery of some nefarious undercover intrigue or twisted destabilization plot.

The only thing is that the most renowned secret society of all is not so secret, for the very reason that it is so, well, renowned. It is all just great drama, albeit with a seasoning of verity that makes it modestly appealing. It is silly to think anything of value comes from these James Bon--er--excuse me, I should say sly stealth and deftly clever CIA deep op stories. It was even noted that former chief William Colby was fined $10,000 for permitting certain "sensitive" information to remain in the French version of his memoir.

$10,000. That must've been some World War III threatening information. Scary.

In fact, the op-ed reveals the two unwritten rules for publication. One, don't say anything that hurts anybody. You'd think this would be explosive news, but really: What's the point? Everything the CIA does hurts someone, even when it does what it does best: bumble around pretending to get intelligence.

Rule two is don't say anything that makes things difficult for those still at Langley. What difference would this make, since the organization makes its living off difficult problems, especially the kind that are actually just grand spectacular Walt Disney simulations?

So what you've got is this. Books and books and more books that essentially say, "Remember that pipeline sabotage in Peru? That was us." (Reader: "Oooo, I knew it!") "And that small arms deal with the rebels in Zimbabwe? Yep, uh-huh, us." (Reader: "Wow, this is grreat!")

What they refuse to get is that the word police is always painstakingly vigilant, so much so that they are indeed part of the drama. It was said that recent chief Porter Goss blared "I will redact the [expletive] out of your book no one will want to read it."

Really, we should give them credit. These guys have sustained a quite lucrative literary genre: non-fiction fiction. It was actually started a long time ago by the preeminent agent of Cain, and recently he offered up a splendid example.

While he was in South America, the pope stated that any Mexican politician who endorses abortion is excommunicated already. Whoa. Quite the politically incorrect pontiff, he is.

Of course the Romanist word police sprang into action. They twisted the words around in the official press release so that we all would understand that the pope actually meant that excommunication is merely standard church practice that happens to anyone who does something bad in some way that is official and against the church and something something.

The fact that they do this frequently is something papal spokesman Federico Lombardi explained quite candidly. "Every time the pope speaks, improvising, the Secretariat of State reviews and cleans up his remarks."

Why is this just so lost on people? Why don't they get that when intelligence officials incessantly "redact the [expletive] out of things" and "clean up remarks" in whatever capacity, political or ecclessiastical, that Truth is not anywhere in or around them?

The only meaningful truth is that it happens. And then what do you do with that? After you've gotten your ooo's and ahh's out, where are you then? After you've discovered in the end what idiocy it all is, then what?

Every murder follows deceit.

Want to avoid murder?

Find the One who is Truth in His very being.

Jesus Christ is the only way by Whom you cannot be deceived. In my webzine's home page piece I mentioned having the mind of Christ, and some may think that is arrogant as all-get-out. But really, all it means is that you know the things He would think because you know Him, read His word, pray without ceasing, humbly commit to loving Him and serving Him and loving others from that.

When you love with His love, you can't be deceived. This "having the mind of Christ" and "being incapable of being deceived" is not just me spouting off. It is what Scripture says of those who follow Him.

The key in all of this is to let Him know you want Him to show you what the truth is from what the deceit is. It is in Rome where the deceit drives The War-- and people get murdered.

In the Kingdom you won't be murdered. Oh certainly, you may lose your physical life in this temporal realm, perhaps at the hands of a dutiful World operative who may be prosecuted by Caesar to be made an example of.

But you won't be murdered-- you are always in His embrace, never separated from His love.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The War, Addendum Two

In the last post I made mention of how much I feel it when I see people so blatantly deceived, and thought about the possibility that a reader may ask, "Why do you get so upset about that? What is it to you if people believe wrongly about something?"

Good point, in the sense that another's problems or issues or situations just shouldn't affect me that much. After all, I'm pretty secure, I'm not too codependent--why then can't I just live and let live, as they sometimes say?

But it still gets to me, and for good reason. Well, there are a number of good reasons.

One, what another thinks and feels does affect me. We were made to feel deeply about others--to be in community. I've always considered the parable of the people dancing too close to the cliff. There they are, dancing gleefully away, yet every once in a while one stumbles, and too frequently they don't catch themselves. Over they go. This has been expressed in any number of ways through the ages-- one that is meaningful to me is Holden Caufield's "catcher in the rye."

When someone that I care for, indeed someone who is anyone gets a bit too close to the edge, I feel it. Dancing is great, but when someone doesn't pay any attention when I note, "Hey, you're too close," and he or she falls off, that hurts-- I'm not judging, I'm just telling the truth. I really think God made it so it would be that way. So yeah, when I call the deception for what it is, there's just nothing wrong with that.

Someone may genuinely say, "Hey, aren't you deceived also about some things? Can't you cut someone else a break?" Yeah, sure. I don't mind people not getting it but actually wanting to in some way. This is the essence of learning. That's great.

It is the willful even stubborn insistence on being in the deception that gets me. The main reason this is such a big deal is that other people's deception ends up at some violent end somewhere for someone. I like it when people are not at the end of violence somewhere. If I can help see that happen then good. It's a big reason I do all this blog and webzine stuff.

I once came across a young apologist in a written piece about truth say this:

"I know that I believe false things."

Huh? I'm certain he was trying to take the high road and be all "I still need to learn too." That's cool. But think about it.

How do you know you believe false things?

If you knew, you'd know they were false and you'd work to not know them as false anymore, or at least confess you don't know... yet if that were the case you wouldn't know then, would you?

It really is just a goofy thing to say. Unless you go around boasting about things you just don't know about, then it is criminally foolish.

Here in my blog and in my 'zine I long for people to call me on the things I say. Where are all those people? I'm not saying they're not out there, they may just not see my stuff. I understand that. What I still wonder in the most visceral sense is, where are all the people addressing Catholicist Nation stuff? I see it in so few places.

As it is I see people going on and on and on in The War asking questions like that asked of the latest YouTube phenomena, a lonelygirl15-wanna-be and equally vapid dweebette named GreenTeaGirlie. In the Los Angeles Times was this profound question:

"Is She For Real?"

Just by virtue of the question being asked says people are into truth even when they say it shouldn't matter. What I also think is when Truth is brought up, people get skittish and slink away. In fact I'm certain the consideration of a medium like the Times is not "Hey, is any of this really aligned with Truth?" but rather "Does GreenTeaGirlie match up with our [the World's] conception of truth?"

Where are the people who are asking what is truly True? And actually welcoming with open arms that Truth? And rejoicing in it--letting us all know they do have it, and by golly they don't believe false things any more?

And where are the people who do know about the World's machinations, but don't allow themselves to get sucked into "Ooo I'm so angry we have to yell and scream and stop George Bush Dick Cheney the IRS the CIA the LAPD the real 9/11 perpetrators the socialist/fascist whatever-whatevers..."

So yeah. I do get a bit sorrowful. It's normal. Just seeing so many smart, intelligent, articulate people just stuck in the deep black tar pit that is The War.

So many falling off the cliff.

Can I help it if I want to help them not fall off anymore? That I so want to introduce them to the One who'd rescue them from their peril yet they just don't want Him because they're perfectly fine believing false things?


Thursday, May 03, 2007

The War, Addendum One

Having a blog to augment a webzine is awesome. Here is where I get to lay it all out, even though I hope to do that at the 'zine only a bit more formally. The difference with the blog is that I can just talk-- you may get a bit more of me.

I want to talk in this post about my latest piece. (It's here if you haven't seen it yet.) I went into it thinking I'd have that baby down and out and bam there it is. But as I got going with it, it just started to overwhelm me. I just found so much stuff that amplifies the harrowing reality of The War. I just had the damndest time leaving things out.

So here with the blog I can add stuff, and with the 'zine at future dates I can go into other areas of The War. One such area that I'm thinking about looking into is a great theological question that has certainly been addressed before, and that is, "Does Jesus Christ commit violent acts?" I mean, what's the deal with that question? Well, that's for later.

For now, here's this piece on The War. I've had to work really hard not to go back and do too much tinkering with it. I uploaded it last Sunday, made a few alterations (mostly grammatical) the past couple of days, and I mean it, I'm going to leave it like that. There it is.

So here's more of that stuff.

Just yesterday I looked at the latest Time magazine (May 7, 2007), and came across this article. "How to prevent the next Darfur. Step one: Get serious about climate change."

Now as a follower of Christ, at least in America, I'm supposed to display such modicum of comportment that I'm damn near stoic. "Ooo, don't get mad at anything, then you'll give away your certainty that Jesus has everything in his hands, now..." "Ooo, don't feel to deeply about things, after all you know Calvin was right about God deciding it all beforehand anyway so what difference does it make." (Okay, don't get me started on that now...)

But this Time magazine thing. Yeah, I feel deeply when I see things like that, because they are so insipid. Really, this headline could have just as easily said, "How to prevent the next case of Type II diabetes. Step one: fix the left taillight on my Chevy."

Yes, I get angry. Yes, I even weep because people read this and treat it with any seriousness at all. Here's what the reality is for the people of Darfur, and I'll put it exactly the way it should be:

"How to prevent the next Darfur. Step one: introduce them to Jesus Christ."

Here're the facts of it. The world will always have places where it is a bit more inhospitable for people to live. I think I saw there were a few more individuals who've taken up residence in New York City than, say, a place of similar size in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

So if there is a place that is desolate, then here's the solution: Get them to a place that's conducive for habitation.

Oh yeah? They're stuck there you say? Why? Because people who haven't known Christ haven't been able to love enough to help them. In fact, wretched people have been let loose in whatever capacity-- government, business, rebellion, whatever it is it doesn't matter-- to exploit them and they do that because they live in a fetid darkness that only Christ can dispel.

The War is all over this because too many well-meaning people get in the mix and offer all kinds of humanist "solutions" to the Darfur situation and all it does is keep these people in destitution. They utilize the great deception they've been taught by operatives assigned the task of keeping people in this crap, and one critical part of that pathetic deceit is simply that Jesus Christ is a fairy tale.

"Oh yes we respect Jesus and his followers but well, he's just a fairy tale so keep him out of our serious people's serious attempts to help the poor struggling Sudanese."


Yeah, just feeling it.

And there is so much of this kind of pukifying pap that I want to throw up sometimes. There's just so damn much more than this.

But joy! Much more to address for future blogs. Got to stop there, before my brain explodes. My heart cracks in a dozen places. Or worse... I don't know. Something worse. But that's not hard looking at The War.

Needless to say there is The Ambassador, from whom I get sanctuary. I just pray incessantly that others would find their sanctuary from Him as well.

For more thoughts on Darfur, I did a home page piece a few months ago about it.