Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Egregious Omissions of a 501c3 Pastor

It is hard to find good healthy churches that can provide rich spiritual sustenance. I'm convinced that it is because most Christian churches are intractably tied to the World System through its law and bylaws, one of which is the 501c3 paperwork the leaders of those churches sign to get all the goodies Caesar offers them.

Tonight I went to the Saturday evening event of a "Truth Conference" that trumpeted itself as an apologetics-oriented affair, and I'm always jumping on good apologetics kinds of things. The speaker tonight was Ed Hinson, and I'd never heard of him, but thought I'd step in and see what was what.

His ambitious plan was to go through the entire book of Revelation for the several hundred seated in the megachurch-like auditorium. Whew, I thought, that's a really tall order. But alas, I was not in a church where the people were necessarily expecting an expansive scholarly take on a very challenging part of the Bible. Sure enough, much of his talk contained the most minimal exposition, lots of pithy arrangements of its substance (you know the kind: "Here are the seven 'P's' that make up the seven seals..."), and heavy doses of loud and gesticulate reminders of the most basic gospel truths ("Jesus is Lord!" "Give Him glory!" "He's coming for His church!")

I felt like taking off about halfway through his talk -- which had reached just over an hour by the time I did leave -- but I really wanted to see what he'd say about the woman on the beast, the whore of Babylon in chapters 17 and 18. He'd spent great gobs of time on everything up to those two chapters, when suddenly he made some very brief transitionary remark about them and sped right to chapter 19.


I should have known.

As a fully vested member of the World System Roman Catholic Religious Organization, he couldn't say anything about it.

The interesting thing is that I'm sure that any of these church people watching and listening, if they had any biblical knowledge and any understanding of history and current events and any genuine desire to insightfully grasp the truth, they'd know that a critically significant character being talked about in chapters 17 and 18 was Rome.

What most of those Christians have been taught, however, is that the whore of Babylon is Rome. But what is worse that very few see that it cannot be anything but Jerusalem. Throughout the Bible in dozens of places God laments losing His true love to idolatry, immorality, disobedience -- and the only way any of that makes sense is if the object of His devotion is Jerusalem.

God never describes Rome (earlier Babylon) as anything but a dispassionate instrument of judgment or a worthless rag that will ultimately have its final use and then tossed.

Or as the one who has wooed His love away from Him.

So Hinson, the supposed expert on all things prophetic, must indeed dismissively neglect those chapters because if he got into them for even five minutes he would have to issue a blistering indictment of his real commitment.

He and all 501c3 pastors are truly part of the Rome that God will send to hell on that last day. Those pastors presently will never, ever face the reality of that condition as long as hundreds of congregants keep putting money in the offering and they live nice cushy lives courtesy of Caesar.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not one of those who actively encourages everyone to prove they are really God's by living on the streets to show how pious we can be. I'm not making a statement about austerity or wealth or any of that. I'm also not saying that people may not be positively impacted by all the wholesome simple Jesus stuff -- that's all good.

I'm just saying we'd all be wonderfully cared for if we as avowed followers of Christ did actually abjure the World System. If we did actually jettison all those contractual obligations to Rome and

Became ungrafted.

Why do so many distrust a God who loves us with a love that He showed us with His very life? One major reason is that so many are so hypnotized by the Ed Hinson's of the world -- System spokesholes, essentially, who after shouting "Praise Jesus!" in one moment will turn and demonically sneer "Don't you touch the anointed you crazy conspiracy theorist."

So, yeah. Here's another quite egregious example of a Roman minister in the service of Caesar's grand religious operation doing his duty to keep people tied to the System.

Maybe there will be a day when I can see someone share the Kingdom.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Garry Trudeau's Ribald Defense of the Reigning Fairy Tale

Last Sunday the Doonesbury comic was a vicious swipe at those who believe in God and what He says in the Bible. Some of cartoonist Garry Trudeau's stuff is fine, but far too often he lights into those who don't share his view of things, and when he does he just looks mostly foolish. His strip Sunday was a classic instance of this.

I couldn't help but put together an alternate version, one that reflects the truth about the scientific evidence, and that version is here .

I went ahead and put mine up on "the wall" at Facebook and thought, hmm, wonder if anyone's going to add some remarks? Would they be favorable, from those who tend to believe in God as He shares Himself in the Bible? Or would they be unfavorable, from those who don't quite believe in all that in that way?

So far I've gotten two "Likes," which is really cool, but not a single comment. This is kind of why I really don't spend too much time on Facebook. I mean there are very good things about it. I like that I can message people -- it's like a very convenient email service. I like that some of my friends and family have awesome, sometimes very funny or touching things to share.

But what I don't like is that no one ever goes beyond the small talk. Really, Facebook is just one big small talk forum. And this is just me, but I'm very much not a small-talk person. The issue isn't that people really want to just do small talk, however.

They really don't want to do big talk.

Big talk is mixing it up about things like this Darwinism thing. But few will put up their thoughts because most just don't want to get into it, and they don't because it is just too risky.

Sometimes people have that passion to share, and it spills into the comments area. A week or so ago I saw a drag-out discussion in the comments area by two women who are very good friends, avowed followers of Christ, but one is entrenched in the typical liberal perspective of political fixes and the other in the typical conservative one. The fireworks between them was kind of unseemly.

As I read each of their comments, I noted something very common. It was that they both have very good reasons for what they believe, but sadly they will never get to the point of truly understanding why the other individual has those reasons, and much less why each of them can't get beyond their standard ideological blappings.

If they were both to understand what is going on with all that -- what kind of forces are at work that are only about eating them for lunch -- they'd both come to a gracious and profoundly meaningful understanding of things and of one another, perhaps even join an ungrafted community where the most powerful disciples love others with the rich sowing strength of God. What is also discouraging is that I know one of those gals actually read at least some of Rulers of Evil, but the Society does such a phenomenally proficient job of keeping people moored to the World that it just doesn't seem to mean anything. ::Sigh::

One of the greatest achievements of the Society is convincing so many that Darwinism is true. What is so funny about it is that most of the defenses of Darwinism are mere attacks against those who question it. If you look carefully at any and all the explanations of Darwinism, even the most turgidly detailed ones, you can see gaping holes...

If you'd just look carefully at them.

One of the most glaring is just that science has proven that Darwinism can't possibly be true. As I put in the revised comic, there just isn't enough time for all the complexities of life to form through purely Darwinian mechanisms. There just isn't, scientifically so. If Darwinism is true, it is like saying that planted watermelon seeds will have fully mature watermelons on the vine in the span of a single minute. This is just not possible through standard, physical, mechanistic processes.

I'm not even saying anything about whether or not the biblical account is true. I think it is and that we can know it. But this is about something else we can know: that Darwinism is a fairy tale dreamt up and now held on to for dear life by those who simply refuse to see that some transcendent being had to have had a hand in all this.

And that means that if there is indeed some transcendent behind it all then it is very possible that this being is the God who also made morality and as such holds each individual accountable for his or her behavior.

This too scary? It is for me! I know I'd get the business end of any righteous judgment because I've been kind of an asshole for large swaths of my life, so I knew there was only one thing I could do:

Adopt a ridiculous philosophy that tries really hard to explain how life began and developed just on its own with no real evidence or meaningful explanation of how it could actually work, and especially one that does away with any and all of this pesky God business.

Well, not exactly.

No, the only viable option is to humbly come before a God who accepts no excuses, but also loves us so much that He Himself took the much deserved penalty for me, dying a criminal's death in my place, and all I have to do is see it, realize it, accept it, and tell him that by repenting of my sin, turning to Him as He is with no pretense on my part whatsoever, and genuinely thanking Him for doing what He did.

I believe this also involves a commitment to understand what's really going on regarding the contrast between the Kingdom from which His disciples may now thrive, and the World from which operatives exploit the sinfulness of man to keep him in bondage to all the institutions authorized to crack heads with extreme prejudice.

And so, yeah, I was actually thinking of making this blog post as a more elaborate and lucid response to the overwhelming wave of comments to my revised Doonsebury comic. Putting it in a comments box for all to see, get a better idea of why I put it together like I did.

But yeah, well... It's not a surprise. A disappointment, yes, but definitely not a surprise.

No one's paying attention.

I know why know one's paying attention, but again, that doesn't make it any better.

BTW, I put together a little project in a webpage at my site about the reality of the ideological divide. It's here. Just thought I'd add it. I'd also written a home page piece a few years ago that touches a bit on the history of Darwinism promulgation, that's here. And for a great take on how the account of Noah and the flood is indeed true, check out Hugh Ross' site Reasons to Believe.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Who Really is the Father of Lights?

I saw an ad for a film called Father of Lights. Don't know much about it, but was intrigued because the term is a name for God in the New Testament. So I went to the website about the film, and found a piece written by someone responsible for it who says this is the third film in a series that is supposed to tell us who God is really. Apparently the film shows all kinds of awesome things happening to people, and this proves that God is loving and kind and giving and gracious and because of all that...

He definitely then isn't


It wasn't just that the writer said this, but he said in that pukifyingly humanist way, you know, "We must get rid of that Neanderthal idea that God is wrathful, which is just so ridiculous and no enlightened person really believes that anymore."

I read this and, yes, got a little angry. I get a bit ticked about these kinds of statements because they themselves are so idiotic. For one, the guy writes with such anger himself. Now I'm fine with that, anger is a simple, natural, profound, and yes, quite useful human emotion. But for him to be angry at people who say God is an angry God sort of undermines his claim.

But the most important thing is that his categorical declaration, "God is not angry," is patently false, if one takes what they think about God from the Bible. I'm sorry, but most of what anyone believes about God being loving and kind and all the rest of it comes from the Bible. No other philosophy, theology, teachings, narrative, metanarrative, mentality, or world view comes close to holding the real depth of rich meaning that "God is love."

The Father of Lights guy can try to make a case for God's love and kindness and all from some other source, but it pales in comparison to the Bible. And if he does employ the Bible as a defense for his claim "God is not angry," then he's light-years off the mark.

I could reference dozens of places where God is clearly wrathful, but one I'll point out is Psalm 78. If you read it, you simply can't miss it. But I share Psalm 78 because in and around his wrath you'll see something really amazing...

That God is still merciful.

See, the Father of Lights guy is so brainwashed by humanist doctrine that he can't fathom a God who is both angry and merciful. I believe that is because he knows his sin condemns him to judgment and eternal separation from God. So he must make up a fairy-tale God instead of doing the one simple thing that would actually bring him into God's favor in spite of His anger.

And that, for the umpteen-gazillionth time, is putting one's trust in Jesus Christ who is God's divine expression of mercy to rescue those who are objects of His wrath, namely you and me. But the Father of Lights guy and millions like him are so deaf and blind to this simple truth that it is the ugliest sounding foreign language.

Even the best churches get caught up in it. I saw a pithy church marquee saying that went, "Holding on to anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die." Very insightful indeed -- I like the quote and I do understand that it is making a point about acting inappropriately on anger or letting anger turn into bitterness. I got it.

But I also think one thing grafted churches do far too often is emasculate themselves and eviscerate the spiritual virility they could have for Christ. The marquee saying is also telling everyone in a very subtle way: "We church people keep our anger bottled up inside because World operatives tell us not to be angry because it is just so unseemly. This keeps us from looking mean and yet at the same time makes us weak-willed mutes."

So yeah, here's a good word for anger. I write this blog because yeah, I'm a little angry at widely broadcast moronic statements, especially because they help send people to hell. I blog because maybe someone will read this web writing and see their "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" urges are perfectly normal.

The real question is, what do we do with those wrathful sentiments? Do we join up with the people of "The Cause" whatever it is and the Father of Lights people and the cool government people like Barack Obama and shake our fists rather forcefully (and wrathfully I might add) at whatever we don't like?

Or do we leave justice in the hands of God (and his instruments of judgment that the Father of Lights guy is merely a part of) and go over to another place where mercy is found for people who are very rightly objects of wrath because of our sin?

Namely, the Kingdom?

That's where Jesus is.

No, not the "church" Jesus who's just one of the "righteous cause" dudes.

But The Jesus.


Okay, so here's another plug for my webzine on which I put a new home page piece with a new video! Awright! You can check out for yourself if I've got down who this Jesus guy is. If you don't think I do, that's cool. Keep seeking Him, He'll let you find Him.  But no matter how many of God's phenomenal acts of mercy the Father of Lights guys cherry-pick in their film, if they say stuff that dismisses the very real wrath of God in and around all of it, you won't find Him there.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The LIBOR Extraction and Many Other Sacrificial Procedures

I wish I had the time and energy to blog much much much more often. As I'd noted before, it is very difficult to get something of meaning down here as frequently as I'd like, and it is really only because I spend so much time ministering to my family, my students, and my neighbors.

It partially titled this post "The LIBOR Extraction" because last month I so longed to address the revelation that the LIBOR rate, which is merely a widely referenced interest rate, was manipulated by Higher-Ups in some manner for the expressed purpose of forming questionable impressions about value. Many people benefitted, many others took a hit.

I wanted to regale my readers with the whys and wherefores about it, but it really came down to this: It was yet another typical way powerful people living by, for, and within the agency of Cain carry out their proper human sacrifice practices against those who properly let them. Yes, people die slow and painful deaths through it all, but the death is so slow and the pain is so numbing that no one says anything.

I wanted to add all kinds of remarks I read from the top pundits out there, finance gurus who say this and that and this other thing and then inevitably conclude with, "Ick, no one really knows what to do, and we're in bad shape, and look out for tomorrow." But I've done that so many times before, and I've offered The Answer just as often, but sometimes I just get discouraged.

All I see is people responding only one of two ways, that's it. They either slink deeper into their mindless submissionist sentiments, in which they just shrug about it all and keep ponying up. Did you hear how resounding the silence was about the LIBOR scandal? I can't help but think of the words by Ben Bradlee, played by Jason Robards in the film All the President's Men, when he mentioned how few knew anything about Watergate: "Nobody gives a shit." The disdainful resignation with which he said it was classic.

On the other hand, you've got your rabid rejectionists, if you will, who go bananas thinking they can do anything about the conflagration of sin that rages through each human heart including that of the ordained regulators of that sin: the government, the church, the banks -- all these receive the greatest measure of vitriol by those who shake their fists and hawk their own brands of what'll make society just right. Yeeah. That'll do it.

No one is ever seen sharing the third option.

The Kingdom.

And -- I mean the real Kingdom. Not the fake one seen all over most churches that do all the splendid things a God club can do but just can't really fully actually get Christ there before people and into their hearts. The reason is simple. By signing contracts with Caesar to get all kinds of nifty things from Caesar, they've wholly muted the gospel message.

I've written tons and tons about this at my webzine -- I only write here in my blog whenever I can to try to share yet another thing that's happening that may get some reader to perchance upon truthful things to actually want to do truthful things -- and gracious ones too.

The first of those is answering the question I've posed in my latest project, the video that pretty much makes up my home page piece this month.

Just blogging here to introduce it to you.