Monday, August 13, 2012

The Immortality of the Gods

Yesterday we went to the beach, and afterwards enjoyed dinner at a pizza place. The splendidly perfect summer outing. My wife lamented not being able to see the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games, but since most restaurants have no fewer than 57 television sets placed throughout the dining area, we could at least view some of the festivities.

What I saw was a celebration of one of those immortal gods of the World, John Lennon, singing his classic "Imagine" while a stylized, "puppetized" visage of his face sat in the center of the Union Jack stripes in the middle of the arena.

There it was in glorious splendor, the anthem of mindless World obedience and the visual spectacle all over a gigantic Annu signature, the authoritative designation of control over a reprobate population. And on this stage the pronouncement was quite clear. The Olympics used The Legend Lennon to be sure everyone knew it was global in nature.

Today driving out on the freeway I saw a billboard for a new Michael Jackson show, titled (as far as I could tell) "Michael Jackson, Immortal." How much power does this god have over the masses? I just wonder how much more of a god Jackson can be by pronouncing him "immortal"?

A couple weeks ago Lois Banner wrote a piece in the Los Angeles Times about Marilyn Monroe. Banner is quite the expert on all things Marilyn, but I found her conclusion interesting. She intimated that Monroe may have been bisexual, but added that it didn't matter, that if we thought she was then so be it, and that Marilyn would have approved.


You mean we are free to think of these people any way we want even if that's not who they were, and essentially, that's what becomes real? You mean The Legend Michael Jackson and The Legend Marilyn Monroe are just as real as they themselves are? Oh yes yes I know Jean Baudrillard would have a lot to say about this, I know.

But The Legend World God of Some Hypnotic Type is not exactly what the truth about someone indeed is. In fact God boldly warned against making such idols of things, of people, but that kind of censure is simply dismissed in today's world. Eh. Closing ceremonies of the Olympics. It's all just good fun, and never mind that World Operatives are seducing us further through them.

Yes, the seduction is real, and the means through which the seduction comes is real, and the perception of that reality is real too no matter how unreal. I got all that.

But what is the meaningful truth about it?

World Operatives have been doing these kinds of things for eons. Within the next couple of generations these legends will disappear in the minds of the populace but will be replaced by others. All are used to keep you bound to the System, a perfectly legitimate endeavor I should add.

There is a way to meaningful truth, however, and it is through Meaningful Truth Himself.

I'd love to invite you to read more about Him, and I've put together my thoughts about Him and others' attempts to turn Him into one of their Legends. That's here.

Meanwhile, I've put together a Youtube video I'm formally introducing in my next homepage piece. But hey, I'm eager to let you know about it, so for the faithful readers of my blog, you can go to my channel, "Wonderful Matters" and see it. It is titled "Lords". All right all right all right, here's the link straight to it.