Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The Nobel prize in economics was awarded this week to two economists, Alvin E. Roth and Lloyd Shapley, who specialized in matching. Their work was about finding ways to get a student matched with the best college and a single adult matched with the best spouse.When you look at the breadth of their work you can see that in many respects it is what the core of economics is all about.

Economics is chiefly about decision-making.

And how much of that decision-making is trying to get what it is out there matched up with who you are, what you're about, what you like and love and sing about.

I'll never forget that gal who on an assignment I gave my students in which they were to write down anything and everything they wanted -- I was teaching about scarcity -- wrote "I want to know what I want."

How exquisitely and profoundly and splendidly sublime is that.

That we'd get matched up with what we want, but then, the challenge...

How does that happen best? Really, how tragic that so many of us slog through life shooting arrows into oblivion trying to hit what we think is it.

I already know Who is it. He is the One who loves with His live and eagerly and eternally extends the expanse of His Kingdom to all who would authentically take it.

But I still despair. And the simple reason for that is that I just don't see many matches of Kingdom people with Kingdom things. It hurts.

A classic example is what I saw tonight.

The second of three presidential debates was held, and I watched about a total of ten minutes of it, sporadically. It was just hard to take because some the questions I heard were typically insipid and the answers from the candidates even moreso. I don't think any less of these people, in fact it makes me love them even more. People all hypnotically captive to the System that enslaves them to their pathetically benighted condition.

I'm not going to say this or that about any of the questions or answers. All I want to say here is simply

That is it?

This is the match of people and lords is what will truly satisfy their desires?

This pap?

I am very sad.

The video I put on my home page recently kind of gets at this.