Monday, December 31, 2018

The Mary Poppinsists, Addendum

I wanted to briefly add a few notes about my last blog post, the one about the latest Mary Poppins excursion Mary Poppins Returns.

If you look and want to see clearly you'll easily note that the film presents a powerful version of the reigning religion belonging to those captivated by that Harry Potter desire to heroically affect things by their will outside the bounds of any of the more mainstream religious considerations -- ugh, too constricting. I want to be able to make my own way and do it by the most ethereally imaginative means.

I don't believe many know the origins of this religion, and I think most would be surprised it is most prominently diffused into the World through the ecclesiastical institution right around the corner from their homes. As much as they may rail against the Roman Catholic organization for its rigid behavioral expectations, it is the one that promulgates their own gnostic, spiritist, and radically selfist perspective.

Back in April of this year, the one ending today, I snapped this photograph of a wall with major motion picture posters at the movie theater we visited. I particularly liked this one: the individual in the center poster is the Pope, the charismatically popular leader of the alt-religion movement, yet off to the left is Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins, and her look is quite striking. It's as if she's giving a nodding consent to Francis' role in keeping as many people from Christ as he does -- in this case through a delightful children's movie.

I also wanted to add a note about my remarks on the racism of the racialist dogma pervading everything today. I've been working at giving up calling anyone a racist, or trying to have to defend myself from racism. It is too daunting, and the task merely fuels the racialist obsession.

Instead my position is this one, the one I feel is the biblical one: I am a racist, I acknowledge that, and I know the only way out is through the blood of Jesus Christ. I am a sinner saved by grace, as they say, but it is indeed a quite veritable reality. It is only by His power and presence that I may not be a racist anymore, because He loved me with a love that extends to everyone else. I have nothing to say about racists because I know why they are, but now only wish them the same freedom I now have from that enslavement.

Many others are racist too, certainly, but they aren't racists because they fit any of a dozen classifications the World makes it feels qualify them as such -- you are because you're privileged, you are because it's systemic, you are because we must have our crusade against it. They are racist because they are sinners. I do have a heart to share with them too the Only Deliverance from such bondage, but they will only come to Him if they themselves have their own reckoning irrespective of what I say.

In my ministry I may share enough with another individual, that is fine, and the Holy Spirit may convict, that is a very good thing. I'm always praying that happens, maybe with a reader coming across these words right now. All I want to be is a humble Kingdom-bringer introducing another to His forgiveness, lovingkindness, and mercy.

I also know that my battle isn't against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities. It isn't even against the ordained hegemonies doing the Devil's work, God lets them carry out their assignments for those who want them to do so, for those who have said they want nothing to do with God. So be it.

I say this because it may seem I have animosity towards Hollywood mandarins like Lin-Manuel Miranda -- I don't. I only sorrow that he and millions of others are so hypnotized by the World Ops sworn to seduce them. No worries, it is what they do, it is their job, from the Pope through the POTUS (and any major Hollywood studio executive) all the way down to the local city bureaucrat and neighborhood banker. They are beholden to the responsibilities given them by those most industriously doing the work of the authorized powers and principalities.

In my webzine work and blog effort I do hope readers see all of it for what it is, and turn to Christ.

Oh, and by the way, that edge of the movie poster on the right, in the photograph, I've also thought about that. The handle of an umbrella perhaps, situated in the poster like that. I wonder about the meaning of that...

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Robust Religious Fervor of Mary Poppinsists

The Mary Poppins tale is an extraordinarily enticing one.

Last night during our Christmas season vacation downtime I went with my family to see the latest film, the first real Disney sequel to the original. 54 years later, they put together one they thought would be a worthy offering.

It wasn't. It was long, dry, and tedious. The music was utterly forgettable, quite unlike the genius score of the 1964 classic. The acting was uninspired, with the exception perhaps of Emily Mortimer -- and no, Emily Blunt as Mary was so affected it took away from the genuine charm of the character. Julie Andrews' rendering drew no attention to herself even though she never denied who she authentically was. Blunt's character, meanwhile, was always looking at herself in the mirror and while there may have been some point to that, it only made her appear uncomfortably vain.

This was merely a re-imaging of the original, and I was afraid of that. I was hoping for something fresh and invigorating -- no, it was just disappointment throughout. They pretty much did the number with the carousel and penguins in the park only here it was a vaudeville show, they did the number with the chimney sweeps only here it was gaslamp lighting bicyclers, they did the number with the joke-telling uncle only here it was the eccentrically goofy cousin, and at the end of the film they did the number with the kites, only here it was balloons. Annnd... yeah.

There was virtually nothing originally imaginative at all. And this is one of the distressing things about what this film demonstrated -- it is that creativity in Hollywood appears to be dead. The people working there are so consumed by political correctness and identity politics browbeating that they've jettisoned every inventive and imaginative bone in their bodies.

One of the bank examiners was a black man, and trust me, there is nothing wrong with any race playing any character (see why I have to say that, so the thought police doesn't ring me up as racist) -- the problem is in movies when you're staying true to the times or culture depicted you may simply have to racially discriminate. The biopic on Martin Luther King Jr. will justifiably discriminate against all white persons in its casting for the lead role. Those casting for the biopic on Abraham Lincoln will most likely discriminate against anyone of Asian descent.

Not only did I not buy into this casting decision because it never would have happened in early 20th century London, but they went ahead and made this black character the good, principled bank examiner, while of course the white ones were the evil miserly scoundrels. Again, portraying any racially minority character as good and principled is not a bad thing at all, it's just I know why they did it. It is because Hollywoodites are so consumed with making themselves look good by trying to give us some object lesson that black people are good. Sorry, but this is offensive to black people.

Many, many black people are very, very fine people, and it is not because Hollywood has sanctimoniously portrayed them as such. They are because they are. And many, many white people are very, very not racist. Yet Hollywood continues to feel it must hammer the filmgoer with the idea that it is their job to instruct us about how racist whites are and how good blacks are and all whites better start listening to us morally advanced people about that and all blacks look at us we've got your back. Sorry but this is offensive to anyone who genuinely wants integration and reconciliation -- it has just the opposite affect and generates distrust and suspicion.

This may be considered a minor thing in this film, I understand that -- but it is plainly another example of the ugly racialism that reigns in the Hollywood-imbued social milieu.

Yes, indeed, it is a religion.

And this religion of the Mary Poppins followers is quite a powerful one.

There is a name for it, and it is indeed woven in the thoughts and feelings of those who do not understand and know God, or who treat him like a fairy tale character that they may particularly like because, you know, it's the one Mom and Dad told us we're supposed to like, or because he's kind of the main guy of the peculiar religion of some people it is best to politely humor, you know -- don't want to be too mean since we are the enlightened ones you know.

It is called gnosticism, and it is insidious as all get out.

Mary Poppins and all her devotees are exceptionally refined gnostics, and they may not even know it.

Modern-day gnosticism is the idea that one may have an inner light to know more than anyone else and to make things the way you want them to be in your world. The material world is the lesser and the only thing that means anything is the way one may be tuned into the spirit world. Mary Poppins Returns was a gnostic masterpiece, and again profoundly entrancing -- who wouldn't want to dive into a beautiful underwater paradise, dance with delightfully idiosyncratic cartoon characters, or take a balloon ride to the clouds -- which, by the way, to me was terrifying because I kept thinking, what if they accidentally let go of the string? As they rose higher and higher I simply couldn't help but ask: What apparatus did they have to allow them to get back down?

Yes, it's a fantasy, I know -- just go with it. But even with fantasy suspension of disbelief must be respected. Most of the fantastical events in Returns were just contrivances, and very annoying.

See, the original Mary Poppins at least stayed grounded to a large extent, keeping the main flow of the story going: how Mr. Banks would renew his relationship with his children and find joy in life again. If author P.L. Travers' intentions are accurately depicted in the film Saving Mr. Banks then it is not hard to comprehend why we so viscerally feel that vibrant relational meaning and family bonding theme in the story. This film made an attempt at that but just failed miserably, some because there just isn't that connection -- this plainly feels like Disney is just cashing in on the popularity -- and much because the direction was disjointed and unfocused.

The modern gnostic thread was just too pronounced however, it really is the Hollywood religion. It was especially pronounced in the metaphorical nature of the gaslamp lighting and Jack's "Trip a Little Light Fantastic" song. The actor Lin-Manuel Miranda is wildly famous for his Hamilton musical (probably the most celebrated racialist paean out there), and in real life he has demonstrated his enthusiasm for sodomism. The film features a scene and accompanying music about turning the world "turtle," and the entire room goes upside down. These kinds of things are subtle but clear gnostic messages that you should explore other sexual expressions than the one that is "right-side up" so to speak. How fun and liberating it is to go "turtle"!

Please, it is just harmless fun, innocent and carefree diversion. Please! You take it all too seriously.

Yeah, I do that. But I only do it because it is just in my blood to share what I see so that some may be aware of how they're being played. Indeed it is that much more dangerous when this stuff comes through the mildest, simplest, funnest children's fair.

Needless to say there was never a mention of Christ, and sure some will say He doesn't fit in the Mary Poppins story. I believe this is only because we've all already been convinced the gnostic storyline is the only one that works. Never mind that in Victorian England many people were very devout Christians.

So here is yet another spectacular Hollywood rendering of the gnostic, humanist, atheist, and in this one magical, spiritist, occultic way things are or should be. It'd be great if everyone thought this version of the Mary Poppins phenomena was as dreadful, maybe they'd actually see the Disneyfied gnostic dreck for what it is, but I'm afraid there are still legions of fans who sincerely thought this was anything worthwhile.

And they do so at their great peril.

I have to add here that in my devotional this morning was this verse, and I'm including it much because as you see the title of this blog endeavor is "Wonderful Matters." It is from the 25th chapter of Isaiah:

"Lord, you are my God: I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago."

In contrast to Mary Poppins, God does actually do the wonderful things we want, in real actual reality. No, He won't defer to demons disguised as fun-loving magicians. He does love you enough to give you what your heart truly does desire.

Thing is you've got to ask Him.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

The Religion of Jesuitism

I keep thinking about things I could post in relation to my latest home page piece. Every day something comes to mind about the way of the World that would be a fine contrast to the Kingdom that beckons all who genuinely want Light.

This one is just about as good as any, a piece from the webzine punditry aggregator Townhall, "The Religion of Leftism" by Allie Stuckey. This young lady is a bit better known for making brief satirical videos ridiculing the inanity of the most prominent leftists.

She does a fine job of elucidating those insidiously destructive things so many people crusade for, things that are quite characteristic of "leftists." But as I read through this piece another time, I thought something.

What would happen if I replaced the word "leftism" and any form of that reference with the word "Jesuitism."

And I read through it again.

It fits perfectly.

All these things are the ways Jesuits behave when addressing anyone who comes to them with emotional, spiritual, political, or commercial concerns. Please look at the history of Jesuit activity, please take an inventory of the things said to you by Jesuits or those well-trained by them to parrot all these things they are told to believe and blither.

It is no wonder the Jesuits are so successful with their System programming.

Here's a perfect example: "While leftism may not require personal responsibility, generosity or morality, it does demand everything of its devotees. It aims to conform the mind, the heart and the soul fully to its agenda." Stuckey does admit every cause expects some measure of devotion, but the Jesuits writ large have a very strict policy of hypnotic adherence to their organization and its leadership involving blood oaths. No wonder leftists and Jesuits alike are so into other-sacrifice.

The poor must be taken care of, so others must be forced to sacrifice the fruits of their labor. Women must not feel exploited, so their unborn babies must be sacrificed for their convenience. Past racial injustices must be remedied today, so older white males must be denigrated by sacrificing their self-respect to achieve an interminable corporate purging.

Read the rest of it yourself, with "Jesuitism" inserted in the appropriate places, but it will only make sense if you understand the Order's authorized purposes and programs, you're well-versed in Scripture as the guidebook for comprehending their legitimate activity, and you are protected in the blood and righteousness of Christ.

Otherwise you're just another human sacrifice slab on the Culture War's altar.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

The Fearful Season

As we get closer to a supposedly extremely important election this upcoming Tuesday, there is one thing that resounds through all the hype.


Everyone is fearful of everyone and everything. In some way or another, the expressions of rage and disgust broadcast from all sides really amount to a whole lot of fear. You can cut it with a knife it is so thick.

And yet in the national psyche there is a palpable desire to seethe and holler and scratch and claw about the favored cause -- it is so righteous! And it feels sooo good. The most typical is "Trump is a Nazi!" accompanied by the contrasting "Trump is making the country great!"

Oh that these seasoned Catholicists would see the oppressive fear the authorized World Ops are interminably generating and turn authentically to The One Who Frees From All That.

I don't have much time to blog, I just have so much to do with family and work, I think I've reminded my readers of this a number of times. Oh that I could post more on these things and elaborate. I so want to share about the beauty and glory of The Savior, and I do a bit elsewhere online at my webzine -- check it out.

But I will write this real quick.

I've frequently mentioned that part of the sixth chapter of Isaiah that is repeated a number of times in the New Testament, that part about seeing and hearing and understanding to be healed. Oh that people would see and hear and understand, and then they'd find Him and the richest succor for their souls.

What is so fascinating is that after studying that passage from Isaiah in our Bible study I finally realized why God said it like this: "Tell them to keep being blind and deaf and foolish, otherwise they may be healed." I'd always wondered why He'd say it like that. With the "tell them to keep being blind..." and all part. He's telling Isaiah that. Huh.

Well the rest of the passage in the book of Isaiah has the answer. Go ahead, pull out your Bible and read what it says after all the tell-them-to-stay-blind stuff. There in the sixth chapter.

It was because those blind deaf fools needed to see what happens when you continue to be blind and deaf and foolish -- utter and contemptible desolation of their land and livelihoods. God is essentially saying, "It's on you. You have been given all the bountiful wonders of my blessing and you've thrown it all away with your wickedness. You can try to see and hear and understand but if you don't see the consequences you still won't get it. And the healing that would come means absolutely nothing."

And you know what? What happened in Israel is happening in the U.S. right now.

How many people call on the name of the Lord for healing? I'm not saying there aren't any, but we live in a nation with such wealth and prosperity and yet it's being torn asunder from the extraordinarily benighted crusades for or against socialism, sodomism, sexualism, and racialism. Doesn't really matter who wins, it's that the country will destroy itself if it keeps up. But yeah, it's what the World does to itself. It has been doing it for many millennia.

The only way out is calling on the name of the Lord. The antidote to the fear is the Kingdom.

But maybe people need first to behold the stunning brutality of the requisite murdering one another when seduced by the World's precepts.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Reality of Governance in Cain's Domain

After an extraordinarily tumultuous confirmation spectacle last week, conservatives cheered the final Senate approval of their darling Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Now we've got our conservative majority. Now we can get things we want done from the court.

Not exactly.

May I offer a hypothetical? You tell me what will happen as a result of this.

A man comes to the court claiming to have standing -- it is quite just. His pregnant wife/girlfriend just had an abortion, and is making the case that she and her abortion doctor murdered the child on the grounds that, indeed, that object in the womb was a human being.

To make it a bit harder for those on the left to object, let's say the man is African-American. Let's also say the aborted baby was a girl. An objection then risks compromising the left's obsession with exploiting minorities for the best virtue signaling.

Here's the thing about that hypothetical. Do you really think it is that uncommon? Not even. So then, what precisely do you think would happen if a black man who's baby girl was murdered in her mother's womb took his case to the Supreme Court? Really, what do you think?

After all, with Kavanaugh added to the court the number of Roman Catholics now numbers six. This should be a slam dunk, you'd think. The gentleman should win his case 6-3, expecting firm dissent from the liberal justices. Six Roman Catholics -- the conservatives Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch (who claims to be Episcopalian but this really isn't much different from Roman Catholic, and he did have a Roman Catholic upbringing), the liberal Sotomayor.

Six devout Roman Catholics to strike down abortion in a nanosecond in a case that could be brought to the court tomorrow.

Yeah, won't happen. It won't happen because the true Romanist powers-that-be will keep it from happening. Rome has no interest in ending abortion in spite of all the lip service, and already has in place dozens of social, political, economic constraints that would keep such a case from being presented. And it if it did, the ruling would most likely be the completely demonic "Let's just leave it to the states to decide."

Whoa. Most conservatives would screech, what's wrong with that idea? I thought that's what we want, overturn Roe v. Wade, states now decide.

A little history, history that is prominent in every high school textbook. Remember when slavery was a bit of an issue, back around the mid-1800s? Remember when Kansas was about to be considered for entry into the union and everyone embraced that ever-so splendid idea of "popular sovereignty"? Let's just let the people decide. Take a peek at what happened.

Pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces flooded into Kansas and committed heinously violent acts against one another -- it's why it was called "Bloody Kansas." Annnd then there was a big old war resulting in hundreds of thousands more lives lost when people didn't just get the memo: slavery is a very very very very bad thing that should be completely and fully outlawed.

So yeah, the idea that states should just decide for themselves leaves millions more babies to die at that hands of immoral mothers (and fathers, really) and diabolical abortion doctors in states that have ever-so democratically decided they like to keep legal the murdering of unborn children.

But then what about the six Supreme Court justices? No, they've already got all the dissembling and casuistry and rationalizations proficiently lined up to keep from making that call. It says quite a bit about the reality of Cain's governance.

And the reality that the World System of which the Supreme Court is only just a part can only put on a fine show while keeping the human sacrifice machine humming along just fine.

Abortion is merely a way for people who must do human sacrifice to keep doing it in one of the many most convenient ways. It is necessary for a reprobate populace, and no Supreme Court-oriented histrionics from any ideological sector will change that.

The only out is Jesus Christ, who Himself gave the final human sacrifice for anyone who wants to appropriate that for freedom and peace and healing and salvation and joy and total complete respect for human life and every and any level. Rome pretends to have it but they don't. Rome is the World System.

Christ rules in the Kingdom and welcomes any and all takers.

And a woman's right to live past the womb will actually be fully protected and authentically celebrated.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The Fact of The General's Lordship Over Billions of Lives

Don't think the New York Times <-- mouthpiece of the rabidly leftist academic establishment <--mouthpiece of the Society of Jesus led by its Superior General, isn't the most powerful entity on the planet? Today an op-ed came out in the Times that really wasn't much of anything, filled with the typical talking points about what a butthole they think Donald Trump is. There really was nothing new there.

The difference was that it was penned anonymously by someone claiming to be inside the White House (::Ooooo!::) working as some kind of high level executive official (::OOOOO!::) with ready access to the president and all the inner operations of the federal government (WOWEE-WOW-WOW!!!::) and even a closet MEMBER OF THE RESISTANCE (::I CAN'T KEEP MY BODILY FLUIDS INSIDE MY BODY ANYMORE!!!::)

Sure enough it is all - over - the place. I was at the gym on the stair-stepper thing and the nightly ABC news was on, and sure enough, the lead story practically featured the entire piece, showcased with large font text graphics, voice over, and the gratuitous alternating photos of Donald Trump looking angry, mean, sullen -- you know.

Later I'd seen many getting a camera and microphone in their face now urging the individual who wrote it to "come out!" Reveal yourself so we can all see who you are and first be amazed that it was YOU, Mark Felt-wannabe -- wow can you believe it was HIM? Of all people? And then secondly to give the most rousing shout-out and "Cheerio!" to such a brave brave brave very very VERY brave soul to blow the whistle -- err -- no, to blow the frickin' BULLHORN on the Trumpian Hitlerian Fascistical Megalomaniacalanimous REGIME!!!

It is comical. And it isn't just because these people slavering all over themselves on television are such fools.

It is because the Jesuit Order is already authorized by God to sustain autocracies in every single nation to fulfill its duties as agents of Cain to corral the murderous activity of men and women who refuse to not be murderers anymore.

One of those autocracies is thriving right here in the U.S, and it has zero to do with Donald Trump being in the White House, or anyone else for that matter. Donald Trump was, just as much as Barack Obama was, just as much as any president who ever did the job was, a mere plaything for the true deep politics deep ops who make things the way they are.

Mention any of these truths to entrenched Catholicists? Deer - in - the headlights. The ones whose livelihood depends on the deceit required to maintain the metaruse screech and holler and feign the worst apoplexy to ensure you're the one who's the conspiracy theory nut-job.

Just a while ago I looked at a piece in The Federalist by Robert Tracinski, it was one of those "This Pope and Sexual Abuse Thing is Far Worse Than Anyone Thinks" kind of things, you see them everywhere. I thought I'd peek at the comments added at the end, I never have before with The Federalist, but this time I thought I would. I actually expected them to be understanding and insightful and perceptive.


Almost every response was about how awful the webzine was for attacking the Church and how truly noble this-or-that Catholic thing was and how much they were attacking cherished conservative religious yadda-yadda and so on ad nauseum. Oh, and Robert Tracinski is something of a self-proclaimed atheist, so that was fodder for more of the vitriol. Yes atheists are fools, but Tracinski was mostly right about what he wrote.

Thing is, even Robert Tracinski, even every single one of the those commenters, being so riled up in the raging culture war, are doing the General's work.

Until someone comes to Christ in humility and complete surrender to His Lordship, every one of these people are under the lordship of Caesar, who gets his instructions for governing from the New York Times writers and editors and publishers, who get their instructions from the Jesuit-formed university system instructors and administrators, who get their instructions from...

If you'd only look you'd see it.

As it is...


Look out, however. The fully designed, implemented, and continuously rearranged culture war is getting hotter. And you're either in it, or you are ministering to those in it with Christ's nail scars on your heart because you love them with a genuine love and want to tell them about the Kingdom.

You're one or the other. That's it.

Oh, and I just finished a home page piece that gets a bit into the dynamics of this phenomena. Find out a bit more about it, but even more importantly, find Him.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Fact: The One With Lordship Over Your Life Is...

I just finished my latest home page piece, and I just wanted to post a heads-up about it here in my blog. I'm including an interesting addition to the thing that I just couldn't squeeze in there, but it is worth putting here.

Across the street from that graphic novel coffee bar we visited in Oceanside one Sunday morning, right across the street, was this building. Quite sparse with a mere single word identification: FACT. If I go in there, will I find the facts? Will I discover the truth of things and allow that to slice through my own benighted deceitfulness?

Just point of fact, so to speak, I looked around online and discovered it is the office of "Full Access and Coordinated Transportation." But that acronym. Funny, there is a sign on the door there, it says "No soliciting." That's gotta be good, facts don't need someone trying to tell them they are something else. But then I found it kind of interesting that there are two "one way" signs out front there. Hmm, seems to me I'm being told the facts are that way.

Well, I went that way -- actually took a stroll down that street, thatta-way, and found some good meaty truths. They're there in the home page piece, I hope you find them too.

I can't help but add that after I'd finished my piece, I came across this story from The Babylon Bee, that delightful Christian version of The Onion. Really, didn't see it until I was done. Even better, just now while looking for that webpage to add the link here, I found this one with Matt Walsh. Touche!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Profound Wisdom in Economics

Economics is sometimes called "dismal" science, and while there may be many explanations why, mine is this one: So many hifalutin economists with the most advanced scholarly credentials make the most boneheaded assertions about the way things are.

I myself am a veteran economics teacher with some credentials, but my main qualification for elucidation of things the way they actually are is that I work hard to be a humble student of Scripture. I have a webzine and a blog to share some of what I discover, only to the extent that a reader may find Christ in the wisdom He shares with me as it is. I don't at all hold to any claim of anything, really. If what He sees me saying is off, that's cool, I've been corrected by Him thousands of times.

Prayerfully look at His words in Scripture yourself to see.

One of the main thrusts of my work is to challenge the silly assertions made by the legion of those making claim to expertise in the latest rendition of the dismal science, "behavioral economics." They do quite a lot of ding-dong blapping about what we're all doing that is "irrational," always assuming some proud mantle of being the most rational of them all. Not going to get into all that now, but I've spent some time addressing it at my webzine -- one such place is here, another one here.

I often refer to articles at the website The Federalist, and while they will likely never see the Catholicist connection to all the great observations the writers share there, they do a phenomenal job of describing things the way they really are. Here is one very recent one, and I want to let you know about it.

"Open Borders Are Not As Libertarian As Long As America Is A Welfare State."


Oh how many economic illiterates make their case with very little wisdom from Scripture or even the core truths related to economics. Those truths are that we are always assigning value to things and that we all make decisions about what to do with those value assignments.

Related to this issue of immigration I always tell my students it really comes down to a very simple premise. No one (at least very few anyway!) are so heartless to dismissively deny a disadvantaged individual (a destitute migrant, for instance) something that would make his/her life better in some meaningful way (perhaps allowing them to move from their benighted country into a nicer one). What very few people get is that any time something is extended to that individual to aid him/her, there is a cost. Somewhere, somehow down the line, someone is paying for it.

Thuh end. That's it. That's the premise.

My students can draw their own conclusions, and it doesn't say one thing or another about what policy there should be.

It does lay out the plain truth for them to grasp, however.

And it is a truth that the academia and media and ecclesiastical mandarins distort and exploit just to keep themselves jet setting about in their virtual signaling stratosphere.

That is what the writer of this Federalist piece does a terrific job of explaining.

Those mandarins duly assigned the task of implementing socialism are doing so merely because an economically illiterate populace foolishly ask them to, and much of that is because those mandarins keep telling them they're supposed to -- essentially they're supposed to keep shelling out tons of tribute payments to them so they can not only keep putting taxpayers and debtors and tithers on the altar of human sacrifice -- from the fact that their money is forcefully confiscated to feed, clothe, and house the migrant -- but they can also keep putting the migrant on that altar as well. He/she (and his/her children!) are being used and abused just so the Cain's agents can get their touching photo op and sound bite, all for the purpose of being able to stick out their chests and declare how awesome they are coming to aid and rescue of somebody.

They are indeed being a Jesus to them.

But it isn't Jesus. Cain knew he had to do great works of building cities and establishing publishing operations to prove to everyone he could that he really was a fine brother's keeper.

That's the World.

Jesus reigns in the Kingdom, and He'd love for you to take a look there. He does want you to understand economics, but it isn't hard, it really isn't. You just have to let Him open your eyes and your ears.

And behold Him and the splendor of how much He values you.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Your Human Sacrifice Representative on the Job

I just had to put in a brief blog post about this past Sunday's Pearls Before Swine strip. You should read the whole thing to get the idea, but these two frames are golden.

They nicely elucidate in very graphic detail what exactly happens when World devotees go bananas enlisting fine smiley articulate well-groomed agents of Cain to try to make things the way they want things to be around them. Again, it doesn't matter who it is. Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi. Jerome Powell or your friendly mortgage lender. Pope Francis or the fiery pithy minister at the non-profit church next door.

It. Doesn't. Matter.

Revere them revile them embrace them crusade for them want them assassinated in the most cruel way




Your allegiance is fully with them to do the job of Lordship in your life.

Scripture makes it pretty plain. So many don't get it, but here's the truth.

You may think you're pretty cool (don't worry, I do too) but you're pretty much a major league asshole (me too!) Don't like that? Go ahead and keep rationalizing it away -- no, go ahead.

If you accept that you have nothing to give to please a perfectly holy and righteous God, then look and see what the law does. Law makers and law enforcers and law adjudicators and law processors and law administrators and law anybodies are put there by God Himself to keep assholes in line. Go ahead and call on them to rescue you from the "Greed Monster," but they'll just do the ordained work of the World System Operatives who themselves empower the beast to keep extracting your value from you. Hey, this is expensive work!

Thing is, you'll inevitably be dinner for the Beast. Yeah, capped there because there is indeed a Beast, representing the very authorized earthly authority to do the work of the powers and principalities that eat you.

Want away from that? Don't want to be on the way into his yawning chops? Then do what some did, cited there at the very end of the fourth chapter of Genesis.

"They called on the name of the Lord."

This means Christ and only Christ. This means the Christ Who Saves, not one of the hundreds of silly concoctions that float around out there trying to captivate the minds and hearts of those incessantly beating their breasts about how much they're not assholes. Those "Jesuses" are there for them, they're supposed to be. God does give them over to their delusions about what's actually real, and true, and righteous.

But Christ tarries. How merciful is He in that. He's waiting, give Him a call.

How long are you going to wait?

Friday, July 27, 2018

Why The Algorithm Cannot Replace Christ No Matter How Much People Want It To

The biggest news of the week was how much the value of Facebook tanked in the swirl of conditions afflicting the powerful social media company. It dropped 20% in one day wiping out hundreds of millions of dollars of value assignments given it by those obsessed with finding connections with people through a computer interface.

Thinking through this roller coaster phenomena related to what some call "The Masters of the Universe," I've come to the conclusion that any widely used social media platform is in a no-win situation particularly if it emanates from the World System.

And Facebook does. There is no shred of evidence that the people who run Facebook or any of these other platforms have any idea who Christ is, who The Only One Who Delivers From Evil is. No wonder Google had as its motto for years "Don't do evil." They don't know what that really means and they must keep browbeating themselves with some benighted humanist conception of how to achieve that. They've since dropped it, probably because they realized that just spouting that phrase gets people to wonder, hmm, is there some evil there you must more thoroughly address?

Here's the dilemma. First, Facebook is a private company and as such it can have any rules regulation requirements procedures protocols it wants to have. If it wants to ban posts related to lime green polka dotted rhinoceros culottes, it can. It is its own company with its own boundaries as they want them to be. If you don't like that, then go to another social media platform! Go make one of your own!

The trick is that it is a bit of a chore to do that. After working through an Internet-of-Things lifetime to assemble a good solid friends list, now you'll have to go through and do it all over again somewhere else. Many organizations have some measure of success with a thriving Facebook presence. Add to this the uncertainty that any such media platform will be as prolific as Facebook.

On the other hand, what happens if Facebook does nothing to limit whatever people do with their posts? Straight away you'll have people posting the most vile things, and Facebook indeed has a posting policy because of that very thing. The problem is once Facebook writes a single thing about something considered unacceptable, then they are establishing their own conception of what is and isn't acceptable, even if wholly justified.

Back to the freedom thing, shouldn't then that be okay for them to do that? Facebook decides. On the other hand who cares if some people put up horrifically objectionable things, just don't join those groups! Why can't we use Facebook for our community and let them have theirs? Then the user decides.

The problem is that Facebook requires an extraordinarily huge user base for it to be meaningful. The neighborhood BBQ block party only counts if you have all 100 people showing up, but that means mean ugly loud smelly Bob from down the street should be able to come too. He shows up then no one wants to show up.

And since Facebook has sort of adopted this role of public social media platform because of its size, it does take its cue from the World System Operatives authorized to make it feel as such. And then it starts to censure material it finds politically objectionable, most notably anything with which ideological conservatives are serious and articulate and influential.

This then is why Facebook does its data trolling -- the very thing people cringe about the most with these enterprises. Facebook is just trying to protect its reputation. While trying to keep objectively wretched things out it is muting political discourse -- and I understand! Some political statements are indeed horrendously evil, such as anything people say endorsing institutionalized theft (socialism), adultery (sodomism), and false witness and coveting (racialism).

The Facebook people haven't a clue about the evils of those things because they don't know Christ from Whom the wisdom to discern comes. All they have is the endorsement of those things -- they go to the mat defending socialism, sodomism, and racialism because those three things are the key components of their virtue signaling crusade. Their commercial headaches come from the fact that many Facebook users are seeing that, seeing what they're trying to do, seeing them lie about it, and ultimately you'll get what you got this week:

Facebook ain't all that.

But I pity them because they are in that bind. Either be totally open and free and let anybody post anything but risk having the most grotesque filth show up, or be closed off on some things but risk ticking off people who disagree with you being shut out because you simply cannot tell what's really right and wrong.

I will tell you I'm starting to read a book I picked up at the library for this weekend away in the mountains. I'm just starting but it looks fascinating. It is called Swerve, and it is about how Lucretius' polemic of Epicureanism pretty much led to full-on modern conception of humanism. Already I have an idea of how that all came to be -- the Roman Catholic Jesus was simply too overbearing and burdensome and the Renaissance provided an out: Man being really really really good on his own woo-hoo! And look what we found! This epic poem by some Roman dude who says all the things we need to know about worshipping nature!

I know I'm oversimplifying Lucretius, but his work isn't much more than a splendidly lyrical but egregiously silly blab about how we're all just glued-together particles and someday you'll be nothingness so get over it already. I still want to discover how this got so woven into the mainstream, I might pick up some insights about the process. I already know who's responsible, I just want to find out more about how Christ is being so summarily dismissed in favor of Hell's prospectus.

Looking at Mark Zuckerberg flailing about trying to gird that philosophy, pusillanimously squealing to the world that is is worth the billions he says it is -- it is very sad.

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Tale of Two Johns (Jons)

I read recently that John Schnatter has been summarily kicked out of Papa John's Pizza, the company he started. The reason: at a company conference call he uttered the n-word in reference to how, many years ago, Colonel Sanders used the n-word with impunity, after which he spoke a bit about racism and society and that racism is a bad thing in society. Several people took offense, the mainline racialist media ran with it, and it was off to the races.

Goodbye, John Schnatter.

He is now thoroughly ostracized, even demonized, and will never be seen or heard from again.

Then there is Lil Jon. He is a famous rapper with the real name Jonathan Smith. A number of years ago he and the rest of his musical group known as the East Side Boyz put out a song called "Real [N-word] Roll Call." Just about every line in the song has the n-word in it. I'd even seen a reference to a Guinness record number of swear words, 295 of them they counted.

I didn't see that this particular song got very high on the charts, but I gather this Lil Jon and his group are pretty popular. This year he and his band are touring, he even has a concert coming up this Saturday in Ohio. Listed tickets show up at $55.00 for the least expensive seats. Lil Jon has a net worth of $28 million, not that much by the standards of the more high profile entertainers, but still --

Seems like Lil Jon is doing just fine.

And I'm not just picking on Lil Jon -- point of information, I'd never heard of Lil Jon until just now when I did a search on songs with lots of n-words in them. Thing is I'd seen many others, almost as bad. Take a look at half the songs on Billboard's Top 100 list, right now. In fact the musical artist known as Drake recently made news by having seven of his songs in the top 10, tying the Beatles for that achievement. Drake, by the way, is worth $90 million.

Don't just look at Drake's songs, look at many of the others that appear on that list. Take a look at the lyrics. Almost every single song features any combination of loose women (many of whom really tick off these guys so they have something to sing about), guns, drugs, loads of bling, fast cars with bad-ass rims, dollar bills flying about, and the people who fight for or against the bad things in and around all of this, known mostly as, yes, n-words.

Peeking at the urban dictionary the phrase "Real [N-word] Roll Call" very readily means lots of those n-word friends ganging up to fight for the cause against the bad things. This means the use of the n-word in many of these songs refers to people who desire to carry out violent acts against anyone who distresses them in some way.

Racialism-immersed college professors -- and it does seem like most of them are as immersed -- will be quick to point out that these particular individuals' use of the n-word is justified because they legitimately feeel such oppression generated by the white-privileged systemically racist society in which they slog. So when they act out on these feelings because the courageous use of the n-word inspired such lethal psychosis, well, at least we can all understand.

When young people listen to these lyrics they may gain a sense of identification validating their profound disaffection -- they're lonely, bored, desperate, liable to do drugs to numb the pain... and of course they're oppressed, particularly if they are a classified minority. This music helps them cope. And those young people, very impressionable. Youth pastors do seem to be quite absent, at best relatively impotent, so let's let academia and media have their way with them.

Meanwhile -- John Schnatter. He should have known better.

I just had to blog on this absolutely preposterous condition of today's society, a tremendously wretched beast birthed from the heavily Jesuited university network throughout the nation. I weep for the millions of souls being sent straight to Hell because they will not turn to Christ The One Who Delivers From Such, because there just aren't enough followers of Christ ungrafted to the System that makes this all happen, people who actually love with their gut to minister truth and grace and healing and peace and contentment and wholeness and righteousness to these people.

And when I speak of this thing, racialism, I am speaking of something very specific. It is the wholly evil now quite rampant program of accusing people of racism who haven't a racist cell in their bodies, merely because the accused belong to the zeitgeist-classified oppressing group. That group is almost always registered as the conservative, older, white males who've earned too much money from producing good things people want to buy.

And the purpose of that, really is for the purveyors of such destabilization -- the politicians, the television journalists, the Hollywood big shots, the showcased university experts, the liberal church leaders, and anyone else spineless enough to refuse to see what's really going on -- to stick out their chests and boast loudly "Lookit how wonderful we are reaching out to lend a helping hand to these poor disadvantaged people ::crocodile tears::" It is also designed to keep people fearful and obsequious, liable to bow to the reigning social hegemony about how much they must surrender their souls to them.

I'm not saying people are not horrifically wounded deep inside, and I'm not saying we shouldn't step it up and be charitable. I am saying that trying to address people's real needs through Cain's way of human sacrifice is just as destructive as what they're saying they're solving. Indeed Cain's city was established millennia ago to mitigate the effects of man's murderous, fraudulent, lecherous behavior towards one another. But smothering it in sweet-smelling lawfulness still keeps people lost in their sin.

Cain does what God sent him out of His presence to do. That's fine. But that doesn't mean we can't point it out, see it for what it is.

And perhaps, yeah, perhaps some followers of Christ will step out and minister His Truth and Grace to these people who desperately need it -- even those purveyors so hypnotically entranced by the whole thing! They need His deliverance and salvation too!

Here is a webpage with the way that Christian churches are grafted to the System that perpetuates this body of death.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

A Hell That Is Very Real

"I tell you this so that no one may deceive you with fine-sounding arguments."

This morning I read the second chapter of Paul's letter the Colossians, and I can't find a better response to the abject idiocy that is being spouted by so many, showcased by the most benighted television news journalism organizations.

Recently the New York Times put out an article essentially saying the principles of free speech don't apply to conservatives, because they are saying bad things. I wrote a home page piece on this very thing two years ago, but the truth is the ones saying free speech doesn't apply to some are the ones to whom free speech shouldn't apply. In the piece I noted some of the more prominent ones. Here's one that gets a tremendous amount of airplay:

"It is best to enlist government people to to fix income inequality by rearranging wealth in the name of charity."

People are being browbeat with this terrifically destructive argument over and over and over again. It is so ferociously blapped only because those blapping it, namely the politicians and talking heads who nod and smile at them, can look reeeeeeally good as they blap these things -- it sounds so splendid and wholesome and righteous and good!

"See that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy."

This is propelled by an monolithic widespread mentality that features at its core the belief there is no God, the idea each individual should be able to express whatever "autonomy" they have to do whatever they want, and the principle that an expressed belief in God should be met with a response that depends on the particular believer's classification -- if it is someone of color then whatever that belief it is -- whatever it is -- should be embraced wholeheartedly at risk of being charged with racism; if that person is a white male then he must be firmly reproved because he is unjustly exercising oppressive power over another.

Where do people get this? Scripture gives us an idea, again from Colossians.

"[God] having disarmed the powers and authorities, He made a spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross."

It may seem as if nothing can stop these glorified mandarins, but they've already been shown for what they are -- by Christ and what He did at Calvary.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a political rock-star now, a young vibrant woman of color who is making the grand publicity tour and when interviewed she says... nothing. Her words are completely devoid of any meaningful substance related to public policy. They are only vain platitudes gushing from that humanist, atheist, materialist world view.

I do feel sympathy for her, really. It isn't that she's too young -- she's a sprite 28 years-old -- it's that throughout her relatively short upbringing she's been consistently told a load of crap. Very few with authentic wisdom and insight and knowledge about the way things really are ever told her anything. It breaks my heart for her, really, and the millions of young people like her.

I've been meaning to post this photograph, taken at a Universalist Unitarian church I drove by one day. I'm sure things like this are displayed outside thousands of these venues. It is just a list of those vain platitudes. I'd love to get going taking each of these apart, eviscerating what they think they're trying say here, but I don't want to take up too much memory space just for this post. How about just that first one? You hear it all -- the -- time:

"Love is love."

Please. This says nothing. It isn't even a fine-sounding argument, it is definitely hollow and insidiously deceptive. Love is something. While it may be a number of things, it is still specific and may be defined and understood for what it actually, objectively, transcendently is. For someone to make "love" something it isn't just because they feel good about it is to make it not love anymore.

We all know when they say this they are actually saying homosexually-minded people should be able to commit sexual abuse crimes against one another. No, real love is actually identifying what it is that is causing same-sex attraction and address that appropriately and minister with the deepest love to someone caught up in that. If someone wants out but struggles, the love is to offer the most kind, charitable help.

Those forces working to keep people in that lifestyle are not loving, they are doing them a horrific disservice. Indeed in California a law is powering its way through the legislature that would make "conversion therapy" illegal. Here's the problem with that.

There is no such thing as conversion therapy. There is very much restorative therapy, that's really what they mean: a way for people to get Christ-centered healing-based counseling to bring back one's original whole and healthy sexuality.

The conversion already happened, when a sodomy-intentioned person was overwhelmed by emotional and spiritual forces from his/her past -- mostly from dysfunctional childhood and familial relational forces that were very real, very powerful, and very much originating in Hell -- not only making them wildly confused about their sexuality but now encouraging them to join the crusade to force everyone to celebrate their immorality.

This is the truth that is smothered and silenced by people who are caught up in the World System's designs on them. Those captivated by them are subject to those "powers and authorities." I like what Eugene Peterson calls them in The Message." It is easy to chafe at Peterson's rendering, I got you -- but this is a fine reference to those powers and authorities:

"Spiritual tyrants."

That's them all right. Yes there are certain people sworn to do their work, I'd even mentioned a few of them in my home page piece from May. Every one of them doing their job as they should. None of them should be censured in that they are doing their work for Cain as God sent them out to do millennia ago. It is gruesome and it is distressing yes, but in the grip of Christ one cannot be moved. There is the law to govern all of what they do, and Scripture says the law is good. But for those genuinely following Christ, there is a domain that is far greater.

Grace and Truth.

We are merely to pray and be kind and offer the most abundantly charitable aid to terribly wounded, hurting people. That includes everyone, from the richest to the poorest, from Donald Trump to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from the grandest spiritually hifalutin to the most desperate sexually wounded -- grace and mercy and forgiveness poured out and overflowing.

But that doesn't mean we cover our eyes and ears and mouths and fearfully refuse to speak truth. The New York Times knows it can't do battle with truth, so it makes up its own version, tells those with concerns about it to shut up, and urges lawmakers to further enable the empty philosophy to flourish.

The culture war rages on when well-meaning Christians try to stop Caesar and his main mouthpiece from doing that. No, make no mistake, they will think entering into Caesar's domain and remonstrating with fury will be of any value.

This web effort isn't at all about urging anyone to join the rebellion. It is about saying truthful things, and merely encouraging the follower of Christ to be His word with the deepest, richest, highest love.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Their Hell is Very Real, Part II

In my last post I made some notes related to my latest home page piece. I'd mentioned the sudden attention offered to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now on a meteoric ascendency after winning a New York City Democratic primary with a platform that is unabashedly socialist, sodomist, and racialist.

Apparently she got some really good cred joining a caravan of other totally white-clad folks near the border to bravely confront those dastardly ICE agents separating children from parents. Never mind that Mexico and Central American countries are such disasters politically, socially, and economically that the truth is the parents are separating themselves from their children. Agreed they are under terrible distress from forces designed to keep them in despair, but each individual is responsible for his/her own actions -- abandoning your own children to smugglers as so many of them are doing borders on child abuse.

The white knights of socialism feel it is better to rage and holler at U.S. government officials simply following U.S. law to protect the value of Americans' labor by keeping the social infrastructure sound -- never mind they're only just thrilling to being ridiculously disinformed individuals screeching and pontificating and blapping loudly about how splendidly righteous they are.

And how can you miss her? She's a young peppy woman of color who proudly wants to force everyone to endorse sexual immorality -- yowza she's got my vote! Her opponent was an old plodding white guy who is simply not hip enough any more to ensure the protracted celebration of that immorality.

Thing is, after I posted that last blog piece right after uploading the home page piece I was thinking some more.

First, I asked myself a sincere question: Was I myself challenging Ocasio-Cortez unjustly? Perish the thought. Of course her platform is from Hell, but my critique is all about getting at the core of what she's about -- perfect for her service of Cain's legacy. In that sense I believe she'd make a great governess. Caesar is already fully on board with prosecuting violations related to socialism ("Pay for another's needs whatever they are or else") sodomism ("Injure your sexuality and we'll regulate it") and racialism ("The force of law will compel you to not be racist even if you aren't just to be sure you don't even think about it").

Second, look at precisely what these three things are. Socialism is nothing other than theft, sodomism adultery, and racialism false witness. I'd like to emphasize here that the Roman Catholic Church and any rigorously wholesome religious institution does indeed discourage these things, rightly so. But that's what the law does anyway. In fact this is something about which I felt a bit convicted after writing my home page piece -- I don't really have to say anything to someone already sadly short sold, the law already does that. God has freed me from having to condemn, confront, reprove, resist, or otherwise reprimand anyone, especially Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. I am then free to love her and her cohorts with His love in whatever way that is, in this case to write and blog about it. Interesting though, it can still be readily articulated that Caesar legitimately needs people to be eagerly committing these kinds of sins to sustain his dominion over them. How great for him to have a raging culture war to facilitate that!

Third, I too thought about those who'd claim, "Yeah, I was in church once, even a nice Protestant one, and it became so oppressive, they were always browbeating me about my sin. I left and simply don't care about this Jesus who now means nothing to me. I'm in the midst of a new community of people who are positive and sharing good vibes with me all the time -- way better!"

The problem here is that this Jesus he/she's rejected is a straw-man Jesus put into his/her mind by Rome. Rome has lots and lots of subdivisions many of which include New Age-y places where people are especially smiley and gushy but are merely death traps because of their ugly denial of truthful things. Churches are indeed oppressive when beholden to Rome, as most are. They have little conception of the vibrantly engaging grace of God much less of the way things actually are.

Does this mean morality is now meaningless? Many who've been disillusioned by their fake Jesus followers go off the deep end and live lives of terribly destructive immorality as a way to feel more free -- but this was one of the main points of the home page piece. They're really not more free and good and wholesome, they're just further under Caesar's grip.

I can't emphasize this enough.

Caesar has a job to do. I can never get in the way of that job. If I do I am in rebellion against a God-ordained authority and am further subject to his will, even if I were to feel totally justified in doing so because I hate him will all my guts. All who like being in Caesar's wonderland of the law and denial about what it's for are doing what they want -- that's awesome, they're free to do so. The best people to carry out those purposes are people like Ocasio-Cortez. Take a look at what she said in that Vogue interview:

"There is no other force, there is no other party, there is no other real ideology out there right now that is asserting the minimum elements necessary to lead a dignified American life."

At least she's honest, give her that. Don't know Jesus? We need someone like her there cracking heads as necessary. Cast your vote for her most enthusiastically, please.

She hasn't a clue, however, about the best option of all, Jesus Christ and living richly, joyfully, rapturously in His Kingdom with others loving one another just as deeply and meaningfully.

She only knows Cain's domain.

And as such, she's perfect to do his work.

I can't deny, however, one of the main thrusts of my latest at the webzine, is that I am terribly grieved about all the people -- millions of them, particularly young people -- who are hypnotically yanked into that domain. Beholding this nightmare I simply ask, as I often do:

Where are those being Jesus to them?

Sure the book of The Revelation tells us it will be like this, but that doesn't mean I can't feel about it any less.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Yes, It's Real - Their Hell is Very Real

I just uploaded my latest home page piece about how much we are fooled into believing what the World System Operatives tell us about how we should look at things. After putting it up at my webzine I've actually thought, hmm, am I saying anything new? Am I really adding anything to the conversation? Is anything I'm saying anything different from the general way everyone pretty much understands the gospel message?

Then I looked around again at the news.

And yep, it's true.

Millions and millions and millions not only haven't the faintest idea of what's in store for them when Jesus returns, but they have even less of an idea of how they're being played by powerful forces keeping them on their particular route to Hell.

There was this piece about the longest meeting ever between Pope Francis and a head of state, in this case Emmanuel Macron of France. Take a peek at what they're discussing. Essentially it is the game plan for forcing people to adopt the whole sodomism socialism racialism paradigm of World governance.

Then there is this piece about some substantial number of voters selecting this candidate as potential lord over their affairs. This young lady is brazenly unabashed about who she worships, the one who has convinced her that sodomism socialism racialism is the way the truth and the life. The harrowing truth about those things doesn't matter -- it is that so many officially registered their approval because they felt really good about this gal that she'll make them feel good.

It is a generalization, yes, but I must confess this makes me more and more concerned for the gullibility of the millennial generation to this ugliness. So, so many young people without the spiritual intelligence and integrity to keep themselves from being enslaved by this mentality. So, so many young adults just like this 28 year-old gal, not just having the scantest amount of wisdom but foolishly boasting as if they knew anything.

So yeah, what I shared in my latest home page piece is worth sharing.

Finally there is the terrific piece from The Federalist detailing the characteristics of a world overrun by that now virulently surging sodomism socialism racialism wave.

It is sobering, but only for those paying attention. Just like those investors from The Big Short, I feel exactly like they do...

No one is paying attention.

Oh there are a few. There are a few observant followers of Christ who join me in feeling great sorrow over this frightening turn of events and want to reach out to those around them about to be engulfed.

Remember, Christ has overcome the World. All I can do in my webzine and in this blog post is do the one single thing I've consecrated my life to do -- be a Kingdom-bringer. Tell people about the beautiful deliverance from a Savior Who's Loved With His Life.

Here's a page with some of how all the System dissemination is happening right now. In the notes section are brief definitions of those things, sodomism, socialism, and racialism. I invite you to peruse the webzine for more, and I pray you would allow yourself to be found by Christ and know what real love is.

Friday, June 01, 2018

The Kingdom and the World

Quite a number of years ago, something like 10 to 15 years ago, I started assembling a "flash" program knowing that I should put something graphically arranged to augment what I'm saying in my webzine. I first put it together on a PowerPoint but that was too awkward for web display, so I made one from a movie-making program. Even after that it got stuck loading and all that.

Much of the delay had less to do with the technology but more with my other commitments. I did put it on a DVD because we switched out hard drives at home, thinking I could just upload it that way. I asked a friend to help me with it but he dawdled and eventually lost it. Yikes.

Fortunately I had a back-up copy and after several years of just not having the time to upload it, I finally did -- with the help of another friend.

I just wanted to blog to upload it here. Hope your heart is touched by the overwhelming mercy and beauty of God.

Friday, May 04, 2018

The Real Inferno

I've thought about a lot of things I can write in this blog post to introduce my latest home page piece. I don't know. Here's about the best thing I can say right now.

We've got HBO for a while, just today, and I thought I'd peek in and see some things there. Tonight I tuned in to Bill Maher's show for a bit. On there was Matt Welch, Sally Kohn, and Michael Hayden. They were discussing the standard revulsion of Donald Trump, yet the things they were saying in and around it all were just the most foolish, inane, repulsively idiotic things anyone could ever behold coming through a television set. I turned it off after even a few moments because it became unbearable.

Oh I understand why they do it. I understand who's telling them the things they're saying. I understand what its purpose is. I'm given to think that God allows this to subsist because the harrowing absurdity simply has to drive people into the arms of their Savior.

Still, these people persist in wallowing in it.

My latest home page piece gets into a few of the details, gets into the things crying out for understanding about it all. It is still extraordinarily sad that these people insist on jubilantly screeching along at light speed on their slide into Hell.

Thing is, right after turning the channel from Mr. Maher's show, I picked up the film Deepwater Horizon, about the 2010 massive oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. The movie is pretty much what you'd think it would be, a bunch of rig operators oblivious to what is about to hit --

Then it hits.

It was very moving, as much as it really wasn't much more than your typical disaster film.

The thing that got me was how much of a metaphor it was for reality.

For the reality of how many people are so hypnotically taken by the Rome-propelled narrative spewed by the New York Times.

It's all the mechanical defects becoming evident, all the pressure building up for release, all the systems failures ruthlessly cascading -- all eventually reaching critical mass...

After these men were working valiantly to try to figure out what to do to either stop it, help out the fallen, or simply figure how to get off the rig as it went up in flames, one of the characters you'd have thought had already lost his life down below, entered the main control room shellshocked. He was played by John Malkovich, and I didn't catch it but from what I gather he was somewhat responsible for the dereliction that caused the tragedy.

He sloughs up to the gal who is one of the control deck personnel, and with a look of stultifying bewilderment asks, "What happened?"


That says everything.

The universe will melt on the last day and those who blab the ugliest things they think are so ennobling will realize what they've been doing, and they won't have a clue. They'll be devastated, the Bible even says they'll be so shredded by the reality of things that they'll cry out for rocks to drop on top of them.

Yeah, that's it. The Deepwater Horizon is lit flash-paper compared to that.

There is only One lifeboat.

You know Who it is.

It is the Jesus Christ you may dive onto right now, but you've got to do what Mike Williams did.

You do have to jump.

Williams, played by Mark Wahlberg in the film, knew that to survive he had to jump, what, from six, seven stories high into oil-soaked enflamed waters.

You'll need to do the same. Seriously. It's scary, but Hell is way scarier. Somebody is telling you don't worry about it, that the World Operatives have got your back -- I mean! Bill Maher et al sound so smart and so much seem to want to protect you from those bad guys!

Just before the oil rig blew, the crew was awarding what appeared to be the captain in some capacity, played by Kurt Russell, an award for safety. Nothing to worry about...

Amazing how much this is a metaphor for real life.


Oh, I guess I should add that at the end of the film, the survivors all knelt arm-in-arm on the rescue ship they'd just boarded, and right there, wounds still bleeding --

They all said the Lord's Prayer.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Understanding Rome is the True Viable Option

I was channel surfing a bit today, and came across a C-SPAN recording of Rod Dreher's acceptance of an award by some conservative group for best book of some kind. I thought I'd look in and see what Mr. Dreher would say about what he calls "The Benedict Option."

A while back I'd read a bit on it, and I reviewed some remarks about it, and of course I sat for a few minutes watching Dreher tell us precisely what this option is. Sure enough, it isn't much. All he does is overwhelm us with pithy declarations imploring us to behave more Christianly in a culture that reviles Christianism.

Sounds a lot like the Catholicist Nation.

The Catholicist Nation is the place where people can be very religious -- even very very Christianly religious -- yet still be light years away from what Jesus tells us about Himself and ourselves so we may have genuine spiritual contentment in any circumstance. Dreher merely bleats "Be like the Christians of old and do those wholesome former things and you'll be bold and brave and..." And yeah.

Be a Catholicist.

I know this because he said something very typical of Catholicist thinking in his address to the conservative club gathering shown there on the television. After that there wasn't much more for him to say because it was ultimately all pointless plap. The same stuff Catholicists have been blithering since Augustine.

It was something along these lines, but his words were pretty much, "Protestants, Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox must join together and..." you know, do all these splendid things he says we should do.

That's the dead giveaway -- and by dead I do mean dead. You can do a whole bunch of delightfully religious things but if you don't have Christ, you don't have life.

And Rome does not have Christ.

Please know that I don't have anything against Rome itself. Rome is the present manifestation of Cain's legacy to crack heads of sinners in need of salvation -- those who refuse to make Christ their atonement and righteousness. The Roman Catholic Church is the ecclesiastical manifestation of Caesar's duties under Cain's charge to prosecute with the most extreme prejudice evildoers who interminably draw themselves under his authoritative jurisdiction.

Dreher is just a smart-sounding stooge doing the work of Rome's militant units insisting that people continue to labor under the misapprehension that followers of Christ and souls lost in the grip of Roman religious, political, and commercial ritual are the same. I don't have anything against Dreher, I feel badly for him -- all he knows is what Cain's academia and media have pounded into his psyche completely outside God's presence: that anyone who appears to be Christian doing Christian things is a Christian and let's all get together and take care of business together -- perhaps even start a revolution, a Benedictine revolution! ::Woo-hoo::!

Please don't get me wrong, followers of Christ are asked to love those souls with as much passion as Christ did. But saying we're all just mild-mannered Christians who need to do more of this thing or that thing the Jesuits want us to do is just committing millions of celebrants of his book to a path that leads to Hell.

The real option is for people to see Rome for what it is, refrain from censuring it or challenging it or remonstrating against it, but rather come out of it and dwell richly and joyfully in the Kingdom. Understand and know Christ as He Himself says in the ninth chapter of Jeremiah's book, and from there you may proficiently minister to those captivated by Rome, or anyone for that matter, in order that they may have life.

Friday, March 30, 2018

The Value We Have

I've long felt that there is only one thing that has true intrinsic value.

He is God.

He is it -- in and of Himself, irrespective of anything else. The only intrinsically valued thing.

Everything else has instrumental value, that is, anything else has value in the perspective of the one doing the valuing. There is one qualified exception to that, however, and it is an important one.

It is that one thing that is instrumentally valued by God, and in a sense does have a certain amount of intrinsic value if we see that for what it is.

That other thing?

The human soul.

If we see the human soul the way God does, we can see it too has a measure of intrinsic value. From that we can value lots of things in lots of ways. We can value things the way we want to, but that leads to all kinds of evil. We can also value things the way God does, and that requires some measure of understanding of His will and purposes particularly when it comes to the way He loves us while at the same time giving us the freedom to make those kinds of value assessments.

I share this because the Bible confirms this, and it does so in a number of ways, but the way I want to elucidate right now is this. It is indeed quite appropriate in that this Sunday is Resurrection Day, since the biblical truth about your destiny is that you are indeed resurrected when you die.

Yes, it doesn't matter who you are or what you did, you will be resurrected. Good, bad, righteous, evil, doesn't matter. You will live forever. Remember, God made you to be an eternal being because of the value He placed in you.

The issue is, will you be resurrected into life, or will you be resurrected into judgment? Will you be in His embrace because you accepted Jesus' atoning sacrifice for your sins, or will you be given over to the consequence of your reprobation, the rest of eternity dwelling in a place God made specifically for you?

Yes, that place is Hell.

One thing that doesn't happen is that you "disappear."

This is somewhat of a big deal now that Pope Francis revealed in an interview that he believes unrepentant sinners will just disappear when they die. Though he didn't exactly say "There is no Hell," there is no other option. He's essentially saying it.

There has been some media attention regarding this statement, and the church is wrestling with the dissembling it must do to try to hold its grip on the faithful, but it is indeed what someone who is completely out of the presence of God and given a position of tremendous authority would say to try to get people to like them. The pope is a Jesuit -- they are experts at this kind of thing.

This idea is also just a corollary to the whole humanist atheist nihilist empiricist perspective that more and more people seem to be very comfortable adopting. There is no life after death, when you die you're done, you vanish, good thing the pope said there is no "Hell" because the whole thing is a superstitious fairy tale, so get over it and get with what us intelligent people know, sheez. Oh and what a great guy the pope is for being honest about things, way to go.

Frequently Heaven and Hell are not capitalized, probably because of some silly journalistic stylebook law. I capitalize them here, by the way, because they are real places. Live in Chicago or New Zealand? Real places. The Bible often itself makes reference to the Greek term, Hades, always capitalized.

What's with how people consider these places now?

First of all, see how the pope is drawing more people into Hell by getting them to appreciate him while drawing them away from Christ who warned about Hell like crazy. He's a great guy because he's insisting no one will ever be in such a place, ::whew::! On the face of it, however, dispensing with Hell also dispenses with morality and freedom. He confesses he's a nihilist after all. And one more thing, the idea of "annihilism" -- that bad people merely disappear when they die, they're annihilated -- has been heretically argued within sects of Christianity for centuries, almost always as a way to kind of soften the magnitude of God's perfect justice, so it doesn't hurt so much. It is nothing new.

Second, all I can think about is how much people are not as much drawn to the pope or any schnazzy guy like that as they are to David Hume.

Yeah, David Hume, the philosopher who said you can't know anything unless you see it or touch it. I mention him because this is exactly what so many brazenly declare.

"Hell! Ha! Where is it? I don't see it! Show me where it is. When I look up I see a sun and stars that are gas and fire, nothing else. When I look down I see ground and we know there is just molten rock underneath. There is no Hell, there is no Heaven, so stop it."

"So you are skeptical about the existence of those things, of Heaven and Hell?"

"Of course I am!"

"Are you sure about that?"

"I'm very sure!"

"Well I think then that I'm more of a skeptic than you are, because I'm skeptical of that. I'm skeptical of empiricism, that you can only know something because you can see it or touch it. No, there are things we can know for sure, and certainly some things to be skeptical about. The real question is, what are the evidences of things and what are the best explanations of things? There are hundreds of things we can know for sure without seeing or touching them -- one of which is the truth that David Hume's empiricism is hokum because empiricism itself is not something you can see or touch, thus making it self-defeating!"

The quite interesting thing about David Hume is that he developed his thinking from instruction he received from Jesuits. Look at his life, and look at how much he resided in the company of Jesuits and how influential they were in his life. I recently read an article -- from The Atlantic even! -- about how he was profoundly affected by Jesuit dabbling in Buddhism -- the religion of nihilism! Jesuits are experts at widely disseminating ideas like empiricism through their academic institutions and media channels.

So it comes full circle, really. A few hundred years ago the Jesuits taught a middling philosopher a way to rationalize the wholesale dismissal of God, that idea continues to weave its way prominently through a Catholicized populace exceedingly ill-equipped to challenge it, and the pope simply presents a bold confirmation about what they really believe about it.

It isn't just the pope. It is everywhere, from all stripes of grandly publicized poobahs who proudly spout these things only because all they know now is existence outside the presence of God. As Cain's minions that is all they understand.

It is fascinating -- as sorrowfully harrowing as it is -- that they can't get how much like Hell that is.

But hey, there's a place for them just the same -- always and forever.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

The Great Virtue Signaling Extravaganza

The Oscars will be broadcast this Sunday night, and it will indeed be yet another great display of the grandest virtue signaling around. Really beautiful insecure people will say really beautiful insecure things -- and it'd be one thing if they were merely beautiful and insecure.

It's a wholly other thing for their words and actions to accomplish the work of the militant religious order charged with the divine task of ruthlessly regulating the behavior of a reprobate population.

A street artist who has developed quite the reputation for calling out the hypocrisy of the Hollywood leftists has made his mark again, putting up three billboards in a nod to the odds-on favorite to win best picture, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. (I had my own take on the film in my last blog post.)

The one here in the photograph says quite a bit. Instead of being arrested, the accomplices will simply walk down the red carpet and beam over the virulent sycophancy, and after accepting their awards and then in whatever forum blasting Donald Trump in some vicious (but naturally quite righteous way of course), shuffle off to... shuffle off to what?

They are indeed objects of great pity because their god is their stomach, waiting to be filled with whatever ingestible item will kill their pain. Followers of Christ should respond to their sadly benighted existence by first fervently praying for them, then maybe if the opportunity arises ministering His word to them, and then just as importantly

Understanding how they're being used by the System.

Take a peek at F. Tupper Saussy's book Rulers of Evil, and check out the ninth chapter. It is titled "Securing Confidence," and it is about precisely what the title says: Rome establishing a beachhead in the hearts and minds of those not counseled by Scripture. Go ahead, while enjoying the awards ceremony on television pull up the chapter on your mobile device (here it is!) and read a bit when you aren't filling out your Oscar ballot. The chapter really isn't that long and could be covered during the commercial breaks.

You'll see that the entire Hollywood enterprise is truly a propaganda machine to promote sexual immorality (even in and around their boastful claims they have the strongest sexual rectitude) and a more robust fealty to Caesar and his so-very charitable programs to enable irresponsible people to keep being irresponsible (it's called freedom, dammit!)

All of this wouldn't be so energetically proficient if there weren't the networks involved. People must be encouraged and empowered by other people in a network of some kind to feel okay with pursuing a word or an act. If it is the System, it is the power and principalities in the spiritual realm who are doing the work of infusing devotees with the things to think and feel. If it is the Kingdom, it is Jesus Christ Himself who informs people. Ultimately it is one of those two networks.

In my latest home page piece I write a bit about Niall Ferguson's fine new treatise on this thing the network, but add some of my own take. I enthusiastically invite you to look it over, tell me what you think, let me know (my email address is on the home page). I want to get it right, merely so the reader would find the true overwhelming beauty and glory of the Kingdom.