Monday, December 22, 2014

First Corinthians, Second Chapter. Get it.

My morning devotional time is now being spent reading the letters to the church in Corinth. I've always put forth those Scriptures as the text for my web ministry work, and getting into it again is just mind-blasting. Well, soul-blasting, really. It is phenomenal how much the Corinthian church mirrors the church today.

Yesterday I heard a Christian-type dude on the Christian radio station say this,"2015 is the time for the church to start evangelizing the church." After hearing this I just went errgghnckrrrghnck inside the depths of my psyche. That people have to say that and most Christianly people hearing that just about always think "Yupp, that's it, yupp we gotta get the church back to being Christian and all that." It is just so annoying because they've been saying this for eons and eons and eons.


2015 won't be any different.


Unless the church actually does something so radical, so revolutionary, so...

Apocalyptic --

...that it actually means anything.

The only thing that is, is to heed the words of the second chapter of that first letter to the Corinthians.

That they'd have the mind of Christ.

That they would actually listen to the Holy Spirit when He informs them of what's what with truth and grace.

Here's a brief but wonderful example of this.

I saw a headline just now. Essentially:

"Pope lights into Vatican leadership as too worldly." Something like that, close enough.

Now, how many Christians go "That's so honest and genuine and righteous and courageous of him! What a wonderful pope, trying to get his own people to be good and wholesome. I'm not Catholic, but all us brothers and sisters in Christ should just be good and wholesome about things! Yeah!"

I'm not against good and wholesome things. I'm not even against the Roman Catholic Church doing its job of sin management through provocations of wickedness in every strata of society as the legacy of Cain engendering more ruthlessness in its hegemony over a reprobate population.

But that's exactly it.

People don't see Rome as what it is.

This Pope Francis. I'm with you on this: the man's a genius. He really is. He's a Jesuit, he should be brilliant. It's a wonder why there hasn't been a Jesuit pope up until now. But that also is exactly it. He's so good at what he does that maybe, just maybe, we are in the last days, with this guy perfect for  fulfilling prophecy by occupying the role of abomination of desolation, as such invited to prominence everywhere because of his great magnanimity even to the sacred seat of the holy place.

And then watch apocalypse happen.

There is only one way to be safe, protected, shielded in the embrace of God in all this.

Go get the mind of Christ.

The only way to do that is to ask Him to have it. He'll just give it to you. But yeah, you've got to give up all the worldly attachments you have yourself. You even have to give up your life.

But no worries.

You'll get His life instead.

And the Kingdom thrown in.

Talk about apocalypse.