Friday, November 17, 2017

We STILL Haven't Learned - Eh, We Haven't for Millennia...

There's a conflagration now about the most proper sexual morality in light of the fact that just about everyone who's anyone is being exposed for their rank immorality. Okay maybe NOW we'll get the right idea about the right way to be righteous with our genitals.


Two of the very best pieces in the panoply of punditry these days about it all are this one from John Hawkins and this one from Matt Walsh. I can't find any that are better.

There are a few really important things though that they don't say, and absolutely no one is saying these things. At least not that I've seen. Wow I'd sure like to see more of these things in the mainstream, but well, The Catholicist Nation perspective is a bit eccentric, so, no matter, never mind, whatever...

That first one from Hawkins gets right smack at the truth about sexually charged behavior, and there is pretty much an unspoken truth in there just so graphically elucidated by Hawkins. We are all captivated by things related to sex and death. This is not revelatory by any means, but it is largely unspoken and unaddressed especially in light of all this. How best to get even farther beyond the truths Hawkins cites? Well, he doesn't say.

Then Walsh does his typical masterful job of getting at the core meaning of things. It is true: how about trying a bit of restraint, modesty, and chastity? Thing is that stuff's been around for eons too, but to Walsh's credit there are times -- like the period of the last 40 years or so -- when to consider those things seriously was to be Victorian, Puritan, prudish, and all the rest of that unsavoriness. So how about trying it now? Problem there is, how do you get there without the abject misery of chastity for chastity's sake? Hmm, Walsh doesn't say either.

One of the things they don't get into but I'm sure some have is that all this sexual morality police stuff is just going to make for more sexualism, which is the same as racialism but regarding the genders. Indeed with all the other cis and trans and queer and all the other idiotic gender classification crap this was destined to happen -- people now deathly afraid of how to consider one another gender-wise without some expert witch hunters coming down on you like a ton of bricks. A colleague brought up the reality of men simply not hiring women anymore to avoid this altogether -- now what kind of villainous sexualists will men be considered?

That racialist thing, by the way? It is the idea that anything bad that happens to you is because of racism, particularly the kind the white privileged class exert over people of color all the time, the kind those inherently malevolent whites can't help but let's make sure we punish them sufficiently for it. All the horrific confusion over how to behave sexually? That's sexualism -- women have some interminably entrenched grievance against men simply because they are men, and women have the overriding prerogative of employing it at any time for maximum victimhood virtue signaling: Men must be punished sufficiently.

Yeah, it is destroying humanity.

The things these guys -- or anyone else for that matter -- will absolutely refuse to say in their pieces are the following. Remember, they always conclude with something along the lines of, "Well, whaddya do with that? I dunno, I guess we're all toast."

Well here are the truths beyond that.

One, the reason we so rabidly manipulate whatever happens with sex and death and our fascination with it in some way or another is because of our sinfulness. The culprit is our very own charred wicked hearts. This truth is completely dismissed because so many still desperately want to give vent to their distended virtue signaling: I'm better than these people. No, the first thing that needs to be said after brilliant exposes like Hawkins' and Walsh's is I'm no better. I too have a deep-seeded desire to do sexually questionable things and challenge death in foolish ways to see if I can cheat it and get everyone to see how awesome I am.

Two, World Operatives in the employ of Cain's legacy exploit that to their advantage, indeed to expand their legitimacy in administering the ordained sin management operation of the System. That System is the federal government, the banking/finance system, and the Roman Catholic Church, all working as a monolithic iron triangle of iron triangles to keep the evildoing going real good, and then they can all spout about how splendidly they are doing at mitigating it through whatever apparatus works for that thing at that time. Are you in the mix of this body of death? Then you're being laid out on the altar of modern-day human sacrifice.

Three, the most important one of all, the only -- the only antidote to this is Jesus Christ. It isn't more reporting about it, raising awareness about it, having more conversation about it, working harder to avoid it ourselves, getting more System constrictions in place (see paragraph just above), or any of a dozen different things we believe are all wholesome and wonderful. Most of those things just keep our fascination with sex and death and virtue signaling ramped up.

No, the answer is Jesus Christ. It is giving up trying to be chaste and moderate and good on Sundays but shits on Mondays. It is giving up the pretense that you are anybody, because you're not. You're dust. But you are somebody in Jesus' eyes, and His are the only ones that count. If you read His words a bit, you'll get what authentic love really is. You'll know what it means respond with genuine repentance and enter humbly into His Kingdom, where joy and peace and freedom are eternally abundant.

Those things are so valuable that He gave His own life to pay for them for you. He so much knows how benighted your condition and your life are, that's why He died -- He loved you that much. He gives you the Kingdom and every awesome thing in it, and Him to enjoy it with.

But yeah. We waddle around in the mud of thinking we're something better than these Hollywood and Washington D.C. people when we're ultimately no better. Please, we've been doing this for millennia. For millennia. We still don't get it.

But I simply write this to you, the reader, right now, reading this right now. Really, all I can do is share this with you.

Giving it all up and turning to Christ and kneeling in His courts...

Oh that someone would tell more people about that.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Great Catholicist Scribe

I happened to pick up a copy of the New York Times on Friday -- sometimes I try to get a glance at some of the things the System's top megaphone holder wants our souls to absorb. Its top scribe seems to be David Brooks, and what a fantastic propagator of all things Catholicist Nation he is.

His column on Friday was one of his best. It was a meandering scrawl full of vain platitudes, a whimpering appeal to anyone who even remotely thinks Trump is anything better than dirt, a drudging cry for us all to come back around to those splendid American values, you know, community (not Trump), and marriage and family (not Trump in any way), and faithfulness (way not Trump), and humility (REALLY not Trump), and neighborliness (eeyew SO not Trump), and (quoting Rabbi Jonathan Sacks) "a strong sense of the American narrative" (NOT TRUMP!)

Give Brooks credit, he uses all kinds of culturally imperious biblical affectations to wring out the best Catholicist sentiments from those who believe the System's version of the Kingdom is the real one. Really, much of the Times network's railings at the more religious Trump voters has always been, "Please, let us reason together. If you were a true Christian, ahem, um -- Trump? Please."

The fact is so many people are still on board with Trump -- justified or not -- precisely because they see through David Brooks and everyone who is a Times vassal. The System is not the Kingdom. Yes many Trump voters are wholehearted Catholicists, I got that, and I'm sure this is why Brooks et al continue their barrage. Maybe they'll hit their target, someone, anyone who without Christ cannot see through what the System spokeholes are assigned to do as a sworn duty.

In the best sense, however, many Americans do get at least some of how benighted the System is. Oh they follow along because they're told they must, and perhaps for good reason -- the System is there to provide a modicum of protection from the murderous world. Brooks is just a vital part of that -- it does make for fine entertainment.

There is, however, the Kingdom. Jesus reigns there, but He doesn't share his dominion with anyone else. Give up yourself and have Him, and everything worthwhile, or keep yourself as Brooks so eloquently pleads, and lose it.

Anyway, I wrote a bit more about what's going on in my latest home page piece. Just blogging a bit here to introduce it this month. Email me to talk about it, would love to hear from you.