Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Reality of Governance in Cain's Domain

After an extraordinarily tumultuous confirmation spectacle last week, conservatives cheered the final Senate approval of their darling Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Now we've got our conservative majority. Now we can get things we want done from the court.

Not exactly.

May I offer a hypothetical? You tell me what will happen as a result of this.

A man comes to the court claiming to have standing -- it is quite just. His pregnant wife/girlfriend just had an abortion, and is making the case that she and her abortion doctor murdered the child on the grounds that, indeed, that object in the womb was a human being.

To make it a bit harder for those on the left to object, let's say the man is African-American. Let's also say the aborted baby was a girl. An objection then risks compromising the left's obsession with exploiting minorities for the best virtue signaling.

Here's the thing about that hypothetical. Do you really think it is that uncommon? Not even. So then, what precisely do you think would happen if a black man who's baby girl was murdered in her mother's womb took his case to the Supreme Court? Really, what do you think?

After all, with Kavanaugh added to the court the number of Roman Catholics now numbers six. This should be a slam dunk, you'd think. The gentleman should win his case 6-3, expecting firm dissent from the liberal justices. Six Roman Catholics -- the conservatives Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch (who claims to be Episcopalian but this really isn't much different from Roman Catholic, and he did have a Roman Catholic upbringing), the liberal Sotomayor.

Six devout Roman Catholics to strike down abortion in a nanosecond in a case that could be brought to the court tomorrow.

Yeah, won't happen. It won't happen because the true Romanist powers-that-be will keep it from happening. Rome has no interest in ending abortion in spite of all the lip service, and already has in place dozens of social, political, economic constraints that would keep such a case from being presented. And it if it did, the ruling would most likely be the completely demonic "Let's just leave it to the states to decide."

Whoa. Most conservatives would screech, what's wrong with that idea? I thought that's what we want, overturn Roe v. Wade, states now decide.

A little history, history that is prominent in every high school textbook. Remember when slavery was a bit of an issue, back around the mid-1800s? Remember when Kansas was about to be considered for entry into the union and everyone embraced that ever-so splendid idea of "popular sovereignty"? Let's just let the people decide. Take a peek at what happened.

Pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces flooded into Kansas and committed heinously violent acts against one another -- it's why it was called "Bloody Kansas." Annnd then there was a big old war resulting in hundreds of thousands more lives lost when people didn't just get the memo: slavery is a very very very very bad thing that should be completely and fully outlawed.

So yeah, the idea that states should just decide for themselves leaves millions more babies to die at that hands of immoral mothers (and fathers, really) and diabolical abortion doctors in states that have ever-so democratically decided they like to keep legal the murdering of unborn children.

But then what about the six Supreme Court justices? No, they've already got all the dissembling and casuistry and rationalizations proficiently lined up to keep from making that call. It says quite a bit about the reality of Cain's governance.

And the reality that the World System of which the Supreme Court is only just a part can only put on a fine show while keeping the human sacrifice machine humming along just fine.

Abortion is merely a way for people who must do human sacrifice to keep doing it in one of the many most convenient ways. It is necessary for a reprobate populace, and no Supreme Court-oriented histrionics from any ideological sector will change that.

The only out is Jesus Christ, who Himself gave the final human sacrifice for anyone who wants to appropriate that for freedom and peace and healing and salvation and joy and total complete respect for human life and every and any level. Rome pretends to have it but they don't. Rome is the World System.

Christ rules in the Kingdom and welcomes any and all takers.

And a woman's right to live past the womb will actually be fully protected and authentically celebrated.