Saturday, November 03, 2018

The Fearful Season

As we get closer to a supposedly extremely important election this upcoming Tuesday, there is one thing that resounds through all the hype.


Everyone is fearful of everyone and everything. In some way or another, the expressions of rage and disgust broadcast from all sides really amount to a whole lot of fear. You can cut it with a knife it is so thick.

And yet in the national psyche there is a palpable desire to seethe and holler and scratch and claw about the favored cause -- it is so righteous! And it feels sooo good. The most typical is "Trump is a Nazi!" accompanied by the contrasting "Trump is making the country great!"

Oh that these seasoned Catholicists would see the oppressive fear the authorized World Ops are interminably generating and turn authentically to The One Who Frees From All That.

I don't have much time to blog, I just have so much to do with family and work, I think I've reminded my readers of this a number of times. Oh that I could post more on these things and elaborate. I so want to share about the beauty and glory of The Savior, and I do a bit elsewhere online at my webzine -- check it out.

But I will write this real quick.

I've frequently mentioned that part of the sixth chapter of Isaiah that is repeated a number of times in the New Testament, that part about seeing and hearing and understanding to be healed. Oh that people would see and hear and understand, and then they'd find Him and the richest succor for their souls.

What is so fascinating is that after studying that passage from Isaiah in our Bible study I finally realized why God said it like this: "Tell them to keep being blind and deaf and foolish, otherwise they may be healed." I'd always wondered why He'd say it like that. With the "tell them to keep being blind..." and all part. He's telling Isaiah that. Huh.

Well the rest of the passage in the book of Isaiah has the answer. Go ahead, pull out your Bible and read what it says after all the tell-them-to-stay-blind stuff. There in the sixth chapter.

It was because those blind deaf fools needed to see what happens when you continue to be blind and deaf and foolish -- utter and contemptible desolation of their land and livelihoods. God is essentially saying, "It's on you. You have been given all the bountiful wonders of my blessing and you've thrown it all away with your wickedness. You can try to see and hear and understand but if you don't see the consequences you still won't get it. And the healing that would come means absolutely nothing."

And you know what? What happened in Israel is happening in the U.S. right now.

How many people call on the name of the Lord for healing? I'm not saying there aren't any, but we live in a nation with such wealth and prosperity and yet it's being torn asunder from the extraordinarily benighted crusades for or against socialism, sodomism, sexualism, and racialism. Doesn't really matter who wins, it's that the country will destroy itself if it keeps up. But yeah, it's what the World does to itself. It has been doing it for many millennia.

The only way out is calling on the name of the Lord. The antidote to the fear is the Kingdom.

But maybe people need first to behold the stunning brutality of the requisite murdering one another when seduced by the World's precepts.