Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hugo Chavez, Cain Wanna-Be Extraordinaire

This week Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez wowed the world by speaking at the United Nations and referring to George Bush as the devil more than a few times. Aside from demonstrating his devout Catholic faith by crossing himself when he said it, he recommended we all read Noam Chomsky's "Hegemony or Survival" so we can better understand the world as it really works.

The reaction of all who say anything that gets heard says tons about the vast culture war. All the clamor invariably breaks down into two distinct voices. One group, those in the pro-Chavez/Chomsky camp, will screech about how evil George Bush is for wanting to take over the world and how much we need to rise up to stop it. The other group, those in the pro-glories of western civilization camp, will zealously deny that this is what Bush et al have done, and that they are merely fulfilling their God-given duty to defend righteously rational interests.

What is so amazing is that, shazam!--both are right! The problem is that they are all part of the pandemic rage, each tribe riding behind their own blazing, speeding locomotive headed straight for the other tribe's that will end in a train wreck which is the end of the world. Are you on one of those trains, and what will be of you at that time?

Funny, Chomsky's book shot to No. 1 at Amazon after Chavez' theatrics. A lot of people apparently want to know what he said in it. Ooo. Is American seeking world domination? Ooo. Is the U.S. really just as much of a terrorist? Ooo-ooo. Inquiring minds want to know.

Nah. Foolish minds just want to stay glued to the soap opera. If they really wanted to know they'd check out the one book that would tell them what's going on.

The Bible.

Of course America is working to dominate the world. It must do so, simply because there are so many sinners who do wicked things. It's a pretty good thing then that it is there to whack evildoers, crack some heads-- it's what it does. Only people like Chomsky seem to feel that there really is no sin among us except that in those they relish censuring, like George Bush. So when they presume they have no sin, at least sin they can't rationalize away, they resist and rebel and roil against the justified actions of Cain. Ouch, that can be painful.

Furthermore, America especially likes it when blowhards like Hugo Chavez enlist whole nations to stand up and challenge it, because then America can kick ass with its arsenal of seven-fold power. It doesn't go too far in its prosecutorial activity because (a) it likes to have people keep on believing they can rebel against it--Chavez and his crew probably got a nice buzz after the U.N. appearance, but Cain Wanna-Be's have been doing what he did for millennia-- and (b) God won't let it, as Cain will always move to become too powerful. (Remember the Tower of Babel? The fate of Nebuchadnezzar?)

So you've got the Awright-you-go!-Hugo-Chavez-you-rally-the-faithful-selfists-to-fix-the-world! crowd. Then there are those who rally behind the American crusade, many of whom are wholesome church-going evangelical-minded patriotic Americans and "God-Bless-America- righteousness-rides-on-a-horse-called-Jesus-and-the-Christian-nation!" They rush right into condemnation by praising the hegemony as if it is doing God's work. Well, it is in some way doing God's work, but it is a work of judgment, not mercy. Whoa. No wonder so many seriously question-- even justifiably revile the motives and designs of smiling Christians coming around the corner.

Here's the phenomenal thing: the Bible clearly tells us what to do to be freed from this body of death. Very few seem to know, much less say anything about it. Well, Jesus said the road was narrow, so, gotta figure... Anyway, that thing is

Get out.

Get out of the World and ask Jesus to take you into the Kingdom. No, no, not the Jesus of the Glorious Cause. Not the Jesus of the Righteous Crusade.

No, the Jesus of the Bible.

Think you're not in the World? Do you work for an incorporated entity that demands you register with the government as one who has tax liability? Do you have a Social Security account that puts your care in the hands of Caesar? Do you attend a church that is a 501c3 non-profit organization? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're a commissioned officer vibrantly engaged in culture war combat. Virtually every Romanist and every Selfist is immersed in His Majesty's military service.

How do you get out? To know for sure, read Scripture. And ask Jesus to tell you about Him and listen to what He says.

Some thoughts about being in the World are here.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

State-Church Theatrics

Opened up my paper today and saw there on the front page of the Los Angeles Times a story about the IRS now really going after All Saints Church in Pasadena for making brazenly political comments from the pulpit just before the 2004 election.

I haven't even read it-- I've just looked at the headline-- but I can bet throughout you'll see all kinds of histrionics about how oppressive the government is being, about oh how much they are denying this fine religious establishment the right to, again, "speak truth to power."

Just wanted to invite you to go to a webzine piece I did about it back at the beginning of the year. For your dining pleasure: "On Perfectly Acceptable Racketeering" at The Catholicist Nation.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Why Jeremiah Cried

Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. He so viscerally told of the way things were going in Jerusalem that it brought him to tears. And not just a few drops, but an entire fountain, as it says there in chapter nine. At least the grief caused him to feel like sobbing as much.

Why did he feel this way? It was simple.

He had to confront adulterous people. People who once said they'd be faithful, and later became prostitutes. To whom were they betrothed? None other than God Himself. To whom did they solicit themselves? The majestic and exalted Legacy of Cain. God grieved over this Himself, and said to His beloved Jerusalem, "You may have him." What is phenomenal is that all the while He promised, "But I will win you back."

I feel quite a bit like Jeremiah today. It is 9/11. The Anniversary. And all I see is grief. Lots and lots of grieving. As I feel as I do, I grieve also. But I must say that I grieve more as Jeremiah did. I so want to tell people what's going on, but so many are so attached to their beloved Rome that they just can't get it. I wrench inside whenever I hear Roman officials--the president, the news anchor, even the innocent non-profit relief director-- talk about what happened and how much we should all sear the mythology into our souls.

It's all a game. And I feel it like Jeremiah did.

On television tonight is the second part of The Path to 9/11, the controversial docudrama about the events that led up to the attacks. I only saw the first hour of last night's installment because I just couldn't take the camera's ragged movement and shifting angles every two seconds. It was as if it was made for those with Parkinson's disease. But I think I can guess how the rest of it went. A bunch of police, security, FBI, CIA, Federal, and Executive Office agents bumbling around (but valiantly so, we should add) while a bunch of Middle Eastern punks took them all for the lives of 3,000 people.

What a game. What a show.

Just look at the news coverage of how incensed the Clintonian Democratic leadership was about the "untruthful" portayal of their efforts to go after the terrorists. It was as if it was too pronounced, as if it was specifically designed to force people's attention on how jobbed the Clinton people were, as if that meant the tiniest of bean slivers.

What a grand spectacular put-on.

What's funny is that with this blog post I intended to urge you to watch instead Loose Change and actually ask yourself some real questions. I still urge you to see it, but I thought I'd point out that even Time magazine has caught on, and this week has officially denied its imprimatur. It's all just conspiracy myth, according to Time, even though it can't factually back up any of its own dismissals, saying mostly, "Couldn't this other thing we all tell you actually happened have actually happened?"

The cool thing, really, is that Loose Change is getting attention in Cain's major newsweekly mouthpiece. How about that. They are a bit chafed, I see.

Time concludes by saying that so many believe in these conspiracy theories because we all have a need to find some overarching meaning in significant events, or as the magazine puts it, "to have the magnitude of any given effect be balanced by the magnitude of the cause behind it."

My response to that is a simple, "So?"

In fact, the only way anything of magnitude can happen is because there was some cause of magnitude. To believe otherwise is to have one's head firmly planted in the ground. This "can't you just accept the lone gunman theory" response is precisely what someone running from something would say. Someone who must make excuses for the wickedly murderous things that supposedly must be done in the name of building a magnificant mythology. Someone who is being paid handsomely by the rulers of evil.

Tupper Saussy called it "catastrophizing the imagination." I can't think of anything more appropriate to describe the events of 9/11/01. Funny, the The Path to 9/11 opened with "Here's how it really happened." Nah. It really should have said, "Here's what we want you to continue to believe was how it happened."

Want to know how all of it really happened? Read Saussy's book Rulers of Evil. There you'll see the origins of all the players in the Grand Catholicist Show. The leaders, the agents, the rebels, the promoters-- you'll see it all.

Unless you want to stay wrapped up in the mythology and keep that spinning, seething, scraping catharsis going real good. A lot of people will.

They'll stay in the adultery.

And when I see stories of their grief showcased as if they were some perverse "reality" photo-ops, stories about the grief over their loved ones sacrificed on the altar of the Legacy, I just feel it like Jeremiah did. I so weep for them. They're still ones God longs to come to Him.

God doesn't give up on anyone. Sometimes, however, all the machinations can be just a bit much to take. It is these times I thank God for the lodge. Check it out. Read the ninth chapter of the book of Jeremiah to find out what I mean.

Who do you think the Lodge is? I think I know.