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The Catholicist Cult

This month the planet Mars makes its trajectory straight across the northern hemisphere evening sky from east to west, impersonating the exact path the sun makes during the day. I don't know about all the astrological ramifications of that, but it is quite telling considering our present circumstances.The United States is at war with itself, in an extraordinarily explosive way. The rabid violence isn't seen as much in a physical form, yet, but it still rages emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, politically, a whole bunch of other -callys I'm sure.I'm only making this brief post now to put in a link to this article from one of my new fave websites, Off-Guardian. This piece entitled "The Covidian Cult" is terrifically striking. I look upon the horizon of humanity and see the bazillions with their masks pasted on their faces, and I think. And feel. And ponder.And pray.The piece is phenomenally descriptive of the totalitarianist -- if you will -- cult, and …