Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bountiful Enrichment of Sodomy

I have always blogged about my latest home page piece as it is published, but this month it is deep into March and I have yet to blog about it. Much of that is because so much has been going on that I just haven't been able to sit down and pound out a simple introductory post. Sometimes I give a bit more of an elaborate take, but this'll probably be one of the shorter ones. Some of that is because I am engaged in a work project right now as I write this.

The title of this post says quite a bit, I surmise, simply because I use a term there that is now considered so archaic that censure from the political correctness police is virtually unnecessary. It is customarily sloughed off as comically inappropriate. I actually don't use it much myself, mostly because people simply don't even know what it means anymore, and that is mostly because so much of the population either wholly endorses or casually dismisses homosexual activity by those who choose to do it.

Don't worry. I've also since discovered that now even the use of the term "homosexual" reflects backwoods Neanderthal thinking, so, really, I'm not sure I know precisely what to say.

I do want to say a few things, however, about the way out of such a body of death. My latest home page piece gets into the details a bit, and I mean a bit. There is so much to say about it but I've discovered the only way that can happen is in the vibrant conversation that doesn't end -- ever.

It does end, always, when either one of the two most typical ways to speak about sexuality are employed. One side of the World speaks with condemnation about whatever abhorrent practices are considered, and, wow, there's a lot of that. The other side of the World speaks with cheerful approval of some of the most wretched things people do with sexuality, and, wow, that's really ugly too. Like it, shrug about it, shove it in the faces of everyone around, or furiously wag fingers at those who do certain things. Hmm. Very ugly all around.

There is a third way.

It is the Kingdom way.

It is to seek and find truth about it, and with a deep assured expression of grace...

Have the conversation.

Then healing and wholeness and salvation and righteousness and mercy and forgiveness and richly meaningful truth follow.

This happens only by the one who tends the Kingdom, the One Who Is Truth And Grace.

Anyway, check it out, at my webzine. See what you think.