Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Benighted Slavery of Tax-Exempt Status

Just wanted to give out a heads-up to a fine article in my new fave webzine, The Federalist. Even though it typically blaps the standard "Fix things by the System" line as most do anyway, it does produce very smart, articulate, insightful monographs.

The one of particular interest here was about religious non-profits and how endangered they are because of the imminent ruling from the Supreme Court telling us all we must wholeheartedly bless same-sex "marriage". Religious institutions that brashly stand on their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit status will find that their obligation to Cain's Administration condemns them for their hypocrisy and subject to Caesar's ruthless enforcement of laws against it.

As it is such institutions have been coddled, mostly because they are, after all, servants of Cain and his seven-fold power -- it is just they do this work ecclesiastically. In other words, 501c3 churches do the pounding and hammering and shoving of the law into the psyches of all church-goers -- makes management of people's sin a bit easier.

I don't agree with everything in the piece, such as when Ms. Loftis declares there are many arguments against the notion of tax exemption as subsidy. Those arguments are spewed by the System to keep people thinking they're not really beholden to Cain. It's a splendid partial hangout, a proficiently marketed distraction to keep church-goers in the fold. She also gets McCulloch spelled incorrectly, but, well, so many spell it "McCullough", and I'd like to think the editors there are learning.

But what she does nail is how surprised the churches and ministries and non-profits will be when the government can twist the screws on them, since they all did agree to let them do that by accepting their nice discounts on their taxes. Thing is, the Jesuits who run the whole operation don't like it when things get messy, so it's best just to do what they've been doing for decades. Well, for centuries.

Keep driving people further and further into reprobation no matter how churchly they all are.

Then the subversion of the church is all nice and sanitized and pleasant.

No one says anything about the sexual immorality of common homosexualist sodomy anymore, no one. Yes, there are some vocal about it, a bit, but most are just Catholicists driving the pulsing throngs of condemnationists into rage and rebellion and violence in the culture war. Otherwise, people don't want to be bothered. Ask just about anyone who's a Christian if they've boldly spoken about the destructive evils of homosexual activity for the purpose of introducing them to the liberating healing and salvation of Christ -- ask them. I'd bet the response is "We don't because we're afraid." I understand, the PC police is getting more and more ferocious.

I'd written about this years ago, that is here if you'd like to see more about what all this means. Yes, I am one of those crazy enough to think that if the church actually meant business and jettisoned all its obligations to Caesar, then Christ would do miracles among us just like the ones we read in Scripture. He simply will not tolerate having a bride who shares her affections with another, He won't.