Friday, April 05, 2013

When David Stockman Speaks... Umm... Err... And?

Recently I've been looking at all the rage about David Stockman's op-ed in the New York Times a few days ago. I wouldn't have known about it except that a whole bunch of people have chimed in and had their words spilled into the World Megaphone.

Thought I should take a peek at it just to see what galaxy-renting words the former Reagan finance guru and present dutiful curmudgeon said. Not going to link it here -- you can find it easily and I'm just too lazy to put it here. Sorry.

Okay, let's take a peek shall we. Okay. Uh-huh. Yeah. I see. Hmm.

Annnd... that's it?

That's what everyone is roiling and railing about?

'Nkay. I could say what he said with a bit fewer words ::ahem::

Here's the baaad financial situation we're in [throw in some colorful language to describe it], here're some reeeally nasty numbers that prove it [throw in some shocking numbers], and lookit: this person and that person and this philosophy and that philosophy and this institution and that institution are to blame even in light of all the fake nice things people are saying about them. The future will be depressing unless we just, well, unless we just, umm, just get mad enough to take down this guy or that idea or that other place over there. Thuh end.

I think one reason it gets such attention is that it does appear as the latest boffotacular window dressing in the World's biggest brightest shop window, The New York Times.

Sadly no one will look at the place that details the antidote to shitty financial shit all-around.

That would be in the Bible.

That place that very brazenly declares that shitty financial shit happens because of one simple thing.

People lie.

And they lie to do one thing, ultimately.

To murder others.

Yes, they're all murdering people around the globe. Sure most of it doesn't take place right away. Most times the murdering happens over long extended periods of time, but if it is murder, what difference does it make.

It is still human sacrifice.

So yeah, I'm not dissing what Stockman is saying at all. I agree with it.

I just think it is utterly foolish to sincerely believe that World solutions will fix the problems the World provokes. It is even more foolish to willfully display the greatest ignorance of the fact that all that financial shit is specifically arranged so the murdering keeps humming along and the New York Times can get more of Caesar in the mix to show how good he is at fixing things up. Stockman is just a big fat oblivious stooge in the middle of the spectacle.

It cracks me up to see all the loud blithering by whoever about how wickedly powerful rich people just control everything. Oh those banks and everyone with a stake in them -- ooooo we should be reeeally angry with them -- they have trillions, trillions, much of it held in those offshore accounts! Come on Howard Beale followers of the world! Get going! There ya go: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

What piddle.

Come on, think about it. What would happen if you took all the oppressive powers-that-be, let's say all 57,000 of them, and replaced them with some other 57,000 random people, people who promise to be reeeally good with the financial standing of the planet?

Kinda split a gut right there. Sorry.

The only answer to the financial horror show now, then, all around, in your own life -- is Jesus Christ.

Just Him.

Just trusting in Him.

In Him as the I Am.

Not the make-believe one that appears in most Catholicist churches, but God Almighty who is both merciful and just. Who asks an individual to believe on Him and to abandon the benighted thinking and behaving that captivates World inhabitants and enables World operatives to do the job of dumping shit all over the place, the job that David Stockman describes so well.

Oh, and almost forgot: Gotta have a whole bunch of those people who are turning 180 degrees from the World to step up and, my word, what a concept:

Be Jesus to people tired of lying and murdering all the time.

Yeah, probably won't have as many people read this as they would the New York Times. Oh well. But still I'll reintroduce you to a home page piece I wrote on a my webzine a few years ago, one that I think kind of gets right at why the World is the way it is.