Monday, August 08, 2016

The Distractions Get More Mindnumbing All The Time

I don't follow the Olympics, at all. I haven't a scintilla of interest in any of it, unless some news event in and around the games has some noteworthy feature, I'm completely in the dark about it. That's why I was heartened by a poll that showed a good 20% of Americans are just like me. And it isn't merely because I just don't care about any of the featured sports events or athletes, it is because it is a pathetically bloviated hype machine.

It is also a gargantuan distraction, but I can't really criticize it for that. I am a passionate Kansas City Chiefs fan and NASCAR race follower (I have my own fantasy league team of drivers). I've greatly scaled back my own attentiveness to sports events for some time now because I get too emotionally embroiled in things, but the small amount I do observe I confess I do so because to a large extent they are distractions.

Distractions from?...

It isn't bad when you use them for a bit of a release from the stress of daily life kinds of things. But it can be bad when any distraction keeps one from doing the hard work of seeing things the way they are.

And wow, do people refuse to see things the way they are.

A very good Facebook friend put up this link. It is amusing, indeed, but as I think about it, the piece itself is dismissing the endearing rigors of people authentically seeking the truth about things. Each one of these "social media dominators" is sharing a core truth about something, and yet the writer/cartoonist/"taskandpurpose" editor is ridiculing each one of them. "Oh my," the people riffing on this stuff say to themselves with rolled eyes, "these trollers are at it again."

Never mind that the obtuse thinking about them is a form of trolling, also!

There is a phenomenal new book out I haven't read but I've read quite lucid remarks about it. It is called Hillbilly Elegy, and it is a quasi-memoir, journalistic exposition of the lives and mentalities of the poorer white working class in the U.S. What caught my attention was in J.D. Vance's work is an extraordinarily strong foundation for the answer to a question I've been addressing with others for some time now.

The question: "How did Donald Trump do so well as to get the Republican nomination for president when he's such a ___?" (Fill in the blank with your preferred derogatory epithet.)

The answer: "Because a lot of people voted for him." Now this is the answer I always share, but I too still wonder why it is that indeed so many people did vote for him. Furthermore I explain that even though the many people who have their words put in print mediums that get read a lot get to rage and rail against Trump and showcase all the political apparatchiks who are working to remove Donald Trump from his position as the nominee, they haven't a clue that what they are actually doing is seeking to disenfranchise all those people who did actually legitimately vote for him.

In other words, these same hifalutin folks will broil at the thought of someone having to show an identification to vote ("Oh the humanity!!!") but when they actually do legitimately cast their ballot for Donald Trump -- by the millions -- somehow that vote shouldn't count.

Enter Hillbilly Elegy.

There it is.

Millions and millions of white lower income people are sick and tired of this abject hypocrisy. They know what the hifalutin are trying to tell them to do, and they've all watched Donald Trump on The Apprentice take care of business and as much as Donald Trump says things that are stupendously boorish and idiotic, they know that's the guy they want.

So what are the hifalutin mass medium people going to say? Will they criticize them for being, ahem, white? Ohhh, those who practice racialism walk a very thin tightrope, don't they? Will they criticize them for being low income? Oh how the hifalutin politicians need those low income people for their professional sustenance!

The heartbreaking part about all this is that as much as white low income voters are behaving very rationally, they too are distracted from the truths that would free them.

I kind of like Paul McGuire, he shares some very informative things about the way things really are, in the deep politics of the System operatives. His latest piece here, I think is exceptional, elucidating all the ways people are captivated by the things they're told by those whose job it is to hypnotically get them to behave the ways they want them to. It's like a brief guidebook to that, right here. Very nice Paul, well done.

The problem is that he doesn't get who is doing all of this. Oh yeah he mentions some names, like Julian Huxley and Robert Mueller and people like that. That's fine, see who they are and what they've been doing, that's fine.

But the truth is they're doing exactly what they should be doing. McGuire seems to feel that if we just started to grasp all of it then we could reject it, "Don't surrender to the world brain-think!" he proudly shouts, as if just knowing about it is all you need to do.


Jesus said if you get rid of one demon but do nothing to replace it in that place in our souls, several more demons just as evil will come fill that void. It is funny, actually, McGuire even mentions Malachi Martin, the one person who has the answer to what's really going on written all over him, not because of what he says but because of who he was.

Martin was a Jesuit, a member of the Society of Jesus, the organization charged with the task of regulating the behavior of sinful individuals. McGuire will never come to expound on the real origination of all those horrific things that are seducing Americans, because his own paycheck depends on refusing to do it. What, actually call out the Roman Catholic Church as the administrator of all that stuff?

Furthermore, call it out as authoritatively and legitimately arranging and assembling and disseminating all those things? You mean, it is supposed to be having all that wretched stuff happening?

That's just crazy talk, man!

But are you willing to look closely at it all? Didn't Paul McGuire just write about a Jesuit being an authority on all of it? If you look closely, would you note that every one of the people mentioned were themselves educated by a Jesuit somewhere, somehow? And the most important thing, would you look and see that all of the stuff McGuire highlights is again supposed to be that way because all the people subject to the disinformation would otherwise summarily murder themselves?

The System is humming along quite well, it seems to me.

Now, there is, of course, another option, the Kingdom. It is trusting in Christ forthwith with everything in you -- heart, mind, strength, soul, everything. It is leaving all of this System activity to do its thing as it must -- again, good job Paul McGuire for letting us know about it, thanks.

But it means nothing unless you've put Christ in that spiritual place once occupied by the devil.

Look again at the stuff in Hillbilly Elegy. Look again. The way people are consumed by drug and alcohol abuse, sexual and physical abuse, they way they treat one another looks like it comes straight from Hell, it really does. The raging culture war between the Trumpists and the Hillaryists involving the worst of racialism, sodomism, and socialism, it is spewing up from Hell like nothing I've ever seen.

So instead of ridiculing those six types of social media dominators, how about introducing them to Christ.


Do you have Christ?