Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Death of the Algorithm

Today I came across this piece in the Washington Post, and it kind of surprised me. I'd been seeing all this stuff about how great Bitcoin is and will be and let's all jump on the digital currency bandwagon and all our economic lives will be perfectly delightful all the time.

Now some have come to see the reality of its lethal inadequacies.

The problem is that the author of the piece is still an entrenched World inhabitant, believing if we just got at the algorithm, or, really, I should say The Algorithm, then all our economic lives will be perfectly delightful all the time.


Not surprised mind you. It is typical folly, I understand. I have nothing against any kind of currency, digital or otherwise -- these are just convenient tools to help with financial affairs. It's all good.

The problem is that people are deaf, dumb, and blind to the real issue. Oh, when I tell you what it is you'll say "Yeah yeah, I know that." When I tell you the solution, you'll say "Yeah yeah I know all about that now get outta here."

Huh. Too bad. Deaf dumb blind people won't find what they think they're looking for. When they write fine but ridiculous pieces that keep screeching "IF WE JUST HAD THE ALGORITHM THEN EVERYTHING'D BE GREAT DAMMIT" they look even more pathetic. And when they join up with millions of smart, educated business-oriented types to incessantly blither all this, damn, that's just frightening.

More smart, educated but deaf dumb blind people staying moored to the World.

But again, sorry, no worries. The World will always be filled with useful idiots who can't even fathom the truths I'm sharing here. I get that. I still do this because maybe there are some who'll read this, or just start to want to be able to see and hear so they'll find The Answer.

The reason the economic world is so benighted is much of what the WaPo piece said. Not hard really: People are assholes. Every single one of them. Me too. I don't do asshole things because the exchange apparatus allows me to, I do asshole things because I can manipulate the system and I can exploit its weaknesses and I can't help but commit acts of human sacrifice to enrich myself with the enablement of other powerful people doing the same thing.

It's my heart that is the problem.

There are two antidotes to the heart problem.

One is the law. Caesar ruthlessly enforces that, except against the people who keep him in power, the rent-seekers who manage to grab a hold of much of the value extraction gravy. Thing is, following the law will only get you some comfort here, in this life. Indeed it isn't much at that, because all the law does is interminably condemn. Ouch. Never mind that someone steeped in his or her sin is living with the greatest pain anyway. It isn't the law that is the issue, it is the asshole-ness. It is still hell, and will be for eternity unless this basic issue is addressed.

The way out is Jesus Christ. Really, in reality, you saying to Him, "Get me outta this. Have me be merciful like You." No, don't shuffle off to some minion of Caesar you think'll make it better for you. Sometimes those people are church people who attend assemblies with 501c3 contracts -- they're just as much in Caesar's service as anyone. No, it is Him, your humble commitment to Him, what He did on the cross, and His Kingdom.

Go ahead, shrug this off. Go ahead and say idiotic things like, "Oh, that's just not for me, that's just not my religion, I'm just not into that fairy tale stuff, that's all good for you and I'm happy for you." Go ahead.

And keep worshiping The Algorithm.

Go ahead. You look like someone slavering at finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I see you there, you look silly, if you'll excuse me for saying. Yeah, you're not the only one. The WaPo writer is too. The Bitcoin guy who bailed on his own invention is. The blockchain people are and everyone who think that's the answer. Every single person maniacally trying to find something that'll work.

They won't look at their own heart, though.

I wrote a lot about this here. I've written about all this in other places at my webzine, would love for you to look around there. Let me know what you think, would be happy to hear from you.

I just want you to not be deaf and blind anymore.

And be able to see and hear

Because of Him.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mad Max and the War Room

I saw two movies the other night. My son and my wife picked up two movies from Red Box I actually wanted to see, and so I watched them.

The first was War Room, the second was Mad Max: Fury Road. I'd recently seen that Mad Max got an Oscar nomination for best picture. Hmm, maybe it's pretty good.

So I watched them. War Room was a powerful, engaging, touching, compelling drama about the beauty and wonder of prayer and fostering a relationship with a God who heals and saves. Yes it was predictable and melodramatic, yes. But it was a wonderful film that addressed real life concerns in a profoundly moving way.

Mad Max, on the other hand, was a bloated, contrived, ridiculous waste of time. In the interest of trying to come up with the grandest hyperkinetic mega-dystopian thrill ride you'd ever see, you got a gruesome, psychotic, completely uninteresting pile of pap. 87% of it featured big bad-ass kick-ass-looking vehicles doing battle in the desert showcasing the wildest cinematography and CGI ever, and after about ten minutes of this I was bored silly. Oh, and it was just as predictable, just as melodramatic.

And yet, here're the Metacritic scores, a compilation of all the major mainstream journalistic reviews (scale of 0-100): War Room, 26, in the red as one of the worst. Mad Max, 89, in the green as one of the best.

Who are these reviewers?

I'll tell you who they are. They're brought up feeding in the fetid trough of humanist, postmodern dreck fed to them by the deepest politics World Operatives keeping them enslaved like all those people in Mad Max, and even the couple in War Room. The difference is the Mad Max people are "freed" because some cool rebels take down the dictator to get them more goodies. Whee.

In War Room the couple finds God and then finds Him exploding into their lives with mercy, grace, charity, wisdom, humility, understanding, and lovingkindness.

Something else too.


After I'd seen these two movies I flipped over to a religious channel and caught a talk by someone at a Ravi Zacharias event. I don't know the name of the speaker, but he said something extraordinarily profound.

He made reference to Pride and Prejudice, when a man expressed to a love interest (please forgive me, I'm not familiar with the novel and don't remember the character's names) that he loved her, but it went against everything he felt and believed and whatever. Thinking this would make it more meaningful to her, he was surprised when she rebuffed him.

She declared that if he was feeling this way against his will, then his love could not then be a true love.

The speaker made the profound point that you cannot truly love without judgment. That is, you have to really be able to judge things, to judge people, to know what you are truly getting into. Love only counts when you know the individual with insightful judgment, and you love them anyway.

Those reviewers don't know anything because they don't honor the principle of that kind of judgment. They've been told judgment is baaad, don't do it! Yet ironically they still judge what they believe is right and true, they just want to do it by adding they don't judge, that they're hip and open and with-it and broad-minded.

I'm sure they hated War Room because they "don't want to be preached at." Do you know how many times I hear that from people who've been put off by religion? I get why! Catholicist-driven religion is a total put-off! I get that!

But whenever they see a film like War Room, where the message is overtly and unashamedly about Christ and His healing power and saving grace, they just shove it away with "Don't want to be preached at."

To be fair, only about a dozen reviewers contributed their thoughts about War Room in Metacritic, again, most all of them reviled it. Nearly fifty gave the most glowing marks to Mad Max, but then that just says it in a different way. "What? Another Christian movie? With people praying? Count me out. What's that movie you're all seeing? Another Mad Max crazy slugfest-across-the-desert, but better? I'm on my way."

Funny, are you not preaching at me when you say something like Mad Max is worth a damn? Really, isn't that what these smug reviewers are doing? Are they not simply saying "See this film about the workers' struggle for economic freedom, about the power to make your own meaning from absurdity, about the meaningless of life and how much you need violent rebels to fight against the man! And look at how cool it all looks!"

Oh, I hear the substance of your preaching, I'm respectful. I listen to it and consider it. I do.

How about you listen to Christ?

And then see His hand extended to you, there for you to place yours?

Friday, January 01, 2016

The World System's Resolutions for You: Don't Be Extreme and Don't Be Too Big To Fail

It's a new year and everyone seems to have renewed commitments to be better in some way.

This year the most prominent System operatives continued to pound down the things you should do so they'll like you.

In September Pope Francis told Congress, and by default all good Americanists, that they should not be too extreme about things. Avoid "extremism" he said, in so many words. Hmm. I wonder. Does he believe in that sentiment extremely? Is he not an extremist in avoiding extremism?

No, what the pope really means is "Don't believe in things we say you're not supposed to believe." One of the most brilliantly insidious things Rome does is convince people not to believe in God. I know that sounds counter intuitive -- I mean aren't Catholics all about God? Yeah, but not the God of reality. They have their own god, one showcased by the most spectacular religious institutions to drive people away from the true God.

The other day I saw an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times from a woman who essentially wrote, "I don't believe in God but I enjoy the festivities of the Christmas season." It was lyrical, eloquent, smarmy, and completely idiotic. She regaled us with the ways all the atheist-minded folks gather and do fun quasi-spiritual things together.

I wonder, how do atheists know there is no God? See, they don't even they think through that. Radio talk show blabber Dennis Prager brought this up. Paraphrased, but for the most part it was: "I have one question for the atheist: 'Could it be that you're wrong?' If he/she says 'Yes', I have more respect for them, they may be revealing they're open to the truth. If he/she says 'No', I have nothing but pity for them. They are foolishly resigned to no meaning, no foundation for truth or reality."

As I thought about it, I don't even think atheists even think of it terms of "Yes" or "No". I don't even think they admit they don't know -- agnostics are just as foolish as atheists, but that's a different discussion.

No, what is it that 97% of atheists say?

"I don't even care. Your considerations of God are not even in the realm of my thinking."

And I only think of Cain, sent out from the presence of God forever. No wonder so many just don't even come within a million light-years of getting it. No wonder all you hear is the brazen bleating "I don't even understand what you're talking about."

I happen to catch a sentence written in Tim Keller's latest book about the truth of God or something like that. Peeked at it at Barnes and Noble. I generally don't read too much of a book because I haven't bought the book, but sometimes I'll peek at one thing inside just to see what the take is in a sentence or two. Here's the sentence I happened to read. It was something like, "There is no irrefutable proof of God, but his hand prints are something something." I don't know what he wrote after that, I'd seen enough.

Tim Keller is respected like crazy around modern-day Christendom. But frankly, what he wrote there is tremendously stupid. There are thoroughly irrefutable proofs of God's existence and His activity in the lives of people everywhere. But you know? I understand why Keller wrote that. It is because he's been trained well by the deep politics World Operatives to say that. He's been trained to consider the only things that qualify as proof are things science says in the ways authorized scientists say it supposed to be.

So yeah, if you don't believe what we say you are to believe (the World Op tells the visible power players to say to the spiritually ignorant) then you're an extremist liable to prosecution of some kind.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said in one of the little watched Democrat debates that he's going to go after anything that is "Too Big To Fail". Don't we know about that. 2008. Banks and financial institutions like AIG just too damn big to keep rent dumpers from dumping more bazillions into the hands of the power players who suck value extractees dry.

How eeevil are those too-big-to-fail-ers. No, it isn't that they're too big. It's that too many people have their paws in the pot and want to make sure their take of the booty isn't jeopardized. Sanders is a darling to millions of imbecilic young adults because they want him to use the power of Cain to make sure they get to have their paws in the pot.

Sanders and his useful idiots screech "All large powerful institutions, whether political, financial, or commercial are too big to fail." What will Sanders do when he becomes too big to fail? When he appropriates seven-fold power to crush the wealth-augmenters in this country in favor of the newly victimized class? Never mind that he won't win the presidency -- he doesn't have a chance -- the actual reason he's there is for him to be a useful idiot so the more moderately looking Hillary Clinton can become president so she can do exactly the same things -- only with a bit more lipstick spread around on it.

That's Cain's legacy for you though. Proud city administrators making the city bigger and brighter and bolder. I'm not against cities at all. I like having lots of people around.

The city can't save your soul, however.

It can only mitigate the effects of your sin.

What'd Jesus say?

"Be extreme. Be extreme about your love, your mercy, your gentle but authentic righteousness, your rich expression of truth and grace represented by your self-sacrifice because your Lord was extreme giving His life for yours."

He didn't say it exactly that way, but it is clear Jesus is great with your extremism. Extremism for the Kingdom is the only meaningful kind. Milquetoast people will be spit out of His mouth.

What about too big to fail? Jesus said be so big you can't fail. But being big means you'd give the full measure of your value to sow into the lives of others. That's pretty big. Give it up, and get your soul, held in God's hands for eternity. Keep trying to protect yourself and excuse yourself from believing on Him? You lose everything.

I'm really just sharing all this because I want to introduce my latest home page piece. In doing so I'm fascinated with Psalm 110. You know the most quoted verse in the New Testament is the first verse there? It's so much about God being very extreme and very big about how much He holds on to His Kingdom. All other kings and all other nations will be squashed.


I don't hate people who proudly write about their atheism or religiously follow the precepts of the System church or rigorously champion socialism in all its forms. They're blind and deaf ignoramuses, yes, but the real enemies are the principalities who infect them with these ideas. I liken them to cordyceps, fungi that work their way into insects and kill them in order to feed on their corpses and spread their spores.

Quite an apt metaphor, if you ask me.

Those poor insects should be pitied -- just as people who take in ideas that kill them should be loved too.

So my desire is to love them and share a bit about how they're being infected.

And how they may have healing and salvation and life from the Only One Who Has It.