Saturday, June 28, 2008

Digging Dowwwwwn Deep, Real Deep This Time

I've recently uploaded my latest webzine piece, and there is never a dearth of folly prominent in the news to use as a pretext for what I've written about. To wit:

Some evangelical pastors are so riled about bad World things that they've started putting together a megarally to be held just before the November elections. Some guy named Jim Garlow from a big church in San Diego is enlisting the services of a guy named Lou Engle who did one of these back in 2000 (you mean bad World things Christians can do nothing about no matter how many of them screech is not new?!)

The idea of this thing they're calling "The Call" is to first reflect deeply on God's things--okay so far; second pray and fast--still good to go; third go vote righteously on November 4th.

Um, excuse me: go select World operatives whose job it is to crack heads of willfully wretched people? What business is that of those who name the name of Jesus, unless that Jesus is the Roman one?

Apparently a lot of people really like their straw-man Jesus, because these guys plan to fill Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Guess they can have a nice party, there's that.

I can't neglect to note another thing in the newspaper this morning. Seems the Presbyterian Church USA is planning to allow ordination of gay and lesbian ministers, pending a vote of its congregants. Classic case of complete and thorough infection by the World.

This one comes with the simple assumption that anyone is actually a homosexual to begin with. Certainly there are many people who have a firm pathological desire to be sexually attracted to someone of the same sex, but that condition does not make an individual naturally something different from who he or she is. A dog that wants to be a cow doesn't become a cow. It can want to be a cow all it wants but it is still a dog. Ironically a homosexual rights group has used a photograph of a dog saying "Moo" on a billboard to help their cause.

The issue with the Presbyterian Church is they've been sucked into the entire "truth" that "An individual is or is not a homosexual by nature." This is a lie put forth by World operatives millennia ago, and it is moving more and more into the mainstream consciousness.

What is God's perspective? Is this just too obvious for people who say they believe in Christ?

"At the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female.' 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.' So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."

Jesus said that, by the way. Tenth chapter of Mark, confirmed in other gospel accounts.

What are people just not seeing there?

Oh, wait, sorry. Forgot.

The Presbyterian Church has got the Roman Jesus. He's the one they're looking at, there. Sorry.

For any of you who are worshipping him, never mind. I apologize. Please promptly resume all your voting gymnastics, excuse me, didn't mean to intrude.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't Be Just One Way

This was in Time magazine recently, typical stuff about how Jesus just simply can't be the only way to heaven. The twist here is that evangelicals are now supposedly coming to terms with this truth.

Some devout evangelicals will rail against this with every fiber of their being, but if they understood God's economy as clearly laid out in the Bible they'd actually get it. What is about that economy, exactly, that evangelicals aren't quite getting here?

It is very simple, actually.

There is a World, and there is a Kingdom. Here is what that looks like:

World: a bunch of religions, each with its own idiosyncratic ideas about life and death, truth and falsehood, salvation and damnation, peace and war, love and fear. Indeed most of those ideas are actually pretty rational, reasonably veritable. That is, most of these fine religious domains will say "Be a good person and things will be fine." That's true! And how sweet it is to have so many different ways to try to do that. That's nice.

Kingdom: Jesus Christ. Everyone else completely and wholly incapable of getting anywhere nice because they're so wretched, which is why Christ is God who gave His life because He loved us enough to do that. We want it? We just accept the gift. With it we get everything. Anything outside of that is just pretend, which religions are very very good at.

Now, here's the rub. Isn't that last thing, that "Kingdom" thing, precisely what evangelicals say? How come they're getting sucked into all this distolerant World turmoil as spewed by Time magazine? That reason is simple, too, but so many evangelicals refuse to see it.

It is because they've made themselves one of those religions of the World.

They do that by being incorporated. They sign the contract that says "Let us govern you." When an "evangelical" assembly hooks up with Caesar to be a 501c3 non-profit incorporation, with W-4 tax requirements, Social Security identifications, and any of a number of other Worldly contracts that they have been deceived into believing are just "business," they say to God "We're not under your authority any more..."

"We are now a part of the World."

Therefore, the "evangelical religion" is just as much in with the Time magazine/World institution abjectly oblivious ignorance of who Christ is and what He did. As much as they rail against those turncoat evangelicals who now say "Yeah, other religions are pretty cool too" they become a festering part of the virulent culture war--you could see it all over that Time piece.

What does it take for evangelicals to return to vibrant effective ministry to the lost? That too is simple. Really, it is just too simple it blows my mind.

Love them.

But that's too hard to do without Christ.

And it is impossible from the World.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three Notes on the Whole Value Extraction Thing

There are certainly more than three notes, like, maybe more like 57 billion notes, about what the deal is with value extraction, the subject of my last two webzine pieces. But for now, here're three I had zipping around in my brain today.

1. I'd kinda gotten across the idea that the lifestyle precept of "Losers Weepers" was kind of a bad thing. It is when people criminally take from others. But after reading a financial commentary that alluded to the fine service short-selling gazillion-dollar-a-year-earning fund managers do, I wanted to clarify.

God does permit short-sellers to do their thing.

He said as much in that passage in Matthew about the sowers of the talents. Don't sow with what you've got? It'll be yanked from you and given to the others who did. Sounds a lot like short-selling fund managers to me.

The service they provide is cracking heads of those who live in the World and proudly assess value above or outside what it truly is so they themselves can appropriate it. When you think about it, World value extraction is a way to get people miserable with how much others are ripping them off.

Then maybe they'd get outta there and ask Christ to let them into the Kingdom where people don't do that.

2. Another written web blog something-like-that piece I read today was about how poorly run countries make for inflation. That inflation is the result of leftist policies of those governments. I thought about the whole bad-governments-cause-inflation thing and thought, it does make sense.

Inflation is the overassessment of value on a macro scale, and when people have their non-values valued by lying governments which enable crappy behavior by unjust wealth redistribution, that's gonna show up in inflation.

I just don't think, however, that the problem is the typically asserted "Governments don't allow private property, free market, profit motive, free enterprise, freedom this, freedom that, freedom and all that" reasoning. It is more that governments just do a lousy job of cracking heads of all the liars out there.

Gotta hand it to the Jesuits, sustaining that World System through the good old U-S-of-A to get us all hypnotized into believing Americans are free when they've just got the cultural police-state going real good.

This leads to that third note.

3. Just gotta share this in my blog. Saw it in a book review for a new book by Josh Cotter with skyscrapers in the title. Hope he doesn't mind.

Cotter is what many would call a subversive comic artist, and his strip right there says tons.

Right there. That's the life that 97% of everyone, um, "lives," right there in their own prison of brutally dutiful compliance with Americanist civil religion. Good wholesome law-abiders right there living out their death every single day.

Want skin? Want breath? Want actual real true vibrant exhilarating



Saturday, June 07, 2008

That We Are Underlings

Cassius is famous for saying, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves." It seems most times this quote is shared, the last key part of it is omitted. Cassius closes by saying

That we are underlings.

He acknowledges that they've allowed Caesar to do that thing he does so well, crack heads of evildoers. What most just don't get is that if they are an evildoer, then Caesar is going to crack heads. Don't like it, tough darts.

On the front page of today's Los Angeles Times was an article about a Catholic priest with a book out about how Rome needs to get cracking and really do something about the sex abuse scandal. Turns out top Catholic guy in LA, Roger Mahoney, is joining a few other top Catholic big-shots to discourage the guy from going on his book tour.

"Ooo," many will gleam, "The Catholic Church is reeling! The jig is up! This guy is on to them!"

The fact is, this is a great publicity move by these guys. It persuades so many to think that this guy, his name is Geoffrey Robinson, has really got the goods about the Catholic Church and that if everyone would just listen to him, the Catholic Church would be all good again.

What a ruse. The Roman Catholic Church will always be a demonic institution through-and-through, but one set in motion by God Himself to manage the sin of those who refuse to come to Him by His Son. God will destroy it on the last day after serves its purposes, which means that nothing anyone does to try to change it, reform it, improve it or any of that is futile.

The Robinson-Mahoney tiff is just culture war skirmishing, precisely calculated to get people to throw their support to the church one way or the other.

Interestingly, in the Op-Ed section was a piece about how Scott McClellan took the red pill and saw the truth about George Bush and Iraq and all the lies oh all the lying! I chuckle at the way so many use The Matrix metaphor to boast about how someone now sees things their way.

The fact is George Bush is out to crack heads because he has so many underlings, including Mark Dery the author of the piece. Dery thinks he is out of the Matrix, but he's just in another nice looking room within it. He goes around blithering about how evil George Bush is and all that we should be doing to oppose such badness.

Hey, he kind of sounds like Brutus, really. Yeah, you're right Cassius, I coulda taken him down, I coulda.

I was just in the Matrix the whole time, duh, stupid me.

If Dery or any of those being played by Mahoney were to actually be out of the Matrix, they'd understand a few key things.

One, there is a World and there is a Kingdom. People in the World are no different from those in the Matrix. It is just there are so many who spout about their stuff in that place, and a lot over there doing the same, and the two just hate each other and do what they can to rail about it.

Two, those in the Kingdom are only there by One Way. Jesus Christ. Oh, excuse me, the Jesus Christ, the one who has the real vibrant universe in His hands but won't deny someone their choice to eat steak and drink wine in their pathetic little world with their pathetic little Jesus puppets.

And three, by making Jesus their Lord, Kingdom dwellers cannot be the underlings of Caesar, and as such have nothing to say about what he does in his job. He does his job as he will, and all his minions do their jobs well when they get more and more people to be tempted by the lie.

Geoffrey Robinson by pretending brilliantly that the Catholic Church can be salvaged.

Roger Mahoney by protesting a bit much deftly drawing attention to the neat spiffy things in the Matrix.

Scott McClellan by getting more people impassioned about an agent of Caesar no one can do a thing about-- oh but it feels so good!

Mark Dery by valiantly painting himself and other righteous crusaders as the ones on the side of truth only because it is so obvious how much Bush lies.

We should give a big kudos to these underlings, doing their jobs so well. Maybe they will do their jobs so well that

People will actually see the horror of this body of death and want to get out of it.

And perhaps there will indeed be some followers of Christ around who bear the wounds of love He did, and who will touch them with His love.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baseball Orpheus Ten Years Later

I was thinking about that time, just shy of ten years ago actually, when I wrote one of my impassioned rants about how the professional sports I once loved had been decimated by what I've termed competitive duplicity. I likened myself to Orpheus, the Greek guy who desires to rescue his beloved from hell, hoping that enough would see the truth about things and desire to see competitive integrity fully instituted. Alas, it would never be, something that I sadly knew then.

That piece, by the way, is here, and in it I made some predictions about what I thought would happen over the next ten years. Surprisingly (or not suprisingly, I imagine), some of them did indeed come true. I remember making wild predictions about who would actually appear in the World Series' to come, and except for being off on the Dodgers, those were reasonably on. (The Dodgers predictions didn't come true, I noted, because of the exact thing I wrote that Peter O'Malley warned then owner Rupert Murdoch about, something Murdoch quite dismissively ignored to his extreme detriment.)

Anyway, the spirit of those predictions is alive and well in NBA basketball, with the Yankees-Dodgers equivalent, the classic match-up of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics being showcased over the next week or two. How did these two teams just happen to get into the Finals yet again, glory be? Shucksola, Batman, what a surprise!

Nah. No surprise. They're quite predictably there for the very same reason that there is competitive duplicity all around. It is simple:

Los Angeles: second largest market in the nation at 18 million folks.

Boston: fifth largest market at 7 million strong.

(You can also add the New York market in there because those fans always have some impassioned feeling about these two teams, so the Knicks being horrible doesn't detract from the duplicity--its market size: 22 million.)

Last year the two teams that met in the Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs, were from the 18th and 30th largest markets respectively. Total population between the two: 5 million. That NBA Finals telecast received the lowest ratings ever. It is just not surprising why, and it is precisely why the bigger markets will always be awarded an advantage in building better teams.

The Lakers-Celtics sell, if only for the pure number of fans they both have. They were in it almost every year in the 1960's, they both managed to snatch Magic Johnson and Larry Bird from the clutches of any other nobody team for the 1980's (which virtually every pundit says revitalized the game), and they were each a series away from meeting each other again in 2002, both with almost completely different teams than the ones they have now.

You don't think the Powers-That-Be of professional sports are dancing on the ceiling with this match-up? They like to do this kind of dancing so much that they work to make that kind of match-up happen. How on earth did the Lakers get to land super-center Pau Gasol midway through the season, practically insuring they'd get in the championship game? (Those Powers must've been passing around the really good cigars at the party when the Chicago Bulls--market size: 10 million--nabbed the first overall pick in next year's draft. If you don't know, it is pretty much impossible to win a championship without one.)

All of this happens in the smoke-filled rooms, but many are convinced the officiating is involved too. Even the most strident doubters were wondering after Derek Fisher clearly fouled Brent Barry to push the Lakers past the Spurs--reminiscences of when Mike Bibby of the Kings was critically non-fouled to aid the Lakers back in the Shaq days. I honestly think, however, that the NBA will go so far as to even admit that Barry got fouled to keep us dwelling on questionable officiating when what really matters is going on in those back rooms.

All of this is truly just a microcosm of the way the entire World works. It's one thing for everyone to rant and holler and rage at what goes on at every level of World governance--including pro sports leagues. It is quite another to accept the fact that the people in the club allow it to happen, and as long as that happens the machinations behind closed doors will continue unabated.

The fans may spit up a forlorn "Gasp!" in seeing some of that duplicity seep out, but ya know?

It is exactly what they want.

Let's have a bit of jerking everyone around pretending there is competitive integrity, that every team has a chance, with a dash controversy thrown in--hey, it helps the ratings. Indeed the Powers-That-Be are resigned to having a Cavs-Spurs match-up every once in a while as the price that must be paid to convince everyone it's all legit.

Oh, and just to add, I've gotten out of the pro sports club, also. I'm over here, out of that hell, too. Don't pay any attention to it. The reason I know about any of this is simply because I see it in the news, hear about it here and there--because of my previous sports obsession I've got this sort-of built-in radar that just picks it all up. I know, dreadful.

I just do this to share some thoughts for those who might like looking a bit deeper at truthful things.

Anyway, just to close, I wrote a piece that details a lot more of this from the NBA angle. What's funny about that piece, entitled "The Stacked Deck," --quite a coincidence, not planned at all--is the date I posted it is exactly six years ago today.

I'm Basketball Orpheus.

Sure enough, my beloved Eurydice, still there in hell.