Saturday, December 08, 2012

Too Much Irony, Just Too Much

I had some down time tonight, so I thought I'd blog a bit. I really wanted to spill some of my thoughts onto the computer screen here about what I saw in my Los Angeles Times this morning. I just can't help it. The Times is the paper we get, and it is an extraordinarily quality journalistic effort. It is. But it is also a gigantic mouthpiece for the World System. It is one of the reasons I enjoy reading it. I get my news, and I also get a huge serving of the ways the System is keeping people tied to Cain's legacy. Don't get me wrong, this is what The Institution is supposed to do. All very fine stuff indeed.

I just can't keep from pointing out how much its perfectly legitimate work comes straight from hell, and perhaps some will see and want to get out of it.

Quite frequently I see the profound irony of System operations all over the front page of this very influential daily. Oh don't worry that it's all going away soon. All this news and the humanist twist on it will still flow throughout the populace someway somehow in whatever electronic and spectacularly graphic way they'll find.

Anyway, here were all the featured front page stories splashed all of the front of today's edition.

1. The Supreme Court has decided to rule on Proposition 8, the initiative that California voters approved to put "Marriage is only between a man and a woman" into the state constitution but which a federal court overturned.

All the homosexual activity advocates whether or not they are claiming-to-be homosexuals themselves are giddy about it, and all those who don't like that kind of thing much are very nervous. No wonder. Those who thought that voting against same-sex marriage would do the trick didn't count on enough people voting for it. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

The giddiness also comes from the consideration that at this point it looks really bad for the pro-traditional-marriage folks. Four justices are intractably liberal and will almost certainly vote to authorize all states to employ the Constitution's full faith and credit clause to allow same-sex couples to be considered officially married in their states. The fifth needed to make it official is Anthony Kennedy and he's already made waves that he'd favor the ruling as well.

Much of the brutality of such a ruling comes in two items I rarely hear about in the discourse. One, this case is really about forcing those of us who know what a thing is, in this case marriage, to acquiesce to something that it isn't. I find it quite ironic that those saying they're the most tolerant are actually the most intolerant, because the whole issue is really about taking marriage and turning it into something it isn't and doing everything possible to get detractors to change their minds. The question: What kinds of penalties are in store for those who identify marriage as it is and not what the reigning sodomists demand it be?

If the Supreme Court were to pronounce that a dog is a cat, does that make it so? Constantly I see in reports things like "Enough people now agree same-sex couples should be married so it's about time we just make it so." So making a dog a cat depends on how many people can vote for it? This isn't about disparaging democracy, but it is about discovering who gave so many people the idea to begin with.

That relates to the second thing that is so phenomenally brutal about it. It is that so many will be riveted to the case, waiting with bated breath to find out what their lords will tell them about what marriage really is. No wonder the Supreme Court doesn't want to touch this with a 57 light-year pole. They know everyone will be expecting them to be the authoritative voice about a strictly moral issue. Why do the people do this? They're going to pay rapt attention to old guys and gals in robes for something not even close to a constitutional question.

Why aren't they listening to God on the matter?

Ahh yes. I forgot. They've pretty much abandoned him to Fairytale Land where He's just some old mean guy we don't want to have to deal with anymore. How often do I hear "Don't bring religion into it!" My question then is, why are you fighting so much for marriage? If you have no religious convictions, then just do whatever you want! Why are you asking us about it?

And please, the church today with all its Christians and their rabid antagonism toward homosexuality? Why aren't they in the fight? Pluh. Eease. They're in the fight all right, but they're just tools in the hands of Cain's powerful minions. All these church people do from the bowels of their 501c3's is growl and groan and generally tick off the Radical Selfists who have been gradually gaining the edge in this battle. Many even say this battle is over.

Good job, condemners. Good job, when you should be reconcilers.

But hey, tied to the World System? What do I have to say about it. You're doing what you've been rigorously trained to do. Condemnation is fine. Hey, I'm lighting into the pretenders right here. Got it.

But where are the reconcilers.....

2. The Catholic Church had apparently messed with information related to which priest's have been doing what typical nastiness that it is now well-known for doing.

Much can be said about this, but the terrific irony here is simply that the Times and all the spewers of embracing homosexual-everything will right out of the other side of their mouths go crazy hunting down anyone and anything that is remotely involved in the sexual sin they dislike.

What priests are doing is very wrong, but this is preposterous. It is perfectly okay for homosexually-minded individuals to exploit the sexual confusion of others? That's perfectly fine? And when the Catholic Church stuff comes to light it all gets swept under the carpet, especially if enough money is paid out to the victims.


3. Over there on the left is Obama tackling the border issues. This story is certainly about immigration, but the irony is simply in the idea of "borders." As in boundaries. The nation has its boundaries, yes, but what about society? What about the individual who now stumbles about spiritually, who has no conception of a God who'd lay out those boundaries which would make for the best living and most fulfillment, who now resolutely proclaims himself a god and thinks that'll just get himself by just fine?

The profundity here is that Obama will do very little to strengthen the nation's borders. Quite the metaphor for how much crap pours into the soul of those with little spiritual fortitude.

4. The Hobbit is a film that has been getting quite the buzz because of its unique filming characteristic: it was done in 48 frames per second instead of the standard 24. This makes the image much more clear and realistic. In fact it is so clear and realistic that when the filmmaker decided to shoot scenes with lots of unusual movement and action, many viewers said they became queasy watching it.

Here's the thing: Wait until a filmmaker shoots scenes that are more within the viewers' generally more real perceptive capacity. When will it get to the point when we can't tell the difference between the real and the unreal? After all, at some point in the future there'll be a lot of people worshipping an image of their god. When I look on the horizon of the populace I wonder if that's not happening right now.

5. Related to this is the photograph of the people commemorating the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, one of the more prominent events designed to catastrophize the imagination. These are quite a bit as much mythology than history. Good that the Times is part of sustaining the grand mythology to keep people in the grip of the great Americanist nation. Again, please don't misunderstand me, all of it is quite necessary for keeping that cohesion among devout World inhabitants. The work of Cain's imagineers is exceptionally admirable, it really is.

But how many are willing to see it, expose it, and draw people to Christ through it?

6. There's a long piece about a serial killer and what he 'fessed up to and all that. Turns out his upbringing in a very strict Christian-type home and church had him rebelling as soon as he got the itch to experience life. It is quite disturbing to see how much people do see the World System for what it is, but they don't accept it and understand it. Instead they rail against it by isolating themselves and spouting rather uncharitably about peculiar Christian things that simply drive people away. Journalistic outlets like the Times have a field day with this, portraying these people as crazy, and I can't say they're not justified.

Yes, I do wonder when people who say they're followers of Christ will simply

Be that follower.

Read His word, pray without ceasing, worship Him regularly, give thanks in all things, get out and work because you love someone, realize what you have in Him and rejoice always always always. And yes, you can judge, but make sure you're judging righteous judgment. The world hates judgment, of course! But they want righteousness. Too many of them have merely been sucked into the System's definition of righteousness by operatives who can't know anything but the darkness and industriously find ways to keep as many people there with them as they can.

Just like any other human being on the planet who's been hammered by their own sin and their own painful experience of woundedness -- including this author! -- every single person, even the most homosexually-minded or fiendishly condemning, would find the richest freedom in Christ. But all they get is the standard pap from the Guardians of Cain's Legacy.

See the advertisement at the bottom of the page there.

It's all irony you can really savor.


But only if you know the Savior.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The REAL Fiscal Cliff

I do have a Facebook page but visit it quite infrequently. Today I did, and a wall post from a terrific friend included one of those quite idiotic but purportedly inspirational notions, this one going something like this, from some motivational speaker at a "You're Really Special"-type seminar that probably cost attendees $800 for the weekend.

"See this $20 bill? How many of you want it? [Hands up everywhere.] Okay, what if I crinkled it up, like this? How many now? [Same number of hands up.] Okay, what if I stepped on it and squished it into the ground, like this? How many now? [Same number.] See! No matter what awful thing happens to the $20 bill, it still retains its value. So, listen, YOU ARE VALUED! No matter how much stuff you have to take in life, tough it out because you have value even through all of it!"

The few comments there were along the lines of "Bravo! Great words!" and "I must remember that all the time! Thanks!"

What wasn't added was something I share with my Economics students when I do the "How Valuable is This or That" thing. It is along the lines of this. "What if I took the $20 bill and put it in the slimiest dog poop in the filthiest sewage dump?" I guarantee you many hands would go down. "What if I specially coated it then dipped it in a thick sulfuric acid substance so that the bill stays intact but corrodes anything touching it including the skin of anyone who handles it?" I'd bet every hand would go down. There are hundreds of different things that could happen to the actual bill itself that would indeed make it valueless.

Never mind that the issuer of the bill could debase it through its monetary practices so even if nothing physically happened to it it'd still be made worthless.

My point is that everyone is concerned about the real value of things, and someone just saying something -- or someone -- is valuable doesn't make it so.

What motivates me to blog right now is watching all major companies of some stripe dropping tons of cash into their owners' laps in dividends payments to avoid the consequences of increased taxes should the country fall off the "fiscal cliff" soon. Recently I noted that Whole Foods Market was the latest one to do this.

Hmm. Whole Foods Market, one of those places that advertises how socially conscious it is with the environment and worker's rights and all the rest of it. Now don't get me wrong, I shop at Whole Foods. I like eating healthy. I'm also wholly (so to speak) for actively nurturing the environment and protecting worker's rights.

But the way the Jesuit-instructed institutions that brainwash most of American tell us is the only way we can do all that is by following the Radical Selfist idea that there is no God (essentially -- really, most who say they into him are just speaking of a fairy tale god who has no real impact on their lives), that we are just advanced apes who should really get into the science of things, and that if we tried really hard to enlighten everyone with really enlightened things we'd have the spiffy world we all really want.

The real fiscal cliff is that there are so few who fully trust in Jesus Christ who is the Source of all things. The real fiscal cliff is that so many are still wallowing in their sin and working valiantly as all get-out to find THE WAY TO VALUE THEMSELVES in spite of this harrowing truth.

Let's all listen to sweet-sounding inspirational speakers who tell us crap disguised as pithy truths. Let's all pay our taxes so the government racket won't break our legs but when they ask for too much let's wiggle our way out of it someway.

All we've been hearing and are going to hear for some time is how ominous the fiscal cliff is. But really. If you continue to pay huge chunks of your productive capacity in tribute to Caesar and at the same time expect to get gobs and gobs and gobs of Christmas presents from him long long long after the holidays, then your fall off the cliff will be especially brutal. And all I see is bazillions of folks right now running to leap off that cliff.

On the other hand should you switch over to the One who loves you, who knows love, who does love, who is love, who'd died to love, who loves you, who will have you then love others with others so the wealth of your production manifests itself in authentic joy and rapturous peace and sowing vast abundance of both material and spiritual things into the lives of everyone...


That there'd be really pretty-good sized groups of people who are Christ's and not Caesar's...

There'd be no cliff.

Just the Kingdom.

Can you imagine? Bazillions instead running at break-neck speed

To the Kingdom?

I keep praying...